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'Sup, /tg/?

I'm beginning a modern mercenaries game in a week or so, and my GM has told us that our characters should have a trademark weapon. I want it to be useful, so I'm not looking for anything out there like one of those .500 revolvers. Currently I'm thinking about the 9mm SIG P210 pictured, since it's a well respected weapon firing a round that is common as hell and the gun itself isn't overrepresented in popular culture like some.

Any other suggestions?

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a modified FG-42!

Does it have to be a sidearm?

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Not strictly, but my character isn't going to be made to lug around a mortar or anything. I'm supposed to fulfil the sneaky git role in the group, so something that can be supressed is a plus.

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>implying one is enough.

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A luger.

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Have different ammo for it. Normal rockes, frag grenades, gas grenades, stun grenades or whatever.

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Just use an Uzi then. . .

But FG-42's are fuckawesome.

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That is not a bad suggestion. I might fluff it as a family heirloom taken as a trophy by my character's grandfather.

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Tomahawk. Silent, small, multi-purposed and would be very distinctive.

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Actually, that's already planned as my melee backup after I played Medal of Honor.

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Luger works well IMO. Present that your grandpappy picked up during the big one.

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A gold plated Desert Eagle .50 AE.

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Use a compound bow and be Rambo

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A good ol' Cz-75.

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Only if you get explosive arrows that can take out a Hind.

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If you're going for Rule of Cool, I'd recommend a Mateba Unica 6 Autorevolver. Look it up. Awesome gun. (To give you an idea, the gun Vash from Tri-Gun used was based off of the Mateba).

If you want to blow people's doors off with an even more unique gun that is also very reliable (for more than one reason), grab the Medusa Model 47.

This gun, shit you not, can fire 25 (confirmed) / 117 (theorized) different types of ammunition ranging from .380 to 9mm without changing barrels.

And yes, I do have a soft-spot for revolvers.

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Broom handle Mauser. Good for smacking in faces
Skorpion because more bullets = victory
Silenced AA-12 just because

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I'm actually going for Rule of Unique Practicality. The Medusa sounds interesting, but the difficulty in supressing revolvers (let alone one expected to fire multiple calibres) would really limit its usefulness.

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Practical as well as cool.

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So you know what you're looking at here, the Mateba has it's barrel positioned at 6'oclock on the Cylinder, as opposed to 12'oclock. It's also an automatic revolver. These two factors dramatically reduce the recoil, allowing the user to much more easily and accurately fire large-caliber ammo, such as .44 cal.

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Agreed. Hell, some units of the U.S. military use them.

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Yeah, I figured as much. But I can't help myself when people talk about guns.

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Makarov with EFA holster is cool too, and less ridiculously outdated than a luger.


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Damn revolvers are sexy weapons.

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p226 is an actual modern combat pistol, which does have its advantages. Here's a classy looking one.

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Yes, this is an actual firearm.

No, you don't want it.

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Another great looking but horribly impractical contender.

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Is that...an over-under action on a PISTOL?

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Nuff Said

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Russian Gsh-18, another modern military pistol which fires...

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If I take any shotgun it's going to be an Ithaca 37 with a pistol grip and short barrel. Hopefully, my PC won't be getting in any fights where he needs a shotgun, though.

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...the "7n31" high-pressure 9mm load. Reportedly, it pierces armor better than the 5.7mm round while maintaining superior wounding characteristics (i.e. bigger hole).

Not practical unless you have access to a Russian black market contact, as it is not up for civilian sale.

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If it's Russian I'm surprised it's a 9x19 round.

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Walther p-38. It's a classy classic.

Also, Megatron turned into one of these.

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when in doubt, REVOLVE

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It is, as is the PP-2000 SMG designed for the same cartridge.

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The reason I'm considering a 9x19mm round is because it's common. I'm not counting on our GM giving us access to anything really exotic.

Russia is making most of its new weapons in Western calibers as well, for the export market.

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Maybe for a bit of difference if it comes to that...the TOZ-194?

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what tha/tg/uy said. And you can do that awesome 'spin the cylinder up your arm' thing!

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Good on them, too.

>ancestors umpilion
You're right, Captcha, these aren't our ancestors' umpilions, they're very modern.

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They're not the only ones, either. Y'know that new rifle the PLA uses, the QBZ-95? It's chambered for a 5.8mm round, but Norinco also makes a 5.56mm version, the QBZ-97.

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It's also a fucking joke, if reports are to be believed. Also, Norinco has been exporting weapons to the West for fucking ever.

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Which one, the 5.56mm version, the domestic version, or both?

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I don't know anyone who has fired the 5.8, but the 5.56 export version was trialled by a guy I know who works for a private security company. They declined to purchase any on the reccomendation of him and a few other employeed who tested them on a range and really disliked the operation and apparently cheap construction.

Who'd have thunk the Chinese made shitty stuff for next to no money?

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Hehe, not too terribly surprised. I know that the Chinese have made the claim that their new 5.8mm round outperforms both the 5.56mm and the Russian 5.45mm rounds, but who the hell knows for sure--these were all completely internal tests.

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And no examples of the weapon or round have been provided to independent third parties for testing? I'm calling typical bullshit posturing. There's two possibilities in my mind - it was developed by committe by clueless Party officials, or it was a fund-sink that they had to put into use to recoup some of the design expenditure.

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Is this a realistic setting?

Because pistols aren't particularly useful in that case.

Here, have a nice picture of your p210

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Nah, it's probably all internal state secret stuff. That said, I could see them pouring the funds to the military to produce a fairly reliable and all-around effective weapon, for certain (indeed the QBZ is part of a whole family of new weapons), but it does indeed seem fairly suspect.

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Goddamn, this is gonna be a fun century.

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The GM has told us it's semi-realistic but with a plausible setting. By the way, I'm not using the pistol as a primary weapon - it's a sidearm for use when necessary.

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I like where the OP is at now.

Start thinking about it too much, and with the hilarious odds that PCs go up against you're going to either end up with a party decked out in full level IV ballistic armor with trauma plates and m4s, or running around with shit like this.

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And your "that guy" will have this.

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Honestly, they should have looked at improving the old Soviet 7.62x39 round - body armor has come along leaps and bounds in the last twenty years, and both the 5.56 and 5.45 rounds are not cutting it against modern forces.

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>Ctrl-F crossbow

No crossbow?

You should totally use a crossbow.

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...And he'll only have that because the GM said no to this.

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OP here. The group has a That Guy, but he's already called dibs on playing the sniper of the group and he's using a .408 CheyTac Intervention because he thinks it's cool. I wish I could hate him to death.

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I'm hoping we see the 6.8 start coming along soon.

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In that case, have you considered an automatic?

< G18 is ubiquitous now thanks to MW2, but it used to be hot shit

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Won't happen for at least another generation of weapons - US Army is going to be the one that makes it standardized if anyone does, and the next major upgrade last time I checked was moving to the FN SCAR family.

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It was cool before MW2 ruined everything.

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I'm mostly with you, but I have to admit...I like the Intervention.

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If I'm going to take a machinepistol, it'll be the OTs-33 Pernach.

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Two words. Broomhandle. Mauser.

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Yeah, it's the fucking Deagle of the marksman world. Honestly, I believe that if you can't kill it with a 7.62x51mm Remington rifle you shouldn't be shooting at it with small arms. But yeah, at least the 'tardwank isn't about LOLOLOLOL BARRETT anymore.

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From what I understand, the SCAR-L's been canceled, so there might still be some room for it now.

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Also stechkin APS

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Maybe, but if experience has taught me anything it's that the military will go for the cheapest option every time.

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Not as sexy as the Pernach.

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rolled 541 = 541


6,000,000 were made.

You should have one.

Especially if you take a broom handled mauser.

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It's a bullpup ACR with SCAR stock, grenade launcher, and reflex scope.

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You are That Guy in your group.

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True enough.

My dream U.S. military gun would probably be an M16 variant (as I'm a shameless fan of the overall look of the M16) without direct impingment, chambered in 6.8mm Remington.

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Mk23 accurate, powerful, threaded barrel for suppressor

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rolled 8295 = 8295


Thats a 7.62 revolver.

Read that again.

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body armor = dead

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for a backup/hat/ankle holster have a cop 357, 4 barrels uses a eird ass internal mechanism which gives it a long trigger pull but it is lovely to hold

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I hate two things in this world more than bullpup weapons, and BOTH of them are Swedish.

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At least until Modern Warfare 3 features this:


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I abso-fucking-lutely am.

I'm the guy that sends away for Acme Exploding Sneakers and nobody is surprised when, in the under cover at a fancy restaurant op, I've got plastic explosive lining my jacket.

It's generally accepted by my group that Plan B will always be 'blow the ever living bajeezus out of everything in a four block radius'.

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cept thats a usp damnit

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rolled 25582 = 25582


To reiterate from the article.

was known for its extreme sturdiness and ability to withstand abuse. As one former Imperial Russian officer stated, "if anything went wrong with the M1895, you could fix it with a hammer"

The Nagant's sealed firing system meant that the Nagant revolver, unlike most other revolvers, could make effective use of a sound suppressor, and suppressors were sometimes fitted to it

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>which thencoup

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What system is this played in?

>> No.12451306


Make him watch this scene from the hurt locker, then only let him use a high calibre rifle in situations like that.
From his choice of weapon I guess his idea of sniping is a "1337 headshot" from 50 meters away. if he wants to do that he's a designated marksmen, make him use an M14.

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Here, I made this while drunk.

It will probably explode in your hands.

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Mk 23

>> No.12451314


No, you read it again.

That is a pistol round, not the rifle round.

>> No.12451315

GURPS, sadly. But that is the price I must pay for a modern campaign, and I will pay it.

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Those are both more M4 than M16.

>> No.12451325

wasnt it the gun officers would use for russian roulette?

if were talking old sexy guns have a le mat- 8 shot revolver with underslung shotgun

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...Show your group Spycraft after this. Trust me. It's d20, but SO MUCH GUN PORN.

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rolled 30470 = 30470


Pffft. I'm retarded. My excitement got away from me...

>> No.12451336

Again, you got your carbine in my full-sized assault rifle.

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My GM has the GURPS books on hand, so that's what we're using. Maybe for the sequel.

>> No.12451345

To be fair, the two guys up at bat first were fucking terrible.

>> No.12451350

I figured as much. But yeah, definitely check it out. The list of guns in it is seriously gigantic. They might also be about to launch a new edition of it, from what I've heard, so you could be right on time once this series concludes.

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I thought 2.0 was out already

>> No.12451359

It is; I've heard rumors about a 3.0 coming soon.

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>that 50 cal would blow pieces of body parts off

People are fucking faggots

>> No.12451378


If you are looking for a true giant of a pistol round then look at this.


.600 Nitro Express

>> No.12451380

That's not .700

>> No.12451384

Oh god THOSE. Those things are hilarious. Bullets bigger than some whole guns.

>> No.12451385

well, fuck

>> No.12451388


Maybe if you were firing Raufoss rounds.


>> No.12451392

This is my rifle, this is my gun.

God fucking damn, I'm gonna have fun.

>> No.12451393


When the fuck did I say .700?

>> No.12451397

Needs more magpul.

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Am I doing it right?

>> No.12451411

You idiot, you don't have one of those LOLWUT Glock mounts under the AK. The knife goes on that.

>> No.12451416

Curses! I knew it was missing something!

>> No.12451423

silenced skorpion, small, stealthy, sexy

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Dear OP:
Have you every searched for "IPSC el presidente" or "IPSC triple bill drill" on youtube?

On a seperate note:
You knows what causes me slight annoyance?
Bad information.

That's a picture of a USP. Also the Mk23 is fuck-off heavy, x-box huge, and is as powerful as any other .45 pistol.

>gun worship
It's not the 7.62 you're thinking of.
You also have to eject and reload it one cartridge at a time:

>> No.12451436

>Also the Mk23 is fuck-off heavy, x-box huge, and is as powerful as any other .45 pistol.

This. Personally if I wanted a character to use a .45 in a wholly modern setting, I'd either just go with the USP, or find a way to get a MEU(SOC) 1911.

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some sort of special M1911
give the weapon a backstory and make it old, like if it had been used in many wars (WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, etc.)

Basically try to make it the pistol equivalent of Masamune or Exaclibur, with a chosen hero of each generation coming into possession of it.

You could also do this with an old west revolver, but the m1911 may be more useful in modern times

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The pistol equivalent of Excalibur is Roland Deschain's revolvers, since they're actually made from the metal of the melted-down Excalibur.

>> No.12451490

I'm only halfway through the fourth book, I never knew that the revolvers were actually Excalibur, I did pick up that the gunslingers were originally the knights of the round table though.

Yeah, that was what I used for inspiration though.

>> No.12451499

I'm not sure it's ever stated in the novels, but in the Gunslinger Born comics there's a page dedicated to some of King's background notes and whatnot.

>> No.12451512

I should finish that series sometime, I was reading it this summer, but I went back to college and don't have time anymore.

>> No.12451514

Oh, also, Wizard and Glass is the best book in the series. Only keep reading if you're prepared for disappointment - it was the last book he wrote before being hit by a car, and the last three descend into some sort of King metaverse wankery with him as an actual character.

Actually, Wizard and Glass is good enough as a standalone novel.

>> No.12451531

yeah, I've heard it before.
I actually am looking forward to King inserting himself as a character though, it kind of fits in with the universe the books present, but I am prepared for disappointment.

I was actually expecting the books to be better from what I heard about them, it's not that I don't like them, they just underwhelmed me. I like the setting and characters far more than the story.

>> No.12451540

Yeah, the first one has a tripped-out Leone flick vibe that works for me, Wizard and Glass has the doomed lovers, and after that...

You WILL rage at the ending.

>> No.12451545

I know the ending already...
Doesn't he have some item that will make stuff different the next time though?

>> No.12451553

Yeah. He relives the quest over and over and over, each time with one thing different. The timeline of the books is the first time Jake survives.

>> No.12451568

I liked The Waste Lands and Wolves of the Calla, myself. Yes, even though the Calla-folken talk like a bunch of half-retards.

>> No.12451572

OP here. I step out for a few minutes and you guys are talking about the Dark Tower?

/tg/, I am appoint.

>> No.12451577

and now I want to play or run a campaign set in the dark tower setting

>> No.12451590

Take your favourite post-apoc game, add western and Arthurian overtones.

Then, get ready for every player to want to play a Gunslinger.

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>GM has told us that our characters should have a trademark weapon
do they have to? Sharing the same weapon in a squad is ultrahelpful, you should think about it.

>I want it to be useful
Handguns rarely are. If you can carry a long arm - it's better. If you can't - well, you're fucked anyway. I'd go for the OTS-33 Pernach - big mag cap, capable of going full auto, and the 9x18 has decent ballistic capabilities.

Type: Double Action automatic (machine) pistol
Calibers: 9x18 PM/PMM
Weight unloaded: 1.15 kg with empty 18-round magazine
Length: 222 mm
Barrel length: n/a
Rate of fire: 900 rounds per minute
Capacity: 18 or 27 rounds

>Currently I'm thinking about the 9mm SIG P210 pictured, since it's a well respected weapon firing a round that is common as hell and the gun itself isn't overrepresented in popular culture like some.
A P210 is fine too. It's a really classy gun.

>I'm supposed to fulfil the sneaky git role in the group, so something that can be supressed is a plus.
AS Val. There's no substitute. Silenced assault rifle that's 60cm long with the stock folded.

>> No.12451601

Hmm, maybe I could use a gunslinger as a DMPC for the first session, have a drawing of the three thing to introduce the PC's, and then have him killed off, maybe only have one or two PC's come from Roland's world...

>> No.12451614

sort of do a Kamina/ObiWan/Enkidu thing where the mentor dies off...

>> No.12451622

The weapons are supposed to be plausible for a merc to get their hands on, and I want compatibility with common ammunition - 9x39mm may be awesome, but it's hardly available everywhere. A 5.56 rifle with cold-loaded ammunition and a suppressor is more practical, as is a suppressed MP5 variant.

>> No.12451633

Revolvers are classy as fuck.

>> No.12451660

So classy. I always recommend an FN SCAR.

>> No.12451681

If I go for a full sized assault rifle, it will be an AKM.

>> No.12451685

A suppressed UMP might work. Kind of a middle-ground between an SMG and an AR and it fires .45 which is easy to get by and is subsonic.

>> No.12451707

Almost as common as the DEAGLE LOL in films and videogames these days. And if anyone suggests a Kriss/Vector I will fucking slap them.

>> No.12451730

>The weapons are supposed to be plausible for a merc to get their hands on, and I want compatibility with common ammunition - 9x39mm may be awesome, but it's hardly available everywhere.
So? Just buy a couple thousand rounds and keep them in your stash. If you're going to burn through the 6 mags or so that you carry on you then it's hardly a stealth mission, now is it? The AS Val is the best weapon for stealth operations, anything you replace it with will be just worse. If you're supposed to go unnoticed then use the best gear for it, otherwise you should just grab a big german gun in 7.62 nato and drop the pretense. Oh, and just for added fun grab the silenced grenade launcher. It's just so awesome.

>A 5.56 rifle with cold-loaded ammunition and a suppressor is more practical, as is a suppressed MP5 variant.
slapping a suppressor on an assault rifle won't make it silent, far from it.

For a practical loadout just go with the whole squad armed with the same assault rifle, and a sniper with a .338 Lapua rifle. A DSR-1 with an integral suppressor would be nice.

>> No.12451746

>AS Val. There's no substitute
If STALKER has taught me anything, it's taught me that.

>> No.12451764


>> No.12451765

>>12451730 slapping a suppressor on an assault rifle won't make it silent

That's why I specified cold-loaded rounds. Make the ammunition subsonic and you're a long way towards quiet shooting. There's no such thing as "silent" guns - even if you completely remove the sound of the discharge there's the noise of the action cycling.

>> No.12451774

From what I understand the P90 is prone to ammunition feeding problems if a partially full magazine is dropped or struck. That's exactly what you DON'T want in the middle of a firefight.

>> No.12451779

Of equal importance, the P90 is prone to being A FUCKING BULLPUP. FFFFFFF

>> No.12451783

your logical opinion is invalid
is all you need to know
have you even seen Stargate?

although, you should mod the P90 in some distinctive way if you want to use it as a signature weapon

>> No.12451793

The tricked out P90s the Clerics used in a recent Dr Who episode were fucking cool

>> No.12451795

I own the box set of SG-1 and Atlantis, but that doesn't make the P90 any better in actual combat situations.

>> No.12451806

i dont just like it cos of stargate, i also love getting 9/10 headshots in rainbow 6 vagas 2

>> No.12451810

can't go wrong with a hilariously engraved CZ 75.

>> No.12451814

Sure you don't like pwning n00bz with your 1337 hax0r skillz in MW2 as well?

>> No.12451820

I know, I know
Still, how can you argue with the gun that defied the gods?

>> No.12451825

wow... dude uncalled for... i think i need to throw up...

>> No.12451830

I could put some CZs on my CZ so I can bling while I shoot too.

>> No.12451872

That was actually funny after I looked up what CZ is.

>> No.12451887

Polish "Beryl" rifle.
Also maybe G36 ? They look pretty nice and characteristic with lots of options for modification.

>> No.12451980

I may be mistaken ,but, you say that as if the bullpup is a bad engineering decision.

Who doesn't love longer barrels in the same overall space?
>succeeding plawedy

>> No.12452003


>> No.12452052

Wow, /tg/, I didn't know you had such bad taste in guns. I like your SIG, OP. 9mm rounds are supersonic without coldloading, though, so maybe a .45 cal would suit you better. I don't want to sound horribly clichéd, but the HK USP seems like a great choice for a sneaky git.

>> No.12452069


Oooh, that's a purdy gun.

>> No.12452093

The issue is /tg/ (and half of /k/) pick things by how 'puurdy' a weapons system looks, not by its mechanical merits.

>for coulayer

>> No.12452133

>classical "stop liking what **I** don't like, stop having the WRONG kind of fun cancerous fagets replies guaranteed" troll

I give 3/10 though for effort.

Now OT: When someone says "mercs" I think about the kind that fought in Africa for various warlords for a couple of last decades - make up some story about your father's old FN FAL he used during Bongo Dongo Revolution YOU still use because of family tradition. Obviously he used it to teach you how to handle a weapon when you were a teen so it's of nostalgic value.

>> No.12454035

Nikonov AN-94

It's exotic, and it can fire 2-round burst at 2000 rounds per minute, which is so high, the recoil will affect AFTER the second round has left the barrel, meaning you can put single hole in the target. This may have applications such as significantly improved armour penetration at 100 meters without the need to use of special AP-rounds. Something no other infantry weapon, except G-11 and Metal Storm handgun can do.

It was'nt approved by Russian military due to it's cost and complexity. But to a mercenary, this might not be an issue, since he's an operator.

>> No.12454121

I like the idea of a makarov, or if you want to go more explosives expert, M79 or maybe a China Lake pump-action grenade launcher.

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