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Evening, /g/en/t/lemen; I was poking through some old campaign logs I had, and uncovered an IRC campaign I ran quite a while ago- My first DM'ing experience, in fact, based on D&D 3.5. I'll like to kick off by stating that I much, much prefer to be a player than a DM- Less to worry about- but I rather enjoyed this one.

The setting was, well, an Adventurer's University, which trained would-be adventurers to explore a lost continent which'd recently surfaced from the sea, after a background event. It was an anachronistic setting; I'd say a not *quite* as dark version of Eberron, with a lot of modern conveniences aped by magic, but not as epically high-level magic as the FR setting. To tell the truth, I honestly admit it was mainly a handwave. The players were freshmen students (Level 1) who'd be at the school for three years.

This is where things got interesting. See, none of the players took the vanilla classes- It's a three-player game. We had a Paladin, a Bard, and a Sorcerer- High-Charisma types, but definently (I realize now) behind the curve when it comes to dungeoncrawling.

The University, and the city surrounding it, is built on Chaos-warped caverns that's basically an infinite dungeon. While most students are funded by their parents/organizations, others fund themselves by the good ol' method; Killing things and taking their stuff in the dungeons below. Then there's the occasional opportunity for overseas trips and so on- Travelling to the continent itself to do things like monster hunting and dungeon delving.

Pic related, for the feel I'm getting at.

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Sounds like another one of those retarded harry potter ripoff games japan has been fond of lately.

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This actually is a fun concept - I've used it once or twice myself.

>rougebu love
Oh, yes, Captcha-tan, oh yes.

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Anyway! The game got a focus on character-interaction and so on, especially with other students; The Blackguard-in-training was a *particular* asshole, for example. One thing- Fights are strictly regulated in the school itself. You're free to wail on monsters all you like, in the dungeons below, but you cap out at 0 HP in the University above. This does mean, however, that down there...Anything goes.

One good thing about IRC; It cuts down on a *lot* of the awkwardness of IRL games. Part of the fun was detailing the various NPCs they interacted with; I note now, with amusement, that the Magic teacher was a musclebound hulk, the Combat trainer was a Ranger with the Dervish Prestige class (Two-Weapon fighting gogogo) and the Religious studies teacher was an unaligned Cleric, with a decidedly mercenary, cynical look at religion.

Basically- The game was divided into weeks. Each week, players picked what they were focusing on, which gave minor buffs; You could have a +2 bonus to one stat, an extra hit die, or the benefit of one more feat, even if you didn't meete the prequisites. This was to 'toughen' them up, for each fight. (To wit; If you had Dodge, you could study to get Mobility for this week.) The effects of studying weren't cumulative; They only hold for the week you chose to focus on them. One idea I toyed with was giving the Sorcerer free scrolls- But he didn't particularly need them. He had the option of picking an extra spell he didn't know each week, which gave him more flexibility.

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>The Blackguard-in-training

What is this i don't even.

Blackguards are a bad thing. The idea that an organization could exist in the open that trains them is insane.

>One good thing about IRC; It cuts down on a *lot* of the awkwardness of IRL games.

Oh i bet it does.

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That sounds quite a bit like Sigil Prep. That whole magical academy thing was pretty popular for a while.

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He wasn't a Blackguard yet- But clearly an evil (More like snarky asshole) Fighter, who was taking the same classes as the Paladin. He'd only get the prestige class in the second year. Also, I have to admit- Babby's first DM.

I'll admit that the concept of the setting might feel very weeaboo. Japan likes to fetishize the concept of High School, and I'm fairly certain the pictures I'm posting are *not* helping. But I'll admit, you know, DM and player appeal. (Lonely neckbeard here, and I'm fairly certain- Not judging- the players were the same. Also, as I stated, IRC cuts down on the awkwardness a *lot*.)

So, our players: The Paladin was the LG guy- He played a gentlemanly dude, nice to everyone, and so on, but gods helped you if you pissed him off. He was actually a scholarship boy (Religious Studies scholarship)- But he hadn't actually chosen a god yet. He'd picked up the calling, but not the path; Humorously, I was going with the 'what future career do you want?' take on religion. A Paladin is a prime candidate- Everyone wants him.

Then we have the Bard. The guy who picked him wanted a shitload of skill points, so he could do a little bit of everything- He also dropped two levels of Fighter, to make himself less useless. Generally, he picked +2 Strength each week, to hit the enemy harder.

Last of all, the sorcerer. Laid-back dude, rather lazy- Because, you know, he didn't actually *need* to study to get spells- who couldn't care less about classes, and attended 'when he felt like it'.

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I haven't actually read that one, but I'm totally going to check it out. Also, the Bard teacher was pretty much a ripoff of Marvel's Taskmaster, complete with the whole 'Everything you can do- I can do *better*!" theme, except it patently wasn't true.

Now, the dungeon got nastier and nastier as you went down; You paid school fees on a weekly basis, which was basically the PC's HD-squared X 150. This suited the playing style better; The players could coast on one Dungeon Crawl for quite a bit of time.

Unabashedly stealing from the Persona series, you could use each week for an extra effect- encountering one or more of the characters you knew, provided the week wasn't already taken up by a special event, like a field trip, boot camp, and so on. This is where the above pic becomes related.

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To detract from the weeaboness of the above picture, I give you an image of Garrus skateboarding. Right- So, we've established 'lonely neckbeard', but anyway. Part of the reason why I did the 'once a week' thing was to give everyone something to do; You still got a benefit no matter what, but whether it was a tangible, physical benefit, or a social one, was entirely up to you. So yeah, that included romances.

Here's the thing about best-laid plans; They never survive contact with the PCs. Ever. I basically designed 4 'support characters' for each PC, as a rule of thumb; To make the setting feel less sparse, and to give each person their own buddies they interacted with. There was quite a bit of overlap, but yeah, we managed without too much of a headache- Mostly thanks to the fact that I didn't have much to do between sessions, at the point in time.

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>Right- So, we've established 'lonely neckbeard', but anyway. Part of the reason why I did the 'once a week' thing was to give everyone something to do; You still got a benefit no matter what, but whether it was a tangible, physical benefit, or a social one, was entirely up to you. So yeah, that included romances.

Well this sounds like a complete disaster in the making. By all means go on.

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Okay; Each guy was meant to have his own story arc. The Paladin's one was about discovering his calling, and facing off with his would-be Blackguard rival- Basically a 'coming-of-age' tale of finding his role and holy destiny. The Bard was planned to eventually get a job either as an infiltrator, or a leader- Because Bardic Music (The early one) can be a massive boost in a low-level engagement. The Sorcerer, who was something of an anomaly in the setting (inb4 Oots), would have the greatest direct tie to the whole 'new continent rising out the ocean thing', as one of the bastard children of a great, abdominable conquerer...Who was seeking to be reborn. It didn't...quite work out that way.

Here's an example. (Pic related.) The girl in the above pic was a CG Rogue- Based on Imoen in Baldur's Gate, pre the trauma of the second game. She was meant to be a free spirit like the Bard, and the one who was *most* alike him; Rather greedy, in a humorous way, always on the lookout for treasure- With the freudian excuse that she was from a poor background, herself. (Sent most of the money back and so on.) The thing is, the Paladin fell for her instead, and vice-versa. I'm fairly certain part of it is the 'cute redhead' thing, but to continue; The whole thing started when the Bard had to take a week off- The Rogue latched onto the Paladin, with rumors of a treasure in the caverns beneath. Why? She needed a meat shield, and this was a way for the Paladin (Who lagged a bit behind in treasure, as he was a bleeding heart for orphans, charitable causes and so on) to catch up in XP and cash.

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This sounds bizarrely interesting....all the other magical academies stuff is about kids using fake latin words to do magic and then grow up and...have relatively mundane lives with it, only with the added benefit of housework magic.
But these guys are like, what, adventurer's-in-training? So they grow up to go into Dungeons and kill orcs and overthrow evil lord?
It's like the first Fable game mixed with that Penny Arcade comic "Lookouts" they did.....

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Anyway, they ventured down, and after a fight with Phase Spiders, they uncovered the treasure, which was a fancy-looking Bastard Sword for the Paladin, and some other minor stuff that'd be just right for him- My excuse, taking a leaf from Paizo's APs, to give the player exactly what he needed. He let her keep it; All of it, instead. Of course, that lead to her inviting him for more treasure-hunting excursions and so on...Now, I never explicitly stated it, but it was fairly evident to the other players that she was *playing* her dumb meat shield for all it was worth. Paladin still hung a little behind the other players, but after a certain point- D&D 3.5 hits a curve where small additions don't matter quite as much anymore, given how everyone scales up level by level.

Now, to justify the paladin-themed equipment that kept popping up; The Rogue had unearthed an old manuscript of Pelor (Most generic human god. Seriously.) and she was leading him along the trail for it. Each time, he let her take *everything*; It wasn't a complete waste, as he still got XP for it, but it's a significant investment. The last treasure in the Quest chain was an artifact known as the Dawnstar; It was an ancient idol carried into battle by this Saint, with which he cast out evil and smote the undead. It had some useful abilities- Particularly the ability to cast a once-a-day Sunbeam, and other invoked Daylight abilities. It was also shiny, and glittered; Think the centerpiece of an Indiana Jones movie, and you get the picture. (All Artifacts are N/A by design, so I was fairly certain making it all shiny wouldn't affect the value.)

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Yeah- Except they'd go to the Continent, where a whole New World of nastiness is waiting for them. To continue:

So, they found it, but they triggered the guardian; A weakened Devourer (scaled down for the 'reduced' party.) The Rogue was Fear'd, and pulled down by it's undead minions; The Paladin, however, went toe-to-toe with it, and used the Dawnstar's improved turning ability, combined with Sunbeam, to blast the Devourer into ash. Now, just *holding* it- It makes you feel *right*. Whole. At peace, and as if Pelor himself had just given you the thumb's-up and a fistbump. It was made for him, and he *knew* it- This was the kind of thing you took into battle, bearing it before a righteous, conquering army that swept aside all in it's path.

With this, a man could find the strength of will, of purpose, to lead a second Crusade, and stand at the right hand of Pelor. He made his Will save to just *let go* of it...And he gave it to the Rogue, who was stunned that he'd even do that (Me too, considering that the Dawnstar was meant to be a powerup for him- The Sorcerer had realized that a high-level arcane spellcaster is a fucking machine of death.)

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She was, understandably, very surprised- And managed to blurt out, a little guiltily, "Why?" His answer? He'd travelled so long with her- So far- risked life and limb together; Long enough to know that she was a *good person*. Her need was greater than his- And he had complete confidence in her that she'd put it to good use.

It turns out (Later, as discovered by the Bard) that she didn't sell it; She had a little sister who was comatose, and a large chunk of her cash went back to paying for Restoration and Cure Disease spells for her, so she didn't get ganked by Stat death. This was a motivation I cluged when coming up with the character concept, so she wouldn't be completely unsympathetic. Later, they visited her together- And she gave the Dawnstar to the little girl. She didn't wake up, but the effects of it- They helped. Now, the Paladin guy generally forgot to use his abilities- Except for Smite Evil- but he used them on her, all the same, in hope that he'd do some good.

So yeah, it was inevitable that the Rogue and the Paladin were an item after that. Also, call me sappy, but that was a very D'AWWWWWW moment, IMO.

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Check out the Magocracy of Halruaa in Forgotten Realms. They have mandatory education similar to real world western standards, with elementary, highschool, college, except they include magic. Everyone in Halruaa can at least cast basic cantrips unless they're mentally disabled.

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Truly your pally is a bro.

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Something like that. Except this was more 'general adventurers school' instead of Hogwarts. Never did like Harry Potter- Though the third book was pretty good.

I'm pretty sure there are discrepancies in this homebrew setting, but I managed to skate over them- Must've been lucky to avoid the pitfalls.

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That is one damn hot outfit, without being slutty. Japan, you so crazy. OP, what was the dress code like?

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Totally true. rogue is cg, right? Not too much of a gap there. Then again, any dude can be a Nice Guy if he's trying to get into a girl's panties.

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That outfit would be extremely slutty IRL. She's basically wearing nothing but a long tee and panties.

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It kills me how they call those anime "slice of life." Even without any magic or giant robots, the social aspects and day to day routines are notably dramatized and exaggerated.

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Neverwinter Nights 1 Original Quest had an adventure school. I thought it was rather funny with the bored cleric raising undead so apprentice cleric students could practice turn undead or the mage telling the apprentice mages to cast cold spell at the fire or the thief teacher in the room filled with traps and locks.

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School uniform (No armor) in class time, weapons peace-bonded. This prevents you from lugging around a shitload of bling, and made surprise encounters actually dangerous, instead of pinging off one's AC. However, accessories like bracers, rings and cloaks are still allowed- No-one notices.

Pic related; It's the wizard trainer, who was a genuine veteran- He was based off one non-shitty Dragonlance book I read somewhere (Brothers in Arms?)- I can't quite recall, and was generally awesome. Yeah, Warmage class, and related Vietnam-esque stories of his glorious, bloody past.

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They didn't want to call them soap operas, because the context of that phrase is completely lost on the target audience.

>> No.12440483

I have but one thing to say about slice of life.

It is the cancer that is killing anime.

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>Image of Iskander
I didn't even bother reading your post. Or the thread. But you should know you have good taste.

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Yep, that's the mood I was going for.
Yeah, you're right- It's all the drama turned up to eleven. IRL, it's pretty uneventful. But that would hardly make for a fun campaign setting.

Shit got real later when rivalries- Potentially lethal ones- emerged. The first adventurer-versus-adventurer fight caught the players fairly off-guard; They were used to dealing with numerically superior monsters of weaker power, or fewer big guys of greater power- The balanced encounter almost killed them, until the Paladin began to RIP AND TEAR, and the Sorcerer dropped AoE spells on them until everyone was crispy. It all started with a shoving match ("We were here first!") when both sides were competing to reach a treasure trove...And arrived at exactly the same time.

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I am deeply upset that OP'sd pictures are broken upon download.

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>good taste
And how!

Say, anyone else having problems with images loading? For some reason, opening >>12440149 gives me only the image link in a blank tab, and >>12440283 loads only to the height of her mouth. Shitsux.

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>the social aspects and day to day routines are notably dramatized and exaggerated.




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God dammit, wrong image. Let's try this again.


>good taste

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Were the students allowed to murder other students in the catacombs then blame the monsters, or would they get rocks dropped by you when they did so?
Would a student miss out on plot or XP opportunities by preferring solitude to being around other people?
If a student is an asshole to other students, but shows respect (out of necessity) to the administratium, what consequences would that have?

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>His name is Iskander.

Fuck, that's the name of every male character I ever make in both RPGs and MMOs. Now everyone's gonna think I pulled it out of whatever this is.

>> No.12440552


Well, that depends. I generally prefer SERIOUS SHOWS FOR MATURE VIEWERS LIKE MYSELF, but I guess those kind are easiest to get a quick buck.


Thanks for that. I wondered whether he might be too obscure.

Now, the Sorcerer. The Sorcerer guy was significantly different- When he wasn't being a killing death machine of arcane sorcery, he was a slacker. Think a less abrasive version of Qara from NWN2; Or Xykon without the casual dickery. Sorcerers are generally rare- Arcane magic is usually the purview of Wizards, in the same way that there are comparatively few Favored Souls or Paladins (Which is why the PC Paladin is considered such a catch for all religions. Anyone can potentially become a Blackguard, but being a Paladin is a calling. Enough about special snowflake syndrome, though.)

Now, the Sorcerer had a rival...Kind of. There was a high-level Wizardess, with a significant ice theme (She had the Elemental Substitution feat, and used it all the time), and a top student- Also on the Discipline Committee- who he annoyed to no end, with skipping classes and so on. She was totally meant to be thorn in his side; A problem he couldn't just blast his way out of, without proving her *right*.

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>touhoufag talking about cancer

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That sounds like the average universitary bureaucracy, really.

>> No.12440574

I went and downloaded this image just for you.

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I sense a Defrosting Ice Queen romance subplot.

>> No.12440591

I remember that anime. Slice of life magic highschool.

The episode where they make familiars. The episode where they try to cast some ancient spell.

Actually, mostly I remember the fact that the purple haired "girl" was a boy.

>> No.12440599


Yes, they could; It wasn't encouraged, though, and could have consequences- But generally, there wasn't anyone who pissed them off enough to outright *murder*...Or at least start it. However, to break the monotony, they were occasionally attacked by rival adventurer groups- I'd say that the PCs showed fairly admirable restraint. They generally didn't kill them, just kicked the shit out of them, looted their gear, and left them for the monsters. There were one or two occurrences, but they were in justified self-defense, as well as the end-boss fights.

No, the PCs wouldn't miss out if they preferred solitude. Note that you didn't get the weekly boost if you chose to spend time being Mr. Sociable- Also, not hanging around people meant you got to go for things like the one-week Exchange course, research, and other minor adventures, just not with the cast- XP and Gold in other ways. After a while, the point became moot- Especially when the offered benefits of weekly classes petered off. (+2 isn't quite as much by the time you're level 6, nor is an extra hit die or a single feat)

Being an asshole to other students could lead to well, being leaned heavily on, or like the Sorcerer, bushwacked down in the caverns. Not to mention people could be obstructive in the same petty ways students are to each other IRL.

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I see your trap, and raise you.

What it is with Japan and crossdressers?

>> No.12440624


What is with the US and oiled up men?

>> No.12440632

Whats with UK elementary schoolers?

Whats with me?

>> No.12440637

>musclebound hulk
Let me show you the adventuring techinque passed down the armstrong line.

>> No.12440649

Me? I really want to!

>> No.12440650


Pic related; The girl on the right. I have no idea why the pics have problem loading- Maybe it's something wrong with my connection. Blargh. The kitty ninja, though, didn't turn up. It wasn't that weeaboo.

Here's the thing; The Sorcerer was a lovable dickhead. He was nice enough in class, but he was entirely happy to mouth off to the more asshole students he didn't like; Sure, they could try to jump him in the dungeon (And quite a few did) but he had his party with him. Not to mention that outside, he in fact had the advantage, because he didn't need equipment to use his magical powers.

The Wizardess, on the other hand, was a fairly elitist student- Not shrill and annoying, thankfully. He just rubbed her the wrong way. Why? Because he didn't have to *work* for his powers- He just got them simply by being who he was. They had a kind of informal, if one-sided rivalry going on, made more so by the fact that he was unflappable- He didn't, as they say, give a shit, and rightfully so. He was one of those who couldn't wait to get to the Continent.

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my body is ready

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You all make me so happy!

>> No.12440666

I raise again and calll. What do you have? (yes picture is male)

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What show are these traps from.
This is important.

>> No.12440699

Go away, Satan, you always cheat when you gamble.

>> No.12440700


Jun is from Happiness!

>> No.12440705

Happiness, highschool teaches magic was one of it's curriculums, like history and math. Has Jun, who desses like a girl for no real reason.

Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru
Boy has to attend an all girl catholic school because of some weird will.

>> No.12440722


The whole thing kicked off when they actually got into fairly serious trouble; A Wizard, whatever the level, needs support. That's Adventuring 101 when you have a STR of 8 and can't cast Tenser's transformation. Not to mention that the ice queen had a reputation for being unapproachable, which meant that, by convenience, she was usually partnered with the asshat and would-be Blackguard in training. (One more derail; He was meant to be the Paladin's enemy. He ended up butting heads with the Sorcerer instead, more often.)

Obviously, he had more designs on her than *that* (Not going into detail, but yeah, you know- Wizards run out of spells *fast*), as the Sorcerer eventually found out at one point, when he was doing a very cautious solo run in the dungeon. When he intervened, the other guy pointed out that a) It was none of his fucking business b) Who was going to take his word? He could get expelled for this. c) He could kick his ass.

The Sorcerer replied with something decidedly more profane, and it was *on*. Now, I didn't expect him to do this, for several reasons.

>> No.12440733


The girl with white hair? Fucking HAWT. Arguably one of the hottest animu girls I've seen. Moar pl0x, OP.

>> No.12440737


I prefer clumsy elf waifu who tries too hard.

>> No.12440738

Thanks gonna go watch delicous trap animes now.

>> No.12440761

/tg/ - Traps 'n Games

>> No.12440795

In order: Happiness, MM, OtoBoku

>> No.12440816


This wasn't meant to go down just yet. I mean, it was a throwaway thing- To make them loathe their nemesis more. Secondly, the guy was two levels higher than him, and armed with good gear- If he crossed the distance, I calculated that he'd have chopped the Sorcerer to bits in...Three rounds, maximum. (He was a tailored NE Fighter/Rogue aiming for Blackguard.) Not to mention this was the last guy I expected to go whiteknighting. (That's the phrase, right?)

So I thought- Okay, he's dead- but went ahead anyway. Alas, as a babby, I still hadn't quite got 'Linear warriors, quadratic wizards' yet. The Sorcerer *took him apart* with a series of lucky die rolls. The *first* thing he did was to fly straight up, out of melee reach, then slap him with consecutive Quickened Ray of Enfeeblements. Then he Scorching Ray'ed him until crispy; But the guy had a Contignency keyed to warp him out, and tele'd away from the dungeon.

Now, the Wizardess was glad he'd come to her rescue- Surprised that he'd actually done so- but still worried what would happen when the guy ran crying like a bitch to the school board. The Sorcerer, however, took the rap. "Yeah, totally my bad. I 'accidentally' caught him in the blast radius of a fireball." To save face, the other guy ran with it; It'd have been humiliating to admit that the Sorcerer kicked his ass.

>> No.12440829


Didn't catch that. What was he trying to do to her, exactly?

>> No.12440847


He was obviously trying to go rapeguard on her. Out of spells, low on hp; fairly certain that's what op was implying.

> captcha: implying either

This thing has a fucking mind of it's own.

>> No.12440887


He got off with a fine, and a month's worth of nigh-continuous detention- Thanks to the universal agreement that it was a 'mishap' rather than the two of them really earnestly trying to kill each other. The Sorcerer was basically- "You can slap me with shit till kingdom come."

In-game, this basically invalidated him from gaining the weekly bonus; He still was free to go adventuring and so on, it's just that he didn't have the 'free time' to study. On the plus side, class rep began to warm up to him; Out of a sense of mingled responsibility and gratitude, she accompanied him when she could. They weren't too different, after all; And the Sorcerer was a fairly nice guy when she got past, well, what he *was*. Not to mention- Playing out the disconnect was pretty fun, given that they were effectively from opposite ends of the social spectrum.

>> No.12440900


She looks a little different in that pic. All grown up? Also, I'll totally nail any of the girls Op has posted so far.

>> No.12440919


I see this one and raise you.

>> No.12440965


That's a new one to me.

It was fairly inevitable, after that, that the Sorcerer and the Wizardess grew closer- She taught him her (Fairly useless, when I come to think of it) Elemental Substitution (Ice) Feat, and access to Ray of Frost, Ice Storm, and Cone of Cold as free 'bonus' spells...Not that he really used them, anyway...as his weekly spell bonus instead. It became fairly official near the end of school year, where they collaborated for a spectacular magical lightshow at the Closing Festival...Coincidentally pretty much when the Bard was holding a live concert.

There's more, but it escapes me for the moment, gentlemen- Feel free to belay me with questions. Fuck, 'belay' sounds like a twat, and probably isn't grammatically correct, but yeah.

>> No.12440979


OP, who was the girl intended for the paladin?

>> No.12441003


There was a Cleric noviate at the Pelorian Church on-campus. Her plot was supposed to be the impetus for the Paladin's personal quest of retrieving the artifacts...But she ended up with more of a supporting role, when it became clear that he liked the Rogue a lot more instead. Yep, you can probably insert a cross-pollination joke here.

>> No.12441004


They don't really exist.

>> No.12441027


Really? God damn it.

Snow White hits all the fetishes for me at once, though- ice queen, honor student and spellcaster? Wow.

>> No.12441033

Tell me about the tentacles.

>> No.12441046

Ever read Mx0, decent manga about a magical highschool. The fights are interesting mostly because of the main character unable to use magic, so he has to devise ways to defeat stuff like mirror image or magic missile.

>> No.12441061


To tell the truth; Not that much. There was a fight with a carrion crawler- And one where the Rogue stumbled into a Grease trap, before the undead spellcaster they were up against cast Everad's Black Tentacles, which grappled her, after I failed a spectacular number of saves. The Paladin promptly ran over to him and beat his ass into the ground, but the ensuring scene was played for laughs:

"Nooooo, it's sticky and so gross- I...I *hate* slimy things!" He was torn between getting a video camera and rescuing her, but the Lawful Good impulses won out.

>> No.12441066

It's the only "U Mad?" image that I had. I just love the look on her face.

Her name is Touhou?

>> No.12441078


Is it wrong this gave me a boner?

This too, but the implications of massive penetration are a little squicky.

>> No.12441088

As for Shining Tears in the western version. Not too good of a game.

First of all, TERRIBLE voice acting.

Second, the AI is dumb as shit, so the only real way to get things going is to have a second player.

...and let's be honest... this is not a game you WANT a second player for.

What is more... I'm stuck on a level which seems to have NEVERENDING levels... It's a tower that just keeps going up... I powered through about 32 floors before I gave up.

>> No.12441090



>> No.12441118


OP here; I totally agree. Those are fucking terrible games. The sequel, Shining Wind, is arguably worse- And unintentionally, very, very gay. The only good points are the art. Also, a cardinal crime is that characters 'share endings'- So it doesn't matter who you're after, you get the same ending. Lazy work and shitty programming. The opening songs aren't bad, though, if you like fairly cookie-cutter J-Pop.

>> No.12441125

Op, your players seem to be fairly Cool Guys. Better than my gaming group.

captcha: parecate KL38

Are you fuckign serious?

>> No.12441143

I only watched the anime, Shining Tears x Wind. Did a couple interesting twists on the usual generic fantasy setting, like the elves being the evil conquerers who dig up forbidden ancient technology, then repair it into a bunch of modern tanks. Plus the main character being stuck in the middle, the direction of his love life and the source of his ultimate sword.

I did like Blanc Neige quite a bit, though her role in the anime was rather minor. I was greatly amused when the main character attempted to melt her ice persona a bit and pretty much failed utterly.

>> No.12441172


The main character was clearly gay. That's not up to doubt. The anime was pretty bad- The one redeeming factor was the character designs, and the very porny implications of the...erm, 'Soul Blades'. Oh, I'll draw out your Soul Blade anytime, Elwyn.

OP, tell us about the Bard.

>> No.12441174


Proof that the Japanese can't appreciate a good, unpretendious manga anymore.

>> No.12441201

Using DnD for this is retarded.

BESM is built for setting like this.

>> No.12441208


I have to sleep soon, but; The Bard was magnificent in his dickery, as Bards usually are. His first purchase was a hat of disguise, and he used it to make the lives of those he didn't like a living hell. Like the time he lured enemies into a cul-de-sac so the Paladin and Sorcerer could wail on them. Or the time he used the old 'Silence on a thrown rock, the spellcaster is now my bitch' trick.

And so on. Curiously, he was the most 'career-orientated' of the group, focusing on maxing his future prospects- Not to mention he played a Strahd violin as his bardic music instrument. I thought he'd go for guitar, or lute, but no, a Strahd. Still awesome, though.

>> No.12441235


I agree that the system started to show it's cracks later. Powers scale up quite fast in 3.5, and it became a little ludricious further on, especially given the increasing power of the players. However, I don't like point-buy systems, and D&D has an easy-to-use template.

>> No.12441323

Yeah, I'm getting that too. Funky.

>> No.12441377

Bah, I have to go; Captcha thwarted my tale of the bard's dickery. Still, here's a consolation prize.

>> No.12441399

the back button on the browser will bring you to the old page with your writing intact, for future reference op.

Thanks for the story, sounds pretty cool!

>> No.12441415


Awwww, snap. Should've done that before I opened a new window. Well, thanks for it- I might post moar next time, if I get the chance. Night, /tg/

>> No.12441433


And a skirt. Can't forget the miniskirt.

>> No.12441456


>> No.12441482


Gimme them binoculars.

Also, someone archive this. Totally stealing it.

>> No.12441668

And yet he seems to be doing this quite well with 3.5 no less.

Imagine that. Go troll a different thread please. Polite sage for noncontent.

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