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It's time for the daily Chem-chan thread to show my love for her.

Anything welcome, as long as it's worksafe.


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Good luck with that.

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Reported for meta bitching.

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Chem-chan is /tg/ related, thanks please.

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You have my support

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My favorite part is when she turns into a skaven.

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Needs moar chemrat.

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Mine isn't.

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I wasn't bitching.
Can't a fellow wish another fa/tg/uy luck?

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Anything Chem-chan related, obviously.

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I find it hard to believe you aren't being sarcastic, but I was mistaken in quoting you anyway. I apologize.

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"chem-chan" is fucking ugly as fuck. No one except faggots give a shit about her.

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Love can bloom?

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No worries.

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hyeelo, iy heerd yuu vhaant Chan tiem? az far az iy know iy ahm the ahnly Chan auf aynee eempourtanse to /teegee/

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Thank you

Now we just need to do something about that damn cultist...

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>this thread

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/tg/ - Endless Reposts

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Remember RATASS?

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vhat do yuu vhant to do veeth mee?

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and flood detect

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Holy crap.

the guy in the white bear suit is out for fucking blood

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who is the other one?

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Chem-chan Fallout mod?! DO FUCKING WANTo

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iy lahv zee haet gaame. iy vill play eet too

*grrrrr iy haet yuu ahs vell*

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>Doesn't know who that is

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>Chem-chan Fallout mod?! DO FUCKING WANTo

That's because you're a faggot.

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I like how as Chemrat got furrier, Verity turned more and more human.

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yuu dahnt vant too play haet gaame? iy veel lefft aut :(

>> No.12605862


I think I found the picture the artist used as a reference for this.

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*Chemchan... or rat. They seem to be the same.

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I wish the mod would keep to his word and ban you, OP. Alas. :(

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rebreather +white punk haircut
run around in underwear with flamethrower


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Cultist mommy :3

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Actually, I think the raider badlands armor is even closer. Get a mod so that you can look like a raider too. It would be pretty damn close.

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fffffvack yuu!! vhy cant iy maek yuu ahngree?

>> No.12605907

yeah totally

no modding required really

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Chem-chan never fails to get me moist.

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Close, which I already am, but the mod is PERFECT

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Well, this seems like as good a place as any to ask. A couple drawthreads ago I /r/ed a pic of a Savlar Chem Dog, and the drawfag said he'd post a new thread in the next couple days. I somehow missed said thread, and I'm wondering if anyone saved the picture.

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So, what's this mod?

>> No.12605984

vhateever. iy vill play vith my auzer free-ends.

yuu ahr no vun aht all

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why do i find this so endlessly cute?

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Cuz it is

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Ratass without the rat?

>> No.12606554


Modder, I know you're out there.

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She looks like she's about to cut off her own head in that picture.

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RATASS you say?

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