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Would you play an RPG based on Mad Men?

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Haven't watched it, but I would love to try a campaign that wasn't HACK AND SLASH HURR.

I'd actually prefer an RPG based on Breaking Bad TBH

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"Mad Men"... is that that AMC series where Bryan Cranston plays the complete polar opposite of his 'ditzy dad Hal' character from "Malcolm in the Middle"?

I really need to try and catch that show when it's on. It looks so promising.

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Huh. Well, fuck, I was thinking of "Breaking Bad" as well.
So, uh... what's "Mad Men" about then?

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That is Breaking Bad.

Mad Men is about when men were men and women were women. Or something.

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A game about working in an office, in real life, with no superpowers, or monsters, or anything like that. Sounds fun.

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Set in 1960s New York, the sexy, stylized and provocative AMC drama Mad Men follows the lives of the ruthlessly competitive men and women of Madison Avenue advertising, an ego-driven world where key players make an art of the sell.

They also have sex.

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Why not just BE Mad Men?

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The question is, would you play an RPG based on FPA politics from LoGH? Could be set earlier in the timeline to give players more freedom for political dickery.

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Gender discrimination lawsuits?

Also, the liver failure.

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Oh fuck you Trunith, fuck you!

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I would play an RPG based on anything right now, as long as it's not something about sexually confused two-headed midget carpenters trying to overthrow undead cyborg were-halfhalfling space marine.

On the second thought, I will totally play that too if GM is good enough.

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Damn it. We could have played together.

Which aspect are you particularly against? I may be able to change it.

But its got to be two headed midgets. And its got to be half-halfling space marines.

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The party is the leadership of some random political party challenging the current cabinet in elections. They are constantly harassed and hindered by the efforts of one young upstart politician. This said person is in fact their BBEG and crushes the party's hopes of being elected.

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i would play one based on both...

provided if i was a lesbian in the mad men one, i wouldn't have to dress like the proverbial dyke.

and for the breaking bad one... oh man, i would so love to play one of the tweeker twins that the kid hangs out with. so i could take a bat to the wife's face. and vagina.

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And then when they get into is SUPRISE

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Get out of here you blondhaired brat. You're not a republican.

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I find Mad Men boring, so nope.

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you are a bad person and have poor taste

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Says you. The only clear-cut lesbian of the show is pretty easily identifiable.

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What? i always roleplay mad men.

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Isn't the Mad Men RPG called "Vampire the Masquerade"?

>> No.12439674

Nope, you're thinking of "Wraeththu".

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you work in Finance. The partners have given you a quest to create a financial statement for 1962 under GAAP rules (generally accepted accounting principals.) Role your Knowledge (Finance) skill.

17? I'm sorry, that is insufficient. The SEC fines Sterling-Cooper-Draper-Price, drastically reducing the company's net income. The business is no longer solvent and your investors start pulling out. Roger Sterling beats you to death with your phone while Don Draper fucks your wife. Roll a new character.

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>while Don Draper fucks your wife.

He would do that anyway no matter your roll.

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god, i loved sterling when he laid into his slurred insults in front of the Japs. And they had to make him all pathetic with that silly book of his and his affair with the redheaded pair of tits. it's a sad day on mad men when you like the shoeless bossman more than roger sterling.

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This pic is the reason why madmen is great.

>> No.12439836

Watching a show just for the eye candy? Really?

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She's a good actress too--she was great in those two episodes of Firefly.

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the story is actually pretty good, too.

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Sterling always gets the best one liners.

After the old secretary died:
>She died the way she lived: surrounded by the people she answered phones for.

+6 charisma.

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>Says you. The only clear-cut lesbian of the show is pretty easily identifiable.

You're forgetting Joan's ex-roommate.

But to answer OP's question, I question the value of any game where the only character class is Diplomancer.

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