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Can we have a THAT GUY/GRRL thread, please, /tg/?

Post your horror stories of munchkinism, weeaboos, piss poor character development, bad DMing and other assorted faggotry. I want to get my blood good and angered up.

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D&D 3e.

We had a THAT GUY, albeit a rather uninteresting one.

Whilst we were pursuing a bunch of NPCs during a military coup, we were lured into a building that a group of assassins set on fire. Reasoning that if they failed, the building would kill us, and if they succeeded, the building would destroy the evidence, they attacked.

Our Druid turned into an octopus.

In the middle of a burning building.

While being attacked by assassins.

Just to see what'd happen.

To be fair, he later ended up summoning a bison that tore shit through a bunch of Roman legionnaire-type soldiers that outnumbered and outclassed us.

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Pic related. I'm guessing it's OP.

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Tried to run a 5-7th level one-off using Castles Forlorn in Ravenloft. These two kids were there, loved to play queer-style. One insisted on playing an Athasian half-giant who could use his massive penis as a whip / mancatcher-type device, while the other was a quickling with a 9000 Dexterity. Half-giant brought all this Lysol and ended up huffing it through rags with the quickling kid right before the bone golem TPKed everyone.

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rolled 5, 9 = 14

It seems that this thread is now about Bisons

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This is now a bison thread.

Buffalo are also acceptable.

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feels so good around... that guy

my only THAT GUY experience was an old D&D game we tried (wheel of time i think... or something)

he railroaded us like you would not believe it - and since the girl player rolled poorly and made charisma her dumpstat (5), then said "one night you all get drunk... now she looks a lot prettier, cha 16" - but never removed that bonus from her after that.

also if you dared do anything he didn't want you to do he'd punish you in game quite a lot

to him players were just dice rolling machines that he narrated to.

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Your players. There is a special place for them. IN HELL.

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Was this in-game, or were the actual kids huffing lysol right in front of you?

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There was some guy on here like a week ago or something talking about a that girl in his group, and told a long story after which everyone realized he was actually that guy.

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>he railroaded us like you would not believe it

Shit. I had one that said outloud "You weren't supposed to do that yet." after I approached a man who seemed to have a job for us. He acted like it never happened.

He had to stop a game one night when we all failed spot checks and he couldn't figure out how to advance the plot after that.

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Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

True story.

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1) About to jettison this pervert from my L5R group. He's character's basically a manwhore from a clan that lives in the mountains and practices zen buddhism. I can live with that, I hate it when people make overly-stereotypical characters. But then he goes on and on about his character have 20 illegitimate children and barely pays attention to the actual plot.

2) Crazy girl who claimed to be a lesbian even if though her characters were all vehicles for rape fantasies. Sincerely believed that the gov't would hire her to be an ambassador for 90K/year when she got her bachelor's in linguistics from the obscure liberal arts school she attended. She talked constantly about this.

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1) He pissed off the BBEG somehow. His kids start dying/his women attacked.

2) Rape her.

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We had this one guy who tried to rollerskate in a buffalo herd. True story.

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The THAT GIRL in my group wanted a sparkling Eladrin and re-wrote all of her encounter, daily, and utility powers so they would involver her character dancing around poles.

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2e back in the early/mid 90s.

Was DMing a one shot for a small group. One guy insisted on playing his premade Giff (some hippopotamus looking thing from Spelljammer I think). Setting was FR. I told him he would likely be chased off from any city he tried to enter. He still insisted on herp derp walking right up to the front gate of Mulmaster. 10 minutes later party is down to 1 person, hiding under a wagon.

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>>12419851 Cont.

The gaming club at the large midwestern state college I went to was basically a bunch of THAT GUY/GIRL types. The office reeked of BO and the floor was covered with trash and the neckbeards were regularly caught by janitors or security trying to sleep in it overnight.

1) Fat creepy guy who would drop by campaigns he wasn't in(we got free conference rooms through the club - worth the occasional 'visitor') and linger in the doorway flashing everyone creepy smiles.
2) (Autistic?) 6 foot 400 lb black guy. He'd sit in the club's office playing video games and humming to himself. If anyone he didn't know stopped into the office he STARE at them angrily.
3) TWO girls with facial hair. One had an actual beard, the other had muttonchop side burns ;_;
4) Fat 50 year old guy with a jew fro. Graduated in the 80's and never stopped hanging around campus.
5) Creepy 28 year old guy whose face could have been taken from a textbook entry about fetal alcohol syndrome. Wore trenchcoats regardless of the season. Dated a 17 year old freshman and was always trying to start a 2nd gaming club because he hated the president.

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THAT GUY once got drunk while playing and tried to loot some big monster with acid blood. It's was your typical, not-human, naked (= no loot) monster but he tried it about 5 times, until his hands were burned of by the acid

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We have a 'that guy' who munchkins, never RPs, sits dicking about on his laptop until it's time to roll dice etc. He's nice enough in a neckbeard kinda way and makes up for a lot by being genuinelly interesting conversation about a lot of things.

I'm more concerned with THAT GIRL.

>DM's girlfriend. Unlikely to change since she had that 'keep-a-nigga-baby' with him.

>Whinges at us to 'get on with it' while we're working out stat/equipment stuff because she's too pigshit thick to do it herself and gets the DM to kit her out.

>Nearly cries when she rolls poorly until the DM has to make some pathetic attempt to 'remember' some stat modifiers that she had 'forgotten' in order for her to succeed at the roll. If the roll was too poor even for this she has been known to outright demand a re-roll.

>Attached her character to my character as some kind of forced big brother/little sister relationship. All fine and dandy until my GF decided she wanted to play. THAT GURL whinges that I'll end up with a romantic sub-plot with my GF's character and she'll lose her big brother. I would never do this because of reasons.

>I now have to care in a real way about the feelings of an imaginary character.

>A generally unpleasant blight on humanity and my close friend's life.


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I can imagine what she'd be doing for her living if she was a hundred pounds slimmer.

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I'd allow that. Than plot a way to have that come back and bite the party at the ass.

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I once tried to dm a game by introducing my friends to D&D. but didn't have many players. 'That guy' got wind of it and asked to join. So I told him that if he could come up with a character I found interesting I would let him play...
so he asks for examples of possible motivations so I started listing off possible bare bones motivations... He said "i'll pick that one" no character description.
following this he starts talking about all these munchkin character concepts he has (to use in a sub-optimal predominantly newbie group) so I told him that character stats weren't as important as the real concept.
he then got mad, called me a hypocrite and referenced some 'stormwind falacy', that one can make an optimal character and still role play.

I call bullshit on his argument on the premise I have yet to hear anything about characters from him that are not purely stat based, he would have over shadowed the rest of the group, and none even remotely fit the campaign.

I accept there are outliers, but giving arguments in their favour will just be copy pasted by munchkins

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They were huffing Lysol IRL which quickly led to a deterioration in play. The quickling kid got so hopped up that he went mental and started grabbing everyone's nuts, they had to dangle him off the deck.

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Lol'd hard.

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I have two;
First was a thatgurl. With 8 players I didn't take the time to actually look at the charsheets. She played a LG sorceress with 2 hp. Okay. I managed to not kill her outright. Then they sneak into the kings bed chamber to give him a birthday present (youp, that was a mission I gave them) and they're surprised by a maid. One of the other players tries to talk to the maid and then the LG sorceress announces that she stabs the maid. To death.
One of the other players threw the sorc off the balcony and killed her. I was strangely fine with that too.

Second was a that guy. I was doing an introductory run to RPG's for a gaming club. One of the guys who showed up had played a lot and just wanted to be introduced to someone else who played DnD. I had characters ready to play, but he wanted to make his own to better get into character. I thought, might get more powerful than the others but fuckit. Won't matter much.
He wasn't. 4 hp on lvl 2. I had a few opponents who wouldn't outright kill him on a hit and it was a dungeon crawl with a few RP oppertunities buildt into it.
His character verbally abuses the other characters, is a sneaky bastard and steals anything he can get his hands on; And when we're done I find out that he thought he was RP'ing CG. He was bossing the other new players around, doing retarded shit. He did anything he could to be viewed as an unlikable douche.
I don't think he'll get an invite to come back.

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well that doesn't sound too bad

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It was actually archived, the first of some threads;


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sorry I know it's off-topic, but could you please tell us more about the "birthday-present-quest"?

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My THAT GUY happens to be both my best friend and the best roleplayer in my gaming group. Sometimes he'll make a great character that I will enjoy running campaigns with, however, more often than not, his character kills my love for a game and makes me can a campaign that I started.

Our list includes, but is not limited to:
1. A two-headed quadrupedal fish girl that does not have any concept of civility.
2. A diaper-wearing Changeling with no less than seven different syndromes, the character's name and talents are ripped directly off of Hester, a girl originating from the film The Orphan.
3. A hulking soul-eating monstergirl that was the princess of a destroyed kingdom of light that apparently has some group of reality-warping villains chasing after her.
4. A depressed, drug-addicted circus performer. The ONE time I thought this guy would make the right character, since we were playing Exalted, he does something COMPLETELY FUCKING DIFFERENT.
5. A warforged (but-not-a-warforged) that was created by a woman that ruled over her own demiplane. She wields hedge clippers in combat and has three souls that control her body. This is a character that he decided would be suitable in a backwards-ass, grimdark world.
6. A monstergirl character that has apparently already dreamed everything that could ever be dreamed in a period of somewhere around two decades. She is antisocial and has a laundry list of abilities when I told the players that most abilities they would use would be made up "on the fly."

Couldn't play without the guy, but god damn, THOSE CHARACTERS.

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I've had two groups where everyone wanted to be the little girl. In the first it was okay, because it was a magical girl parody game.
In the second it was not. I don't mind one or two players being young adults, Kids going through puberty and coming of age. That's traditional for a fantasy story. But what I do mind is every single player being a child. And an incredibly skilled little girl at that.

There's nothing that makes me facepalm more than having a munchkin play a 14 year old girl that's a skilled Mage. Except when everyone else is doing the same, and the ST's Mary Sue is also a 13 year old Mage with four dots of Adamantine Hand in two or three Arcana. And is the Heirarch's daughter, and the executioner.
Oh, and using bows and katanas in broad daylight in a big city. In a library, at that.
And when the little girl let herself get bitten by a "loli vampire" and moaned sexually.

People who call me the THAT GUY in my groups has never seen my other groups.

Children being stronger than adults, and weapons used in broad daylight--archaic ones at that. My two biggest pet peeves.

Let's not mention the characters raping each other in game. I could write a book on the shit I've put up with.

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Dude seems to have a monstergirl fetish (ref. /d/). You should probably explain to him that tabletop rpgs are not the place to indulge his fetishes. It's pretty much the same as playing a lesbian stripper ninja, except that *his* fetish is so comparatively batshit that no one is likely to realize what's going on.

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Giff, race of bipedal mercenary colonial british era naval officers. Who fly spaceships. And use guns.

>I told him he would likely be chased off from any city he tried to enter.
In forgotten realms? In 2E? Heh, no.

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Goddamn, if that were at my place, they'd find themselves outdoors and possibly unconscious by the end of the first huff.

I'm somewhat tolerant of drug use, but that stupid shit is not tolerated in my presence. If people wanna kill braincells, I've got a perfectly good brick they can use.

Waste of fucking lysol, I say.

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It was a low-level group and I wanted to let them fuck over the world without meaning to.
They were hired by a noble to get a sweet gem from some goblins who had stolen it from a caravan. After they had done so the dude checked out the gem for a little while and then hired them to deliver it to the King as a surprise present. They were to hide it under the king's pillow so that he found it when he went to bed.

The gem was a recepticle for a Magic Jar spell and the king was imprisoned in the gem. The necromancer who had hired them took control over the kings body and made the country hell on earth during a few weeks of strange military actions and tactical decisions made to allow unspeakable evils into the capitol.

It was great fun, except for ms.braindead.

>> No.12420191

>In 2E? Heh, no.

Can't tell if you're disagreeing that he'd be chased out of town, or sarcastically agreeing...

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Christ, I thought they were from Traveller when I saw that pic.
...Come to think of it, they'd fit right in...

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> Edward


Didn't you get kicked from that group for being a fag?
Also, how's your cat?

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Dude, don't even get mad. Just play it off as comedy. Laugh at the sheer absurdity every time she does it and watch her cry when she realizes she isn't arousing anybody.

>> No.12420223

>race of bipedal mercenary colonial british era naval officers. Who fly spaceships. And use guns.

Why does that sound familiar?

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THAT GUYX2-Kenders two of them.
THAT GRRRL-She loved kenders
The DM-finds this shit funny as hell and runs derp quest that cause high levels of kender shenangins after telling me this was a serious game about warring nations.
I killed them all.
Got kicked out of the group.

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Try harder.

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I got kicked from that group for telling them they were being fucking retarded and you know it.

Nothing I did, or will ever do, will be as bad as this.

I may do a lot of shit that /tg/ calls creepy, but here's the thing.
All those times my characters get raped? All those times they have sex, and shit like that?
That's basically me cybering with the ST. That's not in the middle of play. I've never raped another player.

I keep my fetishes where they belong, and when something does cross over--Lace recently got raped by some dykes--then it's just the repercussions that the other players deal with, not the actions.
Then again, Lace wasn't raped so I could get off. That happened for the sweet, sweet taste of Hate Crime Milestone Vitriol. Not much is sexy about a teenage girl's steel toed boot breaking your little pansy jaw for daring to be slightly homosexual in the deep south of Louisiana.

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I dub thee royal That Guy Buster of the house of /tg/. Now go post moar.

>> No.12420259

PROTIP: You ruined people's fun. You are That Guy.

>> No.12420260


........ it kinda semms like >>12420225 was meant for you....

>> No.12420262


That's all you really needed to say.

>> No.12420265

Fucking magic.

>> No.12420279

Bitches don't know people who actually play kenders need to be burned at the stake.

>> No.12420283

This is quite possibly the dumbest thing I've ever read on this board and I've read my fair share of WH threads. Congrats on being a total and complete failure.

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My party's THAT GUY was named Paul. He's an alumni of our college who looks like Alan Moore, walks like he has a peg leg, and talks like Porky Pig. He played what might be the worst Dragonborn Warlord ever. Always needed to smash things in the face and moonlight as the tank when he freaking sucked at it. Also, he tried to sleep with everything while playing his character like an avenging angel. He assumed the party leader role until eventually we just started circumventing his dumb plans. I also had to grit my teeth and save his character from death in the middle of a public arena which resulted in my character's near-death based on a backstory of being a wanted criminal in that nation.

The game died last year, but we're starting another specifically avoiding the gaming club which he got involved through last time.

>> No.12420308 [DELETED] 

How so?

One of my Milestones was to be on the receiving end of a hate crime.
Considering the kinds of Milestones a Muse normally has...

>> No.12420309

> I got kicked from that group for telling them they


sure is butthurt 'round there parts

also I remember

>> No.12420315

Touhoufag is the greatest person ever.

>> No.12420321

I indulged there little shenagins as much as possible but the kender brothers pissed me off to no end.
And I did the proper thing of telling the Dm my feelings about it and he said he would try a more serious tone...LIES!
But the really annoying one was the elf mage who failed at being LOL RANDUMB! and being a seductress...
So yes I was that guy but when no one listens. we all become that guy.

>> No.12420331 [DELETED] 

My character was raped.
How does that make ME the THAT GUY?
Wouldn't the rapist be THAT GUY?

>> No.12420332

I see what you did there

>> No.12420344


Hi Edward, still bitter I see.

I wasn't in the games you're talking about but I have played extensively with the people who were involved and honestly? They were all pretty cool to me.

But then again we should hardly take your opinion seriously, after what you did to that cat.

>> No.12420349

Lace no one loves you.
that is all.

>> No.12420352

Just... all of it to be honest. Keep your fetish stuff to yourself. If it's just you and the DM/GM/ST that's fine but if there's even a single other player, fuck right off. Whatever though, if the other players in okay with it that's fine, just saying that I don't deal with that crap when I play.

>> No.12420368

I normally wouldn't side with Lace, but...

>> No.12420375 [DELETED] 

Well, maybe they got better.
Or you like playing little girls.

Either way, I've got a great group now, so I don't care. Closest we have to a THAT GUY is the guy who always wants to play flirty female characters, or HAS to have a muscle car.
I'm surprised he hasn't asked to be a flirty female character with a muscle car.

Even as autistic as he can be sometimes, he still is a great roleplayer, too.

>> No.12420382


I hate homosuck too but I hate Lace more, however I feel we're well within our rights to hate both.

>> No.12420387

GASP! /tg/ knows my dirty secret!
Up up and away!

>> No.12420419

Jesus, I never thought there would be a thread that made me sympathetic towards Lace, but yes, a combination of Other Tripfags and MS Paint Adventures has finally pulled it off.

>> No.12420429

What the fuck is this thread talking about now?

>> No.12420436

I remember this one time I had a cock in my ass.

>> No.12420445

>flirty girls and muscle cars

If this is another internet group I think I've played with this guy as well, he too is great assuming they are who I think they might be.

>Or you like playing little girls.

Mmmmmnooope. I don't play female characters because I don't feel I could play them accurately, I'd either fall onto stereotypes or make them a man in all but biology.

Anyway, to be totally serious. The problem was with you, not the group. I've spent time with the group, they're all fine.

In this thread alone you've gone on about your fetishes and their involvement in your gaming, no matter how discreet you make it that's a red light to me. On top of which you spanked your cat until it was sexually exicted then told the internet about it.

It's bad enough doing something pretty shady to begin with but TELLING PEOPLE about it is where the whole thing makes people distrust your judgement if not your character. At best you're dense and at worst you're creepy.

Because you willingly told us in this thread about your rape play, I'm leaning towards creepy.

>> No.12420450


>> No.12420464 [DELETED] 

You misunderstand me.
We all split up for things, because the game runs whenever there are players present.

So while Joan and Barlowe go do INVESTIGATIVE things, Lace goes on his date with his girlfriend. Afterwards, Lace got hate crimed when he tried to make friends with two dykes who took offense to him wearing a skirt.
They threatened him, broke his face up, made him do a striptease, and one of them had sex with him. Then they stuck a pipe in his ass and peed on him, writing obscenities and slurs with a sharpie.
At no point was any other player present for this. This all took place in PM. The only thing that the other characters know is that Lace got raped by some bitches, had his face kicked in, and is walking funny. Oh, and they tied him to a toilet, so Lace was missing for a day.
Also they flushed his bowling tickets down the toilet, the fucking dykes.

Now, despite what /tg/ might think, none of that got me off. Now the repercussions come into play. Lace is going to be a little more clingy, and afraid, and he's going to want to stick close to Joan and Barlowe. He doesn't know what Natalie will think, and is going to hide it. He was worried that Kathleen would be upset, because she says not to have sex with anyone but the person you love.

The thing is, none of the other players mind that this stuff happens, because I don't drag them into it. That's the thing about it.
When you're THAT GUY it's not WHAT you do (in most cases, because seriously monstergirls and furries and shit puts you close to THAT GUY), it's HOW you do it. If you aren't making the other players uncomfortable, you're not THAT GUY.

>> No.12420469


>On top of which you spanked your cat until it was sexually exicted then told the internet about it.

Wait what?!

>> No.12420477

>Lace did this
>Lace did that
>Lace's girlfriend
>Lace got raped



>> No.12420483

Hmmmmm... let's think...

Oh yeah! That guy, the guy who decided to play a female from a race that had no genders. I told him multiple times that the race in question (stone-skinned mountain dwelling giants) had no genders, and that a 'female' looked just like a male. He didn't get it, and when he did, he played him like a stereotypical gay man to seem more 'ladylike'. Dragging around a poof was starting to bring down the rest of the group, a ghoul scout, a human knight (me) and an elf bard, but I thought it was funny. Until he started to flirt with me. At first it was a lol, but it started to get very weird, very fast, culminating in him trying to have sex with me in a back alley. We had to kill him (he was rolling very well, and was sparing no detail as he tore off my armour) and 'that guy' ragequitted. The ghoul's player (the group's only female) never let me forget it.

>> No.12420485


What cat?

>> No.12420487


When you claim to not be THAT GUY because if you do such-and-such its not being THAT GUY...

...you're just being THAT GUY.

>> No.12420492

From one trap to another lace.
Your an attention whore and I hate you.
Stop foaming at the mouth and posting huge responses of your slashfics to defend yourself.

>> No.12420496


You almost certainly do not want to know about the cat.

>> No.12420498


Yep. Back when he was Edward instead of Lace he told his then gaming group (the one he's calling THAT GUY) that he was spanking his cat's flank to get it aroused.

Someone post the screen shot or something.

>> No.12420518 [DELETED] 

>If this is another internet group I think I've played with this guy as well, he too is great assuming they are who I think they might be.
Probably not. But he's a good roleplayer, despite all his faults. Once kept hugging on an NPC even after she started freaking out and telling him to get the fuck off her. I even threw up my hands and had her start crying and he kept going.
Autistic as hell, but he can get into character real good. Has trouble picking out what's actually going on, though. Skips whole lines of text, but then again I'll admit I've done the same.
>On top of which you spanked your cat until it was sexually exicted then told the internet about it.
You realize that was a joke, right? And it's something that animal people do to keep a cat happy. They even sell paddles for it. Look it up on Youtube.
>Because you willingly told us in this thread about your rape play, I'm leaning towards creepy.
I'm cybering with my Goddamned boyfriend, alright? Jesus fuck, you people...

Though I'll agree with you 110%. The problem with that group was me.
I didn't fit the fuck in. Their fun was not my fun.
This right here >>12420259 >>12420260
I WAS the THAT GUY in a group of THAT GUYS. I didn't want to be a little girl and so I clashed with the group. I ruined other people's fun. I won't deny it. I'll just explain it.

>> No.12420519

I have a guy who makes the same character over and over again
A BADASS ANTISOCIAL LONER WHO HAS NO MORALS BECAUSE HE'S SO LOL-LOOK-HOW-EDGY-AND-GRITTY-I-AM. This isn't so bad, as I can deal with the same shit character, but then he also likes to this... this thing. It's so incredibly annoying, and kinda hard to describe. You see, he has this disgusting face with a massive mouth and nostrils. He always makes these noises, such as
when he's going to stab something, and it's not the noises that are so bad, it's mainly how he either blows air on me, or spit goes everywhere.
Not only this, but he constantly puts people down. When our bro got a black belt, nothing. Not a word of praise. He told him that he could buy one of those belts on ebay, and that our bro had just wasted much of his life.
He also likes to 'troll' our group. He tells the guy that goes to church how awesome atheism is, he tells the girls to goback2kitchen, and won't stop going on about how dumb morals are and how anarchy is the way to live.
He also power games, outright argues with the DM over fucking item prices, outright argues with the DM about trap detection DCs, and outright argues with the DM over anything that doesn't go his way. He steals from the group constantly, uses out of character knowledge, and always makes these broken as hell characters that are hard to kill/get rid of.
The worst part though? The thing I hate the most. He knows that he is doing this shit. He fucking knows. So every time people get unified to do something about it, it's like he can sense it. He starts to act all pathetic and lonely and shit, so people feel sorry for him. I'm glad we got to subtract his ass from our group.

>> No.12420523

>So this one time, at FATAL camp...


>> No.12420529

I still have nightmares about it...

>> No.12420531

Point taken.

I'm THAT GUY, and as long as my group is fine with it, you should be too.

>> No.12420537


Oh fucking Christ. I always knew there was something wrong with...him...but thats about disgusting. I don't need a pic, a group of us walked in on a guy doing that almost 20 years ago and told him if he didn't get the fuck out of our apartment we were going to beat his ass.

I never saw that bastard again. Now I wonder if its the same perv.

>> No.12420561

Then stop posting.

>> No.12420571


Ahahaha fucking Youtube is full of cat spanking videos

>> No.12420604


>> No.12420691


Too bad he's already gone otherwise I'd suggest punching him in the face and taking his stuff just to reinforce the whole anarchy bit a stupid. Well maybe nothing that severe but you certainly could've counter trolled him, likely the only language he could understand would be a group ganging up on him and bullying him.

>excuses for the cat spanking

Dude it does not fucking matter. It's a shady thing to do and would be hard enough to explain to your friends, let alone the internet. Even if it was legitmately harmless you were stupid enough to tell the internet and forever after you shall be known as the creepy guy that got his cat hot and bothered.

>I'm cybering with my Goddamned boyfriend, alright? Jesus fuck, you people.


>I WAS the THAT GUY in a group of THAT GUYS.

More excuses and passing the buck, just step up and admit you were wrong.

I've played with your group of THAT GUYS and found them a pleasure to play with, yes there was power gaming going on but they also taught me the systems we played inside and out. Sure there was teenaged girl characters everywhere but they weren't running around trying to fuck anything male or be lesbians or anything that disturbed me.

Edward, you're a creepy fuck and you can deny it all you want but /tg/ knows better.

>> No.12420717 [DELETED] 

See >>12420531

>Sure there was teenaged girl characters everywhere but they weren't running around trying to fuck anything male or be lesbians or anything that disturbed me.
Then they've gotten a lot better.
Being one way now does not mean they weren't one way then.

>> No.12420746


dude ....just...... stop posting for a few minutes, chill and think mmmm'kay?

>> No.12420748


> or be lesbians or anything that disturbed me.
>anything that disturbed me

You have something against lesbians?

>> No.12420760

>How does that make ME the THAT GUY?
>Wouldn't the rapist be THAT GUY?

Edward, you're fagging up the place. Of course, that's how you get off, such is the nature of trolling, but let me tell you a THAT GUY story to answer the quoted question.

So I ST old World of Darkness games, and I'm rather partial to Mage, although anything aside from some of the niche games are fine (hell, I've been tempted to try Gypsies). At the time there were two players, and we were looking to add more. One of these players is possibly the gayest man I know (and I live in San Francisco) whose every single character had to have some connection to the Fae or fairies and was already pretty That Guy-ish, but within tolerable levels. The other was my girlfriend, who I hardly feel unbiased enough to comment on save that she always likes to play the generic "headstrong female" types, does a pretty good job of it, and can't ST her way out of a hat.

We found two new players. The first was so weeaboo, he was actually Asian. Every single character was an anime reference, but my AMAZINGLY BRILLIANT MIND was either able to ignore the reference entirely, or make it alright. For example, he wanted to play the Black Mage from Final Fantasy in a Mage game, so I made up some backstory about him forming a pact with a demon, the demon eating his face in exchange for power, and him having to hide the shadowy remnants of his countenance under large hats or hoodies lest he get paradox if people find out.

>> No.12420772

Now the second, Edward, is the person I'd like to interest you in. Our first game together was Mage, but his only WoD experience up until that point was with Werewolf; it showed, as he constantly played generic faceless hit-punchy characters, ranging from an army brat to a bland assassin to probably the most comically inept Abyssal in Exalted I've ever seen. I was alright for this, the other players needed a tank/comic relief/idiocy magnet, and he did that to a T. But the character for the purposes of our little story came about when he had the brilliant idea to try something different.

First off, this character was female. That was fine, I said, I've never been in the business of turning down characters based on gender or backstory. But wait, he claimed, there's more. She was also the victim of a rape, perpetrated while she was working for the Technocracy. Again, I decided to give it a go, wondering how he'd play this differently.

To put it bluntly, he hated men. All men. He had constant traumatic experiences, he would fly off the handle if any NPC or PC would make a lewd remark, and ended up being on the run from the law after crushing a cop's skull when his eyes inadvertently flickered to his character's large rack. And yes, he did specify that they were D cups.

Now why was this bad? The whole game ended up being about HIS bullshit. The other players were, with possible exception of the weeabasian, better roleplayers, but his constant freaking the fuck out and killing/maiming folks made the entire game about players trying to solve his shit.

Basically, Edward, you take an exercise that is meant for the enjoyment of all and turn it into a personal passion play for you at best, or a horrible masturbation fantasy at worst. You are THAT GUY. In your heart of hearts, you know it.

Now deal with it.

>> No.12420806


I bet two dudes roleplaying as teenage lesbians having sex with each other is pretty creepy to witness.

>> No.12420830 [DELETED] 

>Basically, Edward, you take an exercise that is meant for the enjoyment of all and turn it into a personal passion play for you at best, or a horrible masturbation fantasy at worst. You are THAT GUY. In your heart of hearts, you know it.
Except I'm nothing like that guy. Even if my characters have been raped--which happens... nowhere near as much as /tg/ thinks--I've never made a game about me. The most I've done to make a game 'about me' is drive the plot forward when other players are dragging their feet and not sure about what to do.

oh fuck it. No one cares anyway.

>> No.12420841

>to a T
I see what you did there Foo!

>> No.12420856

Then stop posting.

>> No.12420872

ITT: everyone pays attention to Edward

this is probably the happiest day of his life, or at least top 3. great job /tg/.

>> No.12420891

I actually kind of like that black mage concept. Might have to steal that for something.

>> No.12420896

>I'm cybering with my Goddamned boyfriend, alright? Jesus fuck, you people...

I don't honestly care about anything you've said but I like the part where you say that as if somehow cybering is 100% normal.

>> No.12420897

Edward, you've made this whole thread into your personal passion play. Why would a game with you in it be a mote different?

Human beings are terrible at judging both how competent they are at something and how others perceive them. You think you're an exception to this?

Every post you make here, and every post you have made, proves this point. You want the world to be about you, hell, all of us do. But not all of us want to do it by forcing something vile and unpleasant down the throats of everyone else.

>> No.12420900

I tried to stop them >>12420349
I figured attacking him with the trolliest troll image ever would cause people to ignore him.
But he kept posting

>> No.12420902

Had a guy from the group who played the exact same character every single time. Stoic lion traditionalist with zero personality and no backstory. Didn't help that he also tended to die a lot more than anyone else due to playing the game like it was munchkin D&D. The rest of the group made it into a running joke that it was under siege from Lion hillbillies.

Also, he brought his gf over on more than one occasion to get her to play, when she clearly was not interested. She finally joined a few sessions... as a furry. Matsu Mao (chinese for cat). *shudder*

>> No.12420915

I've been away from /tg/ for about four months.
If I really needed /tg/ to pay attention to me, then I would have:
1) Been here those four months
2) Used my name on the rare occasion I did post.
I've had something close to a real life, lately.

>> No.12420916

I don't remember Edward being this angry so fast,

it's like


>> No.12420927

Bloodspank sounds like a good name for a band from the 90s.

>> No.12420935


I laughed.

>> No.12420938




I've never personally experienced the sort of situation where two players get "intimate" for lack of a better word through the game. That is to say, no intimate character interaction or players getting intimate over character interaction.

And I'm sure some of you might have seen or experienced situations where it all works out okay, where a guy and a girl or any same sex pairing you like come to some mutal understanding that is also tasteful. Good for you.

But I frankly would prefer to avoid romantic involvement in a game entirely, unless I was extremely confident it wouldn't get weird and even then I wouldn't want to give or hear explicit details. I neither want to experience nor witness some creepy one sided crush or a pair of neckbeards getting worked up as their perfect lesbian avatars get kinky.

I don't have a problem with lesbians, I have a problem with taking up game time with creepy embaressing shit and secretly am afraid I might say that then end up a hypocrite.

>> No.12420954

Not angry, just annoyed.
My group laughs whenever they see things about me on /tg/, and I've had people join my groups not knowing I was in them and said "you're not as bad as I thought".
I talk about private stuff on /tg/, and /tg/ assumes they're not private.
That's my problem, I should stop that. Sorry. Carry on with your day and ignore me.

>> No.12420978

Bloodspank Constantine was a punk rock band in Pennsylvania during the 80's.

>> No.12420984

>I talk about private stuff on /tg/, and /tg/ assumes they're not private.
>I talk about private stuff on a public image board and don't see this coming

Seriously, Bloodspank, you are too stupid to live.

>> No.12420989



>> No.12420990

OOOOhhhhh no you didn't.
Bringing the whole "I have a real life you nerds"
Coming from the cat spanking cyber rape guy.
You lose one internet give it here.

>> No.12421020


Bloodspank: "Here, let me tell you about my rape scene in detail!"

Anon: "Why are you so horrible? Stop attention whoring."

Bloodspank: "If I wanted attention I'd be on /tg/ more often, I have a LIFE YOU NERDS. Now getting back to my rape roleplay with my boyfriend...."

>> No.12421022

....You tell your friends your trip.....
The trolling I can't handle it you fucking hipster......Remember me for who I was tg I always loved you...

>> No.12421028


>> No.12421031

Dear elegan/tg/entlemen,

Are records of these Lace shenanigans on 1d4chan or suptg somewhere? I don't have the brainpower to check on my own and keep reading this thread at the same time.

By replying you will oblige.

>> No.12421049

>I've been away from /tg/ for about four months.
1) That's not true, I've seen you post.
2) WHY DID YOU COME BACK? What can we do to make sure you stop coming back? Is it money? I will literally mail you actual money to stop coming here.

>> No.12421055

I don't like you either, but with Lace standing next to you, I guess you're okay.

>> No.12421081


>> No.12421097


>> No.12421102

He mad.

>> No.12421157

>> No.12421200

I once ran a campaign where the minotaurs were invading the lands of the free peoples. Think of it like LOTR, but minotaurs instead of orcs. We'd just gotten a new sourcebook which had a bunch of different races in it, and everyone was eager to try it out. I said fine, but no one can be a minotaur. And it makes sense: if an orc in LOTR had marched through the gates of Minas Tirith, he'd have been shot, no questions asked. So it would be ridiculous to have a minotaur in the party, even if he was LG or whatever.

Players show up for the game, and I look over their character sheets. THAT GUY has a minotaur. No, I tell him, you're going to have to change it. We argue for five minutes, and finally he agrees, poring over the sourcebook again. I figure he's just going to munchkin it up with some weird race I've never heard of, but whatever, I'll fit it in.

Game starts. The half-elf and the dwarf are walking down the trail, doing some roleplaying, when they see a shadow in the trees. I ask THAT GUY to describe his character.

It's a fucking minotaur. I facepalm. The half-elf draws his bow, nocks an arrow.... Two round later there is a dead minotaur (and a ten silver bounty to be collected).

THAT GUY is pissed, but I say that's totally fair. I warned him, after all. So the rest of the party meets while he rolls up a new guy. New guy emerges from the trees.

It's a fucking minotaur.

>> No.12421244

>It's a fucking minotaur.
Woo. An other 10 silver bounty.

>> No.12421289

Now if only we could exploit this we'd be rich!

>> No.12421301

a billion years in ms paint and one page 1 google result later...

>> No.12421318

They raked in an easy 40 silver that day before he figured it out, and it became a running joke when they ran low on cash that they should kill his current guy so they could collect some bounties. He almost managed to kill the mage in the last battle, using metaknowledge from the previous encounters... but I would have used some deus ex machina to bring the mage back if it had happened.

>> No.12421321

It's supposed to be bloodspank, man.

Another 1 billion years in MSpaint hell for your sins, Anon.

>> No.12421367


The cat needs to look more horrified.

>> No.12421404

There's actually an entire group made up of That Guys in my town. You've never seen such greasy jew curls.

>> No.12421419



>> No.12421509

THAT GUY for me was black. I don't say that as an "Oh, BLACK people, amirite?" kinda way, cause that's stupid, just... black guy roleplaying is rare, is all.

Anyway, he was a fucking tool. It was a Cyberpunk game, he was one of three solos (the other two were really nice, and one played it SO DAMN WELL I cannot even describe it to you, and this thread isn't about good players) and not a combat round went by when he didn't whine about SOMETHING, dragging the whole game down. It got to the point where I was singing "Onward, Christian Soldiers" very loudly just to have something to do.

One session his Solo had just beheaded a Nomad, and was using some rule to justify cutting it off REALLY quickly. He'd done it, he just wanted that extra millisecond, even though the rules didn't really say that he could. It got to the point where the GM was asking him if he wanted to play any more, and THAT GUY was just ignoring him and bitching.

Eventually we changed to a different game (http://www.midcoast.com/~ricekrwc/zefrs/) and a different GM. We begged the new guy not to let THAT GUY in, but apparently he was really contrite or something. He showed up one session, and didn't show up for a while. One time he did show up, we were playing Red Dragon Inn (GM was away) and he didn't join in or talk to us, he just sat there. He showed up one more time, but everyone ignored him and he went home.

Why'd we put up with him for so long? Put simply, he was a master of being Passive-Aggressive. I only wish I'd been able to tell him what I thought of him, but the only time I've seen him was at a fa/tg/uy con, and I just ignored him.

I don't think he understood why.

>> No.12421547

oh god... I once masturbated to that pic thinking "hmm, nice rack, but why did they shoop that strange thing over her head?"

>> No.12421584

Ahh, Deus Ex Machina. The Swiss Army Knife troll tool of the DM.

>> No.12421585

>Forgotten Realms / D&D 3.5
>Some asshat takes the Feral template from SS.
>Has a 5 intelligence, but roleplays like a 10 or 11 Int
>Cannibalizes everything in sight for lulz
>Gets pissed when I roleplay a medusa on the path of redemption.
>Other character is a psion who's convinced my character is evil and doesn't have a soul.
>Character lies in front of a court to try and get me executed.
>OOC he calls me a minmaxer for trying to be a paladin with a 24 charisma, despite it costing 10 levels to be a medusa.
>He ragequits while we're stuck on the astral plane in the mind of Moander.


>> No.12421836

>Gets pissed when I roleplay a medusa on the path of redemption.

Tell me more? I'm always playing wacky, non-human PCs myself and I'd like to hear what you did with this one.

>> No.12421872

I got kicked out of a game for (OOC) telling the Cleric I could and would kill his character if he tried to kill me when I disagree (IC) with his anti-Lawful plan to poison a society of elves for capture and enslavement in the name of our King, when our mission was to recover some goods they stole.

Eberron setting. I was "That Guy," apparently.

>> No.12421972


New player a cleric comes to play because the DM asked him, he has a horse, he described it and named it etc doing pretty decent job. Because of the plot his horse gets eaten by displace beasts.

So he goes “Alright I’ll just have to buy a new horse so that we could move on.”

The party goes to the local place to do that and has a talk with the appropriate merchant who will get the horse next day they pay him the price in advance and come back for the horse next day.

During the night THAT GUY rogue sneaks out, finds the guy who is bringing the new horse, kills him takes the party’s money steals the horse and sells it to the first guy he meets on the street for a few pennies.

Next day

Party looks for the guy and the new horse, Rogue come too the guy is nowhere to be seen.
Rogues says “See I told you not to trust that guy, I bet he ran away with your money you idiots. HEHE! I told and I was right after all! You should have listened but no you didn't. So I guess we are not going off adventuring for awhile huh?" Trollface.jpg

Gawd I wanted to punch him

>> No.12421988


>> No.12422062

Ouch. I feel sorry for you. Here, have this picture of my waifu. Always makes me feel better.

>> No.12422098

Come now Anon you just wnated an excuse to post a picture of your said waifu

>> No.12422153

And you're telling me you wouldn't?

I really do feel sorry for that guy, just didn't have a good image for it. Maybe this one?

>> No.12422756

Hm. Seeing a lot of deleted posts from some Edward person in this thread. Now, I'm one of the guys in the group he was probably talking about, and usually, I keep out of these threads as, while I hate him with a passion that hasn't completely cooled, I also know he's got his own group and he'll be leaving me the fuck alone, so I figure there's not much reason to go and vent about how horrible he was.

But, if he's going to sling the first mud, well, turnabout is fair play. And hearing the other side of the story might be interesting. I freely admit that it cannot be told objectively because I hate Edward/Lace's guts. And admit that I probably am responsible for some reprehensible behavior of my own.

But, if there's still some life in this thread, I could try at least spinning some of the tale of how Edward went from a decent enough guy to everyone in the group hating him.

>> No.12422789

Is she telling someone to stop crying or to stop jerking off? Reason I ask, is because the latter seems a bit out of character for her.

>> No.12423006

I would be interested in hearing that.

>Reader farices
So would Captcha, apparently.

PS: Read the deleted posts in the easymodo thread!

>> No.12423113

I'm doing that now, actually.

anyway, hm. where to start? I mean, Ed really did start out as a decent person, in my group. Which was the one which began around magical girl roleplaying. I'm not sure exactly how he ended up doing things which got everyone else involved to hate him ,but he managed it over a period of several months. We're talking people going from a group where everyone's cool with the guy, to maybe one person dislikes or antagonizes him (which would be me, I'll be honest), to a slow loss of every ally he had. Seriously. He had people who were originally defending and agreeing with him to the point they hated him more than the person they were defending him from.

Maybe I should split things into little case studies and go from there. I've got several, and probably won't post them in chronological order. So far as I can remember, I'll list the major incidents.

Ed being fairly normal in a wierd magical girl game with a first-time GM. ED GMing his own game everyone likes, Ed bitching and nagging GMs into a loss of the will to run their games. Ed insisting his view and approach is the only correct one (you know this from any WoD thread he posts in, though), Ed proves he's a bit of a creepy internet stalker type, and lastly, where Ed goes more or less batshit and throws a group into endless shitstorms until forcibly removed.

>> No.12423145

Every single session. Every single encounter. Every single dungeon.

DM: You see a chest, etc.
Me: It's an obvious trap because of X, Y, and Z.
DM: It was a trap.
Me: I told you so.
Me: Half Elf, and I think it's more believable to roleplay a character that actually has a sense of self-preservation. Besides, there are only two of us, and we're level 2, and we can't be this reckless.
That Guy: *steals one of DM's nerf guns and pelts me*

>> No.12423190


>> No.12423214

Comrade, the other side of this tale of woe would be appreciated!

>> No.12423269

Upon reading the stuff he deleted, it seems most of his beef was with touhoufag and his group. Makes me a bit more reluctant to actually tell any tales of my own experiences with him, but he has had a few episodes of being troublesome.

>> No.12423318

I'd still like to jsut get a bit more of a character idea, other than jsut the haterage cat spanker stuff.

>> No.12423336

My first session of D&D ever, I had to play a level 7 fighter who was apparently left in front of the local leader of a town, about to confess his crimes. My awesome group allowed me to know this, fuck you all.

First thing I asked, "How close am I to the king/whatever?" DM looked at me, nonchalantly and said, maybe 5-6feet. I don't think this group had been around too much violence...

I immediately rolled 20 initiative and stabbed the king. Then I fought off 2 guards and killed the halfling cleric pc who turned me in, before jumping out the window. The group, especially the cleric looked at me like WTF, the others started laughing though.

"Is there a blacksmith or something near by?" "Uh yea you passed one in the way to town" I immediately ran into the woods and back to the BS while people and guards freaked out at my previous locale. Then I stole some armor, and a cool new sword.

This followed up with me killing a few more of my pc friends when they tried to catch me.

Sounds corny now but it was GLORIOUS for my first game.

>> No.12423345

Do it for great justice if nothing else.

>> No.12423346

Alright. Any story in particular you'd like to see? I've got a poorly organized, difficult to read list here: >>12423113

>> No.12423364

to be honest, if you could tell us about the last two, I'd be greatly appreciative

>> No.12423473

So THAT EDWARD GUY posted http://www.big-metto.net/RP_Wiki/index.php?title=Mirabelle_Armitage in some bizarre attempt to defend his own cat wankery.

Putting aside the cat wank for now, wtfamireading.jpg?

>> No.12423488

This post made me break down laughing.

>> No.12423566

Ok. We'll start with Edward coming off as an internet-stalker, or at least a really weird creep.

This one's easier to see in hindsight, really. Anyway, when the group started, we had a girl playing with us. Since this game is online on IRC, we only know this because she said as much. Now at some point, she and Ed have an altercation over PM, and she says she's a horrible person. Ed decides to play the white night and send her an e-mail saying she's a good person and all that sort of stuff. She replies to say that it cheered her up a bit. Now, here's where it gets kinda weird. He decides to make this a daily thing, and starts sending her daily self-affirmation mails, or something. I forget when we first heard of this, but I think nobody thought much of it. In hindsight, though, it's pretty weird.

So, the next step of Edward's misadventures in love is, naturally, on Valentine's day. When the majority of the group plays FATAL. Interestingly, it was the girl's suggestion. I am That guy for the time-being as I decide to sit it out, and be a very angry, huffy prude and call everyone out for being completely debauched perverts. Pretty dick of me, bit I really don't need my image of everyone shattered by statements of sexual antics involving everyone else. ...And using the names I know the players by, and not the characters they were playing, no less.

Anyway, sometime after that, Ed confesses his love for the girl. Of course, she'd told us quite recently how a similar situation involving online love happened, and ended poorly. Ed is at least smart enough to immediately apologize. The girl disappears off the face of the internet a short time later.

>> No.12423611


>when the majority of the group plays FATAL

This is a sign of Serious Problems, you know.

>> No.12423639


At some point, Ed admits that maybe he's the reason one of our players disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Because he confessed his love to her, etc etc. He goes on to explain that to him ,there's multiple kinds of love, and this love was the love between mentor and student, or some other appreciation, and not of a romantic sort. Didn't stop him from subtly playing favorites in games.

during the ensuing, and fairly heated, discussion, Ed lets drop that he continued those daily emails after she'd disappeared. Which was months ago. This sets off a red flag, as it's just...kind of creepy. We took some effort to convince him that if she did leave because of him, what he was doing is probably some sort of harassment, and he really should stop.

As it later turned out, the girl involved in this just quit the group in a fit of depression or the like. She'd even warned us a few times that she tended not to stick with a single group too long for such reasons.

Ok, there's that one. It's about as objective as possible to tell it, and maybe isn't that bad of things, though it's definitely some darn strange behavior. I do recall Ed was posting advice on /tg/ about why it's cool to be friend zone'd which was also downright creepy, and refused to believe such until told by someone who had the authority of being female. You know, the whole, "if you're her friend, you can slowly make her love you" sort of thing that tends not to even sound very romantic.

>> No.12423665

>> Playing an Undermountain campaign (Gigantic, incredibly dangerous dungeon in the City of Waterdeep, Faerun.)
>> That guy plays a rogue.
>> Find group of Halasters Apprentices.
>> Apprentices are ~18-20th level Wizards. Group is lv3-5.
>> As group approaches Wizards to try to talk, That guy attacks them, and then immediately hide.
>> Rest of party gets fireballed.

>> No.12423711

09 Jan 19 - 02:15:29 < Edward> So yeah, I made my cat horny.
09 Jan 19 - 02:15:36 < John_Stalvern> ...
09 Jan 19 - 02:15:36 <~LordLicorice> ...
09 Jan 19 - 02:15:39 < Thatguy> ...
09 Jan 19 - 02:15:39 <@Slashie> ...
09 Jan 19 - 02:15:39 < PurpleXVI> ..
09 Jan 19 - 02:15:43 <@Aun_Shi> :D
09 Jan 19 - 02:15:45 < Edward> Aparently, if you spank a cat on the flanks, they get turned on.
09 Jan 19 - 02:15:47 < ShasOFaiz> ...
09 Jan 19 - 02:15:50 < Edward> I was unaware of this fact.
09 Jan 19 - 02:15:51 < John_Stalvern> ...
09 Jan 19 - 02:15:51 < Sister_Acacia> Edward, die in a fire please
09 Jan 19 - 02:15:51 <~LordLicorice> Man.
09 Jan 19 - 02:15:56 < Thatguy> go away
09 Jan 19 - 02:15:56 < ShasOFaiz> WAT.
09 Jan 19 - 02:15:58 <~LordLicorice> I wish I had the ability to stop an entire room cold with a single sentence.
09 Jan 19 - 02:15:58 < TheWarp> god damn it
09 Jan 19 - 02:15:59 <~Ruler> Damnit, my mouse is running outa batteries.
09 Jan 19 - 02:16:15 < CaesarSalad> That was pretty amazing.
09 Jan 19 - 02:16:16 <&Mx-Tan> hahahaha
09 Jan 19 - 02:16:18 < MonkeyToho> ... D:
09 Jan 19 - 02:16:20 < ShasOFaiz> (caps) edward is a furry
09 Jan 19 - 02:16:25 < ShasOFaiz> (caps) i am calling it right now
09 Jan 19 - 02:16:26 < Edward> I mean, if I could get a woman to make those sounds... man.
09 Jan 19 - 02:16:28 < John_Stalvern> Dangerously furry.
09 Jan 19 - 02:16:30 -!- ChanServ changed the topic of #suptg to: All topics except this one are true. | <Edward> So yeah, I made my cat horny. | <Everyone Else> ...

>> No.12423712

To be fair, they weren't REALLY playing FATAL. They were just doing raunchy freeform with a GM providing some plot and a few requests for rolls. Said GM was a volunteer from /tg/. They did roll characters using the FATAL character generation program.

I highly suspect that this is, however, about as close as possible anyone is likely to get to the true FATAL experience, as nobody can understand that goddamn ruleset well enough to actually GM it.

I honestly do feel kind of bad for begin a complete ass and raining on their parade, so to speak, but goddamn, some stuff just rubs me the wrong way.

>> No.12423722

I miss Ed. See, I used to hang out in IRC with Lace and a bunch of others. And we were about to start some awesome games. And then suddenly the military called me away and I vanished.

Stacy's Mom Always Had It Going On

>> No.12423754


Skipping to the next relevant bit:

09 Jan 19 - 02:17:45 <~LordLicorice> I mean, I can't even
09 Jan 19 - 02:17:48 <~LordLicorice> invent a sentence like that
09 Jan 19 - 02:17:50 <~LordLicorice> I'm trying here
09 Jan 19 - 02:17:52 < Edward> So yeah, basically, someone showed me a video of someone spanking their cat with these foam paddles. The cat liked it. When I was reading, my cat comes up to me for petting, like cats are want to do, what with them being the only things that matter, and us pitiful humans better recognize.
09 Jan 19 - 02:17:57 < Thatguy> LL don't
09 Jan 19 - 02:17:58 <~LordLicorice> but I can't think of anything --
09 Jan 19 - 02:18:00 < Thatguy> we don't need another one
09 Jan 19 - 02:18:01 <~LordLicorice> oh god why are you still talking
09 Jan 19 - 02:18:04 <~LordLicorice> you can stop at any time edward
09 Jan 19 - 02:18:05 <~LordLicorice> really
09 Jan 19 - 02:18:09 < Thatguy> goddamn
09 Jan 19 - 02:18:09 < ShasOFaiz> no
09 Jan 19 - 02:18:09 < ShasOFaiz> he can't
09 Jan 19 - 02:18:12 < Thatguy> seriously
09 Jan 19 - 02:18:14 < ShasOFaiz> if he did he'd cease to be Edward
09 Jan 19 - 02:18:14 < Thatguy> shut up now
09 Jan 19 - 02:18:19 <@Slashie> lolling
09 Jan 19 - 02:18:19 < ShasOFaiz> It's like Quantum Faggotry.
09 Jan 19 - 02:18:20 < Edward> So I pet him, and then I'm like "Oh, hey, I'll spank him, maybe he'll like that."
09 Jan 19 - 02:18:21 < Edward> Yeah...
09 Jan 19 - 02:18:28 <~LordLicorice> also it's "wont to do"
09 Jan 19 - 02:18:28 < Edward> It's a bit creepy now.
09 Jan 19 - 02:18:34 < Thatguy> ...
09 Jan 19 - 02:18:37 < Sister_Acacia> Edward, I'd be very interested to see the memo giving you permission to speak.
09 Jan 19 - 02:18:41 < Thatguy> it's a bit creepy "now"
09 Jan 19 - 02:18:49 < Edward> The cat has become incredibly clingy.

>> No.12423769

09 Jan 19 - 02:18:54 < CaesarSalad> Someone boot Edward.
09 Jan 19 - 02:18:55 <@Slashie> aeros
09 Jan 19 - 02:18:56 <~LordLicorice> ...
09 Jan 19 - 02:18:57 < CaesarSalad> Seriously. D=
09 Jan 19 - 02:18:58 < Thatguy> please
09 Jan 19 - 02:18:59 <~LordLicorice> (caps) a cat is fine too
09 Jan 19 - 02:19:00 < Kein> aeros
09 Jan 19 - 02:19:01 < Edward> If I don't spank it, it will bit me.
09 Jan 19 - 02:19:02 <@Slashie> scroll up
09 Jan 19 - 02:19:03 < Thatguy> we don't need this
09 Jan 19 - 02:19:04 < Aeros> what
09 Jan 19 - 02:19:05 < Kein> edward made his cat aroused
09 Jan 19 - 02:19:07 < Aeros> why does everyone want me
09 Jan 19 - 02:19:09 < Kein> so
09 Jan 19 - 02:19:11 <@PrivatePlatypoda> So, Edward.
09 Jan 19 - 02:19:12 < Sister_Acacia> lalala not listening
09 Jan 19 - 02:19:13 < Thatguy> we really really don't need this
09 Jan 19 - 02:19:13 < Edward> bite.
09 Jan 19 - 02:19:14 <@PrivatePlatypoda> What you're saying...
09 Jan 19 - 02:19:16 < MonkeyToho> (caps) god fucking dammit edward.
09 Jan 19 - 02:19:17 <~LordLicorice> CATFUCK
09 Jan 19 - 02:19:18 <~LordLicorice> CATFUCK
09 Jan 19 - 02:19:19 <@PrivatePlatypoda> Is your cat's dominating you.
09 Jan 19 - 02:19:22 <~LordLicorice> (caps) it's awwwwwwwwright
09 Jan 19 - 02:19:25 <@PrivatePlatypoda> Dominating you to spank it.
09 Jan 19 - 02:19:27 <@PrivatePlatypoda> Until it gets horny.
09 Jan 19 - 02:19:27 < Edward> Yes, my cat is dominating me.
09 Jan 19 - 02:19:30 < Aeros> well aint that cute....
09 Jan 19 - 02:19:34 < Thatguy> no
09 Jan 19 - 02:19:35 < Thatguy> no it isn't
09 Jan 19 - 02:19:37 <~LordLicorice> That's it
09 Jan 19 - 02:19:38 < Edward> But that's nothing new, cats always dominate people.
09 Jan 19 - 02:19:41 -!- mode/#suptg [+a Aeros] by ChanServ
09 Jan 19 - 02:19:45 -!- mode/#suptg [+b *!*@sux-E0D917DE.rcmdva.fios.verizon.net] by Aeros
09 Jan 19 - 02:19:45 -!- Edward was kicked from #suptg by Aeros [BUT ITS WROOOOOOOOOONG]

>> No.12423781

09 Jan 19 - 02:19:52 <~LordLicorice> I'm going to go kill myself
09 Jan 19 - 02:19:53 < Kein> hahahahahahahahaha
09 Jan 19 - 02:19:53 < Sister_Acacia> Edward: proof that chlorine gas was invented for a reason.
09 Jan 19 - 02:19:54 <@Slashie> oh edward
09 Jan 19 - 02:20:25 < Thatguy> that is the first time I've ever had to witness Edward and that's also the last time I ever want it to happen

>> No.12423796

Dear fucking God.

>> No.12423801

"I wish I had the ability to stop an entire room cold with a single sentence."

I laughed pretty hard

>> No.12423806

matches my reaction perfectly.

>> No.12423814

This is what touhoufags actually play. Or played.

I recall he actually mentioned the same episode in our chat before he did in suptg. Which had other wonderful statements, such as describing the way his cat was mewing and kept badgering his hands like it wanted more. He quite probably misinterpreted a different form of behavior as "horny" but did also say something to the effect that he wished he could make a woman act like that.

We kind of laughed it off and told him that it should never be spoken of again. Then he goes and makes it more public, and it becomes a fucking meme. Guy trolls himself harder than anyone else.

I hate the guy, but he was decent in my eyes once. And if he's got a group and some buddies to play with, more power to him. It also means he's leaving me alone, for which I'm quite grateful.

>> No.12423825


Remember kids, when SCAREDOFSHADOWS can make fun of you without hypocrisy, you know you've hit rock bottom.

No offense meant.

>> No.12423882

>> No.12423978

I have an entire group full of THAT GUY, save our GM. He puts real prep work in beforehand to try and hold everyone's interest, and I try to help the story along the best I can. But, like clockwork, everything always goes horribly wrong.

One time, faced with 50+ of the BBEG's enslaved army, we were probably supposed to go around, or maybe ambush them at night or something. But no, the rest of them decided to charge in face first and fight. Our GM slammed his head on the table as he had to roll about 500 dice and watch us die in two rounds of combat.

>> No.12424033


If your group is like that, your GM should know better than to give you a choice like that. They just want to whack things with sticks.

>> No.12424057


I had to hold myself up by the hair to make myself finish reading that.

Holy Moses.

>> No.12424080

As for Ed sparking a hate-spiral that ended with him getting booted form our group...I really can't say as much about it as anyone would like. Not off the top of my head, anyway. I think that I've forgotten the details is actually merciful.

A very short account was that it tended to involve him, as often as possible, bringing up topics we though we'd yelled at one-another about and moved on, and started a whole fresh yelling-match. Also, a lot of harassing everyone with "Why do you hate me?" Of course, when told, he'd tend to defend himself by flatly denying any wrongdoing and basically pointing the blame at the person he asked. Let me tell you, when you see a guy as at least partially responsible for some bad blood, but he keeps saying it ain't him and you're totally and completely to blame, it starts to REALLY piss you off. Especially when you admit wrongdoing and apologize, and the other party absolutely refuses to, which in my opinion is downright insulting, after a while.

>> No.12424098


Was this group the group that played Giest, was fixing to play Scion, etc?

>> No.12424153

So, as all this is going on, Edward also somehow gets everyone who used to like him to hate him as well. I don't really know the details, because they're mostly in PMs. It got to the point where the guy who was friendliest with Ed hated him more than I did.

I do know that it ended without a ban. Edward is deathly afraid of being banned from a chat, so if you threaten one, he logs off ASAP so you can't catch him. He was told, in no uncertain terms, that he seemed to be the root cause of the eternal shitstorms plaguing the channel and preventing civil conversation from happening, much less any games. He was also told to leave, and never return, on pain of being banned.

Well ,eventually, he gets banned. See, he shows up in another channel, by coincidence, and sees some of us there. He immediately starts up the same old routine. "Why do you hate me?" And so-on. He got booted from that channel. ...only to do the dumbest thing possible, which was to come back to the original channel ,where he was told he'd get his ass banned if we could see it. He hung around long enough to get banned. 'nuff said there.

...Of course, he also sent emails to most of us, in which he also continued his "why do you hate me?" and "it ain't me, it's you" stuff. Guy just HAD to have the last word.

>> No.12424168

No, this was the old, old group who started with magical girl games. The group playing Geist and Scion is presumably one Ed himself put together or got involved with afterward, so i don't know anything for how it went.

>> No.12424249

I was playing a 3.5 ed game. I was an elf wizard grouped with a halfling rogue, dwarven barbarian and a human cleric.

It was night time and we set up camp in a forest as we were still traveling to the location that our quest takes place in. My character makes a snide comment about how the dwarf isn't intelligent enough to make fire for the camp

You know what he fucking did? He tried to rape my character. He asked the DM if it was ok and he was like "god damn it.........fuck."

I managed to polymorph him into a mink first though and I tied him around my staff for the rest of the night/following day.

Boy was he pissed.

>> No.12424309

I tend to optimize my characters to be quite good at what they do, but not necessarily one man parties/game breakers, where possible.
>DM says he's going to run a low level WotC module
>I throw out a few character ideas and builds, he and I agree on what's reasonable
>His general recommendation to the party was a blasty sorcerer
>I'm first to build, make my druid.
>Second guy builds his first ranger, it was rather weak, especially for a combatant
>Explain what works well for druids, and that he doesn't have to make any changes, but a few would let him do a lot more.
>Talk to third player, summarize my and the other player's character
>GM tells me third player talked to him and said he felt my attempts to overshadow the rest of the party weren't conducive to his wants and needs, unless the GM doesn't know about my plan yet.
I dunno, man. I tried to be clear with the GM over what to expect and what's acceptable with my character, but apparently I'm that guy.

>> No.12424590


>> No.12425435

Well, to be frank, i would say that he's earned his notoriety. thanks for sharing that man, it gives one a whole new perspective other than mob rage as to why Edward should be avoided.

>> No.12425690

Scaredofshadows is a bro. Don't hate.

>> No.12425774

rolled 19 = 19

Star Wars Saga.

>guy makes a jedi who's goal is to return the jedi order to the way it was during the Grand Republic.

>Uses Force Light all the time to brutally kill anyone with dark side points (it basically burns anyone who is tainted by the dark side. More dark side, more burning)

>Gets into a killing contest with a sith

>gets abominated by a sith (that was kind of my bad; the sith convinced me it was helping return him back to normal after he was implanted with a dark organ)

>has changed his destiny 5 times

>GM has to look at his sheet, because he has cheated on his stats several times

>> No.12425775

D&D 3.5, FR, Not bad for THAT GUY, but the second wizard in our group has no sense of role-playing. He "has to" have a god's favor "or we'll lose the campaign". He treats praying to a god like a free get-out-of-shit card and I'm pretty sure he wants the DM to throw a horrible situation at us just so he can pray to save us all. He's also kind of a mouth-breather but not really a mean person. He couldn't roleplay his way out of a bag.

>> No.12425864

>Post on /tg/
>"Stop posting, Edward!"
>Don't post on /tg/
>"Let's talk about Edward"
I think you people have a giant fucking hard on for me.

Also, SoS, why haven't you been in the channel today?
You realize that it's a joke, right? Or was.
You know what?
Anyone who hates me, I invite you to come hang out in my channel for a bit.
#nwod on Rizon

And by that I mean that I'm sick of trying to get these chucklefucks together and don't want to be the ST anymore.

>> No.12425884

Edward confirmed for MASTER TROLL.

>> No.12425907

Why don't you come to #suptg?

>> No.12425910

Sometimes yes.

I'll admit that most of what Vega (I'm guessing it was Vega?) is saying is right. I really did keep asking "why do you hate me" and I really did keep emailing them like a beta faggot wanting to apologize and try to do better instead of just cutting off and shrugging my shoulders.
I never said I wasn't a miserable faggot.
Just that I'm not as bad as everyone else thinks.

>> No.12425932

Because I don't like having more than one server open.

And because there's, like, 500 people in that channel. Fuck that. I hate every time I have to go there, and I hate how it autologs you onto #Suptg every time you go to thisisnotatrueending.

>> No.12425966

Trolling 150 people is better than trolling 3.

Also, it's just /server -m irc.thisisnotatrueending.net .

>> No.12426035

>cool THATGUY thread
>namefag fucks everything up
>thread derailed
>no one seems to recognize the irony
Just ignore his faggot ass. Really.

>> No.12426048

Too bad. Don't like it.

>> No.12426059

>leaves the thread
You seem to still be here.

>> No.12426088

Also, screw you whoever posted the link to a thread saying it was about a that girl who was actually that guy. I thought it was a trap thread. Fuck you.

>> No.12426097

I lolled

>> No.12426132

After like, two or three fucking hours.

Now if you still hate me, then #nwod on Rizon.
Take the Edward Challenge.

>> No.12426174

>if you hate me come give me attention

>> No.12426200

>Implying I need your Goddamned attention.
You know, when you say things like that, it makes you seem like you're some kind of magical grail that can make me feel better about myself.

You're not.
I'm just some guy on the internet, and so are you.
I'm just trying to show I'm not as bad a person as the rumours say.


And by that I mean someone get the fuck in here and ST this Geist game for me.

>> No.12428120

Edward, shut the fuck up. I have never known a more annoying namefag than you.

And I come from /co/, so that's saying something

>> No.12428363

I know what happened in that game.

Let's just say that the DM was totally high when he gave Touhoufag's character DIVINE RANK and as many templates as he wanted.

>> No.12428382

wow, promising thread derailed by namefag fanboys talking about irc gossip.


>> No.12428515

> because he has cheated on his stats several times
This is the absolute worst. Well, this and roll cheating. There's got to be some sort of deep psychology here. It's like... it's like cheating at solitaire, only you're also being a dick to your friends.

Same! I read through two whole threads waiting for the big reveal, and then... nothing.

Anyone remember the story where THAT GUY lit himself on fire and tried to take everyone else down with him?

>> No.12429818

No, but back when you could set things on fire in WH40K it was common for a Tyranid player to set a Carnifex on fire before it went into melee because it had a chance of burning the enemy. A commom tactic of That Guy from back in the day, and such a horrendus abuse of the rules that it prompted a nerf on the species that present day Carnifexi are still feeling, being lackluster point-for-point compared to the other faction's equivilents.

The one and only time I took my Grey Knights to my FLGS I was fighting That Guy, who insisted that I use all of the outdated codex rules, except for the ones that benefited me. No Machine Spirit on the land Raider, no Rending on the Assault Cannons, no ranged protection with Storm Shields, but the GKGM's Nemesis Force Weapon still followed the recent 'Eternal Warriors are immune to Instant Death including Force Weapons' rules.

Then I stuck wheels, treads, and a motor on the Land Raider and gave it to my nephew for his grade five science project in which everyone in class had to make a motorized something. Most of them put a frame and wheels on their pencil boxes with K-nex. I heard shit was rather cash for him as they had to pull stuff, go over obsticles, up inclines, etc

>> No.12430389

I'm returning to a game full of that guys one last time with plans to out THAT GUY all of them.


>> No.12430428


You are the best uncle ever. A moterised land raider.

>> No.12430496

Freshman afflicted with ADHD rolls a CE Ninja in a 3.5game. Mentions how all his characters are chaotic that he's ever played. Another player that has been playing in a game where the ninja was the DM mentions how they've gone up ten levels in three sessions in a 3.5 game (They started at like level 4 for the extra horror). Game starts off with a party in a bar, Ninja immediately says he goes to the barkeeper, orders a drink, and then kills the bartender with his back to the ninja. Grand fucking start for a new gaming group. Also I do not care how your search checks are going in the middle of other people's actions, get some god damn ritalin already.

>> No.12430791

Player wise the most THAT GUY I've had to play with was one guy that ended up joining our group after we had a few campaigns down already.. And than immediately tried to become the leader and ignore all established character development. It was essentially, random dude walks in and than starts shouting orders at you. His backstory involved telling off and shutting down other player characters (without any of their knowledge), and his stats were all impossibly high rolls - think nat 18-20's on everything.

GM wise, had a GM that literally the first three sessions of a game were us RPing walking down different corridors. Seriously, we would be presented with a hallway and told to walk down in, nothing else. If we tried to ever break from the railroad or do something unexpected one of three things would happen - he would tell us blatantly "No." and just ignore it magically, troopers would suddenly step in and start threatening us.. Or anti-tank weaponry would drop from the ceiling and take aim on us until we agree to follow the predetermined GM path.

>> No.12433512

Weeaboo stories. All one guy

Player 1: I just don't get Iaijutsu. What, somehow your sword is more powerful coming out of the sheath? Lame.

Me: As I understand it, it was more about the element of surprise.

Weeaboo (in complete seriousness): Dude, it's real. The sword breaks the sound barrier when it comes out of the sheath.

Me: Uh...I don't know if that's true.

Weeaboo: (again in complete seriousness) Trust me dude. Watch some Ruroni Kenshin if you don't believe me.

>> No.12433539

Weeaboo stories continued

(on the invariable Knight vs. Samurai debate)

Weeaboo: You don't know dude, Samurai are hand-picked for being badasses on the field of battle. Knights were just people who could afford horses.

Player 1 (history major): Actually Samurai were a hereditary caste, just like Knights. You never "become" a samurai, you're born into a samurai clan.

Weeaboo: That's debatable.

Player 1: Not really, since it's historical fact?

Weeaboo: Not in anything I've read.

Me: What have you read?

Weeaboo: .....

>> No.12433601

rolled 5, 4, 1, 1 = 11

Played a game with a guy named Piggy in college (he also wore a pig hat in a sort of failed ironic look)

Our DM decided for fun to have us fight a guy that polymorphes people. Piggy got polymorphed and insisted he be polymorphed into a pig. DM relents, and Piggy is turned into a pig. The instant this happens Piggy starts to squeal as loud as he can, as fast as he can irl. We tried to calm him down but he paused long enough to say we had to stop him in game. We calm him down but any time something bumped into the pig or anything popped up he started squealing irl.

...We played in the central building of campus.

>> No.12433603

Weeaboo stories cont.

Player 1- Allow me to introduce my kobold assistant, Penf-

Weeaboo: I slay the kobold with my iaijutsu. It's an insult to bring such a creature before me.

Player 1: Ohhh-k, I kill the guy the Katana.

Weeaboo: I cast Curse of the Putrid Husk.

Player 1: I roll a 24 on my fort save.

Weeaboo: Doesn't matter, you fall unconscious.

Me: what?

Weeaboo: That's the spell. It's awesome.

(We look up spell. Save negates)

Me: You seriously thought you had found a spell that made someone unconscious on a failed save?

Weeaboo: That wouldn't be that big a deal.

>> No.12433638


>> No.12433660

I'm my group's That Guy. I try to be nice but eventually I get absorbed in playing and I become my rules-lawyering munchkin douchebag self. My group doesn't play anymore, they claim that it wasn't me, just people moving around and being busy, but I know they're lying to me. I know it's because they couldn't stand to play with a fuckwad like me. Same reason attendance at the local Magic shop's events are down. I'm an intolerable shit.

>> No.12433674

Well, stop.

>> No.12433679

rolled 5, 2, 2, 1 = 10

Here's a creepy story of a that guy.

At our college club we had a few nonstudent club members come by. One of them was an older guy with a bad haircut, bags under his eyes, BO, and a distinctive red jacket. I saw him a few times but never played with him. My friend however did. He played in a game with this creepy guy and a transfer girl. According to him the creepy guy would be overprotective of the girl's character, and when she asked questions he would lean up close to her to answer questions. Anyways he was always getting into her personal space and in character followed her all over.

Now my experience with this guy was when I was working in the college bookstore and the person I worked with was a young attractive woman. He came in. I didn't really pay attention until the woman came up to me and said 'Do you mind if I stay here until that guy leaves? He tried to follow me into the back room' Alerted to this guy now I kept my eye on him. He would pace back and forth pretending to look at merchandise but he would also glance up at the register. He got less then 5 bucks worth of stuff and left.

He would occasionally come back, look around and leave.

>> No.12433707


Yet more evidence showing that That Guys are also rapists in many cases.

>> No.12433714


I try to, but I can't always keep pretending to not be a dick. Either I constantly watch myself and not be able to focus on the game as a result, or I get into the game and piss everyone off. I can't seem to fix myself.

>> No.12433722


WEEABOO AS A DM. We are all 4th level. Our mission, given to us directly by an NPC. Destroy the Blood Lotus clan!

BLOOD LOTUS CLAN GUARD: Turn back, foolish adventurers. You are no match for us.

US: Yea right! Let's roll initiative!

WEEABOO DM: Ok, the Ninja goes first with his 32 initiative. As he draws his katana, a hideous wail escapes the sheath. Roll fort.

PLAYER 1: 15.

WEEABOO DM: You die.

Me: I'm sorry...is this a sword that casts Wail of the Banshee whenever it's drawn?

WEEABOO DM (grinning like "I know, it IS the coolest thing ever) Yes.

>> No.12433724

Baw less; do more.

>> No.12433730


This thread is for telling funny stories about That Guy/Girls, not bitching about how everyone hates you.

Get out.

>> No.12433733


>> No.12433744

*applause* Well done, that wizard.

>> No.12433758

>124 instances of the word Weeaboo in the last 50 posts

>> No.12433768

You should have counter-trolled by bringing up the fact that there's no way in fuck a ninja would have been carrying a katana. A jitte is more likely, or a short straight sword that won't fuck with mobility as much as having a katana strapped to your waist would and that can be drawn into an attack from over the shoulder.

>> No.12433781

That Guy: "if we were in my campaign, we'd be level 30 by now."
Me: "yeah but we're not."
That Guy: "DM, why aren't we level 30 yet?"
DM: "Because this is my campaign, not yours."

>> No.12433784

So... You thought it was a good plan to attack the enemy while he was at his strongest, in broad daylight, out in the open, while he was carrying the best weapons and armor he had available? Without even bothering to check what he was equipped with?

>I attack the guardsman.
>The guardsman is sitting in a baneblade, he opens fire with all guns on the party.

>> No.12433786


I was that kind of guy back when I played. However I never got to run my ridiculous characters.

>A despicable, but loyal hag fighter who was the adopted by a human family. Ate anything.

>Human that required his heart to be pumped by a large car motor strapped to his back. Needed refueling every day.

>A genius but agoraphobic gnome that controlled a gollum from his house to do his adventuring.

>Human fighter with a squirming head sized parasite in his stomach, that would crawl up his throat and spray acid in the face of anyone intending to kill its host.

>> No.12433803

I always check the threads for anything that sounds like me.
I always feel like THAT guy. :(

>> No.12433842

We have a That Girl with the peoples I game with. Usually she's bearable, save that her characters must hit. On. Absolutely. Fucking. Everything.

She also appears to be under the impression that her character has magic boobs or something, as in one game she literally tried to calm a stand-off between the party and a group of thugs by flashing them.

My character nearly died trying to stop the dumb bitch from getting gang-raped.

Pic related. It was my face when this happened.

>> No.12433886


It wasn't even like that. The ninja literally stepped out of a shadow as we were trying to sneak into their headquarters, alerted by a powerful but un-named spell far beyond 4th level characters.

He loved to do that sort of shit. When we were 10th level, an NPC begged us to stop a dragon that was terrorizing his village. "Hark, he comes now, over the horizon!"

Green Great Wyrm with 9th level spells woven into his scales. Total player kill. We didn't even try to fight.

>> No.12433902


Replace GM. Immediately. Smack ex-GM with a fish for being a fucktard.

>> No.12433914


Like I said, so do I. But we've already been advised to quit bitching and GTFO.

>> No.12433915



Uhm..I don't think so.

a) A katana is actually a pretty nifty disguise for a ninja, instead of, say, a special weapon all ninja's carry.

b) This guy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IocQ_DZVAU0

>> No.12433917

our that guy is my friend matt. Last year's fall semester started with my friend running D&D fourth Edition, i was fine with it, Matt rolled up a "doppelganger temptress" and listed his diety as "Queen Dopple-Poppulus" in a reference to Sea Lab 2020. I instantly frowned. Needless to say, my Goliath, and everyone else's character was hit one, and every NPC was hit on as well.

Next game i played with him in was a CoC mini campaign. He rolled up "Haley Comet" a secretary/astronomer/detective who was 17 years old. She also was described as "blonde and big tits". She proceeded to be so fucking annoying that at some point my character, the only one with a gun, shot her. She didn't die, but was knocked unconscious, which had everyone let out a relieved sigh. She lost her mind and the DM didn't allow him to ever make another character again.

He also played in my Dark Heresy campaign. Every time we were going to play, he would invited all his magic playing friends who weren't in the campaign and were only into fucking with my group when we played. He also rolled "his first ever male character" who was a imperial worlder adept, who he made into a total bro who lipped off to everyone. I targetted him relentlessly the whole time the campaign was working.

He's not invited back to anyone's games in my gaming circle anymore.

>> No.12433946


>> No.12433959


Did I say nifty? I meant the complete opposite of nifty.

>> No.12433971


Oh we definitely did. That was the straw that broke the camel's back. It was unfortunate because half of his adventures were actually pretty cool and then he'd pull stuff like Throwing a park of orcs that all had 10 levels of frenzied berserker at as. How the fuck is an encounter that is literally unwinnable deemed fun?

>> No.12433980


oh: also all the orcs were wearing magical amulets that automatically cast Heal and greater teleport when their frenzy ended.

>> No.12434048

lol this made my day

>> No.12434769

>>A katana is actually a pretty nifty disguise for a ninja
>>katana is actually a pretty nifty disguise

I disguise myself as a katana. No one will see it coming

>> No.12435114


I like this concept, but not his execution.

Making real life or death choices part of every campaign spices it up so much. There was one campaign with a "nice guy" DM who's dungeons only had minor traps, monsters were always easy-balanced and he always let players out of bad decisions. It basically made us feel immortal, which made the game boring as fuck.

If I'm DMing, you better damn well have a Rogue and some common sense, or you'll be rerolling very soon. I'm not out to kill the PCs, just to make it interesting,

Sometimes a party wipe due to a Wizard whiffing high level magic in an abandoned mine and causing a collapse is the best way to make your players pay attention next time.

>> No.12435128


>Sometimes a party wipe due to a Wizard whiffing high level magic in an abandoned mine and causing a collapse is the best way to make your players pay attention next time.

That's kind of awesome. You should have named the mine some anagram of Chile.

>> No.12435160

It works
It really does
FoP, make yourself a magic katana. No one will ever know

>> No.12436061

>I disguise myself as a katana. No one will see it coming

My katana is a ninja in disguise. He's armed with his own katana, which is also a ninja in disguise. That ninja is armed with a katana as well, and that katana is yet another ninja in disguise.

It's like a clown car, but way more awesome.

>> No.12436706

I once played with a guy who went through three different shitty characters in quick succession. One was a Bothan, one was a Wookiee, and one was a Gungan. The dipshit actually tried to use one of those characters, don't remember which, to take out the Coruscant Jedi Temple, alone, without the Force.
Had this infuriating tendency to already be in places - like, he'd play someone infiltrating our facilities, but he'd start his character inside the place he was infiltrating, near whatever his target was.

His Gungan character when captured pulled a 'booma' out of thin air and swallowed it to commit suicide. Shenanigans happened.

Eventually the GM told him to GTFO.
And there was much rejoicing.

>> No.12436735

Man, throwing that at anyone would kill them.

>> No.12436746

The person who's holding the infinite-katana is actually an Anal Spelunker with some levels in Ninja. Then he puts more ninja-katana-katana in his anus while he simultaneously inserts himself into the anus of the party diplomat.

When facing the BBEG for the first time, EVERYTHING UNRAVELS as the party diplomat is suddenly armed with another party member that can Anal Spelunk any hole larger than a pin-hole, and an army of ninjas armed with katana-ninjas.

>> No.12437209

same guy, different game... X-men this time. His first character was this 12yrold feral kid who talked to animals, but when nobody paid enough attention he killed the kid off... dramatically... over a long period... resisting all attempts to have him healed...
And then he created a 12yrold anarchist who could create smoke (and did so in a fucking medical facility with wounded people) who expected to be respected for... no idea what and to be allowed to booze with the adults. When this guy infuriated everyone he had him storm out and not come back. And I think he wanted to make another character, but the GM refused to let him, fortunately.

>> No.12439440

My gamin' group doesn't have a THAT GUY, but my DM sort-of became THAT GUY when we played Monopoly with a friend we hadn't seen for 2 years who moved back to town. During setup he states, "We had a tradition in my house of cheating, but it wasn't really much of a tradition since it was just me." Okay, red light, but how can he cheat, he's not even banker? Game starts and he knows the price of houses and hotels for every property, by memory. This is going to be one of those things, isn't it? Yep. He's buying everything he lands on. Second time around the board he lands on my square when I'm not looking and passes his turn, since I guess I can't charge him when it's no longer his turn. The game went on and he started monopolizing the board, hoteling up and such, making a lot of money.

Anyway everyone else started cutting me retardedly good deals. I got Boardwalk and sold it for its asking price, plus one of the lowest level properties to someone else. DM just raged and raged. I think part of it was because they were girls and he's kind of inept around women.

Cool guy otherwise, but man, I don't want to play Monopoly again any time soon.

>> No.12439713

I am That Guy.
I make optimised characters, and I refuse to make my character (IC) do anything that goes against his (IC) personality and motivations, for the sake of other players' OOC fun.

>> No.12439725


That only makes you half of 'That Guy'. Doing things IC because its IC is not a hallmark of 'That Guy'. Doing things for the metagame is.

>> No.12439732


we had a summoner who was a pitch black tiefling with giant horns and would summon renamon.

>> No.12439735

after our druid kept making fun of him for being a furry he changed it to a god damn mecha

>> No.12439788

monopoly sucks

>> No.12439830

>Now if you still hate me, then #nwod on Rizon.
Nah. I like random trolling and memespam, but I get the impression that even with 4chan hardening my soul, I'd still get raged somehow.

>> No.12439900

>Doing things for the metagame is
Well, all of my characters have as one of their main motivations "be competent in a wide variety of situations, and be really good at your job". So long as my character has no IC reason NOT to, he does what makes him effective.
The group gets extremely grated that I outpace them mechanically, and they demand my character deliberately fucks things up or becomes bad at things because I'm making the campaign nofun.jpg for them.
I tell them, flatly, that OOC doesn't factor into what my character does (or does not do) IC.

>> No.12439906

I hate to break it to you, son. You're that guy.

>> No.12439936

Our THAT GUY was new to the group, and new to an ongoing campaign (DND3.5). He didn't really know what he wanted to play, so I helped him whip up something... a Curst Fighter. Effectively immortal character, but it can still drop in battle, so it's not as broken as it sounds.

Anyway, before meeting the party, he first meets up with BBEG. BBEG obviously outclasses him, but doesn't want to fight, he wants THAT GUY to do him a favor, and take some explosives in to the city. BBEG talks about how the people in the city are bad, and how they opress all his BBEMinions, and shit.

Despite being MUSTACHE TWIRLINGLY EVIL, THAT GUY buys BBEGs crap hook line in sinker. No 'bluff check' or 'sense motive'... THAT GUY just DECIDED he was on board for some terrorism. (keep in mind he already knew full well the rest of the party was in the city, and this was their enemy.)

So, he goes in to the city, and the bomb he was carrying blows up. BBEG set a secret timer on it, because he's EVIL. But, THAT GUY doesn't die, he just regenerates really slow. So he gets picked up by the town guard, and arrested when they figure out he was responsible for the kaboom.

Enter the rest of the party, and the BGGG (Big Great Good Guy) of the city. BGGG isn't mad, just wants to know what happens, yadda yadda, softball way for this guy to say he was tricked and join the party for some revenge on Mustache Twirling, Betraying, Minion Enslaving and Beating BBEG.

>> No.12439943

But THAT GUY refused to apologize, admit that he'd be wronged, or say that he'd been fooled.

No no, you see. THAT GUY had decided that he was COMPLETELY ON BOARD with BBEGs weird, rambling, insane plot to destroy the city. He was a true believer now. After arguing my head in to the table about this for around twenty minutes, and giving him every conceivable way to talk his way to freedom, THAT GUY was still bound in chains, and no one in their right mind would trust this guy out on his own.

"Well... if I let you go... will you at least promise not to do it (commit a terrorist act that kills innocent civilians) again?" says BGGG.

"No." says THAT GUY.

So I shot his stupid immortal character in to the sun, to burn forever for his crimes.
And he was mad at me for it, too.

>> No.12439953


Shut up bitch. I bet that guy is a new fag who thought he would finally be able to derail a thread.

>> No.12439954


Okay I know I'm like at least a day late, but I have been staring at this gif and laughing for 5 minutes straight. Someone has to know what it's from.

>> No.12439977

It ALWAYS ends in a rage and trolling fest. ALWAYS. At least 2/3rds of the time the campaign is derailed into "Me vs. the rest of the party". I swear to god, those dumbasses do nothing but whine at the DM to nerf me or drop rocks on me or veto me - while I mostly dungeoncrawl for loot, diplo up some allies, focus on managing my town, or fumble about with my inventory/assets/quests deciding what to do next.

Apparently it's unfair for your player-controlled BBEG to set up a mining operation to earn money to hire kobolds to set traps around town to delay the players while I go dungeoncrawl for macguffins, because I gain exponential advantages as my power level increases (I gain level -> I can get more powerful minions or collect gold from more dangerous and thus more profitable locations).

>> No.12439978

I like being That Guy.
I have more fun when I'm mechanically competent.

>> No.12439996

>Player 1 (history major): Actually Samurai were a hereditary caste, just like Knights. You never "become" a samurai, you're born into a samurai clan.

Tell him that that's a lie and he knows it. Plenty of rich peasants rose into Jizamurai status and joined their lord's war effort as Samurai. Plenty of peasant's sons rose through the ranks directly too. They did not constitute a closed class until the Edo Periode, and even the somebody could be adopted into the family and rise to Samurai status.

>> No.12440008

Well you're playing Mr Perfect who can do everything under the sun, of course you're having fun.

Just don't be surprised when they kick you out though.

>> No.12440033

>Well you're playing Mr Perfect who can do everything under the sun, of course you're having fun.

>Just don't be surprised when they kick you out though.
I don't understand why people would hate on mechanically competent characters so I ignore them completely. :)

>> No.12440057

I find that if you play a mechanically competent Barbarian, but RP him as a destruction obsessed incompetent Barbarian, you might be accused of being THATGUY, or you might be the party's source of lulz.

>> No.12440085

Lots of people do have a hate on optimised characters, or players who influence the plot/progress of the campaign.
The proper response to both of these is some combination of "haters gonna hate", "u jelly?", and "lolumad".
Reason? Their hate can't be stopped by your actions one way or another, unless you deliberately make yourself bad at things - at which point you're being emotionally blackmailed into being a weakling. It's bullying and it's BS, so ignore it.

Of course people get angry when you have more power than they do, but the solution to this isn't for you to have less power - the solution is for other people to just fucking deal with not being as good as they want to be. Escalating an IC matter of weakness to OOC because umad is immature and petty.

Acting righteous, or morally right, for enforcing equality is bs. It's making excuses to justify your hatred and anger for being weak, without acknowledging that you (and your weakness) are the problems, not other people.
It's not "playing the right way", it's not "doing right by other players", it's not "playing properly", "being social", "respecting etiquette", or "not being a douche". It is, in fact, you with your IC doing better than other people with their IC, them getting jealous and resentful, and them lashing out because of it.

>> No.12440093


Mechanically competent is not the same as 'built to be perfect.' When a character outpaces everyone by a wide margin, and the player says 'Boo hoo, fuck you,' He's a bad player.

Unless you can explain the others being INcompetent as explicitly their fault, there is no reason you should be that far above them simply by being 'competent.'

>> No.12440111

Furthermore, if you escalate any IC issue to OOC, to cover up your own emotional weaknesses, you have no right to complain when I then escalate the OOC issue to real life and kick you out of the game group.

As a result of these flaws in the personality of people who hate min-maxing, I feel no need to change MY fun or bend MY playstyle to suit theirs, and neither should you.
I don't respect the emotions of someone who lashes out and drops rocks, or who demands I change my playstyle to suit them, when the real issue is that they just can't deal with how much they suck at D&D.

So yes, I'm being disrespectful and acting against your fun, but you deserve it. Haters gonna hate, and I will minmax.

>> No.12440123


>Player breaks game
>you're immature for mentioning it to the player
>nya nya, immature poophead, I'll play how I want an you can't stop me!
>trying to make sure EVERYONE in the group has fun is bad and wrong because [generic social darwinist concept]

I don't think you thought your argument all the way through.

>> No.12440133


All players are supposed to have influence on the campaign. If you monopolize that by knowing the rules better than everyone else and making the perfect 'build,' you are indeed that guy.

>> No.12440140

>Unless you can explain the others being INcompetent as explicitly their fault, there is no reason you should be that far above them simply by being 'competent.'
Actually, a firm grasp of the rule and properly building your character has a MUCH higher than linear rate of returns. Similarly, being a dumbass and building haphazardly can lead to you being a complete and utter gimp.
Simply being competent when the players around you play haphazardly makes you absurdly powerful compared to them.

I don't play Barbs for that reason - being mechanically competent with them isn't much different to just being average. Contrast Clerics, Druids, Wizards, Sorcerors, and even Rangers and Bards. To say nothing of Psionics.

D&D is a damn complex game, and if you play it well, you pull WAY ahead of those around you.

>> No.12440141

Nigga I ain't saying you can't do what you do. Just that the haters sort of outnumber you right now. But if the DM's giving you the greenlight, you HAVE to start addressing the other players in the voice of A Pimp Named Slickback. OOC of course.

>> No.12440150


Then you should be offering help, not yelling 'U MAD!'

>> No.12440159


Yeah, and I could have taken the additional necromancer variant that gave my raised dead a +4 strength and +4 dex, on top of the +2 Str they gotfrom corpse crafter.

I didn't, though, because I realized that having 12 skeletons with 24 strength and 20 dex would probably unbalance the game in my favor.

>> No.12440162

You having fun is your own problem, not mine.
You will have fun being weak and I will have fun being strong.
If you aren't having fun, then too fucking bad, get over it and have fun.

>All players are supposed to have influence on the campaign.
Not everyone has the desire to drive the campaign.
For those that do, some have hang-ups or mental blocks, or other self-made rules that prevent them from doing any more than just whining. I ignore those because it's not MY problem if someone deliberately gimps their campaign-driving ability then whines that they can't drive the campaign.
Other players will drive the campaign in stupid directions, and pull your character with them. For these, I want power to override them for the obvious reason.
Also, other players' characters can talk to your character. You're allowed (and encouraged) to listen to your party, even if you're more powerful than they are.
Campaign-moving is also a valuable reward and motivation of being good - you are better at the game, you get more ability to control it.
Finally, I like controlling campaigns, probably more than the other players. I really like it, while the other players are just mildly interested. So, for the group to have the optimal amount of fun in moving the campaign, I make most of the decisions.

Not all players are supposed to have equal influence, and I am fine with that.

>If you monopolize that by knowing the rules better than everyone else and making the perfect 'build,' you are indeed that guy
I enjoy being That guy.

>> No.12440168

Doesn't matter if they're bad players, or if you know the system. The reason why you hate That Guy for ruining your campaign is.. well, the same reason why they hate you for ruining theirs. But you think it's okay because you believe the world does/should revolve around you. Which is a common thought powergamers tend to have.

>> No.12440169


What is absolutely terrible is that I remember this conversation, and it still haunts me. WTF.

>> No.12440170


which brings us back to 'don't be surprised if they tell you to fuck off.' When you routinely make games not fun, they'll likely stop playing with you.

Their fun is their responsibility, and if you enjoy being that guy in every game, it seems logical that they should simply stop playing with you.

Inb4 more getting mad at people for not wanting to play with somebody who admits to fucking up their shit

>> No.12440200

>Other players will drive the campaign in stupid directions, and pull your character with them. For these, I want power to override them for the obvious reason.
I was buying into that fag for SO long.
But now, 4/10, obvious troll is obvious.
No fucker is THIS conceited and opinionated unless they're being an internet tough guy.

>> No.12440202

...I read this and saw "I'M ALPHA MALE GAMER RESPECT ME OR ELSE YOU ARE A TARD" repeated over and over again.

The last guy who thought he was hot shit like that got hosed when he didn't realize that our GM is god, and runs his game in a relatively benign chaotic neutral fashion. All the minmaxing powergaming in the world won't stand for shit if the GM turns you into a woman permanently and your spells can't fix it. Or gives the fighter a +7 Holy Avenger Of Freedom. Or gives the rogue a Dispelling Attack as a class ability.

Yeah, so what if that's not in the rules? It's his game, live with it.

>> No.12440205

>Then you should be offering help, not yelling 'U MAD!'
Are you kidding? Offering other players help gets them three times madder than just loling at them.
... Wait, I see what you did there. But no, I don't play to deliberately annoy the other players. That's a side-effect, not a goal.

>Nigga I ain't saying you can't do what you do. Just that the haters sort of outnumber you right now.
Well yes, Haters gonna hate. I can't change that and I don't try to. But I can still play D&D, and it is good.

>But if the DM's giving you the greenlight, you HAVE to start addressing the other players in the voice of A Pimp Named Slickback.
Um, why?
I don't gloat over my character's mechanical abilities or my plot control. They're just things I have that are fun to have, not a means to be better than someone else, or an excuse to demean the players at the table.

The players are not my bitches, they are players - human beings whose respect is 4th on my list of priorities, right behind "Don't do anything fucking retarded", "Keep a consistent IC", and "Be mechanically competent".

The only players I have a problem with are the ones who whine and bitch and demand DM vetos and demand rocksfalls and who act higher-than-thou or morally righteous. Aforementioned haters are gonna hate.

>> No.12440206

>No one is this conceited or opinionated
>Applying anyone online isn't conceited or opinionated

>> No.12440215


My personal favorite method is to create a terrain-heavy map, and have a battle with something like 40 zombies. Harmless to most skilled adventurers, the temptation to show off is just too strong for the power gamer.

Inevitably, he'll wade in and start swinging instead of using the terrain to his advantage. Surrounded, he will now be unable, in most cases, to escape. Then, start rolling. Eventually, natural 20's will happen, and suddenly he'll be getting clobbered by 'harmless' undead.

I actually had a PALADIN get hit with three 20's in a row by a zombie that physically could not harm him. I didn't make it stick, but he learned his lesson.

>> No.12440223

Wow. I do the same thing.

>> No.12440225

>I didn't, though, because I realized that having 12 skeletons with 24 strength and 20 dex would probably unbalance the game in my favor.
Then fucking DO IT. Unbalancing the game in the favor of the strongest is the entire POINT of game balance, and half the point of having a game TO balance.
Jesus christ, if I had a Diablo II zoomancer in my party the campaign would be SO much more interesting, mainly because I'd have to work with the zoomancer to do what needs to be doing and to make some type of deals of mutual benefits with him, resulting in my plot being more intertwined with that of another main character (which is GOOD, it makes for good stories).

The only downside is that your zoomancer would run into a disproportionate amount of ladders and pits, but fuck, that's what tensor's is for and I've got tensor's. I run the utility box that keeps the zombie lawnmower chewin', the zombie lawnmower chews.
I'd like that. It'd be a mechanically competent group of two people co-operating and that would be awesome.

>The reason why you hate That Guy for ruining your campaign is.. well, the same reason why they hate you for ruining theirs.
No, I hate that the campaign was ruined. I don't hate THAT GUY for doing it. Identify your emotions and don't pin blame on others.
Unless THAT GUY is a flaming homosexual or a colossal moron, at which point I hate him for matters entirely unrelated to the IC.

>> No.12440230


The look on his face when I told him he got one shotted by a zombie was priceless.

>> No.12440238


Skeleton guy here. If I wanted play a solo game, I'd just go play a solo game. I'm playing with a group because I want to PLAY with a GROUP.

Always getting your way is just as boring as never getting it. If I don't need or want a party, why did I even bother joining one?

>> No.12440248

>But you think it's okay because you believe the world does/should revolve around you.
The world revolves around whoever it revolves around. You can use your ability to influence the world's orbit, but regardless of what happens, you shall shut up and deal with it.

>Which is a common thought powergamers tend to have.
Wanting power for everyone equally is unfair to the people who want it more, or who work harder for it.
In the end, there is no absolute moral 'best' for how much campaign-driving or mechanical power a player SHOULD have. So, rather than argue from that perspective, I instead do this:
I shall play my way
And haters shall hate.

>which brings us back to 'don't be surprised if they tell you to fuck off.' When you routinely make games not fun, they'll likely stop playing with you.
This would be fine if they didn't act like righteous moralfags of the GoodRightFun crusade.
Hell, I'm cool with people not enjoying me around and taking steps to resolve that; it only bothers me when they blame -me- for their upset.

>Their fun is their responsibility, and if you enjoy being that guy in every game, it seems logical that they should simply stop playing with you.
Works for me.

>Inb4 more getting mad at people for not wanting to play with somebody who admits to fucking up their shit
Oh. ... Well, I guess this is the internet and I should be mad.
Grr mad grr stampa stampa huff huff faggots grr.

>> No.12440251

This thread makes me grateful for the group I'm in. All mature guys and a couple of their kids.

About the worst 'that guy' we have is one guy who always insists on being the brooding edgy mage and insists that he can use telekinesis to grab the balls of any given enemy and whines if he does anything other than totally shut them down.

>> No.12440272

I bet you use a lot of you lolPlotControl powers to prevent anyone from going on sidequests to gain abnormalities and power to put them on a level with you. Because you can.

Last guy who tried that schtick in my group seemed to think casters can't be assassinated. It was quite a shock for him to be killed by a soulknife when he blatantly prevented him from gaining an item he'd been questing for for several adventures. Pretty well done assassination, totally IC and in game too, no metagaming around it.

>> No.12440274


If you're responsible for fucking shit up, they will blame you, and they'll have reason to.

You're like that little kid who always throws other kids' shit on the roof, and then wonders why no one will throw him the ball.

You know damn right well you'd be here bitching a fit about their 'weakness' and 'they hatin' if they kicked you to the curb.

>> No.12440280

>No fucker is THIS conceited and opinionated unless they're being an internet tough guy.
u jelly?

>The last guy who thought he was hot shit like that got hosed when he didn't realize that our GM is god, and runs his game in a relatively benign chaotic neutral fashion.
There are two opinions I could have here.
If bad stuff deliberately targets the minmaxers then lolnope.jpg, I ain't playin' there.
If chaotic stuff happens to everyone equally, I'm honestly interested at how I can be competent and optimised for chaos, and adapt to the changing conditions. It'd be kind of interesting.
Most likely it'd be "stall with diplomacy until random chance gives you the opportunity to kill everyone" before the other players can do so first!

>My personal favorite method is to create a terrain-heavy map, and have a battle with something like 40 zombies. Harmless to most skilled adventurers, the temptation to show off is just too strong for the power gamer.
A power gamer who deliberately gets himself surrounded by something that kills you when it surrounds you, when he quite clearly has a way to not get surrounded, is a retard (or roleplaying a WIS6 character).

>> No.12440293

>Skeleton guy here. If I wanted play a solo game, I'd just go play a solo game. I'm playing with a group because I want to PLAY with a GROUP.
Being powerful and plot controlling doesn't mean solo. Mostly because there are other players. I like group-play mostly for the social aspect, but it's nice when you get some involved teamwork or involved competition - something that tests your brainmeats and your ability to adapt.

>Always getting your way is just as boring as never getting it.
I disagree, mostly because 'my way' leads to fun times and adventure. ;)

>If I don't need or want a party, why did I even bother joining one?
Maybe you wanted their company?

>I bet you use a lot of you lolPlotControl powers to prevent anyone from going on sidequests to gain abnormalities and power to put them on a level with you. Because you can.
Heh. If I have an IC reason to suspect they're planning to kill me then I'll do that, otherwise no - I'll just whore the EXP like a mad boss as always.
'sides, I don't think it's possible to prevent other people from going on sidequests - if a player wants to go to X and do Y and you're not physically stopping him, then he's gonna go to X and do Y.

>> No.12440296

>If chaotic stuff happens to everyone equally,
Do you refuse to link to the post to which you're responding just to troll or do you not know how to link?

>> No.12440312

>If you're responsible for fucking shit up, they will blame you, and they'll have reason to.
Shit hasn't been fucked up, and no entity is 'responsible' for stuff that doesn't happen. ;)
'course, if someone IMAGINES that shit has been fucked up and blames someone for the imaginary occurrence, then lol @ them, haters gonna hate.

>You're like that little kid who always throws other kids' shit on the roof, and then wonders why no one will throw him the ball.
Solution: buy a ball. Or, if you have no money, perhaps you can convince someone who doesn't know you to give a ball. Or you might steal a ball. Perhaps you can earn a ball somehow?
Jesus christ, the respect and admiration of your 'peers' isn't everything - 80% of the time, it conflicts with other more important stuff, for 50% of the rest you just lie, and for the 10% overall remaining you just suck it up and deal with it.

>You know damn right well you'd be here bitching a fit about their 'weakness' and 'they hatin' if they kicked you to the curb.
And I am not bitching, because they have not done that. Life is good, and haters gonna hate.

>> No.12440317

lol why u mad tho

>> No.12440330


Saying 'haters gonna hate' doesn't make you any less wrong, no matter how many times you say it.

Also, I lolled at the bit about respect and peers. If you want to play a game with them, yeah, it matters.

>> No.12440340

This thread: CLASSIC thatguy

>> No.12440351

Shocking as it may be on 4chan, I was actually asking that at face value, and was going to tell him to click the post # to link if he didn't know.

>> No.12440370

ITT: tripfag circlejerk

please let's get back on topi-

>Can we have a THAT GUY/GRRL thread, please, /tg/?

Well, now.

>> No.12440428

>Saying 'haters gonna hate' doesn't make you any less wrong, no matter how many times you say it.
Protip: Haters gonna hate.

>Also, I lolled at the bit about respect and peers. If you want to play a game with them, yeah, it matters.
:P Okay, so I -do- have some degree of respect for the other players. There, you happy now? I'm just not willing to sacrifice mechanical optimisation for them.

>Can we have a THAT GUY/GRRL thread, please, /tg/?

>> No.12440516

You're the kind of player I enjoy making overpowered joke character specifically to kill. Not for buttmad but it usually proves to be pretty funny and I enjoy the challenge of out smarting the other player, which typically requires a little effort as they tend to pride themselves on watching all aspects of the game rather closely.

Just thought you should know.

>> No.12440533

>implying I wouldn't convince you IC to work with me.

>> No.12440570

It's been known to happen on occasion.
It's all about presentation.

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