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share awesome stories or pictures
pic related
natural 20 willpower
...and agility

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natural 20 grapple

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Natural 20 grapple.

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is there a luck stat? Because i'm pretty sure this is a natural 20

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natural 20 in hand to hand

>> No.12411381

Natural 20 ride?

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Holy fucking awesome, Batman.

That man is a damned hero.

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not as related but, natural 1 in heavy weapons

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natural 20 intimidate

>> No.12411432

Nat 1 save vs. frustration

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What the fuck just happened?

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This is the coolest gif I have ever seen, OP.

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I dont even know,im just looking in my gif folder and found this.

Natural 20 to rejections?

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This reminds me of those 20/20 what would you do situations, only someone in the room is a bad ass. Fake a pick-pocket attempt and *wham* third dan black belt takes your ass out.

I always wanted to see one where a guy is yelling at his girlfriend, slaps her, then this old dude walks over, challenges him to stand and when the guy does, grabs his arm, twists it and breaks it because the old geezer was a SEAL in 'Nam and "thats not how you treat a lady" and he can claim PTSD and get away with it.

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Nat 20 hide.

>> No.12411488


I actually heard the story for this one.

In Iraq, some Blackwater mercenary snipers were on a rooftop. They called the army and asked for an ammo drop.

The chopper pilots came in, threw a couple of magazines at the Blackwater guys, and then did what you saw there.

The army and Blackwater don't really get along.

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If I had been that sniper, I would've taken a few potshots at those fuckers for nearly killing me.

>> No.12411539

Woah, what causes that first series of explosions? Seems like some sort of cluster bomb which are prohibited as far as I know.

>> No.12411554

Natural 20 intimidate.

>> No.12411562

I think that's supposed to be a salvo from the vulcan on an A-10.

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If I were that chopper pilot, I'd bomb those motherfuckers.

Blackwater, screwing up OUR motherfucking job with their retard antics.

I wonder how many of my buddies are dead because some redneck hicks had to look cool.

Those fuckers deserve all deaths they suffered.

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No, you wouldn't. Because friendly fire begets friendly fire (for a given definition of friendly), and the Army has a fuckload more firepower than you do.

>> No.12411580

at a bulletproof helicopter that probably has a full rack of hellfire rockets? Yeah, good job, you hit the vested door gunner. 180 degree turn and you are dust

also natural 20 agility
...on a test out of 21

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Oh, I wouldn't have THOUGHT about it. I'd have done it because I was mas as hell.

And yes, I probably would've just gotten bombed and/or shot as a result. Still would've done it probably.

>> No.12411602

natural 20 improvised weapon
natural 1 detect traps

>> No.12411613

Oh wow, Blackwater is who the army calls on when they can't handle it.

Got terrorists holed up in a building? Fuck sending your own guys in to die, send the mercenaries.

I wonder how many of your buddies are alive thanks to them dying in their place.

You faggot.

>> No.12411616

What else do i have.

For 5 seconds, this guy was the fastest man in the world.

>> No.12411619

Natural 20 on a mid-battle preference check.

>> No.12411627

No trap actually, the stick has explosives on the end.

>> No.12411630


The snipers called a fucking helicopter to head out and bring them a few mags. Which given Blackwater's record probably ended up being used on civilians, if at all. I'd say the contempt on the army's part was warranted.

>> No.12411634

Not fast enough, it would seem.

>> No.12411643

That was a Blackwater helicopter fucking around with Blackwater guys, if I'm not mistaken

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>Get paid 4 times more than an equivalently capable soldier in army.
>Rape and Murder with impunity.
>Bitch about being expected to actually fight.

>> No.12411652


From what I've heard, the chopper was army.

>> No.12411658

Even Blackwater mercs know Blackwater mercs are contemptible little fucks.

>> No.12411672

Natural 20 to bluff.

>> No.12411675

Collective natural 20: trolling.

>> No.12411677

They can bitch all they want, but they still do it, no?

Also, I don't think Blackwater mercs get all the benefits the army bros do, including shit like health care.

>> No.12411681

Or some kind of gun pod.

I thought I had one of an apache gunning down a group of dudes in a street, but it looks like I deleted it sometime ago.

Instead have Preform (Maid)

>> No.12411684


Oh please,

Blackwater are the guys when the Army calls when it has more important shit to do. Blackwater are the guys guarding trucks in low risk areas, escorting civilian VIP's and doing other civilian security things. Blackwater are nothing but heavily armed Mall Cops, and they act like it.

>> No.12411693

>equivalently capable soldier in army.
I'd say they're a bit more than the average soldier

>> No.12411697

op here
im out of pics
anyone link me to information about blackwater's dealings? Because that "kill civilians" stuff seems interesting

>> No.12411699

"Natural... You know what? Fuck this game!"

>> No.12411709

In terms of pure skill? Maybe. In terms of actually being a reliable soldier who will do the job given to him? Hell no.

>> No.12411741

Natural 20 on being fucking adorable.

>> No.12411756

They like to gangrape their female personnel and then cover it up.

>> No.12411764

kawaiiii ~uguu~

>> No.12411765


Natural 20 luck

>> No.12411766



That's the event to them getting kicked out of Iraq.

There are also the home videos that Blackwater Mercenaries shot of them shooting at the driver side of civilian cars on the freeway. For no reason.

Oh let's not forget that the companies policy was one of waging a veiled Holy War, destroying Muslim mosques and violating the ROE about locals rights to religion.

Oh and how about the slitting of bound prisoners throats? Yeah. Wholesome American company that.

>> No.12411769

Natural 1.

>> No.12411775


I'd like to know more about mercenaries in general. I kinda had a plan to play an ex-mercenary in a Hunter game when my current character dies. And I'd like him to at least be a little professional. If a little corrupt.

It's Ashwood Abbey, what do you expect?

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you say that last line sarcastically, but that's about as American as it gets.

>> No.12411789

The wikipedia source material
is a good resource too.

>> No.12411793

Mercs are a generally either idiots who signed up for the glamor or hard lined vets who have a little too much anger from their army times.

Often, those same guys do so well because the shit they would get in serious trouble for in the army they get away with as a merc. Like destroying religious sites, killing prisoners, and generally being psychos

>> No.12411795

Of course, the armed services do that, too. And the killing of civilians.

>> No.12411797

The art takes some (okay, A LOT) of getting used to, but I heartily recommend the Schlock Mercenary webcomic for you.

>> No.12411819

Maybe the marines do, but they treat their women like shit in general.

But what I think no one realizes any more is that the army of 40 years ago isn't the army of today. You don't have the criminals who were given the choice of armed services or jail time anymore.

They're not nearly as mentally retarded as when I was growing up either. Or as corrupt.

>> No.12411820

Blackwater is basically the perfect argument against Libertarians. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU PRIVATIZE GOVERNMENT WORKS.

>> No.12411832

And one more from me, im feeling sleepy.

>> No.12411843

Women in the Marines? Am I missing something?

>> No.12411852

Blackwater personel (excuse me, "Xe") are paid EXTREMELY (irrationally) well. It's entirely reasonable for someone to join for the $ in addition to your reasons.

Of course, even they know they're going to be paid to kill people much more pointedly than someone who joins the army. You aren't exactly drawing from the most morally sound group of people in any case.

>> No.12411865

nat20 bluff, nat20 grapple

>> No.12411881

nat 20 bluff

>> No.12411882

This is why I prefer the British Army.

Your mercs are people like Blackwater. Who do we have? Motherfucking Ghurkas.

Plus, all our tanks have in-built kettles. Which leads to such surreal scenarios as a Challenger 2 crew which has just had its optics blinded by a lucky shot backing into a ditch and just having a cup of tea until help arrives. While bullets and RPGs bounce off the hull.

>> No.12411886

Natural 20 acrobatics.

>> No.12411890


Sounds just about perfect.

Seeing how the game is Ashwood Abbey Hunters fucking shit up, my idea was to have him originally be the very model of a Sandhurst-educated officer. Unfortunately, army life never really suited our man, and he was quietly discharged after top brass got tired of dealing with his bullshit. He goes on to join up with a mercenary company fairly successfully, only to have the oil company reps he's escorting get attacked by some... things out in the desert, things that turned back into men when they died. A bit later, he's the sole survivor surrounded by unarmed civilians. Money changes hands, favours are called in, and everything is forgotten. And now he has a bunch of new friends.

>> No.12411894

Money does help, yea. But I think most people don't consider it worth the risk.

And while there are exceptions, Blackwater tends to really have two kinds of mercs: Those who have fancy toys but not the discipline to properly use them(which causes half their incidents) and those with a lot of anger any very little moral scruples(which cause the other half)

Really, this is true of mercs in general though, not just Blackwatch and not just today.

>> No.12411901

nat 20 sit in chair

>> No.12411922

nat 1 drive`

>> No.12411929

>Britons sit and drink tea
>Americans actually shoot things

Yep, sums up the dichotomy quite well.

>> No.12411931

Well, don't get the situation wrong, Blackwater is fucking dangerous. And that's half the problem. These guys are serious fuckers, the real deal, and they don't have the kind of limitations the military has. They are not people to be fucked with.

>> No.12411935

nat 20 grapply

>> No.12411952

nat1 use revolving door

>> No.12411958

Indeed. While our soldiers know when to call for backup and put the kettle on, yours just fire and hope to hit something.

>> No.12411962

nat 20 climb

>> No.12411963

>call for backup.

You ARE the backup, you ninnies!

>> No.12411964

nat20 agility

>> No.12411973

No man, that's a mimic

>> No.12411975


Ah yes, our good old fashioned British mercenaries would never be as crass as those American ones.


We're just as bad as our cousins across the pond bro, don't try to deny it.

>> No.12411977

...yea, I'm pretty sure that guy just spun out and fucked up every one he knows because he ran over A SHADOW.

>> No.12411983


Watch a Documentary called "Shadow Company" - easy to find a torrent for - really informative on the nature of modern PMC's

As for Blackwater - yeah, ive seen their freeway shooting video - those guys really are fuckin amateur hour - but there were at least 20 other PMC's contracted in Iraq, some who were pretty legit and professional, and others who were just as bad - PMC's get a pretty shit rep, because, after all, they are getting paid to kill people - most people hate them - but their jobs free up the actual army from having to guard their own bases, or civie VIP's - all the stuff the Army\Marines is too important to do.

>> No.12411988

Yeah, I suppose it isn't fair to call them all psychos. That's like saying all cafe chefs are assholes.

Some are, and the stereotype is them being so, but that doesn't make it true.

>> No.12411996


forgot my pic!

>royale wharks

The elite british infantry

>> No.12411997

>Seems like some sort of cluster bomb which are prohibited as far as I know.

nope.avi, It's fire from a Vulcan/chaingun and cluster bombs aren't banned.

Triple Canopy is one of the more professional PMC groups out there, You know that movie Proof of Life? It's based off of them.

Other ones to look into would be the more paramilitary elements of Securitas and DynCorp.

>> No.12411998

>Which given Blackwater's record probably ended up being used on civilians, if at all.
Herpus via derpum

>> No.12412001

natural 20 acrobatics, followed by a natural 1 perception

>> No.12412005

>WTF am I watching

Nat 20 Perform(clarinet)

>> No.12412006

How do you even fucking do that on a straight road?

>> No.12412012

I just can't get over the fact that British have a kettle in their tank. That's like something a parody war movie would do when the British soldiers show up. That said, if I were in the Army and I had to do shit in a tank, being able to make a cup of tea WOULD be nice.

>> No.12412019

natural 1 stair climb followed by natural 20 bluff

>> No.12412023

Going too quickly in a car with shitty handling, and overcompensating for minor movements.

>> No.12412026

It's more just a heated area with a pot, but when you think about it it's a good idea. Hot drinks / heated ration packs, plus good for morale.

>> No.12412029

As opposed to Americans, who have a Dunkin Donuts in their tanks.

>> No.12412031


the British have tea in their tank - americans play "let the bodies hit the floor"

i miss the 40's...

>> No.12412035

damn, i can't find this one gif of a guy stealing an icecream cone from a kid, jumping into a helicopter and flying off.

that would be nat20 steal

>> No.12412038

Nat 20 innuendo.

>> No.12412039

Take 20: bike tricks.
Which, IMHO, is more impressive than natural 20 in some cases.


>> No.12412041

natural 20 grapple (again)

>> No.12412045

Pretty sure that's just a recorder, but same difference I guess

>> No.12412049

I have no idea.

Natural 20 being goddamn hilarious.

>> No.12412050

That's a recorder, not a clarinet.

>> No.12412052

Not just "their tank". Every British tank since the first world war has had an internal boiler for makin' sum hot water.

>> No.12412058

I rest my case.

>> No.12412064

Yeah, I've fishtailed before. But, you've gotta be some kind of AMAZING fuck up to do that on a straight road. Unless he fell asleep which would make him the... Fuck I can't even think of a word to describe how stupid that would be.

>> No.12412071

Emprah of stupidkind?

>> No.12412086

Anyone have the one where a guy sneakily smacks the guy next to him, who proceeds to get up, whip off his shirt and then slap some other dude out cold? I think it's usually labeled Nat 1 Sense Motive Nat 20 Attack Roll

>> No.12412090

I think some tanks now have a phone on the rear bumper so attached infantry can pick it up and have a direct line to the tank's commander. I wonder if the commander can make the phone ring. I can imagine it'd be used for bored shenanigans.

>> No.12412091

Justa straight up natural 20

>> No.12412095

What case? All you said was that you couldn't get your head around it.

That's not a case. That's not even a report.

>> No.12412096

>I wonder how many of your buddies are alive thanks to them dying in their place.

Every last one of them deserves death.

A merc is no different from a hired killer.

>> No.12412117

i remember that one but i dont have it

>> No.12412118

Nah, that's kind of in the middle ground between grandiose and succinct. I'm really looking for one or the other. Something like, His Highness the Irredeemable Fuckhead, Sir Dumbshit the Ass-Brained, Ruler of The Kingdom of Derp.

>> No.12412121

>A merc is a hired killer.

>> No.12412122

A soldier is nothing more than a merc with a uniform.

>> No.12412129

>some tanks now
Uh, that's been around since at least WWII dude, not exactly a recent invention

>> No.12412132


>A merc is no different from a hired killer.
Read that

Now read Below...

>PMC's get a pretty shit rep, because, after all, they are getting paid to kill people - most people hate them

See what i mean?

>> No.12412136

>> No.12412138

natural 20 intimidate

>> No.12412141

The fuck hit that guy on the back of the head?

>> No.12412146

I'm pretty sure that's a civilian helo, with a reporter, who spotted some hadjis taking potshots at U.S. forces, and were harassing them so the troops could either locate the snipers or GTFO
that's definately an A-10 strike, and no, cluster sub munitions are NOT illegal.

>> No.12412157


>> No.12412160

The guy sitting next to him does it super stealthy. Look closely at his left arm.

>> No.12412171

You know soldiers are paid for their services, right?

>> No.12412173

The guy's hand. He's really flexible, it seems.

>> No.12412174

Oh okay.

I'm just laughing at the fact that he takes his shirt off before striking. That alone instantly makes it 300% funnier,

>> No.12412176

>cluster sub munitions are NOT illegal.
Now I don't know alot about military technology and I don't care enough to search for different sources but wikipedia has this to say:

Cluster munitions are prohibited for those nations that ratify the Convention on Cluster Munitions, adopted in Dublin, Ireland in May 2008. The Convention entered into force and became binding international law on 1 August 2010, six months after being ratified by 30 states;[1] as of April 2010, a total of 105 states have signed the Convention.[2][3]

>> No.12412177

don't even know if there's a gif of it, but does anyone have that one from WWE of that guy getting like 5 finishers off on 5 different people in a row?

>> No.12412179

What you Americans should REALLY be worried about isn't Blackwater ruining the american reputation abroad even more...

You should be worried about things like the fact Blackwater members were armed and on the streets of New Orleans after the disaster to "protect property and stop looters."

Anyway...Nat 100 Willpower (20 isn't nearly enough for this one).

>> No.12412189

iknowrite? This guy's thought process if he thinks he's been dissed is: Step 1 remove shirt, Step 2 slap a bitch

>> No.12412191

Upon further reading it seems that the United States are NOT among the countries to have signed the Convention.

>> No.12412216

You're aware that this took place in Russia? It probably means they're legally married now.

>> No.12412253

Why am I not surprised.

No offence to American fa/tg/uys, but WHY AM I NOT SURPRISED.

>> No.12412282

Well actually all the big manufacturers of cluster bombs haven't ratified or signed the Convenction.
>Most major producers of cluster munitions and their components, including the US, Russia, China, India, Israel, Poland, Pakistan and Brazil, have not signed the Convention.

>> No.12412300

Why would you be? Cluster bombs are fucking awesome.

>> No.12412307

Because killing shit is what 'MURIKA is good at.

>> No.12412344

Cluster bombs are just normal bombs, but more. We don't outlaw normal bombs, why in god's name would we ban these?

>> No.12412355


>> No.12412370


The major concern is that there are more fuzes and detonators to malfunction with cluster bombs, so you get a lot more unexploded ordinance laying around the battlefield for some kid to step on in ten years.

Plus people always freak out about weapons that are especially good at killing. Take a look at the hullabaloo about flechette and beehive rounds now, and recall that there was a lot of talk during world war one about shotguns being banned as weapons of war.

>> No.12412371

Too much bombs, must explode less

>> No.12412376

beause overly excessive force and because its collateral damage and civillian deaths just waiting to happen.

We might as well use banana bombs

>> No.12412386

Much, much greater risk of unexploded ordinance coming back to bite you years down the line.

>> No.12412397

Rally photographers are the craziest sons of bitches on the planet

>> No.12412415

In Vietnam, people are still being killed as a result of cluster bombs and other objects left by the US and Vietnamese military forces. Estimates range up to 300 people killed annually by unexploded ordnance.

Herpdiderp, murika yadayada

>> No.12412432

Fun fact: The last casualty of WWII was in the 1980s. An American kid stumbled upon of Japan's "balloon bombs" and it killed him.

You think WE'RE the only ones that do this shit?

>> No.12412434

+15 intelligence

>> No.12412445

Not if that's what I think it is.

>> No.12412467

Fun fact: Japan (as well as 38 other countries + 69 that have signed but not ratified) ratified the Convention and no longers uses, produces, stores or transfers Cluser Bombs

>> No.12412472

Imperial Japan was practically a Saturday morning cartoon villain, they were so evil that it's difficult to find a good place to start when describing just how utterly despicable they were. I would think we would hold ourselves to a higher standard than that.

>> No.12412480

Of course they signed it, THEY DON'T HAVE TO FIGHT A WAR.

>> No.12412484


Their regime got put down for that sort of shit. Hell, Japanese officers were put up on war crimes for waterboarding.

When's your turn?

>> No.12412493

We would, but only barely.

>> No.12412494


>> No.12412504

Indeed. First, their Constitution prohibits it, and second, they have big bro USA to protect them.

>> No.12412506

What'd he eat? Just something he didn't want the cops to see?

>> No.12412507

No, but YOU'RE the ones, right now, and here, trying to justify having them.

'They are / were just as bad' was not an excuse back in school, and is not an excuse now.

>> No.12412513

Probably (some) of the drugs they busted him on (or something along that line)

>> No.12412518

When a major world power or a coalition of powers forces the issue. History, written by winners, etc.

>> No.12412520

>it's difficult to find a good place to start when describing just how utterly despicable they were.

Why not start with


>> No.12412529

I'm going to hell for laughing at that.

>> No.12412530

Quick question.

>> No.12412538

Cluster bombs are used for more than scattering land mines, you know. Hell, they've even been used to scatter non-munitions. Prohibiting them serves no useful purpose.

>> No.12412542

Nothing. Welcome to /tg/, by the way.

>> No.12412551

This is why I hate politics.

>> No.12412559

>Hell, they've even been used to scatter non-munitions

Define non-munitions.

>> No.12412565

Lesbian Improv: Natural 20

>> No.12412567

Nat 1 attack roll

>> No.12412569


I used to be able to do that. It's really not as crazy as it looks.

>> No.12412576

Well actually the problem are not only the land mines but the fact that cluster bombs have way more duds than other types of bombs.
More wiki excerpts below:

The US-made MLRS with M26 warhead and M77 submunitions are supposed to have a 5% dud rate but studies have shown that some have a much higher rate.[33] The rate in acceptance tests prior to the Gulf War for this type ranged from 2% to a high of 23% for rockets cooled to −25 °F (−32 °C) before testing.[34] The M483A1 DPICM artillery-delivered cluster bombs have a reported dud rate of 14%.[35]

>> No.12412618

There's "history written by the winners," and then there's this >>12412520

If you honestly think that Imperial Japan was just like everyone else, only it got smeared by the mean old American/Chinese/Korean/etc. historians, then you're deluded.

>> No.12412656

Nat 20: Craft Technology

>> No.12412693

Nat 1 on donut eating check.

feels bad man

>> No.12412702

Still sounds like reasonable solutions would include "pick up your toys" and "improve your technology" rather than "don't make anything similar to this delivery system again."

>> No.12412715


It's not, it's a robbery note. And I think he may have gotten off due to lack of evidence.

>> No.12412717

I don't think that at all. But it's rare for the winners of a conflict to accept anything close to the same rules, especially moral ones, as the winners. It's a whole hell of a lot easier to demonize the Japanese than it is for the Americans to accept what their countrymen have done and are doing.

>> No.12412723

>especially moral ones, as the winners


>> No.12412725

The Japanese demonized themselves.



>> No.12412772


Both of them were black water.

They were just messing with each other.

>> No.12412783

Intimidate, nat 1.

We also wouldn't sign the agreement prohibiting napalm. Burn the heretic.

>> No.12412801

looked more like WOLOLO to me

>> No.12412804



>> No.12412819


The Abrams didn't until just recently, and not all of them do yet.

>> No.12412949

natural 20 tumble

or something

>> No.12412952

Built into the tank, no. But there's always been a radio on board.

There will always be shenanigans when you have bored American soldiers. This is a fact dating back to the revolutionary war. But not with communication. You don't fuck with the communication equipment.

>> No.12412990


Um...yeah, no one was talking about radios though.

>> No.12413091

Some people did not know this gif is ran backwards.

>> No.12413126

rolled 6, 1, 1, 3, 5, 3, 6, 5, 5, 2, 5, 3, 2, 4, 5, 6, 1, 6, 5, 1, 5 = 80

nat 20 on attack and crit rolls.
by both

>> No.12413134

nat 20 jump

>> No.12413137

Whats the sauce?

>> No.12413144

Yes, they shoot the British

>> No.12413145

source on anime please?

>> No.12413157


Boku no Pico

>> No.12413160

Ga-Rei Zero, that gif is very misleading about the show though.

>> No.12413191

nat 20 drive and nat 20 bluff

>> No.12413202

nat 20 bull rush

>> No.12413213

Yeah, that was a good thread. For some reason I only saved that one, though.

>> No.12413267

Ok, sauce is needed on that

>> No.12413352

Ga-Rei Zero. That gif is a wee bit misleading.
Is that Tony Jaa? Brb: watching Ong-Bak.

>> No.12413368




>> No.12413402

Nat 20 Intimidate

>> No.12413572

It's mostly mines and other planted stuff.

We never got the time to remove the fields.

But yeah, it's the same shit as Germany bitching about shotguns, not worth listening too.

If you don't want bombs left lying around, make sure they don't get dropped.

>> No.12413611

It's a bank holdup note.

>> No.12413724

Natural 20 Grapple with Improved Knockdown

>> No.12413751

Natural 1 on Handle Animal

>> No.12413769

Failed Willpower save, Natural 1 Sense Motive DC

Natural 20 Bluff.

>> No.12413776

+20 dancing

>> No.12413796

Natural 1 Perform.

>> No.12413802 [DELETED] 

>> No.12413807

Nat 20 adorableness

>> No.12413813


forgot nat

+20 golfing
+20 infidelity

>> No.12413834

Nat 20 Acrobatics

>> No.12413835

nat 20 preform dance

>> No.12413854

Natural 20 Hand to Hand

>> No.12413867

natural 1 taunt

>> No.12413905

+20 natural transformers

>> No.12413984

that's horrifying

>> No.12414042

oh my god what the fuck I mean seriously

>> No.12414072


>> No.12414090


nat 1 sense motive/charisma or whatever

>> No.12414112

Ah, yes, Turboteen. I assume it launched a thousand otherkin fetishes.


>> No.12414116

>best friends forever and ever.gif
you know, that reminds me of something PCs would do...

>> No.12414193

PCs would keep an arm of the victim with them to either use as a weapon in the future, or throw at zombies as a distraction.

>> No.12414195

Nat 20 ingenuity

>> No.12414219

more like +5 to accuracy.

>> No.12414977

>Nah, that's kind of in the middle ground between grandiose and succinct. I'm really looking for one or the other. Something like, His Highness the Irredeemable Fuckhead, Sir Dumbshit the Ass-Brained, Ruler of The Kingdom of Derp.

I lol'd.

>> No.12415191

dare i ask... sauce?

>> No.12415289

I think its from high school of the dead

>> No.12415334

An utterly failed perception check.

>> No.12416187

High School of the Dead, I think.

Which isn't really worth watching.

It's Tits and zombies and nothing else. No redeeming features. And before you say "Tits", just go watch porn.

I mean, I'm into guro and this show bored the piss out of me.

>> No.12416376

Natural 20 improvised weapon
Natural 20 Bear-form?

>> No.12416391

>I mean, I'm into guro

>> No.12416487



>> No.12416504

>I'm into guro

Not even furries would give you the time of day.

>> No.12416519

Natural 20 sense motive.

>> No.12416522

Nat 20 Intimidate

>> No.12416554

You seem upset.

>> No.12416652

What the fuck happened there?
Why did the door ... Fuck I don't even know how to explain what I see.

>> No.12416659

I watched it a few dozen times. I was lost, too.

>> No.12416673

That must be like some sort of nat40 or some crazy shit.

>> No.12416701

I think I saw a dude try to go in against the grain (you can see his legs hop back and away at the top just right of the door outside), but I know that's not enough to cause that to happen!


>> No.12416713

What the fuck, man?

>> No.12416733

Ok, I can actually EXPLAIN this. It's because the shirt is white. He doesn't want to get blood on it, blood stains are too hard to get out.
In my area of the world (Near Mexico) it's common for people to remove their shirt before starting fights for this reason. I've seen two gangs fighting and they all removed their shirts before even drawing weapons.

>> No.12416754

Natural 1 perception.

>> No.12416759

I do know that revolving doors can be released to be closed up, which is how it did that.

Best I've heard is either that there was a strong wind outside and the catch failed, or that the person on the outside pushed just a little too hard with the same result.

The glass is designed to break that way however, which is why it does it so readily. Specifically to avoid the result you'd get if you smashed a person between two panes of glass.

>> No.12416766

It's a safety thing, The doors are designed to fold up so that people don't get trapped.

>> No.12416771

Natural 20 Trip and Grapple rolls

>> No.12416773

Other reasons as well. Common to take your shift off because it's leverage and can be used in a lot of ways to fuck you over and disable you.

haha, who cares? It's not like I'm posting it or anything.

>> No.12416779

Natural 20 Hide

>> No.12416795


The non-animated examples are the only ones that are impressive, hint hint

>> No.12416809


This does not change the fact that you are fucking disgusting.

>> No.12416818

Natural 20 Disguise

>> No.12416828

Natural 20 grapple.

>> No.12416832

The fuck?

>> No.12416835

nat 1 thief

>> No.12416837

Natural 20 Craft Check

>> No.12416842

Explain why these fags take their gloves off but leave the helmets on.

>> No.12416845

Watch the stick.

>> No.12416852

Wow, you're dumb.

>> No.12416856

Getting the helmet off is a pain in the ass. You can take the gloves off by just straightening your fingers and shaking your hands.

You don't want to punch someone with your gloves on. It wouldn't do shit.

>> No.12416858


That's how I fold my laundry, though not as cleanly (or as fast). It's actually not that impressive.

>> No.12416859

natural 1 block

>> No.12416860

Punching someone with a helmet on. Fucking stupid to begin with.

>> No.12416861


what cartoon is this from? i was think justice league unlimited, but I cant pinpoint the episode

>> No.12416862

Natural 1 Proffession (sportsman) check

>> No.12416871

It's from one of the straight to DVD animated features. The most recent one about Supergirl iirc. In which case don't bother looking for it it's terrible.

It is however the source of all those "Handsome Superman" pictures you see floating around recently.

>> No.12416877

Other PMCs don't like Blackwater. Nobody likes Blackwater. Blackwater is the laughingstock of the PMC community.

>> No.12416880


thanks for the info

>> No.12416890



>> No.12416896

Only in Australia.


In either case, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

>> No.12416914

trapdoor spiders live all over the world buddy.

Most of them are rather small though, and I don't believe any of them are poisonous.

>> No.12416922


A note he was going to hand to a bank teller telling her to give him the money.

>> No.12416962

Natural 20 bluff

>> No.12416971


Nice trolling.

>> No.12416979

It's not a troll if it's the truth, amirite?

>> No.12416982


>> No.12417015

NO spiders are poisonous
ALL spiders are venomous
MOST are harmless to humans

>> No.12417033


Actually I've never known--what's the dictionary difference between venom and poison?

>> No.12417034


>> No.12417038


poi·son (poizn)
1. A substance that causes injury, illness, or death, especially by chemical means.
2. Something destructive or fatal.

>> No.12417040


>> No.12417047

Generally, venom is injected by such means as a bite or a sting. Poison, by contrast, is ingested or inhaled by the victim.

Frogs are often poisonous, spiders are venomous.

>> No.12417053


Venom is a type of poison so I don't know what the fuck the above poster is talking about.

>> No.12417061

Obviously ;)

>> No.12417063


what >>12417047 said. If an animal is poisonous, biting/eating it will kill you. If it is venomous, it biting you will kill you.

>> No.12417069

Death isn't guaranteed. Biting or being bitten will likely cause harm and may cause death.

>> No.12417080


Its seems this distinction is only made in zoology.

>> No.12417091


Of course. Pardon my hyperbole.

>> No.12417106

The words certainly bleed into each other, but if someone asks the difference between toxins, venoms, and poisons in a living organism, you're best off to use the language related to those subjects.

We were discussing spiders, so it is a question of zoology in this case.

>> No.12417298

Gloves go off first, then helmets, then they pull the shirt over the other persons head.

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