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Trap Thread! GOGOGO!!!

Bonus internets for boulder related trappings

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Assuming that the part in the middle is not rubber of packaging foam, it will be too heavy to even note the weight of someone walking on top of it, unless you find a way to keep those (dont remember the word) REALLY well oiled forever. And if they are REALLY well greased, then the entire room would spin as soon as anyone took a single step in, before the rest of the body followed.

Still, it would be like suddenly running into a steep too high, so I guess it COULD trap one person, maybe.

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It's magic.

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>It's magic.

... I ain't gotta explain shit.

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Ball bearings is the thing you're thinking of.

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it clearly needs some kind of stopper, which would prevent the floor from spinning in one direction from the starting position

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> the entire room would spin as soon as anyone took a single step in, before the rest of the body followed.

It is not difficult to make it only trigger in one direction. Shove some grooves into it and some metal bars into them and it would only rotate once the party goes past the halfway mark.

See shitty 1min drawing if it makes sense.

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No need to be elaborate. This will take out most parties.

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NVA style.

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The best answer to subverting a lot of large-scale traps is to fill the dungeon with water and bring waterbreathing equipment.

Actually that's the best answer to most dungeons, if you don't mind losing some of the material wealth that might get wrecked by water in there.

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That one would work better with an iron pipe or something. Drives the explosion upwards.

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Reverse Gravity Trap:

This magical trap causes everything it affects to experience reversed gravity. So your character immediately falls up to the ceiling. In a dungeon, this means he can go some places that are normally impossible to get to, and cannot go to other places. Once he tries to leave the dungeon, then he has a serious problem, he will fall straight up into space. So he has to constantly wear armor or weights greater than his own, now negative, weight, or stay indoors.

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Simple, yet efficient.

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there is no explosion, it shoots bullet through the foot

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You'd think that triggering this manually would solve most of the design flaws.

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Vad heter "Grymkäfts fällor" på engelska?

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My dungeons will have excellent plumbing that drains into the Underdark.

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That just calls for more water.

A LOT more water.

And a bigger dungeon trawl than expected. Think of the loot and XP from all those dead drow!

Where does the water in the Underdark go, anyway? Why hasn't anyone tried flooding the Underdark before?

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tinkering with google translate gives "Awesome Jaw Trap"

I seem to remeber there being book called something like "Gimskull's Book of Traps", and I would guess this is it

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Drowning the drow?

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That's a pretty epic crazy spell you got there. Permanent Reverse Gravity? Eh, dispel is still dispel.

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Drows gonna drown.

...sorta works.

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>"Awesome Jaw Trap"
A trap so awesome, you drop your jaw and bleed to death.

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Nothing to smirk over.
You'd also be drowning the duregar. And deep Gnomes.

And hellcrows.

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In 4e Forgotten Realms, large parts of the Underdark collapsed. Most of the Sea of Fallen Stars drained into it, with no visible result. Also, if anything, it would go into either wherever Cyric has been chained up or into Lolth's realm, both of which have portals in the deep Underdark.

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This man speaks legendary wisdom! Fund this "Flood the Underdark" project!
[make a will save]

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What about this? A dungeon filled with puzzles that must be completed to advance. Once a puzzle is complete, it has been turned into a trap designed to hinder the party if they were going backwards, not forwards through the dungeons. "Un-completing" the puzzles makes advancement through the area once again difficult, if not impossible.

Once the party gets to the end of the dungeon & beats the boss, the dungeon starts flooding with something deadly to the PCs, like magma or acid. Preferably a liquid harmless to the dungeon itself.

Ultimately, the PCs are forced to escape a dungeon filled with traps THEY set up.

Good idea or bad idea, & why?

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How about Acidic Magma?
and poison!

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That could make for an interesting item for puzzle-solving actually. A ring of reverse gravity, or some such thing.

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Traps for you

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Mmmm, gasmask.

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It was only a matter of time I know, but fuck...

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You are why we need a mod. If you ever want to know who's to blame for our friendly mod overlord being here go look in a mirror.

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Well fuck...

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No. The mod's here to cater to whiners like you.

Not a trap.

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And I prove it.

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A girl is fine too.

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moar like fapfapfapfap.

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Sure. One girl here. Two girls there.

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Thanks, /tg/.

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>>mfw the janitor "cleans" 40k fapfiction threads and lets this go unchecked...

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Hail Glorious Comrade Mod!

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You're implying we would have respected them without it.

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More pictures in this set?

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It's okay. It's not like you actually wanted your thread to stay good and on topic. Maybe you should think of the people who need to post porn of guys dressed like girls. Their needs supersede your own.

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I think the thread got better.

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> implying that threads must stay within a narrow confine permanently.

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/rs/, trapchan.

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I mean flatchan, sorry for the lapsus.

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Probably because you're a creepy moron.

Seriously, the guy made a thread for proper board related material and you've hijacked it with shitty porn that you could find all over the internet in communities for this exact fetish. You've ruined someone else's fun and effort and I have no idea WHY you've done it. The only reason I can figure out is that you're a pack of selfish assholes but perhaps you could help me out here and offer a different explanation?

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>mod detected

>implying you really think that OP did not expect and waited for this by requesting a trap thread

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Son, if I were the mod I wouldn't be typing shit the bans would be flowing freely.

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Saying "Trap thread" exactly like they do with threads showing crossdresser/shemales/etc automatically leavers the door open for that sort of pic spam.This thread was made intentionally to draw that out

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>I think
No, you spam.

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The only reason he'd expect it to happen is because assholes like you keep hijacking legitimate threads at the first sound of the word "trap". It's pathetic as fuck. Why do you do it?

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Exactly why you would be a shit mod.

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That's jsut what a devious mod would say.

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>implying the OP purposely uses double entendres

In other words, we're not allowed to make threads involving dungeon traps because someone's going to herp their derp and post sexual traps.

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It's a kneejerk reaction. All they have, since their cranium is coimpletely hollowed out. You could starve zombies with subhumans like that.

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You gonna start yelling about Fursecution next?

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Only one similar to a furry is you here

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We all know how /tg/ works.
If you request traps while making the thread seem like it's about the dungeon ones, it'll eventually delve into porn.
If you request traps while making the thread seem like it's about the crossdressing ones, /tg/ will respond by making it about the dungeon ones.

We've all seen this happen many times, and it's not new to any of us. The only difference now is that 4chan actually enforces rules as of recent months.

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A quick suggestion: What if we just started to talk about traps again, instead of trying to get this thread deleted by metashitting it up?

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The only ones whining about persecution here are you people.

Seriously, not allowed to make threads about mechanical traps because the mods delete posts about human ones ?

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Good point.

So, traps. Anyone actually used >>12372998 ? I'd really like to play a game where I can create an assassin who uses shit like that.

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Why exactly do you metashit in this thread? Do you want it to be deleted?

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It would be an interesting campaign focus. If you look at say D&D's assassin classes they're still very combat oriented. Running a sneaky, non-combat campaign where rogues and assassins could really focus on the sneakier side of their classes would be quite novel and enjoyable, I think.

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That's what I was thinking of. It'd probably have to be a political intrigue type of campaign, considering that's where assassins probably get used most. As for rogues? Well, it says right in the flavour text that a rogue can be anything from a mugger to a spy.

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PCs are being hunted by assassins and after a few failed attempts on their lives, they become super paranoid about touching ANYTHING they previously wouldnt have thought twice about.
That eyeglass trap is fucking EVIL.

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Why do I post ? because I have something to say.
I don't take responsibility for the mods actions, and I know that whatever they do, if someone want to discuss traps it still can.

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If you were feeling ambitious you could even try and do something like run a game based around the Thief setting. Once you had the system set up it would lend itself perfectly to that kind of game.

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Please just fuck off and find an appropriate board for your fetish.

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I can imagine them hiring a Gnome to inspect every device they run across in case it's been boobytrapped. In a TWEEST to make M. Night Shamyllamadingdong proud, the Gnome turns out to be the assassin all along and is lulling them into a false sense of security.

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All those false floors and tripwire makes me sooo moist. Unf.

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Goddamn whining aspie.

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Glad to see this thread blossomed while I was gone. Here's another:

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And another!

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Seriously, guys?

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Obligatory gelatinous cube

>shall whefluee
Yes, perhaps we shall.

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It's better with two of them stacked on each other at the bottom. Even if they grapple out of the first one, they've only managed to get into the second one. Especially if the pit covers are rigged to close over them and the rest of the party has to get them open before they can help.

'captared necessary'. I don't think it is, but OK, captcha. You got it.

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