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This concept came from a MLP thread on /co/...

Centaurs are what happens when a man fucks a horse.

What do you think about that idea?

How about we expand it - minotaurs are when a man fucks a cow, harpies are when a man fucks a bird, naga are when a man fucks a python, gnolls are when a man fucks a hyena, etc.

Could such an idea be used seriously in a campaign?

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Just think, one drunken can't-recall-it-in-the-morning eve of celebration after saving that farming village from the horde of ogres, and the DM could end up presenting you with (pic related), your estranged daughter, in a future campaign...

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>Could such an idea be used seriously in a campaign?

In one word: No.

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and you get haflings when a man fucks a child

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Just goes to show that humans are sluts.

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Depends on the campaign. In most cases -- hell no.

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Actually, in the original myth, the Minotaur came from King Minos' wife fucking a bull. So, it's not without precedent. On the other hand, the idea that an entire culture of these halfbreeds could emerge from the occasional dude/chick who's into bestiality is really stupid, and would never actually work.

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What is born when a cat is fine too?

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Nobody said they were full cultures in and of themselves... more like the half-dragons or half-orcs - just unusual hybrids.

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Werecat. Don't make me post writefaggotry.

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Halle Barry... I mean, catgirls.

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A CAT will birth a catgirl? Wow.

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>minotaurs are when a man fucks a cow
Actually, that's canon in Greek myth. Though it was a bull fucking a woman.

And how the hell does a man fuck a bird or a python?

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How dare you doubt the possibilities of catgirls!

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Who said anything about 'occasional'?
Who said anything about random?

I find idea of bull raping camps as breeding grounds for slave minotaur army antirely plausible. That way there can be enough half-breeds to form a sub-culture, even if they themselves are incapable of reproduction.

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With his penis, anon.

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Only going by the stupid rules of the OP. Do not think too hard, just laugh.

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In before Bard, remarkably.

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Cow raping camps seem a safer bet. A human woman can terminate pregnancy and is generally a nuisance. A cow is totally calm and it gives milk!

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Ancient wisdom, passed on in songs and ballads, tells us that only one animal (and his close relatives) can excape the lusttful advances of a man.

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lol, it's magic, that's how.

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Hello /d/, thanks for coming to visit. Won't you bring your and your tentacles inside for a pitcher of freshly squeezed trap and a flogging?

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we fuck therefore we are

is it man's driving principle of self awareness

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None the less, I want to see it.

Deliver, you heralds of terror!

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Actually, the Bard pics and the minotaur myth are where I got the idea.

I stuck with "man fucks X" in the OP example because men generally tend to be more exploratory regarding where/who/what they fuck than women do. But the pairings work with genders reversed, too.

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>I find idea of bull raping camps as breeding grounds for slave minotaur army antirely plausible.

Seeing how gladiators turned into a constant source of trouble for the Romans, I'd say a large group of unnaturally strong slaves trained to act as soldiers would be even more problematic.

And that's just the security perspective.

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anal sex between bearded men produces dwarves

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no, it produces vikings.

Sex between large-bearded men and fat midget chicks produces dwarves.

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no, that's when a man fucks a boat

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Has no one here ever read any xanth novels?

Dump a love spring in your campaign and lulz/horror will ensue.

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You misspelled 'goat'.

Come on, we all know about Scandinavians.

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'I am the friend of bears and the guest of eagles. I am Ring-winner and Luckwearer; and I am Barrel-rider.'

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I knew this was sounding familiar.


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Well... that sounds plausible, so i can only counter it with a bullsh%t. As follows.
It is known, that in inter-species relations the result are different if genders are reversed. So, by extentions, if women would give births to humans with bovine qualities, cows would give birth to cows with human qualities.
And the result is somewhat weaker physically but sentient cows, that look at all bipeds with hatred and disgust.
That is the reason zoophilia is so strictly tabooed in rural regions. One night of passion can lead to terrible consequences for the village; at best, the hybrid-led herd would slaughter their overseers and escape - but there are legends that sometimes entire villages perished before legs, horns and unexpected cunning of rebelling bovines.

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Fu fu fu. Silly Teegee...

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Shut up, baby, you know you love us.

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I read the SHIT out of Xanth books. I own that series for getting me into reading and keeping it in my regular rotation of shit to do when bored.

The author was genius as far as capturing and retaining readers. Constatly nude full breasted females characters and rampant sexual enterprises and magic based on pun.




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That's not horrifying enough to represent /d/.

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Xanth made puberty so confusing...

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.....is there a campaign built in the Xanth universe?!


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The true face of /d/ makes men go man. A lot like Cthulhy come to think of it

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lrn2chromosomes everybody, half-breeds of anything are impossible.

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Yet mules exist

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In OP's campaign, the Nameless Bard should be the patron god of all halfbreeds.

...and will probably also be the father of some of them, too...

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horse and donkey?

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fa/tg/uys are what happens when a man fucks a d6.

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My attitude toward fucking non-humans is simple:

If it talks back, FUCK IT.

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So you'd fuck a magic mouth spell?

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>no, it produces vikings.


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Is it willing?

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That's how gamblers are born.

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Oral wizardry.

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Fucking parrots is bad and you should feel bad.
>religious coulkrou
Preach on, captcha!

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Parrots talk, but don't talk back.

You fail, sir.


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"It isn't bestiality if the 'animal' talks, unless you wake up with feathers in your mouth."

Character was explaining why he feels no remorse in sleeping with a humanoid alien with fur, pointy ears and a tail.

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magic spells are probably one of the few non-inanimate non-human things a human could fuck that wouldn't have a risk of either causing or developing pregnancy...

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Man, you know what half man half animal combination would be cool? Half kangaroo. Kangaroo legs are awesome.

Imagine a whole race that goes hoppidy hop.

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There WAS an adventure game actually.

Never played it personally, but I heard it was virtually impossible due to pun-logic.

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the females have no tits and the males' genitals are upside-down.

Still want?

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I... I like this. Let's do this shit /tg/. They could be aboriginals.

But, y'know, actually discover metal and shit. Trippy mythology is cool.

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Man, I don't want to fuck them. I want to see them go hoppidy hop.

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Works for me...

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>I don't want to fuck them.

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The half-kangaroos WOULD have boobs, though. And they would be CONSTANTLY JIGGLING.

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Da fuck is this from?

>> No.12514325


Sagging to their inverted knees by 20 years of age.

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My god... it's beautiful.

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mythologically, you're getting at lest the minotaur backwards - it was a woman being fucked by a bull. So I vote for Top half=father Bottom half = mother as a basic method

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Vampire: The Masquerade.

It's a Tzimisce Vampire, they can sculpt flesh and bone into whatever they want. Their own flesh, and other peoples. Willing or not.

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It is physically impossible for kangaroos to walk, run, or move backwards. they can only jump and turn.

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>Top half=father Bottom half = mother

Well that just raises more questions than it answers...

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that would seriously fuck up male centaurs, minotaurs, and, well, most male mythics in general.

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DnD already has horse men, Warhammer has bull based centaurs, what is the problem? As long as your magical beasts made by bestiality breed true, and have a 50/25/25 split of own species/animal species/human species purebreeds if fucking outside of species with one of their two half species

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Why must you try to destroy all that is good?

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Those aren't knees, anon.
Those are ankles.

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rolled 24 = 24


and thus dragonborn

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Kangaroo-people would be hard to pull off. Every part of the kangaroo is absolutely essential to its function. It is a highly efficient machine of an animal.

At best you could replace the upper body with the torso of a human, and rule that they have to hop to breathe (look it up). A human could not really have kangaroo-like qualities though, as separating one or a few qualities from the kangaroo makes them almost pointless. (Kangaroos hop due to the spring-action in the tendons, and the unique way they breathe is what allows them to increase the intensity of their hop without requiring much extra effort. You would have to come up with unique physiological architecture for a "human that hops" without tiring the human out or ruining its legs).

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This is why girls don't like you.

>> No.12514841

rolled 47 = 47

this really does lead to a lot of questions...

>> No.12514871

>remebering those threads
and good times where had by all

>> No.12514910


the tetra arms would be acceptable, if she were actually... good looking.

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rolled 72 = 72

not necessarily, as you recall we got some serious HATE over them.

I have them all in a file if you want I can put them on mediafire?

I forgot to ask in this post, what do you fuck to get 15?

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This is the future of mankind

>> No.12514965

rolled 66 = 66

Rollan like a baws

>> No.12514987

Dark Elf it is

>> No.12514997

siamese twins?

>> No.12515004

Where can I find more of this? I tried the URL and it seems like I'll need to do countless hours of searching to find what I want.

>> No.12515008

rolled 24 = 24

smaller boobs, different skin-tone, no face-paint. this is what I see.

oh dear I hadn't thought of that.
gods above and below I hope not, such a world would be irritating at the least.

it seems that I forgot to post my answer to your question.

>Could such an idea be used seriously in a campaign?
my answer is that any concept can be used in a serious campagin, provided you have mature players. and that if you only allow such things that they happen off screen only.


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the hate was delicious
but for the most part /tg/ loved it.
especially lamias, it seemed like everyone and their grandmother loved lamias

>> No.12515078

any of the "plant" based ones would rais some awkward questions concerning their conception.

>> No.12515081

Lamias, Elf girls, Suckmahbus and Cultist. What else is the main girl fetish fuel on /tg/?

>> No.12515135

rolled 83 = 83

>oh dear I hadn't thought of that.
should link to >>12514997

while I did bask in the HATE and draw it into myself as sustenance I suspect /tg/ was about even with regards to the concept.

it was well within the rules posted as it consisted of writing (allowed), and playing the mother of all RPGs the telling of Impromptu (read: Bullshit) stories given a general concept and short notice

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yukionna is a personal favorite of mine

>> No.12515143

Not really...

>> No.12515154

rolled 67 = 67


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good films good girls
my site

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what the fuck is this bold text shit

>> No.12515180

rolled 86 = 86

you mean like in my posts?

it's dice rolling a function of /tg/

welcome to the board newbie

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rolled 5 = 5

This scares the shit out out of me.

>> No.12515215

how do you activate it

>> No.12515223

delicious snakelady loving

>> No.12515236


Okay my question is this for this thread. Why wouldn't the DM just assassinate the players using whatever MC powers these critters have or what not.

>> No.12515247

rolled 10 = 10

>> No.12515249

rolled 17, 75, 59, 77 = 228


dice XdY

put the above in the email field where X= the number of dice to be rolled and Y=the number of sides on those dice

I just rolled 4, 100 sided dice as an example

>> No.12515251

Isn't she a succubus though?

>> No.12515253

MC powers?

...rap battle?

>> No.12515255

What the hell does an echidna do and should i be worried about getting rape?

>> No.12515271

well yeah some of them have some crazy powers but most of them are surprisingly enough focused on seduction and charming people
im sure an able PC party could handle themselves.

>> No.12515272

dice 2d10

>> No.12515278

rolled 8, 79, 53, 26 = 166

I failed the first time

>> No.12515282

centaur fucks naga

what now faggots

>> No.12515284

Dice go in the E-mail field. Also dice 1d00 as the rollboard goes up to 100.

>> No.12515296

rolled 15, 81, 98, 63 = 257

I'm surprised the OP pic hasn't started one yet.
>50 centaur

it seems I'd forgotten that pertinent point.

the echidna is the mother of monsters, expect a matronly person, or a mad rapist.

the former is what is implied by the statement and the second is what you get if you bothered to pay attention to the entry, see pic

in the old threads the entries had very little meaning...most of the time.

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...fuck, I have no clue.

>> No.12515324


sorry for silly abbreviation. MC equals mind control. As most of these beings have some sort of power of that manner.

Or in otherwords:

DM: Magical snake girl "Come here and sexorz me."
PC 1 "No I am scared"
PC 2 "Suffer not the furry to live!"
PC 3 " Okay!"
DM: Magical snake girl does thingy to pc1 and pc 2 pc1 and pc 2 rolls
PC 1 rolls a 13
PC 2 rolls a 20
PC 1 fails
DM Snake lady: " You will come sexors me! obey!" PC1 goes with snake lady as does PC 3 and both get raped to death

PC 2: "Hail to the king baby."

>> No.12515336

rolled 27, 4, 82, 40 = 153

>looks at pic
I wonder...

>as the rollboard goes up to 100
don't they all?

but you should

eldritch horror. [yawn]

but it would seem that you have gotten it down on the second go round, this is good.

>> No.12515345

make characters with high mental fortitude?
and or tone down some of the mind control abilitys of the girls?

>> No.12515355


It stops being a centaur and start being a snake at the Cantaur's horse pelvis. So you'd have a human torso, two horse legs, and a snake tail.

>> No.12515367

rolled 54, 10, 29, 6 = 99

this more or less goes without saying

or throw it (mind controll) out for something with a little more utility, like axe proficiency, or monkey grip.

>> No.12515378


High mental fortitude while useful is only as strong as the pc's libido.

>> No.12515389

Jist 'splainin fer them thar newfagits

>> No.12515397


Another horrible abomination

>> No.12515407

play a castrated man and or a female character?
its pretty much the only way you would be able to get anything done with out haveing rough sex with a random monster girl every 15 minutes

>> No.12515421


At no point until these posts was mind-control forced-sex mentioned.

Get your psychic rape fetish out of my thread.

>> No.12515449

rolled 53, 78, 8, 68 = 207

I tried, but some things are irritating to get rid of.

is it me or does this thread ring with some of the same overtones as the hybrid thread several weeks ago that started with a description about mules, donkeys, and horses?

>> No.12515455


>eldritch horror. [yawn]

Don't give me that copout shit.

DRIDER FUCKS BEHOLDER. I double dog dare you to contemplate the fruit of that joining, motherfucker.

>> No.12515473

Tarrasque + Vargouille = ?

>> No.12515489


Since a beholder is just a floating head with a lot of eyes, a drider/beholder would look like a drider except with a beholder for a head, complete with a central eye and eye-stalks.

>> No.12515498


There was a movie about this sort of creature released some time in the 90s. There were four or five of them, dressed in different colors. They did kung fu.

>> No.12515509


Big, functionally invincible, really goofy looking heads which replicate whenever they kill something.

In other words, the end of all known worlds.

>> No.12515524

>play a castrated man and or a female character?
I am very sorry to tell you that, but too big part of monster girls have something to put in you (
Hedgedog is known as an animal that cannot be raped, and natural enemy of snakes and snails. There are some orders, that employ half-hedgedogs as frighteningly affective daemon slayers.
The difficulties of breeding a half-hedgedog are evident. No male can impregnate one, and so that solemn duty falls onto women. Hedgedog brides are commonly respected as martyrs; some of them suffer hideous scarring in the process of seducing a dire hedgedog, some die during mating - and their death is inevitable during childbirth, as newborn's spikes (hard, unlike hedgedog's) rip them from inside, causing fatal blood loss.
Those children are raised by order, and are initiated as paladins as soon as possible. They are usually assigned a rearguard duty - or any other, where the danger of capture is maximal. While their skills with swords and power of their smiting are in no doubt, it aren't them that earned their widespread fame...

>> No.12515534

rolled 75, 15, 33, 76 = 199

the words "vestigial limbs" comes to mind


a badly malformed beholder having a less useful eye cluster in place of the primary eye, with black chitinous flesh (+5 nat armor)

the assorted eye stalks are now harry spider legs that end in a carefully protected eye placed proximally from a relatively massive spikes of chitin.

the image of this flying at me bladed talons scything away, or crawling along a wall blasting me with an assortment of spell-like blasts fails to instill in me any terror or disgust.

>> No.12515552


Yes but it makes you a furry. I would much rather make my character castrated.

>> No.12515580

Furry is only in your mind. Like bogeymen, it goes away when you stop thinking about it.

>> No.12515593

Yes, it would be in my mind, and I would be stuck with knowing that I played a god damned furry.

>> No.12515605

What about gryphons?

...I pity the eagle population.

>> No.12515612

rolled 4 = 4


>> No.12515616

Sahuagin and Phoenix.

Tell me what arises from this romance that should never be.

>> No.12515636

Broiled trout.

>> No.12515689

Griffins are born from an eagle egg after it mated with a lion, that's the lore.
Alexander the great made the first pair, according to some, to pull his flying chariot.

Hippogriphs are born when a griffin rapes an horse, that's from Ariosto I think.

This whole thread is just poppycock, learn your stuff before making more up!

>> No.12515856

rolled 80, 29, 87, 61 = 257

is this what you have when you inject heroin into a rooster?

>> No.12516065

Dear god, I had no idea two of my greatest intrests combind could be so horrible!
We have to find some way so that only gay centaurs and lamias are attracted to each other!

>> No.12516721 [DELETED] 


>> No.12518473

There's actually a video of a man fucking a python on /rs/.

Just...don't ask.

>> No.12518711

This is going to be an irritatingly retarded question, but withold your ass raping for a second.
How does the dice roller for /tg/ actually work? Like, what do you input? I'll bend over now...

>> No.12518741

I always thought the greatest heavy cavalry charge would be centaur cavalry in full plate with a knight on their backs both with lances in shields, bonus points if they are both different hands (i.e. knight is right handed centaur is left handed) that way you have a shield on both sides and lances on both sides, and then if they get stuck in the knight can face backwards on the centaur and they can fight back to back while still accomplishing objectives.


>> No.12518759

see here

>> No.12518762


"To tame me in battle, sir knight" the centaur stallion ltowered over the armored man.

"you must tame me in bed"
Dare you?

>> No.12518774


Thanks. You've spared a village somewhere its idiot.

>> No.12518780

maybe not a stallion, a mare yeah sure whatever.

though i don't know if riding to battle on your lover is ever a good idea.

>> No.12518785

No, halflings are what's left after men fucked lings out of existence.

>> No.12518804

>> No.12518825 [DELETED] 

Am I the only one thinking of some kind of screwed up D&D harem anime game right now?

>> No.12518837


>> No.12518859 [DELETED] 

rolled 1 = 1

Pondering... Has anyone ever thought of a monstrous relationship subset mechanic before?

>> No.12518880

rolled 77 = 77

Pondering... Has anyone ever thought of a monstrous relationship subset mechanic before?

>> No.12518887

rolled 94 = 94

I have no doubt of this,

and (I think)

>> No.12518972

I had forgotten where I got the image for this card. Thanks.>>12514791

>> No.12519012

rolled 35 = 35

you're welcome

here is his website.

>> No.12519027

rolled 23 = 23

dammit forgot to post the thing...


>> No.12519030


>> No.12519047

rolled 13 = 13

it is here, >>12519027

please stop yelling at me...

>> No.12519433


>> No.12521199

No 52: who be that "Ink-Eyes"?

>> No.12522345

This is Ink Eyes

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