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Angry marines are fucking badasses.

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Honey Badger is a mean mother sir!

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They aren't much else, but there's a place for that.

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Oh Macha, will you ever get a dicking?

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If being a badass amounts to screaming FUCK YOU all the time, then yes.

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fixed your op pic

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You do know why Angry Marines got that way, right?

Here, let me tell you the story.

The Fury of the Emperor chapter of the Space Marines originally was actually a very quiet, contemplative and thoughtful bunch (for Marines, which meant they actually thought before shooting once in a while), famed for of all things, their voices. In battle, the Furies would sing hymns of battle and praise to the Emperor, a sound compared to a choir of angelic lions roaring in a primal, pure harmony.

Then came Horus, and the chapter was sundered. Many of the Furies were corrupted by the Changer of Ways and the traitor's honeyed words, and went from Furies to literal furries. The loyal portion of the chapter reacted to this corruption by altering their geneseed in such a way that any Marine from the chapter even so much as contemplating the Ruinous Powers or other enemies of the God-Emperor would only generate a stream of profanity. Being Space Marines, this pretty much happens any time they're out and about.

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You fucktard. The story goes that the Primarch was stuck in a capsule with a copy of Battletoads III. Hence why he was so pissed.


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Lol no this is a response to the faggot mod deleting the angry maroons thread.

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>herpity derpity doo
Just leave /tg/ already, you buttpained cockmonger.

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This pattern of obscenities and rants is actually quite understandable as a "battle speech" to their brothers, although utterly incomprehensible to anyone else as anything but BADGER CUNT DICKS and the like.

In private, Angry Marines are actually well spoken and still practice the hymns of battle their pre-Heresy chapter were famed for. To be able to sing for extended periods of time without lapsing into battle-speech (and ruining the song) is considered a mark of true willpower, and any Angry Marine in training must be able to at least do so for an entire day straight without so much as a single "fuck" interrupting the process.

This same force of will used in battle-speech can literally peel paint off a Leman Russ, if not cause weak-minded Imperial Guardsmen to spontaneously combust from the fury behind the words. Angry Marine Librarians can castigate daemons back into the warp with a simple "BUGGER OFF" and explode a dozen Eldar skulls with two raised middle fingers and a "ASSWIPE.".

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>Honey Badger


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Of course. The truth is too shameful, since so much of the chapter fell to Chaos during the Heresy- thus a simpler cover story is provided. Blessed is the mind too small for doubt, after all.

I'd share the recordings of "The Thousand Glories of Faith and Purity" as sung by the 4th Company, 1st squad (known as "SKULLRAPE FUCKING XENOS" to the public) but you'd probably break down in tears from the resulting mental conflict.

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I SEE...

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*BLAM* Showing a pre-Heresy vid of an Angry Marine descending into Chaos is extra heretical. But thank you for giving me such an easy target to purge.

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if you think this is heresy then you should watch this:


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When the Orks had captured her, Mecha had thought her life doomed. She could foresee endless futures of enslavement, humility... and to her annoyment, few that featured her getting laid.
And yet, the future that fate chose was that of battle. She was pushed to carry their leaders to the field, forcing her to gather her skill and fight. Her anger pushed her, more and more, forcing her to get deeper and deeper into the fight.
Soon she was no longer told to carry people, she was given massive 'choppy' blades and told to 'get stuck in'. And get stuck in she did.
The Orks had never seen someone fight so violently. Fueled by sexual frustration, rage at her father, her sister, her whole dissapointing life, the young Eldar threw herself at her enemy, adopting the Orkish love of fighting and living for the moment.

When their Warboss was shot thirty three times by a squad of Tau Firewarriors, the Ork line almost broke, but out of the dust there was a figure, adorned with crude banners and holding aloft in one hand, the great powerclaw of their former leader.

The Firewarriors squad's heads were later added to her spikey bits.

Rumours now spread over the Ork lines of a group of boyz lead by a Eldar gurl. They call her Mekka the Mad, and any boy under her who doesn't like that a gurl is leading em gets to know why they call her 'the Mad'.

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Three seconds and one gaping anus-to-eye-socket wound later...

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Just wanted to see if anyone would draw Warboss Mecha.

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For some reason, I couldn't help but read that in the DoW narrator's voice.

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Ramirez eat that dick with your face!

I remembered it different:(

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>Fueled by sexual frustration

Isn't this, and love of the Emprah, what fuels the SoB?

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I think so.
They're essentially being led by an Eldar Sister of Battle.

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Fixed for Inquisition-Mod.

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Anyone add this to 1d4chan?

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An excellent idea worthy of a drawfriend.

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... are you guys seriously?
Writfag here, if you want I'll add a little more to it.

Just need to remember the names of her sister and that assassin she's with.

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Seriously, Mod. Censored pictures aren't even OK? That's the third one I've seen deleted from the thread.


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Taldeer and...fucking LIIVI?!?? I don't know who he is.

I know Taldeer because I played da DoW.

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Censored porn is still porn. Deal w/ it.

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That'd be Taldeer of Ulthwe and from the Vindicare Temple LIIVI -which isn't actually a number, but is something like 13 twice, IIRC.

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Who is LIIVI?

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Daymn, writfag here, I gotta go work but I promise ya'll when I get back I'll write up something with Mekka the Mad, Taldeer and LIIVI.

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Her name's Macha, not Mecha, you dumb cunt. No offense.

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>calling soemone a dumb cunt
>not thinking about what orks would call her

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Apparently you didn't bother to read the rest of the thread.

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He originally called her Mecha, hence Mekka. Her name'd be Makka in Orky talk.

You dumb cunt.

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And this is why we can't have nice things, dumb fucks like YOU.

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Really? You're offended by me calling someone a dumb cunt?

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No, we're offended by you being a fucking idiot.

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The thing is your reasons for calling the writefag a dumb cunt suck. Which reminds us as to how stupid a random Anon can be.

That too.

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Jesus christ. I'm sorry for pointing out a blatant error in the naming of a classic /tg/ character.

It's not like I knocked the dude's writing or something.

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I'm sorry you can't just say

Hey friend, you accidentally misspelled Macha there, you should fix that in your official copy.

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You'd get around to it. Now let's be friends.

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>Hey friend, you accidentally misspelled Macha there, you should fix that in your official copy.
It's called ribbing. Lighten up.

I'm saving that for the next update.

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She wanted to get something stuck in her, but now she's stuck in something!

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Are you fucking autistic. Seriously. You're not getting the point with a determination that seems fucking autistic.

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Why does it have to be autism? Can't it be garden variety stupidity?

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Like autism? Just wondering what fits into that class.

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I think it's garden variety being a fucking asshole.

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Hey autism's not funny my brother's autistic.

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It is

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Not cool, brah.

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Bumping for Science

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>references deleted post
I sense a wicked presence...

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SoB can get laid whenever they want, it's just that some choose not to.

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Hell, probably by each other. Would a sister get banhammered if she fell pregnant?

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I'm sure you'd be dedicating that child to the order, you whore.

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My baby...

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bump until we see Makka/Mekka the Mad

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Likewise Bump

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