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When were it decreed that Macha just couldn't get any?

I mean, I'm new to this whole 40K thing to an extent (that is to say, a lot), but...well, I'm curious!

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Some old drawfaggotry created by Miko (AKA IronShrineMaiden, AKA the first drawfag who decided she was too good for us) of Taldeer introducing LIIVI to her father Eldrad while Macha stood off to the side looking miffed because, according to the little arrow pointing at her, she never got any.

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This picture right here.
It was shortly after Love Can Bloom. After this picture it made its way into /tg/ canon.

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Well that settles that I guess.

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Go Eldar Lesbians!

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That does settle that.

Danke herr comrades.

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I have more if you want.

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I am not one to deny these things..

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Let's see... well I won't be able to dump EVERYTHING this time. I have to wake up for an appointment in the morning, but I'll give you a sampler.

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A bit of Lofn for posterity...

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And one more...

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And thus concludes the very brief sampler. Sorry I couldn't go all out tonight.

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Like...I mean doesn't Gabriel kinda cross paths with her a bit often?

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srsly, wat

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Not that I can remember... But I'm not so good at such things.

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Screw it, another hour won't hurt.
I doubt I'd be able to sleep right now anyway.

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after being a virgin for 400+ years why would you even give a shit anymore?

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Because it amuses us.

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You mean life in general?

Only been 24 years for me and I'm bummed as fuck about it.

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Well, you're already on depression out of the whole denial-anger-bargaining-depression-acceptance deal. Surely after 400 years they'd be onto Acceptance?

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She's 400+ years old now. She should have gone through horny>very horny>desperately horny>I'mgonnafuckingrapesomething horny>eitherI'mgonnagetlaidorIsuicide horny>fuck it, I'm a virgin for life by now. I don't see how you wouldn't be over it by then aside from for the sake of simple comic effect

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You are not an eldar

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That is Raidy from Lightning Warrior Raidy and a WoW paladin, who defeated her in combat. Raidy is requesting the usual rape.

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The five stages of grief don't really apply to self-loathing and clinical depression. Feels really shitty to know there's no chance in hell for me, not right now anyway.

Rather than derail this thread with a torrent of self-pity and heartache, I'm just going to contribute some Macha stuff.

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Thanks, lets move away from this and enjoy the pictures.

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Apparently LIIVI has doubled in manliness since LCB.

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Beards'll do that.

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Do you know how much you cast an embarrassing shadow onto me? I taught you everything you know and then you go off cavorting with a xeno witch. I bet you told her everything, didn't you? DIDN'T YOU!?! From how the holy hair mousse holds firm under even the most inhospitable conditions to the dark secrets of hair extensions. You will forever be a disappointment to me.

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Psudonym. That's the artist's handle.

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how many hundreds of times you think she's been a bride's maid by now?

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Alright, I really do need to go now.

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All my stuff if you want it/

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Oh Cyrus you.

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This thread has been deemed heretical by order of the Inquisition. All loyalist Imerials are advised to leave this thread before the purging begins.

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None here can be saved.

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Then we must begin exterminatus.

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no nissaXmacha?

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Oh what's this? A story about a faithful assassin for the Imperium and a filthy xenos witch? Oh well this seem gre-- Woah waitaminute extra heresy Oh You Are So In For A Purging!

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At least she has a better chance than Chris-chan

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Poor Macha, she tries so hard

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Let me guess, that was drawn by a girl?

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no, have you ever heard of CWC? if you have not you might want to keep it that way.

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oh hey, this thread is still up. I have work in a few minutes but I'll bump the thread.

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Tell us about it, Janet

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posting nissaXmacha

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>Rocky Horror + LCB


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that pic really makes me want to see a flash or something of slaanesh doing sweet transvestite.

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Just those two off the top of my head.
FUCK I'm going to be late for work!

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i lold

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