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Brothers! Sisters! I just had a vision of the Emperor! He said to bask in the light and glory of life and to hold a great celebration for the harvest! Come, let wine and music flow as babbling brooks as we celebrate life!

Lux hominum vita!

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Are you SURE it was the Emperor who appeared to you in this vision?

pic possibly related

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What exactly are you implying? :O

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fools about to summon Slaaneshi daemons

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>implying the whole thing isn't a daemon scheme

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Let us cavort like the Greeks of old!
You know the ones.

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>Implying that I'm not horny in a way only the slaaneshi lord himself can slat.

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shit, my life is nothing but hell and war...damn agri-worlders get all the fun

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If the Emperor wills it then it shall be so!

Let us enjoy delicious Premium Hot Dogs! Made with REAL INGREDIENTS!

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I love how that one chick's just passed out drunk on the ground and her friend is trying to get her to dance.

Just like college.

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Whats with these lazy artists and not drawing cunts?

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Pretty sure it was considered socially unacceptable. Which is weird, because paintings like these were pretty much fap material comissioned by rich asswipes.

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There was actually some famous person who divorced his wife when he saw her naked because he grew up fapping to marble statues and saw her pubic hair as some sort of abomination.

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You are a worthy foe good sir. But victory shall yet be mine!

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Wow, that takes being an asspie basement dweller to new levels.

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Women didn't have them in those days.

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Sir, I cannot overstate your biological ineptitude.

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No, seriously. Women only started having them in the 60's, with the civil rights movement.

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Before then you just ejaculated somewhere on their person and they crapped out youngins. The female orgasm is also a recent invention.

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It's a trap!

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>The female orgasm is also a recent invention.
Oh really?

Don't tell that to pic related, she really looks like she's enjoying herself...

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Nah, she just thinks that the snake is adorable. It's her pet.

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Goddamn furries!

Even classical art isn't safe!

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Goddamnit. I hate it when Tzeentch and Slaanesh form alliances.

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Rise of Legends.

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