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Thought exercise, /tg/:

Take a normally 'acceptable' modern-day concept - freedom of speech, tolerance, free market, etc. Or hell, use factions in dystopic videos that challenge the evil society and have clearly won - ex. Small businesses toppling monolithic corrupt megacorporations.

Now make a dystopic society using the corrupted application of that 'positive' concept.

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A democracy where people elect their leaders based on how popular and well-known they are rather than how suited they are to actually lead a country, resulting in one inane moron after another getting elected into office.


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>Court documents
These already are official in a lot of places. You know, because secrets in court tend to lead to them being able to do whatever the fuck they want.

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oh yeah and you can throw some shit in there about how getting well-known and popular is really expensive so the free market enables the richest people to choose who gets elected through paying for their campaign

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This is totally absurd; it could never happen.

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Infosocialism: The Pirate Party won. All information is open-rights... and this is a free system again! FUCK YOU, RIAA!

Here's the bad news: ALL information is public domain. Including what's in your fancy futuristic head computer. Your thoughts, your dreams, your darkest secrets. All public. All online. All searchable in a horrible nightmare version of Facebook.

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Problem, Philippines?

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Kindness and human contact is required by law. Being too cold/reserved/ not social enough in day to day life is a crime. Yes, this means you are legally required to be nice and outgoing towards every annoying asshole you meet.

The main punishment is 'invisibility' spanning from several weeks to life. You get a glowing tatoo on your forhead (that disappears after a fixed time due to technobabble) and citizens seeing that tatoo are forbidden from acknowledging your existance. Your family will pretend you're not there. Doctors will leave you dying on the hospital doorstep. Shopkeepers will not sell you anything and will not react when you steal - they're refunded for goods that simply 'disappeared'. and for that shelf they accidentally knocked over onto your head. Drivers will not see you on the street. Automatic doors and elevators will not react (chip installed along with the tatoo). Neither will computers, mobile phones, internet terminals, TVs, and gaming consoles.

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I would imagine this would lead either through paranoia to conformism and eventually to a race of fleshbag robots that all think the same or a race of inividuals with extreme I_don't_give_a_fuck issues.

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Its like you're really in Finland!

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Assuming even criminals have some degree of following the law, not even rapists will acknowledge you. Then again, neither will that lady you're trying to warn about a rape attempt against her.

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Yup. Awesome, isn't it?
Been trying to write a cyberpunk book for a while... I think I might use this.

Captcha Agrees: rubbist transmit

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Nor will you when an invisible dude starts raping you.

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WTF? People would try to obey, but a rapist is a rapist and a nervous person is still gonna react.

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Yeah, you missed the point entirely. You're saying that socially inept men are suddenly, as a "punishment", given license to do whatever the fuck they want because they're invisible...

The sex doll market would crash and all women who are at least mildly attractive would wake up pregnant every single day.

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I would say it could swing either way. The check would be other "invisibles". Eventually you may end up with certain countries running a "shadow" government sort of an adhoc body of "ruling" invisibles who skim off society but keep the other invisibles in check so that status quo is mostly maintained.

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I'm imagining someone sitting nonchalantly at a table, while an 'invisible'-ized dude starts groping and raping you. (Is it even rape if you're ignoring it?)

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Why not just put them in fucking prison? What you've described is a stupid idea and you are retarded.

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Because this is a dystopia. None of this makes sense at all. Except for those who run the whole thing.

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I know you are trying to be ironic but damn! You went for the sledgehammer with this one.

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This sounds like the premise of one of those dystopian hentais. Those things are creepy.

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This invisible criminal idea is as bad as that one thread a week or so ago where criminals were sold into slavery.

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animooted related is straight from /g/, just now. how strangely appropriate was that timing...

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Green Movement wins. After a century or so of retailoring and losing a good portion of the population Earth finally reaches carbon neutrality. Paranoia of breaking the balance and therefore drawing the ire of the general populace stunts progress into clean energy sources that would allow for advancement whilst research into Genetic engineering and Agri/Horticultural practices are simply out of the question.

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You ratcunt! The Twilight Zone made that!

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Ouch. Bad story idea, and a TZ ripoff all in one.

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Social Networking. The only way to communicate with your fellow man is an unpronouncable series of abbreviations known as 'netspeak'. Although people can leave their homes, nothing is happening outside, so people continue to stare at their screens. Voting is done online, Political broadcasts are done online, war is cyber-based and conducted through viruses. Most people are agoraphobic. Failure to sign up will lead to a life of crime and isolation.

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the "small businesses toppling monolithic corrupt megacorporations" is too easy.

i mean any and all businesses will become whatever their competitors were once they have surpasssed them...this even applies to individuals. look at George Lucas, went from young 'inovative rebellious independent' to pretty much the 'showbiz' fatcat that he worked against.

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A french porn called Sexe Tentation.

Check out non-zero pages from /g/ until you see the this gif, there is a link in that thread.

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That is actually a super hot video. I don't have it anymore. I can tell you that it is French.

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This is relevant to my interests.

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Alternate (Less Rape) Version.

Criminals are implanted with a device that means not only does everyone ignore them... but they CANNOT see or hear anyone else. Through the use of augmented reality techniques, the rest of the population is filtered out of their lives.

See this clip for an example of ACTUAL software that does this in realtime: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FgTq-AgYlTE&feature=player_embedded

They live in an empty, souless city. They still get the glowing halo badge of shame, which doubles as a warning signal for anyone to step out of their way on the street.
Robocars and other automation ever-present in society keeps them from endangering others on, say, the commute to work... but they live out their sentence ENTIRELY alone.

Thing is, some people might voluntarily accept this punishment.... but the process is irreversable.

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Sexual liberation.

People have become so 'free' that depravity is commonly accepted, leading to a hedonistic society devoid of substance and culture. The 'rebels' are people of all sexualities who are disgusted by this (old-school conservatives, asexuals and the like) and see that the government is using sex and the aquisition of sex as a way of controlling the population.

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Freedom of information is no longer a right, but a requirement. A good citizen is legally required to be well informed of local and national legislature, climate, history, cultures, languages, geography, economy, current events etc etc.

The authorities regularly screen the population for any who fail to meet these unfeasibly standards, sending them off to re-education camps that frequently use torture. Ignorance, the propaganda says, is a cancer that can only be cured by knowledge.

This leads to a black market in info-drugs, 'smart pills' and other such contraband chemicals designed to enhance mental processing or program in knowledge.

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I so want to nab this for a campaign. What setting/ruleset should I conform this wonderful snippet to?

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Hmm. Something with a sci-fi bent would work well. Mutants and Masterminds is versatile, but a bit too super. Eclipse Phase might be a little TOO sci-fi. Savage Worlds is versatile too.

I think in this sort of society, there would be no such thing as private information or classified knowledge - or at least, that's what the government SAYS. Libraries are much more common, more frequently visited and heavily guarded to prevent theft.

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Heh, this'd be kinda funny. The vegans win, and in their green utopia there is no room for man - having overpowered and destroyed all other human factions with their dystopian plot-fueled powers they now give up everything that civilization has granted them.

A generation later, the few, sad and pitiful remains of humanity exist merely as weak, madly supersticious untalking apes, their brains dangerously underdeveloped from lack of nutrients and intellectual stimulation.

Many thousand years later they exist here and there as retarded scavengers that make no evolutionary sense, medium-sized primates desperately trying to sustain themselves by eating the poop of animals that they once domesticated.

The vegan goal has almost been achieved. Shortly, there will be nothing left at all.

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Anti-Corporationism. Think of it as Business Communism, where enterprises whose financial gains go beyond a state-set threshold are obliged to distribute their profits and excess inventory to other less-profiting businesses.

Retribution for disobedience can range from benign(closure and/or seizure of assets) to symbolically cruel(public execution by forcefeeding the criminal large sums of coins and/or burning at the stake fueled by many burning stacks of cash/goods.

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Best part:

"Alright, I know the basic history of our country, important geographical features, the biography of our Great Leader, and the important exports and imports of our land. I am ready. Yes I am!"


"Yes sir!"

"Recite Fermat's Last Theorem."

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The rebels leave the planet and the others orgy so hard that a god gets born...

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The concept of republicanism is completely abolished, and the country becomes a PURE democracy-- everything is by referendum. The problem?

Well, like in real life, most people are idiots.

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That's easymode.

Recite the Riemann hypothesis, and explain why it is important.

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No, the problem is that voting is on an anonymous forum.

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Small businesses have toppled monolithic corporations and clearly won, they represent three quarters of the economic base in the United States.

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>OPs image
Thanks for reminding me the internet as we know it is going to die.

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It's unfortunate that almost every billionaire CEO in America has established themselves as a 'small business', or that statistic MIGHT actually have some value. Tax Cuts for Small Business have jack shit to do with giving a tax cut to the little Mexican Eatery down the road, and everything to do with giving a Tax Cut to the obscenely wealthy. Come on, its a Republican Principle. SURELY you didn't expect otherwise.

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This is not a dystopia, at least to me.

The only reason you need the thought in your head to yourself is because everyone else does and will take advantage of that if you don't.

With this, everyone is on even footing, and you'd always know where you stand with everyone. That'd be pretty awesome

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Why would a government ban chemicals and nanotech that improves the intelligence of people?

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Why would a government ban pot?

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First guess, just off the top of my head?


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>Pot improves intellect

Oh yeah, this guy is a troll BTW.

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>Pot improves intellect

I didn't imply that at all. It's just a question.

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I'm just gonna head this one off at the pass:
>Why would government ban pot?
-Lobbying from the tobacco, cotton, alcohol, and paper industries.
-Hating on the niggers, who are known to smoke marijuana.
-Hating on the spics, who are known to smoke marijuana.

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And I don't see any reason those couldn't be applied to INT drugs.

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I mean, probably not those PARTICULAR lobbying groups, but you know what we mean.

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>Government keeps alcohol legal
Alcohol makes many people violent, unable to function properly but willing to anyway (driving drunk).
>Government bans pot
Pot makes you lazy, hungry and too much of a pussy to drive fast if at all.

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Seriously, who types like that?

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I don't understand what you're getting at here.

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> free market
> 'positive' concept

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How is this entire thread not about politics, rather than games?

inb4 "Politics is a game."

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Politics is indeed a game, and it is also traditional. inb4 sage.

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Dude fucking link the thread at least

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You posted it, now I must have sauce

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Did you consider a Google search?

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Games are politics.

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Well, I figured he might have a link handy. I mean googling porn with a generic name like that might turn up dozens of unrelated things.

'sides, I only saw the name after I posted

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I searched all of /g/, and you are wrong.

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I googled it.


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Don't bother watching that, Not actually a good movie.
The scene in question goes>

Guys starts fucking the chick
camera focuses on the guys balls.

Camera is now on far away mirror that shows the scene from too far away.

Now camera is on an unrelated chicks face.

And then balls till the scene changes to another group fuck.

sage for not contributing to thread.

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Unregulated media.

Without the watchful eye of any media ratings commissions, artists are now free to explore darker and forbidden topics, while given government license to punish critics who so much as comment on the graininess of the video.

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free market.
after bush deregulated it, and obama didn't do anything about it, we got fucked.

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