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Pt 1: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/12300799/
Pt 2: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/12307838/
Pt 3: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/12319589/
Pt 4: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/12329208/

This is Sororitas Quest Chapter 2. You do not need to read Chapter 1 to get what's going on but its a good idea.

RULES: The rule of cool is heavily used and is very different from being stupid. It does, however become more flexible the more zealous and excited you are in your actions.

Let us begin


You sit at your desk fingering your inquisitorial pendant. Something was wrong. The warp was stirring and even with all the new daemons, the Adepta Sororitas sing of some sort of savior... Esme the Exalted Martyr...

You sift through the photos on your desk, coming to rest on a picture of a sister with a badly scarred face and eyepatch. You flip the picture over. "Celestian Superior Tessa..." You mumble to yourself. According to Canoness Galatea's report, she was the one closest to the Sister... She would be the best link.

You sit back, taking a deep drag of your cigar. Its not that you didn't trust the word of the sisters... Far from it, but the Ecclesiarch is concerned. They want to know who this... Esme is and if she's a threat. Ever since that one sister, what was her name... Stern?.... turned from the guidance of the ecclisarch, they have been paranoid, watching and waiting.

You took another long puff, pocketing the symbol of the inquisition. Its time to pay these sisters a visit. You stand slowly, massaging one temple. Somehow you know that you're getting into something that is far greater than yourself.

>> No.12385207


It was hard to believe that the incident, commonly referred to as The Battle of False Saints, was only now being truly investigated, a several months after its occurrence. Each previous attempt had resulted in those involved to abandon all reason, so convinced by the Sisters' cries of praise. Of course, those before you did not have the mental training you had received.

You rose to your feet, dropping your cigar and grinding it under your boot. The sisters involved had been relocated from the outposts in the Centaurus Arm all the way down into the Veiled Region. Close enough to keep an eye on them, but remote enough that their ideas wouldn't spread if they were indeed heretical.

One of your Assistants poked his head into the room. "Inquisitor Delessa Kravos. Your ship is ready. We shall depart when you are ready."

You dismiss him with a nod. Despite your adept psykic abilities and force blade fashoned after the eastern weapons of ancient times, you should probably grab a weapon and some armor just in case. You've only had real training with lighter armors, pistols, and chain weapons, though you know the basics of the medium sized weapons and other armors. You knew nothing of how to deal with heavy weaponry.

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bump for players

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What kind of psyker are we?

Carapace armor and a bolt pistol.

>> No.12385323


Your powers are heavy on offense.

You make your way to the armory and grab some carapace armor and a bolt pistol. They are both very familiar to you and feel right in your hands. You look around the armory again. Is there anything else you want?

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Is there any miscellaneous gear in the armory or just weapons and armor? A microbead, auspex, and vox-caster would be nice. Hell, a rosarius if there is one.

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Technically speaking, wouldn't she be a Lady Inquisitor, not a Lord?

>> No.12385412

Hey His Divine Power! I ll get a bit into this!

Take a melee weapon just in case like the force blade. If I were a sister I would tke a flamer too. Also a jetpack if allowed.

>> No.12385430

I think we're just going on to talk to a Sister. Coming armed to the teeth may be insulting or threatening.

>> No.12385434


There is a Micro-bead, auspex, and rosarius. There is a vox-caster on your ship.

>> No.12385446

Cool. Take all of that.

>> No.12385448


you take a chainblade. No telling if a force weapon would offend the sisterhood or not.

>> No.12385474

Nuts to that, let's take a power blade disguised as a cane.

We're Inquisition, let's do this with style.

>> No.12385497


You grab the objects in question, donning the micro-bead and rosarius immediately. Nodding with satisfaction, you head to your ship. If all goes according to plan, you'll dock at Eagle's Talon, a much larger ship capable of warp travel, and then arrive at the sisterhood a short time later.

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>> No.12385606


The ride to The Eagle's Talon was uneventful, but something kept clawing at the back of your mind. Something was off about this whole ordeal, you just couldn't figure out what.

Once on board, the captain begins preping for the jump into warp space. This will take roughly 20 minutes, giving you time to explore the ship and any resources it may contain

>> No.12385634

Explore the ship! Start at the cargohold, see if anything is of interest.

>> No.12385782


You set off quickly through the ship. Unlike other ships of its class, this one was surprisingly well maintained, probably due to its usual proximity near Holy Terra.

The Cargo bay held enough supplies to sustain a small army or several months. The armory was similarly stockpiled. There were several escape pods, though one seemed to be in very poor condition. The engine room was locked tight, as were the living quarters and brig.

Not surprisingly, there was a full sized chapel inside the ship. It was empty at the moment.

>> No.12385822

Since we are at the to chapel I say tiem to say a prayer to the Emperor for guidance, wisdom and strength for the upcoming joureny. Then I would check that badly kept pod.

>> No.12385921


You clasp your hands and kneel before the statue of the emperor, praying to him for guidance. You feel a gentle tingle down your spine as you contemplated the sheer scope of his power, a smile spreading lightly across your lips.

You don't stay long though, opting to take a closer look at that pod. It was escape pod number 6 and, unlike the other 9 in this area, the lights on the console were off. You frown and open the airlock, poking your head inside. Other than some age stains and dings in the metal, you don't see anything out of the ordanary... Then again your not a tech priest. You wouldn't know where to look.

>> No.12385982

Note to inform the appropriate authorities about the unkept pod, be it the captain of the ship or whoemever. If no smell of taint is present then check the armory.

>> No.12386032


You glanced about once more. You didn't sense any chaos but... You shook off the feeling, closing the pod once more.

You head to the armory, informing a passing tech-priest about the pod.

"Oh forgive me Inqusitor. That pod has not been in service for some time. The is nothing mechanically wrong with it but machine spirits inside are completely silent. We have tried everything..."

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How much time has passed since part one? It must be a while if Tessa's a superior now, weren't Esme and Tessa Novices at the start of last week's game?

>> No.12386086

"Why isn't it in service for such a long time did something happen with it in the past that machine spirits went silent?"

>> No.12386109


Its been about 6-8 months. Tessa's relation to Esme and her determination for redeption has vaulted her to the top. She isn't a veteran superior though.

>> No.12386158


"We do not know Inqusitor." He moved his mechanical arm and pressed several buttons on his chest. "It was always fickle before i've been told. I wasn't actually here when it stopped working. All I know is that the holy machines will not speak. We cannot even disengage it from the ship without having to compromise hull integrity."

His one visible eye scrunched up a little as if he were attempting to smile. "I would not worry Inqusitor. It will be looked at by an elder priest soon. And if you are concerned with your own safety, there are far more than enough pods to accomidate everyone currently on the ship."

>> No.12386193

"Thank you priest! Please resume your duties, glory to the emperor!"

Look into the armory for a short time as well if we have time if we are warpin soon then return to our place and timeskip.

>> No.12386268


(fyi telling me when to timeskip could prove to be hazardous to your character's health you never know when everything will go wrong ;3)

You peek into the armory. Its full of mostly bolters and las weaponry though there is a good bit of plasma and meta weaponry in side. Very little Flame based weaponry and several crates full of grenades.

You return to the bridge, the captain slightly annoyed at you for taking so long, warping in the moment you are buckled into your seat.

The warp jump was far more turbulent than you expected. Especially for such a large ship, but your warp shields held and you came out within a reasonable distance of your destination.

You feel your psykic senses crackle a little bit like static over a radio as they always do in the warp. But you were out of the warp now...

>> No.12386315

Check with the Astropath or any other psykers on board to see if they are experiencing the same sensation. Try to discern the source.

>> No.12386331

>>(fyi telling me when to timeskip could prove to be hazardous to your character's health you never know when everything will go wrong ;3)
Aww okay thanks for the warning, under timeskip I meant "nothing else I can think about doing".


So seems the warp jump went okay, ask the captain how long is ETA. Then wait, maybe look at the stars around the around us.

>> No.12386340


You ask around, seeing if any of the other psykicly attuned people on board feel the same thing you do.

One of them admits to feeling an uncharacteristic jolt when exiting warp space, but other than that, nothing.

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Sauce on pic?

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bump for reply

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umm I did >>12386331 ask the relevant person for ETA to our destination.

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After talking to the psykers, you return to the bridge, talking to the captain. He points to a blip on the radar and informs you that you should arrive at the orbiting ship in less than ten minutes.

You should probably make sure you are presentable.

>> No.12386560

Then do as we must! Go to our private quarter get ourselves into presentable condition, stop by the chapel and thank the Emperor for his safe guidance to our destination and get ready.

>> No.12386604

I would imagine we're more or less ready to go, since the description makes Delessa read more like the trench-coat-sporting hard-edged sort of inquisitor than the Elizabethan-noble-looking sort.

>> No.12386617


Silently praising the emperor, you go into your ship. It had quarters sufficient enough for your needs. You quickly cleaned up, smoothing the wrinkles out of your clothing and donning a small aquila lapel pin. You put the bolt pistol in the holster on your right hip.

What should you carry with you when you board? The force weapon or the chain weapon

>> No.12386632


She's a bit of both. You have to wear the shinies when dealing with the sororitas


And this is me. Google Chrome likes to act up sometimes.

>> No.12386633

What's better against chaos spawn?

>> No.12386639


Is our force weapon especially noticeable? Many of them could pass for power weapons if no one was aware of their true nature. If that's the case, we should take our force weapon. If it's especially noticeable somehow, then take the chainsword.

>> No.12386662

Tka the chainsword instead making our superior rasie her eyebrows is not something a truly faithful sister would do.

>> No.12386666

The force weapon
Its not overly flashy but it is a rather distinct blade. It may or may not be noticed

>> No.12386679


Members of the Sororitas aren't the superiors of Inquisitors. They're in completely separate chains of command, except when groups of Sisters are assigned to the inquisitor, but then they would be our character's subordinates.

>> No.12386699

So we have to choose between a better weapon that might give us away as a psyker or a standard chain weapon?

Hmmm, I guess I'd still go with the force weapon.

>> No.12386712

oh you are right! I kinda forgot Delessa is not a sister.

>> No.12386776

Then go with the force weapon as he said.

>> No.12386820


You take the force weapon and buckle it to your left hip. You gaze longingly at the box of cigars on your desk and hesitate before grabbing two, putting them and your lighter in a pouch on your hip for later.

You wait for the two ships to dock, walking slowly into the vessel belonging to the sisters. Your acolytes had offered to accompany you, but you turned them down. An excessive show of force would only prompt an even greater one in return.

You were greeted by Canoness Galatea. She had been shot in the arm with a bolt pistol during The Battle of the False Saints and it ended up needing to be amputated and replaced with a prosthetic. She was currently in full armor, sporting a jet black powerfist with gold trim and a rather large white fleur de lys instead of a standard mechanical arm.

She smiled at you as you came aboard, extending her hand to you. "Welcome Madame Inquisitor. We've been expecting you for some time. How was your trip?"

>> No.12386841

be back later, getting dinner

>> No.12386856

"It was quite well, Canoness. Thank you for having me."

>> No.12386893


"As well as can be expected, I suppose. At the risk of seeming forward, I think it would be in everyone's interest that we begin the debriefings as soon as is possible."

>> No.12386904

"Luckily, my voyage through the immaterium was rather uneventful. I hope the Emperor has cast his blessings upon you as well?"

>> No.12386927


She leads you into the ship, surprisingly light-hearted for such a hardened warrior.

"I'm glad it was. The warp has been very turbulent as of late. There's a storm coming, metaphorically speaking. But I believe that the Exalted Martyr will come back before then, guided by the Emperor's will."

She led you into a sort of common room, where several handfuls of sisters were relaxing after their prayers and drills.

"While we were informed of your coming, we have not been informed as to why, though I can guess its for the same reason all the others came." She smiled. "Am I right?"

>> No.12386955

"Indeed. I am investigating the circumstances surrounding Sister Esme... The Exalted Martyr, as she has come to be known?"

>> No.12386960

I'm off to bed and I doubt you'll keep this going for the next 6 hours, so I just wanted to tell you that I enjoy your quest immensely. Keep up the good work.

>> No.12386970


oh dont worry i'll keep it up for the next couple of days if i have to. It will be here when you come back

>> No.12387003

"Well, one cannot be too careful... but my purpose here is deeper than a mere investigation into the events of the past. It is the duty of the Inquisition to look always to future threats to the Imperium, as you know, and there are more than enough indications that danger approaches to demand my attentions. I believe that the events around False Saints were only the first act of an entire foul play to come. It is my most promising starting point for anticipating the next move of the Ruinous Powers."

>> No.12387011


The Canoness nodded. "As I thought. While I have been informed of the whole story, I suggest you wait here for Sister Tessa and Sister Verity. They know far more about Esme's past than I do. Sister Tessa especially.

>> No.12387028

"I would like to hear what you know nonetheless. Having more than one perspective is helpful in these investigations."

>> No.12387154


The Canoness nods, turning to one of the sisters in the room. "Please go get Verity and Tessa." The sister nodded and scampered off.

The canoness walks up to a small table and sinks into a chair, gesturing to the one opposite her.

You sit in the offered seat, folding your hands. You watched the Canoness closely for signs of deceit or chaos, but there were none.

"In my 138 years of life, never have I seen anything like Esme. It was three months before the battle with the Black Harlot that I first received their squad. Their training had been mediocre, but their faith was strong and kept spirits on the ship unusually high."

She sat back before continuing, one finger of the power fist lightly tapping on the table. "Esme herself was a handful, though. I never questioned her loyalty to The Golden Throne, and yet, she always seemed to question my orders. She would point out flaws in battle scenarios and occasionally correct her superiors. It was hard to discipline her since she was usually correct."

>> No.12387304


"So she was gifted with insight into the Tactica Imperialis and possessed of a certain forward confidence. Certainly, that is not unheard of within the ranks of the Sisterhood. When did you begin to believe that Esme was more than a promising, if difficult, novice?"

>> No.12387412


The Canoness shook her head. "Gifted as she was, She was a poor shot if her target was too distant and she often neglected her training in favor of prayer. While her faith is admirable, her skills suffered."

The canoness continued to speak for several more minutes when a Sister Hospitaller walked in, followed by a sister in full armor. She had an eyepatch with a mess of scars carved into her face all around it and a double edged evicerator on her back.

"Ah yes." The Canoness rose to her feet. "Inquisitor. This is Sister Verity" she gestured to the hospitaller, "And Sister Tessa." She clasped the battle sister on the shoulder. "I've told you everything I can. These two will answer any other questions you have. If you'll excuse me."

With a small bow, the Canoness left the room, several of the sisters giving her a small nod as she left the room.

>> No.12387481

"Sisters, thank you for coming. Please be seated. If you would, please describe in your own words your relationships to Sister Esme, ... er The Exalted Martyr, especially those events that led you to believe she was in some way exercising unusual powers. Perhaps you should begin, Sister Tessa, as my dossier indicates that you have the longest history with the subject."

>> No.12387614


Both sisters sat down, Tessa speaking first. "I grew up with Esme and never once did she seem to exhibit any type of special ability until our final test. She err..." Tessa's face tightened a bit, Verity placing one hand on hers. "She restored my eye after I was ambushed by Slaaneshi culstists..."

Tessa continued just a bit too quickly, wanting to avoid that memory as much as possible. "I did not inform the Canoness immediately because I did not feel I was in a position to judge." She stopped for a moment, her eyes distant. "Maybe it was the emperor himself making me hold my tongue. I'm not one for keeping such things to myself."

"At that point I merely believed her to be a psyker who hid her powers from the Ecclesiarchy to avoid being outcast. It's rare but not unheard of in the sisterhood."

>> No.12387670

Any idea why her powers seemed to manifest at that point? How did she herself react to her abilities?

>> No.12387696


The woman frowned. "She seemed reluctant. Which is understandable considering her position, but... It was more like confusion. Some of these questions, inquisitor, you will have to ask Esme herself when she returns."

>> No.12387707


>> No.12387798


I like your zeal! :3

>> No.12387820

"Returns? I'm sorry- I'm afraid I don't understand. What do you mean by 'returns' sister Tessa?
And may I ask why you have not replaced your other eye, yet?"

>> No.12387840

"Interesting- as I see from my dossier, it appears that only you and Sister Esme escaped from the situation alive. I must know how such a situation got out of hand so quickly. Please, describe to me the circumstances of your capture, and how you survived when so many of your sisters fell."

>> No.12387873

"But do you know how, exactly, Sister Esme acquired these powers?
Tell me about her- did you notice any change in her behavior following her exhibiting them?"

>> No.12387897


She smiled, folding her hands. "Of course, Inquisitor Delessa. The warp is stirring and the emperor will send her as our champion when all hope seems lost. I see her in my dreams. The Black Harlot seeks her revenge against us and The Exalted Martyr follows."

Verity pipped in, tapping her chin thoughtfully. "I'd imagine the Harlot is either more powerful in the warp, or can easily hide. Otherwise Esme would have come back already."

>> No.12387946

rolled 17 = 17


"The warp is a terrible place, do you have ideas of Sister Esme- I mean The Exalted Matyr being more tainted by the warp? If she is alive..."

>> No.12387962

At the next oppertunity, acquire a BOLTER CANE

>> No.12387976

"Dreams? can you describe them too me, Tessa?
And Sister Verity, please, explain what you mean by the 'Black Harlot,' my own resources are sadly lacking, only describing her vaguely as one of the few sisters to turn to chaos."

>> No.12387998

These too!

>> No.12388119


"What gave you the idea that she was tainted by the warp in the first place Inqusitor? Regardless of where her powers come from, her faith bolsters them. I do not think anything chaotic would react in such a way."

She took a slow breath. "As for my dreams... I see Esme. She skates through the warp on ribbons of fire, the chaotic energies parting as she approaches. I only see glimpses Inqusitor. As does the Canoness, Verity, and Anna. It is like a beacon of light in a sea of oil, and everything the light touches becomes the purest water."

She was staring straight into your eyes. There was no humor, no falsehood in her expression. After what felt like an eternity, you break her gaze and notice the other sisters in the room had all moved much closer, listening to Tessa recount these facts for what must have been the hundreth time for them. And yet they still listened.

Your thoughts were interrupted by a distant explosion, the deck below your feet shuddering.

>> No.12388152


can't explain everything. just whats relevant at the moment. Read chapter one (links in the original post) and you'll get the entire story up to this point

>> No.12388178

No but I wanted to hear Tessa's version of the story!

>> No.12388222

"We may have to continue this another time."

Go ask someone what the fuck is going on.

>> No.12388226


Alright. ask again when your out of danger and you may just get your wish

>> No.12388297

Quickly now, to battle stations
"Are we under attack?"

>> No.12388328


You quickly get up, the other sisters following suit. The ones who were evesdropping rushed off to suit up, Tessa and Verity following you closely as you rushed down the hall.

You nearly ran headlong into a tech priest. He was babbling madly and much of his flesh and robes had been seared.

"Inquisitor! Praise the Emperor I found you! Pod 6 just detonated! and the halls are howling with daemonic forces!"

>> No.12388354


-_- google chrome..

>> No.12388426

Traitourous pod! You shall be vanquished yet!
"What can we do to help?"

>> No.12388470

We must beat this back with faith!
Begin projecting a mental field to shield against the warp, use all of our psykic proweress the locate this hole and plug it.

>> No.12388527


Tessa began barking orders, grabbing an intercom and yelling over it in high gothic. Within minutes a squad of about 15 sisters, all brandishing some form of chain weapon and various types of pistols entered the hall, lining up. Each one of them had a black bandana around their head, a fleur de lys stiched into it just above same eye that Tessa lacked.

Verity had gone a bit pale, her hand gently touching the stubber she was carrying on her hip. Hospitallers weren't known to carry weapons, and Verity had only taken hers up after the whole bit in the engine room.

She moved quickly to the very center of the squad, the girl's adjusting themselves around her. Tessa pulled her massive chainsword off her back.

"It sounds like you have daemons on your ship Inquisitor..." She flashes you a smile. "Care to let us help out?"

>> No.12388580

"With pleasure, my dears." Smile, draw forceblade.
"Come on then- this isn't a schola picnic outing!"
Where is the source of the demonic incursion?
I know you said pod 6 exploded, but I don't know if that's the source.

>> No.12388624


The tech priest shook his head. "I don't know whe-" He was cut off by Tessa.

"We should start there in any case. Pods don't just explode. They're armored against such things." She revved her chainsword to life, filling the hall with the sound of its screeching teeth.

She looked over her shoulder, grinning from ear to ear. "And if we DO find heresy, what say you girls? Chopped or minced?" The Celestians let out a cheer and Tessa pressed forward quickly, rounding a corner and onto your ship, the others hot on her tail.

>> No.12388649

Gather up any combat ready crew men or ratings we find as well-
at the very least there's strength in numbers

>> No.12388657

>Sororitas Quest

Oh thank goodness! I'd forgotten about this being back on today.

>> No.12388679

"Try not to get to cocky, Sisters. Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment."
Get the techpriest to give us readings on the rest of the ships stability and if there are any leads on where there may be other sources of demonic incursions

>> No.12388750


You ask the Tech Priest to give you the ships status as you follow the sisters in, grabbing anyone you can get your hands on to come and help.

"Err... The ship seems to be holding fine. The explosion was bad but it didn't even pierce the hull completely. I'm not sure how long the area will remain in tact though seeing as..." You and the tech priest run into the sister directly in front of you. She remains solid, glancing back in your direction.

You can't see over the heads of so many sisters, but you hear something. Like nails over a blackboard, a small warp portal opened up behind you, engulfing several of your men, several daemonettes crawling out of the fissure.

>> No.12388752


nice to see you back anon.

>> No.12388838

"Emperor preserve us- FORM A DEFENSIVE LINE!
Rank up! Remember, this is no different then any other boarding action. Those of you with void shields to the front, those of you with boarding pikes behind, don't be afraid to use the det charges on those things! Whatever you do, keep your mind focused. Sing whatever obeisances to the emperor you void rats know, and don't listen to the voices, no matter what the promise!" To the ratings. Well, don't just stand there- fire for the love of the emperor! Those of you with melee weapons perpare yourselves,"

>> No.12388860

Use our ZEAL and psykic powers to seal the warp fissure!

>> No.12388905

What is it that gives us purpose?
What is it that gives the war purpose?
To vanquish the foes of the emperor.
What is the foe of the Emperor?
The heretic, the alien and the mutant.
What is it to be an enemy of the Emperor?
It is to be damned.
What is it to be the instrument of the Emperor's damnation?
We, the Inquisition, the Emperor's right hand.
What does it mean to be part of the Inquisition?
It is to be pure, to be strong, to show no pity, nor mercy, nor remorse.
What is it to be pure?
To never know fear, to never waver in the fight.
What is it to be strong?
To fight on when others flee; to stand and die in the knowledge that death brings ultimate reward.
What is the ultimate reward?
To serve the Emperor.
Who do we serve?
We serve the Emperor, and through Him we serve mankind.
What is the fate of the fallen we hunt?
Retribution and death!

>> No.12388923


winning through pure zeal only works for sisters

>> No.12388936


doesn't mean it wont HELP but you gotta be a little more careful. your still subject to perils of the warp

>> No.12388949

rolled 50 = 50


Get behind the Sisters and help close the fissure with your psyker powers.

>> No.12388967

What have we got then, cynicism?
"Scorn the Deamon for they are deception given form!"

>> No.12388975


Your men cluster together forming a line, the ones in front dropping down and letting the ones behind them fire. The sisters were already pressing forward, the sound of chainswords is deafening as the girls rush off down various corridors, fanatically slicing up every daemon in their path.

You draw your sword and bolt pistol, moving slowly through the hall...

"Well... At least its not as narrow as those damned space hulks..." you mutter to yourself.

>> No.12388996


you've got badass contempt and corny, yet awesome one liners.

oh, and henchmen that are slightly less disposable than guardsmen.

>> No.12389065

Oh Joy
Well, seeing as we're Inquisitors we have potential FORBIDDEN LORE of the warp and it's denzines.
These are deamonettes of slaanesh, so the best way to hurt them outside of physical damage it to point out their imperfections.
"I challenge the, deamons, as is my right. Thou art not of this plane, thou are imperfect in form, thou has't no place here. Thine inequities rank most grieviously and rankle our sense. out, out, get thee out!"
or just
"Ha! Are those claws or can openers? And those breasts- so saggy, really it must be hard for a deamonette of your age to bring in the souls. I suppose that's why you're here being blow to smitherens and not tempting some foolish young sorcerer. And your intestines- I'm sorry, haven't you heard that it's bad taste to bleed yellow after Emperorsmass?"

>> No.12389079

I like that.

>your still subject to perils of the warp
Wait, then who handles our summary execution?

>> No.12389108


either one will work. It depends on if you want to make her snarky and lulzy or frightening and eloquent. either one is unbelievably badass

i'd say find some way to do both

>> No.12389154

How about this quick, hackish combination of the two?

"I challenge the, deamons, as is my right. Thou art not of this plane, thou are imperfect in form, thou has't no place here. Thine inequities rank most grieviously and rankle our sense. out, out, get thee out, for thy claws are as can openers and thy saggy old lady tits induce nought but disgust! And haven't you heard that it's bad taste to bleed yellow after Emperorsmass?"

>> No.12389166

Seconding this, for great justice.

>> No.12389174

This would be awesome as we engage the deamonette in melee combat, stab her, and then finish her off with a bolter round on the last line.

>> No.12389188


The daemonettes howl in rage at your words, screaming in the language of chaos. The slash at their own skin before turning on your men, their faces eviscerated masks of fury. It didn't matter though. Their own self inflicted injuries combined with copious amounts of gunfire brought them down, their bodies evaporating into smoke.

You take a cigar out of your pouch, flipping open your lighter and lighting it without so much as a glance at what your doing, shutting it with a metalic chink.

>> No.12389238

Let's go on our merry way then. There are self-esteems to crush and daemon's to defeat.

>> No.12389259

Inquisitor Kravos?

>> No.12389264

"Frack this- sisters, techpriest who's name who escapes me, we need to get the source of this incursion locked down, or we're going to be playing thwack a heretic with these deamons for the rest of our very short lives. " take a heavy drag, "And you!" Point towards a random rating, "You have a name? The guard complement here call themselves anything?"

>> No.12389274


ehhh on that badass note i'm gonna have to step out for a bit. Friend turning 21. I'll be there for a couple hours before everyone gets so hammered they can't tell up from down.

Don't let the thread 404 while i'm away.

>> No.12389606

Now Archived: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/12385200/

>> No.12389720

Father Alexander Anderson as our retinue Priest

>> No.12390292

I meant appearance wise, but sure.

>> No.12390490

So what is the rest or the retinue?

>> No.12390624

Guardsmen: Hotel Moscow
Priest: Father Alexander Anderson
Tech-Priest: Uh... dunno
Scum: Malcolm Reynolds
Arbitrator: Karrin Murphy
Psyker: Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden

>> No.12390767

Herro Inquisitor Fryface I heard you have open slot for assassin

>> No.12390800

Guess we'll throw in Revy as the Scum then, Gunslinger archetype, and Rock as an Adept.

>> No.12390812

Forgot my pic

>> No.12391103

So which half of them died when the deamonettes showed up?

>> No.12391215


Lets start this back up!

>> No.12391252


All right, let's do some damage control. Casualty reports so far?

>phase-one berscon

Lieutenant Berscone! Initiate Phase One!

>> No.12391322


The sisters were swarming all over the place, ducking in and out of corridors, drenched in Daemonette blood, laughing maniacally as their chainswords ate through their flesh.

The guardsmen look at you helplessly. "We're all from different groups Inquisitor Delessa. I don't think-"

He was cut off as a large purple claw rammed through his chest, the daemonette picking him up over her head, the blood spraying down and coating her semi nude body.

You pinch the bridge of your nose. "I'm surrounded by incompetent fools..."

>> No.12391354

I thought all the deamonettes were dealt with?

>> No.12391386

Shot the deamonettes ass, walk over, kill it, get that guardsman's some medical attention, calmly continue to question him on the strength of the guard complement before he passes out.

>> No.12391393

rolled 45 = 45


Bring up your bolt pistol and shoot a bullet in between that daemonette's eyes then press forward with caution

>> No.12391435


theres a gaping warp portal sitting in front of you and probably several others around. you have a lot of daemonettes to deal with.

>> No.12391440

pistol whip the daemonette!

>> No.12391487


You shoot the daemonette in the leg, shattering its knee, it falls forward and you rush in, pistol whipping it hard enough to snap off one of its horns.

"Interrogation." You say bluntly, grabbing it by its unbroken horn and dragging it down the hall. "Don't just stand there. Come on. The sisters seem to have this under control."

As if on cue several sisters rushed past them, cackling madly, their white hair completely scarlet, smeared with touches of black.

You tie the daemonette up, charging its restraints with psykic energy. The only way she could escape is if one of your horny guardsmen let her loose.

>> No.12391507

"Get that man something before he bleeds out.
And you, miss, what the hell are you doing here on my ship.
How did you get here?"

>> No.12391542

>As if on cue several sisters rushed past them, cackling madly, their white hair completely scarlet, smeared with touches of black.

Dont revel in blood lust for it's own sake sisters. That way lies heresy. Other than that keep up the good work.

>> No.12391558

Psh. So easily captured. I guess they just don't make you filthy like they used to, eh?

Now what the hell were you doing on my ship, can opener?

>> No.12391572


The guardsman was already dead, his lungs and heart pierced by the giant claw that he had been impaled with.

You hear the sisters laughing as they sing praises to the emperor, their chainswords making distinct sounds as they cleave through the enemy's bones.

The daemonette slowly comes to, looking up at you and hissing loudly.

>> No.12391721

We'll get nothing out of interrogating a daemon. Shoot the cursed thing already.

>> No.12391758

On second thought, don't shoot it. Unmake it. Obliterate it. Destroy it utterly, both in body and in spirit. This daemon shall torment the mortal world no longer.

>> No.12391785

rolled 75 = 75


Intimidate, and yell at her. Ask how they got in and what pod they're coming from

>> No.12391928

"The hell are you doing on my ship?"

>> No.12391952

Don't shoot it!

>> No.12392165

We should also as her if she ever gave though to being more reasonable. As far as I know we're still without any kind of waifu.

>> No.12392219

This is a creature of Slaanesh. Torture will not work but it's not without weakness. If you can cut off its sensations, surely it will crumble.

>> No.12393090


you yell at her and she just hisses in response. You motion to your guardsmen and they leave the room and, with a small wave, you do too.

Hopefully a while alone will help loosen her tongue.

The sisters are still killing Daemonettes, though much slower now. It probably just meant the foul beasts were regrouping.

>> No.12393117


sorry guys i had fallen asleep for a bit. its 2 am right now.

>> No.12393219

Can we cut her connection to the warp with our psyker powers or will that simply kill her?

>> No.12393281


I think it's more important we make sure the portals get closed. That daemonette will still be there later, presumably. I think we should try to rejoin the sisters. If any of our powers are related to portal sealing or banishing warp creatures, we should use them.

>> No.12393384

Ok, that's probably a better idea.

>> No.12394233


You hear a sound like the crack of a whip nearby. A portal had closed. Several sisters carrying a large data slate walked away, approaching another portal and reading off the litany several times. The portal shuddered a bit, threatening to collapse in on itself. Another voice may help them.

You look around once more. You still don't know the source of these portals. whatever it is it must be massive to have the power to rip open so many portals in a short amount of time. You silently hoped to yourself that the creature being "Massive" was metaphorical.

>> No.12394247

I'm going to sleep for another few hours. I have a bad headache and no coherency and i keep falling asleep anyway.

>> No.12394274

Ok, take care.

>> No.12394999

alright /tg/ i'm back and damn did i need that

lets continue

>> No.12395119


this is where we left off. go for it

>> No.12395228

are any of my players left?

>> No.12395286

Still here, currently cooking dinner so I might be gone a few more minutes. Glad you're already back though.

>> No.12395333


take your time. I'll keep refreshing. post when your ready

>> No.12395492

I'm back

Could we use our abilities as a psyker to carefully check for whatever powers these portals?

>> No.12395497

Seems like we might as well get to helping those sisters read/sing off those litanies if they'll close the portals. The last thign we need are more chaos spawn boarding the ship.

>> No.12395745

I think we should go look for the source. The sisters seem to have closing the portals under control

>> No.12395829


I dont think you want to stick your mind in a warp portal


You quickly move down the hall, leaving the portals to the girls. They seemed to know what they were doing. You didn't want any more portals opening up while they did their work.

You decided to start with pod 6, poking your head inside. The console inside had blown apart and there as an odd device sitting inside the shards of metal strewn about.

Even looking at it made your head hurt.

>> No.12395973

Willing to bet somebody found that thing on Mars and it told them to put it on a ship.
Shoot it, that remidies most problems.
(Or makes them worse, buit we'll purge that bridge when we come to it.)

>> No.12395980

Do we have any grenades that can be used safely in a star ship enivronment? If so, just throw one in. If not, shoot it with our bolt pistol. And guard our mind from attacks even more.

>> No.12396053


You take aim and shoot at it. It dents the metal slightly but it doesn't do any real damage. You holster your gun and steel your mind, brining your force blade down upon it.

You let out your breath as you feel the energy field shear through the thick armor of the device, negating the need to activate the force properties of the weapon.

You walk out of the room and sheathe your sword. You take a long drag from your cigar as a tiny explosion goes off behind you, kicking up your hair and Inquisitorial coat.

You turn and walk calmly down the hall, warp portals disappearing all over the place.

>> No.12396128

Great. Have the sisters check the escape pods and the remaining ships for other devices of that kind. See if we can get any useful information from the injured tech priest. And finally, let's pay our captive a visit.

>> No.12396217

Frack, we at least kept that Deamonette under lock and key right?
We locked her up into an empty, dark quiet room, right?

>> No.12396251


You quickly order the sisters and your men to begin searching for more of the tech heresy, grabbing the injured tech priest and shoving him into the pod to examine the remains of the heretical device.

"Tell me what you find when your done, alright?"

You begin making your way to the room that held your captive, Tessa and Verity catching up with you. Verity looked quite relieved it was all over while Tessa's grin would have put the cheshire cat to shame.

"That made my day Inquisitor. It always makes me feel so much better when I can slice some daemons to shreds. Didn't lose one girl either."

You open the door to the room. The daemonette was awake now, its souless black eyes staring hatefully at you. It was shaking a little bit, shifting uncomfortably, the lack of sensation beginning to get to it.

>> No.12396297

Pull up a chair, smile at her and wait. She'll say something first. It's not like demons of Slaanesh are known for their patience. I've no idea what we should as her though. I'd guess lowly daemonettes aren't exactly privy of anything important.

>> No.12396438


Both sisters began to say something but you hold your hand up for silence. You grab a nearby chair and flip it around, straddling it and resting your arms and chin on the back rest. You sat there, grinning at her, taking an occasional puff of your cigar.

After about twenty minutes the daemonette was trembling, its legs crossed, bits of saliva running down either side of its mouth. It leaned forward, looking desperately from the sisters back to you.

"DO SOMETHING" It finally shouted after another ten minutes or so, its body covered in a thin veil of sweat.

>> No.12396576

Keep Tessa and Verity from getting too overly excited- the last thing we need is them blamming a potential source of valuable information

>> No.12396615

"Now, as it seems you're actually interested in a conversation... we'll first things first. As much I would enjoy simply calling you foul daemon or other, much more colourful names, and believe me... in my line of work you usually get to know quite a few I'd like to have you give me a name to call you. Until you've done so we won't have anything to talk about."

>BTW. where are all the others? Playing without any other anon is a lot less fun.

>> No.12396619

"If that's how you want it:" Begin reciting the most boring catcheisms we can remember, nothing like valiance in battle, but stuff about grain and tithes to the emperor.
Remember to keep this at an acceptable level, though, if she looks like she's going to snap, stop, and ask her a few questions, like "What is your favorite color?"
if she starts acting uppity ignore or again begin reciting boring things at her until she stops.
The biggest thing is to stop her from engaging

>> No.12396629

Actually, keep this one in reserve until she starts acting uppity

>> No.12396717

"oh, I'm sorry. Did you want something? I'm afraid I was distracted.
Well, seeing as you are here, we might as well talk a little. Are you much of fan of the art? I know I have some simply stunning roccoco prints of Goge Vindare's execution.
Oh, but where is my head- business first, pleasure later. Starting with that; what's your name?"

>> No.12396733


the two sisters stepped forward but you held up your hand again, glaring back at them. Both girls looked very uncomfortable, Tessa's knuckles were white around the hilt of her chainsword.

The Daemon struggled against the ropes, letting out a strangled sound. She huffed loudly and hung her head in defeat, saying something that you would never be able to pronounce. She paused for another moment. "It translates to Filigree..."

>> No.12396834

Let's get the sisters out of the room and have them wait outside, it seems there is nothing they can help us with currently.
Let's start the conversation by asking her what she and her sister were attempting to do on our ship and why they went down so easily.

>> No.12396849

"Filigree? That's an interesting name- delicate kind of jewel work. Fitting, I suppose, though of course the claws and talons do throw me a bit for a loop there.
Tell me, Filagree, why are you here?"

>> No.12396890

ask her if she could change those back into hands. wrap it into something about those claws marring her looks.

>> No.12396944


She sneered at you. "I'll have you know that I'm *very* well deserving of my name!"

The sisters stepped forward again and you sighed, standing quickly and escorting them both out of the room. You sat back down, asking her what she was doing.

"Ha! Why should I tell... you..." She paled several shades as you appeared to lose interest. "Nonono! We don't have to go through that again..." She leaned forward, struggling. "It was a test. Of the device!"

>> No.12397054

"A test, I see. Well, was it installed by a corrupted human servant or formed out of that machinery from inside the warp?"
If she hesitates that if she cooperates tell her we might consider another way of returning her to the warp than by force or chain weapon.

>> No.12397120


She raises one studded brow, staring at you. "Do you really think I would be informed of such details in the master's plans?"

She laughs softly. "Ohhh now you've gotten me curious inquisitor... I wonder if you'll figure this out before the plan is enacted..."

>> No.12397137

Are we bad enough an Inquisitor to gather the resources to destroy a Craftworld (without using Space Marines)?

>> No.12397189


depends. Are you a badass enough of an anon to type her badass enough to gather the resources to destroy a craftworld?

>> No.12397228

"So you DO know the big picture." Mirror Tessa's smile from before to the best of our abilities. If we can't do it justice, just put on our trollface.

>> No.12397310


She laughs. "Not a clue! I know enough to put the pieces together if presented to me. Do you have any idea how badly this has been killing me? Killing all of us?" She was grinding into her seat. "Nnn... I want to know the master's plan! It's not fair! It's such a tease!"

>> No.12397380


"And who is your master..."

>> No.12397415

"Now, if you were a demon of Tzeentch I might have an interesting offer for you. But... no it's not really anything for a servant of Slaanesh. So any special way you want to get sent home?"

>> No.12397500

"So you do have a master,"

>> No.12397503

Its a daemonette.

>> No.12397529


Slaanesh is its master duh.

>> No.12397553

>No nose

A Tau sister of battle, never seen such heresy before.

>> No.12397590


it has more to do with that artists style than her being tau.

also lawl "Sistahs" is in my verification

>> No.12397593


>slaaneshi footfag

i'm twelve and what is this i don't even

>> No.12397676


She struggled against the ropes.

"Wait! Please... I'll help you... Yes... Send me back and I'll have to wait a thousand years! Curious! I must know!"

She stared at you, her black eyes sparkling. "Just lock me up! Shackle me to the wall! Give me ink and paper and let me rot until you learn something new. I must know!"

>> No.12397704

"And why should I do such a thing, daemon?"

>> No.12397734

rolled 53 = 53


"Must know what?"

>> No.12397749

"An interesting propostion- why should I though?"

>> No.12397751


She smirked. "Because of what I know... I have heard many things about this whole situation, many are irrelevant, but I do not know which ones... Stave my curiosity and i'll return the information to you..." Her smirk widened into a fanged grin. "Lives are at stake here Inquisitor. That is clear. Do you really want to risk them by destroying me?"

>> No.12397787

"Actually I was going to aks if you could make yourself a bit more presentable and I'd research a way to have you tag along but if you prefer the whole that whole bondage angle, be my guest. Say, how does the Rite of Purification affect you warp dwellers? Is an innocent and untainted soul really that delicious?"

>> No.12397824

>Lives are at stake here Inquisitor

Give her an incredulous look. " Imperial Inquisition, you know? Better to kill a whole planet of innocents than to let a single heretic draw breath? Say, how long haven't you got out, exactly?"

>> No.12397959


"A planet? A PLANET?" She cackled madly, her clawed toes digging into the metal floor. "You think ONE planet is at stake? ONE? JUST ONE? Chaos devours entire planets... Hundreds of planets... Why would I even CARE if this was about ONE planet? Why would I care if it was a dozen planets? A WHY WOULD I CARE IF IT WAS ONE HUNDRED?"

The look in her eyes shook your very core. "And if that's the case... what WOULD it take for me to care?"

>> No.12398024

Actually I was going to aks if you could make yourself a bit more presentable and I'd research a way to have you tag along but if you prefer the whole bondage angle, be my guest.

>> No.12398030

"Going into a rant how little you care for a hundred planets after you've managed to get yourself captured during a failed raid comes off a bit laughable. If you want to stay could you at least attempt to come off a little less insane, please?"

So fellow anons, should we let her stay?

>> No.12398034


We suck in our breath.

"Sweet Emperor..."

>> No.12398053

Yes, sure, we have precedent.
Isn't it a test for the Grey Knights to bring a deamon around to the Imperium?

>> No.12398067

Even if we could get anything out of her, could it be trusted? Is she really of any use? Anyone else thinking we just blast her?

>> No.12398097

I'd say we add her to the waifu pile. But I'm lacking sleep and wouldn't trust myself.

>> No.12398110

I second adding her to our retinue

>> No.12398139


If we decide to take her, could we bind her to us? Also, would she able to at least appear human so we might avoid getting flamer'd on sight?

>> No.12398153

rolled 67 = 67


We can't really trust daemons/daemonettes. Who knows whats in their vaginas. I also think the Emperor would frown upon us making a pact with a daemonette, even being seduced by it.

>> No.12398157

...and aren't we with a bunch of Sisters of Battle at the moment?

>> No.12398182


She hissed. "And that is why I must know! I cannot wait a thousand years to learn how it will be done!" Her grin split her face, touching her ears. "And how could I pass up seeing the look on your pretty little face when I share that information with you? That look when you learn the truth will be a glorious prize indeed."

>> No.12398183


The emperor's track record with the immaterium isn't too great. Magnus, for example.

>> No.12398243

"We shall see. Are you at all familiar with the imperial creed?"
Toss her a copy of imperial catcheisms.
"Learn this, live this, know this book. I shall be back for you later,"

>> No.12398262

She's bound to a chair and has crab claws instead of hands. I doubt she'll be able to read it.

>> No.12398307


She stared at the book for a moment, giving you a cynical look. "Firstly, inquisitor, do you expect me to read it with my feet? As dexterous as I am, I am bound to tear pages. Secondly, know your enemy. I have indeed read this book of yours. I must say, it is a humorous read."

>> No.12398350

"then recite: Pater Imperator."

>> No.12398356


I'll brb. Go vote on the threads if your liking the quest.

(first thread not related)



>> No.12398357

Regarding humorous reads, ever happened to read the uplifting primer?

>> No.12398397


before I leave:

Yes. I own it. Its amazing 83

>> No.12398418

Have it back at home as well, although that was actually intended as a question for the daemonette.

"Say, is this your first time in the materium? No need to be ashamed for that."

>> No.12398814

Remember to bandage her leg before the leave. We're trying to be nice for once.

>> No.12398831


She makes a small "Tch" sound. "Is now really the time for small talk? As I recall there is a small army of sisters who would wish to kill me, two being right outside this room."

>> No.12398866

"Do you really think I would let them hurt you" puppy eyes at full intensity.

>> No.12398879

rolled 41 = 41


There must be a way to break a daemonette, atleast her will. Do nothing but stare at her again.

>> No.12398920

>There must be a way to break a daemonette

Make her watch the 40k equivalent of CSI:NY, she'll be begging for death before the first episode has finished.

>> No.12399012 [DELETED] 

>It leaned forward, looking desperately from the sisters back to you.

>> No.12399044

>It leaned forward, looking desperately from the sisters back to you.

>> No.12399121

srry gaiz i got pulled away from the computerbox by REAL LIFE. i is sorta back now.

>> No.12399140

rolled 91 = 91


Begin to lose Interest in the daemonette and slowly walk away until she submits to your will.

>> No.12399162


She kinda already agreed to help you

>> No.12399196

rolled 97 = 97


But we need her loyalty, and her to feel the need to redeem herself for the emperor! Getting her out of a ship full of Sororitas is going to be helladifficult

>> No.12399212

>feel the need to redeem herself
>redeem herself

She's a daemon

>> No.12399219

just take the damn daemonette and go do stuff!

>> No.12399221

She's on our inquisitorial ship so we should be able to prepare a room with binding runes or something for her so she doesn't have to be tied to that chair for who knows how long. She helped us, so it would only be fair if we allow her a bit of comfort.

>> No.12399271


bind her in a room? Just give her a human form, seal her powers, and bind her to us. We only need her for information anyway. And besides, if worst comes to worst, she'd make a good meatshield for us

>> No.12399292


Let's just go Hellsing all the way and make something up so we can allow her to release her daemon powers if we need them. No forced loyalty though, that usually ends up biting you in the ass at some point o ftime.

>> No.12399303


BUT make it so we are the only ones who can unlock her powers

>> No.12399339


You think for a moment and then stand. "I'll be right back daemon." You turn and walk to the door, ignoring her objections. You open it, having to step back as sister Verity falls into the room. She had had her ear against the door.

Sister Tessa looked serious. "We heard everything. This is definitely much bigger than we anticipated if that vile creature is telling the truth..."

>> No.12399343

fuckin google chrome

>> No.12399395

Light your second cigar.
"So you're telling me you just spied on an inquisitorial agent?" Visibly ponder if that might justify exiting our ship via airlock for them.

And tell them not to do anything rash with our prisoner as we leave.

>> No.12399510


You take a puff of the new cigar, grinding the butt of the previous one into the metal floor with your stiletto.

The sisters don't look especially intimidated by your display, but they don't seem quite as aggressive toward you either.

"You're going to keep her around, aren't you?" Verity asked.

Tessa flinched, a vein in her forehead becoming visible.

>> No.12399524

rolled 27 = 27


"The foul beast might be lying, but we shouldn't over look what it said."

>> No.12399576

"Well, it seems, as nobody here is actually trustworthy, I might just as well try my luck with her. Don't worry, I'll arrange it so that the two of you can keep an eye on her all the time."

>> No.12399661

>This is definitely much bigger than we anticipated if that vile creature is telling the truth..."

There's always an Chaos threat, or a Xenos Death Ray, or an intergalactic plague that is about to wipe out all life in our miserable Holy little existance, and the only way people get on with their 'happy' lives is that they Do... Not... Know about it!

What it said could just as easily be a lie to spend more time outside of the immaterium. All the more reason to find out for certain. We'll have to have a containment room readied with warding to hold it for a long period.

> Give me ink and paper
Lol summoning runes.

>> No.12399691


Both girls shifted uncomfortably. "Alright..." Tessa looked away from you. "As much as I... Disklike this... She sounded a little too enthused about the current situation. For the sake of the imperium, I believe that this atrocity may be the key to our salvation..."

Verity didn't say anything, her eyes cast downward.

"The moment we find out what we need to know, however, you will allow us to send her back to the warp. Agreed? And disguise her! We cant have the other sisters, nor the Canoness learn of this."

>> No.12399803

"We'll see." Go and get our daemon handling stuff ready.

>> No.12399830

rolled 41 = 41


Go inside and ask if the Daemonette can change her form.

I want a slutty Armored Sororitas.

>> No.12399886

Sororitas might be hard to sell to all those other sisters of battle. Something average and human would be enough.

>> No.12399902

Should it be a shotacon?

>> No.12399912


You leave momentarily and return with several supplies to bind the daemon. Tessa and Verity watch you in silence, guarding the door. They let you pass with a bit of reluctance.

Filigree was starting to look a little bored again, her expression changing to amusement when she saw the items you were carrying.

"Oh you naughty naughty inquisitor..."

You put your items down, shooting her a warning glare. "You can shape change right? Make yourself more presentable?"

The Daemonette smirked and instead of answering, morphed into a young woman with light chocolate hair and green eyes. Her skin had a slight ethnic touch to it.

She smirked. "Unless of course you would prefer a red head."

>> No.12399919


>> No.12399933


>> No.12399951

rolled 30 = 30


"Tell me Daemonette, during your time in the warp... Have you seen a Sororitas by the name of Esme?"

>> No.12399966

>"Unless of course you would prefer a red head."

"Very much so. You sure you aren't some temporary loan from one of the other gods? Nurgle, maybe?"

>> No.12400079


You prepare the binding as the daemonette thinks.

"Esme... Esme... I don't think I know... OH CHAOS! YOU DON'T MEAN THAT EXALTED BITCH!"

Filigree growled loudly, her human form wavering a little. "Tzeentch thought it would be SO funny to unlock the psychic potential of a sister of battle... You know. So they don't all DIE the instant they land planetside." Her tone became mocking. "Oh what will she do? Will she kill herself? Will she turn herself in?" She spat on the floor.

"Sure it was funny at first until everything went 'not as planned' and she found a different way to channel her powers. I mean, sure, Master was upset with Miriael at the time and so she was far from her full potential but..."

The daemonette continued to rant, basically repeating what she had said before several times over with varying degrees of rage. Finally she was reduced to grumbling to herself though you did manage to catch the word "troll" several times.

>> No.12400204

anyone there?

>> No.12400214


Ahh. So you know something. Why not be a dear and tell me the whole story... *Blow cigar smoke into daemonette's face.*

>> No.12400287

That was me, I am here! And I'm interested to see where the story goes.

>> No.12400291


I think that IS the whole story we should bind her and move on at this point i think.

>> No.12400314

Okay. Moving on with binding and investigation in general.


>> No.12400360

If we're doing the radical inquisitor thing I would suggest not caring what the Sororitas think of us. Also, is there a spare psyker around we could use to read the daemonetta. It would help a lot.

>> No.12400384

Still, its best to not let the majority of the Sororitas in on the fact that we're binding a daemonette. Let's try to keep it secret.

>> No.12400392

rolled 76 = 76


"I see, so she is still in the warp? Her sisters believe she will return soon... but I digress, get dressed and change your hair red... Your name will be ___ and you will answer to no one but me."

>> No.12400474

hold on everyone one sec ebay thing

>> No.12400519

My only problem is it is a bit subtle. A true test of faith is binding a daemon into ourself and then expelling it, this would give us all the knowledge and provide us with more power as having done this I think we become untouchable by daemons. I think that's part of the Grey Knights 666 trials.

>> No.12400605

Sorry, that seems to be up for debate being that is Illuminati stuff. Ignore that.

>> No.12400692


You get to work binding the daemonette, inscribing runes on her body and face and on the floor around her. Similarly you inscribe several runes on yourself. You intend only to bind the daemon in service to you and to seal its power, not to actually bind it within you.

You aren't that stupid.

Once you finish you begin to recite several incantations and litanies that would accomplish your goals.

She begins to squirm and struggle as you did this, the inked runes soaking into her skin as she fell into your service. You just had to remember that even if she could not harm you, daemonic abilities aside, she could still hurt others.

>> No.12400757

Well, we are bound for excommunication if we meet any puritans now. We really need to make this worth our while.

>> No.12400794


you can send her back to the warp when your done with her.

Also, she's bound like alucard hehehe...

>> No.12401089

rolled 42 = 42


We should probably ask her about the device in Pod 6, I feel like it was set by something in order for the Warp portals to open.

>> No.12401211

I think it would be better to investigate ourselves then ask her about the device. We can learn as much as possible about the device and then test the nature of the binding. Despite being bound too us it may still lie to us.
It also reminds the creature that we are not dependent upon it and can resolve this problem without its assistance/compliance.

>> No.12401407

rolled 5 = 5


Now let us go to the labs where the device is being examined, and ask about how the research is going.

>> No.12401526


You cut Filigree free. All she's wearing is a loin cloth...

You remove your coat and, much to your disgust, drape it around the daemonette's shoulders. She doesn't seem to thrilled about it herself, wrinkling her nose at the aquilas and other symbols of the emperor pinned onto the fabric.

"Don't worry." You lead her out, both sisters doing a double take. "We're getting you something to wear before we do ANYTHING else."

Filigree grins. "Awww so I cant just run around in the nu-"


After clothing her in something you'll never wear again and cleansing your coat several times with litanies, you make your way to the lab. Several Tech Priests have taken apart the device and were looking it over. One was reading a litany to purify the pieces.

>> No.12401632

rolled 42 = 42


Walk to one of the Techpriests but avoid looking at the device if its still... painful to the eyes.

"Anything to report?"

>> No.12401641

"What's the good word?"

>> No.12401799

Why are we bringing it with us? Leaving it alone in the room was our best option to make sure we learn things without it knowing so we can use it against it when it comes to cross examination. Sure one of the Sororitas might try and kill it while we're gone but we have servants of our own that would be willing to keep an eye/blade to our new friend.
I think, have the daemon clothed and guarded while we examine the device.

>> No.12401866

rolled 8 = 8


I agree, lets keep her in the room for now then go back for her after we get information

>> No.12401951


You look at the tech priests. "So what is it?"

The mechanicus scratched his head. "It seemed to be a device meant to rip holes between the materium and immaterium. We don't know who put it on the ship though, or who could have built it. Considering how long the pod was out, anyone could have done it... at any time during that period."

>> No.12401968

rolled 1 = 1


"Who was assigned to that Pod? And how long was it out?"

>> No.12402064


Get me a crew list of everyone who has been on the ship in that period. And a crew list for the date the pod stopped working.
Also, send the daemon with the sisters to get her some cloths. Remind them that I require her alive and able to speak. Should she not be returned I will have to inform Lord Inquisitor Karamazov of my findings about Sister Esme.

>> No.12402110

rolled 10 = 10


Also order the Daemonette not to harm anyone on the ship. She's binded to us but like the other mentioned before, she is not restricted to harming others.

>> No.12402131


The tech priest holds up his hands. "The logs are back on Ophelia VII I'd give them to you if I could though. I'm sorry Inquisitor..."

Filigree approached the device, inspecting it closely. The tech priests didn't seem to pleased with her but they didn't speak, probably because you were there.

"The parts seem to be unique." She tilted her head to the side. "If not uncommon. I'm sure you could get a general idea if you looked at who had access to these.

>> No.12402202

rolled 26 = 26


"...Then we will find where this came from, this device is corrupted and tainted, do you know where it went to Tech priest?"

>> No.12402272

I see no reason to do this. I want to play the daemon against the Sororitas. I want the daemon alive but afraid and needing my protection so leave her in the custody of the Sororitas Tessa who is looking for an excuse to kill her. Leave Tessa with the knowledge that I can have some serious information on Esma that would probably have the whole convent investigated and possibly purged considering the information about Tzeentch blessing her. So she will follow my orders exactly, note alive and able to speak.
The aim is to get both groups working with me too the best of their ability, and keeping the daemon out of the knowledge look is really important for that.
Should be fun.

>> No.12402302

sorry "knowledge loop" not look.

>> No.12402410

An interesting idea, one that could blow up in our face but might actually have a good chance of paying off.
We'll have to request that Tessa be transferred to our retinue for the remainder of the investigation though.

>> No.12402467

I see no problem with this.
This could be a great comedy, us playing the admonishing parent who catches her two children at each others throats every time we turn our back. The daemonetta playing the painfully innocent child who runs and hides behind us at every opportunity. "Kravos, Kravos. She called me a dirty Slaanesh whore and tried to cut my eyes out." Puppy eyes and tears rolling down her cheeks.

>> No.12402585

I just had an idea for a rather unique restraint system. Have the demonette bound to what is a essentially a hover Segway. She leans in the direction she wants to move but is otherwise immobilized with wardings and purity seals.
Would be the best way of keeping her out of trouble.

>> No.12402602


That is amazing and silly.

>> No.12402639


He shook his head. "I will begin my research right away. It would be easier, however, amongst my fellow enginseers and the holy machines."

He gently, but firmly, ushered you out of the room, a bit excited to find out where the device came from.

Typical tech priest...

"Oh by the way.." Filigree began. "Do you know where the other three portals opened up? I'm rather curious..."

>> No.12402661

That sounds like a lot of fun.
But the idea of reward and punishment is what keeps her in line in general. And there is a lot of fun to be had if you basically handcuff the Tessa and the Daemonetta together. Oh the terrible thoughts I'm having right now.
Dragging a Daemonetta into a cathedral to the emperor. Having them recite the litinies of faith, making sure each other is clean at the end of the day, forced to sleep in the same room.

>> No.12402854

rolled 40 = 40


"Why be curious about such a thing?"

>> No.12402872

rolled 13 = 13


Do eeeet...
What's the value of one Sororita soul to a radical Inquisitor?

Captcha: Moritz cuelfily


>> No.12402904

I'm sorry, there was only one portal. The only other things that happened were related too crew panic. You know how it is, they see one thing and then irrationality and lack of faith in the emperor drives the mind to generate more enemies.
I believe having a priest test the faith of the crew members and sanctify the ship will be required. Do you want to be here when that happens?

>> No.12403013


The daemonette shook her head. "No. There were three more made. They wern't put on THIS ship but..."

The micro-bead in your ear beeps.

"Inquisitor. There are several more reports coming in of spontaneous lesser daemons and warp portals. One from The Blood God, The Changer, and-"

"Thank you..." You snap bitterly, pressing a button and turning off the bead. You glare at the daemonette.

"There were four to make sure we could all get through."

You take a long drag on the cigar and shake your head. This was getting out of hand...

"Can I have one?"

You look at Filigree. She points at your cigar.

"Can I have-"


You were just about to chew the daemonette out when a young acolyte runs up to you, panting.

"Inquisitor! The planet we're orbiting. Its under attack!"

>> No.12403074

rolled 56 = 56


"Where are the warp portals? On the planet?"

>> No.12403134

"Emprah give us strength. What kind of frakking daemons are we facing now?"

>> No.12403156

From what? Daemons. There is a covenant of Sororitas down there. If they cannot deal with a minor incursion they are not worthy of serving the emperor.
Speak with the forces on the ground and provide orbital fire should it be necessary. I will not have this ship abandoned until we have purified it in the Emperors name.

>> No.12403172


The acolyte blinked. "err... Yes it is Inquisitor. Several greater daemons and quite a few lesser daemons have appeared on the planet." He fidgeted. "They are slaughtering the local populace and considering its a hive world..."

>> No.12403252

We should secure the ships that are being boarded first then use them as local fire support platforms against the incursion on the planet.
Inform the Cannoness, she should try to contact the sisters on the planet and rally them to hold back the chaos forces until we can bring enough force to bear.
How far away are the nearest Space Marines should we need backup?

>> No.12403261

Great, fire orbital weaponry to cleanse the area. The civilians in the area have already seen too much and will only further the corruption. Inform the Sororitas and planetary defence forces. And prepare for ground assault once orbital cleansing has finished. We must make sure no daemon is left alive.
Praise be to the Emperor.
Give me strength, for I do what I must and cleanse the soil of his lands.
May those who die in the cleansing of his lands find peace by his side.
Let his enemies know no peace as we shall exterminate them from this world and send them back whence they came.
Emperor, guide my aim so it may be true.
Bless my sword, to slay thy enemies.
Let us walk within his light
Let all fall before, The Emperors Might

>> No.12403335

Grab the daemonetta and slam her into a wall.
"Where are the other generators? Tell me or I hand you over to Tessa and let her do as she wants with you for several hours. I will make sure she returns you too me alive. Understand"

>> No.12403387

Grab the daemonetta and slam her into a wall.
"Where are the other generators? Tell me or I hand you over to Tessa and let her do as she wants with you for several hours. I will make sure she returns you too me alive. Understand"

Bad idea.. newfag to thread here. That would provide lots of 'sensation'. While not pleasure, that would be candy for a board deamonette.

>> No.12403435


Indeed. The less stuff we "do" to the Daemonette the better. Does our binding on her allow us to negate any sensation she receives? Could we strike her numb, deaf, and blind if we wanted to?

>> No.12403483

An idea- good behavior gets her rewarded with light cerebal stimulation- folios of artwork, poems, games of scrabble, etc.
Bad behavior gets her boring books on grain production, badly written romances, or, if she's really bad, complete sensory deprivation.

>> No.12403493

While generally I agree, taking a daemonetta and then "purifying" it using the standard rights of purification without killing it would not be pleasant. Also I'm not sure what it would do to a daemonetta, other ideas include placing a daemonetta in an isolation room with only an image of one of the saints to accompany them could be rather interesting.

>> No.12403564


I tend to agree here. Slaaneshi daemons would work well on a reward system

>> No.12403619

Oh, Oh, I know!
Force her to recite imperial prayers whenever she acts up.
"Filigree, what is the pater imperator?"

>> No.12403647


You move quickly, informing Tessa and Verity of the situation. They rush to round up the other celestians, all of them quickly rushing back onto the sisters' ship.

You quickly find the Canoness, relaying the information to her and suggesting a course of action.

"Sisters that are planet side? We're all up here Inquisitor. The Ecclesiarch didn't want our knowldege of Esme to spread before it could be deemed truthful or heretical."

She looked away, moving to a rack and donning a large flowing cape. The Cloak of St Aspira. "This isn't the time for words, however. It is a time for action. I do not agree with an orbital strike inquisitor. I'm in charge of the military force here and seeing as you do not outrank me, I say we survey the situation before wiping out thousands of lives."

She grabbed a plasma pistol and holstered it on her hip, hitting a button on the wall, starting a rather loud alarm.

Suddenly the entire ship was buzzing with activity as more than a hundred fully armored sisters moved onto large dropships. You could hear a faint rumbling under the din of armored boots as tanks were loaded onto still more dropships.

"I suggest getting together whatever guardsmen you have Inquisitor. We could be in for one hell of a fight..."

>> No.12403663


srsly I hate google chrome

Anywho, this thread seems to be autosaging so i shall make a new one. i'll link you guys in a sec

>> No.12403691

But we do out rank her.. we out rank everyone but an inquisitor. Hell even high lords must be wary of the inquisition (if I'm not in error). She is over stepping herself. I think orbital strike is in order. We are the inquisition. This is warhammer 40k. If we don't do something supper effective supper fast the daemons are going to spread. Not to mention if we can contain it fast we will kill lots of people, but we wont destroy their souls.

Hell the inquisition can call an exterminatus if they want.

>> No.12403742

NEW THERAD!!!: >>12403737

>> No.12403758


you dont outrank a canoness. Your not an inquisitor lord. its one of those you cant give her orders and she cant give you orders but it would be a good idea to listen to what the other says kinda scenario

>> No.12403893

Firstly, ask Filigree whether she knows what Chaos god opened the portal that we are about to PURGE.
Then, contact Cannoness Galetea and inform her of the attack Then, collaborate with her to come up with the best plan of action.

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