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I have to go to the doctors today for a check-up, so... Can we get a Nurgle thread going? Art work, fan art, minis altered or not; just anything and everything embraced by the love of Papa Nurgle

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Shouldn't you be praying to the Emperor to be cure? Or do you already accept that you're beyond saving?

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Blessings of Nurgle apon you!

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And to all who are in this thread.

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why is he needed to be cure? you talk like the blessing of papa nurgle is a bad thing

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I'd rather kill myself by throwing myself in front of the blessed flamers and die in agony than allow a new daemon to be born from my disease wrecked soul, I would deny "the gift" the possibility to spread.

I will die a martyr.

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reminds me of a story written on /tg/.

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bg did that image (I pestered bg for days for it)

I don't get to post this one often. Somehow it always disappears...

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greenmarine likes doing nurgle stuff.

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>doublechecks for nudity in the image
Man, last time I dumped this folder I didn't have to double check. Almost posted a nudy.

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Nurgle thread? FUCK YEAH

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And some of these are censored so I'll let mod/janitor sort it out.

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>explaining the nurgle icon

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>passed two nude nurglettes
Almost clicked the wrong one...

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...hey guys, I think Typhus might be betraying us!

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I think five different drawfags did nurglettes...

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>duplicate file

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Scratch that.. More like 7+ drawfags do nurglettes.

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No, Typhus is a bro.

Hey, where'd these flies come from...?

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I know right?

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>passes another nurglette
This is quite d'aww worthy. I remember the thread I asked for something like this, the artist went all out with the idea.

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I am pleased.

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Posting in several threads at once.....

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Give up your flesh to the star gods, even more so if you are one of the hated the souless, you won't ever be ailed by the whims of nurgle.

Cockblocker supreme.

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>passes a naked nurgle cultist girl
>posts, then tells me duplicate file entered
Oh derp, it's the OP's image.

Also, captcha, how I loathe thee.

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I have yet to understand why a guy with pimples on his armor would be frightening.

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Well, I'm out of images that haven't been posted in this thread yet, so what do you guys think of the Chaos list I've been running at 1k?

2x Nurgle Prince (Wings+Warptime)
2x7 Plegg Muhrenes in Rhinos with Fist Champs, one unit Melta one unit flamers
and a Vindicator

Not super competitive, but it's won more than it has lost. And has an undefeated record against the other gods in Chaos vs Chaos games.

Hell, I tabled Tzeentch in four turns and only lost my Rhinos and a few Marines. Then the table collapsed.

(Luckily my painted models made their FNP.)

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Some amazing guy sculpted that pic.



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Looks fine.

If there is space, might want to invest in combi flamers on the champions with meltaguns on all the specialists, so you still have 2 flamers (rarely use them, the only combi weapon that is certain to hit and not be useless rolling a miss).

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One thing is if you've got the points, possess the Vindicator. It's worth the 20 pts since it is your only tank and will be taking the brunt of the AT fire. -1BS doesn't matter much anyways.

>Hell, I tabled Tzeentch in four turns and only lost my Rhinos and a few Marines. Then the table collapsed.
He sucks this edition, cut him a break.

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Both champs have Combi-weapons that match their units.

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Ah, I see.

Combi meltas on the rhinos instead, and combi flamers on the champions.

My plagues have havoc launchers on the rhinos, combi flamers on champs, and meltaguns on the specialists. Tank shock 6" + havoc launcher(rerolls scatter dice) is pretty awesome adding a one shot flamer template in there. Best of both worlds.

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But the man seems unstoppable. It's like he doesn't feel any pain.

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Tzeentch Daemons, not Thousand Sons. Tzeentchy daemons are actually pretty damn good... Flamers ruin my shit. I lost both Rhinos the first time he shot, thanks to Bolt.

I might have room for the possession, now that you mention it. I'll have to add up the points.

>Captcha: rerapers with
Captcha thinks this should be a Slaanesh thread.

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>Fergot image~

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I bugged sergalfag with this image for a while before her.. I think 3 month ban? I forget what she said it was...

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Getting close to being out of images.

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one question.....why the squads of seven? I know that its nurgles sacred number and in older codeices you got free marks and other such bonuses for doing that but I recently got back into the hobby and I can't find anything in the new codex that says this.

wouldnt fielding ten be just as logical in the new codex?

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Can't post the last one. Nurglette in 'action'.

And done.

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Feel No Pain means 50% chance to save from the majority of attacks. 23 points a model means +8 points per marine.

10 marines cost 150 points. 7 Plague Marines cost 161. Plague marines are fearless, have blight grenades, have toughness 5 and feel no pain. (toughness 5 is the offset for fewer bodies).

Plague marines are needed to fight in melee, most often. They also, because of their durability and smaller number in the squad come out with fewer if no casualties if the rhino is blown up.

Give and take, normally. All 10 is a waste of the 2 special guns and 1 champ per gross cost per unit. Ironically it's a good number even without the fluff.

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I have changed the topic of this thread. It now belongs to me.

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Gotta love a good Nurgle thread.

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Oh I have something related to....


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That's pretty funny.

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Papa Nurgle loves his Eldar.

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Poor Isha.

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wait is this 40k or fantasy caus that guy in front is packin an ak

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What are you...
>sees the guy with the gun.
The fuck?

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Both. The original 'Realms of Chaos: Slaves to Darkness' and 'RoC: Lost and the Damned' allowed both 40k and Warhammer groups, who could get rewards from a set table. This could involve chaos warriors getting bolters, or a chaos marine getting a daemonic horse. Warbands of both timelines could also find themselves in the other one.

So, a unit of chaos marines rampaging around the warhammer world. Good fun times.

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thanks helpful fa/tg/uy

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I play a themed list. And before someone calls me out on the Rhinos, my Pleggs are not Death Guard.

I get a lot of shit 'round here for not minmaxing everything into WAAC oblivion*, but I enjoy playing it and it competes well enough for me.

*I had a Guard player tell me I should run, I kid you not, one or two Lash Prince(s), 2x5 Plagues with no champ and meltas and as many obliterators as I could fit in the remainder "because it's no fun fighting a gimpy army."

>my face

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His army is probably entirely mechanized and he advices you to use lash princes "because it's not gimp"?

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He also brings two Manticores in 1k.

He's an asshole. If you're reading this, Nick, fuck you and the Chimera you rode in on. No one likes you or your horrific, obviously-modeled-for-advantage conversions.

Two words: 'lowrider Chimeras.'


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Don't worry about it.

I rather have a few extra krak grenades to toss at a stationary vehicle... A few more bodies to die off before the champion has to be hit... Extra attacks in melee... To be honest if I didn't have to take a powerfist for walkers/monsters, I wouldn't take a champion at all.

In fact when I pack 10 plague marines inside a rhino, people hate it. Because that's like killing 15 marines, but inside a rhino. They hope to hell I don't get first turn because I roll 12" forward, disembark 2" (+base length, see disembark example image) and I use the run rule if no vehicles are in range of my meltas.

12+3+D6 inches. I'm in assault range the next turn, and if he assaults me then oh boy, I have grenades for that. They always hate 40 of these guys charging their lines, with a pair of missile+DCCW dreads, vindicator, dakka predator and laspredator. (I theme around scavenged tanks so no two of the same heavy support) with maxed full rhinos. Somewhat of a comp list. Oh and a greater daemon...

It loses... Sometimes.... Wait, I can't remember the last time I lost with it. I need to play that list more until I lose, because this is bugging me now. I think I lost in the last, five games? Maybe? I'll have to ask around, I've been playing other things for a while.

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If one was going to convert some minis into servants of Nurgle.... Would anyone have any good names to give them? Something other than Plague Marines.

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Is Nurglette like a Cultist for Nurgle?


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well ok then. I'm not this smart and this would never occur to me on my own. I will follow this advice in my own deathguard army. im still taking rhinos though regardless of that bit of fluff inconsistency, Its necessary in this edition and I love vehicles.

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Pretty sure you meant this guy...

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Mord's fluff is he spreads plague.

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