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Dear /tg/
I know I got this picture of here and I've seen it requested more than once. I believe it is based of someone's description of an Angel in the bible but I'm unsure. So my question is if anyone knows where it comes from. If it is from the bible who's description was it based off?

In return I'll dump my angel folder or other monsters upon request

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It's from Ezekiel's vision. In the book of Ezekiel.
Don't remember the chapter and verse.

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come on, someone has to be on that knows

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That is an Ophan, plural Ophanim, one of the wheels of the celestial chariot.

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wheels within wheels.
Its in several versions of the bible, the Koran, and many transcriptions from a passage in which someone saw an angel.

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yup, thats it. Thank you. Google will take it from here

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Theres an angel described as a wheel of fire. The Ophanim, I think that's correct. From the book of Enoch. I think they're in Daniel also.

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Chapter 8, quite a lot of verses.

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strangely enough, "wheels within wheels" and the general nested circular imagery is what I sometimes get from hallucinogenics. mmm?

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more info,
I'm witting a short story in which the main character is visited by them in his sleep. I found actually describing them to be a royal pain in the ass and figured reading the original my help.

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Somewhat related:
Has anyone else noticed the similarity between these angels and art associated with LSD and other hallucinogens? Seems to me which ever old guys came up with this stuff were probably high as giraffe pussy.

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fucking ninja'd

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Holy fucking shit! More monsters!!!

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I have no doubt that some form of hallucinogen played a role in the genesis of these beings.

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they could've gotten a job doing the artwork for Tool albums if only they'd stuck around another two thousand years or so.

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Bump. More like this!

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But those aren't based on or in homage to biblical descriptions, dammit!

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This kind of angels make the humanoid ones look like pussies

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Considering they used to anoint the altar and the priests with cannabis oil, and that there's strong suspicion of ergot or psilocibin use associated with certain sacraments and rituals... I'm guessing they were pretty fucking out there.

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did no one else find this funny?

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Looks like it could be an Ophanim.

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yea, we kinda covered that already.

Going to go start writing now, maybe I'll post what I come up with later. People are more than welcome to turn this into an angels and demons themed dump. I'll post a few more b4 I go.

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I thought they were called Thrones.

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not sure where its from but I'm quite fond of this one

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There's a brand in the corner. Anima, a tabletop RPG by Fantasy Flight Games.

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sry ya'll it takes longer to find pics from such a specific catagory...
but lets not let this die, jump on in an get this dump going

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fircere once

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angliony security

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More specifically, a guy on DeviantArt with the username of "Wen-M".

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how nelogdo

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keep it going

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gotome robbing

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underworld ftw

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I have a shit ton more, if this is still going when I get back I'll dump'em all

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r u sure I think that's a draenei brah

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Nope, they don't have hoes

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Also its off this guys site, I found it after looking him up cause he won a Diablo 2 "create a monster" contest with this BADASS pic here.

The back story being she is a necro that took things a lil to far, no she severs as basicly a mana supply for that mound of undead beasty

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sure they do

also; the hoe is a blood elf

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heheh stole fromyou in other thread

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This an actual beast from the bible? If so, now I know where Bleach got it from. I thought they were just massing random animals together.

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ah, as an student of economics I can assure you that you have not, when files are the resource, no scarcity exists, only abundance. Share and share alike.

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you're referencing nel right? so what you're saying is, before you saw that, you thought centaurs originated from.. bleach. nice.

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When extraterrestrial being decide the time is ripe for the invasion of Earth they make their shock troops resemble the biblical Angels to so discord among the human armies. Jerusalem being the site of the first disastrous strike against humanity helps cement the biblical implications

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nah that's just a monster someone took from the monster thread we're having on another board where someone posted a link to this thread. sauce is here:


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So you're interested in shared dreaming?

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1940 valern

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prto johartil

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yes, though I must admit I am I bit skeptical, have you ever experienced it yourself?

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No, but I want to try. I've had some strange dream experiences and while I'm not religious I believe there are thing in this world we can't always grasp. I'd like to think it can be done.

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How the hell did "nothing is original on the internet" turn into newage claptrap.

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I'm a big believer in the concept of conscious life force and I don't think of it as everyone having a separate soul. Think of it as radio waves, and people are receivers. What comes in on your "station" is based on your physical body. Sometimes signals overlap.

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bar ainjorat

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No, not Nel. Further into the anime, three of Harribel's Fraccions' rip off their left arms and create this.

I know the pic is from deviantart, but I'm having trouble finding a full body pic on google (only giving me a close up of the head).

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fucking captcha

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back on topic

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yeah sorry I'm running out of angels here

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meh, post whatever
I'm op and I'm way off topic ranting about shared dreaming

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Anyone got some impressive as fuck angels and shit, like towering against a red sky like it's the end of the fucking world?

Like this sort of composition but freakier.

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mm not exactly, I think that artists has angles and the like on deviantart

plus she has that Romantically Apocalyptic series, which is cute

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this pic is so fucking hot

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No comment on this?

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i totally picture Groudon when i see this

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I always thought the wings appear to be in the background rather than on her back but this counts as an angel right?

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That's because it IS Groudon.
Look at the person in the middle of the picture. That's totally the RSE trainer.

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oh snap where did you get that? do you have more cards?

as for the wavelengths theory, it had merit but I guess I'm just so used to think of the body as a vessel for the soul

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It's clearly inspired by Groudon. Besides the pattern on it and the general setting being the same, look at the kid.

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urg, I forget the source, but I know I have more

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>like towering against a red sky like it's the end of the fucking world?

The closest I can think of is this picture.

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Holy hell... that is weird...

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AWESOME. . source? moar?

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I don't know why, but I can see that thing slipping on a banana peel and doing the comical slip-and-step of trying to right itself before face-planting.

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see this
thats all the info I got, google diablo fat art contest... I think theres a link to his site

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