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Hey /tg/ I was just wondering if we ever got a readable scan of the new DE codex?

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Just wait bro

In a bit over a week you can buy that codex yourself

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I.. happened across.. a copy.. If I can get my damned scanner to work, I'd upload scans tonight.....

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only buy codices if you are taking the army to a tourny

paying 30 dollars to figure out how your opponent is beating you is absurd

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This was OP, sorry.

I'm planning on buying it, but if the rest of you fa/tg/uys would like to actually READ the fluff, I'll scan it. If there's already a copy sitting around here, I won't. :D

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I would LOVE to be able to read the rest of the fluff.

I was flicking through the store copy earlier and laughed my ass off at Rakarth trolling the fuck out of the Tau.

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As far as I know there's some shitty photos of the units pages, most of which is illegible but apart from that, there's nothing.

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OP here
I shall continue to bitch at my scanner until it works. Reinstalling the drivers may help a little, too. I'll be back. :>

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If you do decide to do that, please scan the fluff sections. That's mainly what we're missing, since we have some photos (not scans, but readable) of most of the rules.

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If you do this, 1000x Internets to you,sir.

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Some of the quality is meh on the sides.. But the copy is to be sold so I couldn't smash it down anymore.. ^^;

Let me know if you absolutely need another scan of a page.

> badongo dot com / file/24415335

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Anyone know if legit?

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Grabbing it now, will soon know

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It's legit, 18 pages of fluff, thanks OP.

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You sir, are a scholar and a saint.

Could you by chance copy the Talos and/or Cronos rules/fluff page?

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Heya, I'm having trouble finding the mentioned pictures of the rules. Can anyone direct me to them and/or scanon continue scanning?

p.s. thanks for the fluff. quite a good scan considering you didn't destroy the spine

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It's the shitty, but barely readable, pics

This is the first time I've ever up'ed to rapidshare. Does it work fellow anons?

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bah, just noticed it goes from wargear to Archon, skipping the Special Characters.

Can anyone confirm, does the Baron make Hellions scoring, or actual Troops?

>icabat gifts, indeed captcha

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He makes them Troops

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why thank you

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Hahaha thank you OP that was a great read. Basically the Dark Eldar are the galaxies greatest trolls. I'm pretty sure Vect spams craftworlds with 'u mad' constantly.

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Funny, the Talos has "Move through Cover" in its' special rules. Yet as a MC, it already has it.

And if it isn't an oversight and they just wanted to be clear, why not mention Relentless?

Silly GW

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can we get another upload of the fluff? links seem to be not working

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Who fucking knows anymore.
Hell, apparently a invul save of 6 is somehow hot shit right now, rather then the garbage we know it to be (fuck new combat shields). I wish Achrons just cost as much as Autarchs and got the 3+/4++ standard (shadowfield replacing whatever gives the 4++, obviously).
I've heard Djin blades are aparently wargear rather then weapons too. Though that could make sense, in that a Djin blade is simply any weapon with a soul trapped in it, rather then a specific kind of weapon, if I'm remembering the fluff right.

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how do you get to the link!?!?!
im probably asking a stupid question but i dont care

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Yeah, that's another weird thing. The djin blade is listes in the wargear section of the archon, i.e. separate from the weapons.

Yet, the rules for it say it is a power weapon.

So... they either we have a placement error and it should be up with the weapons.
Or... they meant it to just give 2 extra attacks that might bit back

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go to badongo.com

add in /file/24415335
to the end of the address

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I get that, I'm not seeing how to actually download it from that linked page though. All I see are a bunch of banner ads disguised as "DOWLOAD NOW!" buttons.

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Goto file page
Enter captch-esq code
It should then take you to a page with a countdown timer.
When that hits zero, use the download button that replaces the timer (or it might just ask for dl save spot)

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Thank you, you are a bro sir.

I half feel like I was retarded for not figuring that out, and half feel like just raging at whatever mildly retarded ape designed that site. I am torn.

But to Anon-who-scanned, billions and billions of internets to you.

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Nah, the damn site is just designed to make you click their ads that have an astonishing resemblance to DL buttons

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Like I said, it could be an upgrade of sorts, that also makes thing PWs if they weren't already (are venom blades PWs?)

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just 2+ poison

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aaaand I just finished my first DE army list. This makes me unreasonably happy.

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So yeah, as a weapon upgrade it'd make total sense, rather then being a completely different weapon.
Still probably get Errata/FAQ'd though.

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Pic related

also: fuck badongo for not working in my country

I just wanted to check if its the same pdf I have

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Anyone has artwork from the DE codex? I would love to know how Wracks and Grotesques are supposed to look like.

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None of the available scans have the talos/chronos page. Those would be very nice so we can see the rules for their upgrades.

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TL Liquifier
5, replaces ccw
TL Heat Lance
10, replaces splinter cannon
other options:
ichor injector, 5, replaces ccw (causes instant death)
chain-flails, 10, replaces ccw (roll 2d6 and take highest for attacks)
extra ccw, 15
stinger pod, 5, replaces splinter cannon (24" s5 ap5 assault 2 blast)
TL haywire blaster, 5, replaces splinter cannon (24" s4 ap4 assault 1, vs vehicles 2-5 glance 6 pen)

Comes with Spirit syphon (s4 ap3 template)
Spirit probe, 10
Spirit vortex, 20 (18" s3 ap3 assault 1 large blast)
If it kills anything with any of the above weapons, it or another squad within 12" gets a bonus pain token

This is all i currently know

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It's obviously intended to be a different weapon. If GW had wanted Archons to be able to get a power weapon that always wounds on a 2+, they would have called the agoniser Poisoned so that it could be affected by Lhamaeans in the Court unit. So no, not something you can use to turn other weapons into power weapons, too. It would be horribly broken.

I believe it is listed as wargear either as an error or, more likely, because they wanted to allow you to use the two extra attacks from the djin blade even after making base attacks with another weapon like an agoniser or poisoned blade.

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This seems to be right for the rules on Talos/Cronos

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aw damn, it's really hard to describe

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If the blade must be wielded then it is crap. It costs 20 points that is the same as agoniser and electrocorrosive whip! Why would I like to get a cheap-o version of daemon weapon when I can get something that circumvents the Eldar str 3 or halves enemy's strength on wound?

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It gives you two extra attacks. So you get your 5 or 6 agoniser attacks and then two Djinn blade attacks.

>> No.12542645

Read the entry here >>12542423
It is not clear if it does this automatically or just when you use it as a wielded weapon.
Malys has normal ccw (Steel Fan hell yes!) in addition to the Blade so she isn't left without weapon if her blade breaks down.

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>Asdrubal Vect.
>Armed with Obsidian Orb: 12" S10 AP3 assault 1 blast weapon that rolls against the target's Ld stat rather than their T. Any unsaved wounded caused heals Vect up to this starting number of wounds

The Fuck?

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OP could you mayhaps do the whole codex so we have a nice complete work? I wanted to bookmark and add it to my codice collection.

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It is just assault Plasma Cannon, there really ain't lots of stuff with ld 5 or worse so it doesn't gib much.

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OP, can you scan the Talos, Cronos and Raider pages? Thanks much for the scan of the fluff, it's amazing!

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I think it was clearly intended that the Djinn Blade be in addition to whatever other weapons the Archon has.

It's a floating posessed sword.

>> No.12542954

But it really doesn't say that.
The rule goes: 1. It is a power weapon, 2 Bearer (wielder?) makes 2 bonus attacks that must be rolled separately to check if the blade rebels.

If it was used separately it would probably tell that these extra attacks are calculated with the owners ws and str, and ignore armor. However the rule says exactly that Djinn Blade is a power weapon so it is just that, a Special Power Weapon.

>> No.12542984

But the Djinn blade doesn't replace his CCW weapon if he buys one.

Which means it's a piece of wargear, like a servo-arm rather than a weapon itself.

>> No.12542996

But servo arms aren't weapons. They are extra attacks with distinct profile. Djinn Blade is not.

>> No.12543008

This is correct. I'm not sure what retard juice the rest of you have been drinking. It says its a Power Weapon. Then goes on to describe what else it does _in_addition_ to just being a power weapon.

>> No.12543037


The djin blade is, by RAW, like a servo except that:

A) You can use it as a regular power weapon *too*, if you want, though you could also use a different weapon; and
B) It apparently uses the bearer's S and any special rules they might have, such as re-rolling wounds from combat drugs.

However, note, you can't combine the effects of different weapons, and you must choose which to use each round. That's a core rules thing. So the only part of the djin blade rules that confuse me are the question of whether, to use it, one must make all attacks with it, including the two bonus attacks, or whether instead you can make primary attacks with another weapon and then two bonus attacks with the djin blade in addition.

Of course, this won't ever come up for me, because I'd never buy, like, a djin blade *and* an agoniser. It's way too expensive and they have no synergy, no matter how it works. If I went with djin blade I'd just, well, have a fuckton of power weapon attacks and hope I rolled either +1S or re-roll wounds for drugs.

(Note with a djin blade, as it seems you can use a pistol with it, an archon can make up to 8 power weapon attacks on the charge, or 9 if he got +1 attack from drugs. That's a lot. It's not a bad weapon, really, and not *too* risky if you have a shadowfield to go with it.)

>> No.12543045

>t's not a bad weapon, really, and not *too* risky if you have a shadowfield to go with it.

I've seen Archaon kill himself with the Slayer of Kings too many times in Fantasy to be willing to take that risk.

>> No.12543047

Clone field should be able to mitigate the djinn blade as well.

>> No.12543056


>A) You can use it as a regular power weapon *too*, if you want

pretty sure that concept went out the window with 5th ed

>> No.12543063

>Each servo-arm grants the model extra close combat attack made separately at I1, str 8 and ignores armor.

Djinn Blade is a power weapon with special rules aka Special Power Weapon. Nowhere it says that you can use it's rules in any other fashion.

It is nothing like Servo Arm and everything like poor mans Daemon Weapon.

>> No.12543066


How is this confusing? It's a Power Weapon that gives you +2 attacks, you just have to roll them separately because they can backfire. That's it.

>> No.12543097

oh shit they are bringing back old minor xenos

>> No.12543101


It's not old unless its first appearance was in a John Blanche painting.

>> No.12543107

Because when you actually purchase the djin blade, it's in the upgrade section of the archon's gear, not weapons.

>> No.12543114

>Hurf Durf
So Liquifier and Hexrifle aren't weapons either? So if the Changeling uses his powers against Haemonculus with these the haemi won't have to shoot them because "They are not in the weapon section"?

>> No.12543138

Didn't even notice that. Thought the archon was a unique bug.

Ignore my whole argument. Djin blade is a special weapon

hmm, huskblade in one hand, djin blade in another. Agonizer mounted on dick?

>> No.12543141

>Agonizer mounted on dick?

>> No.12543149


Okay that IS weird as shit BUT the way it's written, It's still a weapon. The section doesn't say it's "Wargear" it just say "Take any of the Following."

THe one thing though is that it doesn't replace any of the other weapons. So you can take a Djin Blade, a Husk Blade and a Blast Pistol.

Also I think the special weapon abilities are accumulative so that means (With the Husk Blade/ Djin Blade) you could have +2 attacks (and an extra +1 for two CCW's because it does say it's a power weapon as well as having bonus attacks) that cause instant death but you have to roll two of them separately and if you fuck up, you can instant kill yourself.

>> No.12543160

This is what I imagined when you said that...

>> No.12543161

Only reason to take Djinn Blade is to take Blaster too. Blaster replaces both ccw and pistol as it is 2 handed but you can still have Djinn Blade in addition. Of course I have no idea why anyone would want to do this as Blast Pistol has whooping 12'' range.

>> No.12543163

Where has this picture been all my life?

>> No.12543172

Special weapons don't stack. In addition, having two special weapons means you don't get the bonus for having 2 CCW.

p.42 rule book

>> No.12543185

New question: grav talon and cluster caltrops. Used instead of Bladevanes, or in addition too?

>> No.12543219

Grav Talons actually should be usable in addition.
>Grav Talon can be used in same way as bladewanes

Caltrops are bit so so.
>Model with Caltrops inflicts nn hits with it's bladevanes.

Neither of them replaces bladevanes.

>> No.12543258

Can anyone post a link to another file hosting service with the badongo files, the link is not working, at least for me

>> No.12543269

Try this one.

>> No.12543329

>Blaster replaces both ccw and pistol as it is 2 handed
no it does not -your still thinking previous ed

the 2 handed weapons dont exist anymore in that sence that the amount of hands it requires does not have any representation in the rules

eg. chaos space marines have a bolter, bolt pistol and a ccw as standard gear

>> No.12543338

Cluster Caltrops is an upgrade that makes Bladevanes inflict d6 s6 hits (instead of d3 s4 hits?) the last part is not there but I think it is pretty clear.

Grav Talons can be used in same way as Bladevanes. They are in addition to Bladevanes and nothing seems to prevent the Reaver from using both. Also Bladevanes rule says that the "Reaver unit may slash it's foes with bladevanes" Grav Talons are not bladevanes so one should be able to choose a different target for each of them.

These will probably get FAQ'd.

>> No.12543364

Well my point still stands. You take Djinn Blade when you replace your splinter pistol with Blaster so you are left with ccw. Then you take Djinn Blade and get bonus from extra CCW. Of course this is incredibly stupid thing to do.

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Am I the only one who doesnt like the new incubi? I know the old models weare horrible but I dont think they had to give them those stupid horns to make them look evil. It seams the only reason for them having horns was to tie them up with the horned drazhar. Also where did their tormentors go and why if their armour is PA equivalent does it look EXACTLY like the warriors armour.

>> No.12543414

Their armour is a fair bit bulkier than the warriors'. Just sayin'.

>> No.12543463

I mostly look forward to high-scanned artworks from the DE codex.

Just the cover art is mind blowing!

>> No.12543468

not sure about that havent seen the models IRL but the Incubi models are presented alone while warriors are presented in pairs on GWs site which adds the scale diference. He's the main diferences between incubi and warrior armour.

>> No.12543490


Can't speak for everyone, but of those I know who are into the hobby everyone loves the new DE Models (except a few who don't like the new Mandrakes).

Personally, I think the new Incubi are fucking awesome. They look way more bad ass than the lame scorpion wannabe's who they were previously.

>> No.12543533

How can people not like the Mandrakes?!! They're probably my favourite minis in the whole range! Fucking demon samurai!

The only models that I don't really like are the Wyches. It might just be due to the person that built the studio army but they seem to be in very odd poses.
Oh and I forgot, I really don't like Urien Rarkarth.

Just read about the Salamanders invasion of Commorragh. I liked it, heavily inspired by Black Hawk Down. At least, that's how it seemed to me.

>> No.12543541

we have a whole complete codex yet? I wanna see the full extent of vect.....because the last pics i have are shitty and hard to read

>> No.12543543

I just realized that Sauron model could be converted into Archon with relative ease.

>> No.12543569

>How can people not like the Mandrakes?!! They're probably my favourite minis in the whole range! Fucking demon samurai!
>Fucking demon samurai!

You just answered your own question.

>> No.12543581

You're probably the kind of fucking retard cunt that whines when someone mentions demons and Dark Eldar.


Hell, there is fluff about Dark Eldar torturing demons, there's a comic about a Dark Eldar getting possessed by a demon, and the Dark Eldar simply responds with "Shut yer cunt, demon. I'm in charge here."

Dark Eldar use demons as tools, and they have always done that. Faggot. I bet you weren't even alive when we had the 3th edition starter kit.

>> No.12543586

Fluff scans are in this thread.

Timeline is pretty much made of trollfaces though.

DE capture 121st Cadian Elite and some how remove their heads and arms but leave them alive and them set them free in the streets of Commoragh.

Or Haemonculi Coven that steals Space Yiff recruits and make them into furry grotestques that look bit like Russ.

>> No.12543597

Above there is a link to a scan of the Dark Eldar background section, including Vect's rise to power.
That would be pretty big archon

>> No.12543609

I don't like the models.

I never said anything about the fluff.

I just think they look retarded.

Stop projecting your insecurities onto other people.

>> No.12543618

so someone who knows..... what all is vect packing to make him a 400? point monster?

>> No.12543629

Hurpeti Durpeti doo.
At least the book is a bit better written than the Eldar codex. It is quite amusing if a bit vague.

>> No.12543635

Pretty sure he's trolling. If he was around when 3rd Ed. came out then he must be over 20. If he's younger than 25 then he only just got in when 3rd Ed. came out and really can't talk. If he's older than 25 then you have to wonder why he's acting like a retarded 14 year old.

Btw I'm the guy that liked the demon samurai look. What is it that you don't like about them? Is it just that you don't think they fit in with the rest of the range?

>> No.12543636


He's 240 points without the Dais, which is all around AV13, transports 10 and has 3 Dark Lances.

Vect himself has 6 WS8 I8 attacks before charge, always wounds on 3+ and ignores armor saves, has preferred enemy: everything and against Eldar and Dark Eldar rerolls wounds too. He has Shadowfield, Ghostplate Armor and all that normal Archon gear too, and makes seize the initiative rolls succeed on 4+.

>> No.12543650

>thousands of headless and armless human bodies with Imperial Wagle tattoos are found roaming aimlessly along the arched streets of Commorragh's Vault District, moaning, staggering and bumping into each other before being put out of their misery by Hellion hunter-gangs.


>> No.12543673

Someone should make a Vect trollface... damn that guy is a GODDAMN KING TROLL!

>> No.12543714

You do not need head to moan.
And you will not need eyes to see... where we will be going to...

>> No.12543721

How do you put someone who has been decapitated out of their misery?

>> No.12543724

You'd be moaning too if somebody'd chopped off your arms and stuffed your head up yer arse

>> No.12543741


>Imperial Wagle

>> No.12543751

That is simply.
First, you restore their head back to its proper place.
Sceond, you chop it off.
If it doesn't work, you have messed up in the first step. Investigate further.

>> No.12543764

I know, everyone knows it's am Imperial Wquila.

>> No.12543765

Or you find the decapitated head and put a bullet between its eyes... although this really only solves half your problems.

>> No.12543776

rolled 5, 1, 2, 1 = 9

Not to bring up the stink, but does anyone else thing that they are being portrayed in a childish manner?

I mean, Vect is being set-up as this super Creed, when he should be set up as some Ultra-decadent bladed dildo weilden' super pimp.

>> No.12543778

I don’t like mandrakes mostly because there are only 3 models for them and the one with his hair on his eyes is extremely shitty. I don’t like their weapons (ok - the sickle one is cool) and hakamas suck- they would look better wearing their enemies skins as bodysuits like keith thompsons wendigo (see pic), or simply as loincloths. Also: Female mandrakes would be appreciated.

>> No.12543789


Yeah, DE codex tells what the ancestors of DE did pre-Fall, which is now also confirmed to have happened c.M31 so "just before the Great Crusade" is correct.

Commoragh's suns, originally actual stars, were stolen from realspace during the DAoT, in M18-M20.

>> No.12543821

Not at all. They're just hedonists. Evil, fucked up psychopathic hedonists. They do shit for the lulz on a galactic scale. Them flying in to save a craftworld because of their extreme amusement over them having to dip into necromancy is hilarious. Easily my favourite codex for fluff now. They have converted me to the lulz side of the force.

>> No.12543829

>Qu is ready for Vect's attack, but not for the treason of his own daughter, who reveals herself as one of Vect's many courtesans. Civil war rages for weeks but ultimately the realm of Pandaimon is delivered into Vect's hands.

Haters gonna hate.

>> No.12543832

rolled 8, 5, 8, 6 = 27

Sweet deal man. I just feel that their fluff is full of the "Nanana boo boo, we're just too good for you" stuff.

>> No.12543861


Well, the super-pimp aspect is played up when you find out that he's been boning one of his rival's daughters, and then uses that to bring him down in an orgy of horrific violence.

>> No.12543874

rolled 3, 6, 8, 9 = 26

That one was good. It goes on to mention fighting before and after, making it awesome.

The "Sword of Vect" one is the one that's got me all like. "Buh-wha?"

>> No.12543875

I don't get that vibe from them at all. Thats the Space Maaaarhrine thing where 3 of them turn back hive fleets while having breakfast.

They do come across as smarter than those they victimize, but thats because they are. They're fiendishly clever and not afraid to sacrifice those beneath them to achieve their goals. They fuck with people because they enjoy fucking with them, because they need to feed on the emotion and pain of others. They don't have lofty goals or ambitions, they'r enot trying to put the empire back together. They're just along for the ride. Though if in theory it is the Tyranids who eventually wipe out the galaxy it's likely they'll still be around at the end. Them and the Neocrons, happy days.

>> No.12543908

It takes only a few DE scientist to create a toxin that counteracts Ork's ability to reproduce.

>> No.12543925

I really like the new DE fluff.

"Bleh, where are the peaceful aliens in 40k? Did the stupid Imperium kill them all?"
"Nope. They were all abducted by Dark Eldar."

>> No.12543936

They have alwise seemed like the bully that ripped off the butterfly's wings to me

>> No.12543942 [DELETED] 

On that note, how do they pull that off? It's not like they have psykers to view the future.

>> No.12543947

rolled 9, 9, 4, 8 = 30

Creed stuff. Either it was planned on, as a contingency, or the DE were JUST THAT GOOD.

>> No.12543950

Dark Eldar probably have whole slave-choirs of psykers, prophets and divinators working on prophesies and scrying for them.

>> No.12543953

Psykers are banned in Commoragh, and that law is enforced by Vect, so don't think so.

>> No.12543960

The Baron was stripped of his title of Archon and banished from Commoragh for just bringing one Farseer in as a slave.

>> No.12543972

Woah holy shit

Dark Eldar are my favorite faction right now brb pre ordering everthing

>> No.12543996


>Dark Eldar Horribly maim themselves in the name of Fashion
>Haemonculi are praised and in high status for a year
>Trend dies and everyone is suspicious

Ha ha, what.

>> No.12544005

Dark Eldar: Putting the fun back in Warhammer 40k.

In the grim darkness of the far future there is only pranks that go way too far.

>> No.12544020

I like the one where they fuck the Space Wolves over by letting the Aspirants become Russ-like Wolven.


I particularly like this line:

>The Space Wolves still do not speak of this day.

>> No.12544030

>Planet Zogg-Dos

Dark Eldar codex confirmed for hilarious

>> No.12544065


No, disfigurement becomes fashionable, Haemonculi make a mint, it goes out of fashion, Haemonculi make a mint undoing the disfigurement, everyone is suspicious of everyone else for convincing them that disfigurement was "in".

>> No.12544431

I don't get why the DE are so great, or even worth their own book. They get one-sidedly ass raped by Space Marines, just like everything else short of Necrons, they aren't a threat the galaxy even if they wanted to be -- they are incredibly weak as a faction, even below the Tau who can at least take some Imperium worlds and hold them in the face of a serious Imperial military imperial campaign.

>> No.12544485

I don't get why the Space Marines are so great, or even worth their own book. They get one-sidedly ass raped by Tau, just like everything else short of Necrons, they aren't a threat the galaxy even if they wanted to be -- they are incredibly weak as a faction, even below the Orks who can at least WAAAGH and hold them in the face of a serious WAAAAGH STOMPIN N BEATIN

>> No.12544495


DE kidnapping an entire Hive world? This shit gets stupider with every codex.

>> No.12544500

To be fair they had 5 years in which to ensure that they got everyone.

>> No.12544504


stupider or more awesome?

someone needs to kick the SPESS MARINES in the balls a bit

>> No.12544520


Now they're a threat capable of doing that.

Numerous too. Commoragh is "to the largest of the Imperial Hives as a soaring mountain is to a mound of termites.

>> No.12544521

Wait wait wait

Are dark eldar the trolls of 40k?

so... /b/ = commarag? (or however you spell it?)

>> No.12544542


So now the DE rival the Orks and Imperium in numbers... Yeah, I stand by my original comment.

>> No.12544552


Orks = joke race, no one gives a shit.

Numerous DE are a threat to the Imperium, their lack of numbers is something that's been bitched about for years.

>> No.12544672

where is the download button?

>> No.12544711


bango is all sorts of fucked up and filled with popups redirects and adware

somjeone needs to reupload it all to rapidshare

>> No.12544715


your fat why don't you go be fat somewhere else fatty

>> No.12545047

Commoragh was Rapture in SPESS long before the Fall.

>> No.12545111

You mean Rapeture?

>> No.12545197

There's no mention of the Khan having a reign of terror in Commoragh. :(

>> No.12545377

Maybe he was captured and tortured to death for food and sport? That would also explain why Haemonculi wanted to make Leman Russ Grotesques.

>> No.12545402

The Salamander attack force hitting Commorragh through a webway gate "left mysteriously open with the guards dead at the controls" kind of suggests Craftworld Eldar complicity.

>> No.12545429

It was Vect all along. Vect also replaced the salvage grappler's supporting structures with explodium and "mistakenly" vaporized his rivaling archon with a dark lance.

>> No.12545430


Or since it opened directly above the palace of Archon Vect wanted to supplant, it could be an inside job.

>> No.12545439 [DELETED] 

>>The Salamander attack force hitting Commorragh through a webway gate "left mysteriously open with the guards dead at the controls" kind of suggests Craftworld Eldar complicity.

Are you mentally retarded? Seriously, this is some moronic shit here. It was VECT who killed the guards and left the gate open, the entire thing was his scheme from the start. He used the Salamanders' assault as cover for getting rid of his competition.

Vect is quite JUST AS PLANNED, I'd say.

>> No.12545448

Decapitator is mutilated and tortured Jaghatai Khan

>> No.12545461

Decapitator is trying to collect enough severed heads to finish a ritual which will drag all of Commoragh into the 'darkness' permanently.

That doesn't sound like something Jaghati would try and do.

>> No.12545468


Wait, so he serves the BBEG of Starcraft 2?

>> No.12545612

>Rapture in Space
Pic related.

>> No.12545654

Where the fuck is it stated that Vect masterminded some huge plot that would have to cover:

1. Knowing the Imperium would follow without having psychic support which was strictly forbidden.
2. Knowing exactly when the Imperium would arrive without even more powerful psychic support, which was strictly forbidden and beyond the capabilities of DEs anyway
3. Killing off some of the most critical security personnel in a race known for intelligence and paranoia without anyone being able to trace it back to him.
4. Managing the Imperial response so that it wasn't too small to be eradicated by Xelian's forces, but not too large that it would be a problem for the Kabals.
5. Sabotaging several large Xelian facilities to blow up in just the right circumstance...again, with psychic support that would be pushing the limit for a Farseer, and totally outside the capabilities of DE even if they weren't strictly forbidden from even trying it.

That's a huge list of things for him to do without having powerful Warp support in the company of paranoid and very ancient opponents that breath plots and counter-plots. It's not possible; what IS possible is that some Craftworld ranger force dropped the Salamanders a line and then took out the gate controllers and an opportune time -- that is the Craftworld MO up and down, left and right. The Salamander ship escaped via act of plot, as Space Marines usually enjoy act of plots.

>> No.12545689

It's fluff from the Dark Eldar codex. It's always going to try and make them seem as cool as possible.

Stop trying to ignore all the blatant ">implications" that GW put into the text.

>> No.12545702


It's utterly clear to anyone who reads the story that Vect planned it and is just that good. Nowhere is Craftworld Eldar influence referred to or even implied. It is your belief and only your belief that this plot wouldn't have been possible without the fortune-telling of Farseers.

>> No.12545762

He knew that Imperium would send a strong force if he ravaged the trade route enough.
He knew that the one higher in the Hierarchy would want to steal his spoils.
The Commoragh was led by overconfident and corrupted noble houses not competent opportunists back then and Vect knew this too.
He knew that Space Marines could send a signal without aid of their electronic devices.
After that it was just matter of controlling the Webway gates so that a manageable rescue force would enter and destroy his enemies.
Also back then Commoragh was much more splintered so the destruction of one hub completely wouldn't have mattered much to Vect anyways.

>> No.12545881

>3. Killing off some of the most critical security personnel in a race known for intelligence and paranoia without anyone being able to trace it back to him.
'Tracing back to him' is of no importance here. No one would want to "punish" him except for those who were his enemies anyway. What mattered were deaths of opposing leaders and diminishing of their military forces.

>> No.12545928

>5. Sabotaging several large Xelian facilities to blow up in just the right circumstance...again, with psychic support that would be pushing the limit for a Farseer, and totally outside the capabilities of DE even if they weren't strictly forbidden from even trying it.

Well if you read the codex there wasn't much central government before Vect took over. After that he exposed all portals linking hubs and made them visible and controlled by his own men (mostly Incubi who are the only trustworthy DE). Commoragh would have eventually fallen to some random summoners daemon invasion without Vect and his security measures.

>> No.12546286

So Vect planned this huge operation based on the POSSIBILITY that THIS Space Marine vessel has psychic means of communications? NO ONE on the other side thinks of this? For real?

In order for a plot to work, the plotter has to have some means of controlling variables. How could Vect possibly be able to predict the Slamanders would be able to escape in spite of huge odds, and do so by shooting Krak missiles at the salvage emitters simultaneously? That REQUIRES Farseer-level support. And then sabotaging several large enemy facilities to blow up just the right way? That stretches it too far IMO.

I definitely believe Vect was planning on luring in a big prize -- he go it. He probably counted on Xelian taking it, and probably planned on Xelian not being able to capture it himself. His plan at this point was to dispose of Xelian's spies by feeding piecemeal into the Space Marines, and when his house was cleaned out, do something audacious that would net him a huge gain in influence/fame/clout.

But engineering the Imperium response to such a degree? Not possible. Even Craftworld Eldar attempting something like that would probably not be possible without a huge effort. Now, I can definitely believe Vect was able to quickly capitalize on the opportunity and take out Xelian, and *MAYBE*, just *MAYBE* set something up spur of the moment to let the Salamander vessel get away. But that's it.

>> No.12546371


No, doesn't stretch the suspension of disbelief. Capturing a Strike Cruiser after ascertaining there's a Librarian is not beyond DE capability. Their technology is more advanced than Imperium's, so they can easily spy their normal comms and gather intel there.

The point is that it is plausible 40k fluff, nowhere is Craftworlder influence implied or needed, and the worthless farseers would have just screwed up anyway ending the story with another dead Avatar. Vect is just this good.

>> No.12546421

Remember that the situation didn't have to go exactly like that for Vect to win.
For him it would have been all the same if the Marines would have flattened the whole webway hub, his powerbase was obviously else where and he could just have the area sealed afterwards.
Also the marines didn't have to escape, the main reason for the ploy was to create power vacuum he just needed some destruction. The humiliating escape of SM was just added bonus.

>> No.12546819

hundreds of craftworlds, a few dozen of them have fallen in various ways.

lets say hundreds means 300, that would mean the eldar are probably 100 times more powerful than the tau in terms of numbers, and considering a craft world can be more populated than a hiveworld, and that not even the most populous tau world is on par with a craft world.

the tau are fucked. why are they even a faction again?

>> No.12546846

>hundreds of craftworlds
Read the next entry

"Most of which were destroyed in the fall"

There are only a few dozen craftworlds left.

>> No.12546862

>hundreds of craftworlds, a few dozen of them have fallen in various ways.

Remember that the very next paragraph says most of these Craftworlds got destroyed by the Fall. There could be only dozens left now for all we know.

The Dark Eldar on the other hand are far more numerous than even Craftworlders suspect, pic related.

>> No.12546938

So Commoragh is now a Grimdark Sigil?

>> No.12547261

Like the DE, the Tau do not threaten the Impreium. Unlike the DE, however, the Tau have at least enough power to take a few Imperium worlds and hold them against serious Impreium military campaigns. The DEs considered 500 Space Marines with no armored support a "war".

Meanwhile, the Tau faced a Crusade and at least one smallish Imperium military campaign with naval, Assassinorum and Titan support, which the Tau defeated. The Tau have faced down WAAGHs and Hive Fleet Gorgon, both of these serious threats even by IoM standards. In other words, the things the Tau have faced and survived or overcome are in a different league than what the DEs have overcome. The DEs are still alive period because they get the Eldar access to webways and they wisely avoid agitating the major powers and things that will fuck their shit up. The Tau are out there trying to take over Imperium worlds -- no DE leader would do something so foolhardy. Just raiding too much merchant shipping is seen as idiocy.

If the Tau shouldn't be a faction, then there is no way at all to justify the Dark Eldar as a faction.

>> No.12547290


40k is a universe where far less than 500 space marines, armed with little more than plot armour, achieve far more than merely torching a few districts of Commorragh.

>> No.12547339


You realise that ALL Imperial ships have psykers on board?

It's the only way they can communicate;

a) During Warp Travel
b) Over the massive distances that the 40k Galaxy encompases

Astropaths are an essential part of any military fleet - assuming Vect hadn't been living in a cave for all the millenia he's been around he'd know this.

Face it, you're just mad that people have pointed out the bleeding obvious implications of the story and "umad" that you were wrong.

Take advantage of the Anonymous tag and slink away - you're clearly wrong.

>> No.12547374


Nice Try

>> No.12547408

The 500 space marines got forced out after a short battle in one of Commoragh's districts.

In the Space Marine codex, Captain Sicarius stopped and turned around a massive Tau expansion that would have doubled their Empire's size from the current hundred worlds with a force that even at its largest was just 1000 marines.

>> No.12547411


You underestimate the inteligence of Vect greatly,his sheer inteligence at least rivals that of a farseers powers of prediction. Also this plan was in the works for millenia

>> No.12547608

Fluff is awesome. /tg/ should have it's own Deldar Kabal?

I suggest the "Kabal of the Grinning Troll"

>> No.12547620


>> No.12547677

How about the Coven of Flapping Flesh?

>> No.12547690


>> No.12547822


No, commorragh is simply where almost the -entire- Dark Eldar population chills. If humans or orks all went to one single area, there'd still be -fucktons- more than there are dark eldar.

>> No.12548298

Okay, get it that the DE don't let psykers in, and that by itself will limit the spread of Chaos...but none at all? How the the fuck hasn't Commorragh fallen to Chaos infestations 500 times by now? They're not Tau, and they certainly aren't Craftworlders that suffer a brutal self-moderating regime to fight against Chaos influences. The poor/no psyker rule means no way to effectively fight back when something does come through. So how the fuck? Is GW trying to downplay/retcon the Warp and/or Chaos?

>> No.12548346


Dark Eldar psychic ability has athropied. Says so in the first fluff page. Chaos has also always been weaker in the webway, that's why the Black Library is there.

There was a story in the timeline about an Archon who wanted to take Commoragh over and spent centuries summoning a massive Daemon horde. Vect had his section cut off from Commoragh and rest of the Webway and he and his Kabal got eventually devoured by the Daemons.

And yeah, Chaos is also a saturday morning cartoon villain. There is only so much you can do to make stuff like Abaddon seem like a real threat.

>> No.12548369

I am no expert in 40k lore but, as I understand it, every Eldar is a psyker so how come the Dark Eldar shun psykers?

>> No.12549137

Because having a Psycher in Commoragh is like tying a steak around his neck and ringing the dinner bell for Deamons. Thus the DE don;t allow Psychers in and kill those that do enter before they cause trouble. Their Psychic powers have atrophied through a combination of lack of use and killing the powerful psychics weeding them out of the population.

>> No.12550713

OP here. Sorry, had to work and whatnot.
Yes, I'll post those tonight, in about an hour. When I finally get home.

To download, there's a Captcha on the right-hand side. It's tiny... But it's legit, and free, and simple.

>> No.12550878

Could you upload them to something other than badongo this time please? It doesn't let people in aus download it (Well, doesn't let me anyway)

Otherwise, my hero

>> No.12550917

Wait, nevermind. Third time's the charm it seems.

Nevertheless, I eagerly await your return

>> No.12551260

OP is back!
Here you go. This will be the last I upload, as there are full scans/photos floating around somewhere, I've been informed.

>> No.12551268

And here's the other page. Enjoy <3


>> No.12551322

Pretty sure there isn't a full scan in the same quality you have. Only one most have found so far is the iPhone cam shots which are illegible.

Be an internet hero, do the whole book! :(

>> No.12551328

The scans floating around are just the rules, not the fluff, and are missing both those pages, so thankyou very muchly ^_^

>> No.12551333

OP, final post.
Sorry, no. Maybe next book.


>> No.12551393

so I just started practice fights with my Daemons standing in for Dark Elfdar. Shit god damn, my First Captain almost got killed by a Klaivex. Six hits (due to Demiklaives and assuming DE are going to be the ones assaulting), six wounds, two failed Invulnerable saves.

Good thing the Cap'n has a Relic Blade.

>> No.12551467


An Archon got pwnd so hard, though. Even with a Huskblade.




>> No.12551487


>> No.12551530


>> No.12551539

Oh, holy crap, that IS adorable.

>> No.12551550


dat h.
dat capital T.
dat s.

>> No.12551585

So, I finally got around to playing DE in TakesForeverToLoadStorm, and now I want some of their new stuff to be in it.

the new Mandrake models would look so fucking awesome, since they already look kind of WoW-esque.

>> No.12551687


Well you never know.... maybe they'll be thrown into dawn of war 2 eh?

>> No.12551723

I've actually just started learning 40k, and I have to admit I've fallen in love with Witch Hunters and Dark Eldar. I think the Harlequins fluff did it for me. DE are kind of awesome and have so much lolitrollu it makes me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. I can't wait to play with them, or against them. Or paint them.

...Also Slaanesh demons, absolutely love them.. Slaanesh is badass. And lots of it.

>> No.12552923

pretty much, i like how dark eldar are numerous enough that you should be worried but not numerous enough that it'll happen any time soon. It seems like the dark eldar are actually pretty dastardly too. dropping the burning husk of a starship on ones political rival is pretty much exactly what the angry marines did too

>> No.12553043

Chronos will be maddeningly annoying against horde armies when it pops out of portal and decimates 30 boyz mob.

>> No.12553310

Quick question, do we know if Urien Rakarth counts as a Haemonculus (or Haemonculus Ancient) for the purpose of taking 2 other Haemonculi as part of your HQ?

>> No.12553316

He is solo. Treat him as mini archon like the other special characters.

>> No.12554986


Template, Strength 4 AP 3


>> No.12555537

The thing I always find so immersion breaking about Warhammer fluff is the constant unit name dropping. ugh.

>> No.12555659

Is the torturer's tale still canon?

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