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character inspiration thread GO

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sometimes when i see these pictures i can imagine myself as the person...

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hey OP

is that Brahms from Valkyrie Profile?

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dat short spear

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Not OP, but I always assumed it was Heracles as an Archer instead of Berserker.

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couldn't tell you if i knew man sorry

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Holy shit, THAT's what the Headsman looks like? Fuck, Brunner is more hardcore than I thought.

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Captcha was bornum ciddrion seemed like a fitting name

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a few adventures later

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I like the action in this one

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dapper anthromorphic gentlemen campaign

>captcha dramatic sticen

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The king looks so awesome

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Anyone post some female images that'd maybe fit a female Inquisitor? I'm throwing around ideas for a DH game.

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>captcha haullat poets

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Sure, if you can tell me what the fuck an Inquisitor is.

I don't know shit about 40K.

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>I don't know shit about 40K.

Let me give you some advice then, having once stood in your shoes. DO NOT PLAY DARK HERESY.

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This has inspired my next villain, actually.

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>anime heroes stand around while actual professionals stare disapprovingly

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I found this on /tg/, but I don't know its context.

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>Koros sinewy
Thanks Captcha, Koros will do fine as a character name.

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That would be Chaptor. Primarily a /co/ creation, done by the guy/girl/entity that did the Doomzula comics.

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captcha: cestan justice

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Ah, thanks.

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This BETTER inspire a bard.

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wild-eyed and tight fisted, I'm fused to the bone

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I see your 4 heroes and raise you 8 of them.

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awwwwww yeah

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I'm curious as to what that may be in her left hand. Anyone know if this is from something?

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Spear gun?
That's my best guess.

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What you're describing is called a harpoon.

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Shit, nevermind. I just looked up the pixiv ID, the author must've deleted it off of his account. Probably a Pixiv Fantasia thing or something.

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Looks like a spear gun.

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This looks exactly like a meth addict I know.

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Its always great to make a character with a mystery involved that involves weather to trust him or not. I once had a monk who had his mouth Sewn Shut as part of his trials, and nobody in the group trusted him because he constantly did semi-evil shit that was actually really good shit, but could never explain "I did it because of blank" so everyone thought he was an evil-ass backstabbing prick. When one of the rouges finally got why I did one thing, he realized "Holy shit, this guy isn't evil, hes actually really good, but can't justify why he does shit because of his oath of silence"

Really generic, I know, but its shit like that that really makes a PnP campaign involving.

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This song inspired one of my greatest characters to date. Eberron.


His name was Iron Kurtain, and he was one of the first of his kind to come off of the industrious line of the glorious creation forges! But as his people became greater and greater, they realized that they were nothing more than tools, gears in a great machine they had no say in. The Great War was over, but still his people were treated like machines. They were people! Free to think, feel, and make their own decisions. He would not stand for this. Lifting his adamantine shields, made from his own breast and forged by his own hands, he would be the stalwart shield of the great Forged.

Oh, man, the stories. I could go on, if /tg/ likes.

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gotta say, I love that one on the left.

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This is pretty cool.

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There is a series of these dragonborn that floats around, and this reminded me of a platinum dragon with a cigar in his hand. I can't seem to find it.

Anyways, this one. I made him Vorel Armstrong, a cosmic sorceror who believed in being as MAGNIFICENT as possible. A bit weeaboo, but the character was awesome to run with.

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Kieth Thompson is a master at concept art. I cant wait to find out what his secret movie project is.

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Harpoons are much larger than that thing

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If anyone has more of these, it would be awesome.

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Playing an archetype is always fun, and the one you mentioned is much less "generic" than the norm. I guess it's less what you play and more how you play it?

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Always a classic.

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Not usually one to post manga pages, but this one is pretty good for character concepts.

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dont you 404 on me baby

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>snizen managed,

What did he mange Capatcha!?

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sometimes, we move alone into darkness

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Is this from Warhams?

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That's Feraligator.

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Where is this from?

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Could be a Greatsword...

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Anyone have some sort of space-doctor? Prefer male and not to badass looking, but anything's fine.
In return, dumping a few portraits.

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yes he is

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Something like this?

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The guy on the right seems familiar

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