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Hop on in the Nostalgia Machine elegan/tg/entlemen...

So at first I'd like to see /tg/'s opinions. I really wasn't aware if this system was popular or not and it was sad that it was used during the death throes of TSR but I really liked it. The mechanics were odd but every RPG is like that until you learn it. It could be a quite deadly game (one friend managed to punch a hole through the bridge of the ship they were on and explosively decompressed the bridge sending the baddies assaulting the bridge and another player into the void.)

Star*Drive I think was a really awesome setting. It was also weird to see it kinda "Shadowrun in space" at times with the "FX" stuff. But we pretty much tossed that out and played "Traveller Light." Our party was varied enough all ready.

tl;dr Alternity what does /tg/ think?

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Had a lot of good times with it. Can get wonky if the GM is liberal with the optional rules.

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Bump with more artwork of I guess what could be a TPK...

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Their advanced shoulder pad technology is useless against a bullet to the chest.

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That it can. My game group with my friends, dad, and his friends were all old school gamers. So when campaigns were run, whoever was running it (usually dad or one of his friends, minus the rules lawyer guy) would do what a GM/DM was supposed to do and make shit up that worked to support the story (even if some dumbass player was killed because they weren't thinking). We were running StarDrive with one of his buddies and suffice to say it was pretty exciting. I was a tech lizard (Forgot that race) and honestly it was pretty fun. Now that I've played Shadowrun a lot it really feels like Shadowrun in Space (and a GM could make it like that)

Pic Related...

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I always wanted to play Alternity. Never got the chance though. I remember thinking Mass Effect was an awful lot like Alternity: The Vidya when I first played it.

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Lol didn't notice that...

'Dem Pads

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And speaking of Shoulder Pads...

Body Tanks... I just remembered how deadly they are supposed to be...

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One last bump for great justice but its no biggie of nothing develops...

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There any good collections of this on the net? It may be right up my alley.

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I managed to augment my decent hardcopy collection with a torrent.

Its seriously a fun game. I like that the step modifiers in themselves are pretty random (using dice rather than a solid number) which I think throws the curve into a bigger arc?

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The core mechanics of Alternity weren't bad, but the application of those mechanics in weapon and armor tables, available skill points vs costs vs task mechanics, and a handful of missing rules, meant the game as published was deeply disappointing.

We tried for SIX character levels. At that point we compiled the list of house rules and fixes we would need. It was enough pages (that I no longer have, sorry) that we gave up.

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Alternity is great, I wish they'd based d20 Modern more around it.

What I like the most of it is the wounds system. It replaces the traditional hit point system and makes ALL characters mortal; no matter their level, anyone is bound to get nervous when there's a firearm in the room. Hit points are fine in fantasy games, but for present-day and futuristic games, people should get mauled by a shotgun blast, not just go "lol it's just 8 hit points".

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Meh. The PL system is clunky as presented, and worse in its D20M/F incarnation.

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It's a great game, and a valauble at least for the stuff it added to roleplaying. I use it alot, and I want to use it more.

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>the stuff it added to roleplaying

As a bad rip-off of Traveller and every other SF game prior to its release, Alternity added nothing to "gaming" unless you were wearing the D&D Blinders (TM).

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It was one of the first systems to use a player controled dramatic editing system. Last resort points were groundbreaking, and you see them everywhere now. It also made major, related strides in makeing the personality stat something other than a dump stat, which many modern games still struggle with endlessly.

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Star Wars D6 had Force Points a decade prior.

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