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Can I have a greataxe thread please?

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You can have an "okay" axe thread.
Let's not set our sights too high, okay?

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Second-coolest dwarfy weapon next to greathammers.

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That's Messerschmidt's Reaver, isn't it? It doesn't get greater than that.

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nuff said

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I used to love greataxes until my barbarian one-shotted himself after having backbiter cast on him.

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My group uses the critical failure rule. If you roll a 1, you must roll the d20 again. If you don't beat the other guy's armor modifier, you hit yourself. Once hit myself for a full 12 damage in the leg (thankfully it's only weapon damage or I might've been screwed)

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This thread is now about awesome guns. Preferrably unnecessarily cool ones, or decorative ones. Post!

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What the hell is that thing? I mean, it's gorgeous, but what's going on with that double magazine? Is this some kind of crazy semi-automatic bolt-action fusion?

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I have no idea myself, I just saw it on /k/ and saved it.

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Probably a regular bolt action mechanism, just loading from two stacks to increase ammo capacity. Would probably be mechanically unreliable but it still looks sweet.

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>Magazine fed


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fuck you, cockgunmonglers

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Triple barreled shotgun. For when you need to kill every fucking thing ever and look like Chris Redfield while doing it.

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This one's just for you, axefags!

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There you go. Axe-gun. Now everyone's happy.

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That's going into Pathfinder.
"It's a wand, Grun. A wand that shoots axes."

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Magnum shotgun. Because there can be nothing more manly than this.

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Unnecessary, yes.

Awesome, Hells yes!

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Holy shit all it needs is a hammer and a pint of ale to be the dorfyist weapon ever!

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oh my god that is the most awesome gun I have ever seen

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It's probably chambered in .410. Because anything else would be fuckhuge to the point of being unwieldy.

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I fucking love /ktg/ threads.

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would it have been better to ask for a greataxe thread on /k/?

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shotguns: the manliest guns known to man

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Not at all. I wasn't saying that ironically, I love seeing the crazy things that get dredged up on /tg/ weapons threads.

My pic was related, I found it here a few months back.

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Brah, you aint seen nothin.

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I was laughing my ass of at the cinema watching the Expendables. The shotgun scene in the tunnels was one of several times I did it.

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it's made by a russian company called Baikal, and they do make a 12ga version

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Leave it to the Russian's to build something this insane...

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Bumping the thread with more extravagant guns because the gun-jacker is back from his Canadian Turkey Day! I hear Tweed is in season.

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women with tweed are sexy.

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Now, in my quasi-modern setting, there will be a weapon called the "KTG Autogun."

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I see your 3 barrels and raise you a 4th

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I call. Full clip, HE rounds high.

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more of those

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Thirty barreled taser!

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They actually existed!

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More awesome guns, /ktg/?

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rolled 75 = 75

sup bitches

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What the fuck is that

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Olympic marksman's pistol

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Bloody hell, the apache revolver. The brass knuckles are the most effective part of that abomination.

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The ultimate weapon. You can punch, shoot, and stab someone at THE SAME TIME. HOLY SHIT.

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rolled 37 = 37

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rolled 97 = 97

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Yo dawg,

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>fukken saved

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rolled 26 = 26

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Historically, two-bitted (bladed) axes were never used in combat for obvious reasons. All found two-bitted axeheads have been determined to be either ceremonial or tools, being much thicker than a weapons-grade axe anyway, or being made of materials unfit for weapons, such as gold.

There's just no sense in swinging around an axe with an extra blade. One blade is more than enough for anything you're going to kill with an axe. You aren't going to break the axe in the span of one fight, and even if you do, it's more likely it's the haft that breaks. An extra blade simply adds weight, and in a fight, any extra weight is bad. And it required more resources to make, too. And it was more sensible to put a beak on the other side if you wanted two hitting surfaces, since I can guarantee that if it's not going down with one blade, it's not going down with the other either. But if you have another type of damage there... then it might.
Sure, someone might have used a two-bitted woodman's axe to defend his life. But the same could be said of rocks, dead animals and shoes. Doesn't make them weapons. Trees don't move out of the way, so you can take your sweet time, and it's long work, so you might actually want to switch your blade because the other's going dull (over the course of days or weeks), since you probably don't want to stop to go fetch a new one.
Actually, it could just be said that axe blades in general were much smaller than what's often depicted. You really don't need that much to axe-murder another human being. And you don't need a big head slowing you down when a smaller one (evidently) works.

Still, I do admit that in fantasy, a big fucking axe is cool.

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Gah, typo.

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rolled 95 = 95

and now a weapon Nurgle would be proud of...

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Bless you, Springfield Armory.
Is this the Gen2 JAE-100 stock?

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rolled 91 = 91

>And it was more sensible to put a beak on the other side if you wanted two hitting surfaces, since I can guarantee that if it's not going down with one blade, it's not going down with the other either. But if you have another type of damage there... then it might.

a bit like 'k' then?

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There's a version of that (wheel lock instead of flintlock) in one of the supplements for the All For One: Regime Diabolique RPG.

Civil War era Bowie Knife, with an actual handguard.

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rolled 34 = 34

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K or F, yeah.

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