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Pick a codex

Black Templars
Dark Angels
Chaos Space Marines

You are now in charge of R&D for their next update. You are allowed to introduce ONE new/ressurrected unit/vehicle/character/rule/whatever

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rolled 27336 = 27336


Grey Knight Chaplain

I'd just like to see them make a model.

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Clearly it would be the Imperial hovertank, with a deodorizer cannon that instantly kills stinky heretics

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Bring back Warlord Nazdreg Ug Urdgrub. Seriously, what was wrong with him? Why he get the cut?

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Black Templar Librarian

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I'd like to see an ork who takes it seriously.

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rolled 6526 = 6526



"Seriously Urzbog? We can speak perfectly fine low gothic and you know it."

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You mean like that Ork Wrex /tg/ brainstormed the other day?

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>I'd like to see an ork who isn't an ork

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non WH 40k player here.

Tournament illegal rules for proper ORK LOOTED VEHICLES AGAIN.

Anything you can do, they can do better! It's really, really fun for casual/fluffy games and model building. Of course, you can't have orcs getting every vehicle from every faction legally in tourneys.

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Definitely Dark Angel Jetbike squadrons

Sadly lacking a pic

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Id love to see something new for the necrons, I dunno why, but the C'tans never fit as far as i was concerned. Not machine-y enough. It'd be nice to see some heavy assault units that dont float. Maybe a spiderlike tank or something similar to the tomb spyder.

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Are you trolling? I cant tell if you are or just ignorant

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Explain how that's ignorant? Even some alternate models for units wouldnt kill them, imo.

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>Blood Angels

Bring back Moriar the Chosen!

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Not 40k related, but I'd like to see Tomb Kings get a living scorpion rather than the retarded skeletal thing they have

Ugly model is ugly

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a thousand times, this

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The orgininal Immolator, not the one they made from half an STC readout.

It's a fast skimmer with a carrying capacity of 6 and a Flamestorm cannon it can fire no matter how far it moved.

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You were talking about assault units and heavy spider tank things... It's just with the tomb stalker in existence and all...

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Well, yea, but it also floats, if you notice. Sure, it would be a somewhat easy conversion I suppose. But maybe just an alternate to a destroyer or something. Plus, Ive gotten some serious bullshit as far as cover saves etc are concerned all based on base height.

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Legion rules or the old armory...

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No it doesnt, it's an MC that scuttles around on all its legs

You just cant see because PROMOTIONS are in the way

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Tau. Flamer drones.

Either TL flamers or a heavy flamer, act like regular gun drones, and they explode (small blast template) on death. (S3, AP-)

8-12 points, something in that range.

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>jetbikes for Dark Angels
>imperial hovertank

This gives me an idea. So many people complain about the fact that DA dont have a true 'theme' they can mechanically bring to the battlefield like other chapters can.

But maybe hover tech could be their thing. They already have lots of landspeeders and the only remaining imperial jetbikes.

Blood Angels are the fiery 'plummet from the sky and crush them' sort of Angels. Dark Angels could be the silent, floating angels of death

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I'd probably reintroduce looted vehicles for Orks

btw are there any more of these TF + 40k crossover pics?

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