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Its that time again, all drawfags and (reasonable)requests are welcome!

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A REQUEST! I HAVE ONE! This here player would desire... Dr. Steel. As a Rogue Trader. With a snazzy nazi-esque uniform.

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I'll try my best

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May Broseiden bless you bro.

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What systems do you know, OP?

Also, pic related grapling an Eldar Titan.

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Skulljack was making this animation a while back, but then the tread died. Did he post it on some drawthread or another? If he did, could somebody post it here please?

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Might I request a female drow with raven-wings, holding a white, crystalline orb in one hand, a small dagger in her other. She has long white hair and a blindfold over her eyes, and wears a black robe with white accents.

I swear she's not a mary-sue, she's an NPC of the blind seer archetype.

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Mostly warhammer(both standard and 40k) and the usual standard fantasy stuff
Though its not hard to look up a wiki on any setting

Just need to scan the picture in for >>12584554

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Can't wait man. I'm sure it'll be cool.

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Okay, how the holographic avatar of an AI which has adopted a female persona?
It should be nice looking and smiling, but there should be a certain 'off' quality to her that makes it seem unnerving

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There you go my good sir

going to take a stab at this

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Can I get this guy and a succubus facing off in a ruined town?

I don't know why the DM allowed a player to be a succubus in a good party but it turned out hilarious.

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George Lucas and Kubo grinning like idiots and high-fiving eachother, with a bunch of weeping and/or raging fanboys in the background.

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The dad from Venture Bros?

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a warder from the wheel of time series camping with his aes sedai please. the warder should be of a moderate build, and the aes sedai should be a green, with long black hair and a nice bosom lol

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its this

But in retrospect it does look ALOT like him, but then again they looked a lot alike to begin with

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Anything with Biribiri in it. ANYTHING.

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Or Doctor Steel.

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A few months ago two of my friends played 40k against each other. One was eldar and the other was space marines. The space marine player however had not assembled his terminators, however we knew he had them so we allowed him to use proxy pieces. He used some old California Raisins figurines (I think they were happy-meal toys from back in the day or something). Interestingly enough his "terminators" kicked an obscene amount of eldar ass that battle.

Long Story Short: I need a picture of the California Raisins beating the crap out of some eldar.

(if you're too young to remember who the California Raisins are, just google it)

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use this pic as a template to draw a /tg/-related pic

I don't care of who, as long as it doesn't involve dragonborn

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draw a shapeshifting wizard in a cyberpunk version of sigil (that planescape city). sorry if its too difficult/specific

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this, except the guy is a dragonborn.

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Also, gonna request this guy.

>Commencing reference notes.

Guardsman, from Dusk.
7'6"(2.5m) tall. 180 lbs.
Built like the child of Slender Man and a decathlete, with little beneath the skin but bone and tightly bound muscle like steel cable.

His face would be vaguely handsome and otherwise unremarkable, were it not so faintly gaunt and pale. His skin is extremely pale, almost albino, and his eyes are eerie, milky-white cataracts.

His armor is a completely soot-black, matte(non-reflective) suit similar to a tightly fitted, armored bodyglove covered in thin flak armor plating with a short(3") collar of plate rising from the shoulders.

The Hiltless, long-hafted greatsword pictured is, from pommel to blade-tip, 6'6"(2.16m)

As in the reference pic, he has a hiltless longsword sheathed upside down across his back which is styled identically to the greatsword, as well as a knife of similar style on each hip.

Can I get a simple standing pic of him with his hair in a single, large braid, his greatsword clumsily bound to his hand with thick chain and his helm(pictured) held tucked under his other arm?


Also cool would be him collapsed on his hands and knees on a sterile marble floor of an inquisitor's office, sweating profusely like he's about to black out, his helm thoughtlessly/clumsily dropped and lying on its side next to him. He'd be completely without his weapons, though.

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Hell ya I know the California raisins
Will try this

this is done, going to scan it with the next one

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Draw a Space Marine Inquisitor Rogue Trader. Yes, he's all three. So power armour, Inquisitorial rosette, purity seals, blingage, and a big triangular captain's hat with a feather in it.

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Why are those wet turds talking?

I need to stop getting cheap acid.

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I would love to get my fantasy character done if you wouldnt mind.
He's a thief who uses a short sword in his main hand and a dagger in of fhand. He wears leather armour that has a hood built in to it. He's about 20 years old with shoulder lengh black hair and a small ammount of stubble around his chin and jawline. He has some elvish blood in him but no more then 1/4, his skin is pale and he his a slim frame but not annorexic or weak looking. There is a scar going down his left eye.

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>doesn't know the California Raisins
Sure is underageb& in here.

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Succubus is a playable race?

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this sounds cool. are you using that character in a campaign?

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A rather tall 18 year old girl with freckles in a typical sci-fi jump suit type get up. She also has a microwave sized replicator from Star Trek nailed/glued to her back and a sock puppet.

You would have many thanks from this anon for fulfilling this request.

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Are you kidding me? I remember them. Granted, it was pretty vague, but i remember being like 4 and thinking they were were the ugliest, most fucking unpleasant things on tv...

And I couldn't look away.

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All monsters can be used as player characters. For conversion rules, see page 172 of the Dungeon Master's Guide.

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Kinda interested to see what you guys could do with this character, sans helmet. Please extrapolate on her facial features and hairstyle as you need.

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yeah im playing a wizard who specializes in shapeshifting in a combination between d20future/urban arcana/planescape

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There's also a monster class in savage species

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Please draw Mega Man in a 40K setting or situation.

Thank you!

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Here you go.

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three for one
Oh and I guess the AI girl could kind of count as this...just get rid of the binary

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Any chance you might do >>12584648 this thread?

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I'm up for any little doodles/cutesy type things.

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Hey do you think you could do a female ork barbarian and an effeminate incubus (think male succubus) arguing over a long haired male human who should look either concerned or excited?

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A techpriestess with long cobalt blue hair, tucking in her shotguns/servoskull like they were her babies, cooing to them softly in binary.

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Someone in that mantis thread demanded a thri-kreen in a French maid outfit.

I will therefore extend said request into this thread.

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I would but I'm going to bed soon(as you can soon see in the coming drawings I'm getting tired), and its pretty elaborate. Sorry, I'll probably make a thread tomorrow so ask then.
Done(looks kind of bad)
Ill try this for my last one

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Crap, am I late to the party again?

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Thanks man. Reminds me of samurai Jack.
I was the theif by the way.

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Requesting two servo-skulls in love. A Techpriest watches them hover by, with a "WTF" look on his face.

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thanks, AI fag reporting in
Not what I expected, but very interesting nonetheless
thank you

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I request this, but with a Tau drone replacing one of the servo skulls

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is this one getting done? ( it would be much appreciated, and it was requested before some of the others that are being done)

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There's only one type of true lovin'.

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Can someone say half ass jobs? I can

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last one and Im out

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Haha thanks man.

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Could I get a little Eldar girl riding a Wraithguard?

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This is a worksafe board

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Hope weeaboo eyes are okay for you.

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A Hetzer and Jagdpanther driving down the street, obviously being Best Friends Forever, complete with friendship bracelets.



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That's not Mega-Man! Mega Man was cool!

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Thank you, draw friend. That is great.

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Sorry for interrupting, I just had to share.

>> No.12586223


Thank you kindly good sir

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>mfw this picture

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A dinosaur-like alien (human sized) with one of its feet on an imperial guardsman's head, the back claw almost penetrating the eye (and would do if time was allowed to move forward in the pic). she wears a light silvery-looking piece of armour that only covers her chest and stomach, and is holding a crescent-shaped pistol in one hand.
is this too much?

>> No.12588504

(she would be in mid-leap by the way)

>> No.12588957

sorry if it's asking too much. Also, is anybody still in this thread?

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A viking and a completely stoned hippie together on a magical adventure. The viking is boasting about his strength and victories, while the hippie tells him to chill out and enjoy the ride.

>> No.12588989

haha I love it

now do space marines

>> No.12589086

Templates for stained glass windows, with images and heraldry inspired from 40k/warhammer/something suitable.

Big plus if they could be suitable with GW`s CoD range, especially "shrine of aquilia"

Roughly what i mean:

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>A wild drawfag appears
Doing COLOR drawfaggotry, at the expense of taking fucking long to finish, who's in?

>> No.12591763

definitely me, fancy doing my earlier request?

>> No.12591826

working on it

>> No.12591840


its beautiful

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>> No.12592186

looks really good atm, i've had the image stuck in my head for days so i'm stupidly happy to see somebody drawing it out

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Years ago, I was in a LARP, and I had a character who claimed to be a Raddish Salesman (he was a Changeling, so to him it kind of made sence). He had a large bag on his back which he said was filled with rotten radishes, and that he had to find a place to bury them to protect trade secrets, and he couldnt sell them becuse it'd bring bad buisness.

Actualy, it was Him in the bag: what people saw was a puppet being controled by invisible strings, and he could see through the pupper's eyes if he closed his own. It looked and felt human to everyone who inspected it, it just didnt bleed. (A couple of Vamps tried to suck my blood, lol.) He got this set-up becuse he had a dream that he's be killed, so he hoped that the puppet would get hit first so he could escape. But he was parinoid enough to think that someone knew his secret, so he'd ofton change who was in the bag.

There was a scene where a were-raven was trying to figure out what was in the bag, so he sits at a window sill to watch me as I change. I see it's just a raven, so I thought nothing of it.

Could you draw the scene where the were-raven is looking in a window as I step out of the bag and stuff the puppet into it? With the Crow laughing evily to himself as he plans to sell my secret? Thank you.

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Would it be gay of me to ask if the drawfags in this thread can provide their deviantart profiles?

>> No.12592293


sorry if it's too rediculious. >.>

>> No.12592349

I appreciate the welcome OP. :3

I haven't been here in like half a year but I'm in for the color challenge. Color will take a while, but we can always post it the finished result in another thread later/tomorrow.

I have no idea where to start. Would anyone want to me to do a request that hasn't been done yet?

These are some of the older ones I did so you can get an idea of how I draw.

>> No.12592376

can this one get done? i would be very appreciative

>> No.12592450

Sure I'll give it a go. I'm not familiar with Planescape, but I'll look into the designs of it real quick.

Just to clarify, did you want the wizard as well as the city to be cyberpunk, or did you just want the city to be cyberpunk?

>> No.12592551



it's slants.

Hey, I remember you taking a request i made in a drawthread a while back. Did you ever finish it?

I think it was of this guy: >>12584945
doubled over on the floor sweating bullets and about to black out from shock.

>> No.12592601

slow slowitty slow

>> No.12592794


Sidenote: Would be completely awesome if you do still have that drawing, considering that's actually part of what went down in the part of Duskwood Hearts that Joseph and I'll likely be posting tonight.

>> No.12592884

A Tau firewarrior with a railgun standing over the smoking corpse of a deamonette, saying

>> No.12593017

This one looks like it has a story behind it
Care to tell?

>> No.12593082

basically, i had an idea for a novel a while back, involving a super-empire spanning an entire galaxy by a coalition of three species, and then the humans came invading etc. At the moment, i'm making rules and stuff for the empire (just to help flesh out ideas etc) as my own little fan made codex, and i play as them with my mates a club.
One of the species is reptilian, hence the image request.

>> No.12593090

since the oblivion threads forced me to re-install it, I'll ask for a golden saint and dark seducer cuddling.

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I requested a picture with an oversized chihua with a bomb strapped to it's side running at a pack of orks while Space Marines laughed in the background. It was drawn and I never saved it. I'm wondering if I can get a repost.

>> No.12593161

Draws for me an evil Cleric smashing a baby with a hammer!

>> No.12593166

A smoking Daemonette standing over the corpse of an Ethereal, with Slannesh standing behind her, saying "Where's your God now?" to a Tau Firewarrior staring at them. The Firewarrior is also peeing his armor.

>> No.12593183


forgot pic

>> No.12593409

check suptg
I'm pretty sure it was archived with the drawthread

>> No.12593468

well, you can't rush art.
looking awesome btw

>> No.12593669

I'm still working on this don't worry~

If you don't see it in this thread before it gets deleted, check my DA it will be there.

>> No.12593733

Star Wars request~

I'd like a woman dressed like the attached image, sans shoulder and elbow pad, and a spiffy unzipped jacket. I'd prefer her hair to be shorter, and she's wearing an eye mask that completely cover her eyes. Thanks!

>> No.12593774

Re-requesting >>12584648 for any interested drawfags

>> No.12593816

I lost the description last time it was posted, sorry :(

>> No.12593838

Request: a Bloodletter of Khorne licking at a bloodstain on a carpet.

>> No.12593846

looking sweet so far
are you going for the classic 'OH SHI-' look on his face with the claw just about to go into his eye?

>> No.12593975

Bumping with semi-related OC.

>> No.12594046

I was bored, so I thought I'd do one quick shitscribble.

>> No.12594092


That's beautiful. :)

>> No.12594275


I literally don't know what I drew, and why it's so special. :|

>> No.12594423


>> No.12594582

Here you are. Hope its what you had in mind.

>> No.12594647

The drawthreads are archived? Okay...

>> No.12594748

Took a bit of searching but I found it!

>> No.12594803

Mandibles are all wrong, other potential bitchery, blah blah blah. Regardless


>> No.12594842


Oh snap, well I posted it (and a reference pic) here if you're interested: >>12584945

He's just been told that his ineptitude sparked a genocide of a magnitude that could have erased his entire tribe/nation 25x over, so he'd collapsed to one knee, bracing himself with his hands on the floor, sweating profusely and about to faint.

>> No.12594936

Not quite done, but this is what I have so far. I really think this needs color, especially the little shifting dealie. If you have anything you want me to change now would be a great time to tell me as I'd hate to color it and then realize it was bleh.

>> No.12594952

Oh there's no pupils because I thought it would be neat if their eyes were glowing and what not.

>> No.12595059


>> No.12595211

sry for the delay, looks great, if anything could be changed i would just say make the guy look more "wizardy". if not its fine though i like it a lot. much appreciated

>> No.12595238


>> No.12595260

Sure thing. :D

Now, what's your definition of "wizardy"? Like in a classic wizard sense(pointy hat, robe, wand)? Or perhaps a wizard from a certain story?

Thank you. Much appreciated.

>> No.12595327

hmmm, some glowing arcane symbols on his clothes would be good. no hat or staff. sorry i should have been more specific.

>> No.12595340

glowing eyes would be really cool

>> No.12595387

Sounds good!

>> No.12595462

updated this
captcha >gonation juices

>> No.12595628


>> No.12595661

As I am in love with the game I'm playing this character in and can't get enough art for her.

I'm playing a homebrew pegasus knight (nothing like the Fire Emblem ones, I took great lengths to avoid that)

Female, Human, 5'5, 133 lbs, 23 years old, Medium Length Brown Hair, Green eyes. Studded leather armor (sensible, not bikini plate) B-Cup. Halberd on her back, flail at her hip. Always has an oversized quarterstaff with her due to previously dying (and thereafter being resurrected) in a cave-in and is now petrified of enclosed spaces. (She uses the quarterstaff to convince her that the walls and ceiling are in fact, stationary, and not closing in)

A picture with her in a ballgown would be much appreciated.

>> No.12595861

I love coming into a thread, and then it dies

>> No.12595945

Drawfag gone?

>> No.12595962

Joining in on this. Drawfag here.

>> No.12595975


Should forewarn, any art I do today will be "asian style" as I would like to practice styles similar to edo period japan.

>> No.12595984



>> No.12596002


BTW i don't color things in. It's usually plain.

>> No.12596164

A drawfag?


Or am I late to the party?

>> No.12596181


Might I request a female drow with raven-wings, holding a white, crystalline orb in one hand, a small dagger in her other. She has long white hair and a blindfold over her eyes, and wears a black robe with white accents.

Yes, this is liek the fifth time this thread, but if we've got a drawfag, we've got a drawfag. And the setting's psuedo-japanese so edo-style works would be cool.

>> No.12596182

I humbly re-request

>> No.12596224

Taking requests! This is the last /tg/ related thing I drew!

>> No.12596237

hey could i get a non human non orc skull with a dagger going in the mouth and poking out the top?

>> No.12596239

seems cool

>> No.12596246


re-requesting this?


Or anyone, for that matter.

>> No.12596264

Ha, I'm amused someone ended up asking for that to be drawn. Well done.

>> No.12596268

I'd like to see you interpretation of a creepy AI persona detailed

>> No.12596280

Yes! What the hell, I'll pitch in.

I'd like to see more of [picture related] with a beefier lamellar vest and a different sort of goggles- the small round lenses. What's not pictured are loose trousers that are essentially BDUs/fatigues and combat boots. Oddly enough, they exist in our Pathfinder setting and it's sort of a calling card of mine as a player.

Bonus points if he's stabbing demon with a stake the size of his arm. Ever play Painkiller? Think of the stakegun. Oh, the joy...

Thanks in advance for your consideration!

>> No.12596290


whats a railgun look like? not a 40ker.

>> No.12596296

I'm re-requesting this.

Am I greedy? Maybe a little.

>> No.12596308

Railguns are mounted on tanks. Man-portable Rail Rifles look like this.

>> No.12596312


>> No.12596321

any takers or no?

>> No.12596326

Pick whichever you feel like:

1) A Space Marine Captain who, well, basically looks like Pedro Kantor since that's the model I use for him, except without the back banner (Iron Halo instead), and is wearing all black armor except the fist iconography on his pauldrons and what-not is red (if you're not doing color, that's just for shading purposes) and enclosed within Mechanicus-style cogs. Silver trim and bling, and the winged skull on the right shoulder. He's standing on a pile of dead Orks in the WRYYYYYYYYYYYY pose.

2) The very same Captain punching the Sanguinor either to death or into high orbit. Or both.

3) A Devastator Marine with a Heavy Bolter, blasting the crap out of a Necron Destroyer. Pic related: it would be the color scheme if this were in color.

(lack of color but nice bold black lines is also fine, since I can do my own coloring, but have no tablet-fu for scribblings)


>> No.12596335

If anyone has the time I would like to make a request.

A 8-10 year old cleric, dressed in plain traveler attire. He is carrying a large steel shield on his back with a wide smile on his face or dragging it along the ground like he is about to go into battle. He has blond unkempt hair.

I would appreciate it if anyone can do this.

>> No.12596351

Requesting an Orc dad in his 30s or 40s, sleeping in a hammock. His young daughter is also taking a nap on top of his fat stomach. Go for Maximum D'aww.

>> No.12596352

It Would be Nice to see a Battle Between a Group of Federation Starships Fighting a One Massive IoM Warship
The Fed Ships are trying to Damage it But its Too Damn Big to Take any Real Damage
And The Warship Failing at Trying to hit the Smaller Faster Starships

>> No.12596359

BAfag here, even WE hate the Sanguinor.

>> No.12596361

Guys I'm working on the tau

>> No.12596418

wow, don't remember the last time i've drawn a drow that wasn't humping an anvil. feelswierdman.jpg

>> No.12596433

Yay Cei!
Can you draw one of the Sister of Battle's living saints with a chainsword?

>> No.12596456

Hmm... well you can always draw more Sandwich :V

>> No.12596481

Can I get a Twi'lek scoundrel who is Scandalous, striking a sexy pose?

>> No.12596501


Oh man awesome, thanks. I was just about to go to bed, too!

>> No.12596529



>> No.12596554


well then it would rub it in a BAfag who wants to touch Matt Ward's nipples and scrotum's face.

>> No.12596565

Mejor que nada? Hee.

Also, why not. Re-requesting, hoping Briggz spots this. I should thank him again.

>> No.12596630

Sandwich with mustard. Also, given a lady Dwarf is an anvil, is Sandwich now a lesbian?

>> No.12596715

he will this be done tonight or should i check again tmrw morning? thanks a ton btw

>> No.12596734


pretty sure that the setting that Sandwich is in, female dorfs are beardless and not anvils, but dwaves have an anvil fetish as at least a dorf joke.

and it's a cultural thing, so a drow raised by dorfs could have an anvil fetish.

Also, she's not so sure of her sexuality that you might not see her making out with a given lad or lass.

but that's just my fan canon

>> No.12596749

I miss sandwhich writefaggotry
I want to write some more stuff about her and that female enchantress

>> No.12596755


Just a webcam snapshot so lines arent as dark as they could be. Not near a scanner so this will have to do.

>> No.12596801


decent warm-up drawing though.

>> No.12596905

If you ever get access to a scanner, can you upload another copy?

>> No.12596941


Yeah of course. I'll just dump it into whatever drawthread is going at the time.

>> No.12596956


>> No.12597024

I drew my thri-kreen.

I tossed him into a campaign I was DMing today. He killed one of my PCs.

>> No.12597093

Another one for the pile.

>> No.12597139

looking for a half-elf alchemist, armed with a twin barreled pistol, and single barreled musket, as well as an assortment of bombs. Wears a chain shirt for armor, goggles, and a scarf. Should have an overall "desert" influence to the character

>> No.12597152

What about... a fantasy gunslinger looks kinda Solid Snake-ish has a rifle on his back and is holding a blunderbuss or something also he could have more firearms holdstered or something I dunno.

>> No.12597158



>> No.12597251

here ya go

>> No.12597266

Hey sorry, it should have been done tonight, but the power just came back on after being knocked out for a few hours.. It will be done tomorrow!

>> No.12597277

working on you.

>> No.12597299

thanks in advance

>> No.12597416

This may be a bit late, nodded off for a bit, but thank you.

>> No.12597441

was this ever finished?

>> No.12597575


done yet?

>> No.12597616

Dear person, I apologize in advance for:

1.) Drawing fairly slow.

2.) Making a musket look like a sniper rifle

3.) Making your alchemist look like a shadowrun character.

4.) Forgetting how to draw guns.

sorry again.

>> No.12597647

oddly enough it wasn't me that asked you if you were done. I was fine waiting, just wanted a character image. Looks nice, glad to see you included everything I asked for. Thanks.

>> No.12597664

How odd. Who rushes another person's request?

>> No.12597679

clearly someone compelled by the badassery that is alchemy, that or I have no idea.

>> No.12598167

If its still going down, my current 4e character is a gnome bard who likes to float around on a Tensers floating disk. Am hoping to have a picture of him sitting on said disk. See pic for the current look of gnomes if you're not familiar. Cheers!

>> No.12598660

Beautiful, thank you Anon

>> No.12598697

doesn't look like it

>> No.12598961

If I can remember there is this one cast of Devil that rides on fiendish animals, usually Nightmares but those on different layers/jobs ride different things. Like there are ones who ride giant Drakes, and ones one Mephistopheles’ realm ride fiendish Mammoths.

So I’m requesting a devil riding a fiendish-version of the SkyShark.

>> No.12600039


>> No.12600110


The fuck? African-American raisins?

You gonna get graped.

>> No.12600442

im pumped for this completed

>> No.12600748


>> No.12600774


>> No.12601002

Rest in peace, nobel thread.

>> No.12601323

bamp in hope for completed this

>> No.12601447

No Drawthread, RISE.

>> No.12601554

Like my requests are reasonable.
Okay over sensitive motherfuckers full of emotions that shatter with a gust of wind.
Draw me this motherfucker dressed in a wedding dress wielding a crossbow with a "I don't give a fuck look on his face".
Can you do it?

>> No.12602821

C'mon drawthread, don't fail me now...

Requestan' this guy.

>Commencing reference notes.

Guardsman, from Dusk. (Warhammer 40k)
7'6"(2.5m) tall. 180 lbs.
Built like the child of Slender Man and an olympic decathlete, with little beneath the skin but bone and tightly bound muscle like steel cable. He is not merely extremely wiry, but actually appears faintly inhuman, as though his proportions are very slightly distorted.

His face would be vaguely handsome and otherwise unremarkable, were it not so faintly gaunt and pale. His skin is extremely light, almost albino, and his eyes are eerie, almost repulsive milky-white cataracts.

His armor is a completely soot-black, matte(non-reflective) suit similar to a tightly fitted, armored bodyglove covered in thin flak armor plating with a short(3") collar of plate rising from the shoulders.

The Hiltless, long-hafted greatsword pictured is, from pommel to blade-tip, 6'6"(2.16m)

As in the reference pic, he has a hiltless longsword sheathed upside down across his back which is styled identically to the greatsword, as well as a knife of similar style on each hip.

Can I get a simple standing pic of him with his hair in a single, large braid, his greatsword clumsily bound to his hand with thick chain and his helm(pictured) held tucked under his other arm?

>OR (Your choice)

Also awesome would be him on his hands and knees, staring at the austere floor of his Inquisitor's office and sweating profusely, as if about to faint from shock. His helm would have been carelessly dropped and lying on its side next to him and he'd be without any of his weapons.

>> No.12603811

Bumping in hopes for drawfags

>> No.12604000



>> No.12604264

Where's GM?

>> No.12604772


>> No.12605025

Human Male Jedi
5’9, with His Hair pulled back into a tight bun and a goatee.
Wearing Storm Trooper Armor without the helmet and the robes the apprentice wore on the final level, and a long handle lightsaber.

>> No.12605071

An eversor with a monocle. And a cup of tea. And a top hat. And a cane.

>> No.12605216

Is this what you wanted?

>> No.12605814


>> No.12606675


>> No.12607259


Pic related.

>> No.12607287

Oh, hey, this thread's still up.

dual-citizen from /tv/ here. how about Gabrielle from Xena in a Xena or Callisto style leather outfit instead of the plain village girl clothes she was always wearing.

>> No.12609261

Fucking gold, you're a champ.

>> No.12609780

Gabby is such a bad ass

>> No.12610044

Will probably never get finished, hhnnngh.

I like techpriests.

>> No.12610881


>> No.12610922

Corgyn wizard, albino human artificer, half celestial chick in rags, and a half dragon voidmind barbarian with leather armor

>> No.12612242


girls make everything much more adorable.

..... I am so very damn hetero in this regard.

>> No.12612619


Rip's player will love that. Thanks a million, bro.

>> No.12614477

I'd love if someone could draw a woman wearing this outfit. The chestplate would tone down the cleavage of course, but some sexy hips would be great. Thanks for looking!

>> No.12615469

This was requested by an Anon on /tg/ awhile back, so I'll post it here, now it's done.

>> No.12618178

Well I attempted (3) to mixed results.

>> No.12620272


Not super pleased with this, but I think it at least looks vaguely like a woman.

Hope you enjoy

(Captcha "beffece comes". Go back to /d/)

>> No.12620296


That works for me.

Fortunatly, 5D's has made me extra weak to that kinda thing.

Sherry :P.

>> No.12621678


Works for me too. Thanks!

>> No.12622103

holdin out for completed version

>> No.12622265

Draw the first thing you think of when you read FAGGOT.

No harm or mischief intended, just curious.

>> No.12622278


>> No.12622307

If theres anyone here still drawing, requesting this for one of my players.

A well built martial artist. Black longcoat (open to see his chest, etc), black jeans, no shirt. No right arm on the longcoat, it is cut off to show his whole right arm.

If you need something more to reference, see: Goku.

>> No.12622315

Hmm... how about a scruffy shaggy/Rincewind looking style spellcaster narrowly dodging an attack (from what I leave to you) and creating a portal (via magic, go nuts with the visual effect of that. Glowing, sparking, it's all good) above the attacker's head (or whatever, if what you choose lacks such) from which an celestial/fiendish (I leave the choice to you) is descending to deliver boot to the face.

>> No.12622839


>> No.12622941


>> No.12623025

PLEASE could somebody finish this for me?

>> No.12624143

could this please get finished too?

>> No.12626510


>> No.12628026


>> No.12628471

yeah day 6!

>> No.12632202



>> No.12632248

Brometheus! I beseech you, please draw a character for yours truly.

I request a short, thin half-drow wizard/rogue. He's got shoulder-length gray hair kept tied back, only slightly pointed ears, and green eyes. His other features are fairly elven, including the exasperated look on his face. He's wearing a set of enchanted robes, and a belt around his waist lined with wand and scroll-filled holsters. He's got a haversack slung over shoulder, and a bag of holding over the other shoulder.

Thanks in advance.

>> No.12632300

Could i possibly have a muscular warrior with shoulder length dark hair, dressed Tarzan-style, with a large sword with grooves running down the side of the blade? He's supposed to look tribal, maybe he has tattoos or a necklace or two, whatever you like. Thanks.

>> No.12633613


>> No.12633724

A squad of Aquabat-themed guardsmen (basically Guardsman armor with Aquabat color scheme and decoration) dramatically leaping into action and shouting their battle cry, "Pick it up, Pick it up, PICK IT UP!" Dramatic poses (of the fist-shaking variety) and enthusiastic shooting of lasguns should abound.Their expressions should basically be something along the lines of "Yeah, this is AWESOME!"
If you want to include any details, they are the 1st Skammandos regiment of the 23rd Miorian Guard division.

>> No.12633748



Now I have to make a custom squad based on this. THANKS A LOT.

>> No.12633771

love them! love that idea!!

>> No.12633832

Thanks a lot, man! The fluff for the regiment is that they are a regiment of Aquabat Cadets. The Aquabats themselves are their awesome leaders, leaping in from the warp to fight for tasty breakfasts, overall awesomeness, and... well... basically what they do in real life. The only major setting based change is that Jimmy the Robot is also referred to as an incredibly rare "skankin' servitor." The division also has a warlord titan named "Giant Robot Birdhead" and an imperitor titan named "This Gigantic Robot." The regiment's evil nemeses are the Powdered Milk Men, dreaded devotees of Nurgle!

>> No.12635089


You requested this in Green Marine's thread, and i have stumbled apon it again. I shall draw you that in which you desire, because honestly, it's bad ass as fuck.

>> No.12635120

Requestan my Shadowrun character.

She's in her mid-20's,fit, sorta scraggly, shoulder-length brown hair, and her left eye is a simple cybernetic disk. Her arms and legs are simple robotic-prosthetics, just bare gears and servos and pistons, and her hands are simple three-pronged claws, Wall-E style. Her legs are pretty much the same, only her feet are those hook-shaped prosthetics you see on modern runners.

She's wearing a close-fitting body suit that zips up down the middle with logo patches slapped on hap-hazardly. Her legs and arms are completely uncovered.

Could just draw her standing in a pose, or even some cheesecake would be nice. Thanks for taking a look at it, drawfriends.

>> No.12635194

Truly are you the broseidon of the broletariat!
I thank you, and my guardsmen thank you!

>> No.12636844


>> No.12636931

shit just got real son

>> No.12637816

>Five day old thread
>Holy shit

>> No.12637930

for the love of god...

>> No.12637966

Bumping to overload the front page with drawthreads.

>> No.12638987


Lookit what i did!

>> No.12642001

It's.... more powerful than I could possibly have imagined! Thanks a lot man!

>> No.12642381

Also, I forgot to mention how happily surprised I was at seeing the Tiger rider in the corner! If I ever find a way to convert/scratchbuild him, he's going to count as a Marauder destroyer with familiar distinctive paint job and... every upgrade that I don't remember. The lightning bolts will represent EVERY WEAPON.

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