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Annonucement trailer for the Tyranid Campaign here:


There's even a glimpse of the Autarch in it.

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Looks like OP just got fucking trolled.

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These are just getting more and more elaborate, aren't they?

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OP here. What's this trolling bullshit? That's a fucking gamespot link for crying out loud! Here's another screenshot for you.

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This thread needs to be annihilated.

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>Implying linking to GS means trolling.

I honestly didn't think they could pull a tyranid campaign off, I always assumed they were two alien to make a campaign about.

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Alaitoc autarch with swooping hawk wings.

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Hive tyrant boneswords...fuck yeah.

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dear god... they have evoled sword technology. what next! BOLTERS? PLASMA GUNS!?!

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I think you wanted to say.... bonekatanas, possible biokatanas as well.

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no, I don't think that they have >falmpalm tech

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It is like facepalm tech but in addition it sows confusion in the enemy ranks.

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Ok, so we have a game in which we know will included a playable campaign for all previously established races within and one extra.
So why do they keep doing a 'Big Reveal' for each as if we had no clue that they would be in the game.
And what do they intend to do with the =][=? Is it Imps with Inquisitor body guard? Grey Knights? Sisters of Battle (Fuck I hope not, just when it looked like GW were removing the Inquisition from the Sisters), Inquisitor with stormies and assassins?

And then with Dawn Of War III coming out in what, two years? Are they even going to bother with adding all the factions this time? I mean, there is bound to be a large number of halfwit studios going bust they could outsource to again.

Then with no.3, is it gonna be just four or five races again? Are we gonna just have more of the fucking same leaving Tau, Dark Eldar, Necrons and Sisters in perpetual exclusion?

I gave up on DoW after the entire IronLore fuckup and how relic couldn't even be bothered to fix the fucking mess but just shoved the game, alpha stage and all, onto the shelves and pretended that all was right with the world.

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Well of course all the factions will not be added into Dawn of War III.

if the game is wildly popular and enough expansions released then it might possibly happen but not at release,

But Dark Eldar might make it, due to them getting a new codex out soon after all these years, but if DoW 3 is released in two years the novelty might have worn off.

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I know for a FACT sisters of battle will never, ever, ever be an army in DOW 2. Ever.

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And how do you know this?
Other then it seems GW will force any third person production company into shitting all over the girls or out right ignoring them.
Other wise we should have seen much more about them by this point.

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I think you just answered your own question

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Yes, but my explanation is plain old pessimism and cynic attitude from GW's continuing attempt to drive a twenty year veteran from the hobby.
Where's 12486602 worded their message as being along the lines of having official word from the inside.

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>But Dark Eldar might make it, due to them getting a new codex out soon after all these years, but if DoW 3 is released in two years the novelty might have worn off.

I wouldn't hold out hope. Even although the Necrons and Tau received a big push on inception and even although they did gain a decent amount of popularity, they just lack the appeal of the older and more "mainstream" factions to make it into the vanilla versions of either DoW and DoW2. DE are older but have never been that popular. I'd say we'd see either of the Tau or Necrons be a starting faction in a DoW game long before Dark Eldar, codex or no.

However, an interview with a dev said that although they were starting to talk about DoW3, it's more likely that we'll get at least one more expansion for DoW2, so you never know.

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>> it's more likely that we'll get at least one more expansion for DoW2
Outsourced to another third party halfwit studio with no money and even less clue about what the fuck they are doing.

You heard it here first people.

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>>Outsourced to another third party halfwit studio with no money and even less clue about what the fuck they are doing which will be cast aside and treated by relic like a red-haired stepchild.

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>Outsourced to another third party halfwit studio with no money and even less clue about what the fuck they are doing.

They can't screw up Sisters anymore than GW already has

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Of course they can't.
There is nothing more to screw up at this point.

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PC Gamer has a preview of the Tyranid campaign up:


The Tyranid hero is the Swarm Lord and is the only hero they get, but the tyranids do get to upgrade their units during the campaign.

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And here's a HD version of the trailer on Youtube:


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And the last higher res screenshots from PC Gamer.

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Yay, stupid monster voice to represent the hive mind!

Give me Spookums instead.

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Yay, stupid monster voice to represent the hive mind!

Give me Spookums instead.

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I was just about to say the same.

I mean, what the fuck? Where's my hot androgynous Hive Mind voice? That's just gay and campy.

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No girls allowed

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>Tyranid campign ? lame, I want to see a campaign involving more chapters not necisserily that you can play as any other chapter than the Blood Ravens but at least have more chapters involved in the story. The Dawn of War series is about the Blood Ravens chapter, so it should be mainly about them and I feel like they've already mixed in way to many factions for the games to have a good story. Many or why not all factions in the multiplayer part, but give the campaign a good recallable story that feels like 40K please, not a war on a scale with the Armagedon or Cadian wars that's just silly



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now i've got a random sing-song tune stuck in my head. IT IS GOD DAMN ADORABLE.

CURSE YOU AND YOUR CUTE ELDAR! i'd also like to know where i may find more of this cute eldar and have a nice day...

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Tyranids have already got a cold alien female voice commentating in multiplayer.

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I just wanna see all that shit the Blood Ravens pulled in DC come back to bite them in ass.

An angry Tau commander or Cadian General or something

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inb4 Tyranids romance sub-plot.

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I wouldn't mind seeing the Sisters turn up with a feeling of "God fucking DAMN Blood Ravens!"

Blood Ravens: Had a good portion of thier chapter go rogue, are psyker specialists, love stealing relics from people.

I'm supprised Sisters don't explode into avatars of pure rage when they hear about thier shit.

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>I'm supprised Sisters don't explode into avatars of pure rage when they hear about thier shit.

It's even funnier when you read all the wargear descriptions and it turns out that the Sisters have given them a shitload of nice wargear over the years, ranging from bolters to flamethrowers to jump-packs to blessings on one of the Ravens armoured suits.

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Seriously? Is this actually gave or the Blood Raven 'Totally gave, there's just no records'

I imagine one way or another they probebly got stuff from the Order of the Eternal Gate. Archeologists and relic hunters after all.

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Oh Sisters, you so bipolar.

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Seriously, with how prone they seem to be to fall to Chaos at the drop of a hat, why haven't the Blood Ravens been purged yet?

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>Awarded to the Blood Ravens after the defense of the Damocles Cluster this Goodwyn-De'az-pattern bolter bears sigils of the chapter and the Sisters of Battle.

> After St. Claire became a Canoness of the Order of the Lost Rosetta the Blood Ravens once again gained a boon from the Sisters of Battle as they fought side by side in the Second Purification of Vespa. Half of the planet was put to the flame and this master-crafted flamer gifted to the Blood Ravens after the fighting ended.

> Said to glow warmly on certain feast days this power armor was worn by the Blood Raven Adrien when he defended the Abbey of St. Irene against the Black Legion. Suffering terrible wounds Adrien fell into a deathlike state during which the abbey's holy sisters prayed over his body. Adrien arose during the vigil of Sister Claire who would later become canoness of the Order of the Lost Rosetta.

> Reworked to fit the larger Space Marine frame this pack retains the core engines of a Seraph-pattern jump pack. It came to the Blood Ravens during the Vespa campaign a gift from Sister Superior Christine Seraph of the Order of the Golden Light.

There's probably more, but that's what I could find.

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They're Marines, the most they'll get is a notice in the mail saying "Hi, could you please stop falling to Chaos,thanks."

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Because that would mean that they would need to write Sisters into a story in a way that makes them credible. And we know GW won't allow that.

Which annoys me, I'd like to see the Sisters/Hereticus campaign that is you investigating/hunting the blood angels. No corruption mechanic for this one but choices for you go 'PURGE EVERYTHING' or 'Work with the loyist remnants'

2 Different ways the player can do the inquisition, neither one right as such.

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I still miss that original DoW 1 campaign, and the nostalgia juice that comes from SIIIIIINNDRIIIIII. Sometimes I feel like going back and reinstalling that game just to play through it again.

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The Ordo Hereticus represent everything wrong about the Imperium and since the Sisters of Battle are a part of it I experience nothing but glee that the natzee nuns barely do anything in canon besides get killed in the thousands by one minor chaos vehicle or fall to chaos.

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>Adrien arose during the vigil of Sister Claire who would later become canoness of the Order of the Lost Rosetta.
At first I read that as Adrien becoming the Canonness of the Order of the Lost Rosetta. I didn't know what enraged me the most, the thought of a female Blood Raven, or a Space Marine Canonness.

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>Adrien arose during the vigil of Sister Claire

I'm sure he did.

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Wait, what?

The hereticus is what is WRONG with the imperium? The organisation that is supposed to stop corruption, to prevent anyone from acting in personal interest instead of for the good of the Imperium and to prevent rogue psykers and cultists from taking worlds?

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hur hur hur nazi/communist comparison incoming. oh wait..oops.

so um, yeah.

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...because not having somebody occasionally ask 'Hey, you're not making blood sacrifices to chaos, are you?' is more important than saving billions of lives and entire systems.

In during everyone thinking the Ordos are completely psycopathic and that the sisters light everything on fire because they can.

The ordos let primitive religions get a pass, most of the time. All you really need to to say is 'Well, it could be construed that their sun god/omnipresent deity/utilitarian goodly force is actually the Emperor' and you're good.

Meanwhile, the sisters are busy feeding the hungry, running the schola, giving sermons, and tending the sick. There's a reason the Sisters of battle are often called 'Angels of Mercy,' whereas space marines are 'Angels of death.' The sisters would just rather be fucking SURE when it comes to chaos.

When you see the results if you fail to purge it, you'd want to be sure, too.

>> No.12487467

Given that sisters do this by setting fire to the heretic, anyone the heretic knew, anyone the heretic was seen with, anyone within a 1000 miles of the heretic and anyone who helped them set fire to the heretic, just to be sure, it's very hard to make them seem heroic, especially when you don't even fucking bother!

A mountian will always be hard to climb, but you'll never get to the top by sitting on your ass writing more shit for space marines.

>> No.12487469


Uh, yeah, the group that does fucked up shit to psykers, mutants, and anyone who doesn't want to support a regime that expects you to work a 140 hour work week? It doesn't help that they're Hellraiser tier sadists, look at penitent engines and all the other "We'll capture you and torture you into a Thing"

>> No.12487475


Except the Sisters DON'T purge willy-nilly. The Grey Knights do but not the Sisters. They are more a surgical blade to the sword of the marines and the hammer of the guard. A surgical blade harms but in the end the body will be more heathly as a result.

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Hereticus' mission to prevent the Imperium from being overrun by psykers is an exercise in futility. Even the Witch Hunters codex fluff shows that many of them know it is inevitable, but choose not to tell the truth. 5th edition rulebook repeats the stance that the psychic mutation cannot be kept in check, and the latest parts of the timeline contain ever more massive outbreaks of rogue psykers.

>> No.12487478


Actually, the sisters really aren't that bad.

You are also now aware that psykers are used in interrogations. They can tell if you've been corrupted. They won't be NICE about getting information out of you, but they only kill those with a taint of fear, doubt, and disloyalty.

>> No.12487482

To be fair, arco-flagellation and Penitent Engines are reserved for arch-heretics. Meaning you basically need to be a full blown Chaos worshipper or at the very least incredibly dangerous to end up in that position.

>> No.12487488


Neither the Hereticus nor the Sisters do those. That's the Eccesiarchy, which the Sisters are not beholden to and are supposed to police.

Also, neither of the two are tortured. Arcoflangelents are mind-wiped and labotomised and Penitent engines are just a repentent person in a machine.

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>well, we should just let humanity be destroyed, then.

That's the point. In 40k, everybody is doomed, one way or the other. Only the Nids, Orks, and Necrons really stand a chance.

>> No.12487501


The Hereticus does not mind psykers. WITCHES are the issue. A psyker is a risk, but a witch is a garenteed disaster, it's just a matter of time.

>> No.12487512

> Arcoflangelents are mind-wiped and labotomised
I thought they were fed serene religious imagery to cleans the soul or something.

>> No.12487513

>...because not having somebody occasionally ask 'Hey, you're not making blood sacrifices to chaos, are you?' is more important than saving billions of lives and entire systems.

Don't give me that, the Ecclesiarchy preaches that daemons do not exist, and only the highest ranking ones lead the truth. If you hate daemons, you believe in them, and are thus, guess what, a heretic.

>In during everyone thinking the Ordos

Don't even try to drag the legitimate threats of daemons and xenos into this. Just the Ordo Hereticus. The fact that its pretty self explanatory what a daemon or a xeno is but that a "heretic" means fucking anything, including 100% loyal citizens who know too much or have seen too much or being born with the wrong genetic code or whatever says it all.

>Meanwhile, the sisters are busy feeding the hungry

Yes, we all know that the Sisters engage in "charity" as their style of building up webs of informants, so they can find out who needs to be turned into an arco-flagellant or some other horrible, tortured desecration of man's holy form.

>> No.12487515


Both. The religious imagery keeps them calm and under control until it's time for them to fight. Then the combat drugs start pumping.

>> No.12487518

Sanctioned psykers still face a great deal of prejudice of course, but only the most nutty of Sisters/Priests/Inquisitors tries to purge them. They're valuable Imperial property after all.

>> No.12487523

>The Hereticus does not mind psykers.

Pretty sure they're the ones that hunt down unsanctioned psykers who escape the Black Ships.

>> No.12487527

And so there are two sides to every coin. The Ordo Hereticus are both fighting the good fight and being horrible cunts at the same time. You'll find saints and sociopaths alike within their ranks.

>> No.12487532


Except that the mutation is also the "endgame" of the human race in 40k. Rulebook says:

>Mutation sweeps across the Imperium like a galaxywide plague, twisting body and soul into ever more deviant forms. Mankind is on the verge of an evolutionary change tens of thousands of years in the making. If humanity can survive the birth trauma, the mundane shackles of its current form will be thrown off and a new epoch of wonderment and psionic mastery ushered in.

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I wonder if the blood ravens are in this, I couldn't imagine them getting 75% into a civil war some where else just to turn around.

>> No.12487536

They do mind rogue psykers.

>> No.12487543

The Glory of the Many shall be achieved?

>> No.12487545


>Don't even try to drag the legitimate threats of daemons and xenos into this. Just the Ordo Hereticus. The fact that its pretty self explanatory what a daemon or a xeno is but that a "heretic" means fucking anything, including 100% loyal citizens who know too much or have seen too much or being born with the wrong genetic code or whatever says it all.

Except knowing too much IS an issue when chaos can use that to control you. Having the wrong genetic code IS an issue when chaos is the usual cause of non-abhuman mutants. Also it's the MALLUS that does the 'You know too much about daemons, you die now' part, not the HERETICUS.

>Yes, we all know that the Sisters engage in "charity" as their style of building up webs of informants, so they can find out who needs to be turned into an arco-flagellant or some other horrible, tortured desecration of man's holy form.

Yes because the fact that Sisters are DO NOT MAKE Arco-flangellants or Penitent engines is unrelated to that. And thier tenents have them do that BECAUSE THEY WANT TO HELP PEOPLE. There is a direct quote from Sebastian Thor about this, and the Sisters almost worship Thor.1

>> No.12487551

The Hereticus and Sisters follow proudly in the hypocritical tradition of the Imperium established before the Heresy, namely that "psykers" like the Thousand Sons, are bad, but the Space Wolf Rune Priests are awesome (and manly enought to moisten SoB panties) because "it's not warp but elemental powers, honest".$

>> No.12487552

Just an observation. Random capitalisation of words looks retarded. I'm not involved in your HEATED DEBATE, just an OBSERVER.

>> No.12487554


I never particularly noticed that 40k has a good end scenario plastered in it so obviously (not including the Star Child Heresy which is a good end in the sense that Slaanesh was a good end for the eldar)

>> No.12487563

What's really, REALLY freakin' bizarre is that Magnus started the whole librarian thing (afaik), Emps disbanded it, and somewhere down the line, they just reinstated it... did anyone figure out who actually did that?

>> No.12487566


Well there is still the "That mankind will survive is by no means certain" clause. Grimdark.

>> No.12487568


Except that is not true. The know what psykers are and they don't completely trust any of them.

And the Thousand Sons were Sorcerers, not natural Psykers in a lot of cases.

That and the Sisters loathe the Space Wolves.

>> No.12487579


It's also noteworthy that Rune Priests existed when librarians were banned, and were not included in that ban.

Perhaps it counts as a librarian only if it comes with a Psychic Hood?

>> No.12487582

I mean, its *A* good end scenario posited, which is pretty unusual. Also, its interesting in the context of presenting wild psykers as what will save mankind rather than the Space Gestapo.

>> No.12487595

Rune Priests go "BOOKS ARE FOR FAGGOTS! ARROOOO!" whereas librarians read books and wear stupid glasses.

Note that Emps didn't KILL off the librarians, he just said... they couldn't be librarians anymore. So in other words, its Space Psychic Dont Ask Dont Tell.

>> No.12487601

You idiot, those weren't RANDOM capitalisations.

>> No.12487606

Wild psykers popping up all over the place won't save humanity. They'll get it devoured by the daemonic. If humanity does go through a psychic awakening then they're going to need to be even more militant about policing psykers to survive. Not saying that the Imperium would persevere, but unless people are capable of killing off liabilities or training everyone up to sanctioned levels extra-quick then you're going to get a "daemons, daemons everywhere" scenario.

>> No.12487612

Debatable. Obviously, the strongest psyker thus far didn't need any help controlling his powers, and they don't just kill off psykers by feeding to the Emps who are too weak or too uncontrolled, but those who are too powerful.

>> No.12487622

i now have this image of a space wolf with a sister ove one shoulder. his laughing and pissed out of hsi head and she's furious and trying to smack him ineffectually.

>> No.12487629

>>12487568 And the Thousand Sons were Sorcerers, not natural Psykers in a lot of cases.

There's no difference in fluff.

>> No.12487641

A Tyranid campaign. How boring.

>> No.12487644


Yes. Psykers and other mutants are living in the underhives or kept on a tight leash.

The only psykers in the Imperium with a degree of self-determination are the lucky astropaths serving under lenient masters, Navigators and psyker Inquisitors. These are a vast minority, for example if a Sister turns out to have psychic abilities she is incarcerated or killed on spot without exception.

>> No.12487646

Alpha grade psykers routinely go mad; there's simply too much power in their head for them to handle. A few manage to stabilise to a degree, but they still end up being functional-crazy rather than sane.

>> No.12487650

So the Imperium is basicly just a bunch of schoolyard bullies?


>> No.12487652


Yes there is. A psyker has natural talents, a Sorcerer draws on the warp through pacts and ritual. Somone can be both and those are nasty.

>> No.12487654

There's a huge difference. Anyone with sufficient intelligence and willpower can learn sorcery, given access to the right material. Heretical psykers often augment their abilities with sorcery, but no psychic potential is required to chant forbidden words and summon daemons.

>> No.12487659


The Burning Princess has managed pretty well for an alpha, if she's insane it doesn't prevent her from having a career as a hired help for the Calixian underworld and moving around undercover in criminal circles.

>> No.12487662

Pretty sure that when mankind reaches the next level they'll be like Eldar 2.0 and that chaos won't be able corrupt anyone.
Tho there is a chance that in 10k years the Imperium of Man suffers the same fate as the Eldar Empire and we end up with 5 major chaos gods and 2 eyes of terror.

>> No.12487667



>> No.12487668

The Eye of Terror, and Dubya's favorite variant, the Eye of Terra.

>> No.12487680

Yeah, in DH rogue psykers gained the ability to avoid perils of the Warp before sanctioned ones did.

Of course, both flavors of psykers are WAY more dangerous and unstable than in canon, as they are intended to model WHFB's style where everyone is the equivalent of a chaos sorcerer pushing it to the max every freakin time.

still the whole "Whoops, I'm a daemonhost now!" thing is funny enough to keep

>> No.12487685

I'm going to say this right out, The Burning Princess is probably the coolest looking female character in 40k

>> No.12487686

>Eye of Terra

>> No.12487693

Black ships only come on average once per hundred years.

In other words, SEVERAL generations of unsanctioned psykers live and die on every Imperial world for the one "lucky" generation that gets dragged off to feed the Emperor and what not.

>> No.12487707

>Burning Princess


>> No.12487718

>Tryranid campaign with...
>the mute but heroic leader
>the angry tough-guy
>the calm professional
>the enthusiastic rookie
>the silent assassin
Oh god no

>> No.12487725

Someone didnt read the article.

>> No.12487778

>There is a direct quote from Sebastian Thor about this, and the Sisters almost worship Thor.

So the Sisters blindly followed Gogo until the Emperor told them not to, then they blindly followed Thor, and now days they blindly follow who every claims to represents the Emperor.

So the Sisters can be summed up as 'Blindy Following Men.' Just pointing that out.

>> No.12487817


Actually these days not so much. They learnt thier lesson after Vandire and now don't take orders from the Eccessirachy. They listen to them but they don't obey them any more. They have taken down a lot of Cardinals who thought they could manipulate the Sisters.

>> No.12487885

Aren't the sisters always written as the stupidly loyal subjects of the witchhunters?

>> No.12487895


Honestly they are rarely written as working for the Witchhunters. Generally they are just there as themselves.

>> No.12487904

>Honestly they are rarely written at all


>> No.12487992


The Sisters seem to have a habit of turning on people who don't meet their standards. This is especially true of the more intellectual orders. Some of them get duped (see the...5th Ciaphas Cain novel, I believe) and turn on their masters once the truth has been revealed. Any politically minded cleric who wants to use the Sororitas for less than holy ends is liable to get punched in the face by an armoured first.

>> No.12488044

If you can learn sorcery, why are there Rubric marines?

>> No.12488058


Because they didn't. The Sorcerers there were superpowered but anyone who had not learnt it at all became a Rubric Marine.

>> No.12488114

>In a way, the Rubric of Ahriman succeeded beyond all expectation, but at a cost none could have predicted. The Chaos Sorcerers of the Thousand Sons either survived the Rubric of Ahriman and had their knowledge and powers greatly augmented, or they were utterly destroyed. On the other hand, their battle brethren whose psychic powers had been slight or non-existent were permanently changed. The armour of the normal battle brothers was sealed shut, as if every clasp and joint had been welded tight. Inside the heavy shell of ceramite and adamantium the bodies of the Chaos Space Marines had been reduced to a handful of dry dust. Truly mutation would plague them no more, but their spirits lived on inside their battle armour for all eternity.

>> No.12488131

Ah yes. Also worth mentioning that AT THE TIME the Radicals Handbook idea that anyone could learn sorcery was absent, and Chaos Sorcerer exclusively meant "Librarian Turned Into A Chaos Marine." There were no, and still are no, rules or fluff in the CSM 4e book allowing for or hinting at the existence of, Chaos Sorcerers lacking psyker powers.

Nowadays, there are apparently Chaos Sorcerers of Khorne in the novel Blood Pact and in DoW.

>> No.12488144

Think less psychic powers and more blood ritual. Sacrifices to Khorne, carving runes onto the flesh of chosen champions, that sort of thing.

>> No.12488178

I no rite? I just mean that the term "Chaos Sorcerer" almost always means a Librarian turned into a CSM, but you don't have to serve the Ruinous Powers, be an Astartes, or be a Psyker to actually use sorcery.

>> No.12488202


Nope. You could be a loyalist Sister of Battle and somehow still be a Sorcerer.

You'd be a pretty pisspoor Sister but it's possible.

>> No.12488231

Given how fast Sisters fall to Chaos, I'm shocked Sorcerey isn't the norm

>> No.12488247

Well, at least in the RPG, I sure as hell can't see any way to do so. They can't become Warp Dabblers or nothin.

In the fluff...

>> No.12488272

So a few little fluff chunks from space marine items have given more background to the Sisters' Orders than GW has in the last 10 years

>> No.12488277

>tyranid campain



You know it to be true...

>> No.12488298

I know it to be false. The tyranids will never get actual character OR characters. Win or lose, tyranid invaders of a planet are going to die just like the defenders of it will.

That's why I like the zerg a lot better -- they don't AUTO die if they win. Seriously, shits depressing.

>> No.12488317

>The tyranids will never get actual character OR characters.

Not true. Some Tyranids - Hive Tyrants in particular, but also some other specially grown creatures - can have their memories reabsorbed into the Hive Mind, then a new body grown for them, and the memories reborn into that new body. Thus it's possible for a rare few Tyranids to be characters in their own rights, even if they are utterly lacking in emotion.

>> No.12488325

It'd be an exceptional occurrence and most likely as the result of a sister joining the Oblationist faction. Fight fire with fire, knowing that you damn yourself by doing so. A small sacrifice for the future of mankind. Faith talents go out the window in any case.

>> No.12488330


This is also why there are no tyranid special characters in 40k which everybody uses.

oh wait...


Yeah, face it. Tyranids already have those guys.

>> No.12488342

Exactly, any characters they have are still entirely alien to humanity. With Orks, Eldar, Tau and the like you've got differences in psychology but there can be some level of comprehension (inb4heresy) due to common traits (arrogance in Eldar, joy in orks, fear in Tau etc). You don't get that with Tyranids. As one Inquisitor said, they're incapable of good, honest human hatred.

>> No.12488346


>the urge to re-produce so your DNA will live on

That's a thought.

>> No.12488359

Well, there's that. They're bestial in that regard, but in possession of genius level intelligence in their synapse creatures. Their motivations are pure and uncomplicated, allowing for nothing resembling human emotion.

>> No.12488368

That's cool, makes Tyranids seem significantly less VORE BAD END, though overall I consider Daemons closer to the Zerg -- all Zerg are drawn to psykers, they come out of nowhere, infested terran design is based off the 1e Chaos Spawn art, they use Warp travel (do Tyranids?) and are usually more bug like than dinosaur like.

Still, there are similarities either way. And it doesnt' much matter, esp on account of Dante's alliance of humans and xenos being in response to a simultaneously derp striking daemon/tyranid onslaught.

>> No.12488385

playing space bugs.. just what I always wanted...

seriously, dow can go fuck itself now. what a bland SC ripoff...

>> No.12488396

>all Tyranids share a single mind
>individuals can have unique knowledge and experience

>> No.12488405

What happens to a Tyranid in isolation?

>> No.12488406


actually space dinos.

>> No.12488420

They're like Goth Kids

They're individuals just like everyone else

>> No.12488421

Is this going to be like when we were expecting a chaos campaign and instead got a karma meter last expansion?

>> No.12488428

I understand that a lot of people dislike the changes to the fluff he brought in, but I really dig them. They strike a nice balance between impersonal, mindless alien horror, and cold, self-aware, calculating alien intelligence. It also gives them a little spark that they didn't have before, the ability to create your own Hive Tyrant that can be thought of as *yours* - something which, while it may not (and should not) have a personality, can have a history.

>> No.12488471

i was sort of hoping for an IG trying to hold the line and fix shit once the ravens have gone to another place with shiny things campaign or even an eldar dickery behind the scenes campaign rather than nids.

i mean when you boil it down nids motivations are always "OMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOM" which i think could get pretty boring, that and unless they massively rework how the nid units work they will suck massively

>> No.12488710

Nom nom nom, eat their guts, rip and tear.
I'm fine with this.
Although a leader-slot item that happens to be a disheveled, sweaty rogue trader captain with her hair all askew and eyes unfocused would be tops. =D

>> No.12488751

>>People still remember my awful, ridiculous writefaggotry

Well, thats made my afternoon.

>> No.12488880

Thing is, though, the codex itself seems to contradict the idea of information being limited to the 'original' organisms.

>Hive Fleet Naga may well have been obliterated, but before it was destroyed it sampled several dozen previously unencountered forms of biomass. As with Behemoth before it, Hive Fleet Naga also learnt much about the galaxy’s defenders. The Hive Mind already had a sense for the strategies and capabilities of the Imperium of Man, but now it had tasted the minds and flesh of the Eldar. It hungered for more…

>Despite its defeat, the invasion of Hive Fleet Gorgon would have lasting implications for the Tau. Before Gorgon’s final destruction, three Hive Ships broke off from the main fleet and headed back towards the intergalactic void with elements of the Tau fleet in dogged pursuit. These Hive Ships carried with them the full span of Gorgon’s experiences in battle with the Tau, the taste of their weaponry and the potential of their flesh. The Tau erroneously believed that this knowledge could only be transferred if the Hive Ships survived to make contact with the other Tyranids that even now advanced upon the Tau Empire. As far as O’Vanan was concerned, the future of the Tau now lay in his hands.

I do like the Hive Tyrant stuff in theory, but for me it just clashes too much with how the Hive Mind works. This whole business of downloading consciousnesses into new bodies is really more of a Necron thing anyway. But each to his/her/its own.

>> No.12488904

Returning to a point made earlier; weren't the Order of the Lost Rosetta featured in (or even created for, I'm not sure) C.S. Goto's DoW novels? It wouldn't be the first reference to them Relic slipped into DoW2.

>> No.12488939

>It wouldn't be the first reference to them Relic slipped into DoW2.
*(or DoW for that matter - pic related)

>> No.12489054

Indeed! T'was the stuff of fetishy legend, most surely. And had the best RT concept evarr.

In other news.
I wonder if there'll be an Eldar campaign....eventually.
Nids sound good, but my heart calls the Craftworlds home.
Gah. I'm so torn on DoW 2 Eldar though. Guardians, Guardians everywhere. And I can't stand the blurting, twinkly DoW2 shuriken weapons. The Pew-Pew from DoW1 wasn't much better, but it was actually _better_. =P

>> No.12489067

It's been reclaimed and repurposed for a good end.

>> No.12489091

I'm actually pretty sure that the Rogue Trader in my game is based off of her.
She claims shes a Big Game Hunter who wants to bag one of every kind of Xeno in the Expanse, but she gets very excited when we take one alive and always makes us leave her to conduct interrogations in private. I'm fairly certain she's 'bagging' them in quite a different way, behind closed doors.

I don't really know how to feel about this.

>> No.12489121

Depends entirely on whether it interferes with the generation of profit or not. As long as she maintains proper containment procedures and doesn't go traitor for xenocock then all is well.

>> No.12489158

To be fair, I don't think my Kroot would have any idea what the fuck was going on either way, which is probably why she keeps him around. Complete inability to grasp human genders/mating rituals and all that.

Besides, purely going from his point of view, I doubt he would care; as long as she keeps passing out the thrones and letting me kill stuff, she can pogo on Tyranid cock all she likes.

Doesn't mean I'm not totally stealing her fucking Valkyrie when it all inevitably goes to shit, though.

>> No.12489161

So wait, Does this mean that the Hivemind doesn't have its soothing female voice anymore?

>> No.12489164

Remember it? I saved it.

>I wonder if there'll be an Eldar campaign....eventually.
I'm pretty sure there will be. Wasn't there a trailer released for it? I think there's going to be a campaign for all the races.

Not quite sure how I feel about the Hive Mind sounding like Gollum, though, if the RETURN - DESTROY - CONSUME voiceover in the Tyranid trailer is anything to go by.

>> No.12489184

Terrible voice is terrible. Clearly the way to go is a The Many/The Master style amalgamation of several voices speaking at once.

>> No.12489200

Who knows? Maybe that voice is just a particular synapse creature passing out orders and those orders being tinged by its passage through that creature, whereas the 'commander' still hears the female hive mind voice.

For example, I could see a frontline combat creature like the Hive Tyrant having a massive growly snarly 'voice' simply because it's programmed to violently tear everything it meets into shreds. It has no need for subtlety, so the hive mind's commands relayed through it sound big and bold and angry.

The Lictor, though, is a much sneakier and more specialized entity, so I could see it 'sounding' quieter or whatever.

Of course, I could just be reading too much into this and they just couldn't get the female voice actor back. :V

>> No.12489210

Mmm, yea. I always imagined the Hive MInd sounding...liquid, if that makes sense? Like a crushing wave of thousands of alien voices that drown anything trying to listen in on them. Hell, there's a line in the Tyranid codex that mentions Psykers driven mad by the Shadow in the Warp start rambling and babbling in an alien tongue that should be unpronouncable by human lips.

>> No.12489222

The Lictor sound sound like a right smooth motherfucker.

>> No.12489234

And I just had this sudden image of the Tyranid campaign sounding like the cast of TF2.
Genestealer: I was never on your side.

>> No.12489242


Actually I'd like to see a multitude of voices for the hive mind, sort of a deranged choir of many "personalities". A bit like The Master in fallout, damn was that superbly done.

>> No.12489248

Oh, like a susurrus? Or maybe a sort of sibilant effect? Yeah, I could see that working. It also plays into the whole idea of the hive mind being like a huge wave that just rolls over the systems it invades pretty well, actually.

He wears aviator shades and refuses to give a fuck. Also, he kills you!

>> No.12489252

"...you have just one hero. You’re the Swarmlord."

>> No.12489253

What is this female voice, anyway? I've never actually played DoW2.

Also, WHAT THE FUCK RELIC. They've cocked the Swarmlord's design right up. He's missing the extra horn, the split at the end of his tail, the shape of the one horn he does have is wrong, the vents on his back aren't long enough. And where the hell are his mandibles?

>> No.12489266

*click Infiltrate*
"...and just like that, I'm _in_ them."
*click flesh hooks*
"Awww yeah. Come to papa."

>> No.12489273

In the Last Stand mode commentary is occasionally offered from an off-screen CO.
The Eldar get some random Warlock. SM gets an IG sounding commander.
The Tyranid character gets a female hivemind pointing out it's genestealers just died or what have you.

>> No.12489278

As far as I know: The different races all have different announcers to relay in-game events to the player. The Orks have a whiny, apologetic Gretchin, for example, who starts panicking and begging you not to beat him up when you start losing units.
The Tyranid one is a slightly echoey, distant-sounding female voice who remains pretty much unmoved by everything.

>> No.12489287

I think Eldar Pheonix Lords are the only mortals that can become that strong and not got batshit crazy. The Imperium feeds alphas to the choir unless they kill them first(it would take several Sisters of Silence plus a few of the pariah assassins to subdue one enough to get him on a black ship)

>> No.12489304

>he has a variety of biomorphs that he can equip over the course of the campaign: including scything talons, crushing claws – which is a more anti-vehicle, anti structural style melee weapons – Barbed Stranglers, and Venom Cannons – which is a massive ranged anti-vehicle weapon that the Tyranids use.

Oh for fuck's sake. What's the point of even including the Swarmlord, if he's just going to be treated like some regular Hive Tyrant with switchable Bioweapons? The Swarmlord's Bonesabres are as iconic as Calgar's giant hands or the Avatar's Wailing Doom, and being able to replace them is just not on.

Huh, cool. Might have to try and chase some stuff up on Youtube.

>"...and just like that, I'm _in_ them."

I'd comment on this, but right now I'm too busy being flabbergasted at Relic's miserable failure to do Swarmy justice.

>> No.12489333

I was trying a little too hard. =]

But anyway, problem is that if he's the central playable hero he's got to be adaptable to any role the player might desire -and that means by-by giant claws, hello venom cannon.
There might be a better choice overall, I don't really know 'Nids that well, and Swarmy could be relegated to Heavy Assault or somesuch.
Don't look so, however.

>> No.12489365

He's not the central playable hero; he's the ONLY playable hero. That means that he essentially has to be able to fill the roles of Avitus, Tarkus, Cyrus AND the Force Commander, or people with certain playstyles are going to feel alienated.

>> No.12489371

1000% agreed about the Swarmlord. They need to make the Swarmlord look like he is actually different from a Hive Tyrant. He needs to be shown as the badass as he is. Also, the lack of dual-end tail, serrated Bonesabres, two serrated horns on his head, and the terrible shape of the Bonesabres makes me sad. but the fact that he is being introduced as the awesome character that he is to the people who have only played DoW2 and never played Warhammer 40k makes me rather happy. Still very disappoint.

>> No.12489387

>Huh, cool. Might have to try and chase some stuff up on Youtube.


>> No.12489392

Yea, but why didn't they just create some form of new special Hive Tyrant then? They're all, to an extent, individuals anyway so doing so wouldn't break the fluff, and they could easily explain the ability to alter weapons as it being some sort of experimental Tyrant that's been evolved with the ability to restructure its physical body into new weapons and biomorphs. But noooooo, they take an existing character and randomly decide it can now replace weapons which are grown into its body. Also, I'll bet the Bonesabres are the base weapons, so everything else you get will be strictly better, so just keeping the Sabres won't be much of an option unless you like losing.

Congratulations, Relic. I mad. And that doesn't happen often.

>> No.12489394

That's...not very encouraging.
I think I get why. Too hard to inject personality into the Nids and not stray too far from cannon, but damn.
That's a disappointment.

>> No.12489431

There will probably be upgraded Bonesaber variants, but aye.
Plenty of reasons to I Mad, no doubt.
I tend to feel the same way about the paucity of aspect warriors for the Eldar.

>> No.12489441

DoW2 has a very, VERY small unit count as it is.

The more units you introduce the harder it'll be to balance them all.

>> No.12489457

You've witnessed the blasphemy that are Sorcerers of the Blood Legion of Khorne, you've seen a shipment of hundred Baneblades lost by Vance Stubbs, and still you dare complain about a Hive Tyrant's weaponry?

>> No.12489490

At least we are Xenos and not heretics. We didn't betray our legion. We just want to cuddle next to a planet with tasty bio-mass and suck it dry so that we can move on to the next one.

Wait... Did I just make a metaphor of Tyranids being like women? ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZING

>> No.12489500

You see, the first two I can accept. A psyker who doesn't actually use their psychic abilities to fight, but to aid them in summoning and binding Daemons. A hundred Baneblades discovered by chance in a long-abandoned subterranean hanger and dispatched to be re-sanctified by the Mechanicus.

But this? Eugh. I'm going to go dump porn in /d/ for a while.

>> No.12489517

Well, ok...
A) Sorcerers can tear tanks apart bare-handed. Khorne should be cool with that. This ain't WHF, Big K needs to get over it. It's a weak argument, but eh, I don't really care about the cannon violations of 1/4 of a faction.

B) The 100 Baneblades were assembled, crewed, and shipped out to battlefronts across the system right on schedule. That's not "lost" -and sneaking in your assault after your enemy has just done something like deplete it's local stores of ultra-heavy armor is either excellent timing or great intel at work. Nothing wrong with either.

C) Ok, true. To each their own.

>> No.12489535

Oo, oo!
Wait for me!
As long as we're not talking another dickgirl or trap flood.
My god /d/, seriously. Repetition is the very essence of negating deviance.

>> No.12489539

If we get a fucking Tyranid campaign and not a Eldar one I will smash my plastic guardians over and over and over again and quit this bullshit game.

>> No.12489546

Calm down there, sparkly. There was an Eldar campaign announced like... 2 months ago.

>> No.12489547


The followers of Khorne have never needed psykers to summon daemons. All it takes to summon a Bloodletter is the favour of Khorne and screaming the right words loud. The favour of Khorne is gained by spilling a lot of blood and gathering skulls.

Summoning a Bloodthirster is the same, except with more blood and skulls.

>> No.12489555

Just like how people go "LOL MULTILAZOOORS" whenever CS Goto is mentioned.

Yeah, forget the fact that he writes about the ocular mutilation of Eldar like it's a personal fetish of his.

>> No.12489642


I could imagine a Khornate "sorcerer" just being an extremely favored Champion/Lord. He'd basically act as a beacon to bring daemons in exactly at the spot where they could cause the most bloodshed.

As far as "spells" go, maybe he could do something like make an enemy assplode into a Bloodthirster, instead of having to sacrifice one of his own Champions. And maybe somehow increasing the bloodthirstiness of his own dudes by channelling Khorne's will directly into their minds or something.

>> No.12489658

IIRC Everybody's getting a campaign. Orks, Eldar and Nids have trailers up.

>> No.12489687

The official word is "at least four" campaigns.

>> No.12489730

Which I'd guess will mean one for each current army, and the new one is an adversary for all.

>> No.12489743

I'm expecting one campaign for each of the current races, with the confirmed new race as an overarching enemy, like the Necrons of Winter Assault.

Or even one campaign for all of the current races *excluding* the Blood Ravens, who are off doing their own schtick. This one is far more unlikely, though, seeing as it would be like the main character disappearing from the last book of a trilogy.

>> No.12489773

Hey guys, I've got this brilliant plan, right? Instead of sending our forces into battle, we get Sorcerers to sneak into enemy bases, mind-control their troops and then lead them back to our base where they'll explode over the blood pit. That way we get the blood we need to appease Khorne without having to do any nasty fighting!

>> No.12489792


If the new race is an overarching enemy in the campaign, it is probably either Necrons or a puritan Inquisitor from either DH or WH and his SoB/GK forces. There's plenty of reasons why the =I= would attack Blood Ravens, not to mention the other factions since those are all non-imperial.

>> No.12489793



Congratulations your are the DUMBEST Chaos worshiper ever. Take your complementory chainsword rape.

>> No.12489796


>> No.12489807

Look at the Inquisitorial symbol.


It's as much of a fucking giveaway as "Chaos" in "Chaos Rising".

Yeah, it'll be Necrons all right.

>> No.12489808

A Generic 'Imperial' Faction would do me fine.

That way we can have IG, Witch Hunters, Grey Knights and Inquisitors in the Game without having the nightmare that is trying to balance 3 new factions.

>> No.12489810

DC confirmed that Gorgutz got him and stuck his head on his pointy dik, so it's all good.

>> No.12489811


>New Race
>Not getting campaign
>Gets beaten up in the 4 existing ones

Yep, confirmed for Sisters.

>> No.12489826

I think it's more likely that the enemy will be the fallen Blood Ravens and that the new race will be Deamon Hunters.

They have a new codex due to come out after Dark Eldar after all...

>> No.12489848

>The Eldar get some random Warlock. SM gets an IG sounding commander.
I think the Eldar voice is a Ranger. Marine is Dayvian Fool.

>> No.12489863

>>12489253Also, WHAT THE FUCK RELIC. They've cocked the Swarmlord's design right up. He's missing the extra horn, the split at the end of his tail, the shape of the one horn he does have is wrong, the vents on his back aren't long enough. And where the hell are his mandibles?

Relic doesn't really care about making it stick to GW art

>> No.12489894

I always assumed that the Eldar one was the Warp Spider for some reason. Maybe its just wishful thinking though; I love Warp Spiders.
Also, (assuming I'm not a retard) this post now with useless trip!

>> No.12489926

And it fucking sucks.

I want the goddamn Overmind.

>> No.12489942

i wonder if the SM dread will still be the thule-nought - because he's currently winning my campaign largely by himself

>> No.12489955

"i have your back brothers, sit this one out"

>> No.12489957

>I want the goddamn Overmind

Then play Starcraft.

>> No.12489974

Thule IS pretty fucking incredible, which is only right and proper given that he's a century-old hero entombed in a walking engine of destruction.
Venerable, shitkicking punchnaught, cover-obliterating dakkanaught, he can do it all. I love the guy.

>> No.12489977

But StarCraft sucks even more than DoW2.

I'm goin' back to Dark Crusade.

>> No.12489983


This. It should be narrated.

"Through the twisting immaterium you sense a great beacon drawing you toward the large metallic spires. Billowing from the apex you can see plumes of thick chemical smoke. Blood is on the air, and even at this distance you can savor the meal to come. This is a site of great importance to the bipedal, fleshy creatures. It's destruction would be a great boon to the hive fleet's efforts."

>> No.12490003

yeah, its great when he smashes cover - except he always picks the one avatus is hiding behind - every fucking time. Except if avatus is at the drop pod, then its cyrus' turn.

>concern scutle
see, captcha agrees!

>> No.12490005

What the fuck is with that chickenshit voice they have right now?

You don't give giant hive-mind creatures voices like that. You give them deep, thundering voices like the Overmind or the Gravemind.

>> No.12490062

I miss Tony Jay.

>> No.12490322

We all miss Tony Jay...

>> No.12490736

when the fuck are we going to get an Imperial Guard campaign?

>> No.12490862

I should think (well, hope) it would be pretty soon. I mean, they already gave them a bunch of new weapons and characters and such in Chaos Rising, so..

>> No.12490879

All signs point to Retribution adding either the guard, the Inquisition or a mix of the two in one faction.

>> No.12490896

DoW2's kind of armor-light. Won't feel properly Guard without tanks of all kinds and lots of them.

I also went and looked for 'Nids on Paheal.
I feel bad. I should. I now want to play a leggy, curvy, Hive Fleet Siren-style Tyranid in DoW2.

>> No.12491032

there are plenty of light infantry guard regiments

>> No.12491047

>>12490896DoW2's kind of armor-light

tier 3, if it drags on, becomes TANKSTANKSTANKSTANKSTANKS

and then the side with Kommando wins

>> No.12491066

Indeed, but DoW likes to muddle about in the ground between Fluff and TT, between "lol flashlights" and "actually the humble S3 lasrifle has a decent chance of incapacitating a marine when applied in sufficient volume."
And frankly, it's just me, but I don't give any kind of crap for playing as a bunch of crappy dismounted IG running around somehow owning every other faction because it's Last Chancers brand Plot Armor all over again.
Nossir. IG = ARMOR, or nothing.

>> No.12492407


IG does not now, nor has it ever, = armor only.

The guard have many, many elite units that are more than capable of holding their own in DOW2 style squad combat. Stormtrooper squad replaces Tarkus, Heavy Weapon team replaces Avatus, Ogryns replace Thadeus, Veterans replace Cyrus, command squad replaces Force commander, and a a sentinel replaces Thule.

I'd suggest the sentinel be lighter armored, but more versatile with weapon loadouts. My roommate also suggested that it not destroy cover, but rather walk over it. I like that idea, as guard would need to utilize cover more effectively than most.

Easily done. The Squads would just have 2-3 more members, which is easy to fit considering they're much smaller, physically, than SPEHSS MEHREENS.

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