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sup /tg/

i need practice, so I'm up for drawing a few of your requests. i'm not as good as some of the other drawbros here, but i'll try.

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draw a sexy big breasted elf ranger killing a goblin

>> No.12422720

with her vagina.

>> No.12422724

A shirtless, unarmed barbarian warrior fighting monstrous carrots and assorted vegetables

He is Half-Man, Half-Bear, and all Machismo

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A futa version of a female Primarch raping the Emperor on his Golden Throne. He's crying.

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Blond girl, with a flamethrower. Wearing lighty damaged sci-fi body armor. Goggles or breathing system would be cool if you can.

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Gandalf the Grey doing a kickflip off of Minas Tirith.

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The most intimidating looking wood elf you can imagine, decked out in impractically heavy mithral full plate and wielding a big-ass iron club/staff thing.
Bonus points for adding a Winter Wolf, but it's not terribly important.

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A neko girl with an angel wing and a demon wing in full gothic lolita and a red eye and blue eye.

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rolled 15, 5, 1 = 21

Would you please draw a rather scrawny looking human who, while obviously weak and frail, has an out of place confidence in his eye.
His gear should include a 10 foot pole, a length of rolled up rope and another rope in hand. Preferably light leather armour.

Please dont put him in a rope, or make him look like the typical weedy nerd.

Many thanks if you draw.

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Cleric of the Silver Flame (from Eberron) leaning against a tree/sitting on a stump smoking a pipe while one or another party members polishes off the bad guys in the background. Cleric's attitiude best described as 'And Not a Single Fuck Was Given That Day.'

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This is the inspiration. Please don't draw her as a baby. Heh, funny, I never noticed the thumbs up in that pic.

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A captain level space marine with heavy muay thai/muay boran influence

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Ok, this'll be the first time I request something from a drawthread, I figure I'd like a picture for my latest character.

I'll give you the data, do with it as you will.

Human Female, Pegasus Knight (Homebrew class).
5'5" 165 lbs, Brown hair, green eyes, chain shirt (No bikini mail, please, functional chain shirt.), halberd made out of mundane crystal as a primary weapon, sling and flail as secondary.

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>Please dont put him in a robe

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starting this one now

>> No.12422821

Oh, and the cleric's male. Other than that, go nuts, and thanks if you draw.

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Pick a deity, any diety from Dungeons and Dragons. Now pic a monster or race or something that would worhip that deity or fall under its sway.
Got those two things? Good, now make a demigod from the two of them, examples;
- A undead creature created by the Demon Lord Orcus
- A Goblin/Ork/Ogre with demonic features encased in evil looking armor. One arm is more monsterous than the other, ending in sharp claws. Bane's son.

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Storm Wardens Apothecary with Pirate-style braces of various pistols, holding a Tau with crushed legs over his shoulder.

>> No.12422855


Post-apocalypse character with patchwork armor carrying a pump shotgun over her shoulder

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>i need practice
No you don't.

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had to stop before i was happy with it, remembered i have a project due tomorrow.

sorry /tg/, but here is the semi-finished one. next time im drawan, i'll finish it and post it for you.

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also, i didnt barely start D:

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Any other drawfags about?

>> No.12423106


I'm about but I'm not in a drawfagging mood right now. Pretty pissed and I don't want that showing in the drawings.

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You're not a drawfag if you're not drawfagging.

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A 40k Cardinal, with a friendly look on his face, pure white and gold robes, and a shadowy Daemon at his side...

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Can you re-draw your OP pic, but with rainbow stripped... Are those bandages? Whatever they are, make them rainbow stripped and more clothing-y rather than bandage-y.

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Draw a cute child, who has all the doodads a high-ranking member of the Imperium would have, as well as the Inquisitorial Rosette hanging from his neck. He should have big, cute eyes.

>> No.12423188


Reference for Rosette.

>> No.12423191

I'm sorry to hear that, I give you my best wishes that your day goes better.

>> No.12423195


have a pacman

>> No.12423227


And some inspiration for the doodads. Have fun!

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prefer a squidward?

>> No.12424299

Pegasus Knight requester bumpan in case you return.

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took me a while and i suck. but I couldn't resist drawing Gandalf doing something fuckwin-awesome.

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A sovnya-guisarme!

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Feel like drawing a dragon being chased by a kitten?

>> No.12424424

Thri-kreen necromancer and his awakened undead umber hulk bodyguard.

Surrounded by scarabs, if you think you're up for some busywork.

>> No.12424445

different style, Helena Bonham Carter

>> No.12424458

Azula as a Sister of Battle.

If you feel up for it Zuka as a miserable looking marine.

'I am a daughter of the Emperor, and daddy doesn't love you.'

>> No.12424476


*Looks at image*

*Thinks about character*

Damn, she'd make a scary perfect Sister of Battle.

>> No.12424487

little bit of Jamie Hewlett style

I'll try the azula sister when i get back from doing dishes

>> No.12424564

Bill Clinton dressed as a bard trying to saxophone the final boss

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rolled 17 = 17

O Glorious Drawfriend, I request a male drow dungeoneer. His vest is covered in thieves' tools, and two quiver-looking things on his belt loops hold scrolls and wands, respectively. He should look kind of timid or awkward, as if he'd just been caught with nothing to say.

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Beep Beep.
Frawdag reportan.

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Tanned Callidus Assassin.

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Could you draw a 5'8 Rogue Trader with long hair and opulent clothing over carapace cheering on an Ork arm wrestling with a man the size of an Ogryn but not an Ogryn in a high class bar? It happened last week.

>> No.12424847


ripped sister of battle posing in a micro bikini, impressing several wimpy looking guardsman.

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A captain level space marine with heavy muay thai/muay boran influence please

>> No.12424875

Draw some titties, you never do that.

(Also some thri-kreens, goddamn. Sexy librarian, single female lawyer, scantily clad barbarian, fucking SOMETHING. Throw me a fucking sclerite here.)

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Scribble for yoouuuu

>> No.12424921

Thri-Kreen eating a banana. Picture included for clarity.

This has never been requested before and shame on anyone who claims so.

>> No.12425086

Really, now?

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>> No.12425120

A Techpriest at a fancy dinner party looking utterly lost.

Servo-skull with hors-d'oeuvres optional.

>> No.12425122


almost done

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Young (Teenaged) Princess who sneaks off from all the royalty when she can get away with it and takes on the life of a thief for a night or so, on a regular basis. Black hair, pale skinned (sheltered!), slender.

I'd be super grateful if someone would draw this for me.

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>> No.12425211

Loli Tau, now!

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>> No.12425396

bump for drawfags

>> No.12425406

A young red haired woman using an Ulthwe farseer as a surfboard. The farseer does not seem to mind.

>> No.12425426

>implying that GM would draw something without breasts

>> No.12425473


Nice doomrider

>> No.12425494

I'm scared and aroused.

>> No.12425575


>>Implying i wouldn't.


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I swear if you dont, I will. srsly

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>> No.12425651


already done here:


>> No.12425655

You drawin' tonight GM?

>> No.12425667


It's for urgent...something

>> No.12425736


Hey green would you care if I did a nude one too (not trying to rape your style)

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Hey GM, welcome to the thread.

Could you draw that nude guardswoman with the cyborg arm pleasing herself, or looking sexy?

>> No.12425765


I love this MOD!

>> No.12425776

>delete threads
>troll fa/tg/uys

Also yes GM please draw some insect ladies it's been too long don't you love me anymore ;_;

>> No.12425782

You butthurt little faggot.

>> No.12425787

Quit shittin' up the drawthread.

>> No.12425798

No love for the drow, then?

>> No.12425802


It's been done but you are more than welcome to try.

Now to go paint Fire Nation Symbols on my SOB banners.

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We shall never see the arm wrestling prowess of Skullmasha Grotkicka!

>> No.12426476


thats so epic win...

>> No.12426491

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I need a vampire from Twilight getting stabbed by an AdMech chef with a Philly Cheese Stake.

>> No.12426557

Requesting a Khorne Berserker giving a Juggernaut a belly rub. Bonus points if the Jugger is kicking his leg.

>> No.12426569


Well they have these big cool banners for the Celestians and I've been wondering what to put on one of them for a while now. This works very well.

>> No.12426600

Can I get this guy in a post apocalyptic setting wearing leather jacket? His clothes should be dirty and torn in places and he should have a few weapons and such on him.

>> No.12426626

A female arch-militant jumping down from some height, a greatsword gripped in both hands up and over her head as if preparing for a 'uge CHOP!
She got a waist-long ponytail fluttering behind her, with ribbons at regular intervals to keep the hair from spreading out.
She is either wearing carapace armor and combat boots, and a rope as a belt with a lenght of rope going down by her leg with a/a few meathooks knotted to it.

>> No.12426645

Samus from the metroid prime series as a khorne champion

>> No.12430594

Bump for drawfags

>> No.12432752

drawfag here in dire need of practice, requests?

>> No.12432780

Hey, just thought I'd drop back in to thank you for the pegasus knight drawing. I saw this morning that you fufilled the request, but it was on like, page 8, so I didn't want to bump it back to the front.

>> No.12432821

Can I request my Dark Heresy character?

She's a pleasant-looking young woman, with long hair in a messy ponytail and freckles. She's wearing a simply outfit and a tattered coat a tad too large for her. Her right arm and left leg are fully augmetic, as well as two fingers on her left hand.

She fully presents the image of a crippled bumpkin...which disguises the fact she's a fairly lethal assassin, with concealed weapons in all her augmetic parts.

>> No.12432869

rolled 68 = 68

A half-drow cleric of Corellon, wearing some fairly standard adventurer's outfit complete with cape and loose pants. Long hair tied in a loose ponytail, chainmail, and lugging a light shield. Has a satchel (purse) and looks fairly kind-hearted, if a tad troubled by something.

>> No.12432887

A gang of pathfinder goblins wearing One piece clothes, cruising the skies while standing on the prow of one of those Eberron's Airships.

>> No.12432902

Guts from Berserk curb stomping Void.... from Berserk.

>> No.12432909

working on it!

>> No.12432922

Goblin reference:

>> No.12433199

Im also requesting my Dark Heresy character.

A strapping feral worlder (2.10 meters/7 feet tall, 120kg/250pounds) dressed in bone armor and toting a greatsword and a regular sword.
He is wielding the greatsword in any pose you like. He is pale skinned and got a blond, shaggy beard (about a foot long) and shaved head.

>> No.12433218

Requesting my Shadowrun character.

A fit, twenty-something down on her luck shadowrunner.

Her legs and arms are full robot prosthetics, old, out-dated models lacking any sort of armor plating, just bare servos and gears. her hands are three fingers, think Wall-E, and her feet are simple and flat. her hair is tied up in a pony-tail, and her left eye is a flat cybernetic, think Batou from gits. She's wearing a form-fitting torso suit, with a light leather jacket with logo patches over it. Despite it all, she looks rather cheery.

>> No.12433342

Spider Humanoid with baby arms for his very top hands, the ones right near his mouth. Four legs to walk on. his other pair of arms with regular hands/arms.

>> No.12433435

Longhaired drow guy holding a Harry Potter house-elf up by the back of the pillowcase that the house-elf is wearing instead of proper clothes. He's staring at it with an incredulous, almost horrified expression. The house-elf just looks anxious and ingratiating.

Bonus points for drow thought/speech bubble 'That is NOT an elf.'

>> No.12433491

Youngish male moon elf bladesinger? Long dark blue/nearly-black hair, slight bluish tinge to pale skin, dark blue gold-flecked eyes, determined expression. Holding a longsword, possibly with ~magiceffects~ rising up around it?
He has simple but effective studded leather armour, and a green cloak whose bottom edge is slightly ragged with long wear.
Basically standing there looking very much 'mess with me and I will fuck you up.'

>> No.12433615


>> No.12434019


>> No.12434023

Somebody please draw civilian Eldar doing civilian things? Like.. gardening, or baking, or sitting around eating with friends... Or an Eldar sculptor or something like that. Not fussy, just really wanna see some stuff of Eldar not busy fighting.

>> No.12434050

Can I ask for my Jedi Master Togruta for my Star Wars RPG?

He's very acrobactic and a very good hunter. Very skilled in lightsaber combat along with stealth. He stands at a 6'6" and weighs 173 pounds, he is built quite well. He uses a curved lightsaber just like Count Douku, but blue. He wears Revan's robes with out the chest armor along with a utility belt.

He keeps a far amount of stuff the belt due to being a hunter and always being prepared. He has lightning like marks that go from his eyes then blend into the horns. The marks are special due to THE GM' story. I'm the chosen Togruta that has to defeat the beast of Shili. Created for game purposes and so that I can gain enough strength to fight the real threat. This all takes place in Legacy and is about 17 years past the Massacre on Ossus.

If you have any questions just leave a post for this message and I will

>> No.12434093

I know what Togruta are but perhaps you should post references for the drawfags. Shouldn't be too hard, there have been enough adult Togruta in things even if you leave out lolibitchTano

>> No.12434198

Well I never use 4chan and don't know exactlly what to look for all I know is to post on a draw thread but it just put me in reply mode to the top response. Plus I created this togruta from scratch even with a couple pages of backstory.

>> No.12434269

Fucking internet. It had to die at the worst time.

>> No.12434271

Oh, for fuck's sake. See that 'file browse' bit? Yeah. There.
You're lucky I need to balance a few things with a good deed.

>> No.12434290


>> No.12434293

Voila, references. Hope you get your pic.

>> No.12434299


Sort of surreal to see them in clothing like that.

>> No.12434353

I have a friend that is a star wars fan, he always rant about how The Clone Wars runied togrutas, now I understand what the hell he was talking about.

Working on this btw

>> No.12434460


Hey, pretty awesome. Thanks a lot.

>> No.12434931

Glad you liked it!

Here you go.

>> No.12434990

Wow that looks very good. Thank you.

>> No.12435134

I agree, that looks nice.

>> No.12435552

If any drawfags are on today, would still like this.

>> No.12435739

Alright, I’m going to request art of a character that I’m… kinda ashamed to admit that I have. Me and my friends are playing a game that’s more about roleplaying than actually rolling the dice, some anons would call it a circle jerk? We’re playing a bunch of bards in a wacky world. I’m unsure of what our major goal is in this game…. But it’s been fun so far.

Our group consists of; a robot with a boom box welded/fused with chest, attacks with a series of cassettes (can only use one per day, each cassette has a certain number of spells he can use), a cat-girl dancer-monk and gets powered up by music, a pompous ass pretty boy with a violin, really good with ice magic and bladed weapons, a goo-demon shape shifter who has mood ring based magic (each mood gives him different powers), and finally my character, a were-tatted fighter guy.

He’s a normal enough looking dude, twenty years old and fairly fit. Long messy looking hair, usually grinning cockily. He’s got a pierced eyebrow, a tongue, and both his ears. Usually wears a tank top, shorts and some sneakers. He’s also got some intricate tribal/graffiti like tattoos on his arms, legs, hands, feet, chest, and back that form the “skeleton” of his wereform. He turns into a werewolf… a purple werewolf.

Go ahead and laugh and call me a fag but we are all having fun and that’s what matters. Plus we have new players.

>> No.12435762

Requesting a friend's character - a young man with pale purple skin, light green hair in a shortish 'styled messiness' style, blue eyes... fairly handsome, usually grinning cheekily...
Wears plain black clothes and has a red military-style beret with no insignia.
Possibly his cheerfully constructing an explosive device?

>> No.12435776

Bugs are not sexy.
You have one chance to prove me wrong.

>> No.12435816

someone already did that.

>> No.12435828

if anyone feels like doing Spess Mahreenz, this would totally go up on the wall at a GW:

A Space Marine Captain who, well, basically looks like Pedro Kantor, except without the fucking back banner (Iron Halo instead), and is wearing all black armor except the fist iconography on his pauldrons and what-not is red (if you're not doing color, that's just for shading purposes). He's standing on a pile of dead Orks in the WRYYYYYYYYYYYY pose.

>> No.12435845


oh, and any fists that are in circles, the circle is now a cog because fuck yeah Iron Hands/AdMech

>> No.12435913

You're welcome

I think this is the first time I draw an Eldar with the proportions they actually have.

>> No.12435950

Thanks, that is awesome. :)

>> No.12436145

Yes, just wondering if other drawfriends would fancy doing it in their own way. But if you feel I'm being greedy I'll stop.

>> No.12436235

Two Callidus Assassins facing each other, their breasts making contact. One of them is blushing.

>> No.12436276

Surely this counts?

>> No.12436354

Requesting art of a fallen Eldar Farseer; female and warped into a avian horror of Tzeentch.

>> No.12436394

Captain level space marine
Skull stylized helmet (with the left eye missing and a slight cut making a scar-like mark going downwards)
His left shoulder is slightly bigger (like a company/chapter champion's)
right shoulder is a plain normal shoulder with a sheath and a dagger in it. (dagger facing diagonally downards towards the belt buckle)
Rest of his armor is mark IV (like the forgeworld set)
in his right hand he has a customize bolter with a stock, scope, lengthened barrel (like a sniper's) and box magazine.

>> No.12436448


disregard that, I'm going to sleep. unless you want to surprise me next time a drawthread appears and I use that /r/ on it.

>> No.12436618

Fuck dem straight lines.

>> No.12436781

Some fag requested cata chan.


>> No.12436977


>> No.12437002


Hey Greenmarine you still drawing tonight?

If so can you draw that pathfinder chick for me again? Laying down, exhausted and cum-splattered, looking like she has had a hell of a time would be fine.

>> No.12437045


That thing is fuckin freaky man. I think that Slaanesh would pitch a royal bitch about not getting the eldar I guess there is precedent though since Nurgle has been holding Isha for who knows how long.

>> No.12437062

Thanks, I might do this with a little more quality (and colors) later.

>> No.12437135

I posted my proof. You made my proof. Do you deny that you drew that lovely kreen lass, arms crossed across her thorax amd behind her head in a "I'm a good girl but if you like I can be bad too" kind of way?

What happened to Project I Want to Fap to Thri-Kreens Without It Being That Creepy? Did your funding run out?

>> No.12437155

Holy shit, this thread is still here? Wow, /tg/ really has become a void of human life with such dismal post numbers.

>> No.12437189


>> No.12437227

Requesting a Techpriest Enginseer administering maintenance rites on a suit of Sororitas power armor, while the Sororitas is wearing it. He's visibly aroused and excited about it, she's visibly creeped the hell out.

>> No.12437236

Drawthreads always last for days.

>> No.12437252

I probably helps that newmod is retardedly serious about enforcing his rules, cuz prior to his arrival, /tg/ scrolled almost as fast as /v/, drawthread or no.

>> No.12437318

It's not enforcement of the rules that pisses me off. Porn doesn't belong here. Linking to questionable drawfaggotry rather than posting it wokls just fine, as seen in this thread.

No, what pisses me off is the deletion of things which break no rules but which the janitor dislikes.

>> No.12437374

We had a huge thread on this last night, let's not derail the drawthread.

>> No.12437397

>>12425342 here

Wow this thread is still alive?

>> No.12437429

No. You're imagining it.

>> No.12437542

Yeah, a shitty thread that was half "I WANT TO POST PORN" and half "STOP LIKING THINGS I LIKE."

>> No.12437584

An Arabian Artificer offering a Gnomish Wizard a magic orb he just made, then crushing it in his face, aka the Card Crusher meme.

If you're not familiar with that meme, use pic as example.

>> No.12437625


And this is a good template for what the artificer should look like.
And for the text, have the artificer say "Hey, dirty gnome, you want this magic orb I just made?"

To which the gnome responds "Why sure. I'd love to have tha-" at which point he gets interrupted by the crushing.

>> No.12437642

The magic orb, is, of course, a camel.

>> No.12437662

I would like a short Rogue Trader dressed in carapace armor, no helmet, and opulent robes with long black hair cheering on an Ork in scrap armor with a power klaw hanging from his belt that is arm wrestling a giant man wearing fancy clothes and winning. Also, setting is a fancy bar.

>> No.12438214

For some reason I'd rather like to see a daemonette trying to do a handstand, given her natural... difficulties there.

>> No.12438420

I hope slants comes back

>> No.12438937

That first sentence should be taken out and shot.

>> No.12439380


>> No.12440289

Another bump

>> No.12440725

Hope this is up to specs.

I might be up for some /tg/ (40k)meme girls later. I like boobies.

>> No.12440969

Not the requester but pic related

>> No.12440999

bumping this request in case anyone feels like doing it

>> No.12441035

Why. Why did you draw her feet like that?

>> No.12441073


>> No.12441082

A living saint doing something mundane in a badass way

>> No.12441157


>> No.12441209

A techpriest performing repairs/maintenance on a dreadnought, servitors holding new or damaged plates, the interior exposed, perhaps have the dread's weapon held in a crane.

>> No.12441238

Because a lot of people find women with that stance attractive.

I'll admit I'm not one of them, but they do exist.

>> No.12441310

Could you please draw my DH character as my drawing capabilities utterly sucks...

He is a Kroot, about 2.3 meters tall, with seemingly random pieces of leather armor places around his body, and a piece of a lower arm placed in a meathoot in a belt. The kroot rifle is in a rope over the shoulder, and he has a Tau bonding knife in his left hand.

If you could do that you would save my next gaming session

Captha: treellul credè...

>> No.12441325


Self correction meakhook

>> No.12441359

op has long left you guys
you can stop requesting now

>> No.12441429

If any kind drawfriend would draw my D&D character, it'd be much appreciated.

She's a drow looking a little older than the stereotypical adventurers; more mature and experienced than young and headstrong, type thing. She's got the typical red eyes of the drow, but her hair(and eyebrows) is red. Ginger, not red-red; it's her natural hair colour. She usually wears it in a no-nonsense not-too-long braid or ponytail.
She's wearing a dark blue robe with an old and battered-looking conquistador style breastplate over it. The breastplate is decorated with a symbol of a crescent moon with a smaller silver sphere within it. She's got a longsword, simple but functional, at her right hip, and a kite shield fastened against her back(it actually rests on hooks put into the breastplate for ease of carrying).

She should look a little tired and disgusted with whatever it is she's looking at.

Thanks in advance!

>> No.12441890

There are other drawbros that come and go. As long as the thread is up, you can submit requests.

>> No.12441903

these threads attract drawfags/bros/friends whatever you want to call them so chances are you will get it done anyway

>> No.12441933

Half-elf barbarian. Typical frame, not buff but more of a whipcord fitness. Greatsword slung over his shoulders. Proper pants and a light leather cuirass, but his left arm is uncovered. He has a network of tattoos that start a little bit below the shoulder - corded imagery of the moon/death/etc. Basically, he joined a cult and promised his left arm to a dark goddess and as such must commit one killing each new moon to feed the goddess and carry her through so that she might shine once more. There's a few markings above the marked arm, attempts to disguise the tattoos, but they're clearly more amateurish.

>> No.12441972


I'm a drawfag wanna-be always lurking about them draw threads.

maybe later I'll do a little something.

>> No.12441985

Oh, this thread's still here?


Request re-activated. I'm awake.

>> No.12441990

eh, whatever. Hey, drawfag! Draw Orks riding Necron Destroyers like they were jetbikes!

>> No.12442058

I would really like to see a picture of Archaon the moment he renounced Sigmar and went crazy. (Warhammer Fantasy, Warriors of Chaos Lord, he used to be a templar preist of Sigmar.)
Tau women would be appreciated. I find the phenomenon hilarious.

>> No.12442088


>it won't go down unless you touch it

Tau chicks fall for it every time.

>> No.12442290


I laughed so hard that I died.

I'm dead now. From laughing.

>> No.12442449


Tau jokes are the new blonde jokes.

>> No.12442660


Do you mind if I post this on Bolterandchainsword. You just drew the chaptermaster for my current DIY chapter.

>> No.12442674



>> No.12443413

I cast lvl 3 Resurrection on this thread

>> No.12443497

I'm the guy who requested the gandalf image, and holy christ you are a magnificent bastard, that is amazing.

>> No.12443522

Ye gods this thread is still here!

>> No.12443536

I'd have to agree. The Gandalf pic is 10^nth levels of badass.

>> No.12443538


>> No.12443580

Hey, drawfriend. If you're there, can you draw a Necron Lord cleaving a hapless Guardsman in half with a Warscythe?

>> No.12443662

I want a psyker that looks like Moses splitting a guy in half down the middle.

>> No.12443666


Pushing my luck, but it'd be cool to see a scene from last night's session with the character described/drawn here. Basically, she'd be using one hand to fire an underslung lasgun while protectively cradling an open bottle of wine. She looks tremendously indignant about the situation.

A particularly unsubtle attempt by heretics to bump the Acolytes off during lunch, and it was a particularly good year for the wine.

Not expecting this one to happen, but I thought I'd put it out there.

>> No.12443683

For my Dark Heresy GM:
Either one of these would be awesome and much appreciated. Both are Dark Heresy characters.

1. Female voidborn, very tall, lithe, bald with the aquilla tattooed on her head, centered at the back of the skull. Age ~mid to late 60's, in good health and physically fit. Preceptor Savant, usually wears a heavy leather bodysuit and greatcoat.

2. Teenage female, short, decent bustline, curvy hips. Somewhat shaggy hair, just past shoulders. Scum, usually wears fairly simple street clothes, somewhat slim fitting for crawling through vents and such.

Either/or would be greatly appreciated.

>> No.12443699


>> No.12443721


get 'em while they're fresh: >>>/tv/12541466

>> No.12443727


>> No.12443742


Oh, my request is definitely doomed to failure then.

*Makes the sign of the Aquila*

>> No.12443759

Speaking of which, what -is- the sign of the Aquila? I don't recall ever reading a proper description.

>> No.12443767

Holy cocks, this thread it's still up.

>> No.12443769


>> No.12443778


Good question. I've always pictured it as grim dark men making a childish flappy 'bird' with their hands in utter seriousness. It seems to fit.

>> No.12443780


>> No.12443787

I meant the hand gesture, but thanks for the huuuge pic.
I just Lexicanum'd it and that seems to be what it is. Funny.

>> No.12443789

Splay hands across chest, fingers slightly spread out to form the wings. Lock thumbs to form the two heads.

A one handed version can be used as well.

>> No.12443796

to make the sign of the aquila you spread each hand out and place them on opposite sides of your chest so the thumbs criss cross.

it looks kind of like an aquila with its wings spread, as is the intention

>> No.12443811

I would like to request a chaos femarine. Not a SoB, a FEMARINE. Doesn't have to be pornographic.


An Eldar elephant, an "eldarphant" if you will.

>> No.12443842


wonder no more.

>> No.12444134

Thanks, anons.

>> No.12444639


>> No.12445191

That helps. It kind of baffled me.

>> No.12445874


>> No.12446505


>> No.12447027

I don't like cultist.

You might want to elaborate a bit more.

>>Doesn't have to be pornographic.
Ha ha

>> No.12447048


Draw dem.

>> No.12447088


Draw a sister of battle erotically eating a popsicle.

>> No.12447131


pretend DLFG is here and draw some sensual Tyranids. perhaps laying seductively on a bed strewn with rose petals.

>> No.12447155


Could do this:


>> No.12447163

draw the daemonette trying to do a handstand, you can make it funny, I'm sure

>> No.12447241

holy fuck OP here

suprised as shit that this thread is still alive. drawfaggin' it up again.

>> No.12447307

Fuck yes one of the first please draw me a... Daemonette of Slaanesh OR a Vampire Lord (see pic) wearing Warriors of Chaos-like full-face helmet (glowy whisps of magic trailing from the visor). In his human hand he's holding up a Bretonnian Paladin by the neck, clutching his neck so hard blood is noticeably seeping from his helmet, his vampiric wing stretched out.

>> No.12447353

Hiya OP, can you draw my ork vs giant man arm wrestling request?

>> No.12447394

In case it got lost in the posts of the thread, I'd like to thank you again for that pegasus knight drawing you did.

>> No.12447485

Valhallan Inquisitor shouting "BABIES!!!" as he slaughters a group of heretics

>> No.12447487

Still wouldn't mind this.


Captain and Command Squad slaughtered 79 orks. Well, 78 orks and a Killa Kan. By themselves. That's one of those things that just has to be commemorated.

>> No.12447510

You are weird.
And that is coming from someone who draws porn for strangers on the internet.

>> No.12447523

Could you draw two frogs, with an arrow pointing to one frog, labelled "god bless these frogs"?

>> No.12447592

Tyranids, pinup style. straight up world war 2 bomber nose art, yo.

>> No.12447604


what is the weirdest porn request a stranger has made, Greenmarine?

>> No.12447676

/tg/ is kinda tame when it comes to requesting porn.

The guys who add me up on are a different story, though.

Their requests are not really that strange, but a little more niche than the stuff i feel comfortable doing.

>> No.12447754

/r/ a female Dark Eldar raping a helpless, terrified Imperial Guardsman.

>> No.12447876

I guess you can't tell the disturbing tales (non-disclosure and all that)

People who does comissions on internet are an interesting bunch, I agree

>> No.12447877

I already know I'm a terrible person, I don't need you to tell me that

>> No.12447899

Hey, OP, not to annoy, but would you please notify which request you're drawing?
This is mine. I'm enjoying the thread but I can't stay up too late tonight so I'd like to know wether I should stay or go to bed.

>> No.12447918

Don't be that guy.
(also my request is the frog request)

>> No.12447958


>> No.12447992


Translation: Furries.

It's okay. I've shitscribbled a dickgirl fox-person in order to fund my ebay bitz purchases before. Alcohol got me through it. The joys of getting METAL BAWKSES for like $16 each including shipping helped me feel clean afterwards.

>> No.12448056

Just keep the thread up and go to bed and refresh in the morning.

>> No.12448108

This thread reminds me: there's that bitz exchange through 1d4chan. How about a drawfriend exchange system? Like, more permanent than a drawthread.

Leave your request, Drawfriends can sift through the requests and do whatever strikes their fancy. Requests could be marked as fulfilled, or fulfilled but open to anyone else who wants to take a crack at it. (Perhaps this would be a Deviantart thing, eww)

>> No.12448141

But don't drawfriends usually charge for -email sent requests? And the Basement Bazaar relies on an exchange system. Charity doesn't sound like fun for you guys.

>> No.12448174

I have not made a single cent from my drawfaggin.

>> No.12448191


just an idea. commissions usually involve more effort, whereas drawthreads are quickies. I don't know how deviantart's "buy a print" feature works, but that might be a way to reward super-awesome requests.

the main thing is that even a shitscribble might take more time than the requester is in the thread for, in which case the artist doesn't even get a "thanks" or an "oh rad!"

>> No.12448205


I'm a shitty drawfag, I don't charge for shit. Cause I suck (although it would still be free if I didn't). If my work makes someone happy that's more then enough for me.

>> No.12448208

Female Adeptus Arbite

>> No.12448247

I actually think that's cool, lol.

>> No.12448284

some of Fucking Liar's work is on the wall at my local GW. just throwing that out there.

>> No.12448328

Prints only give you a small "comission". The TOS of deviantart says something like "Everything you post here is ours, but we allow you to get a little profit from it, but if you want a nice cut, you can buy our supah premium print account."

I like this idea, drawfags can take requests and doing shitscribbles for free or doing something more proffesional for a couple of copper pieces.

I think I need to start doing comissions again, but to be honest I don't know how to sell myself so my selling point is "I'm a cheap drawwhore!" and charge low prices.

>> No.12448334


Lol, these are also me:


I also did the revolutionary war golem, steampunk david bowie and this pic attached.

Anywho I'm here, gonna drawfag a bit.

>> No.12448396


what's the picture?

also, requesting Hot Koth on Elspeth Action....

um... don't feel like reposting the images unless someone is interested in metal black guy and semi-Spanish/Greek Knight Lass.

>> No.12448409


reference images.

>> No.12448417

someone asked for a Protomen/40k corssover. I like protomen so I gave it a shot to grimdark it even more.

>> No.12448427

This requester still here, if the drawbros are interested.

>> No.12448447

I'll give it a shot, want scribble or something more detailed?

>> No.12448449

Anyone else feel Koth looks...kinda...iunno...feminine in the face?

>> No.12448465


>Prints only give you a small "comission". The TOS of deviantart says something like "Everything you post here is ours, but we allow you to get a little profit from it, but if you want a nice cut, you can buy our supah premium print account."

Ah, shitty like Zazzle. Thanks for the $2.91, guys, from some t-shirt someone bought two months ago.

>> No.12448484


... slightly bishie planeswalkers bother you?

>> No.12448508

I've been waiting for someone to shoop Hank Hill's face onto him. Acronyms. Also, Koth's name is an acronym for his name...

>> No.12448512

I guess toptaco gives you a nice cut, considering most of the guys who draws webcomics for a living are there.

Never tried it, tough.

>> No.12448515

Something detailed would be cool if that's alright.

>> No.12448539

I like your artz, drawman. Can you draw my short RT with power armor, power sword, and plasma pistol blazing? As of this precise moment we are boarding a raider. Those fuckers attached to my giant drillship right after we drilled a different one to bits. With me would be a guy with a power fist, an ork with a powerklaw, and several Praetorians.

>> No.12448546



Okay, with ET.


>> No.12448592


I'll get to it after I get to >>12422792 cause I took it has interested me.

Mind describing the RT a bit? Not gonna promise a whole scene though cause I am not confident enough in doing that yet.

>> No.12448647

ok, now let's get to draw

>> No.12448691


>> No.12448729

Hoping this might get drawn, still.

>> No.12448730

RT is actually short, but his power armor puts him up to the same height as power fist guy, who is wearing carapace. Ork is still taller. RT is wearing pictured armor, without the =I= but with a cloak made of 'nid scales flying from his shoulders. Killin shit with his plasma pistol in one hand and power sword in the other. If you go for helmetless he has long black hair.

>> No.12448760

I derp'd. Armor is this but enviro-sealed.

>> No.12448851

an idea strikes me as my body becomes ready for sleep, and my dreams begin to intrude the last minutes of my broadcast day.

with a drawexchange thingamabob, there could be a "take a drawing, leave a drawing" policy - not absolutely enforced, but encouraged. you make a request, you find someone's request and fulfill it yourself. even if you suck.

this could provide A) humor (if you suck) B) alternate takes of a character portrait or whatever, and C) DMs could use a shitscribble as an NPC's attempt at depicting something/someone they saw.

hell, I don't know. Lindsay Lohan beckons, a tray of cocaine in one hand, a bag of holding in the other. and the stairway does not lead to downstairs, it leads to a desert. I take out my divination rod, make a perception roll, and hope it leads me to bed.

>> No.12448857

I like this guy.

>> No.12448925

i like you. have a slime girl I doodled

>> No.12448976


>> No.12449241


>> No.12449248


First time drawin an SM btw, sorry if it aint so good.

>> No.12449332

He... has a towel with an elephant on it hanging from his belt. GENIUS!

>> No.12449603


>> No.12449841

Can I get a scottish marine or celtic one based roughly on the Black Templar sword brethren. Possibly with a claymore.

>> No.12450034

Hey drawguy, todays RT game was absolutely amazing. Everyone wants someone to draw us some cool stuff from it. If you'd be interested find me (Colt) on the sup/tg/ IRC server.

>> No.12450067

A spider humanoid. Basically a spider Thri Kreen.

>> No.12451337

An ettercap?

>> No.12452193

this thread is immortal. bump for the God-Thread of Humanity.

>> No.12452447

Bump for the bump God.

>> No.12452466

NO drawfags are here. So stop bumping and wait for one of them to make a thread.

>> No.12453606

This thread is fine to bump, drawbros can't always be on, but when they are they usually look for the drawthread that's already up. You haven't been here long, have you?

>> No.12454405

I bet you guys can't draw slower than this

>> No.12454526

It's a little bulky, but I likes it, thanks anon drawfriend.

>> No.12455740


>> No.12456384


>> No.12456457


Is kinda interesting me. But not sure if I want to do it. I need practice on marines though.

>> No.12456480


>> No.12456587


Not slants. Another drawfag from this thread.

>> No.12456591

I'm only this guy
No idea who the other guy is.

>> No.12456594

Fuck, I keep forgeting to namefag.

>> No.12456601

Oh cool, the more the merrier.

>> No.12456683

Fine trippfagging it is. The following are me:


Also have a couple more from /x/ as well. I used to drawfag during streams.

>> No.12457687

Re-requestan, I'm still here...

>> No.12459062


>> No.12461962

Thread Vader?

>> No.12463161

Still here. Huh.

>> No.12463323

Day Four.

>> No.12466280

Bump for the bump god

>> No.12467853

Boy howdy did I get here late...

Requesting this guy, collapsed and doubled over on his hands and knees, staring wide-eyed at the floor of a large, but sterile and austere inquisitor's office. He's sweating profusely as if he's in shock and about to black out. His hair would be in a single, large braid and his helm would have been hastily pulled off and carelessly dropped to the floor next to him. He'd have no weapons on his person at all. Has a face that could be vaguely handsome, but otherwise unremarkable, were it not incredibly gaunt and pale, as well as eyes like foggy white cataracts. (You don't have to go into too much detail unless you want to, this is just reference.)

Profile in the corner of the image is of the white, metal helm. (Yes, it really has no visor/breath slits whatsoever.)

>> No.12468335

I'm going to do this later in the day, I don't hope to see this thread for a fifth day but I'll post it as soon as I'm back.

>> No.12468617


You sir, are fucking awesome.

>> No.12468767

bamp! Let this thread see a 5th day!

>> No.12469166

I really like that hoodie in OP pic.

And I'm morbidly curious about how long this can really go on.

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