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Can someone explain me why a PC wearing that outfit and using a katana on her back is supposed to be more deadly than a guy in full armor, with a realistic sword and shield?

I don't have anything against the katana itself, but about how it is carried. It would be impossible to draw something that long unless she had >really< long arms.

I don't know /tg/, maybe I am a grognard but I think fantasy is getting to ridiculous degrees and I don't know who is to blame.

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>I don't know who is to blame.

Bad troll is bad.

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I mean fantasy in general. Back in the early 90's there wasn't stuff like this. I don't remember any of my Dragonlance books having stuff like this.

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Mechanics of the sheathing mod, weapons capable of 2-handed use mount to the back by default. Don't like it, learn to mod yourself.

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Because every fantasy RPG is horribly and intrinsically linked to the Levels system laid out by D&D all those decades ago.

...but honestly, level systems are just arbitrary shit, and durability should not raise so significantly based on how many kobolds you have slain.

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First: PCs are ALWAYS more powerful than anyone who's equipped sensibly for their profession.

Second: Oblivion, having failed as an action RPG, is now a fully moddable [waifu/rape] simulator.

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>fantasy is getting ridiculous

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AD&D era = Best armor class came from wearing armor

3e and beyond = Best armor class came from being nude with a few pieces of jewelry (Also essentially includes Exalted, etc.) and having huge dexterity made for fine fighters

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>thinks fantasy is too fantastical
>worrying about style vs substance in a casual game

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>Oblivion, having failed as an action RPG, is now a fully moddable [waifu/rape] simulator.

Who says that wasn't Bethesda's intent from the very start?

As it is now Oblivion is pretty much the best eroge around

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RIFTS would like to have a word with you.

And yes, RIFTS is fantasy. No. Shut up. It is.

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rifts had art liek dat, but you're better off wearing the biggest armor you can find 100% of the time

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It says something about me that I'm more irritated by her lack of glowing red eyes than anything else.

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>back in the early 90s there wasn't stuff like this

are you a fucking retard?

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Honestly, OP I expect something like that in World of Darkness or something.

I would probably slap one of my players in a D&D game if they gave me that as a character pic.

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This is true, my characters would often be naturally MDC beings, with Bionic armor if possible, who wore light (clothing-weight) armor, piloted a suit of Power Armor outfitted with a force field generator, and, if the Power Armor was small enough, drove around in a tank or giant robot, also with a force field. And I'd have a personal force field generator as back up, just in case.

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Meh, at some point I think that a lot of players decided that all their characters would be super-human , physics defying meta-athletes that dont depend on armor to defend themselves.

Thus, why you have dudes calling themselves swordsmen running around without armor on, or nearly naked bitches relying on 'dodging'.

See, way back when, people realized that even one knick, one cut could be gangrenous, or even fatal.So, they armored the FUCK up to prevent a good number of injuries.They smelt like shit,armor was heavy and chafed, but goddamn, having all that armor on made you feel relatively safe from a random shanking.

But since that shit doesnt matter to DnD/Roleplayers, there's not that fear. So everyone just presumes "Meh, HP is all about dodging, anyhow, right?"

Then again, if you told players "Well, John, after that battle, you realize your wound isnt healing right, and it's looking pustulous, smells bad, and it's gangrenous. You think you're gonna lose that finger"

People would get pissed.

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>don't remember any of my Dragonlance books having stuff like this
Have you read all the Dragonlance books? Some of the best fucking fap material ever.

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Her choppa is not even NEARLY choppy enough. And the ballistics her father equipped her with don't have even close to enough dakka.

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That CAN'T be Oblivion.

Oblivion chicks are hideous!

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My only concern is that like I've told my players, certain design aesthetics do not fit a particular campaign setting.Not everything is like fucking World of Warcraft where everything is a mish mash of every modern fucking convenience and pop culture miasma.

If I tell you the country you are in is in Victorian Era clothing, then no, you wont find leather goods and chainmail pants like in OP's pic.Specially crafted bodices made out of such handsome leather with patterned engravings on it?

Such a thing would be worth a fortune.

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You can't be running around wearing soldier-gear in a city! You'd frighten all the civilians with frightening, and act all big and macho and be LIKE THE BAD GUYS who live outside with daedric armor and oppress us poor civilian people.

In cities.

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So fucking true. I came buckets and buckets to certain Dragonlance titles.

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Bethesda's design and modeling esthetics are clearly in complete opposite of what the majority of people in the world find attractive and pleasing.

That said, that woman looks like a haggard old, semi realistic old maid, while the other pics look like fucking hot, but ultimately out of place super models.

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Details? I remember having them but I never got to read them

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Rule of Cool.
Most people aren't playing ye Olde Fantasy simulator, they are playing a game where they want to adhere to their ideas of what looks badass. Get over it.

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Well fuck those people.
Get off my fucking lawn, I was here first, and I expect you youngins to fucking meet my high standards of fashion for heroes.Namely, heavy metal armor for everyone unless you're a rogue, which then you use leather, brown if you're a poor guy, black if you're rich, dyes arent fucking cheap.

Also, shields, maces and long swords for everyone, and no asian weaponry in this setting, there is no Asia, there is only Zuul.

Also, no fucking -re-enchanting- or -re-tailoring- of magical items you find. If it's a red magical chainmail, then you're fucked, I dont give a shit it looks like shit on your character, or it doesnt fit your style.Dont fucking wear the magical armor of awesome protection then.Die for all I care.

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u mad, bro?

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>>I think fantasy is getting to ridiculous degrees
>>Implying that fantasy hasn't been a sex-crazed free-for-all since the 70's.

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Man, in the games I run, sometimes the armor people equip doesn't even enter into the narrative.

They equip it. It vanishes from consideration. It provides benefits but yet they still run around in their ordinary clothes.

I am basically okay with this.

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In during obligatory "which mods are these" post.

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Sorry, I can't remember the specific book. There are so damn many, it was a long time ago, and many of them are short story anthologies which makes them even harder to remember for me personally.

One nice one I remember followed the life of a "badguy" type character, from his point of view. He became a great general for Takhisis, if I remember correctly. A lot of great sex in that one, with many different women.

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>Implying that fantasy hasn't been a sex-crazed free-for-all since the beginning.
Fixed that for you.

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Seconding this thinly to not at all veiled request.

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>>12447464 Then again, if you told players "Well, John, after that battle, you realize your wound isnt healing right, and it's looking pustulous, smells bad, and it's gangrenous. You think you're gonna lose that finger"...People would get pissed.

Someone needs to play sum WFRP.

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looks like chocolate Elf, Lop ear elf, a clothes pack which i am not familiar with and probably a pose pack and hi Rez HGEC skins i think with tattoo options for the chocolate elf

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Chocolate elf...

I like the sound of that

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>I step away from the elf to breathe in

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I've always wanted to play fantasy settings with lower amounts of magic, lower technologies of armour and more "realism" (realism unless magic handwavium interrupts it directly). Thinking I might run a BRP, GURPs, 2e AD&D or even a homebrew that I have been writing.

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Try Riddle of Steel. It seems to fit exactly what you want.

Available in /rs/.

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I'd take my chocolate elf over that dumb bitch dark elf with a sub-par weapon and titty armor in a fight any time. Plate and Shield says Lol to your Katana every single damn time.

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You are a genius.

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>maybe I am a grognard

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which armour set is that? seen it posted a few times but no one has ever had a name for it

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> Can someone explain me why a PC wearing that outfit and using a katana on her back is supposed to be more deadly than a guy in full armor, with a realistic sword and shield?

Rule of Cool, dude.

Except shit like "Naked chick with a katana" is only cool to juvenile fucktards.

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I just wish that for every gigantic boobs whore lynch costume that there was an equally awesome manly armor and sword that was actually functional. As it stands oblivion's modding community has tunnel vision. It's good at what it does, and what it does is low tier fap crap.

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If it's one of the original in game sets....ebony armor? If its from a mod, then I have no fucking clue.

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>>12448526 low tier fap crap.

your picture looks retarded and this chick is hot

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OP, because Tits.

That is all.

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>too lazy/unskilled to make his own mods or share them
>oblivion's modding community has tunnel vision

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thats not a chick... Thats the most annoying NPC in the game... ;A;

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You know, /tg/ could form its own group of modders to turn Oblivion into something resembling "older" or more "realistic" fantasy stuff. From animation kits that give us more animations and weapons, to armors that look even more like traditional armors. To me, this is sounding alot like vanilla oblivion, so all we'd do is basically make more weapons and the animations to go with them, half complete those and call it a "day".
/tg/ gets shit halfway done after all.

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Took me a bit to track it all down. Here's the breakdown though (don't hit me too hard; its technically weeaboo armor, though it looks good I think):

Bottom: Leere Armor Black H-type Low2

Chest: FuruFuru Armor for HGEC, Black type.

Cloak is from Capes and Cloaks, its the Brown Cape Medium size. (http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=4539)

Mace and Shield are from vanilla Oblivion; the Mace of the Grand Crusader and a Colovian Shield, respectively.

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So what oblivion mods would /tg/ recommend? I haven't played it in years and never modded.

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or we could play Demon's Souls

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It's that or Mount and Blade.

>> No.12449006

I say we go for Mount & Blade on account of it being easier to pronounce than 'Demon's Souls'.

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How many threads about these retarded mods are we gonna have, anyway?

>> No.12449052

Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul. Start there, and try it out before you add other shit.

It's especially good if you are the "run off and explore" sort, since it makes the dungeons more unique.

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on top of that all natural, FOO, OBSE and Wryebash are pretty much standard now then you have the Body Set mod which lets you choose which body for yourself you want out of those available and comes with all the high rez ones for both male and female

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as many as we feel like since it is one of the few things we are allowed to talk about without the mods cracking the shits and deleting it now

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Did I hear the mods being criticized?

>> No.12449289

Anyone have that fucking huge list of mods that I keep forgetting to save? (Goddamn)

>> No.12449292


As many as we like, probably. In any case, most of these don't seem to be about mods, but other subjects that lead into the mods. Either way, you can ignore them. I promise you we won't cry if you go on ignoring these threads and go talk about edition wars or the Ultramarines movie or whatever it is you crazy kids are yelling at each other about these days.

Goodnight /tg/, its getting a bit late. See you around.

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Go look up what Boris Vallejo and Luis Royo did in the early nineties and you're bound to find plenty of very scantily dressed women with swords. And it sure as fuck didn't start with them either.

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I have to say Anon, you have a rather fap worthy waifu even if you act like a prude.

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>As it is now Oblivion is pretty much the best eroge around
Okay, can someone link me to the list of mods I need for optimal sexytime in Oblivion? It would be greatly appreciated.

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Seconding this request.

>> No.12450672

Cursed Armour
Syringe Plus

google those for oblivion and you will find most of the best ones the others are mainly pose packs and a few prostitution mods which are shithouse

>> No.12450693

there is also Sexlivion and Basic Instinct off the top of my head and if you look on tesnexus under adults only you can find a good chunk

>> No.12450716

I don't play with any of those sexy mod, and I feel that I enjoy the game better because of it.

>> No.12450873


So what mods for this?

>> No.12450887


I'd play the vilest sex mod they had to offer so long as it fixed the damn default faces.

>> No.12453383

god the sexy tiem modes are the best thing about oblivion.

>> No.12453397



>> No.12453417


And by fix, you mean change to resemble vaseline covered real dolls?

>> No.12453437

wow, that really is better than most eroges

>look on tesnexus under adults only
Requires login to view 18+ section? No thanks.

>> No.12453439

vaseline covered real doll face > vanilla Oblivion face

>> No.12453869

I don't think Jeanne looks like a vasaline covered realdoll. Of course, that might be because I didn't particularly want to play through the game as a vacuous sex pin-up.

It helps, I suppose, that my personal taste tends towards what was considered optimum in 1930-40. If there ain't any meat on those bones, there's much less in the way of fun bits to play with, in my experience.

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>meat on those bones
what are you talking about? girl in your image is skinny as fuck

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You need to lurk /fa/ more.

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>I don't have anything against the katana itself, but about how it is carried. It would be impossible to draw something that long unless she had >really< long arms.
You are retarded. Longer and heavier blades are always carried on the back. It distributes weight better and you don't need to worry about it getting in the way (this is important in combat). Drawing it is also easy, because the sheath isn't glued to your back, it can move.

You're not just a grognard, you're a stupid grognard.

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Pretty creepy obsession, bro.

>> No.12456632

>heavier blade
>always carried on the back
I laughed.

>> No.12456667


ever tried drawing a sword from your back?

lets assume you dont have a sword. got a metre stick, or something like that? stick it on your back, and try to pull it.
it'll get about halfway. at best. its just plain impractical.

impractical as in "it just wont work" you'd need arms 6 feet long to pull it out.

that's what the Grognardy OP is objecting to...
and what I agree with.

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If I ever make a mod for a game like oblivion, I'd make something like this and
that it would be overpowered when, in actuality, it's about as good as the shit you start with.

>> No.12456722

I thought it was all texture and models and slutty gear. Which isn't really all that interesting to me. Do they actually have interactive things like that?

>> No.12456733

>ever tried drawing a sword from your back?
Yes, actually. It's not my preferred way of wearing a sword, but it's not the clusterfuck you make it out to be.

>implying there is gear for wearing swords on your back that aren't a baldric
>implying a baldric isn't as convenient as fuck

>> No.12456742


Yes. There are sex mods, prostitution mods and rape mods.

>> No.12456743

like what, rape? Oblivion rape mods are god-tier.

>> No.12456783

>Can someone explain me why a PC wearing that outfit and using a katana on her back is supposed to be more deadly than a guy in full armor, with a realistic sword and shield?
Because this is how to be fucking awesome.

>> No.12456832

what are good mods I can't find on nexus

>> No.12459796

Man, it's been a while since I fapped to sexmodded Oblivion.

No-pants dance, here I come!

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