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sup, /tg/

I want to play a bard. Human, male, CG, 18 Char. I want him to a good buffer, but not fall apart in melee combat. He should also be good at picking up chicks.
A) Stat allocation for a 32 point buy?
B) Feats or alternate class features?
C) Equipment?
D) Roleplay advice?

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>Not fall apart in melee combat

The way Bards survive melee combat is to throw their followers into it while they stand back and cast.

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A, B, C) Fuck if I know.

D) Please don't be a standard bard - plumage and feather in your hat and whatnot. Think up something interesting - be a storyteller or something that's not "I have a lute and make all the barmaids swoon."

Also, if you want your character to be a bit of a Lothario, fine, but keep that shit in the far background. It should only really come up when the party is roused from the inn by alarm bells, and the rest of the party sees Hilda peeking worriedly from your character's door. If you aren't subtle and down-play it, your group will quickly groan and grow annoyed with you - here's a hint - never ask to roll to seduce. Just talk it over with your GM and let him know this is just sort of happening in the background. He'll use it late if he wants to.

Also, what's your motivation?

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Or alter the terrain, by creating a defensive wall of dead bards.

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Yeah, in kiddie edition.

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montoya (or however it is written) from princess bride!
they killed your father... make the bastards pay

>delicious tomicas
are they that delicious captcha?

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Play an insane Disturbingly Humanoid Robot bard with a machinegun guitar.

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I dunno, to pick up chicks? Sounds so shallow......shallow enough for there to be serious character development? It could work.

I also want to have that whole feathered hat bit.....but i also want to have my masterwork lute also be a greataxe. Does that balance out?

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3.5, my favorite edition of them all

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