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OK, so what's the verdict on Deathwatch? Or are you still playing Dark Heresy / Rogue Trader

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I do not like space marines.

Other people do.

Different people enjoying different things? Imagine that.

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But then again, you don't like w40k either, do you?

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Still playing Rogue Trader. It lets me play a Freeboota! That's like, 40x more awesome.

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This one. They're different games with radically different themes and feels to them.

Which one I play depends on what I want to do with the game.

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So what do you think about Deathwatch (havent played it yet)

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Freeboota? Thats the "orc pirates" with iron legs right? They dont add much imho

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It's a SPESS MAHREENS game. You know that going in to it, and you know what you can do with it.

Kill the Xenos, poke fun at the losers from the other chapters, that sort of thing.

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I feel that DW is better played with the "all three" model as a pure DW game is just way too fucking much SPESS MEHREEN.

in a mixed group you can contrast the PCs better and make them all seem more interesting, as well as comic relief when the smreens fall through the stairs

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I never quite understod whether or not the different Space Marines chapters have social intrigues with backtabbing at the top?

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i like it, but the only complaint i have is the lack of xeno profiles provided in the book and our GM isn't creative enough to make something up or go pull them from previous games

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I can see DH+DW as an awesome game. One session you gather intel on the threat, the next you kill it with fire. And then I guess you sell what survives in the one after.

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I've never thought of it, but seems so. From the very beginning of the Horus Heresy to Big Blue's fiendishly clever ploy to cripple his rivals with the Codex Astartes, essentially any form of interaction between space marine chapters (if you count primarchs as space marines...) seems to be shot through with incredibly vicious politics.

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Well sure, but you can also just have some people play throne agents and some people play smreens. A smreen can also simply take off his armor and use his naturally high Fellowship score along with the best of 'em.

Plus, there's lots of roleplaying opportunities there in smreen vs throne agent vs RT interaction, exploring the very nature of humanity.

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Ah, so Ascension-level DH plus mid-level RT plus opening DW. Sounds fun.

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Playing a oneshot of this tomorrow. I know very little about 40k beyond spam and chatter on here. So I am a big augmented Catholic space fascist...what else is up with this game?

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You kill lots of things.

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I was kind of afraid of that. I'm not really into gratuitous combats; maybe I lack the testosterone or something. But it's just a oneshot to see what the group's vibe is like before we start a campaign, so whatever. Thanks for the info.

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I still hold Rogue Trader to be the better game, that's unfair, I hold Rogue Trader to be the better game Vs ALL RPG'S.

I ran the starter scenario in the back of the book on Thursday, Boltguns are absolutely fine with only 1D10 worth of damage, and a single Space Marine can easily oneshot a Tyranid Warrior with this, especially if they're using Hellfire ammo.
If they had been rolling an extra dice then I probably would have had to ramp up the level of opposition facing them beyond what the scenario thinks you'll need.
So I think it works with Boltgun's nerfed.
Next session, I have them travel back to drop the Techpriest and his Datacore off on the Fortress World in the Ophelius Salient, which turns out to be under attack by a fairly large fleet of tyranid vessels. The players will get launched in a boarding torpedo into the biggest one, and told to kill it's central synapse node.
I figure I'll give them access to stuff one reknown rank higher than they should, plus one guy get's a suit of Terminator Armour.
The discussion/argument the players are going have over who get's that is going to be at least half an hour long, and GLORIOUS.

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sounds epic

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If that is the only hallmark, than it is a bad game.
I've noticed that a DW game's quality depends on the players. They need to actively live up to the chapters they are basing their characters from, and the GM needs to place the appropriate threats and force the party out of the COMBAT ONRY mindset. I managed to wholesale rip off Alien on a space hulk (that their acolytes had recently located and preliminary explored, but booked it after some BAD shit turned up) with a single unidentified, home made xeno.
I then sent piles of small, actually helpless xeno scuttlers at them with the expressed intent of making them blow ammo.
The purpose of the mission was to capture/eliminate the xenos on board, identify the vessels that made up the hulk, power down the engines and secure it for proper retrieval. I was proud of the fact I had a troop of space marines paranoid and on hair triggers, infighting in such abundance that ONLY the Smurf on the party was able to keep any semblance of peace, and after the first 5 hours ingame, low on ammo.
They attempted to regress to their ship to reoutfit and rearm, then the dice gods spoke. The ship shifted to warp space, and then it was on.

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There's room for some good RPing too. One of the defining characteristics for a Space Marine (in my book anyway) is how he feels about the thing he has become and how that makes him behave.

A proud Ultramarine who has no emotion towards the matter, he is what he is, and he has a job. Avoid collateral damage as per the Codex, but avoid civilians at all cost, they are not our concern.

A Salamander who accepts his great responsibility, but still feels perhaps me missed something from the life he could have lived with the people he now protects. Shelter the civilians at any cost, they are the true strength of humanity.

An Iron Hand who sees becoming a Space Marine and his duties thereon to be a great quest of personal advancement that everyone should be on. Convince the civilians to take up arms along side you to fight off the menace against man.

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Well I like RT and DH more than DW because I can play an adorable muscle girl in the two formers.

But I like RT more than DH because you get get to be bad ass morers and shakers with a ship the size of a city, instead getting ordered around by some lazy-ass Inquisitor who thinks the best idea to deal with a deamon cult is to send a librarain, a street cop, a mad preacher, a red-shirt trooper, a magnet for chaos, a crook and the bloke who fixes the chicken soup machine.

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>An Iron Hand who sees becoming a Space Marine and his duties thereon to be a great quest of personal advancement that everyone should be on. Convince the civilians to take up arms along side you to fight off the menace against man.

Technically speaking an Iron Hand would probably only do this to put more meat-shields between him and the target so that he can concentrate in putting a Veangence Round through the bastards skull.

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I play an Ultramarine scout who views himself as the guy responsible for protecting the emperor's loyal subjects. He carries a bag of charms to hand out to guardsmen or civilians when he runs across them. Basically, he's that soldier you always see handing out candy bars to children.

He loves being the guy who can make somebody's day just by WALKING BY. Even seeing an astartes can be the most memorable moment of your average person's life in the Imperium...so this guy goes out of his way to actually TALK to civilians. He's a walking morale spike.

I listed his personal demeanor as 'sentimental' because he sometimes forgets what he is, and wants nothing more than to protect the defenseless masses.

That's part of the reason he simply can't be squad leader, despite his namesake.

DW can have awesome RP, if you can get past 'SPEHSS MUHREENS!'

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This is because you don't actually understand how the inquisition works. Acolyte cells are primarily investigators. If, you know, you discover a fucking chaos cult that's quite large, the Inquisition maintains large numbers of Inquisitorial Stormtroopers for the express purpose of larger-scale military operations like cracking down on a large chaos cult.

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If a SPACE MARINE needs more meatshields, the day's already lost. His armor can probably stop more bullets than a line of cannon fodder.

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You know, I DID think that the DAngle Techpriest hadn't been playing up his whole rivalry aspect with the Space Wolf Longfang.
And then I realised that he basically didn't help the once in the entire adventure.

Longfang tries to open a security door with a brace of krak grenades. They go off in his face.
Techmarine does nothing.

Longfang get's charged by a Flying Warrior.
Techmarine ignores him, shoots at another Shrike instead and only goes to help the Ultramarine when HE get's double teamed by Nids.
Even then when he kills one he tells the Ultramarine to go help the Space Wolf, not himself, and he goes to the trouble of holding down tha Shrike the Ultra's in combat with just so he doesn't have to help the Space Wolf.

This is either coincidence, or somebody is secretly the best roleplayer ever.

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It is precisely for this reason that I play a fellowship guardsman.

I lead a kill-squad because fuck you, we can handle this shit. So, we got the assassin, the techpriest, the arbite, and me with my three npc troopers. Hellguns and carapace ftw.

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I wasn't suggesting the Iron Hand would NEED them to fight with him, but that he might try to convince them to because fighting for yourself is awesome.

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Hahahah. Our Dark Angel kept taking questionable shots. Yiff Marine charges into melee. Suddenly the Dark Angel is unloading into that crowd with full auto, the and the space wolf is ducking bolter fire.

I lolled.

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Man, Dark Angels are some passive-agressive bitches.

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That is overlooking that the Inquisition retardedly makes its acolytes pay for the basic equipment they need to function out of pocket. Basic level DH is pretty suspension-of-disbelief shattering in that regard, it seems like they were initially working on a generic 40k roleplay system, and then shoehorned in the inquisition angle... without there being ANY inquisition related rules in the whole damn book.

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Don't the Iron Hand hate the shit out of the masses of humanity for being weak and not made of iron or something along those lines?

Can't help but noticed that for the defeneders of humanity, there are a few marine chapters running around who hate the fucking shit outta humanity

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Any non-retarded DM would allow acolytes to requisition gear, or provide starting thrones.

I give my players their mission briefing, then they put together lists of equipment they think they'll need. Then, in character as their CO, I run through each list:

"One Suit Enforcer Caparace Armor. Approved."
"One Motion Prediction Relay. Denied."
"One Heavy Stubber with mounting brace. Approved."

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I think the Inquisitor pays them in not-being-set-on-fire-for-failure-to-preform-their-holy-duty dollars.

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I'm more commenting on the DH rulebook rather than how a hypothetical sane GM would run it.

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Working for the Inquisition is generally considered an honor and a duty. You don't get shit for serving.

Also, you shouldn't really need a rule for what's ultimately a very minor game point. It's ALWAYS been DM prerogative to give players extra things if the session calls for it.

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Uh, the game presents it so that the majority of the things you'll be spending credits on will PROBABLY be mission related things, while you still are paid by the Guard or whatever, not by the Inquisition. Its not minor by any stretch of the means.

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When I was playing DH our GM would have us make a list of gear we thought we needed for the next mission and he, acting as the Inquisitor, would say what we could borrow. The Ascension book removed the Thrones problem by using Influence as a Profit Factor equivalent.

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>mission related

Pay, requisition, and the missions themselves are DM prerogative. Always have been.

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The initial DH books were written by Black Industries. When it comes to the matter of gear and cost they are Extremely Stupid. A basic meal costs 1/6th of an average worker's monthly pay. A pack of Lho Sticks costs 20 thrones, as much as 400 bullets. Obscura, the most widespread of the illegal drugs of the Imperium, is so expensive that non-nobles can't afford a hit even if they turn to a life of crime.

Career income makes sense if the characters are still working their day jobs and just getting drafted to Inquisition work on the side. As soon as an acolyte is recruited properly the concept goes out the window.

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Played my first game of DW the other day.

So far, I like the story narrative and freedom of RT more. But being a marine is awesome.

But it would be "more" awesome to go up against marines with a DH or RT character.

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Part of the fun of being a DW GM for me has been that my players are cunning bastards. They get their mission objectives and then begin scheming. How will they get to Objective A? Are there any boats at the port? Can we find a pilot and get him to the spaceport? We vox the Governor's Mansion ahead of time and try to get info out of his staff. Can we fix that broken chimera?

They apply the same level of thinking to combat. Collapse tunnels so the enemy can't retreat or flank up them. Distract the majority of the enemy so one marine can sneak in and rig the place to blow. Inspire the PDF and direct their fire onto priority targets. They're creative and it's a joy to GM for them.

The roleplaying thing is taking longer to get into, but good progress is made. The two Dark Angels are true bros (naturally) and barely put up with the space wolf who is a boastful, combat-loving and gregarious type. Upon being ambushed by a genestealer he proclaimed, after having lost half his wounds, that "this one is mine!" and took its head as a trophy afterwards, holding it aloft to reap the praise of the PDF defending a nearby base.

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I imagine that would end up something like this:
"Oh yeah while you were out I stopped Heresy. All of it."

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>A basic meal costs 1/6th of an average worker's >monthly pay. A pack of Lho Sticks costs 20 >thrones,
>as much as 400 bullets
Welcome to centrally governed economy with no free market? If the workers could afford eating out and sleeping anywhere else than worker hotel, they'd be less tied to their workplace.

That's how the whole communistic block worked for 50+ years.

Also, I don't like Deathwatch. I think that all it offers is hack and slash and the more ambitious missions are horribly tacked on. I mean, why send a killteam to investigate something? The fact that they have fists bigger than their heads tells a lot about what they're good at. The bolter stats are wonky and Marine characteristics are the worst kind of fanboism, detached from any objective fluff.

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Every space wolf is gregarious, and calls his targets, taking their heads as trophies.

Every. Single. One.

If you have a space wolf player, he will yell 'This one is mine!' at least once per session.

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My issue issue is that, really, I have a hard time giving a fuck about my marine or the world.

Marine dies.
Ten minutes later, nearly identical marine joins party in his place.
Game play remains unchanged.
Party wipes?
World dies?
Whatever, we lose worlds ever day. Off to the next one with a duplicate party!

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In a game I'm running, I'm going to have a pair of Space Wolf NPCs with terminator honors. They refer to one another by their weapons-- Asscan and Asshammer.
They also use their teleporters to do elbow drops.

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I want to fluff a space marine chapter based on oldschool WWF. Marines flexing and taunting the enemy, running around with microphones, calling out enemies over the vox. They bring tables to battles just so they can powerbomb orks through it. At their chapter headquarters, they have a giant ring where they wrestle captured xenos for the lulz. They have their own theme music when they arrive on the field.

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Now I really want to play this. Any games going on over IRC?

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See picture

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No one sends a killteam to go investigate, but certainly space marines are capable of harboring ambitions of their own. A techmarine can pretty much engage in any SL a techpriest could, a librarian comes with 101 adventure hooks in the form of his stash of forbidden shit, and so on.

I mean, space marines DO have huge Fellowship scores, there's no reason they can't use it.

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Mine will be, but it's probably not going to be taking anyone. That said, best way to get a game is to find a gaming channel and just lurk.

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Yes, there is. They can't make use of it like that because space marines don't get that kind of down time.

They don't have days off. They have 'Killing things,' 'Prayer time,' 'Training,' and 'Prepping Gear for Killing Things.'

>> No.12382976

Correction: Space marines who remain with their units don't have time off. Space marines who are affiliated with the Inquisition have plenty of time to do all the shady shit that the Inquisition is known for. Moreover, techmarines still wander around fucking with machinery, and librarians still dick around in their accursed vaults doing Emperor knows what.

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>I mean, space marines DO have huge Fellowship scores, there's no reason they can't use it.

But there's no reason for them to have them. They're kidnapped before they start their puberty and then spend the years that would normally shape their social skills on training 23 hours a day. They have their personalities broken and rebuilt anew through pain. They don't see any normal families, have no contact with women or most of the normal, day to day things in society. Well maybe some of the chapters train them in rhetorics, but that's about it. They're not normal persons. They're more like feral children raised by wolves.

I have trouble seeing them haggling, interrogating someone without resorting to torture, making accquaintances, influencing people's opinion or charming women.
But FFG went with the Marine wankfest we see in the novels of course.

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I just read a bit about Librarians. It looks like most of the non-SM servants in the Librarium are psykers themselves. In other words, besides talking evil books and psi-crystals and shit, they're going to deal with all sorts of quirky and demented witches and psi-freaks. As such, I think its quite accurate to say that while there's probably not much that's going to be fun about RPing "space marine with a jetpack" or "space marine with a rocket launcher," that RPing a librarian (and probably a techmarine) is going to be at least as entertaining and colorful as RPing a DH psyker, if not more so, because your interactions with NPCs aren't limited to them going "Hurr you're a freaky witch, ah hate yur kind, hyuk."

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I think it might have something to do with using the command skill.

Through Marines are meant to be so stupidly loyal that they'll follow any order without having to use the command skill

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Keep in mind, that another trait desired in Marines is a keen mind. Sure blunt fore trauma might be the preferred method, but there no reason to think that the Marine might decide to go the diplomatic way if he sees it as the better option.

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Stop derping.

Even a Space Wolf is capable of orating in High Gothic without problems.

And Space Wolves don't get training.

You're forgetting that for a Space Marine, his life consists out of war.

But war isn't just fighting. It's also interacting with your allies, with civilians, with Guardsmen, with Commissars, with everyone on your side.

Space Marines do get training in that part, because it's imperative to their success. The majority of the Imperium doesn't even know what a Space Marine is.

If your squad is the first on the planet to land, you have to make clear you're one of the good guys. Despite you being a 8 foot tall killing machine with a gun that can blast a Hummer to bits with one shot.

See my point?

>> No.12383040

>marines should be stunted manchildren who can only war

The Ultramarines double as high level government officials and administrators in Ultramar. Company Captains double as planetary governors, and Calgar basically is a sector lord. This was canon before Matt Ward too.

>> No.12383041

Also worth considering--the "brother" part of Battle-brother. Fellowship between marines is as big to them as their training. Possibly more-so, because these are the people they will live and die with, and they'll be together for centuries.

>> No.12383043

>They're kidnapped before they start their puberty and then spend the years that would normally shape their social skills on training 23 hours a day.

Blood angels are former Mad Max extras and mutants who go on a crazy quest to prove themselves worthy of becoming a spess vampire. They avoid the usual mehreen stereotypes about being a spiteful fascist thug (not sure if that's actually the case, mind you) on account of that they are unusually humble, due to knowing that they used to be horrifying freaks of nature and that they're one bad day away from becoming a blood crazed beast. Their appearance is also a pleasing one.

SW are likewise an obvious subversion of SMREENZ, and I'm sure the other DW chapters have their good points too.

>> No.12383055

>Sure blunt fore trauma might be the preferred method, but there no reason to think that the Marine might decide to go the diplomatic way if he sees it as the better option.

They got a boltgun twice as powerful as a plasmagun, why would they need Diplomacy?

I thought the reason why you sent the Marines was that Diplomacy had failed. Why would the Imperium bother with Diplomacy if they've got a squad of Marines nearby? Diplomacy is thing the Imperium does when it can't summon a squad of Marines.

>> No.12383057

>The majority of the Imperium doesn't even know what a Space Marine is.

>If your squad is the first on the planet to land, you have to make clear you're one of the good guys. Despite you being a 8 foot tall killing machine with a gun that can blast a Hummer to bits with one shot.

Why do I now picture a Thunderhawk carpet bombing a Hive City with "This man is your friend!" posters?

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Ah yes, I forgot about that. See, even the most archetypal smreens still heavily subvert the stereotype.

Mind, before I read Deathwatch, when I heard of it, it sounded unbelievably retarded to me as well. MY NAME IS BIG MCLARGEHUGE, ALL I DO IS PUNCH HERETICS AND WITCHES AND XENOS IN THE BALLS ALL DAY

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The Imperium doesn't order space marines around, dude. Even high ranking Inquisitors have to tactfully request their help!

>> No.12383071

I did that.

It was on a curious planet, the local governor turned traitor and allowed the Dark Mechanicus to change the genetic codes of all conceived children allowing for greater intelligence.

It's a few hundred years later, and the traitors are long destroyed.

I did forget to tell one thing. The planet was an Ogryn planet.

A world filled with Ogryns with normal intelligence.

The Ordo Hereticus has a special deal with the Ordo Xenos and Deathwatch about work on that planet, because normal "human" teams don't survive long enough, down there.

Space Marines however do just fine.

>> No.12383072

Brother Chaplain Guilliam "Undertaker" Calaway.
Brother Sergeant Johansen Cenat.

>> No.12383086

IIRC the marines have to govern their own homeworlds, and according to the newest rulebook, the High Council are becoming more open to the idea of letting the marines handle other planets to cut down on their own beaurocracy.

>> No.12383093

i have the PDF, and was wondering where it states how much ammo you can carry?

>> No.12383107

Oh shit, that's a cool idea, actually. Your example, but also the idea of places that you need to be able to investigate, but that you also need to be really fucking tough to survive said investigations. Like you say, planet full of intelligent ogryns, but probably places inhabited by HUEG cyborgs and such (a la the Junkyard of BAA), and so on.

>> No.12383108

>The Ultramarines double as high level government officials and administrators in Ultramar. Company Captains double as planetary governors, and Calgar basically is a sector lord.

Now I thought the whole point of the codex chapter hoo-haa was that Chapter Masters could only ever command 1000 Marines so they would never have the enough power to do Horus Heresy II, Electric Boggaloo

>> No.12383138

So are Sisters allowed to govern worlds?

>> No.12383141

Here we go.

>> No.12383156


As much normal ammo as you will need, and as much special ammo as you requisitioned.

>> No.12383160

Well, I see how you might think that.
On the other hand, Guilliman wrote the damn thing, and so knew all the loopholes.

And on a completely different note, I'd imagine at least some of the marines fellowship comes from the fact that they're subject to a lot of hero worship by humans, at least those who know about them.

>> No.12383170

It's a vaild question.

It figures that Sisters would be allowed to manage a few worlds if Marines can govern whole worlds in their 15 minute daily break.

>> No.12383187


This post is worth emphasising. The Space Marines are not mindless automatons - if the Emperor wanted battle-bots, he'd have built them. Space Marines do have personalities, hopes, ambitions, and fears (not in the conventional pant-wetting terror, but gnawings of doubt and suspicion certainly), and they are a closely-bonded fraternity. They do have interests outside of war-war too - Salamanders are well-known for their paternalistic relationship to the people of their world, for instance, and the Blood Angels have a well-developed aesthetic sense and enjoy creating works of art. Space Marines are intended to be paragons of mankind, not just a bunch of meathead heavies.

DW can be much more than relentless combat, you just need the will to look beyond the steretypes.

>> No.12383189


Like the Biblical 'be not afraid' line, because everyone just knows the moment you show up SPOILERS: EVERYONE DIES.

>> No.12383197


The Adeptus Ministorum directly controls various Shrine Worlds of the Imperium. The Sororitas are a subordinate organisation of the Ministorum, though. An abbess could be the minister of defence for a Shrine world, I suppose, but she wouldn't be the ruler - that would be the local Pontifex or Cardinal

>> No.12383201

rolled 10 = 10

Space marine goveners are retired.

>> No.12383694

I don't care as long as I can play pretty marines.

>> No.12383767

They couldn't.
It's rather simple why, there is less Sisters then Black Templar in the entire Imperium.
So whilst the Marines could spare the time or manpower, Sisters are doing all they can just to stay alive in case a chaos dread shows up and there isn't a Marine with a hammer nearby.

>> No.12383792

Am I the only one that finds RT a little messy? I've mostly given up on the Endevour system, finding it more of a hindrance than help, and just treat most of their endevours as merry adventures with profit on the end.

I see little amusement in spending three sessions setting up trade routes between frontier worlds. High adventure, looting, and space fightan!

Space combat is pretty clean though. Ground combat, when it gets up into high levels, gets real messy in my opinion, where attacks are super deadly and attributes are up over 90. I'm having a hard time issuing something challenging without just going completely overboard with something that will oneshot every character. Dark Heresy had the benefit of being more challenging overall, imo.

Anyone else noticed this, or dealt with it in any good ways?

>> No.12383813

I think the 15 minute break is just for the grunts.

I doubt a sergeant has to follow the strict regime like recruits have to.

Imagine it like the US Army.

Grunts have to do stupid shit all day, the higher ups just sit in office and sip coffee, walk outside and yell at the grunts that if they don´t do 10000 push ups, they´ll have to hunt 10 carnosauruses for dinner.

>> No.12383882

Something like this happened in my game. The groups drop pod missed the landing zone and landed in a tau base and killed a bunch of fire warriors with the landing rockets and crushing some under it. The devistator in the group asked the Rune Priest if he heard screaming as they landed and the RP responded as:No BUT THERE'S GONNA BE A LOT MORE SCREAMING IN A SECOND! hit the door release button and charged head long into the group of fire warriors who were still alive.

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>> No.12383910

Can you guys tell me if these will be a challenge against a Kill-Team? I used RT-based Orks and some vehicle rules. The encounter is going to be a mekboy and a painboss putting the finishing touches on a Killa Kan. Due to being new and unused to the controls, the Kan will be a much easier fight than otherwise. I've got the mekboy and the Kan statted, gotta work on the Painboss next.

>> No.12383924

That sentence never fucking happened, it contradicts the "Wherever there are enemies sisters are fighting to the last" bit.

>> No.12383928

I'm imagining the Space Wolf all happy about massacring the Tau outside the droppod.

...he hits the door button.

...and the door slams on top of the Tau, crushing them - Metalocalypse style.

Sad Space Wolf is a sad Space Wolf.

>> No.12383929

WS 43 BS 43 S 58 T 64 (12) Ag 30 Int 43 Per 27 WP 30 Fel 21
Rank 4 Ork Freebooter (+1 Rank Mekboy) (20,000 XP)
+20 on medicae to treat, Evil Suns (Drive Trained), Mekboy (Tech-Use Trained)
Wounds: 20
Skills: Awareness, Barter, Carouse, Common Lore (Orks, War), Demolition +20, Drive (Ground Vehicle)+10, Forbidden Lore (Xenos) +10, Intimidate, Speak Language (Ork, Low Gothic), Tech-Use +20, Trade (Armourer) +20, Xenos Weapon Training (Ork),
Talents: Basic Weapon Training (Primitive, SP), Furious Assault (duplicate melee attack on All Out Attack by giving up reaction), Melee Weapon Training (Universal), Peer (Evil Suns), Pistol Weapon Training (Primitive, SP), Iron Jaw (Toughness test to avoid Stun), True Grit (Halve and round up Critical Damage), Sound Constitution x8, Rapid Reload, Bulging Biceps, Nerves of Steel (Reroll WP to avoid Pinning), Exotic Weapon Training (Big Shoota, Rokkit Launcha), Hardy, Jaded, Resistance (Fear), Worky Gubbins , Technical Knock (Half Action to Unjam gun), Dead 'Ard, Talented (Tech-Use)
Traits: Sturdy, Unnatural Toughness x2, 'Ard (Iron Jaw, True Grit talents, Unnatural Toughness x2, Sturdy traits), Made Fer Fightin' (Furious Assault, Xenos Weapon Training (Ork)), Make It Work (Lose unreliable quality on Ork weapons), Might Makes Right (Use Intimidate for Command with Greenskins, affect Str. Bonus subordinate greenskins), Mob Rule (+10 on WP against Fear and Pinning for each other ork within 10m)
Gear: Chain Axe (1d10+4+Str, Pen 2, Tearing, Kustomized for +10 to tests), Best Quality Big Shoota 1d10+8 I Pen 2 Clip 80 S/3/10, Reliable) (+5 to attack tests, Kustom Job (halved reload time), Red Light (+10 BS on single shot), Bigga Klip (factored), More Shooty (Factored). 'Eavy Armor (4 AP body, legs), Iron Gob (+2 head AP, +10 intimidation), 'Ard Hat (2 head AP). Rokkit Launcha (Basic, 120m, S, 3d10+5, Pen 6, Inaccurate, Unreliable, Counts as Reliable)

>> No.12383932







>Biddles owneval

>> No.12383934

In Chapter's due there's an ex-Company Captain that was too wounded to keep fighting and not wounded enough to be put in a dreadnought so he retired and became a planetary governor.

>> No.12383941

Killa Kan: Vehicle
WS 50 BS 15 S 50 (10) T 40 (8) Ag 30 Int 25 Per 15 WP 30 Fel 35
Type: Walker
Size: Hulking
Armour: 30 Front 30 Side 20 Back
Structural Integrity: 20
Traits: All Terrain, Interface Controls (+20 handling)
Tactical/Cruising Speed: 6m/40 km/hr
Armaments: Big Shoota (Range 75m, Heavy, -/-/7, 1d10+6 Pen 2 Clip 100 reload 3full, counts as autostabilized. If it moves during the turn it fires it does not gain the benefit of fully automatic fire), Buzza Saw (2d10+15 Pen 3, Tearing, Unwieldy),
Handling Modifier: +10 (-10, +20 interface controls)

>> No.12383945

Well it did need storm, and had tearing to start, Razor-Sharp is not needed at all.

But yeah it sounds pretty bad.

>> No.12383955

-4 seconds

>> No.12383964


Roll a reasonable marine.

>> No.12383966


>> No.12383987


They don't even govern Ophelia.
The Sisters are just the fighting arm of the Ecclesiarchy.

Now it might be argued, those convents on forbidden planets that study daemons and shit, yeah, they're alone (maybe a little subsistence colony) and so the world is "theirs"... but normally Sisters usually don't govern planets unless they're alone on it, especially if there is a priest ranking higher than the highest-rank Sister.

>> No.12384032


To be honest, I'm only giving this game a chance because one other player offered to buy me lunch if I hated it, because he knows the GM and I hate each other.

And for the record, I'm playing a member of the Black Panthers (Counts As Storm Wardens), which was approved by the previous GM before he needed to quit.

>pergater (lines

>> No.12384053

What Chapter would Brother Hogan be? Would he have 500+ FEL?

>> No.12384089


Technically there is only one priest that outranks the a Sister and he's the eccesiarch. But by the same token the sisters do act in deference to the priesthood if they have no reason not to.

>> No.12384114

<< Listen to this <<

>>"Wherever there are enemies sisters are fighting to the last"

And they do just that.

By the hundreds.

To a lone Chaos Dread.

Which a marine oneshots with a Thunder Hammer.


>> No.12384141

Can we get someone to write up Imperial Fists rules, like what was done with the Iron Hands?

>> No.12384144

A storm warden in my group took down a flying tyranid warrior when it was flying with his claymore.

>> No.12384188


Imperial Fists
+5 WS, +5 Toughness
Demeanour: Death before Dishonor
Imperial Fists have an impressive battle record, and great honor as a chapter, many would rather die than see this honor stained, and this blinds them with hubris in some situations.
solo mode ability: Relentless assault
Imperial fists are renowned for their brutal assaults, once per game session, an imperial fist may double the number of close-combat attacks he makes for a half or full action, and the attacks may not be parried
Restricted Specializations: None

This is what the new GM made.


I asked my previous GM to let me have a Macro Hammer from RT:ITS. I smash things good with it.

>must achasion

>> No.12384193

Red and Yellow 80s Hulkster would be a Salamander.
NWO era Hulkster would be an Ultramarine.

>> No.12384219


>Imperial Fist stats


>> No.12384240


Intelligence suggests the presence of Rank 15 Inquisitorial Stormtrooper squads, and we are supporting THEM.

I fully intend to drop the game, but I need to do one session to get the free lunch.

>175 caccomin

>> No.12384333

Why? The Fists and the Scars are the only decent chapters.

>> No.12384367


Well, yeah, but those stats means no reason to take the other assault-based chapters. And double attacks?

>> No.12384384

Anyone know what rules for Salamanders should be? I'm thnking +5 BS and +5 Fel and maybe give them bonuses to flamers. Restricted classes would be assault marines also.

>> No.12384396


+5 BS, +5 Toughness
demeanour: Forged In the Fires of War.
Salamanders are tough and determined, and their chapter virtues exhibit and emphasize this.
solo mode ability: no special, instead flame, plasma and melta weaponry costs 5 less requisition, and requires one less renown rank when taken as signature wargear. the signature wargear talent XP cost is halved when taking the above types of weaponry.
Restricted Specializations: Assault marine


>CAPONE proidue

>> No.12384418

There's a treatment on them on Rapidshares. It's pretty good, but a little bit too powerful in comparison to others.

>> No.12384422

I was thinking of giving them a weapon upgrade for flamers or a special flamer just for then for special wargear. Gives the flamers the tearing ability to show it shooting flames at a higher temperature maybe?

>> No.12384906


>> No.12385025

Guy who did >>12383941 and >>12383929 here.
Worked out the Painboss, could use some input on him too, as well as the others if anyone wants to.
Painboss: WS 53 BS 21 S 70 T 61 (12) Ag 49 Int 43 Per 25 WP 32 Fel 23
Rank 5 Ork Freebooter (20,000 XP)
Skills: Awareness, Barter, Carouse, Common Lore (Orks, War), Dodge+10, Intimidate, Medicae +20, Speak Language (Low Gothic, Ork)
Talents: BWP (Primitive, SP), MWT (Universal), Peer (Snakebites), PWT (Primitive, SP), Iron Jaw, True Grit, Furious Assault, Xenos Weapon Training (Ork), Resistance (Poison), Sound Constitution x10, Brutal Charge, Melee Weapon Training (Universal), Crushing Blow, Hardy, Jaded, Too 'Ard Ta Care, Dead 'Ard, Swift Attack, Berserk Charge, Frenzy, Nerves of Steel.
Traits: Unnatural Toughness x2, Sturdy, 'Ard (Iron Jaw, True Grit talents, Unnatural Toughness x2, Sturdy traits), Made Fer Fightin' (Furious Assault, Xenos Weapon Training (Ork)), Make It Work (Lose unreliable quality on Ork weapons), Might Makes Right (Use Intimidate for Command with Greenskins, affect Str. Bonus subordinate greenskins), Mob Rule (+10 on WP against Fear and Pinning for each other ork within 10m)
+20 on medicae to treat
Snakebite (Resistance (Poison))
Painboy (Medicae)
Wounds: 22
Equipment: Stabby Bitz (Best-Quality, +10 to tests, Unnatural Strength x2, 2d10+18 Pen 0, Tearing, Unwieldy, Sparky Knobz (Shocking), Spikey Bitz (factored)), Serjury Koat (As Best-Quality Squighide Coat and Leggins, AP 4 Body, Arms, Legs), Good Quality Shoota (60 m S/3/10, 1d10+4I 0 Pen, Inaccurate), Fightin' Juice x3 (Full round to administer with successful Medicae test; Ignore critical effects and regain 2d10+Int wounds)

>> No.12385286

Do Requesitioned items reset after the mission?
Example: I take soem stuff for mission 1. When mission 2 rolls around, do I still have the stuff I requisitioned for M1 in addition to the new Req value for M2, or does it go back into the armoury?

>> No.12385338

Back to the armory, of course. Otherwise you'd have a marine packing everything in the damn book. Bionics are the exception. Signature Wargear is also effectively permanently yours.

>> No.12385367



Chapter Statistics:
+5 to Toughness, Intelligence
Resistant (Heat) as Bonus talent
Jet-black skin, glowing red eyes

Chapter Demeanor:
Staid and Stalwart
Other chapters might better exemplify the prowess and glory of the Space Marines, but they remain aloof and separate from the denizens of the Imperium. Not so the Salamanders. A Blood Angel might gloriously charge into the thick of battle; an Ultramarine might bring the fullness of his knowledge of the Codex to bear; but it is the progeny of Vulkan that stands with the masses of the Imperium -- the downtrodden, the refugees, the victims. Whether they provide covering fire for evacuations, armored protection for relief columns or conduct deep strikes to rescue critical materiel or personnel, they perform their duties to Emperor and Imperium with a dependability and disregard for more glorious postings that has gained them steadfast allies among the Imperial armed forces and Planetary Governours alike. No Space Marine would abandon post in the face of an alien onslaught, but where others count the number of xenos they killed, the Salamander counts the lives he saved.

>> No.12385372


Chapter Trappings:
Forge Hammer
Replace Combat Knife with a Forge Hammer:
2d5+5I 2 Unbalanced
Salamander Scales
Trials by combat are a common way for Astartes to prove that they have truly surpassed their origins and become one of the Emperor's own Angels of Death, such as the Space Wolves, where an Initiate goes out to hunt the massive Wulfen native to Fenris. Similarly, a recruit of the Salamanders Chapter must slay one of the salamanders for which the chapter is named to be accepted as a full Battle-Brother. It is said that the kind of salamander slain is a powerful omen foretelling the new Marine's future glories, and it is common for Salamanders to wear loincloths or similar decorations fashioned from their trophy.
Scales of the Drake
The Fire Drake is the biggest and most ferocious of the salamanders native to Nocturne, and it was during a trial to see who could kill the largest such beast that the Emperor revealed himself to Vulkan. When the Kill-Team successfully kills an enemy of the Master tier, they gain 1 point of Renown.
Scales of the Wyvern
The Wyvern is best known for the fierceness with which it protects its young. Similarly, the Salamanders are known for their protectiveness of the Emperor's subjects. Whenever the Kill-Team supported loyal subjects of the Imperium while completing an Objective, restore 1 point of Cohesion.
Scales of the Wyrm

>> No.12385380

Chapter Advancements:
200 Tech-Use -
400 Tech-Use +10 Tech-Use
400 Tech-Use +20 Tech-Use +10
200 Trade: Technomat -
200 Trade: Technomat +10 Trade: Technomat
200 Trade: Technomat +20 Trade: Technomat +20
500 Combat Formation Int 40
400 Cleanse and Purify -
500 Storm of Iron -
400 Peer (choose: IG, IN, AM) -
600 Good Reputation (choose: IG, IN, AM) Fel 50, Peer (same)
1200 Rending Flames (Flamers are Felling (1), Meltas are Accurate) -
1000 Signature Wargear (Hero) (Artificer Armor) Rank 4

Chapter Curse:
The Promethean Doctrine
1 The Salamanders are one of the few chapters of Space Marines that go to war not merely because of their lust for battle and hatred of the enemy, but because they are aware of the full extent of their duty to the Emperor and -- perhaps even more importantly -- his creation, the Imperium of Man. They consider the people of the Imperium to be their charge, and they are loathe to abandon them to their (often dark) fate. Whenever the Kill-Team learns of non-Marines in dire need (be they civilians or soldiers) during their mission, the Salamander must pass a Challenging (+0) Willpower Test or immediately seize upon the opportunity to help them. The GM may increase or decrease the difficulty depending on circumstances.

That's what I've got so far. Still working on finetuning and the solo and squad mode abilities.

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