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So, /tg/, I've been invited to my first game of DnD.
It's gonna be 4e, since that's the only edition the host has manuals for. He said he'd be trying to get his hand on 3.5 books later.

I'm gonna play a Cleric of Bahamut most likely, going for greatswords and almost certainly the Angelic Avenger paragon path.
Obviously my first feat will be THF, but I'm wondering about other skills/feats, since I'm completely new to DnD. I've read the 3.5 PDFs, but I guess most of it comes from playing experience.

Do you friendly fa/tg/uys and ca/tg/irls have any advice, or should I just roll with whatever sounds fun?

Pic sort of related, it's what I'm aiming for.
Inb4 just play paladin.

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>Inb4 just play paladin.

Well, why NOT play a paladin?

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>should I just roll with whatever sounds fun?


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Why not play cleric?

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Alternately I could just go javelin Warlord and be a goddamn Paragon.

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Clerics don't smite. Paladins do.

If you were REALLY aiming for that pic, you'd play a paladin.

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Because clerics don't receive greatsword proficiency without taking a feat, and now that Righteous Brand isn't ridiculous strength clerics are sort of weak compared to wisdom ones.

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What got changed about Righteous Brand?

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Well the thing is that our party doesn't have a cleric and another guy is playing paladin. I figured that I should take on a bit of a healer role for the sake of party balance.
So far we've got a rogue, warlock, ranger, paladin, and me as a cleric. There may be more people joining.

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Warlord. It's more CLEAVE than Cleric and neither has SMITE.

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All right, I guess it's gonna be warlord, although I'll miss the whole "angelic" part.
Then one more question:
Would a ranged javelin warlord on the midline word well?
Or should I take advantage of my tankiness and just beat up shit with a greatsword on the frontline?

(I've got a hardon for greatswords and spear weapons. Call Freud on me if you want.)

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work well*

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Get a longspear.
Troll everything that moves. Make the rest move.

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Oh! Hey there Commissar fuklaw! What are you doing wearing blue?

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I like the sound of this.
Attacks of opportunity, attacks of opportunity everywhere?

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Also shiftan, slidan and trippan.
The damage is not too shappy, either.
Cobjeens also, says captcha, but I have no idea what a cobjeen is.

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Actually a smite-y cleric is rather simple.

1: Get Proficiency in a good two-handed weapon (ie Mokenkrad)
2: Take only powers which have lots of [W] dice (especially Weapon of Astral Flame)
3: ???!!

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That's a CLEAVE cleric.
SMITE is reserved for paladins.

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Captcha moves in mysterious ways...

Also one more question,
What happened to the alignments? What happened to animal companions? WHAT HAPPENED TO BARBARIANS?

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Barbarians are awesome.
Animal companions were scrapped as a class feature but you may still have one.
Alignments? What's wrong with alignments being a roguh guideline?

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Yeah, but what happened to chaotic good and lawful evil?
And why did they replace the neutral alignments with "meh I don't care about alignments at all"?
What were they thinking?

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They removed Chaotic Good/Neutral, neutral(s), and lawful evil. Simplifies thing and reduces "but it's my alignment!" fuctardery.

Animal buttbuddies are for rangers.

Barbarians are in Players Handbook 2

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Ah, that explains a LOT. Apparently the host has only player's handbook 1.
I'm not trying to start and edition war here, but some of the changes just don't seem logical.
I've looked through the 3.5 manuals in the hopes of ever finding a group and I liked what I saw.
With 4e I'm not sure. I guess I'll just have to try it a few sessions. Can't let a few minor changes spoil my fun. I'm just exaggerating, really.

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Chaotic good is Good, which you play as chaotic.
Lawful Evil is now Evil, which you play as lawful.
True Neutral is Unaligned, which you play as druidic.
Same shit, less derp.

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I'll just have to see how it goes. Alignment usually plays only a minor role anyway.
But since longspear warlord sounds awesome, any tips on feats/skills/tactics?
I only got a few minutes to look through the classes, but as far as I saw warlords also gain shouts and such to buff their allies, right?

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Because alignment was always a shitty way to try and pigeonhole every single being into one of nine narrow moral viewpoints?

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Yeah, I understand that. Let's leave it at that and go back to how awesome warlords are before the edition war is unleashed yet again. I'll start an edition war once I've played both editions for at least one campaign.

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Warlords are Leaders, which means their primary role is healing and buffing, similarly to a Cleric. Incidentally, they can also rape stuff pretty hard.
For a specific build, just look over the powers and choose those that cater to your attributes. Then look over the feats and pick those that are tied to your weapons or those tied to your powers in some way. It's that simple at the beginning.

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A GW Paragon is not a bad analogue, it seems.

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/rs/ doesn't turn up anything for the Player's Handbook though, only PH2 and PH3. Maybe I'm just not looking good enough.
Maybe I just need to buy the books myself instead of being a cheap faggot. I'll have to ask the guy where he got his player's handbook.

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Can you torrent? Much more reliable than /rs/.

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Yeah, I noticed.
>Open it
>What the fuck is this furry shit
>Read cover

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Reach: With a reach weapon, you can attack
enemies that are 2 squares away from you as well as
adjacent enemies, with no attack penalty. You can
still make opportunity attacks only against adjacent
enemies. Likewise, you can flank only an adjacent

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What's THF?

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Two-Handed Fighting.

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There's a Two-Weapon Fighting feat, but it's not for you, and there's certainly no Two-Handed Fighting feat.

You really want a fullblade instead of a greatsword.

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Seriously? I was sure that there was a feat made for greatswords.
Also what the fuck does fullblade even mean who came up with that term I don't even.

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Did someone say fullblade!?

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You know, with realistic GMs, fullblades are almost worthless when you're not outside in the open, since they're so damn big it's impossible to swing them indoors. Same goes for Greatswords.

Fullblade doesn't even refer to two-handed swords in real life...

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Pft, you say that like my +3 fullblade of awesome can't slice straight through wood, stone, metal and other bits of inconvinient architecture like it wasn't there. Your dungeon corridors are no match for magic!

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Can someone just explain to me what a fullblade is? It's not in the player's handbook and I've never heard of it before.

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And yet, there is one simple feat that fixes this.

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A huge slab of steel sharpened on one edge.
Think Cloud Strife.

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I was actually thinking more Berserk when I read that.

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two handed, +3 proficiency, 1d12, high crit

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