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I kinda want to play in a Transformers campaign. What's my best bet?

Also, gel packs. :3

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>gel packs
Oh, is that what those are? They look like tits.

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Wasn't there a Transformers RPG in the 80's?

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Why does that robot look like she desperately wants to be fucked?

How does a robot know what sexual intercourse is?

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Pretty sure there's already a Transformers RPG.

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Gel packs are fine too.

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What is a dictionary.

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Google motherfucker, do you speak it?

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Gentlemen, I volunteer to placate the machine.

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are they made of glass or squishy?

How to make fuck with robot?
1. Get Tetris
2. Download tetris
3. Play Tetris

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They look squishy.

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>recognized DeviantArt naming convention from OP's file name
>searched GEARSMIT
>found this

Gel, indeed.

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I hope for squishy.

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Is it wrong that I want to suckle her gel packs now?

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not sure if want...

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Why can't I masturbate to normal porn? ;_;

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Because of /tg/.

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Oh, come on. This honestly surprises you? There are alien-shaped dildos out there. A transforming vibrator is smalltime.

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I've been here several years now and I can still fap to normal porn just fine. You all are just sick pathetic fags.

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I'm sure it's highly toxic. Do not ingest.

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> Ingesting energon
Probably akin to drinking battery acid.

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It does, rarely If ever do I see a transformers thread on /tg/, and one of this level of heresy... for a moment i thought i was at /b/ or a perverted /toy/...

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Do these count as robo-tits?

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Is this thread limited to Transformers, or can any robogirl join the fun?

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Love you too, bro.

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>You all are just sick pathetic fags.

Sounds like someone's mad.

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I don't even know where to start analyzing your giant robot girl fetish, /tg/.

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All robot girls wellcome.

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/sci/ has a massive robot girl fetish.

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>>Also, gel packs. :3

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Oh. So that's why robot girls have breasts.

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Remember when we got kicked out of /m/?

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Have another heavy-set robot

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I...dig giant robots?

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Is it more or less weird than /tg/'s other fetishes?

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Slightly less. At least this one is focused on something humanoid.

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Fuck my internet!

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They call that MANwidth, baby.

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Ah, "fuel pumps". No wonder cars are universally referred to as being female, what with the fuel pump penetrating them every time they need more petrol...

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ITT, the OP learns the folly of posting a picture more interesting than his question.

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It just keeps happening doesn't it? I blame the butter golem thread.

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>Implying OP didn't really just want to have a sexy robot girl thread
>gel packs :3

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Why did this get me slightly hard?

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Because you have a filthy mind?

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...because you want to fuck your car?

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Game systems you can try using for a Transformers RPG:

- Mekton Zeta
- Mechamorphosis (needs the d20 system)
- BESM 3rd Edition
- Mutants & Masterminds (with the "Mecha and Manga" splatbook)

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>Two years ago, U.S. Navy personnel and their families assigned to ??? Navy Base, home of the USS Kittyhawk...

Whoever shopped that article was a lazy bastard. Didn't even bother to blur out the real text.

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I'm mildly disappointed that the text wasn't changed to match the headline.

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Some day, we'll each have a robot girl of our very own.

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I giggled like a little bitch.

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What about the women? Do they get robot men?

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The day we all have our own personal robotic sex-slaves is the day the human race is doomed.

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And on that day, mankind will die out.

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No, women will slowly die out and become extinct without the manly essence they crave. Without our precious bodily fluids, they'll wither and die.

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Goddamn the /tg/ hivemind is in sync today. There have been multiple -minds in the past five minutes.

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Heh, kinda thinking the same thing.

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More accurately, they'll spiral into depression and bitchiness, then die. Semen is a very good mood elevator and anti-depressant.

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Damnit, I knew I should have saved the last laughingwomen.jpg image I saw.

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DLFG, you're abnormal and you know it.

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ACTUALLY, mein fuhrer - it would be...eh simple task of refitting some of our deeper ...eeeehh mine shafts for thee containment of theeeze BODILY FLUIDS.

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You realize she's referring to her lower parts, right?

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Aww, why not?

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I think that this thread needs more 40K.

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And if you're worried that you got the head and someone else got the other part, she does still have a mouth and apparently knows how to use it.

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I wasn't referencing the picture.

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Sorry, thought you were.

Nevermind me then.

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You use tildes, well known to be the punctuation of Satan himself.

What? You thought I was referring to your rampant fetishism of everything? Get your mind out of the gutter, Foron.

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Is it pretty? Yes
Does it have a hole? Yes

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Unfortunately, your penis is a non-standard connector which she's not equipped to accept.

Hardware, right?

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>annoyed he's similar to someone else

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I miss Sorayama.

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Is Foron's name Alpharius?

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also Tuna!

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If the sex toy industry can create a vampire-themed fleshlight, you can bet as soon as the technology becomes available they'll have a universal adaptor for that sort of thing built. There's money to be made, after all!

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Free Market. FUCK YEAR!

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One day, one day.


I'd tune-her tits, if you know what i mean!

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There are BBW and skinny robot girls in Bonetown.

Just sayin'.

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Im all for the booty but that freaks me out...

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learning to roll...

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dice+XdY in the e-mail field, where X is the number of dice, and Y the number of sides.

noko+dice+XdY will keep you in the thread as per a regular noko.

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It would be like District 9, you'd turn into one.

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Fuck yeah robot! Will i get gel packs too?

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And an Avatar themed one.

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rolled 75 = 75



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pix plz.

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>my face when COMMISSAR FORON is spaming luka and miku and im not in on it.
fuck, time to catch up

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Do it, my internet is pissed at me and wont stay connected

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hey rember when captcha actually used letters that could be found on a qwerty keyboard?

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You have my attention.

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Might as well throw in my one and only Miku picture, then.

...that is Miku, right? I know shit-all about Japanese icons.

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I do think it is.

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yes thats her

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Huzzah, I didn't make a fool of myself over the internets. Also I have no idea why I saved that picture in the first place.

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because its miku
thats why

>> No.12464386


Woo, welldone to you! And maybe you thought it was a cool image?

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Anyways, im off for a bit, i fancy playing some Bad company 2.

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you better not be one of those recon fuckers I go commissar on when they sit in the back and snipe instead OF TAKING THE FUCKING OBJECTIVES

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>m-14 mod zero
>carl gustav
>explosives upgrade and rockets upgrade
>faster reload for vehicals

become a very serious threat to everything on the battle field
just dont get into close quarters fights because thats where the m-14 sucks

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Indeed a sexy combo.

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I saved it to, despite pointedly not knowing anything about it, because it struck me as...affecting, somehow.

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>sexy combo
You sly dog.

>> No.12465432

i see what you did there.

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I was gona post a picture of a more robotic luka but
>lol mods
so you get this instead

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Again! Do not coform to the rules! Do what you want BECAUSE A PIRATE IS FREE, YOU ARE A PIRATE!

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>> No.12465593

disreguard mods
(probably) receive ban

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i really like this one to

>> No.12465679

fuck the law teegee belongs to no man, no alignment, and follows no rule. As it has since its birth

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