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Look's like it's that time again

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U Jelly?

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Epic campaign was indeed epic.

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You were King Fucking Arthur by lvl16????
The hell were you playing Exalted: Ultra Weaboo edition?

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I like Starcraft more than I like Halo, but the Spartans took years to train and most of them have been campaigning for more than 20 years. Terran marines are trained in a couple weeks and most of them live less than a year. It's gotta be Terrans>Master Chief> Space Marines.

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Chances are that King Author was secretly the Emperor in disguise.

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The right mindrapes, mindseeds, and telepathic bullshit in the right place can make anyone into King Arthur. Everyone loves me, even my enemies. By 36, everyone was a slave serving me under the guise of betterment of the plane. Worshipped as a God amongst Men I was given a more than willing psionic sacrifice to eat the brain of to retain my youth and increase my power. Even my party members had no idea I was really more Tzneetch than the God-Emperor.

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What's the last one?

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> Can make anyone into King Arthur
You can make them able to cut mountains apart with a single swing of a sword?

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>Implying the Emperor wasn't Tzeentch in the first place.

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>Can make anyone into King Arthur
We can already do that

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>Two Excaliburs


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The one in her left hand is Caliburn.

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It's Excalibur and then Arthur's other blade the specific name escapes me.

One came from the stone, the other from the Lady in the Lake.

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One's Caliburn, the sword originally wielded by Arthur before the Excalibur was bestowed to him by the Lady of the Lake.

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I like how I was about to answer that question, but by the time I could even get a picture to explain it, 3 people already posted. tg sure loves their weeaboo stories.

Also, trying to think up something clever involving Samurai Jack, any ideas?

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too lazy to add levels

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it all makes so much sense now

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Caliburn and Excalibur are the same sword. This same sword also shows up in Irish myth as Caladbolg aka Caladcholg or Caladwlch held by Fergus McRoy. Before him it was wieded by Mannanan McLyr, god of the sea, and after Fergus died the sword returned to the water.

The sword is also part of a set of items taken by the Daanan (the fey) from the 4 cities of their homeland. The sword came from the city of Gorias. Also the cauldron of Murias, the spear of Finias, and the Lia Fail or stone of Falias.

Fun fact, the Lia Fail was used in the coronation of Irish kings until the Scots took it. From them it was taken by the English. It is now known as the Stone of Scone.

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I could implant a mass suggest and just blow the offending mountain up. Yes.

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Knowing this makes Sonic And The Black Knight's main plot twist blindingly obvious from the start.

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My brain is full of billions and billions of swords

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Its all fun and games till your son makes a deal with a half dozen angered gods and launchs a realm wide rebellion against you, which ends only with both of you dealing the other a fatal wound.

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It get crazier. The Cauldron of Murias? It was owned by the Dagda, pretty much the chief Celtic god. It is said that from it no host ever went without food or drink. This cauldron also shows up with the god-hero Cuchulainn, where it produces gold and silver. In Welsh myth there is the Cauldron of rebirth: any slain warrior put into the cauldron shall rise healthy and alive but without the ability of speech. There is also a quest for a cauldron in "The Spoils of Annwn" that GUESS WHAT turns out to be the Holy Grail.

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So the lady of the lake pulled the sword from the stone and threw it to arthur?

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Caliburn/excalibur is not one of the four treasures of the Tuatha da Danaan. You're thinking of the Claiohm Solais (sword of light). That was the blade of Nuada and one of the 4 treasures.

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Excalibur was not the sword in the stone. They were two different swords.

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And then we have the Spear of Finias.

Now, I'm not saying anything, but the Spear of Destinty that pierced Christs side is also known as the Spear of Phineas.

So yeah, real life artifacts. The Stone still exists, it was returned to Scotland a few years ago. The Vatican may or may not have the Spear, depending on who you believe. The Grail/Cauldron and the Sword are still out there though.

Happy hunting.

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It was called the Sword of Light because Mannanan gave it to Lugh for a while, I thought?

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Don't remind me. More than likely that's what will end up happening soon as our campaign winds down. My group has pissed off the Gods with the power that we hold. I, in particular, am on their hit list. Stealing a Plane away from them pissed them off something fierce.

It won't be my son though. It'll probably be one of my party members who finds out that I really eat brains and lied and murdered my way into Godhood, then conned the Plane into fighting the Astral Plane and stealing that for myself too.

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Yeah, someones gonna go Mordred on your ass.

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Right, the Spear of Lugh. That's a god's weapon there. If that thing is thrown, and you're on the business end, you and everyone around you is dead. Plain and simple.

Lugh did possess it when he became king of the Tuatha de Danaan, but to my knowledge it was always the sword of light.

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The sword in the stone was just a roman blade of little actual import.

Excalibur was a good sword, although its sheath was much more important. It may have been the same a Caladbolg, I don't know, but I wouldn't be surprised.

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