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Down by the Reeds.
Down by the Reeds.
Swim the sirens of Oakvale.
Out to the Seas.

Down by the Reeds.
Down by the Reeds.
Float the souls left unbroken by White Balverines.

Down by the Reeds.
Night-Blooming weeds embrace those who go dancing, in sad moonlit dreams.

Down by the Reeds.
A twisted Path Leads.
To Banshee's who breathe Out.
A cold winter breeze.

Nobody Knows.
Nobody Sees.
The sirens Of Oakvale.
Down by the Reeds.

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>Ophidium comeleu

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Normally, I would be quite enraged by this, but because the release is just a few days away, I'll let this slide. That being said, gtfo OP.
>ownessed ask

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