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I'm in the process of preparing to run a horror campaign.

As such, I'm curious as to what you fatguys are irrationally afraid of, see if I can find any interesting trends.

Myself, I'm terrified of mirrors when in a dark environment.

>morkind undertook

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mods scare the living shit out of me.

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I'm deathly afraid of cockroaches, and I can't go anywhere dark alone without a gun

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In door swimming pools. All thanks to the Are you Afraid of the Dark? episode "Dead Man's Float"

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heights i just can't stand them

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Ummm...Why? It's not like you could see anything?

For me? DEATH. Nameless horrors in the dark.

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Spiders. All shapes, all sizes. Well, except for those really small ones we tend to get here.

But fuck, if it's bigger than an inch wide, that shit's getting taken out from a distance. Also, pictures of spiders. Fuck.

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Getting caught in some kind of enclosed area, like if you were forced to crawl in a cave and then you got stuck and couldn't get back out.

I am kind of freaking out just thinking about it. Ugh.

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I can't fucking stand cockroaches, which is weird given that I'm tolerant of other bugs and absolutely adore bees, spiders, and praying mantises.

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Yes. Mirrors in the dark seconded so fucking hard.
Also, the ocean. So much water underneath me what's hiding in it oh god was that a shadow

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ya i agree, claustrophobia is HUGE for me

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Man, that sounds like something who's in Liberal Arts would think of. You should try engineering out.

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Eh. That's not so bad. Maybe because it looks so insectoid.


Well, fuck it.

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Gee, I don't know.
Apart form dying...
I don't like falling...?

This remind me of a biology class, where we got to see a cockroach through a macroscope.

My faggot friends refused to look at the thing, even though my teacher seemed genuinely interested in making us do so (she made funny remarks such as "look at it's neck! it looks like a human's!").

So I called them a bunch of pussies and used the macroscope.

I don't know exactly what happened, but something in me made me just suddenly spring up and start walking fast towards the exit of the lab, until one of my friends asked me wtf I was doing.

Then I regained control over my body and just resumed attending to the class.

I guess this was pretty irrational of my part.

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You bastard.

As for me, my irrational fears are vomiting (feel like I'm choking, and like some people, I puke twice in a row, every time.)
My other fear is rats and mice, I'm not afraid of pics but seeing them IRL scares the piss out of me, guess I read too much about the Black Plague. Hell, my fear of rats is so pronounced that I feel simmering hatred when I play against Skaven. (Seriously, I don't hate the other player, but seeing those little rat bastards makes me want to toss 8 power dice on Gaze of Nagash)

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>You bastard.




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Isolation is always a good one to use. Mirrors can be pretty scary, too. You just need to be imaginative.

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Sometimes when I'm alone and it's dark, I think about how since I'm living in the present, it's not actually possible to verify that any of my memories and understanding of the universe are actually real, and I might actually be in the middle of an endless nightmare in a chaotic and irrational reality created by my own mind. Since there's nothing I can do to disprove any of this and I have no way of knowing that everything I currently think is "real" might suddenly implode, all I can do is hope that my furniture doesn't start turning into terrifying monsters.

I should probably gb2/x/...

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>math major
You're even crazier than I thought

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Suddenly, I get why Mr. Rage is so full of rage.
Math is just....crazy.

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schools at night. just passing those fucking empty windows scares the crap out of me

people standing in corners with their faces turned away. god damn

dolls of course

old photographs of people

music boxes

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Because you reminded me of that whole "Existence Continuum" too. It ain't cool to think of how reality can end in the blink of an eye without even noticing.

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>which is weird given that I'm tolerant of other bugs

Alright keep that in mind

What does it mean if there's a bee nearby?

>there's goddamn flowers of fuck yes harvest dat pollen, we're fine so long you leave that fucking flower to me

What does it mean if there's a wasp around?

>get dat pollen or maybe some insect, I don't fucking care I just got to eat. Don't mess with me bro and we cool

What does it mean if you see a spider

>know those fuckers hitting your computer screen? know how they're gone? yeah you can fucking thank me for that. just dont forget to keep the house warm so I dont die

What does it mean if a praying mantis is nearby?

>don't fucking blow my cover ffs im trying to eat this ant

tl;dr all of those insects are perfectly harmless if you don't mess with them, and they being there doesn't mean anything is wrong

but cockroaches? they'll fucking eat all of your shit, ruin your food, and the fuckers aren't afraid to bite you

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Old buildings, the kind which look halfway burnt-down but are just really, really rundown.

The smell of an old house fire, more so if it has just rained.

Cold metal against bare skin while unable to see (darkness, blindfold, etc.).

Handcuffs sitting on a chair atop a clipboard.

That last one, the image of that gives me the fucking screaming OHGODNO feeling all over just typing it.

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Irrational fears: Clowns. Talking to strangers on the phone. Saturn.

Perfectly rational fears: Bears. Guns. Alzheimer's.

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This. Fucking bees have always been my biggest pussy fear.

Any yellow striped insect with wings and a stinger, really. Fuck.

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I am afraid of Bathrooms, and any rooms with such decor, and mirrors. Every time I look in a mirror, or turn away from one, my heart stops for a moment as my mind catches the blurred glimpse of something in the room and imagines it as something horrible.

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how the fuck do you survive in this day and age?

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You don't know that you don't already have it.

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Deep water. The thought of being in the middle of the ocean with MILES of water underneigth me sends a cold chill up my spine.

Know what I hate MORE then deep water? Water and metal. Especially old rusty metal. Perhaps an ancient water holding tank on a abandoned starship. And if you want me to curl into the fetal position and go catatonic Water+old metal+moving parts. Even if they are no longer moving. If you stuck my in a giant metal drum containing a couple thousand gallons of water and there was a filtering propeller at the bottom of the tank that was rusted over I would fucking lose my shit and leave the game.

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When I was a kid, I had a fear of getting my face wet when taking a bath or something, I presume because I realized pretty fast that I can't breathe water. While I got over it for the most part, I'm still not a strong swimmer and I still can't swim underwater properly. I have to either use goggles with the nose coverings or stay above water. My low lung capacity might also have something to do with it.

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Dried food, especially sultanas.

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Large amounts of water were I cannot see the bottom. Like the ocean, a sea, or even a lake. Fuck. I do believe something, and something big, will drag me to the bottom, and I'll have an agonizing and painful death by drowning. Seriously. I can swim, but I don't like it.

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The non-existance. Death, oblivion, dont being "me", being manipulated, controled, dying each second while another me with my memories is born.

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Oh fuck, man.
I tried swimming in the ocean recently, wound up losing it entirely when I swam over a reef fifteen feet below me.

Why did I freak out?
>Couldn't see the bottom.
brofist of mutual terror.

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Good god yes. I've been having a lot of existential crises lately.

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Jellies, anemones, and the like to the point where I've essentially given up on the ocean. With jellies and anemones, it's not the stinging, which can't be that bad for most species, it's the sense that they're alien, untouchable, and somehow malignant. Box jellies have photoreceptors and can track prey. Gah.

Also brain damage, but that's fairly rational.

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yep yep. So far havent had any trouble with swimming but i do think if i went out far enough i would start to panic

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I'm terrified of the idea of drowning while part of me can feel air

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Seriously though, bees don't actually bother me.


Someone sitting on your back, pinning you.

The feeling of having your limbs bound.

The sensation of numbness/paralysis/overwhelming weakness in all your muscles in a situation where you need to fucking move, or where you're deprived of your senses.

God damn it.

Helplessness is a fucking WICKED primal fear.

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I'm irrationally afraid of being outside, by myself, in the middle of the night. Especially if I'm in a suburban area and the streets are completely empty.

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I share this fear. I've head it has something to do with needing control... there's no defense, nowhere to run, no strategy to survive the open ocean as far as the eye can see with immeasurable frozen abyss below, full of things ready to pluck you from your plane of earthly terror to crushing depths where your breath burns in your lungs and in your veins as the light slowly fades as you sink down, down...

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From what I'm seeing, OP, you should base your entire campaign at sea. Your players will shit themselves silly.

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Nah, dude, nah. I had that panicky moment while within seventy-five feet of the shore line.

I can look out of my patio, still see the same spot... just a murky dark bit in the middle of the bay.

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Not just ocean. Ocean is shit tier as far as fear.




Now how about this, an underwater scret sub base with a massive wet dock that is partually submerged and flooded. Hundreds of ancient rusted over football long black subs everywhere. Dark as shit and surrounded by massive objects in cold water.

And for giggles have some hull doors collapes randomly and suck PCs into the dead ships as the water floods in. Oh christ I just wet myself alitle.

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I think it's pretty clear, OP.

Primal, core human fears.

The alien, unrecognizable threats.

The unknown.

Helplessness coupled with isolation.

Feeling small, insignificant, fragile in a massive, hostile, unknowable place.

"Human" faces without the features we use to communicate intentions and peerage. Just teeth. Just that one feature that can only convey one thing. "I'm going to eat you." That toothy, ivory, glasgow smile on a face otherwise bereft of eyes, nostrils, ears, hair of any sort, etc.

You have to take away everything a human subconsciously uses to operate on a basic, animalistic level.

We become instinctively terrified when our comforting, self-defense instincts and capabilities are denied us.

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I'm afraid of myself, and before the outcries of arogance hit, lemme clarify.

I like being a nice person, and helping folks out when I can, and likewise I despise hurting or harming or bothering people since more often than not I don't mean to.

Scariest thing? Make every innocent thing your PC's do turn to something terrible. Save a little girl, she's already dead and you've returned a Slaymate to her parents. Cure a man by the side of the road, he goes on to murder a dozen travelers before being brought to justice. Then, when they're down and uncertain about themselves, get them Really started. Play a bit of disconcerting music, dim the lights. Occasionally DM for a player or two seperate from the group, but don't explain to those who were out on break what's happened, or why there are suddenly only half as many lights on.

Leave as much as you can to Their imaginations.

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>>12562071 here, ok MR.RAGE, but only if you promise me:
a) Not to be me at the end.
b) Not to look like Brad Pitt

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I'm glad other people find the ocean...unsettling.

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I had read somewhere that there are three absolutely fears that all human beings share deeply:
1 - Get eaten by a feral/savage beast.
2 - Drowning.
3 - being buried alive.

I agree with the third one. Shit nigger, being buried alive. Like they put you into a coffin and HOLY SHIT NIGGER I'M ALIVE WTF ARE YOU DOING?!?!

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The ocean. It's my only fear, but it's a big one.
Deep/open water is scary as fuck.

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y u do dis

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If it's got more than six legs, it must die. No questions asked.

There is only one exception - Jimbo, the spider who lives in my ceiling fan.

>Fils folloody

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OP: all fears are rational. Understand this one comment, and unluck... the cosmic truths of the soul.

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Pics of Jimbo. Now.

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I'm afraid of the dark and heights. Heights because of almost falling off of a building when I was younger and the dark because the noises I hear in the dark always make my imagination steer towards the worse.

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Sometimes...fear is the appropriate response

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Jimbo is too tiny to be photographed. And besides, I don't go near Jimbo while he is working. It's part of our agreement.

>1953| philift

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I'm rally afraid of the Ocean, or any other large, deep, and opaque body of water. I know there is nothing in there (probably), but I ca't help imaging my self being dragged down by something massive and disgusting and eaten is a slow, painful, and horrific fashion.

Other than that, plants really get to me. I keep thinking of horrible carnivorous plants digging their tendrils in my flesh, spores, dissolving my flesh, and being turned into living fertilizer. Just writing this is unnerving me.

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Plants are awesome

It those damn fungi you gots to look out for

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You should stay away from /d/.

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Yeah. Water. Damn man, water is fucked up. Shit. They even use water to torture people. They lie you down, tie you up and put a rag covering your face. Then, they empty glasses of water over your covered face. They say it feels like you're drowning, but without drowning. Shit is so cash that it's a completely psychological effect, and leave no marks, scars or bruises. Only bruises on the mind of course. Which they say are the worst.
So anons. You that are afraid of the motherfucking ocean. You're right. And you should. Because they say drowning is one of the ultimate fears on the core of the brains of the whole human race. No matter the time and age. It's something even fucking science can erase. And that's only the water.
Now imagine the amounts of creepy and dangerous aquatic terrors that lies beneath the waves.

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>You should stay away from /d/

Too late, /d/ has come for you.

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I don't know why, maybe because I'm old, but I have grown bored of all my stereotypical "fears". Now, as lame as it sounds, I know truly that the only thing to fear is fear itself.

Now when I have a nightmare, it isn't about something specific, or even anything at all really, except fear. The feelings of terror, despair, hopelessness, futility, insanity all these things at once. It feels like FEAR is a living entity holding my soul down and screaming pure emotion into my non-ears until my mind seems to melt under the weight of it. Imagine that, but worse, for 10 hours or so at a time, and that is the kind of nightmare I have.

Just fear, man. Fear is enough

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>It's something even fucking science can't erase.
Sorry. Fixed.

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/co/ here. We have pure sheer fear. The fear entity itself. Parallax. Some people wondered why it does looks like some kind of wasp mutant thing. Well, now we know why. Wasps terrifies people.

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Our gentleman's agreement, yes.

I leave Jimbo alone in the Ceiling fan, letting him spin his (now enormous) web. In return, he kills anything else with more legs than me. It's worked out flawlessly so far.

>stiocre panorama

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>and leave no marks, scars or bruises.
That shit can fuck you up actually. Cold like that does horrible things to your body.

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For me, aside from the reasonable fears of being crippled (mentally or physically) and maimed. I have an fear of space. It's so empty, and cold. And the thought of what ever is tying me to my ship breaking and resulting me either drifting into that endless void, of suffering a fiery re-entry into the atmosphere.

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All this fear of the ocean and not a single picture showing the layers of the ocean and at the bottom, just a pair of eyes in the dark.

Surely someone must have this!?

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Dude. We're afraid of it. We DON'T wanna see.

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one theory states that, at least for a while, our ancestors were heading down the path the hippos trod, spending most of our time in the water.
evidence: compared to most apes, we have very little body hair, and what we have is placed in a way that minimizes the impact on our stream-lined-ness
Our nostrils are downturned, allowing us to hold our breath
our fat is all mostly up next to our skin, a feature in most semi-aquatic mammals
we have the "Mammalian Diving Reflex"

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Don't forget that you have no protection from the sun's constant barrage of cancer-causing radiation once you leave Earth's atmosphere.

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the mentally retarded unnerve me like nobody's business.


I have worked out a treaty with the Spiders. They are not to startle me by doing shit like run across my desk suddenly in the middle of the night when the monitor is the only light on, and I've been reading creepy shit, or if I'm wandering around, they are not to drop down on a thread of silk right in front of my face.

In exchange, I don't kill them or anything. I just kind of wave hi. Also, whenever I've got ants, I'll toss some into any webs I see.

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I don't have that, but I do have this.

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Oh hai. What's going on in this thread?

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And I bet the fear was installed on the core brain because pussies keep fucking drowned. Shit nigger. You can swim, but you're not meant to swim. Get the fuck away from the water! Now. Seriously.

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I'm afraid of the dark. I know nothing's ever there, but when I'm in the dark too long, my pulse shoots up, I tense up, and if I'm walking, I start running until I'm in some light. I can't help it - it just happens.

Also, bees get me on edge, too.

>14 years old, climbing a tree to get out of a pond and get on a rope swing
>Put my hand down on something extremely painful
>Pull away hand, it's a bee, stuck stinger-first in my hand, wriggling to get away
>my face

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I'm an asshole, sometimes

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This is something I've always wanted to do to a group. A sort of one-shot type campaign. Maybe in CoC, maybe in D&D. I don't know.

THe group, in the midst of a storm, stumbles upon what appears to be a lavish mansion in the middle of nowhere. The group enters to find that nobody resides in the mansion. Following the inevitable, extensive investigation that will almost certainly ensue, and upon finding nothing out of the ordinary, the group will eventually settle in and fall asleep. Upon falling asleep, each party member will experience his or her own "dream". THe member who sleeps in the children's room will awaken to find that the shelves in the room are filled with dolls. After a spot check, the player will either notice or not notice the dolls turn their heads to face him. At this point, the player will have a few options. Either he will A) attempt to leave the room, only finding that the door is nonexistent; B) Start wrecking shit-if this happens, the dolls will begin to weep blood and the player will hear the cries of a hundred men, women and children, as if they were experiencing the eternal suffering of hell. The room will fall away until the player will be falling into a void. The player will be shocked awake and he will make a fortitude save to resist vomiting. Upon waking up, the player will notice that the lavish mansion he entered in the beginning is actually a decrepit ruin of a house. The walls are crumbling, and what was originally a stormy night is actually dawn. The entire area will be dry, and the sky will be a red sunrise. I still haven't devised the other nightmares yet.

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My nemesis... we meet again...

>> No.12562517

all of this ocean fear is reminding me of that one Word Bearers novel where the Word Bearers and a Techpriest they'd corrupted went to a crashed spaceship that was deep, deep, DEEP underwater in order to find out a location from another techpriest. they had to play Space Hulk several miles below the surface, while the planet was being attacked by Tyranids. also, the underwater base they got to the space ship from via submarine had a Genestealer Cult in it. and in the facility containing the elevator to take you down there, there were Dark Eldar running around.

obviously, the Word Bearers summoned some Bloodletters into the sunken hulk.

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Anyone got a good site were one can listen to undersea microphone recordings?

Spooky shit yo.

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Dude you guys gave fear a name and a form? I'm not scared already.

>> No.12562554

There used to be a spider that roamed the floor at night. I could get it to jump a little by making sudden movements when it was standing still. We actually bumped into each other a couple of times as it scurried across the floor. I considered it to be a sort of pet. Then, one morning, my mother found it in the bathroom, freaked out and got my father to kill it. I was sad.

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My fear?

Losing my mind and having just enough of my conscious self survive inside my unresponsive vegetable of a body to be aware of what has happened to it, with no hope of ever regaining my sanity or intelligence.

If you've ever read Flowers for Algernon, what happens to the main character there is pretty much my worst nightmare.

Also, for a different fear, look up a short story named "The People of Sand and Slag". It horrifies me on a visceral level and yet I can't say exactly why it does when I like games like Eclipse Phase.

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Mutilated people, especially the face. i nearly fainted the first time i saw the screamer of the exorcist chick.

>> No.12562596


At least it wasn't the one with the enormous glowing eyes at the bottom.

>> No.12562628

This is what I seek.

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>> No.12562642

when I saw evangellion I saw enormous non sense glowing eyes thorning my flesh and consciousness apart and sending me into an agonizing and painful and screaming death that could be heard nor saw by anyone, eventually leading to my total and devastating end: the oblivion.

>> No.12562671

>Fear of guns and bears
>Perfectly rational
Like...being shot at, or just a gun sitting on the floor unloaded?
Pissed off bears, or just any bear?

>> No.12562678

A lot of my players have been scarred of even the lightest description of flesh, veins, etc. I tried running a stereotypical "inside something huge" game with fleshy walls. One girl flipped her shit.

>> No.12562705


I personally don't see what's so wrong with the squishy bits.

>account, blerde

>> No.12562721

For me, aside from the reasonable fears of being crippled (mentally or physically) and maimed. I have an fear of space. It's so empty, and cold. And the thought of what ever is tying me to my ship breaking and resulting me either drifting into that endless void, of suffering a fiery re-entry into the atmosphere.

>> No.12562736

So I heard you guys like that sheet of glass. So close to the surface, but you can't break it. Your lungs are burning, the heavy, unforgiving water devouring all the energy in your sluggish limbs with its resistance as you flail helplessly, pounding at the barrier between you and breath.

You vision grows hazy, your brain slowly being consumed by a fog as you run out of air, the oppressive, endless depths of the black ocean beneath you pulling your helpless body down no matter how frantically you press your face against that cruel wall.

A hundred powerful, crushing tendrils wrap around your body, crushing you as they drag you deeper, your eardrums rupturing from the sudden, violent change in pressure. You look down.

A faceless mantle like a bubble of pale, leathery flesh, stretching out farther than you can see, it's unearthly bio-luminescence taunting you with the sight of a central mass like unto a small moon in size. It writhes and flows like ribbons of flayed, bleached sinew and lithe, dancing devils, bellowing out a terrible, baritone roar which streaks through your ruined ears like a bolt of agony.

The mass shifts, releasing a cloud of massive bubbles, one of which passes over you, granting you a single, merciful deep breath. You struggle to keep from coughing. The air now filling your lungs and throat reeks of acid and fetid blood.

A whirling pillar of hair-like tendrils reach up to your body, gently wrapping around you. Their touch is searing pain. Millions of microscopic barbs secrete toxins under your skin as they simultaneously scrape the flesh from your body.

>> No.12562761

man that's such a sad story
i'm gonna go cry wretchedly now

>> No.12562770

why are you reposting >>12562427 ?

>> No.12562771

fear has always been an interesting concept for me...
I don't fear... ever...

I have at no point in my life felt dread. I have never felt panic.

The closest I have been to being afraid is giving an angry dog a wide berth. I don't fear death. I dislike pain but I don't fear it.

I will probably spend a good portion of my 20s being a thrill seeker, trying to find something that lets me feel afraid

>> No.12562774

So, am I the only fa/tg/uy seriously afraid of just... being alone?

Death doesn't bother me, insects don't worry me, I think therefore I am, and I steer clear of the ocean but there is something purely terrifying of living out what remains of my existance alone.

Admitedly, poor college student syndrome and an utter lack of free time makes this feeling more pronounced but come on guys.

>> No.12562775

>it wants to fuck.jpg

>> No.12562787


Let's go swimming, you guys.

>> No.12562789

You've been on /d/ too long, anon

>> No.12562793

I suppose that was a bit unsettling, but not really scary. And I am one of the anons with the deep sea fear.

>> No.12562811

>So I heard you guys like that sheet of glass. So >close to the surface, but you can't break it. Your >lungs are burning, the heavy, unforgiving water >devouring all the energy in your sluggish limbs >with its resistance as you flail helplessly, >pounding at the barrier between you and breath.

>You vision grows hazy, your brain slowly being >consumed by a fog as you run out of air, the >oppressive, endless depths of the black ocean >beneath you pulling your helpless body down no >matter how frantically you press your face >against that cruel wall.

>A hundred powerful, crushing tendrils wrap >around your body, crushing you as they drag >you deeper, your eardrums rupturing from the >sudden, violent change in pressure. You look >down.

>A faceless mantle like a bubble of pale, leathery >flesh, stretching out farther than you can see, >it's unearthly bio-luminescence taunting you with >the sight of a central mass like unto a small >moon in size. It writhes and flows like ribbons of >flayed, bleached sinew and lithe, dancing devils, >bellowing out a terrible, baritone roar which >streaks through your ruined ears like a bolt of >agony.

The mass shifts, releasing a cloud of massive bubbles, one of which passes over you, granting you a single, merciful deep breath. You struggle to keep from coughing. The air now filling your lungs and throat reeks of acid and fetid blood.

A whirling pillar of hair-like tendrils reach up to your body, gently wrapping around you. Their touch is searing pain. Millions of microscopic barbs secrete toxins under your skin as they simultaneously scrape the flesh from your body.

>> No.12562815


I live alone (with respect to other people, my only roommate left is Jimbo). Being alone allows quiet time of introspection and no interruptions. It's rather calming.

>Subchapter colitate

>> No.12562827


I'll admit, the first paragraph really got me. My asthma is acting up tonight for the first time in forever, and taking puffs off an inhaler isn't helping much. Then I start reading about suffocating, and suddenly it becomes even harder the breathe...

I had to open a window to let some cool breezes in, man. You almost killed me.

>> No.12562840

Thats because the writing was not actually the deep sea

It was a representation of the deep sea

So you see, you're not afraid of representations of the deep sea, you're afraid of the sea.

>> No.12562843

jesus CHRIST anon keep writing!

this is fucking hot

>> No.12562878


Lol enjoy breathing. It's a privilege, not a right.

And every time you sleep, there's that gnawing little chance that you'll roll over idly onto your stomach and press your face into the pillow, suffocating yourself.

And your brain just doesn't get it. It just registers as a nightmare. You don't wake up because your mind can't realize you're smothering yourself.

Sweet dreams.

>> No.12563038

>this is fucking hot

I hope you don't mean that it's sexually arousing. Because it wasn't meant to be, lol.

If I was going for that sort of story, I'd have mentioned the faceless men. Those who step silently into your home and field-dress you starting from the rectum and sectioning you outward from their, but only after having first tenderly injected you with a large quantity of paralytics as you sleep so they can dismantle you in your own bed, saving the trouble of transporting the entire unit to a mercantile gran subterra first, only to have to bring the waste parts back out afterward. It's just more economical that way. In fact the global spread of their population is due, in large part, to the revolutionary changes made to these processing techniques, introduced in the early 1800's as prey were becoming ever more plentiful and processing speeds were unable to keep up.

It's truly a marvelous triumph of civilization that they've come so far in so short a time, but truthfully, they owe a great deal of thanks to the pervasive and never-dwindling supply of food and textiles our populace provides.

>> No.12563105



One of my worst fears is falling. Not just heights (which scare the living shit out of me, unless I'm inside a plane), but falling even small distances.

The worst is that I will be in bed, just getting ready for sleep, and then suddenly I feel like the bed is yanked out from under me. I flail for about a second before realizing that I'm not falling, that I'm safe in bed.


>> No.12563122

Yes it was ._.

Choking and tentacles are my major fetishes. It is hard to find a guy willing to do it, and even harder to find one that can do it without killing you accidentlly.

>> No.12563126

What's that pic from? (Assuming it's a girl in the pic.) Female orgasm denial may be the hottest thing ever invented.

>> No.12563136

why you do this
I shall retaliate in kind

>sea mccanded
hmm, it's called the McCanded
interesting name Captcha-tan

>> No.12563152


Not the anon that posted it, but same question.

>suffer wouder

Close enough, I'm freaking the hell out

>> No.12563154


It would simply involve crunching numbers to find the ideal choked flow area ratio (dohohoho choked flow). I think you can avoid death if you model the problem as a converging diverging nozzle and then use the minimum mass flow of air to stay conscious compared to the normal mass flow of air.

>recognized hazare

>> No.12563155

Its not ^^

>> No.12563165

>its not
Goddamn it! Why is male orgasm denial so much more popular?

>> No.12563175

Falling, you say?
Wind beneath your wings and all that?

That dream where you're falling while facing the blue, endless sheet, afraid to look down because then you'll know how long you have.
Thinking about everything you wish you'd done.
Afraid to see your imminent desolation underneath you.

>> No.12563180


because it applies to most guys? Iunno

>> No.12563187

inb4 naked self hanged man in batman outfit

>> No.12563192


Actually never had that dream. It's much less... blue.

The colour that make me panic is indigo... so kinda. Indigo rocks are intriguing, but enough sharp ones and I will freak.

>> No.12563198

I am irrationally scared of the dark.
I know there is nothing there. I know there never will be.


>> No.12563199


Is there anything SCIENCE cannot fix?

>> No.12563210

Dolls with those eyes that are supposed to open when they sit up and close when they lie down

>> No.12563212


It's possible that sometimes your bed really is gone from beneath you.

Which makes one think how strange it is that all matter is, on a most basic level, very much like a pile of marbles. And what if those bonds just weakened? Unhinged? What if everything just gave way like a cloud under your feet, letting you fall through, grasping at the wisps of disconnected matter as you plummet downward.

What if you're actually dreaming right now? A dream within a dream within a dream, your actual physical body falling out of the sky, soon to strike the unyielding earth like a fragile, bloody bullet, ground to nothing but a stain on the planet's surface as it spins at 1000 miles an hour. Of course, to be in such a situation, you'd have likely had a parachute to begin with.

You could pull the cord if you could wake up.

Wake up.



>> No.12563219


Because you can't masturbate whenever you feel like it. Society's pushing you down, man.

>> No.12563224


If there is, I have not found it yet.

>tiny pavestic

>> No.12563241

Don't be ridiculous

>> No.12563245

Bugs. Bugs, heights, and rabies. I've seen first hand the damage all three can do in certain situations, and I've had close calls with all three. Now the sight or thought of them nearly paralyzes me with terror. Which is odd, as I've had far more, and more dangerous, encounters with moving vehicles, and I am completely nonplussed by them. Go figure.

>> No.12563261

What is there that science cannot fix then? Or explain?

>> No.12563287


Man... That's surprisingly kinky lol. I can't see how, as a man, it'd be difficult to do that(correctly) for a woman, though. I'd have infinitely more trouble doing anything rough.

Can't help the gentle, generous, chivalrous attitude and, though I'd choke the girl if that's what she wanted, I'd have a hard time not being way too gentle.

>> No.12563289

Science cannot explain FUCKING MAGNETS

>> No.12563299

wow man, everyone check out this INTERNET TOUGH GUY

>> No.12563301


>> No.12563306


Fuckin' miracles, man.

>simpien 1912

>> No.12563350

Irrational fear? Bees. Never been stung, which is of course why I'm so scared. I've dislocated my knee, shrugged, and went on break to slam it against the freezer door until it clicked back into place, and I seize up and panic whenever a bee floats by. I'm always worried I'll find out I'm allergic and expire messily.

Rational fear? My body shutting down and leaving me, fully conscious but isolated, trapped in a cage of useless flesh unable to speak, scream, or do anything but think myself into madness as I wither and die.

>> No.12563354


Also, I'm going to be late on the draw and act like a bit of a creep now, because I have to say, I'd be glad to choke you if you lived anywhere near NJ lol.

>> No.12563364

Could be Internet tough guy. Could be truth.

I know I didn't feel fear for a very long time, being a sheltered kid growing up.

Eventually I entered the stage of my life where I was able to do things on my own, with no one helping me, and I realized I was afraid of Darkness. Not just "the dark" but Darkness, for more psychological reason than I know or care to list, I am just absurdly terrified whenever it is REALLY dark, like on that stretch of road we all know, where the local gov't hasn't put up street lamps and the only thing lighting the road in front of you is those dim, dim lights on the front of your vehicle.

>> No.12563401


Lol you'd love it in semi-rural northern NJ.

The streets around me are lit dimly, if at all, and there are huge expanses of trees and brush on either side of the road that could hide any number of things both keen of tooth and great of hunger.

>> No.12563407

I'm a lifelong agoraphobe. I freeze up a little every time I have to leave my house. One summer in high school, I didn't leave my house for two straight months; I didn't even go out to check the mail. It's gotten more manageable as I've gotten older, thankfully, but I still feel that little twinge any time I have to go out without some clearly defined goal to focus on.

As far as inexplicable irrational fears... mirrors. I've always been scared shitless that I'll look into a mirror, and suddenly my reflection will do something *different* from me. I'm also scared of the ocean, but that's entirely rational; entering the water is entering the food chain, and I'm not interested in giving up my position at the top of it.

>> No.12563446


Ah, North Jersey...my personal killing fields.

>gebring praccous

>> No.12563518

>I've always been scared shitless that I'll look into a mirror, and suddenly my reflection will do something *different* from me.

Lmao, don't worry about it. The Envy only move when you have your back to a mirror, or any reflective surface for that matter. If you're looking, they can't strike, for fear of their reflection in your pupils.

Some of the longer-lived, however, have been known to leap from the reflection of their target in the eyes of those who look upon him. These greater Envy tend to cause their current host to stare at their desired target, ensuring a constant link and platform from which to strike. A good sign is when someone in a crowd looks at you, particularly if multiple different people all make direct or nearly direct eye contact with you as you look around, which signifies the Envy leaping from host to host until you turn your back on it for a second too long.

>> No.12563609 [DELETED] 

I chased two guys my age messing with our house off our property with a knife a year ago barefoot in december and i still cant feel my right pinky toe almost a year later. It bugs the shit out of me because it just feels like its dead. You could hit it with a hammer and i wouldnt feel anything. I can still move it though. not really entirely relevent to anything, but i wasnt even out there that long, so yes, the cold can fuck you up pretty easily. Nerve damage i guess.

Anyways, fucking fears, I have a few.

a few years ago when I was 17 I was pretty sure my mom was going to kill me in my sleep with a knife. My family life has always been pretty crazy, needless to say i had trouble getting to bed.

Also for a few months I spent every night or so wondering if i was actually conscience or not, because i was pretty sure I was in a coma due to some crazy drug experience i had. (i thought i died) It was very intense, and the worst part was i was questioning everything around me as if it was really happening or if it was just me imagining everything within my head. I told my gf about it but she just said not to worry etc etc, that made it even worse because i wasnt sure if i was even talking to the real her or not, and started questioning everything people told me in my head. To this day Im still not sure whether or not anything around me is actually real. When i dream i feel pain, so i dont see why you cant feel it in a coma either. Its one of those things you can't disprove, and have to rely on your faith about i guess.

Also, Ive always been afraid of needles and veins like a motherfucker. I got my blood tested a while back and was shaking and muttering fuck etc etc and couldnt sit still. I told them I wanted to stop and they said no and i almost attacked the nurses.

Tldr im fucked up. deal with it.

>> No.12563623

I chased two guys my age messing with our house off our property with a knife a year ago barefoot in december and i still cant feel my right pinky toe almost a year later. It bugs the shit out of me because it just feels like its dead. You could hit it with a hammer and i wouldnt feel anything. I can still move it though. not really entirely relevent to anything, but i wasnt even out there that long, so yes, the cold can fuck you up pretty easily. Nerve damage i guess.

Anyways, fucking fears, I have a few.

a few years ago when I was 17 I was pretty sure my mom was going to kill me in my sleep with a knife. My family life has always been pretty crazy, needless to say i had trouble getting to bed.

Also for a few months I spent every night or so wondering if i was actually conscience or not, because i was pretty sure I was in a coma due to some crazy drug experience i had. (i thought i died) It was very intense, and the worst part was i was questioning everything around me as if it was really happening or if it was just me imagining everything within my head. I told my gf about it but she just said not to worry etc etc, that made it even worse because i wasnt sure if i was even talking to the real her or not, and started questioning everything people told me in my head. To this day Im still not sure whether or not anything around me is actually real. When i dream i feel pain, so i dont see why you cant feel it in a coma either. Its one of those things you can't disprove, and have to rely on your faith about i guess.

Also, Ive always been afraid of needles and veins like a motherfucker. I got my blood tested a while back and was shaking and muttering fuck etc etc and couldnt sit still. I told them I wanted to stop and they said no and i almost attacked the nurses.

Tldr im fucked up. deal with it.

>> No.12563633

Height. I'm afraid of height so much that faint from being in really high place.

>> No.12563653

Can't believe I forgot to post this.

Horror RPG setting of mine, centered around lots of psychological and surreal terror, as well as drowning/helplessness phobia.

>> No.12563675


I'm also an idiot.

Here's the link: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/12157499/

>> No.12563726

I would seek help. Failing to manifest one of the basic emotions could indicate something wrong with you, and it would be better to find out now rather than later.

Or if you're not a sociopath or a liar, you could just be very dull. Some people are simply too unimaginative to be afraid.

>> No.12563776

Crabs. Not a full blown phobia or anything, just a residual childhood peculiarity which so far hasn't really gotten the chance to die (only crabs you can find around here being those lying on a bed of crushed ice), so I won't react if my character has to deal with a horde of 'em, or a giant one (except possibly "WTF?" depending on the exact scenario), but, yeah.

>> No.12563788

...God damn it /tg/.

We have a perfectly wholesome thread about our fucked up phobias, I, being the gentleman I am, writefag to exploit some of those personal fears, and we end up attracting some ca/tg/irl with an incredibly... intriguing choke/tentacle fetish.

Now I'll be distracted/"intrigued" for days...

>> No.12563809


>> No.12563811

>>12562771 you remind me of me in 10th grade. I was out at night at 4 am and a car pulled up and a guy told me to give him my ipod and i said no, and his friends got out of the car and beat the shit out of me. haha. thats life. cheers.

crabs are cute bro. So are bees. I dont get why people are afraid of either of them. I remember as a kid holding bees and theyd be bros and just walk around on me for like 5 minutes and chill before flying away. (you just cant be to rough or they will get scared and sting you, which has happened a few times, just dont stare at the stinger like i did the first time, pull that shit out asap before it pumps all the venom in you.) yes it is a weak venom that causes the pain, the actual stinger itself dosnt hurt.

>> No.12563831

You can say "hot and horny" you know, I am a grown woman after all...

>> No.12563864


>> No.12563883

Hmm, so /tg/ is scared of water, metal and bees... Bioshock, than? Scary game, eh?

I have a fear of darkness - that's pretty rational and mundane, yeah. In the dark, alone and in an unfamiliar place. Just kill me. Another rational one - decapitated heads, especially if still alive. Do not cook fish when I'm around.
And than there's the weird, irrational ones I've got since childhood. I'm afraid of butterflies. Spiders, bees, bugs - I'm fine with them, more squeamish than scared. And flowers. I'm scared of flowers. Not all flowers, though, some are fine - but keep the lilies and tulips as far away from me as possible. No, I won't smell them. And doorbells - especially those old mechanical ones that just hammer a bell.
Funny thing is, I can pinpoint the events that caused me to get them.
Needless to say, I am not a very happy person.

>> No.12563900


I'd assumed so, but I'm one of those dreadfully old-fashioned gentlemanly types who finds anything even faintly ribald to be in bad taste when speaking to, or in the presence of, a lady.

But yes, that was exactly what I meant.

And actually, although I never thought about it before, the whole choking thing would be incredibly hot.

Then again, I just have a fetish for the idea of satisfying my partner's fetish, so it'd probably my mind messing with me.

Damn, there's something wrong with me, lol.

>> No.12563919


No mention of Holes?

Holes so deep you can't see the bottom. A hole in a seemingly normal place? Holes speckling and spreading across your body...

>> No.12563939

I've gotten better about bugs, but that was always the big one for me.

Not any bugs actually, just flying ones with stingers or bitey bits. Centipedes, spiders, etc. will make me jump, but a dirt dauber would make me clear the room before I realize it's not a wasp.

Now they only get me if I'm indoors, and then only abut 1/4 of the time.

>> No.12563940


I feel the sudden compulsion to pluck those things out with tweezers.

>> No.12563944


Lotus seed pods.

The artist used patches that were much too large and so it looks blatantly cartoonish because the flat sheets don't conform to the curvature of the girl's limbs.

Also, hagfish mouths, IIRC, are really good to use for those sorts of pics.

>> No.12563953

I'm trying to remember what flower those bugs and holes comes from. Do you know?

>> No.12563961

You are a psychic anon, answering my question before it was asked. Seemingly from nowhere.

>> No.12563963


that is an entirely rational fear and oh dear god I hate you kill it with fire kill it with fire!

That imagery produces fear on a level under consciousness it is wrongsickevil

>> No.12563967


Hagfish are made of nightmares. Take it from a biofag.

>> No.12564006

The fuck you say?

>> No.12564011

don't think that I'm a particularly unimaginative person, I just get so damn curious and intrigued at what I'm imagining... >>12562736 just makes me want to go find something like that... what it would feel like to have my skin flaked off. The part not being able to breath is a little annoying though, I know how that's like and I don't really like the feeling.

might be a sociopath... though I don't have any problems feeling other base emotions and I am quite empathic (though not very sympathetic)

>> No.12564028

Just what do you think the infinite psychological sea is, if not a hole that drowns out light, and sound... one you can only fall into slowly, infinitely slowly... and there are no sides to hang onto or even tear your palms on.

>> No.12564039

Falling off a cliff onto spikes.

>> No.12564048

No, I'm the same. I get off on other people's arousal as well as my own, capitulation to our bodies' base demands... I'd better stop. Getting off topic.

>> No.12564049


You heard me. Those fucking beasts can turn half a tank to slime in an hour.

>> No.12564050


>> No.12564061

Like I said, you might have something of a problem on your hands, although it might be hard to explain why it's a problem to someone for whom such a basic thing is a mystery. Maybe you're just sheltered, who knows.

Empathy but not sympathy just makes a more insidious sociopath, if you ask me.

>> No.12564065

I have been to every shock site and the most they have gotten from me is a OH DAMN! response.
That shit shacks me to my core and no matter how many times I see it makes my skin crawl.

>> No.12564079

I nearly threw up the first time I saw that shit. I could tell it was shopped too, is the worst part.

>> No.12564093


seriously? I never had any problem with lotus seed pods, and I never really got why people get so creeped out by it since it's so obviously fake.

>> No.12564099


>folllece otherwife
You hitting on me, Captcha?

>> No.12564100


Okay, fuck what I said about bees. THESE are the most unsettling thing I've ever seen, shopped or not. God damn, that's disturbing. I think I should go to be now.

But I'm afraid of what dreams may come...

>> No.12564101

I know doesn't matter it just its just.....
I've been to nothing toxic and watched people get there heads chopped off and not been phased.
The fact that these simple shoops fuck with me is just not right.

>> No.12564110

So the one with the holes in the fingertips is fake? Thank christ.

>> No.12564113

My main reason I'm not bothered by them too. I'd prefer if they had more actual signs of damage, like infection, swells, and discoloration.

As it is they seem more like they were made for a fetish.

And now is the moment I realize I've been to /d/ one time too many.

>> No.12564116

Sorry bro... That's the only one that's real.

>> No.12564119


There are few welcome digressions from the subject of a thread.

This discussion is assuredly one of them.

On that note, though, I must say I'm glad to know I'm not so much a peculiarity.

>> No.12564126

Irrational fears?

I react with visceral horror when confronted with foam.

It hurts to touch it.

>> No.12564134

Fucking holes. Now I'm all itchy and I can't stop digging atmyskinFUCKGODDAMNITGETTHEMOUTFUCKFUCKFUCK

>> No.12564135


>> No.12564142

How did this whole pod thing get started?
Do these insect actually lay eggs in the skin or something?

>> No.12564163

Those aren't bugs. They're seeds that just happen to look like worms.

>> No.12564164

Yeah, angry meatcrawling lotus comes at night and plant it's seeds in all hands it can find.

>> No.12564165

Sex must suck for you. My condolences.

>> No.12564174

Oh ok.
I tip my hat to the shock master who thougtht of putting them on people with some good old shoop.

>> No.12564183

Hospitals. Especially bedridden people with waxen skin and emaciated bodies, tubes everywhere, beeping monitors and other contraptions, those horrible, horrible steel framed beds ... it's the worst kind of body horror to me. It feels so unnatural, all the wasted dreams and hopes are almost tangible to me.

>> No.12564184


I refer to more solid things such as memory foam and the like.

Your concern is still appreciated

>> No.12564205

Can't you just imagine squeezing her and seeing all those things slide out, plopping to the ground and leaving trails of pale pink ooze on what little untainted skin is left?

>> No.12564206

Being caught in a time loop. Like you do something that sends you back to the past, and then you try to prevent getting sent back in the future, but it keeps happening.

or being lost in time and space. as such, Lovecraft freaks me the FUCK out.

>> No.12564212


Alright, well... At this point, I have to say I'm well and thoroughly snared.

Do you have Skype or AIM? I'd like to just talk sometime, but obviously 4chan is privacy anathema.

>> No.12564218

No more pics plz

>> No.12564219


>>12564134 here
I'm still itchy, but my breathing has returned to normal and I'm no longer whimpering, hugging myself, and rocking back and forth. Thank you.

>> No.12564224

He unsettles most of us, my friend.

Insanity has to be my top one. The fear that I am no longer actually aware of the real world.

>> No.12564237


>Hollears sufferings

>> No.12564239

Insanity bother me more in that I'm not actually me anymore. An insanity that just disconnects me from reality just makes me feel sad for those I leave behind. People who want to talk to or be with me, but can't really do so anymore.

>> No.12564240

I was playing Arkham Horror with my friend and we drew Azathoth as our Ancient one.

My reaction was "NOPE" and I ran out of the room.

FUCK AZATHOTH. That is scary as motherfuck. We have to prevent the universe from waking up or it devours everything? NO.

>> No.12564241

Why are you trying to troll me? A surprising large amount of people trying to hookup on 4chan are trolls, and I've been burned giving out information before.

Just make an anonymous, no-login chatroom and post the link without the trip. That way no you can deny it is you, I can deny it is me, and no one can pin anything on us. The downside is either of us could be someone other than we claim or just trolling. But that's true anyways on an anonymous image board.

Seriously though, post the link and I'll be there. Troll me if you want even, I don't care. Most guys on the chans are terrible at this kind of thing anyway, even when they're being serious.

>> No.12564243

Closed Timelike Curves. What current theoretical phyisics suggest are the only way time travel may be possible, and if they do exist are probably very common.

>> No.12564249


Azathoth is easy-tier. Yog-Sothoth or Hastur, now, those guys get tough.

>> No.12564254

Actually our first game was against Hastur. the Terror level was 1 as we passed every Luck check. It took us only 2 turns to kill him. He had Sword of Glory and some buffs, and I had two Shriveling and buffs.

It was like 20 dice. Every turn.

>> No.12564258

Never really had a need to make an anonymous chatroom before. What do you suggest I use?

>> No.12564272




>> No.12564288

much to lazy to do irc with my current setup (i'll explain later). try something I can past into a browser or something.

>> No.12564313

Anything created by Junji Ito.
Especially the constriction thing, this hole was made for me and crawling into the ever narrowing spiral.

Lovecrafts wierd corners and angles too.

>> No.12564324

not me


Also yeah, never done irc before, don't know how to do it, gonna take too long for me to go find a faq lol.

Figures, right when it counts, one of the few techy pursuits i've neglected comes back to haunt me.

>> No.12564332

you lovebirds could try mibbet, I hear it's pretty simple to set up.

>> No.12564336

I'll just leave this here

>> No.12564367




>> No.12564383


It's me: Got it working by luck, I think.

>> No.12564392

Hint. It's not me, and not him either.

>> No.12564415

Lord... Shouldn't have dropped the trip.

That is me. If you can't use that, then i put up one on that mibbit site, under channel Sdfsdfsdf

>> No.12564419

I wonder if I should post the rest...

Also I think you're getting trolled anon. I was the one with a choking fetish. I just live nowhere near NJ, haha.

>> No.12564437



Man, this is why i endorse tripping. Prevents that crap from happening lol. Heck, I can't even tell if you're really the original.

It's 4:13am...

>> No.12564447

really sorry. it's late for me too, and I don't know how to use that site...

>> No.12564456

The deep abyss.

>> No.12564464


fuck you all I'm going to bed. fucking fuckers

>> No.12564470


No worries. Tell ya what. I post here all the time. Hit me up sometime tomorrow.

Long way for a troll to go just to get my throwaway Skype username, so we'll just pick this up then without the worry.

If real, fantastic. If nothing but trolls, not like I was going to be doing much with my time, anyway.

>> No.12564479

I finally figured it out... but I'm the only one there?

>> No.12564486

Being in open water. Not on a ship, but in the water. Scary as hell.

>> No.12564489

I know what being touched by a spider or spider web while walking downstairs in the dark. The light wakes up the dogs and sometimes they bark, waking up neighbors and so on. So I am forced to walk down in the dark.

I touch the siderail, I feel something I skittishly pull my hand away. I feel something touch my neck from behind while I'm walking down, I wince. I listen to the stairs creek as I walk down, there's that one step I can't find while the light is on. It creeks down, and then a moment later it creeks back up long after I've taken my foot off it. I can never find it in the light! Then there's getting downstairs. Where the blinking dots of light from the DSL tower, which I know blinks sometimes. There's the lights from the VCR, the three printers, the toner copier and monitor that's sometimes left on. Those aren't supposed to blink, I'm not sure why or how but they do sometimes. It makes me feel like someone walked in front of them. Once I found that bugs were attracted to them so I see one or two partially blinking, sorta. I can't explain it properly, I am near sighted a bit. To get to the light I can turn on I have to walk 5 long steps. There's a mirror and a bathroom right in front of me every time I turn it on, and the door is wide open. Because y'know, we got dogs that like toilet water. (Yeah yeah I know)

So I get to look at this 7 foot by 4 foot mirror at a distance. Now remember, I'm somewhat nearsighted. What spooked me, in the dark is that the silent and sneaky pharaoh hound is very silent. She likes to follow me. And she can look very scary looking over my shoulder, on the steps when the light is just turned on and I'm already spooked.

I fucking hate having to go downstairs to go to the bathroom. Because I hate waking the dogs upstairs, and they like to bark once woken up by any noises out of a dead sleep. So I'm forced to do this every night.

Which reminds me....

>> No.12564500

Shit with hallowed out eyes gives me the willies.

>> No.12564501

fearless probably-sociopath here
I would just LOVE to go scuba diving there!
just imagine the freaky shit that's down there...

>> No.12564503

My pharaoh hound.

>> No.12564506

Why go ahead.

>> No.12564513

My grandma has a tiny music box (about 1x1 inches) with a clown on each side. It's hand cranked, and plays "It's a small world after all". Never bothered me though.

Her witch figurine for her gnome collection on the other hand: that had to go in another fucking room when I slept over. If I fell asleep while it was in the room I thought it would kill me. Those happy, blank, eyes. Why must they look at me?!

>> No.12564522

No doubt it would be interesting. Damn it nature, why you gotta be so scary?

>> No.12564526


>> No.12564532

that thing is AWESOME!
I wonder if I could get a hold on a an aquarium big enough to keep one...

notice how the skin gets pulled out over the eyes?
reminds me of that sort of thing in ghost films when the gaping maw shoots out from the wall and shrieks at you...

>> No.12564536


I'm in the mibbit thing and the
other IRC. both are empty?

Anyways, like i said, going to bed. Catch me tomorrow(later today? its 4am). I always namefag, so no worries.

>> No.12564538

Probably my biggest fear would be of the unknown and unexplainable. As primal as the fear is, I can't stand not being able to pin-point where a sound is coming from or not be able to make out make out something that I see out of the corner of my eye. Being surrounded by darkness in an unfamiliar area is nightmarish.

>> No.12564540

Yeah yeah.

>> No.12564545 [DELETED] 


>> No.12564547

It's a rare goblin shark.

You heard me, it's called a Goblin Shark.

>> No.12564554

I'm not completely sure, but I think that shark lives in deep water. If you tried to take it to the surface, it would die due to lack of pressure. Or something like that.

>fellows armisete

>> No.12564566


>> No.12564573

The unexplainable terrifies me. Also, shit like these freak me the fuck out.

>> No.12564591

it's a lot small than I thought it would be from the .gif
soo damn cute
Guess I'll have to become a marine biologist
or develop some kind of underwater domicile

>> No.12564594

>> No.12565265

The ocean, but I think we've gone over that enough.

Bees and hornets and wasps, though I'm getting better on that front. Now I just freeze up and wait for them to leave instead of flailing around like a spastic.

The dark, often. If it's late at night when I'm done on the internet I have to cross a short space in the dark to get to bed. Past the stairs. Sometimes I have to put on all the lights just to do it. Something about that dark void full of potential horrors terrifies me.

And this is a fairly new one for me. The fear that I can't trust my senses or memory. I'm sure I keep seeing flashes of light, either when I'm driving or just out walking. No-one else sees them. And recently, I thought I got home from a late-night gaming session at 4 in the morning and went straight to bed. My mum and sister insist that my car wasn't there when they left at 8, but it was there at 9. So either they're both wrong, which is unlikely, or I've got a five-hour blank in my memory. Not only that, but I definitely remember getting home when it was still dark and my mum's car was still there.

And if I can't trust my mind, who can I trust?

>> No.12565270

zombies plain and simple

>> No.12565305

The future.

>> No.12565669

funny you say that, since i just fear a lack of change

>> No.12565720


>Implying things could not get any worse

>> No.12565820


Share and enjoy!

>> No.12566244

This thread went from terrifying to fucking sad. Trying(incredibly poorly) to hit on a femanon just because she mentioned her fetish? Really?

I knew Cu Airwhatever was a shitposter, but christ. This is why girls steer clear of /tg/-related stuff.

Also, bump for moar fears.

>> No.12566263

Being trapped and dying slowly of dehydration or something else. Darkness. Little girls with long hair (ring/grudge style), mirrors (in darkness and when I stare too long into a mirror) and deep water.

>> No.12566265

I'm not really -irrationally- afraid of anything.

I don't like being outside in the pitch darkness, but I'm not really -afraid- of it. It just's really uncomfortable.

I do startle pretty easily, but that's because I'm usually very careful to be aware of my surroundings. If something sneaks up on me, it does kind of get a rise out of me.

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