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I'm playing All For One.

Where in the hell does it say you get a penalty to hit armed people with unarmed attacks? I can't find the listing!

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I will pay in images, love, and whatever you ask of me.

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Possibly the download itself...if you'd like.

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In some 3 or more years on /tg/ I've NEVER heard of this system.

I'm just saying that might be why no one is replying.

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Indeed. Linky us a copy of the rulebook or whatever, give us a few minutes to go over it, and we'll be able to give you some answers.

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Been lurking for three years now. Never heard of it.
Either /tg/ forgot about it four years ago or you're lacking in details, OP.

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And yet people know of Jadeclaw and that long forgotten Starcraft system.

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Oh, "All For One" is a system?
I was going to ask that.

Because the way OP wrote it seemed more like a playstyle, like "Two-headed Monster" for Magic.

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Eh, you get all sorts. The two other guys in the world who know about this system are probably asleep.

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I got two minutes left on the megaupload.

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Done nao.

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Taking a look now.

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Some of dat Kat while you're waiting.

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Why is Garen hugging Morgana

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Her blue form is hot and dangerously furry.

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She's dangerously hot.

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Well, time to keep posting bs, I guses.

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Can't even remember what this is.

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She's just jealous that he hasn't fucked her yet.

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She does seem like that in all the pictures, true.

Tsundere elf.

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He's fucked like everyone ever, he's probably carrying some mean STDs.

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Bards have spells to deal with that, IIRC.

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any caster with a libdo and half a brain has spells to deal with that silly.

Does this Captcha sound like the name of something to you?
>> subject zorpown

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psychic alien busted out of the research facility, on the run in mid western U.S.

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best. drawing. ever

my captcha is giving me a solid brick of black...
minsc: that's not right

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Did anyone look into OP's question?

I'm no good with rulebooks because I just lurk /tg/ but I feel like we've forgotten him

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don't think anyone knows the system.
I know I've never heard of it

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Reading the rulebook now. Still slogging through the talents. No answer to his question yet.

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Care to provide a link for it?

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It was mentioned earlier in the thread.

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Oh fuck you're right sorry and thanks.

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I really don't think you have a rapidshare link right?

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I don't know of one, no. Just checked MegaDownload.net, for what that's worth, and nothing there either. Again, I'm just repeating someone else's link from earlier in the thread.

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