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What does /tg/ think about female aliens?

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Depends on the alien

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You will receive two, and only two responses to this query: purge or rape. I don't know why you bothered asking this question, unless it's a thinly-veiled request for xenophilia pornography.

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I have no opinions

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Why does it have be an or situation?

Why can't we both rape and purge?

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What about binge, rape, and purge?

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I'm sexually attracted to Selendis. Pretty sure she only has eyes for Jimmy, though. It was kinda awkward how desperately she wanted to get into his pants.

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As long as they dont mess with me I dont care.

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rolled 11 = 11

Purge the alien.

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Sexy Tau happy funtime is stil XENOS HERESY!

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Why settle for just two genders, anon?

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>female aliens

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Not so pretty now huh, space hick....

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I like them.

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The only good alien is a dead alien.

Who cares what gender they are?

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>Terminal Connection Error

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ITT: ronery nerds gone without a date for so long they've given up on the species

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Wait, you're gay? What?

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Well, that one's a male.

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Were I, I'd still be fucking my own species.

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Are you implying that thri-kreens have more than two genders?

I assure you that this is an erroneous assertion. (I've checked.)

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your mom is your species

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rolled 7 = 7

I...I don't think there is any arguing with this.

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It's good, it feels good.

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Meanwhile, a group of Cathians prepare to address the U.N. Assembly...

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I don't date aliens, aliens date me.

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Selendris? She's okay, but it makes me wonder how protoss even work.

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They'd be pretty cool. I'd hang with an alien chick as soon as I would with another human.

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I still don't understand the mechanics of that relationship.

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That's not where a tail starts. Biology weeps.

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Fuckin' miracles.

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Well, when a man protoss and a woman protoss love each other very much...

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Is this the new show with the alien girl crashing on a house?

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They have vagoos since they reproduce the same exact way as humans, but no mouths because they gain energy from sunlight.

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Perhaps you would like to examine it further?

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And breasts because DAMNIT XEL'NAGA!

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Penis goes into ovipore.

Extrapolation: semen goes into spermatheca.

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You just described virtually every other animu ever.

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I don't, thank you. But in the first picture it was growing out of halfway up her back.

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Of all the furry bullshit that bothers me, I hold a special place in my heart for cat girls that have both cat ears and girl ears. Pick one, motherfucker!

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No, it's a show from last season.

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many of them turn out to be matriarchs and that doesn't sit well with my male sensibilities

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I don't have much on the computer im currently on, but ill dump some tali

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There's also the fact that her cat ears are made of hair in that one.

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Posting Xeno in a xenophilia thread.


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To much want

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The proportioning is terrible in that.

Her reflection has Quarian hips, her real self has human ones.

Just cause the shit doesn't do much for me doesn't mean I don't notice.

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Yeah, it was better when the veiling was made with maids and awesome.

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whoa thats fucked up.
my brain has no idea what to do

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I just hope Terra Firma never finds out about this...

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Its porn, who cares.

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and that was basicly all the tali shit i got on this PC. Here, enjoy some tali biology.

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they look the same to me.

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Fail artist is fail. pic ruined.

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Are you fucking kidding me

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I am now imagining Deathleaper's Fangirl hanging out with an alien chick.

I'm not unhappy about this, but am not sure exactly what they would be doing.

.... I guess playing warhams.

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that's ok they're empowered and fighting the penisocracy so they get to have as many stupid prejudices as they want to. hate somewhere else hater.

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All the more reason to suck on those toes!

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Protoss do not have breasts

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or genitals

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Swapping interspecies dating tips?

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>> No.12529299


Going hunting for boyfriends at the local Hive Fleet?

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I suppose.

.... actually, them swaping sex stories would be amusing.

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'So, he's like, "Do I need to wear protection?" and I'm like, "Duh, of course, remember the whole protein thing?" Guys are SO selfish!'

'Tell me about it! I mean, my last boyfriend? Drooled acid. Did he have the courtesy to keep his mouth shut while he was doing me? Of course not! Sheesh, boys!'

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team tali

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I bet the truth is he wanted to know what her urine smells and tastes like too.

Shepard, "Tali, can I drink your pee?"

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Oh god, I'm flashing back to playing ME2 with my mate. He made the CREEPIEST FUCKING SHEPARD. Dude looked like a sex offender. Hilariously, because of the way he'd shaped his face, a lot of the time in cutscenes it looked like he was staring at tits/asses. Can't stop Mo Lester Shepard.

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>arrest nothety

stop no the thank you.

Captcha IS intelligent.

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And lick the sweat off her ass. But lets be fair, who doesn't want to do that.

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>Can't stop Mo Lester Shepard.

There is no earthly reason why this should have made me laugh as much as it did.

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I'd strip her down after an intense away mission on a boiling world and then lick every inch of her.

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I'll tell you one thing, though. Tali's awesome and all, but there's nowhere near enough pictures of her being awesome. I mean, with such a large fanbase, you'd think there'd be a few really good pictures of her ruining some Geth's shit with a shotgun or something.

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Her fanbase is largely creepy fetishists. They don't care about stuff like that.

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His alternate name was Chad since 'Chad just sounds like a date-rapist name'.

We picked every dialogue choice by what seemed creepiest, or failing that, what was the most assholish thing to do.

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These threads are pointless now that we can't post porn.

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Godamn sexy Cree Summer voice, I'd just let the Protoss chick rape my mind until I came from too much mental stimulation.

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>> 12529100
My god... that' the first time I've seen Naga's art without sameface. Probably because it's NOFACE.

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A bunch of furcoat, no knicker bitches.

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I kind of miss Tali's ME1 armor. Pheonix looked great on her.

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I guess so. It's a shame, Tali is totally fembro tier.

Oh, man. I've tried to do a run through like that, but I just can't stomach being an asshole to the other characters for some reason. No matter what I do in RPG's with a morality meter, I always end up with a maxium Paragon/Good/Light Side meter.

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Attention, Protoss commander.

This is Admiral Alexei Stukov of the United Earth Directorate. We are here to take control of the Terran Dominion and all of its outlying colonies.

You are in direct violation of Terran space and have openly attacked Terran forces.

Lower your shields and power down your weapons systems. The UED will take custody of your ships and any spoils you have garnered from the planet.

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I actually did have a few pictures of her wrecking shit on my other PC. All i got on this is this one.

Stop revealing my fetishes.

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These threads aren't pointless anymore now that we can't post porn.

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Why don't you quit using patriarchal, woman-disempowering language, Goddess-sister/

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Christ, i know what you mean. I'm like YEAH, LETS RUIN PEOPLES SHIT AS RENEGADE.

End of the game, full paragon meter.


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Yeah I always play good.

My mate though, finds being an asshole in RPGs hilarious.

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100% Renegade 20% Paragon (mostly because class talent automatically increases paragon points) master race reporting in.

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Fuck yea, that's what I'm talking about.

Any woman who's uptight enough to kick up a fuss about a word that harmless will do more damage to the equal rights movement than that word ever will.

Hell yea. Paragon Shepard is Best Shepard. I'm hoping you get the chance to actually bring Cerberus down in ME3 along with the Reapers. God, but TIM ticked me off at times.

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when does this happen?

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She was the ONLY one it looked good on.
Even the other female characters looked silly, as for male characters
Well, I'd put Rex in phoenix whenever I needed a laugh

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>Any woman who's uptight enough to kick up a fuss about a word that harmless will do more damage to the equal rights movement than that word ever will.
The word is just one way of propagating the idea that women can't normally be true and faithful friends (i.e. bros).

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I mix paragon shepard in with dick shepard. So ill on occasion just be a complete asshole if i feel the situation warrants it.

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I find on the most part they cant. Seriously. all the brain of a guy says 'God damn, there is a slim possibility of fucking it so i best keep doing what i can TO fuck it' with essentially every woman. Id say im only bros with one girl, and thats basicly because shes majorly tomboyish and she doesn't even live in the country anymore.

While i can be friends with a woman, im yet to see the day when i can be a bro with one.

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I wish Tali would sit on my face, or any quarian girl, naked.

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>be Paragon
>fuck bitches
>acquire allies and currency

feels good to be the mangod.

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I'm a total bro to my friends, but fuck with me and I rack up some renegade points. Plus I often take the more ruthless option in missions.

I, too, find it impossible to be a dick to genuinely nice characters.

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I -

No. No, I'm not getting drawn into a catfight about gender politics at nearly 5am in the morning. I'm going to bed.

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News for you, sister, neither can most men.

>> No.12529700

>I find on the most part they cant
Of course they can. Stop being so sexist towards men.

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He added an addendum on breast milk.

I had to google it.


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Paragon is just too generic, self-righteous, and naive most of the time.

There's never any tension either.

The renegade universe is far more interesting and the renegade decisions are far more in-line with a Spectre is supposed to be.

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>have a penis
>im sexist towards myself

No, its science. Man see's tits and ass, brain thinks 'THIS IS WHAT I NEED IN ORDER TO SPREAD THE SEED'. Man inadvertidle tries to have sex with every woman who isn't related to him and fits his brains idea of a fit mate.

Hence, why its damn near impossible to be bros with a girl.

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but it's going to end better for Paragons because we chose not to alienate and/or piss everyone off

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Note for people though.

Renegade decisions doesn't mean you have to choose the bottom right dialogue option EVERY SINGLE TIME, piss your friends off, and miss half the quests.

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I... that... what? Oh goodness.

>Quarian breast milk is likely to be extremely sweet

I'd try it...

I wonder what Bioware thinks of that guy.

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What a Spectre is supposed to be? A Spectre is supposed to be the very best of their species, to represent the highest ideals that others should aspire to. They should be the ones who go out into the galaxy, and they damn well find a way to do the impossible without collateral damage. When everyone else talks 'necessary sacrifice' and 'acceptable losses', the Spectre goes in no matter the odds and does the job clean. No sacrafice is necessary, no losses are acceptable.

If I want to play Shepard as a goddamn Space Paladin, I'll play him as a goddamn Space Paladin. Haters gonna hate.

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>Renegade decisions doesn't mean you have to choose the bottom right dialogue option EVERY SINGLE TIME, piss your friends off, and miss half the quests.

I know. My renegade is polite to his crew and to anyone who is polite to him. However the mission always comes first and he's not afraid to lay down the authority when he needs to. Like Captain Anderson he knows when to let things slide and when to crack the whip.

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>captcha: Proxecti perverse

Perverse indeed, captcha. Perverse indeed.

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>Quarian breast milk is likely to be extremely sweet: The L-(+)-Lactose component of milk gives it a slightly sour taste (as it's more likely to ferment), while D-(+)-Lactose, A.K.A. milk sugar, gives it a sweet taste. Both are present in common breast milk, the levo one is just more common. I reckon the opposite is true for quarians.

>Available in breast milk, is the essential amino acid L-Phenylalanine, the body converts this in Tyrosine, which is, in its turn, converted into all sorts of proteins and brain chemicals. (Like adrenaline)

>However, its dextro counterpart, has a different function for humans. It prohibits the enzymes that naturally break down endorphin, resulting in an extreme sense of bliss, power, and prohibiting your pain receptors from sending their chemicals to your brain.

So wants to try some?

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I can see his next blog entry

"Good news, bioware has hired me!"

mass effect 3 will just be a quarian fetish game with breast milk and piss being sprayed everywhere.

It'll sell 4 million copies.

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I'd preorder the Collectors Edition.

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I, uh...know this guy. I hung on the edge of the Talimancer universe for a while. Some of them are...weird, no doubt, but I like to think not all of them are like that. Fuck, Tali's one of my favorite characters, too. And I only dated her because Mordin won't go gay.

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>Leave thread
>Get changed
>Brush teeth
>One last check before shutting down the computer.

Thanks for the nightmares, guys.

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Have another.

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>What a Spectre is supposed to be? A Spectre is supposed to be the very best of their species, to represent the highest ideals that others should aspire to.

No, a Spectre is just expected to do a job. They do not uphold any ideals. A Spectres' job is to protect galactic stability and ideally to advance the interests of the Citadel. Towards that end, they are expected to get the job done /at any cost/. Innocent lives, ethics, and justice all take a back seat to that mandate. That is why Spectres were given immunity from the law, that is why the Council doesn't like to become directly involved in their activities, that is why the Council doesn't even like to know exactly how Spectre's accomplish their missions.

The Council takes a hands-off approach.

Saren, you know, that ruthless guy you killed in ME1? He was a murderer and a psychopath for YEARS before he ever met Sovereign. Despite that he was the Council's /best agent/. Spectres are NOT an ideal that any ethical person would wish to aspire to. On the whole they are scary people.

Paragon Shepard is a very strange Spectre, more of a symbol than anything. He's good for public relations. Yeah, he gets the job done, but that's because that's how the writers want it. Paragon Shepard takes a lot of very dangerous risks. He's a great hero but not a great Spectre.

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Yeah, Selendis made my penis confused. First it was like dammit bitch quit trying to kill all these humans! Then she was being pretty reasonable about it. Then she was like IT WILL BE THE GREATEST HONOR TO MEET YOU ON THE FIELD IN GLORIOUS COMBAT. And then I had a boner and didn't know what was going on. It was all very confusing.

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I know what you mean dude. I know an exchange student from the Sudan who insists that black people are naturally more violent than others.

Since he was melanin-enhanced himself, I now watch out when I'm around black people because they might explode and attack in an instinctive rage.

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Men can be sexist towards men. Women can be sexist towards women.

"Men are just animals who can't control themselves!" is a shitty, misandrist sentiment.

Women have sex drives, too, you know. How do you think they manage it. How about gay people?
There are lots of attractive people out there. You can find them attractive without going HERP DERP I WANT FUCK U. I'm a man. I manage it.

You are severely underestimating men, but your viewpoint is common, and the very commonness of that viewpoint gives men free license to act like herpaderps. It's retarded and should stop.

>> No.12529906


Its really is true. Some sterotypes are true thanks to science.

>> No.12529924


Im not saying it in that way. Im saying that chances are there is a sub-consious part of your mind working towards fucking them. And yes, there are some people who dont have that problem.

I knew a greek guy who had no sex drive at all. Didn't masturbate, didn't try to get a girl, wasn't gay, was physically fine. His brain just didn't tell him 'go fuck that'. He also had a few more problems, but was an overall bro

>> No.12529936 [DELETED] 

>> No.12529940

>Im not saying it in that way. Im saying that chances are there is a sub-consious part of your mind working towards fucking them.
That's retarded, bro. Have a bare fucking modicum of self-control.

I've got a huge sex drive. I'm bi. I can have male friends and female friends I don't fuck. It's really not that big a deal.

Sounds like you need to trade in your shitty low personal standards for some higher ones.

>> No.12529972


what? Im not saying i dont have girls for friends and im not saying i got low standards. What im saying and what you cant comprehend, is mankinds single purpose, as along with every other creature and plant on this planet is 'survive long enough to repopulate'.

Its not sexism, its true. anyway, can we get back to alien women now and not this bullshit discussion. if you want to discuss it further, go to /sci/ and ask them.

>> No.12529973

>Thanks for the nightmares, guys.

Oh come on now. There are far worse things in life than sucking the sweet, sugary-milk out of buxom young quarian woman's breasts!

>> No.12529981

Postan in a unmoderated thread.

They see me bumpin', they hatin'.

>> No.12529984

"People want to procreate" isn't sexist.

"People want to procreate... and therefore women can't be true and faithful friends" is retarded sexist bullshit and you should be ashamed of yourself for defending it.

>> No.12529986

fuck em

>> No.12529997


>tali fetishists
>this is totally different, guys!
Get the fuck out.

>> No.12530033

By your logic screwing anything that isn't human is furry.

By science, screwing a woman that won't procreate your semen into a nice lil baby, then you're fucking a furry. (Look into it, seriously)

By your religion (no matter how old or how much it has changed) not fucking animals is a sin. (All religions did it, ALL OF THEM)

So enjoy your terminal shit.

>> No.12530060


You forgot about the part where its a painkiller too.

>> No.12530062

Damn it, why does Nezumi draw nothing but fatties with prolapsed vaginas?

>> No.12530075

You not only missed the point, you threw logic out the window altogether.

>> No.12530090

>> No.12530091

>You forgot about the part where its a painkiller too.

And an endorphin. Man, fucking a quarian would be awesome. Their sweat is natural viagra and their breast milk gives you feelings of bliss.

Plus dem hips...

It'd be one wild night.

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Any attraction to the nonhuman erodes human supremacy attitudes. This can't be allowed, humans must think they are superior and be driven to relentless self improvement to ensure that we always are superior. For the xeno or animal to be comparable is basely offensive. Only humanity and its machines can rise to perfection, all others must be enslaved or destroyed.

Yes, I am a bit of a nazi.

Also real aliens would not have tits, it don't have tits humanity has no interest in it.

>By your religion (no matter how old or how much it has changed) not fucking animals is a sin. (All religions did it, ALL OF THEM)
I cannot think of one scripture in any modern religion that advocates bestiality.

>> No.12530129

None of that is remotely sane.

I have weird fetishes, too. I don't shit /tg/ up with them, though.

>> No.12530147

Meanwhile, on the other side of the galaxy...

>> No.12530151


>> No.12530166


So basicly its a rave, but intercourse?

>> No.12530172

>Any attraction to the nonhuman erodes human supremacy attitudes.

That's horse shit. The only time attraction to aliens is dangerous is when asari are involved. Asari are eager to marry aliens, ensuring that those partners never reproduce. The asari however does and this is how they influence other race, by lowering their birth-rates and infiltrating their cultures via' marriage.

The odd dalliance of a human with a turian or quarian or any other being is harmless.

>> No.12530205

>So basicly its a rave, but intercourse?

I get the feeling quarains would like all the flashy lights and rave music too...

Man... mind blowing. Just mind blowing.

>> No.12530220

That filthy aliens has a hug dick inside, ergo in order to accommodate such a huge phallus it must have...HUGE GUTS, MUST RIP AND TEAR IT'S GUTS! RIP AND TEAR!

>> No.12530222


>if it doesn't have tits, we're not interested

dude, if people will fuck a dolphin, im sure there will be people who'd fuck a xeno.

>> No.12530280


Quarians are the badgers of the sex world.

>> No.12530298

Badgering for sex?

Or is it...Do I even want to know what badgers do?

>> No.12530311


You do realize that with wormhole tech being terminally, physically infeasible, there's no way that humans will even make contact with alien life or vice versa? Or that even if by some truly absurd longshot we did, the cost for either of us to expand, much less do battle beyond our own solar systems would vastly outweigh the profits? This is the reason why every habitable world in the universe hasn't been made part of some Combine-style hegemony in the first place.

>> No.12530329


FTL isn't in theory, you just got to fuck around with pysics

Badgers have crazy, balls to the wall sex. Like, imagine the dirtiest roughest porno you've seen. Badgers do that on a normal day.

>> No.12530385

>This is the reason why every habitable world in the universe hasn't been made part of some Combine-style hegemony in the first place.


>> No.12530486

Ah. I weep to think that that awesome Tali rapefic will never be completed.

>> No.12530526


fucking around with physics is fucking hard.

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