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Chaos thread bitches

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I fucking love Chaos. I wish Lost and the Damned was still a legal codex so I could make my Red Corsairs raider army.

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We soldiers of Order just got a shipment of new armour.

You jelly?

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Praise Papa Nurgle!

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Slaanesh is kinda cool but only from the obsession and seeking sensation angle for me, not the 'look at them ass and titties' angle.

It can be very tempting, being able to taste or feel or smell or hear or sing or speak again, when you don't have that anymore (or never had that).

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>Reverse it

Seriously though, I can dig it. The sex aspect of Slaanesh is way less interesting to me than the compulsion or warping of sense of beauty, than the pushing of the limits of sensation.

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I hate the whole porn theme Slaanesh has going on, thanks to sex-starved fanboys.

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I like both Tzeentch and Khorne, would a daemon army of those gods be effective in 40k?

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Still got that titan chassis ready and waiting, if you ever decide to do the whole 'Ha ha, I am using the chaoses' thing.

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When you're a techpriest who has legs that can't feel and no mouth and no sense of taste I can see a moment of weakness being exploited.

Finding some fishy plans and going from there into chaos- trying to pretend this isn't heretical, all you want to do is smell the bellflowers of home, you miss it so much, you're so far away and it always reminded you of your family- is much more interesting than 'so yeah one day I fucked a daemon. Shit was so cash.'

I'm rereading Titanicus so the idea of a khornate princeps is also neat- you're not fighting the Titan anymore, you don't care- Khorne cares not where the blood comes, only that it does. And you make it rain.

blood, of course; khorne also cares not for cash.

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Dammit I wish the Alpharius model that got famous didn't look like Halford with eyeshadow.

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If I was going to fall to Slaanesh it's the whole perfectionist thing that would do it.

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You will chose Khorne. Tzeentch is for foul tricksters.

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You know, I don't hate WH40K. I don't hate the players. I don't hate the game or the fact that it spawns much OC and fluff in /tg/.

What I hate is that GW took an idea and several words which have specific meanings and corrupted them so much, that people have no idea what they mean any more. "Chaos"? The chaos gods using Moorcock's symbol of chaos are just as organized as their enemies - they have to be to work as an army system that the game is based on. "Heresy"? Yeah right. Heresy doesn't mean what WH40K players thinks it means in the slightests - with one exception, Hereteks. Everyone else accused of heresy (not including Horus who WAS a heretic, and probably the only damn one in the whole game) is actually not a heretic but just an enemy of the faith.

Those two things piss me off.
Please continue with your otherwise interesting thread.

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So why did you make this post again

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S: (n) unorthodoxy, heterodoxy, heresy (any opinions or doctrines at variance with the official or orthodox position)
S: (n) heresy, unorthodoxy (a belief that rejects the orthodox tenets of a religion)

You're a fucking moron.

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Order, sometimes called Law, is associated with civilization, authority, rules, protection, the status quo, tradition, and, when stretched to its most evil extreme, mindless obedience, fascism and xenophobia.
Chaos is associated with change, Tricksters, free will, creativity, individualism, and, to its evil extreme, madness, savagery, solipsism, and selfish overindulgence.

I don't see the problem.

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>Everyone else accused of heresy (not including Horus who WAS a heretic, and probably the only damn one in the whole game) is actually not a heretic but just an enemy of the faith
>Heretic: a person who holds unorthodox opinions

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Yeah, me too.

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Right - so calling chaos worshipers "heretics" is stupid, because they don't follow the same religion as the Imperium does ANYWAYS. That's an enemy of the faith, not a heretic.

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Did somebody say CHAOS?!

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'Apostate' just doesn't have that ring to it.

I don't see why you think Horus is somehow the only real heretic ever when the Imperial Cult didn't even exist at the time, just Emp's feel-good wishy-washy secular humanism, though.

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>3. anyone who does not conform to an established attitude, doctrine, or principle
>1. a professed believer who maintains religious opinions contrary to those accepted by his or her church or rejects doctrines prescribed by that church.
I imagine you consider it in the sense of 1., the second strictest definition. 3. is probably what is intended to apply, but consider that the Imperium is totalitarian. It's not unreasonable that they consider 1. to apply.

If you mean heretic in the sense of Roman Catholic and baptism, consider that the Imperium probably has similar birth and/or induction rites.

So it's not really being used wrong.

As for Chaos? If you were to distil 40k down to its two most significant influences you'd probably end up with Dune, and Nemesis the Warlock. The latter's protagonist is a devotee of 'Khaos'. Could be worth reading, I suppose it's a British classic by now.

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you and me both

I'd use it to play a mentors/IG combined arms force though

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Alow me to clarify.

If I worship Tzeentch, how am I committing heresy if I don't worship the God Emperor? the God emperor doesn't figure into MY orthodox religious belief - change and power and secrets do, not some dead corpse. Heresy for me would be stating that Tzeentch doesn't ant change to grant power and that secrets should be shared freely. THAT would be heresy.

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Ironically, you could do that with the Tyrant's Legion army for the Astral Claws in the Badab book.

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This is just as planned.

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Okay, to further define:
>Totalitarianism (or totalitarian rule) is a political system where the state, usually under the control of a single political person, faction, or class, recognizes no limits to its authority and strives to regulate every aspect of public and private life wherever feasible.
The Imperium is totalitarian. One of the reasons why 'heretic' even in a more specific definition may apply is because the Imperium recognises no limits to its authority, save for those it imposes upon itself or allows others to have. So they don't recognise your religion. Like, at all. To them, you're a heretic even in the strictly defined sense.

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–noun, plural -sies.
opinion or doctrine at variance with the orthodox or accepted doctrine, esp. of a church or religious system.
the maintaining of such an opinion or doctrine.
Roman Catholic Church . the willful and persistent rejection of any article of faith by a baptized member of the church.
any belief or theory that is strongly at variance with established beliefs, customs, etc.


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guys can we get back to how cool chaos can be?

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>Nemesis the Warlock

Fucking marry me NOW.

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Oh, Torquemada, you cad.

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Robots can't marry humans. Especially not sworn enemies of their Khaotic other spirit-half.

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Say you're one of the damn Taliban.
You then decide to worship Jesus or Ganesh or some shit.
To the Taliban you're a heretic.

You a Christian, buddy? Go worship the Buddha. You're now a heretic.

You lovin' the emperor, buddy? Go pray to Papa Nurgle. You're now a heretic.

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I'm just starting WFB.

I get my first box of Warriors of Chaos this week.

I'm crazy excited!!!

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Cool, any specific theme you'll be going for?

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Bad-ass. Welcome to Fantasy guy.

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Those crazy Russians... They're going to get the =][= after us if they aren't careful...

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Hey there, sexy, how would you like t-OHGODIT'SFULLOFRAZORS

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Cares not from whence the blood flows, etc...

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one day Russia will be completely stricken from the maps, the entire area will be nothing but molten rock and no one will ever speak of them again.

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I see your guys' point, and don't feel it's an unwarranted assumption (regarding the sexual aspect.)

However, I think you may be missing the point. Slaanesh followers succumb to lust just like followers of Khorne give into their rage.

It's not really about sex, it's about being obsessed with it. Slaanesh is hedonism and indulgence, he's an aspect of greed and gluttony as much as lust.

Personally, I don't think Slaanesh would be a believable concept without the sexual aspect.

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Khorne, not Slaanesh.

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As illustrated by the Chaos God of Unfunny; Tim Buckley

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Not yet. I wanted to have a diverse army, painting and setting up units of warriors depending on their marks. I don't want to focus on a single chaos god.

I think have a smattering of styles makes a strange sense in regards to playing Chaos.

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The man who collects stamps can fall to Slaanesh as easily as the whore. There needn't be anything sexual about Slaanesh.

It's just that it's so much more COMMON to fall thanks to sex, because /sex feels good/. It's wired into humans to like the sensations of sex- and to want more of it.

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>see thread
>expect skulls
>find surprising lack of skulls

this thread needs more skulls

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Who does these?

>> No.12473543

I'd agree with you on that one. Slaanesh may not be exclusively about sex, but sex would be a pretty big part of his/her domain.

My only real complaint regarding the treatment of sex relative to Slaanesh is that fa/tg/uys assume ALL sex is Slaaneshi.

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That comic is Mr. Culexis. Others vary. I've just been looking up Slaanesh on DA and finding good images.

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I totally agree.

I think I just misunderstood your original post.

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Thread needs less tits and more delicious tzeentch

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Tzeentch daemonette is superior.

Those feathery wings would be sooooo snuggly. <3

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lol, yes, but we shouldn't be surprised when our fellow violen/tg/ardeners would use disturbing erotica for humor.

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No she isn't. Also, here, have amazingly lickable nurgle.

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Ummm... Your intestines are showing...

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That's a dude

And everyone knows the best deamonette are big ones.

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Yeah, so? Why can't dudes be sexy?

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It's heretical because you profess a belief that is in opposition.

The whole point is that they aren't thinking about the deeper meaning of the words, it's meant to paint them as "others", something foreign and terrifying.

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Cuz my Dads a dude and he ain't sexy!

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Tzeentchette is bestette.

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Yeah, exactly!

I'm a dude and I'm not sexy; it's just not the way of things!

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And you're mom's a chick. Is she hot?

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You could be if you started caring about your appearance.

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I feel... confused.

Very confused.

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of course she is.

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Oh fuck I've had this picture for so long but just now realized he's a Noise Marine. Those vent things on his back are his ears.

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Because they're not fat chicks

Here, if this isn'tt what Slaanesh looks like then I got no idea

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Never mind. Back to being straight.

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she looks like something from Fist of the North Star.

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I would, but I have a mark of Nurgle now.

It was the only way they'd give me a job at McDonalds.

This economy man, it's just awful!

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I'm torn. I hate the artist, but I love the art. What do?

>> No.12473920

Chaos thread you say?

>> No.12473936

Eh, there will always be more artists.

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>this thread

>> No.12473952

Warhammer Fantasy needs more love ITT.

>> No.12473966

Nightlords all up in this bitch.

>> No.12473972

D'aw, he's so happy!

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One thing that always bothered me about this guy is that his left arm HAS NO ARMOR. WTF? He could get sliced at or something.

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Enjoy the art, ignore the artist. Sure he's a fuckhead white supremacist neo-Nazi so goddamned annoying he makes you feel sorry for other fuckhead white supremacist neo-Nazis, but he also does a really good job depicting Chaos. So just ignore everything he says.

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My main problem is that she has mary sue characters but hates mary sues.

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Gotta say. As much as I enjoy Fantasy Chaos (probably more than 40k Chaos really) I don't have any pictures of them that I know of.

I mean, Fantasy Chaos Encompass Warriors of Chaos, Deamons, Beastmen, Chaos Dwarfs and to an extent, Skaven. Yet there really arent any chaos armies in 40k except Deamons and Chaos Marines. Kind of a jip I must say.

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Okay, being new to WFB, can anyone tell me what it is about Sigmar that drove Archaon to stop worshipping him and become a follower of Chaos?

>> No.12474025

Torture-device is a man. No woman could produce art of his caliber.

>> No.12474030

So have they added in Female Chosen or Maruders yet?

>> No.12474033

Oh the things you need to learn.

>> No.12474034


Did anyone ever listen to anything he says? I just look at his pictures. Don't give a fuck what he believes.

>> No.12474036

Oh, he's a chick? I guess I've done a good job ignoring her the, eh?

>> No.12474042

He read some books, discovered some revealing secrets, did some hard thinking and then went full retard.

>> No.12474045

There's some fapping about Nazis while not knowing about Nazis, and some supremacy...

the usual BS.

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maybe he found a book on how to the lord of end times for fun and profit and shit just snowballed from there

>> No.12474054


Idunno. Maybe he figured out Sigmar was one of the lost Primarchs, found out about a vast empire spanning the stars and went crazy from having his mind blown?

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Just pretend they're a really dedicated troll.

Or look at the pictures and don't read any of the words, that works too.

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See, there's always been a problem with Khorn's followers in that BRUTAL HAND TO HAND COMBAT IS GOOD, and doing anything to avoid or protect yourself from combat is bad, but then what should be done about armor? Should a warrior of Khorne wear armor, something designed to protect cowards who don't know the glory of RIP AND TEAR?

So Kharn pondered this for a while and then realized that if he didn't wear any armor on his arm, then it technically wasn't ARMor, and he was good to go.

>this is 100% fact and you are a coward if you doubt it.

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It's kinda funny.

>> No.12474105


That picture is surprisingly adorable.

>> No.12474121


Thank you gentlemen, I choose this answer.

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>> No.12474124

Ain't it just :3

It makes me want a tiny babby Bloodthirster.

>> No.12474127

I always figured it was the loss of his beloved PAULDRON that really drove him into over the top Khornate rage for the rage god.

>> No.12474138

Just...enjoy the ride? You think everyone liked Piccaso as a person?

>> No.12474140


on that note, anyone got any stories of that crazy guy, Kharn?

>> No.12474144


yeah, pretty much what I do.

I honestly never even knew if he was a real Nazi or not, I just knew he (or I guess she maybe?) has a Swaztika on their icon. I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt with shit like that, don't know why.

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Why am I gay for animu Khorne?

>> No.12474154

Fuck it, I'll accept this as truth. Makes more sense than a lot of 40k's inexplicable arms and armors explanations.

>> No.12474165

Lorgar Reporting in.

>> No.12474198

My dad has never heard of Warhammer 'cause he's old and boring.

He asked me a question to which I replied "BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!!!"

WIthout missing a beat he says "Well, of course you give blood to the blood god!"

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>> No.12474227

Batman legion reporting in!

>> No.12474238

Honestly, the artwork looked pretty cool back then.

>> No.12474258


Yeah I'm not gonna lie. That picture is still pretty bad ass.

>> No.12474272

Sounds like he'd fit right in.

>> No.12474288

That looks like the cover of an old power metal album...

Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing, actually.

>> No.12474302

I want to make a power metal band and write a song about some aspect of Chaos, soooo much. Maybe not strictly power metal, but still metal. 40k and metal go so well together.

>> No.12474305


You can't tell me that every warhammer or 40k cover art ISN'T right at home on a Metal Album cover?

>> No.12474322


I remember the days when Abaddon could be taken seriously.

He really needs to die.

>> No.12474323

Yo Prince of Pleasure, can I come too?
I think this whole "being chaotic" and shit is cool

>> No.12474330

Well, Debauchery wrote a song about Khorne entitled "Blood for the Blood God.


>> No.12474333


>> No.12474343

Sabbat also did, and they actually gave away a copy of it on record with White Dwarf magazine once.

>> No.12474353


No shit! The only reason I know I'm buying models and not an Iron Maiden album is that the boxes don't have Eddie on them.

>> No.12474362

Oh wow, thanks. I thought only Bolt Thrower and debauchery had made any 40k metal. There really needs to be more though.

>> No.12474383

...aaand I just finished listening to it. HOOly shit was that awesome. Too bad the sound quality sucks.

>> No.12474399

It's funny, The acoustic version is hilarious sounding.

>> No.12474480

Sabbat are a great band- their album Dreamweaver is based on English folklore, and it kicks dick.

>> No.12474747

How can I possibly be Heretic?
You believe in me, no matter what I represent.
I do not believe in higher power, I am higher power, so I cannot commit heresy and you know that in your heart, mind, and warp-borne soul.

>> No.12475330

You are the ultimate heretic.

>> No.12475571

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>> No.12478770

The mere suggestion that the Emperor would turn to Chaos is heretical. That's why you broke my heresy meter.

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>> No.12483545

What is that from?

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