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Will Warhammer (both Fantasy and 40k) ever be able to escape the incompetence of Games Workshop and expand to knew hights? Or is it destined to forever be an obscure and unheard of franchise with poor marketing...

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>unheard of

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It's more likely than you think, click here to find out

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Yes, about 6 years ago when Dawn of War came out.

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There's only three ways the Warhammer(and 40k) IP will ever escape the retards at GW.

1) Those retards get run out by intelligent people who actually know something about fucking game design.

2) Company goes under and someone who actually knows something about fucking game design buys the IP.

3) Company goes under and nobody buys the IP and it goes the way of (insert long forgotten game here).

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I don't know if you've heard, but if this does well we may be seeing more "reaching out," as well as new blood.

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Ok,poor marketing I'll give you, but 40K is hardly obscure. DoW definitely made sure of that. Why in my tech school fundamentals class alone, 6 out of the twenty students plus the sergeant teaching us (showed us his winged carnifex too, shit was so cash) were 40k fans.

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It's basically outside of the public eye. When was the last time you saw a 40K television commercial?

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>>Nearly half the class plus instructor 40K nerds.
>>Must be in the USAF

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I am waiting for the day we find the news uncovers the next Soldiers Murder atrocity, and the rune of chaos is carved on the corpses

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One day........

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