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Hey /tg/, I been wondering about something lately.

It seems human male x elf female are one of the staples of fantasy literature (LOTR, Pre-LOTR Tolkien works, Lodoss War, Eragon, The Eternal Champion...) yet I don't think I can remember a single instance of male elf x female human.

There is any reason for this? I mean, what is the mindset between this?

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Most fantasy works are written by male authors, and that's the product of their interracial fantasies with other ethnicities?

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Not sure OP, but as a femanon is kinda annoying.

Oh well, back to reading Dark Elf

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maybe is because chicks don't find elf guys hot?

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Ayup, it's certainly a shame.

I think >>12377724 has a point, but it's not so much interracial fantasies, as the desire to woo a seemingly 'perfect' woman.

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If you're going female/male elf, why not go all the way and just have a lesbian couple?

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Well the effeminate shota/emo boi look is still in.

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This is one of the few nods to it I've ever really found. It's sweet though.

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>OP's pic

I've heard you guys talking about Beren and Lutien a few times. Anyone care to explain?

also, source on pic?

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Elf falls in love with man. Forbidden love, etc. Wonderful story by Tolkien.

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>maybe is because chicks don't find elf guys hot?
Haha. Ha. Ha. No.

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Elves are "nice guys" and deeply traditional compared to sexy evil (but not too evil) woman worshiping Drow?

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That dude looks like a fucking gaylord. Seriously what kinda girl would find that faggot attractive unless they are sexually attracted to faggots?

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Tolkien based Beren and Luthien on himself and his wife because he was Catholic and she was Protestant...both their families raised a big stink, but she ended up converting to Catholicism for him. In the story, Luthien gives up her elvish immortality to be with Beren for the rest of their mortal lives and beyond.

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u sound jelly

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>Seriously what kinda girl would find that faggot attractive unless they are sexually attracted to faggots?
>Implying girls don't dig bisexual guys.

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DLFG confirmed for troll.

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And you sound like an intense fucking dipshit. Jelly? Seriously? I guess you're part of the cancer that is killing 4chan. Only faggots and mentally disabled faggots, weeaboo's, faggot weeaboo's, or mentally impared faggot weeaboo's say "jelly".

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Women ARE attracted to faggots. Have you not seen the whole emo fad, the 'scene' fad, the 'hotpants' and all that shit? Women are attracted to excessively feminine men because they represent a safe spot, and they are attracted to excessively masculine men because they are powerful.

Everybody inbetween has to work at it.

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This just in: people's tastes in the opposite sex vary.

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>confirmed for Jellyous

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Girls love "gay" guys.

Gay guys love big burly men.

Seriously mate.

>agaynst daneden

I totally agree. Denmark, gayest country ever.

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Women seem to have varied tastes overall, but a disproportionate amount of geeky women seem to like frail pretty boys. Which is one reason why I don't really bother going after geeky girls, since I'm about as frail and pretty as a rockslide.

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Somebody is totally jelly towards those who are comfortable enough with themselves to use the word "jelly" in a certain context online.

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> gaylord

underaged detected

> captcha: mandew only

Also, the captcha thinks you're gay.

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You mean you HONESTLY believe his claims to be female? Say, did I mention I have a bridge for sale?

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Hahaha, you're joking right? Both "prettyboy bishie" and "lean wiry-muscled build" are loved by lots and lots of chicks.

The real reason is that fantasy caters by and large to dudes, not chicks.

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>There is any reason for this? I mean, what is the mindset between this?

Latent white enthoncentrism.

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Some women are, I know the unpopular chicks at the school I went to were nuts for faggot looking people but most girls that I know don't like fuckboy's.

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Because men want sexy bitches, and women want big, strong, smart, successful, driven, ambitious, rich, powerful men.

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>people's tastes in the opposite sex vary.
>Women seem to have varied tastes overall

Pretty much. Some chicks like large, well-built, very masculine men. Others prefer more slender, thin or athletic guys. Just a matter of taste, like some men are into women with highly pronounced boobs and hips, and others aren't.

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>>12377702It seems human male x elf female are one of the staples of fantasy literature (LOTR, Pre-LOTR Tolkien works, Lodoss War, Eragon, The Eternal Champion...) yet I don't think I can remember a single instance of male elf x female human.

40k Rogue Trader

the half-Eldar space marine, his father was an Eldar mercenary

Drek the Hunter is a Necromunda special character, his father was an Eldar ranger

In both instances though the Eldar was a wandering rogue who impregnated and abandoned the human girl.

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Nobody finds Dorfs attractive.

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Speaking slightly off topic to no one in particular, my NSFW folder needs an injection of classy dudes.

How come I can't find any classy NSFW male character pics?


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Because short fat girls are fucking ugly.

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Because nobody cares what chicks and gayfags like, just what hetero males like.

tl;dr heteromale master race was here, the rest of you can go eat a dick (I hear you're into that).

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Or you would, were you female, and not merely an attention whoring faggot.

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You're really making yourself look like an idiot, fellow anon. Stop it.

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My fiancee is as geeky as I, although I'm not into Star Trek and she isn't a furfag. We play D&D together, and our characters usually don't know each other, so it's not a That Guy-esque kind of deal right off the bat.

Neither of us is tall or slender. We are both pretty muscular, though.

(getting married Sunday. How did this happen...?)

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Eldar were also created in the 80's

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I'm picturing this guy frothing at the mouth as he types in his basement.

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>don't talk shit about my waifu!
He's a guy, moron. So sorry.

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Yea, I've got the same problem. Kinda sucks.

>getting married Sunday.

Oh, really? Congratulations!

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Female Eldar are ment to have ridiculously complex reproductive cycles, falling pregnant to another race might be impossible. Eldar males probably work a lot simpler.

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Goddamn, you post that and ruin all my preconceptions of dorfs.

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Seriously, guy. What is wrong with you? Why is this how you choose to spend your free time? You could be playing a vidya right now.

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A girl that uses the internet wouldn't call attention to her gender at all times. Even if he is female, he's still an attention whore.

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>>getting married Sunday.

>Oh, really? Congratulations!

Yep, DLFG confirmed for girl.

>> No.12378029

Congrats man!

Yes, your overcompensation still isn't filling my folder with nudey dudes.
Hop to it, I say.

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Why should I? I just replayed SS2.

Interesting how quickly you leap to the defense of a man you have never met.

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Your "ZOMG SHITSPAM" trolling is not working anymore?

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>A girl that uses the internet wouldn't call attention to her gender at all times.
Let me just go to any random forum, check how many posters can be clearly identified as female from their SN, profile, gender icon in the profile, etc... oh, wait, you're wrong and retarded.

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>>12378012Female Eldar are ment to have ridiculously complex reproductive cycles, falling pregnant to another race might be impossible. Eldar males probably work a lot simpler.

"Bahahah, perposterous, I only came in your mother ten times!!"

The advisor quietly whispered into his prince's ear.
"(humans only need to be inseminated once)"

The corsair's face went pale


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I'd let her be my anvil.

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I'd hit it.

Then again, I could probably fall in love with anyone who wasn't physically a pain to look at, as long as she had the right personality traits (kindness, smarts, sense of humor). My girl's not drop-dead gorgeous - really cute, yeah, but not a model by far. I love her because of who she is... she's overcome so many disadvantages, so much suffering, and still stands proud and unbroken in spirit. And we laugh together, we grieve together, we can tell each other about our ideas. You don't need to be model-beautiful to do all that.

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>Why should I? I just replayed SS2.
Play something else. Or read a book.

>Interesting how quickly you leap to the defense
I'm not defending anyone, I'm ATTACKING you. For being a fucking retard. Because you are acting like a fucking retard, and it's really embarassing. We're supposed to be better than tripfags, and yet, here you are, making a complete ass of yourself.

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Damn. Iwas born in the 80s, but Iwas probably just too young for the rad-ness.

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Not true.

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Except for the man who only needs one shot...

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He's a man, not your waifu.
So, gaiafags are welcome here? Gotcha.

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Once you go elf, you're never quite yourself

>> No.12378093

Because fucking retards like you come to shit it up.

P.S. constantly calling her "he" just makes you look even dumber, like you're a butthurt neckbeard who can't deal with the fact that there is a GIRL sullying his PRECIOUS MALE-ONLY /tg/.

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Hi Russ, long time no see. Still in NYC? And did you get your post-replies confused?

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You're right. What kind of fucking idiot would choose a dwarf over an available, pretty, energetic halfling?

>> No.12378105

I hate dwarves.

Good thing I made them die a slow death in DA:O.

Fucking lilliputters.

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Well, in Tolkien at least, the elven ladies also tend strongly to be the daughters of powerful elf-lords, and the human men tend to be heroes. It's really just a "do well, marry the princess" story done all over again, with the princess and her associated kingdom made more powerful and exotic to make the reward/achievements of the hero accordingly more important by association.

That said, I have no explanation for why elven random people and human peasants weren't falling in love and going at it beneath the notice of the various named characters all the time.

>> No.12378107

You seem awfully upset, given you're not DEFENDING HIS HONOR.

>> No.12378112

>random forum

Women identify as women all over the internet. The few times they don't, it's because idiots and trolls make it too much of a hassle for them to do so.

Men identify as men all over the internet, too. The idea that women should all hide their gender so your oversensitive butt isn't hurt by it is beyond ludicrous.

Also, the more you insist that anyone who thinks you're stupid has a thing for DLFG just makes the utter vacuousness of your arguments all the more blatant.

Now stop shitting up the thread.

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He's just a troll bro. Possibly a mareenfag. This guy does the same in every thread about elves/books/games that are not what he likes.

Also claims everything is copypasta and shitspamming

>> No.12378121


lolfag. Frothing at the mouth at the thought of a girl on /tg/.

>> No.12378124

I'm disgusted by how retarded you're being. I'm disgusted when people whine about touhoufag, too, even though I don't like touhou. Or when people shit up threads because a random tripfag posted in them.

Stop being an asshole.

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Yes and yes!

Oh well.

>> No.12378132

Assuming DLFG is a guy (which nobody actually cares about), why does it bother you so much?

>> No.12378134



I agree

>> No.12378136

But they don't. I don't see many men calling themselves a name with the word "man" or "boy" in it.
You, too, seem strangely angry.

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Male human x female elf = "Our strong men dominate the foreign seductress"

Female human x male elf = "The foreign devil rapes our women!"

>> No.12378149

>But they don't. I don't see many men calling themselves a name with the word "man" or "boy" in it.
That's not the only way to identify yourself as male.
How about "bro"? Salamander's Fanbro, durr.
Golden Neckbeard posts pictures of himself.

Other tripfags are well-known to be male.

>> No.12378153

See what I mean? If somebody insults, say, Shas'O R'myr, do you LEAP to his defense?
He's not your waifu.

>> No.12378164

And Golden Neckbeard is a fucking narcissistic avatarfaggot. I don't see your point.

>> No.12378171

> gaiafags

Thinking about the other websites I visit that require users to log in if they want to post... yeah, people do tend to identify themselves one way or another. E.g., constantly referring to themselves as "Mr Dog" and the spouse as "Mrs. Dog" (Something the Dog Said is the username), or referring to themselves as Samantha, or whatever.

(I once heard of someone called Sam the Jew in context of an activist group I used to belong to, so I asked to be introduced. I was imagining some kind of heavyset guy, with dark, unruly hair and dark eyes. Turns out Sam the Jew is a tall, straight-haired and green-eyed beauty of a woman. With freckles.)

>> No.12378172

I'd still like you to address why this bothers you so much.

>> No.12378176

Women call each other "bro" all the time.

>> No.12378178

>See what I mean? If somebody insults, say, Shas'O R'myr, do you LEAP to his defense?
If somebody starts shitting up the thread because Shas'O posted in it, then yes. Well, maybe not Shas'O, because he's a shitposter, but good tripfags like Wasteland Warrior? Sure.

Also, if someone were to be randomly accusing Shas'O of being a nigger or something, I would point out how double-retarded they are. Both for using it as an insult and for claiming it's true.

>> No.12378188

Bullshit. Stop pretending you think Salamander's Fanbro might be female.

Look at what you are doing.

You are shitting up an entire thread because a tripfag posted in it.


>> No.12378192

>There is any reason for this? I mean, what is the mindset between this?

Same reason you don't see white women with asian guys, or why you don't see white guys with black women? God forbid asian guy with black girl.

Brainsmart races are oft considered more effeminate, while physically adept races are considered more masculine.

Also penis size.

Call it racist, but it likely has less to do with genetics than it does culture. Still, you can't tell me that this isn't a predominant trend in real life, either.

Can you even imagine something like that? Feng Xian the meek, bespectacled accountant for Hewlett-Packard, hooking up with Shaneequa, the uneducated, loud, and domineeringly opinionated woman from the "souf" side?

>> No.12378195

I've never called another woman "bro," nor have I ever heard any other woman call another woman that.

Maybe it's a regional thing?

>> No.12378196

>(getting married Sunday. How did this happen...?)

Have an Eversor Assassin pop out of the cake.


>> No.12378197

I'm not a tripfag, so much as a namefag (when I choose to post with a name). My name is gender-neutral, in colloquial English.

On other sites, amusingly enough, many people interpret my username as feminine, even though it's a masculine-form word in my first language.

>> No.12378199

Well, declaring your gender does have some uses beyond attempting to whore yourself for attention; it lets the predominantly male population here know that we are experiencing a very different perspective on a particular topic.

Sides, if she was interested in the lustful gazes of a bunch of geeks she wouldn't be on /tg/ of all places.

>> No.12378205

I can't, actually. You're right, I've never actually seen an Asian guy with a black woman.

>> No.12378206

Good lord. This poster is trolling the hell out of everyone here, myself included.

Exile him! FOREVER!

>> No.12378213

Why does anyone need an excuse to declare their fucking gender? Guys say things that identify themselves as male ALL THE TIME on /tg/.

>> No.12378214

>activist group
I'm going to stop replying, now.
Simple. I don't like anyone that expects me to care about his persona. If he has sycophants, so much the worse.

>> No.12378219

dayum. it all makes sense now how the vindicare would succeed where others have failed.

>> No.12378221


Its more likely than you think!

>> No.12378223

You've never been to Philadelphia.

>> No.12378231

What about Orcs?

>> No.12378236

>Simple. I don't like anyone that expects me to care about his persona.
Nobody excepts you to care, dude! We just find it obnoxious that you obviously DO care, and you express it in such a retarded way.

You're welcome to pretend there's no namefield (or get the script that turns all trip/namefags into Anonymous), or just not respond, or whatever. Just stop shitting up threads. DLFG was actually CONTRIBUTING before you shat the thread up.

>> No.12378246


I'm Asian and dated a black girl before. She was fairly lightskinned and listened to Gackt.

>> No.12378250

>Simple. I don't like anyone that expects me to care about his persona.
>you care more about DLFG's persona than anyone else in the whole thread

>> No.12378251

...So, it's a GOOD thing that he goes HELLO GIRL HERE LISTEN TO MY OPINION?
And it's GOOD that people think "HOLY SHIT A GIRL HER OPINION IS SACRED"?

>> No.12378256

I think we all need a dose of kitten.

>> No.12378262


a few years ago a Russian guy tried to pass a law restricting Russian women from marrying Asian men.

>> No.12378264

There are a truly surprising number of black weeaboos, around here at least.

>identifying as female means that everything you say is "IM GIRL LISTEN TO MY OPINION"
But that's wrong, you idiot.

>> No.12378268

I don't think they're sycophants, dude. They may just be people who think she's actually female.

>> No.12378277

Because of sycophants like you and he.
Remember, all I said was "You mean you HONESTLY believe his claims to be female? Say, did I mention I have a bridge for sale?"

>> No.12378278

No one's opinion is sacred, but it is fun to get a different perspective once in a while.

>> No.12378287


Yeah. When I made the trip I meant Wraithlord, but this came of it. And I'm fine with it.

>> No.12378290

That's true.

>> No.12378291

Then why did they leap on me as soon as I expressed doubt of that fact?

>> No.12378307

Sure is internet in here.

A conversation about the possibility of male elf and female human relationships delve into racial and sex debate from people who know nothing of the subject [subject]especially sex[/spoiler].

I calculate Hitler being mentioned in about... 25 posts from now.


>> No.12378310

Everybody on this godforsaken site has differing opinions. Being a girl has nothing to do with it.

>> No.12378316

Impossible? No.

Improbable? Very.

Replace "Asian" with "elf"
Replace "White" with "human"

>> No.12378317


>> No.12378320

I don't have strong feelings either way, but it may have been because you derailed the topic.

>> No.12378321

Or people who'd just prefer to stick to a thread's original topic rather than listen to some asshole rant about HURR DURR NO GURLZ.

>> No.12378327

>[subject]especially sex[/spoiler].
Sure is idiot in here.
Much like Hitler.

>> No.12378332

One post. ONE POST, and I derailed the thread? REALLY?

>> No.12378338

>>12378264There are a truly surprising number of black weeaboos, around here at least.

Blacks in the US have always been pretty receptive of Asian entertainment. I think non white cultures are appealing to them

>> No.12378341

I would argue that most people here do not have opinions that differ a great deal. Because they are a bunch of socially-maligned geeks, they have a very hard time tolerating something as annoying as a differing opinion.

>> No.12378343

Looks that way to me.

>> No.12378349

I don't believe he is female, no. I'm female, though. It's there in my name and everything.

>> No.12378360

That's hardly my fault, then, is it?
Uh huh.
3.5 sucks and 4e is so much better. Discuss.

>> No.12378363

Why did you leap into a perfectly fine converstion and start shouting SHITSPAM SHITSPAM NO GURLZ ON TEH INTERWEBZ SHITSPAM? You started the whole thing.

See >>12377987
>Or you would, were you female, and not merely an attention whoring faggot.

That's where this whole discussion came from. And why is it so hard to believe a female poster on /tg/ would post from a feminine perspective?

>> No.12378378


>>I've got an interracial fantasy of the dark brown or black guy and the light skinned elf

>>The recaptcha is "Hairless activity"

>> No.12378382


Joke is on you I was only pretending!

>> No.12378386

I never said the word "shitspam". Ever.

Notice how the thread then IMMEDIATELY derailed into a discussion of DLFG's tastes?

>> No.12378392

>>12378316Improbable? Very.

America's mulatto president, his biological mother remarried an Asian fellow. His half sister married an Asian guy.

Australia's former leader (do they have a pres or PM?), his son in law is Taiwanese

Chong of Cheech and Chong, his dad was an Asian trucker. (thats why he's Chong)

>> No.12378400


You are the same guy that says everything is shitspam. You even deleted your previous copypasta post to cover it.

So lurk moar

>> No.12378410

What. What post? What do you mean? I'm confused.

>> No.12378423

in general, if the Asian is a guy, he is a martial artist/

100% of the time

>> No.12378433


All asians are martial artists.
They automatically level in monk instead of commoner.

>> No.12378437

>hardly my fault
Of course. How foolish of us to blame a troll for shitting up a thread. Please accept this complimentary fruit basket as our apology.

>> No.12378453

Not 100%

>> No.12378454

Gee, I should have KNOWN that the GLORIOUS PALADINS of /tg/ would show up to save the helpless maiden, right?

>> No.12378456

sheesh man, who pissed in your cheerios

>> No.12378462

What would a level 20 commoner be, anyways?

>> No.12378468

More halfling smut would be nice.

>> No.12378471

>>12378453Not 100%


>> No.12378473


is my only post. Note the lack of a reaction image.

>> No.12378491


Thats a subject for a new thread.

Cirdain the Shipwright from Tolkien is probably a lvl 20 commoner.

>> No.12378496

All English are tea connoisseurs.
All Americans own dozens of guns.

>> No.12378500

>>12378462What would a level 20 commoner be, anyways?

>> No.12378503

Yeah, your point being?

>> No.12378510


Well thats true isn't it?

>> No.12378528

A Half-Halfling-half-Elf?

>> No.12378536


A helfling?

>> No.12378540

And I'm a beer-swilling, bearded lumberjack that lives in an igloo and apologizes when other people step on my feet. What's your point?

>> No.12378592

>> No.12378614

>> No.12378626

>> No.12378666

>Seriously what kinda girl would find that faggot attractive unless they are sexually attracted to faggots?

Women, attracted to gay men? This is a foreign concept to me. I've never heard of such a thing.

>> No.12378677

>> No.12378704

Love pictures like this where a couple is very into each other.

>> No.12378705

This can only end well.

>> No.12378733

How exactly is Edward teh gay, Satan? That's more of an Anne Rice thing (how the fuck did she con anyone into thinking impotent homopires were sexy?)

>> No.12378736

>> No.12378754

ITT: Men decide what women do and do not think is sexy.

I lolled.

>> No.12378774

ITT: White knights, white knights everywhere.

>> No.12378800

>> No.12378803


Not a white knight, annon. Just a fuckin girl. And I honestly do think it's funny/sad how wound-up some people are about women's tastes.

Some women like gay men just like some men like lesbians. I don't understand what the big deal is.

>> No.12378805

>> No.12378810


blah blah blah pseudo-psychology blah blah blah popular preconceptions of gender roles blah blah blah marketing blah blah blah idealized standards of beauty and sexual characteristics blah blah blah...

Also, if you're going to join in on an elf thread, you can at least post more elves.

>> No.12378813

>> No.12378819

>> No.12378837

>> No.12378842


Eldar harlequin????

>> No.12378855


>> No.12378864


>> No.12378874

You haven't ever heard of tallfellows?

>> No.12378884


Damn, I'd love if that was canon

>> No.12378891

Again, yes. More smut should be like this.

>> No.12378908

>I'm a girl, so don't hit on me you silly boys.
Shut the fuck up and go back to playing Blue Rose.

>> No.12378912



>> No.12378970

This thread could not be more shit if you were actually trying to do so.

>> No.12379009


Vector sigma, that's all you got out of those posts, dickbrain? Don't get me wrong, they were typical /tg/ trash, but you just brought it down to /b/ standards.

captcha: property tranney. Um, yeah.

>> No.12381427

Elrond's mother was a human woman.

>> No.12381678

Warhammer 40,000.

Drak the Hunter and Chief Librarian Astropath IlIiyan Nastase were both born from a human mother with the love of a space elf father.

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