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So I've decided to be a complete fag, and start a Tau army. However, it's been years since I've played 40k(5th edition came out in my time away). So I ask you, /tg/. What's the best way to go about building a decent Tau force?

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battle suits and hammer heads with some kroot on the side

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The Tau Empire Battleforce gives you a 500pt army right out of the box. It's completely missing any heavy weapons or fast attack choices though, but it seems a decent place to start.

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This pretty much.
Most armies don't take more than the minimum of 6 required Fire Warriors. Some take a second unit to hijack a Pathfinder unit's Devilfish.

As for suit configs, the main setups of note are:
Plasma Rifle/MissilePod/Multitracker
Twinlinked MissilePod/Targeting Array
Twinlinked MissilePod/Flamer

The Missile Pod is really the strong suit (pun).

Piranhas are useful, if only for mobile interdiction, and to put earlygame pressure on your opponent. Give them Fusion Guns. Melta weapons are at a premium.

Broadside teams tend to be *most* efficient at teams of 2 with either Targeting Arrays, or Advanced Stabilization. Optionally, upgrade one to a Team Leader w/ hardwire Target Lock, and Drone Controller (Shield Drones are awesome).

Good luck.

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Always get Kroot bro.

Tau cannot into Close Quarters combat.
You gotta have a meatshield.
And as a fellow anon said >>12412590
Battle suits are pure awesome sauce when used right.

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Pretty sure I'm going to pick up the box on my next pay cycle. The way the sales rep broke it down, it's like getting free Kroot for the price of everything else.
Nifty. Now, how should I go about using this kind of gear? The three biggest Tau tactics I've seen are "Line up and shoot," "Use the Kroot as meat shields," and "Jump around corners, aggravating the shit out of your opponent." All of which I find appealing, but I need to know how to execute those tactics.

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People keep saying I need Kroot in my army, but personally I just don't like them. Buncha low-life mercenaries.

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Tanks and Crisis/Broadsides are your friend.

everything is optional or subpar.
Kroot are generally better than firewarriors.
Only take Etherials if you dont care about winning or loosing.

Pathfinders are usually a good idea.

Also dont be afraid of cowardice. Thats the Tau art of war. Dont try to hold the ground and dont be afraid to flee. Kiting your enemies and Jump Shoot Jump tactics are fundamental

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Your flesh will be declared unfit for consumption.

They're cheap. with a little luck a squad of 10 kroot with a shaper can grind through and kill off Vanilla space marines, provided they get the assault. Given that those 10 kroot only cost 100 points, that's a good deal.

They can also outflank and infiltrate, and thus can get on objectives, hole up in forrested terrain and take potshots with their decent guns. they can also take absurdly-good Kroothounds that for 2 points less, have Initiative 5, making them even better muhren killers.

I've done very well in the past with an all-kroot army, and the tau verson arent much worse, even if they lack the fancy adaptations and weapon options.

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Ideal sizes for Kroot are either 10 Kroot/3 Hounds, or 10 Kroot, 7 Hounds. Both units are dirt-cheap and mostly expendable. Several things help you out when learning to use them:
-When taking casualties off, take the Kroot first. Hounds are Initiative 5, so when they're in the majority, the unit is treated as I5 for sweeping advance purposes.
-They Infiltrate. Don't use them to Outflank. Rather, use them to hem the movement of enemy Scouts. Make sure not to deploy within assault range of any fast units (beyond stuff that could get a turn-1 assault anyway, like Deffkoptas), lest they be used as a speedbump.
-Remember how 50% cover works. If at least half the unit is in area terrain, the entire unit is. This means you could stretch out a conga-line of Kroot to provide a wall of cover for your Crisis Suits. These can jump in front of the Kroot, firefirefire (and deny enemy cover), then jump back behind the Kroot.
-If a mean assault unit (like Nob Bikers or Thunderwolf Cavalry) is about to hit your lines, use your Kroot to Run towards, but don't assault, the enemy unit in question. Their sacrifice slows down the enemy advance.

-See this picture. Remember that vehicles can only move forwards, backwards, or pivot. When doing so, it must remain 1" away from enemy models. Zoom Piranhas forward like this, the enemy Land Raider has to move backwards before it can pivot (What, do you really think it will try to ram you?)

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Yeah, it's just a flavor choice for me.

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firewarriors are pretty bad.

I mean the stats are decent put for 10 pts per pair of hooves they are heavily overcosted

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Fire Warriors would be a lot stronger if they had access to any kind of combined arms. They can do everything a pulse rifle can do, and it's a fine sidearm, but that's all they can do.
As is, they're Devilfish upgrades and not much else.

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How many Crisis suits are too many? I like them.

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You disgust me.

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In all seriousness, 9 in elites plus a lone HQ suit is sufficent allows enough points for the rest of the army at 2000 points. go higher and you have to cut anti tank, or you're playing a such a high point level that you'll need to max out on broadsides just to kill tanks.

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Never enough battlesuits. If you're doing it right, your elites will be filled with battlesuits, your HS is crammed with railguns, and your FA is full up with markerlight and rape.

>achroven refrain;

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They're one of, if not the, best units in the Codex. Take as many as you can afford without leaving yourself short of Railguns and scoring units. I'd say at least six, more if you can afford it.

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So I take you guys would support O'shava and a unit of 8 crisis suits?

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And then nine pie plates land on the lot.

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Which is why you JSJ behind stuff, deep strike into the face, or trick them into shooting worthless garbage or things that can take the hit.

>gendeste ear

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I don't think CC battlesuits is the best idea.

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I never said to put suits into CC. I meant to DS some suits behind enemy lines to say hi to their artillery.

>thsencop turned

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No. The Farsight Bomb is hard to place, eats up retarded points, and dies to battlecannon easily.

>fooklang CAPITOLO

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Pretty good strategy. I for one always have them guarded with special weapons, but that's me, because my army is heavy on artillery.

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