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Hey /tg/ I'm looking for ideas to flesh out a random mutation table. Kind of like the old chaos attributes table in realms of chaos if any of you remember that.

Please post some ideas for mutations. I'd rather have physical mutations like tentacles for arms, scaly skin or extra eyes than x-men style superpowers, but they don't have to be really realistic or anything.

In b4 tentacle dicks, hundred of them.

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Also, if anyone can point me at a copy of the original chaos attribute table, I'd be grateful, since I lost my RoC books long ago.

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Your hands and/or feet are replaced by flippers. This helps with swimming but makes it difficult to walk and/or hold things.

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No lower jaw, mouthparts transformed into large sucking tube. Can only ingest soft food.

50% chance you also gaint he ability to spit/vomit digestive enzymes and acid, making softening your food much easier and giving you a nasty attack.

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Download the WHFRP Tome of Corruption.

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Your body sprouts a profuse spotting of hairy moles. Blood drips constantly down the stiff and wiry hair.

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Hey newfag OP is not allowed to inb4

anyway consider these

player grows a third arm (4th if they rolled this previously)

player grows an eye in the middle of the forehead

player grows d10 eyes in different areas.

eyes grow into one cyclopean eye and a horn

flesh muscle and bone meld together on the arm to create an axeblade

a latex like substance becomes melded to the flesh, it cannot be removed.

one of the players hands is replaced with a crab or lobster like claw

the scent of perfume surrounds the player

the scent of blood surronds the player

the scent of decay surrounds the player

players arm continually warps and distorts creating shapes and colors of varying hues

Hows that for a start?

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I really hope you meant 'character'.

>Captcha: affected Foolks

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One extremity replaced by huge, prehensile phallus.

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Entire digestive system reversed. Character now has an anus in the middle of it's face and a mouth between it's buttocks.

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Elongated fingers, with extra joints.

Extra face on back of head, with functional eyes, nose and mouth.

One hand replaced by small head. Has it's own brain, and can speak, but can't eat or breathe.

Feet replaced by extra hands. Walking is difficult, but climbing is much easier and you can masturbate while typing.

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I'd like to see a mutation where the character's body starts to turn wooden, starting with one extremity, until you are an entire tree, and must plant roots. The tree-self has a twisted, gnarly face that resembles the character's face. Additionally, the tree-self drops seeds that eventually grow into parodies of the original character.

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tongue replaced by tentacle dick

fingers replaced by tentacle dicks

hair replaced by thousands of tiny tentacle dicks

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yeah you know what I mean

also cloven hooves for feet

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Skeleton grows branching spurs which project out through the flesh. This gives natural armour and weapons, but also causes terrible pain and chronic risk of infection due to constantly open wounds.

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How about mutations in the brain causing mental abnormalities?

The mutant may suffer from episodic memory loss, linguistic problems (such as acute dyslexia or the inability to remember proper names) or hallucinations, for example.

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here's the table, in case the OP still wants a copy of just that. there IS a copy of Slaves to the Darkness on /rs/, by the way.

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On that note, I'd like to see a mutant who, for some time, is quite mutated in physical form, then suddenly loses his physical mutations. However, he is unable to notice that they are, in fact, gone (which any other thing can see). The mutant hallucinates that his mutations are still present, and attempts to function as if they are still there.

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The mutant constantly sweats a highly flammable oil. This can be collected and used as fuel or a weapon, but also makes the creature terribly vulnerable to burning damage.

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Furry tail

Scorpion Tail

Snake Tail

Dick Tail

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