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>excited as fuck about Dark Eldar
>get home from work
>go to GW website
>see this


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Even Games-Workshops website recognizes Guilliman as its spiritual liege

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Wow, front page was all DE not two days ago. :/

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Looks like Mat Ward found out the password for the front page again.

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>armour is impenetrable to anything less than a direct hit from a lascannon.


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>it's Ultramarines week at GW
>mfw I realise it's Ultramarines week every week at GW

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This is ridiculous. I thought DE being released would tie me back into the hobby but it's just making me not want to play anymore.

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I honestly don't know why GW pushes what is possibly the most boring (both fluff-wise and to play as) and average army in all of 40k. Every other army has far better fluff and is more fun to play as. I'm sure half the reason new players drop out is because they play a few games as Space Marines and think 'this game is boring and shitty'.

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>there is no foe he cannot best

>Calgar was laid low, his body rent and torn, his last strength expended in mortal combat with the Swarmlord. His Honour Guard fought before their wounded Chapter Master, axes of Ultramar flashing in the cold light as they drove the Swarmlord back from the body of their lord.

>Calgar’s men follow him not merely out of duty, but from the unshakeable loyalty that his presence inspires. Indeed, when Calgar was wounded during the campaign for Ichar IV, the surviving Ultramarines formed a wall of bodies around their lord, shielding his broken flesh with their own until aid arrived.

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>Calgar achieved great success in the early days of the campaign, buying time with blood for his Battle-Brothers to the north and south. However, the Tyranids kept coming. In a final climactic battle on Cold Steel Ridge, the Ultramarines rearguard were brutalised by the Tyranid horde and Calgar himself gravely wounded. Knowing that to remain planetside was to doom his followers to wasteful death, Calgar withdrew to the orbiting Battle Barge Octavius. Refusing all but the most vital medical attention, the Master of Macragge took command of the fleet, and sought a way to save his world from certain destruction.
>In a final climactic battle on Cold Steel Ridge, the Ultramarines rearguard were brutalised by the Tyranid horde and Calgar himself gravely wounded.
>the Ultramarines rearguard were brutalised by the Tyranid horde
>Tyranids brutalised the Ultramarines' rear.

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>Space Marines, they need little introduction. If you're in any doubt as to how ingrained into your consciousness they are then try imagining the Warhammer 40,000 universe without them.
>Exactly - it's just not the same.

Cause you made it that way... That's like saying "Imagine Star Wars if Darth Vader never became Sith." But we've set up the canon in such a way that you can't because the whole metaverse revolves around the fact he exists(ed).

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What are you trying to argue here?

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>Games Workshop's faces as they put the Ultrasmurfs everywhere on their front page AND in the Warhammer 40K section

I mean, seriously, they HAVE TO be trolling to put them like everywhere on their webpage!

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I can imagine 40k without Space Marines pretty easily, there aren't that many anyway and with all the Horus Heresy shit maybe it would be a brighter place without them.

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>try imagining the Warhammer 40,000 universe without them.

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It would be EXACTLY the same.

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> try imagining the Warhammer 40,000 universe without them.

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That Space Marines have become the pivot point for everything within the 40k universe as a whole. There would be not universe without them as the forces of Chaos would only corrupt the Elfkin and they have civil war. Nids and Orks just tear ass through universe in a matter of years and Necrons just chill underground. The HUMANITY FUCK YEAH! aspect of the Universe gives it a bit more flesh as it brings a figurehead to centralize the canon. (WHY are the Nids here? WHY could the Orks be stopped? HOW can Ork tech function without magic lol? It can be attributed to the "psychic lighthouse" theory from the other night. (with the Eldar being the container for magic within the physical realm))

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>It can be attributed to the "psychic lighthouse" theory from the other night. (with the Eldar being the container for magic within the physical realm))
Wut. Sounds like fanon shit. I bet DLFG had a hand in this.

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>there is no Imperial Guard or Navy
cool story bro

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It was the statement from the 'GW spy' that works for /tg/. Take that theory with a grain of salt.

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Still doing your pretend crusade /tg/?

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I was there for the entirety of that thread and I remember nothing of that nature. Or anything very concrete at all, besides that they don't like Ward there either.

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> try imagining the Warhammer 40,000 universe without them.

Already done.

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>try imagining the Warhammer 40,000 universe without them

It would be a lot better. No more invincible superhumans who steal the glory away from normal humans by effortlessly killing all of the Imperium's enemies. Now normal humans have to struggle against aliens who overpower them in pretty much every way. Every successful Imperial endeavor requires a costly sacrifice in resources and manpower. Imperial victories will be fewer, but far more meaningful.

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Lol Imperial guard player

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Yes, the one who said that Omegon and Alpharius would be confimed loyalists and kill Guilliman, despite him already being dead. And that GW is going to kill the Emperor, make guys from DoW special characters, a Farsight Enclaves mini-codex, and so on.

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GW published an article for blud rehvans years ago, it was interesting in that Angelos was the Chapter Master.

Continuity error, or a description of the Blood Ravens as they are in 40,999? The DoW games happen in 40,800's.

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Oh my God, refluffing the whole universe so that the Space Marines don't exist anymore would be so cash. Mutual extinction during the Heresy, except some warbands in each side, the knowledge to create new marines utterly lost. Ho-ly shit.

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>despite him already being mortally wounded and in stasis.
>implying stasis is dead.
>implying that pulling the plug on the chamber wouldn't start the process of letting him die naturally.

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that was Graham McNeill going "fuck the shit Goto is writing, I'm going to do this."

and it was way before anybody knew where the plot was going.

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Just put it back to Rogue Trader fluff, were marines were human-but-skilled drug-abusing soldiers with a mercenary attitude.

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>Within this edifice is the great marble throne of Roboute Guilliman, and upon that throne sits a regal corpse. Though the best part of ten thousand years have passed since his death, the Primarch's body is perfectly preserved. Even his death wounds are visible upon his throat. His mortal remains are preserved from the ravages of time by means of a stasis field that isolates the Primarch from the time-stream. Everything encompassed by the field is trapped in time and can neither change nor decay.

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>Alpha Legion are the good guys

No, only Imperium is the good guys.

>Kernax Voldorius, Strikemaster of the Alpha Legion awakens the merciless horror of the Bloodtide. Thousands of billions perish, and more still are slaughtered in atrocities on the worlds of Kento, Loran and Blind Hope.

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Some says he's getting better in stasis because he's the primarch of the smurfs.
I refuse to believe that, if only because I play CSM and hate smurfs.

Also, is Macragge immune to insta-death? If not, my Chaos Lord could tear him a new one in close combat with my Blissgiver

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>can neither change nor decay.

That settles that then. Unless Muhreens can overpower their own tech and say "lol, beneficial change is A-OK."

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Calgar is immune to instant death, rerolls failed wounds and has 6 power fist attacks on a charge.

He can smack Kharn or any Chaos Lord around easily.

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So I know we're supposed to be complaining about this shit, but the Honor guard helmets are pretty cash. Are they new?

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>rerolls failed wounds and has 6 power fist attacks on a charge.
Well shit. Time to blast at him with Obliterators.

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Dunno, but the Marine codex says:

>Indeed, it is said that each member of the Ultramarines Honour Guard has earnt more commendations and glories in a lifetime's service than a whole company of Space Marines from any other Chapter, and that each individual has slain more foes than an entire regiment of Imperial Guardsmen.

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>There are some, however, who claim the Primarch's wounds do change. They say that Guilliman's body is slowly recovering and that his wounds show mysterious signs of healing. Others deny the phenomena, and point out the sheer impossibility of change within the stasis field. Yet enough believe the stories to come and witness for themselves the miracle of the Primarch.

Some people also believe that the Emperor lives in the sky.

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Pretty sure he is, but just throw Abbadon at him and you'll tear him apart real easily.

>leemerea much

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>each individual has slain more foes than an entire regiment of Imperial Guardsmen.

I'd imagine there are Artillery and Tank regiments who'd disagree with them.

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"It is said". It's probably propaganda.

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>my face when Abaddon is the only CSM special character immune to instant death

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Plus it just says "an entire regiment". Nothing about size or type.

But no, can't let that get in the way of the Wardhate.

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>I then wrote a story - I believe it's a very exciting story - about a mission where everything goes a bit grim, dark and far futuristic,
>everything goes a bit grim, dark
>grim, dark
I'm sold.

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No. Those tank and artillery regiments, should they ever surpass a Marines kill-count, commit suicide in the anme of the emperor.
After accepting Rowboar Girlyman as their spiritual liege.

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Well, Dante's the oldest non-dreadnought loyalist Marine and has been a Chapter Master for most of his life. He still lack Eternal Warrior, unlike the Chapter Master of the Ultramarines, 1st Company Captain of the Imperial Fists and Logan the Überwolf of the Space Wolves.

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I like how no one notices the "than a company of marines from any *other* chapter".

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It doesn't mention those Chapters' Honour Guard though.

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Yeah, I'm sure the Assault Company of the Blood Angels and the Assault Company of the Space Wolves, or any Company of the Flesh Tearers, or the Minotaurs, or the Space Sharks have less kills to their name.

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>commendations and glories =/= kills

>it is said
>it is said
>it is said
>it is said
>it is said
>it is said
>it is said
>it is said
>it is said
>it is said
>it is said
>it is said
>it is said
>it is said

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There's a reason for that.

>Sicarius earned commendation after commendation and swiftly rose through the ranks. In the decades that followed he served with distinction as Sergeant and Company Champion before ultimately taking command of the Ultramarines 2nd Company - the finest fighting unit in this or any other Space Marine Chapter. Only the most accomplished warrior could hope to command the Ultramarines 2nd Company

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It still seems weird to me that they're more heavily honored than the Imperial Fists. The High Lords of Terra love those fuckers.

>> No.12409052

Chapter Master Vladimir Pugh is technically Planetary Governor of Terra, it's no surprise.

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Despite commanding a fighting unit that, according to Word of Ward, is finer than the companies of Chapter 666, Sicarius' entry has also the most interesting bit of Ultrafluff in the entire Codex:

>So it is that at the close of the 41st Millennium, the 2nd Company draws the most dangerous missions, and Sicarius himself is widely believed to be the heir apparent to Marneus Calgar himself - something that cannot sit well with Agemman, Captain of the 1st Company and the Regent of Ultramar.

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2nd company before 1st company?
What the fuck am I reading?

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Sicarius is a total dickbag in all the smurf novels.

>> No.12409119

>he reads smurf novels!

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Agemman sounds like a bitching name for a Chaos champion.

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>try imagining the Warhammer 40,000 universe without [Space Marines]

Suddenly, the universe is interesting and exciting. Suddenly, I go to gaming stores and there are actually armies on the tables other than seas of blue. Suddenly, no one faction is hogging the entire spotlight, and we get a chance to learn the whole stories behind all the various races. Without the need to update a dozen Marine codexes with each new edition, the game as a whole becomes easier and quicker to update and therefore more balanced, and GW has more time to focus on gameplay issues. You can play any army you want and still be competitive, and newbies suddenly have dozens of options to choose from. The negative connotation associated with "lol super macho manly grizzled muscle men" is lost and thus the game appeals to a wider audience than before.

In short, everything becomes better in every way.

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Relative newcomer to /tg/ here. Just out of interest, is this generic Space Marine hate aimed solely at GW for spamming them everywhere, or do you hate SM players as a rule too? Coz seriously, there are a fuck tonne of SM players who hate the GW-sponsored chapters as much as you all seem to.

The way I see it, there's not a lot wrong with the generic SM codex as an army list. It's neither under- nor overpowered compared to various others (and anyone who says differently is a butthurt cunt and/or presumably not very good at actually playing the game). The fluff issue is solved by using your fucking imagination and playing a DIY chapter that isn't just a bunch of perfect or "tragically flawed" Mary Sues. Also, not being a 10 year old child tends to help.

By all means, commence flaming me now. Or tell me whether/why you hate us so. It really sucks being considered a third-rate gamer when all I want to do is play with an army I find interesting.

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/tg/ hates:

SM players
Chaos players
Xeno players
IG players
SoB players
people who run tourney lists and play to win
people who run fluffy lists and play for fun
people who don't even play and just like the fluff

Don't let what /tg/ thinks have any impact on what you play, seriously.

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We really just hate mat ward's fanboyism with the ultra smurfs. Seriously he's got an "Ultra boner" for them you might even say, his balls are "blue"

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>/tg/ hates SOB players

Really? Most people round here seem to like the Sisters. Even if it's only for the Porn...

>avenwalt reported
Yes Captcha, we do get reported if we post Porn now.

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Show up to a local Games Workshop with a Primarch, it's like rattling the hive of the most angry hornets in the world.

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There's always that one guy who shows up in an SoB thread bitching about how they were only put in for sex appeal, they don't fit the fluff, only girls and virgin neckbeards play them, etc.

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>Really? Most people round here seem to like the Sisters.

>> No.12409252

That was just one guy trolling.

>> No.12409265

Thank god.

>> No.12409274

That would actually make the Ultramarines interesting. Calgar dies, Sicarius is promoted and Agemman and his followers (probably most of the first company) go rogue.

>> No.12409277

Speaking of Sisters, does anyone know when they're supposed to get a new codex? I heard that they'll be after Daemonhunters which supposedly comes out January-April 2011, or will we have to wait until after necrons?

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Yet /tg/ constantly makes threads about his fluff and posts that White Dwarf interview excerpt instead of just ignoring it.

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Oh snap son!

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I like sisters, even if I lose to them all the time.

And what the fuck, FUCKING AP2 STORM BOLTERS? That is fucking bullshit to the highest degree. Fucking Mat Ward needs to get back to his fucking fantasy corner instead of jerking off and making new fluff about ultramarines.

>> No.12409329

When he wants to Mat Ward makes good rules, the Vanilla Marines codex, despite the glut of special characters, is well balanced. I think he also wrote good fantasy fluff but I can't remember if this is true.

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Posting my non-Ultra army, trying to prove Space Marines can still be taken seriously.

I hate what we have become.

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>And what the fuck, FUCKING AP2 STORM BOLTERS? That is fucking bullshit to the highest degree. Fucking Mat Ward needs to get back to his fucking fantasy corner instead of jerking off and making new fluff about ultramarines.

The codex has been out for two years and NOW you rage over it?

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Gauntlets of Ultramar:

Range 24" Str 4 AP 2 Assault 2

And how much Ward-written Ultramarine fluff have you actually seen since the codex?

>> No.12409350

It indeed depends on how many times you indeed want to read that the enemy was indeed trapped behind their own defenses.

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I remember that guy from GW saying that MWard is going to go back to WHFB once his contract is over, then they're going to kill off Robot Jellyman, The Emprah, AND Abbadon and replace him with Eliphas.

After that, the Ultramarines will become a "Dirty fighting" Chapter that completely disregards the Codex Astartes rules.

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Preheresy Thousand Sons?

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Fluff hasn't gone forward in ages, and it probably will not go forward in the future either.

>> No.12409376

For 6th and 7th ed, Ward screwed up mostly. Books of note were Wood Elves (good fluff, shoddy army to play. Poor Wood Elves), Orcs and Goblins (crummy in 7th ed due to all their good stuff being in Specials. They became playable because of Percentages though), and Daemons ("Raperaperape."). His *best* overall book was Lizardmen.

For 40k, he did regular Marines and BA. Rageworthy fluff (The Imperial Fist retcon), decent crunch. Both armies are pretty flexible and only as "overpowered" as any new codex when it first comes out...

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yeah, I'm not artistic enough to sculpt the heads properly so I just did some kitbashing. I have a Pre-heresy World Eater army in progress.

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He didn't write any fantasy fluff. He wrote good fantasy crunch, but he also wrote the Demon codex.

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some flesh-change marines, for fluff reasons

>> No.12409398

>he reposts dumb shit from a troll thread

>> No.12409407

>Imperial Fist retcon

Explain, please?

>> No.12409408


They're not going to make Warhammer 41k, but a major Imperial vs Tau campaign is in the works and will be featured in detail when Tau codex comes out in 2011.

>> No.12409409

>trapped behind their own defenses
Could you give some examples of Ward overusing this? I can't recall seeing it that much, if at all, though I haven't read the Blood Angels book.

>> No.12409410

OP its only like that to promote the Ultramarines film. Best thing to do is buy it but write a letter to GW saying you'd rather see a film about X chapter with X as villains.

About the SOB talk and why they aren't in the film and Imperial Fists are protecting a Shrineworld - its more than likely to do with budget/time it would take to create new models when altering the basic marine model is relatively cheap and simple.

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and Magnus, that's all my pics

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>> No.12409446

Wasn't Magnus supposed to be a cyclops?

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>> No.12409454

Like the Eye of Terror Campaign from 2003?
That was before I got into the hobby but it sounded really cool.

>> No.12409456

See, annoying shit like this is why the only Marines I ever played were Black Templars. Assault the shit outta thing, fuck shit up, and somewhat interesting "We have a crazy hate-on for heresy and xenos". None of that Ultramarines crap.

>> No.12409458

>Books of note were Wood Elves (good fluff, shoddy army to play. Poor Wood Elves)
HURR DURR. When it came out, the Wood Elves book was perfectly fine. In fact, it was a lot better than many of the others at the time. It's just suffering from being two editions old at the moment, just like Bretonnia.

>> No.12409459

If you look at the Black Templar codex, one of the main points about the formation of the Black Templar was that Dorn intially was very much against the Codex Astartes. How come, after giving so much in attempt to defend the Emperor, do some blue-armored pretty-boys get the right to go about dismantling their Legion? It lead to some low-level ship combat between the two groups before Dorn went "ok, ok." The most loyal to Dorn remained with the Imperial Fists, the most zealous formed the Templar, and the mos progressive-minded marines formed the Crimson Fists.

The SM codex basically glosses over most of this.

>> No.12409462

You did a good job painting up that army.

>> No.12409466

Those silly rebels

>> No.12409468


EoT was kind of a joke though.

>> No.12409474

Post the Sanquinor x Bloodthirster gay sex too.

>> No.12409479

In images, he isn't really a cyclops. He's just lost one eye.

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>the Sanguinor appears, striking down the alien Avatar

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File: 108 KB, 873x627, m730025a_60030106003_ENGCodexTyranids_873x627.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think this line from the Tyranid codex still beats it:

>That Yriel was willing to sacrifice not only his life, but also his immortal soul, to fight the Tyranids was a testament to the drastic measures that must be taken in order to defeat the Tyranids.

Plus all the rhetorical questions and tactical genius.

>> No.12409495

Also, White, Red and Crimson Templars sprung up. Don't ask me why their are Red and Crimson Templars, I think the later could be a mistake.

>> No.12409497

I remember when Calgar was just some guy with guns on his fists.

Now he fucking dual-weilds AP 2 storm bolters and hits faster and harder than Jackie Chan in a ladder factory.

>> No.12409502

I play Dark Angels. They're older than most of the current factions. Deal with it.

>> No.12409508

See, that's why the Templars kick ass. They're crazy motherfuckers who told Rowboat Girlyman to fuck off and leave them the hell alone, they were too busy killing the hell out of things to listen to his pussy advice and follow some magical book that says "Don't use freshly-chosen Marines without gene modifications, good weapons, or power armor as meat shields".

>> No.12409526


But you can use imperial guardsmen.

/Avitus: They're weak, cowardly traitors anyway.

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Thanks dude I appreciate it, we just had someone come to our LFGS with an Ultramarine army. Teenager really, but everyone there is a bro and we talked to him about his army choice.

It really came down to he picked Ultras because as someone just getting into the game Ultras are the only info available in overwhelming detail.

>> No.12409557

Ask any man on the front lines if he'd rather fight or give the glory to an 8ft superhuman with a machine gun that shoots rockets. The first thing he'll say is "Show me the superhuman" Then he'll say "When can I go home to see my wife and kids?"
I'm an IG player, and though I find SPESS MUHREENS to be ridiculous, I know that if I was in combat and they showed up to help out I'd be thankful as fuck.
Only reason everyone hates the Ultramarines is because they're the most recognizable product, and from a hobby standpoint, blue is the easiest color to work with.

And to give reason as to why the Imperial Fists aren't as seen as the Ultras while the Imperial Fists are basically sitting on Terra is because it's their job to sit on Terra. It's the Ultras who run around getting shot at while the Fists defend. Also, yellow is really shitty to work with.

>> No.12409569

Outside Wardisms there is nothing wrong with Ultras, they have good aesthetics and their codex is flexible. I hope you guys remember that before 5ed there was no Smurf rage?

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and of all space marine chapters to jack off constantly too, ultramarines would be my last choice, not so much for the lore...but the color, i still have trouble fathoming an army of any kind going with baby blue as their thing.

>> No.12409573

Warhammer 40k has always been really stupid to me, first off EPIC BATTLZ always seemed incorrect at the scale 25-8 -30 mm, for truely epic battles to be waged you need 5mm or 10mm because that allows 2 to 5 times the play area available on a 8ft by 4 ft table, just saying

>> No.12409579
File: 131 KB, 1200x800, aqueduct ultras.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The first Company was started fresh after the Tyranic wars, it is possible the Second got the prestige edge from that.

Also this pic is how to make the Ultras suck less, take the Roman bits to the maximum.

>> No.12409589

shouldnt space marines(as most look now) be a part of the imperial guard (nobles) and act as the equivilant of terminators of generals/ elites

>> No.12409590

Cassius and Telion are badasses, though. One of them is scarred to fuck, kills Tyranids and doesn't afraid of anything, and the other one is Sean Connery with a sniper rifle.

>> No.12409601

Eh, I see what you mean, but I personally prefer the ability to make each unit so different without needing too much insane modeling/painting skill.

>> No.12409627

Are those Ultras riding aqueducts?

Looks like I found me a new conversion project.

>> No.12409628


I can't hate them, they look so fun

>> No.12409634

No, that contradicts almost everything that makes a space marine worthwhile. On the open battlefield a space marine isn't worth that many enemies, really. As a precision strike force they are worth thousands.

>> No.12409635

That was an awesome thread earlier.

>> No.12409637

im saying that 25mm is unappropriate for the types of armies not space marine, such as tyranids, imperial guard, necrons, orks, and certain choas armies, as they can and often do rely on large armies, and isnt it cooler to see entire battalions on a battlefeild instead of barely a platoon

>> No.12409642


I thought they counted as one storm bolter with AP2 like

>> No.12409653


>> No.12409667


"A pair of power fists with built-in AP2 storm bolters"

According to the site, he dual-weilds them. Which is okay, because it's probably just Ultramarineswank and it's only actually one storm bolter with AP2.

It's still about as ridiculous as frontpaging a trenchcoat-wearing vampire lord who dual weilds double barreled shotguns that are also swords.

>> No.12409680

Play Epic 40k

also "unappropriate" really?

>> No.12409697

Yeah he "Dual wields" in the sense that each hand has one barrel.

>> No.12409709


>These are a matched pair of power fists. They also contain a pair of integrated bolters that can be fired with the following profile: [profile in >>12409347]

>> No.12409716

>Indeed, it was Guilliman who would have the greatest lasting effect upon the now leaderless Blood Angels. Through the Codex Astartes - that great treatise on the restructuring and ordering of the Space Marines - Guilliman's legacy would reshape the Blood Angels Legion into the Chapters that defend the Imperium to this day.

>been tablized

>> No.12409725

Well, Vladimir Pugh may or may not dual wield thunder hammers.

>> No.12409764

Pedro Kantor on the other hand has a single wrist mounted storm bolter.

> Dorn's Arrow: This ancient and venerated storm bolter has
the following profile:
Range Strength AP Type
24" 4 4 Assault 4

>> No.12409772

It's the only way to get that +1 attack with them.

>> No.12409790



>> No.12409802

You can actually do that with the basic Chapter Master wargear options and he'll also have a wrist mounted aux. Grenade Launcher. Been thinking about making him.

>> No.12409816

Aqueducts. They are Romans

>> No.12409855

/tg/ hates on Spess Mahroons because they're popular. Let's face it, Space Marines are cool. Ignoring the whole insignificant stuff about acid spit and dual hearts, the purest essence of a Space Marine is awesome. It's a genetically enhanced super soldier inserted from the sky in what could best be described as an artillery strike. Demigods triumphing against impossible odds.

That's badass.

The other factions are awesome for their own reasons. It's okay to think the Space Marines are getting too much exposure and. But really, your childish overreaction is more stupid than anything Ward has ever written. It's just fluff in some codices. Just ignore it and focus on what you do like.

>> No.12409877
File: 117 KB, 805x433, 35366.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12409902
File: 222 KB, 435x309, waterslidesultramarine.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12409911

>>12409347Range 24" Str 4 AP 2 Assault 2

what makes them penetrate so well

is it special ammo, or the daemonic power of the gauntlets

and is it really following the codex to use weird looted gear like that?

>> No.12409931
File: 28 KB, 354x378, Sergeant Mox.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.12409955

This. Space Marines aren't boring or invincible. If anything, that title goes to Necrons, Orks and Tyranids, who all have the "unstoppable horde that outnumber humanity and will inevitably destroy the universe" theme going on.

Most That Guys I've played 40k against are the Tyranid players who keep reminding me that Tyranids are unstoppable.

>> No.12409986

>That's badass.

No, it's boring. It's virtually the same as the descriptions of any other Sci-fi supersoldiers in powered armour. The scale may change, from something like a Spartan all the way up to the MI in Starship Troopers, but boil it down and you see the same tropes repeating again and again.

And it's boring. In many ways, Space Marines are even worse, as they're brainwashed and indoctrinated to the point where they have little genuine character left.

I don't hate Space Marines. I don't even dislike them. They're just so utterly turgid and dull, they barely even register and I have no idea how anyone could see anything appealing in them.

>> No.12410012


be sure to tell everyone back on warseer what an awful place 4chan is!

>> No.12410071

Feel free to give those people a slap and remind them that, as per the fluff in the codex, Hive Fleets are really rather vulnerable in space. The only reason the Imperium couldn't theoretically fight off the Tyranids is because it's got other threats to try and deal with. Were the Imperium able to pour all of its considerable resources and manpower solely into fighting off the Tyranids, honestly I think it would be a very even fight.

I'd have to agree with this. There's nothing wrong with Space Marines...there just isn't a lot that's really right with them either.

>> No.12410105

The same can be said of the IG. They're just the poorly trained and equipped hordes of troops facing a far more powerful enemy. That's also a trope that's been done to death in fuckloads of genres.

The whole religious aspect is what saves 40k for me. Space Marines aren't just super soldiers. They're the very incarnation of the Emperor's divine wrath. They're symbols of humanity's power. They're Knights Templar, if they had been directly touched by God Almighty himself.

That's different from Starship Troopers, Sardaukar or Spartans.

>> No.12410124

Saradukar have the religious elements though, or at least *had* them before letting themselves become a complacent Praetorian guard.

>> No.12410149

>poorly trained and equipped

IG are trained and equipped in a huge variety of ways. Not all of the regiments follow the Zap Brannigan method of combat. The Death Korps and Valhallans may like to use waves of infantry attacks, but the Tallarns and Tanith use light infantry ambushes. The Mordians and Praetorians have incredible discipline. The Catachans are an army of Rambos etc.

The IG just look meek and wimpy in comparison to monstrous super soldiers and Green Skinned murder machines.

>> No.12410154

Say, what do you think of this:
Vladimir Pugh, Chapter Master of the Imperial Fists

225 points
WS6 BS5 S4 T4 W4 I5 A3 Ld10 Sv2+

Wargear: Terminator Armour, Iron Halo, pair of Thunder Hammers, Smite of Terra

Special Rules: And They Shall Know No Fear, Combat Tactics, Chapter Tactics, Independent Character, Orbital Bombardment, The Last Line, Feel No Pain

Smite of Terra: This is an ancient auxiliary grenade launcher said to be once wielded by the Primarch himself. It can be fired with either of the following profiles (choose which type is being used before firing):

Krak: 12'' S8 AP3 Assault 1
Frag: 12'' S5 AP5 Assault 1, Blast

Chapter Tactics: If you include Vladimir Pugh then all units in your army exhange the combat tactics special rule for the stubborn universal special rule. If more than one character in your army has the Chapter tactics special rule, you must choose which version will apply.

The Last Line: The Imperial Fist Honour Guard are, save the semi-mythical Adeptus Custodes, the Emperor's last line of defence. If Vladimir Pugh is included in your army, any models in your Honour Guard squads can exhange their Bolt Pistols for Storm Shields, at the cost of 10 points per model.

The Feel No Pain comes from the bit of fluff about him excising his taste buds as a penance, and the excessive use of Pain Glove a Chapter Master of the Fists must have gone through. Honor Guard are usually crap because they have no option for invulnerable saves whatsoever, and the Last Line rule is an attempt to remedy that. You still get only one squad, as with normal Chapter Masters. Exhanging Combat Tactics for Stubborn is the normal IF (and successor) chapter tactic both Lysander and Pedro Kantor have.

>> No.12410162

Did they ever publish any stories about the Praetorians? Or was the whole thing limited to "LOL empire in space"?

>> No.12410169

>>12410105The same can be said of the IG. They're just the poorly trained and equipped hordes of troops facing a far more powerful enemy. That's also a trope that's been done to death in fuckloads of genres.

no, the IG are the ELITE of the Imperium. They are born warriors, survive death worlds, they are the very best soldiers of unaugumented humanity

the PDF is the shitty conscripts and untrained masses.
But unfortunately for the IG, humanity's (non power armor freak) best doesn't compare against the crazy shit of the 40kays

>> No.12410175

Do you have selective fluff or selective memory?

>> No.12410176

Looks reasonably balanced. I'd have no problems playing against that.

>> No.12410194

Okay, so "poorly trained and equipped" was a poor choice of words. The point still stands, though. They're just as stereotypical as Mahroons. In fact, all of 40k is built up on clichés. And that's fine. But pretending that Space Marines are the only ones is just silly.

>> No.12410195

You upset?

>> No.12410215


>> No.12410246
File: 258 KB, 765x349, Spess.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"...one stands watch outside our HQ and a second one guards the Warhammer World car park, ready to unleash the Emperor's vengeance on anyone foolish enough to park outside the white lines."

Oh... I... OH!

I get it, it all makes sense now. GW acts the way they do because they think space marines are real! They're afraid they're going to get purged if they don't appease the Ultramarines.

>> No.12410275
File: 87 KB, 469x428, Trollface_HD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think I'm going to paint some of my Ultramarines now.

>> No.12410282
File: 206 KB, 1273x662, My Ultramarines.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ultramarine player here.

Fuck yes!

>> No.12410292


>> No.12410530

>GW's marines are unpainted
Fucking dammit. Why am I not surprised?

>> No.12410757

>>12410169 they are the very best soldiers of unaugumented humanity

lol you forgot =][= stormtroopers and daughters of the emperor

>> No.12410789

Cygnar player here.

Y'all mad.

>> No.12410859

steampunk? more like steamskunk

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