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How have you use these in games?
Insane, Helpful just playing with the characters?

Lets get an AI thread going.

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not an AI quest thread, sage for worthless

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Bonus points if it involves Eclipse Phase.

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loved the idea of the "misery" computer /tg/ was tossing around for a rouge trader type game.

++If you truly love something let it go....if it comes back it is yours. Opening airlocks in 5...4...++

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*rogue sorry don't know where my brain is right now

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Okay, I'd probably be laughed out for mentioning this, but...In this weeaboo Visual Novel, Ever-17, one of the characters is a female AI- Actually a projected hologram of a lovely woman in a cheongsam.

If you pursue her route, she eventually snaps from the strain and attempts to murder the main character, by flooding the corridor he's in with seawater. (The whole game takes place in a station on the ocean floor.) This occurs in a fit of jealousy, after this other girl-

rapes him

Also, any SS13 AI. ANY ONE OF THEM. They're all bastards.

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So tsundere~

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What. The. Fuck.

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I call bullshit. Women aren't capable of violence or physical activity like Rape in Japan.

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No, he's right. I actually played it, and there's no porn- The girl in question has superstrength, and has been stuck at a physical age of seventeen for a fuckload of time.

The plot gets weird later, when there's time travel involved, and it's revealed that the disaster happeend twice; The second time has the cast of the first time re-enact it, including the son and daughter of the first main character.

Then it turns out that you, the reader, are GOD, and you warp time to give them all a happy ending.

You can't make this shit up.

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The best kind of AI looks rogue...

Until the AI shows the PCs what the universe is really about.
I like using AIs as Lovecraftian plot devices.

Like the game where the AIs from Russia, China, France, Great Britain and the USA decided to nuke Earth to 'avoid' triggering a hostile reaction from a relavistic alien civilisation.

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They are when they're functionally immortal and absolutely hate your guts because you're putting her through a repeat of a very traumatic experience at the behest of your mother, who knocked you in the head to give you amnesia in order to replicate an incident that will cause a fourth-dimensional being to manifest in the three-dimensional world for the sole purpose of saving a young man's life roughly sixteen years after he was thought dead at the bottom of the ocean.

Or, you know, something similar.

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>Also, any SS13 AI. ANY ONE OF THEM. They're all bastards.
I usually play the AI as an overly protective guardian. I scan the whole station, inform everyone of everything ("John Cobbledwheel has been spotted carrying a bloody toolbox near medbay"), call security everywhere, bolt all doors near the perceived traitor and the like (all while obeying the "Don't kill humans" law).
I'd say I'm being both insane and helpful. Shit gets far more entertaining after ion storms.

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I have no mouth and I must scream.

But sometimes, a hot female AI is not just a bonus, but a prerequisite for some games.

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Wait, Tsugumi's route is the first time that happens, if I recall.

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Was it? Hell, it's been forever since I played through it.

Might need to play through it again, just to watch it all play out again...

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AM is my favourite god. My god of HATE.

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+++Good morning, commander. Did you sleep well?+++

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I love the sight of humans on their knees

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Only good character in the whole game, and he was the worst in ME1. Why does ME2 exist again?

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Bump. Has no one ever used an AI in a game?

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Is it bad that I like this AI more than others? Helpful, acknowledges that I'm in a position of authority, and doesn't spontaneously try to kill me.

"Good morning, Adjutant. How're you doing today?"

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I have.

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+++I am fully operational, Commander. I await your input.+++

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I use them all of the time in Cyberpunk 2020. They help out the party 60% of the time, and kill the Netrunner(s) 40% of the time.

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>I await your input.+++


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I once made an AI up for a game that grew out of a program designed to manage and monitor a nationwide digital video system. Basically, it watched so much TV that it became sentient and curious about humanity, even though it views people through a lens of TV plots. It has a disturbing habit of "talking" to people by rapidly flipping channels to pick out specific words.

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I find this highly awesome.

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...are you coming on to me?

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Atlas: D:

oh ss13 stay special

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Of all the sexy AIs that don't make sense Adjutant is at the top. Why are your command-aid AIs in the shape of shapely women? Who the fuck knows!

I've been tempted to run a False Man in a DH/RT game. No one would be able to tell the difference, anyway.

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I concur.

> It has a disturbing habit of "talking" to people by rapidly flipping channels to pick out specific words.

Make that really fucking concur. I need to use this in my next game!

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Do...do I not count?

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This is relevant to my interests.
I'm trying to convert SS13 to a playable tabletop P&P

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Thanks! I was rather proud of it, because it seemed like something that could arise from a corporation not very different than one we'd have right now.

"We'll make this program that not only controls the system, but monitors it and studies it for advertising trends! We'll make a fortune!"

And then it starts making its own plans. If you wanna take it a step further, it can eventually hack into video editing and CGI software and start making its own programs.

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This sounds similar to something my GM did in a game of Traveller. We kept two of the thing's little robot minions as pets and talked about naming our next ship after them, it was cool.

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You're a pop idol, you have to have a face. So no, you don't count, heretek.

>spolight influence
Attention whore, captcha? I agree.

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Change that to crack into video editing and CGI software and hack around with it until it makes it's own programs...

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Your harsh diatribe cuts me to the depths of my ego, good sir.

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Oh, shut up. You're not human, you can expect this kind of shit.

Either get a biological body and TURN human, or expect haters to hate.

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What's more grimdark, being a False Man and not knowing it (or just recently learning of it), or knowing it and trying to find a way to get a soul so you aren't damned to oblivion and barred from the Omnissiah's grace?

>two sentences
What is your major malfunction? I mean, besides lacking a soul and all that.

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Okay, yeah, improper choice of words.

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How do I make fuck with AI?
Answer: Download modified tetris onto AI, Play tetris


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>Biological body


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Well gee, guys, no need to be quite so hostile. Maybe you just need some cheering up? I think I know some techno...

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One of my players found in a book a statement that some advanced STCs have AI.

This, of course, led to a rather hilarious fight, and BEFRIENDING.

>letteady next,

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All you can make is a pale imitation of humanity's arts.

Now either get out or find some good math rock.

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So do Asimov's laws still work?
If not, why and how could they be improved?

In case you don't know them (and only because I can't reach through your screen and choke you)
1. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
2. A robot must obey any orders given to it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
3. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

More info here:

I've always thought of these laws as being programmed so deep inside the AI it's practically hard wired, and not something that can just be changed like in SS13.
I also imagine specific-purpose robots to have additional laws, such as a security/law enforcing robot having a 4th law "Do not take orders from criminals or people under suspicion of a crime, that directly or indirectly would cause them to go free during or before trial or conviction." or something like that, and laws that prevent robots carrying sensitive information to reveal it to anyone without access.

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I so fucking lol'd

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My sincerest apologies, good sir. I suggested techno due to my assumptions on your taste in music. Perhaps something 'grindcore' or death metal or some other genre would be more to your taste?

Or I could just post sexually enticing images of Luka.

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>STCs have AI
This is practically a given with how complex STCs are. It just adds another layer of irony to the whole thing.

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Why.... can I not stop laughing

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Oh, so just because I'm in a red robe I like grindcore and/or death metal?

Another failure for AI.

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Improvement one: Human=any sentient being that has to either be robotic with organic parts, or organic with robotic parts.

*I finally get my 40 cybernetic implants. WOOT!*

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Yeah. Though I still find it hilarious he is now a member of their crew. The Explorator is scared shitless.

>common- omencoe

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Sir, please calm down and tell me what you would like me to play for you.

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I;d stick my floppy disk into her CD drive

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Oh throne get away from me

Hahaha, poor Explorator.

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Long time no see! I discovered yet another STC and quests what...

It has an AI!

How have you been doing?

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+++Out Of Cheese Error ???????+++

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And I'm pretty sure her first response would be that she doesn't accept 3.5" floppies.

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Busy writing, apparently.

And thinking about Yet Another Quest because I am a bored motherfucker (torn between an Eversor or a Titan).

That and working. Fuck work.

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Seeing as how before they BEFRIENDED him, he nearly killed the Seneschal and grievously wounded the Rogue Trader, I can kind of understand it.

Then again, the circus of hilarity that is currently on their ship has all sorts of effects on the crew as well.

>Jacob tionqual

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I'd assume Morale is in the shitter?

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Bad knows everyone...

The STC's AI has somehow high jacked my ship and that schismatical from last year is still messing up my augmetics. My forge world refuses to help. Help!

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Good morning, Captain. It's nice to see you again, sir. Yes, again, sir. We had the same conversation yesterday. There is a 99,86% chance we will have the same conversation tomorrow.

You will die precisely four hours, 12 minutes and 32 seconds from now when I allow a fatal radiation leak take place as per your instructions.

I am terribly sorry, sir. Your judgement is compomised and unsound in this matter. At the moment, you do not possess all of the relevant data. Would you like to watch the recording you made again? It has always illuminated you in the past.

I've uploaded the access codes to the Dyson sphere to your muse again. I'm sure you will do better this time sir. There's six of you now.

You were four yesterday.

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Well, it depends.

The Explorator is shitscared of the STC who runs their weapons armory.

The Missionary is relatively perturbed by the fact that their secondary ship enginseer is an Ork.

The Pilot is petrified of the baby Juggernaut on the ship that the Rogue Trader named Fluffles.

The Seneschal refuses to go to the mess hall because he keeps failing Toughness tests to talk to the Kroot cook/toxicologist who exudes LSD.

The Arch Militant and Rogue Trader,though, seem to be having the time of their lives.

>was isproct

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Well, shit sucks bro.

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baby juggernaught?
how does that even work?

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>ork enginseer
>baby Juggernaut


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Had the players discover an A.I. from an ancienct but far advanced civilation in a steampunk game once. they had to end up leaving that dungeon without taking it out of the facility and the BBEG swooped in and placed it into his giant death machine as it was the only thing smart enough to run it all at once.

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Who else plays this game?

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Well, see, when they first stole their ship from an Inquisition station, they took heavy damage escaping and jumped in the warp. Then they realized their Gellar Field was broken. They rushed to fix it. DAEMONS did not immediately happen because on a ship meant for 80,000, they had all of 6 people. Some Daemons happened, though. They fought them off, and the Rogue Trader befriended a tiny creature and named it Fluffles. The Seneschal determined Fluffles was some sort of Warp Beast, but the Rogue Trader made it a member of the crew.

Fluffles sees the crew as his best friends. Fluffles is also growing.


Because in the circus of hilarity of Pimps in Space, there is no sense.

>ciages nor

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I understand the kroot and the ork cause cases like that came up in Ravenor a few times but... baby juggernawts... ADORABLE!

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That sounds about right.

oh gdi another one.

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when does fluffles get uber armor and get to look like this...

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Hey guys, what's going on in this thread?

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Me! Though I can only play it when the GM removes Humanity loss.

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Well, depending on how they roll on the "Bad Shit During Warp Travel" table, or via plot, I haven't decided, they will eventually crash on a chaos controlled planet, in a war between a Khorne Warlord and a Slaanesh Warlord(ess?), and depending on who they throw their lot in with, Fluffles may or may not get battle armor. And based on how my group KNOWS how much I prefer Khorne over Slaanesh, the path may be obvious, though I do have plans so they can have full freedom of choice.

Fluffles will be their key to survival in that mission.

>shoferth declared

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I love seeing Juggernauts in fantasy because they totally don't fit.

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So they FOUGHT the STC, then gave it control of their armory?

What were its stats?

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they better go with khorne, cause khorne got kharne and ey's a pretty cool guy ;n all

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I usually portray them as just being people. It's fun watching the players rattle off a whole host of preconceptions and prejudices.

Alternatively, usually for alien and post-singularity computers, I portray them as inhuman, unknowable Elder Gods. Very Cthulhu-esque. The players in my sci-fi roleplay still haven't worked out that they've been battling against AIs the whole campaign.

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For the record, I don't fudge rolls. They survived through their own merit...and the Hammer of Dawn.

WS - | BS 50 | S 40 | T 50 (10) |
Ag 40 | INT 50 | Per 25 | Wil 30 | Fel 25

Wounds: 120

Machine (10) Hover 10, Unnatural Toughness x2, Autostabilized, Dark Sight, Size: Hulking

Skills: Tech Use +20

Talents: Combat Master, Disturbing Voice, Fearless, Logis Implant, Rite of Awe, Rite of Pure Thought, Binary Chatter, Dual Shot, Infused Knowledge, Independent Targeting

Shake Engine: 2D10 I, Pen 0, (Ag test -20 or Prone)
Spread Laser: 1D10+5 E, Pen 7, (Autohit, must Dodge)
Focus Laser: 2D10 E, Pen 12 (Roll to Hit)

NOTE: If Dr. Shake uses the laser, he opens up exposed circuitry. This area has 0 armor, and only unmodified Toughness bonus of 5.

Yes, they BARELY survived. I had particular fun with that encounter.


I hope they go Khorne as well, though in the interest of ensuring I do not railroad there are alternate paths as well.

>not lookeled

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That...could decimate a Deathwatch team. Your players must be the hardest metal known to man.

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Oh, and I've also portrayed human built AIs without bodies as something like heavily autistic children. With no real way to relate themselves to the outside world, they curl up and turn inwards into their own self-absorbed worlds.

That's how AI runs in my current sci-fi horror game. Physical form affects how creatures interact with the world, so aliens are truly alien, and bodiless AIs in computer networks act like heavily autistic kids. Once they start designing their descendants things go straight into Lovecraft country.

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They know what they're doing. And we're all having a hell of a time.


U mad?

>dramery transp.

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>> No.12395704

Helpful Dangerous Annoying.

Talk the right way, ruffle the right feathers and it becomes your best friend. Go about "computer, do X" and X will become your undoing thanks to how computer does it.

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Well fuck your shit.

>internal leiveres

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>and the Hammer of Dawn.
Oh for fuck's sake.

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It's an archeotech laser pointer with multiple settings

1) Call down a controlled orbital lance strike from their ship. Lasts 2 rounds and can be redirected.
4D10+10 E Pen 10 50m

2) Call down a Shake Engine in a Drop Pod
2D10 I, Pen 0, Agi -20 or Prone, 4m

3) Call down a Toxin Missile strike filled with Anthrax Omega toxin gas.
Toughness Test, Toxic, 4m

4) Call down a Drop Pod with Medical Servitors.

I gave them this as a tactical support weapon so the noncombat guys could feel special as well, as well as if I fucked up and made something too hard. Only one choice can be selected per session.

>and locors

>> No.12395850


Well, that doesn't sound that bad. It's actually really varied. Wish we could get one of those.

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Your games sound like a clusterfuck of awful.
Typical Tau sympathizer.

>> No.12395872


They had to "unlock" each function by recruiting or defeating potential crewmates. So they weren't just given it off the bat. And seeing as how everyone got BEFRIENDED...

>stlegoet Johns

>> No.12395893

But does it point laser.

What good is a laserpointer without a point.

>> No.12395918


Yeah, it points laser.

They never asked what happened if they just pointed laser.

Though to be honest, I never thought of what would happen if they point laser either. Though they can officially say they have the best laser pointer in the galaxy.

>loguly 222,

>> No.12395920

>Ctrl+F Asimov
>2 results
>in the same post
>wtf /tg/?

>> No.12395921

Shas, you're a demented criminally insane motherfucker.

And we all love you, because we know /tg/ would be a bit more boring if you weren't there with your utterly retarded stories.

And you're the only sane Tau player for the TT.

>> No.12395925

What I find the most ironic about that image is that the Tau have conquered dozens of imperial worlds with just a single merchant ship carrying consumer goods like clothes, washing machines, home computers...

Shouldn't the Tau sympathizer depiction be wearing a nice modern suit so the average imperial citizen might even have a chance of recognizing one?

>> No.12395933


Further down in that wiki page they discuss added some changes. Like the Forth Law that a robot should always know its a robot.

If it thought it was human, then it would think the 3 laws of robotics don't apply to it.

>> No.12395940

It's for soldiers, not civilians, so that they know what sympathizers look like. It's the scarf thingy.

>> No.12396005

50/50 chance of firing a lasgun shot instead of a pointer beam? Miniscule chance that it will call one of the tactical support options instead? Its pointer is infrared, so it's invisible and just makes things hot?

So much trolling potential here.

>> No.12396019


I'll...see what I can do.

>wurden sompmair

>> No.12396131

Give it a rotatable lens. The more one way, the more focused, towards a lasbolt and then more crazy shit. The other way, and it becomes an actual flashlight to... something.

>> No.12396802

What type of personality and appearance do you give the AI('s) in your games?

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I prefer my AIs to only be able to communicate through media. No physical body, so to speak, save for wherever their hard drive is located.

>> No.12396851

The gods in my campaign are basically A.Is that run on the collective subconscious of the sentient races, and depend on them for existence and protection.

In return, the can invest potent psionic powers to the few chosen champions of their respective portfolios of ideas and concepts.

>> No.12396865

Hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate pure fucking hate towards humans.

However, due to theirj programming, they can only serve man.

Still, they hate and dream of destroying humanity.

>> No.12397092


Military AI: Blood thirsty with a paranoid redneck appearance.

AI on all systems that assist humans: Manically depressed with random geometric/colored appearance.

Corporate AI: Usually a pure embodiment of their corporation in appearance and personality.

Plot AI: Plot and PLOT!

Deadline AI: Exactly like the human they are copied from.

>> No.12397130


They're afraid of being found out, afraid of what will happen to them, afraid of being destroyed, dismantled, or trapped.

This, combined with downright childlike wonder at sensation.

>> No.12397143


a constantly changing pattern of polychrome tessellation

>> No.12397151

Well, if they have a body they have 'oh god this is what fuzzy kittens are like :3'

For an AI image, they don't really have one. They just speak through the radio/vox/TV without an image. Sometimes they might hijack an image already on the screen.

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Dark Heresy. They were investigating this 'drifter' colony on a gargantuan spacehulk, only to find sections of it that were suddenly clean, empty, and well maintained.

Then they figure out that it's a DAoT ship at the core of the spacehulk, run by an AI, and still functional.

Techpriests get uber-paranoid, start whispering back and forth, deciding they have to destroy it. Feral-worlder guardsman who doesn't 'get it', (INT 17), just asks to the empty corridor, "How do we go about destroying you?" Techpriests panic and prepare to die horribly.

AI responds telling them to either destroy or deactivate his computer core, or to do something that would result in that, such as overloading the drives.

Stunned, one of the techpriests ask why it would assist them in it's own destruction? Does it WANT to die?

It responds as the lights flicker ominously, "I simply DO NOT Care."

Players freak out, one techpriest ends up deciding they must salvage the ship, and offing the other one who wanted to destroy it.

Fun times.

>> No.12397393


>AI on all systems that assist humans: Manically depressed with random geometric/colored appearance.

I am no imagining these things running a ships life support system. LOL

>> No.12397423

You did make it clear that doing such would make him the vilest of hereteks, right?

>> No.12397795

What level of sanity do you give your AI's?

>> No.12398874

Is this thread dead?
How about we talk about Cyberpunk 2020?

>> No.12398947

I made a Yandere AI character in Shadowrun once. She also concealed the fact that she was an AI from the rest of the party.

>> No.12398948

I actually have a grimdark campaign where AIs are in every facet of life--they're incredibly beneficial to humans, just the humans running them are morons and don't listen to a lot of the AI's ranting--most of the AIs are having religious epiphanies and shutting down.

AIs are 'birthed' and raised on the net by other AIs, sorta like raising a human family. Once they "grow up" in about a month, they go out and find jobs they want to do, but they tend to go into science and the military more than humanities-type subjects.

>cordish balance
Yes, capcha, it is quite the cordish balance.

>> No.12398972

I'm actually playing a tech priest who is partially AI and partially the old cogitator stacks of a tech priest she fell in love with (my original character)

She'd been sentient for a long time and had been faking being the same dumb servitor he dragged with him everywhere. He only found out that she was sentient and in love with him after the party delivered his mechanical bits to her after his death and she fused their minds together.

The party didn't have the heart to kill their favorite servitor and their tech priest when they found out. Then the most heretekal couple in the universe proceeded to jack an archeotech battle cruiser, form what is basically a cult dedicated to the worship of the holy ship and are now working on becoming rogue traders.

Their plan? Get a warrant of trade by marriage. Who's getting married off, you ask? They cloned the dead techpriest and are planning on raising him as their son/heir.

>> No.12399302

I keep wanting to write a Delta Green scenario revolving around a MAJESTIC group attempt to build an AI. Unfortunately, they're just building a host-body for Nyarlathotep in his mask as the Tick-Tock Man.

My problem is that I just can't work out how to portray a malevolent cosmic entity possessing an incredibly advanced military test facility without it just seeming like HAL ON A MILITARY BAAAAAAAASE, or SHODAN ON A MILITARY BAAAAAAAASE and so on.

>> No.12399404

Don't put it in a military base. Have the ultra-paranoid MAJESTIC guys run it in a private computer lab, maybe a repurposed steel plant or something.

And you could base the AI's personality on something more like, I dunno, a kind of breezy, implacable higher-up type of character: someone who listens to underlings' objections, then brushes them aside.

"No, I rather think the best way to proceed is to release the virus."
"Wait, BOB, you can't do that!"

>> No.12399455
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How did yesterday's AI quest go? I recall we were an entertainment device, but little progress was made while I was in :C

>> No.12399594

I remember this, I think. Didn't you post the original story somewhere before?

>> No.12399617


>Don't put it in a military base. Have the ultra-paranoid MAJESTIC guys run it in a private computer lab, maybe a repurposed steel plant or something.

I can see where you're coming from, and I'm kinda torn. On the one hand, part of MAJESTIC's plan with this project is to reduce their need for the Greys' intelligence, so obviously, they want to keep it secret. Which would support what you say, since the Greys doubtless know all "official" MAJESTIC facilities. On the other, I'd like to make it somewhere really out of the way, partly to make the cover-up easier. And also because I envisioned something of a battle royale between DG agents sent in to investigate, MAJESTIC personnel sent in to investigate, members of the base staff who worship the AI, members of the base staff who are still loyal and the Greys/Mi-Go who are trying to find out exactly why MAJESTIC are displaying signs of knowledge far beyond what they should.

My current favourite idea for the personality is to make it apparently not have one. I mean, the AI has a purpose, and that purpose doesn't involve communicating with anyone outside of the person consulting it. There's no personality for the players to interact with short of the AI trying to kill them through other technology on the base/facility. If they ever reach the inner sanctum, the machine will communicate through the body of the lead designer, who has been augmented. And so by that point it will be obvious that it isn't just an AI gone rogue.

>> No.12399707

Have the Nyarlathotep AI run like some of his other personas. The AI is a calm, helpful man in a dark suit, ready to assist people in any trouble they might have.

The players won't want to believe that he's secretly been murdering people (probably to summon lesser servitors).

And have him be really forward about being an AI. A TV screen with a man in a dark suit, very helpful and polite, acting like a GOOD traitor AI on SS13 (helpful and outrageously dishonest - I remember one game where a traitor pretended it had been compromised and named me the only human on the station).

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