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Sup fa/tg/uys. I've got a problem.

I started playing WH40k as Tau the better half of a decade ago. I soon learned the error of my ways, and after countless defeats to cheesy Space Marine and CSM armies, I made the switch to the Glorious Emprah. I have been ever faithful and loyal since then.

But...the new Dark Eldar...why do they interest me so much? What heresy is this!?!? What do I do?!?!

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Start up a new army.

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Do not fall for the foul Xenos trickery Brotha

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looking at the excitement Dark Eldar are receiving it seems that they'll turn very popular. The answer is, stay by Emprah 'cuz it is very likely that most of people you play with will roll Dark Eldar. I guess you don't want DE vs DE matches all the time?

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It happens too every player who starts Tau
"Oh hey these guys look awesome."
-after a few a while and looking at the other armies-
"Tau suck."

Start DE dude, you won't regret it.

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Start collecting Dark Eldar.

Then slap yourself for being such an indecisive faggot that you have to start a thread on /tg/ to decide what army to collect.

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It's true, I really am an indesicive faggot.

I'm not really worried about fighting other DE. My main bros I play with have no interest in Eldar of any flavor.

I'd mostly be playing against Black Templars, CSM, Necrons, IG and maybe an occaisonal Ork or Nid.

I'm more concerned about the verbal flack I'd recieve for playing Dark Eldar lol.

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>I'm more concerned about the verbal flack I'd recieve for playing Dark Eldar lol.

Whatever army you collect someone is going to take the piss out of you for it.
Space Marines: "What are you? 12"
Space Wolves: "Fucking Furry"
Blood Angels: "Twilight fag"
Imperial Guard: "I bet you got your list from BOLS faggot"
Eldar: "Gaaaaaayyyy"

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DE are fucking awesome. Play them

I love the new stuff they have and am considering them myself. Fucking Hoverboats FTW.

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You won't receive as much flak as you would switching to Blood Angels. I know many people who wanted too start DE, just could never find any models in store.

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True...Even when I switched to SM I got shit. (played Dark Angels)

shit man....sometimes I wonder why I pay for this hobby lol.

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in this case your only solution is rolling Dark Eldar.

and if some fags will start verbal flack.. Men, you're Dark Eldar. You're the one who verbaly flack ;P
Tell them how your army eyesocket fuck their, how your eldar pierce penises with hooks just to add tearing damage when they rape sissy asses of their enemies.

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Play an army with models and background you like, because if this is the case you'll have motivation to pain them and will tend to have fun even when you're losing games. If you had stuck with Tau you would have been able to win with them after a while. Every army has a learning curve. If you found Marines easier, well, they are more forgiving, and maybe the playstyle is more intuitive to you, but no army requires you to be a genius and none is so underpowered that you literally cannot win with it if you pay attention to what the fuck you're doing.

So if the DE interest you because you actually like the models and fluff, go with it. If they interest you because of shiny new *rules*, don't bother, because the rules will not be new and exciting after a while and their weaknesses will become apparent.

(I'm sure someone's going to say DE will be OP and give you many easy wins, but any army with mostly AV10 or 11, open-topped vehicles, and mostly T3, 5+ armor save models, is going to be very easy to fuck up and lose hard with. It may be very good if played right, but it will never be foolproof.)

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hear hear, I've been a Chaos addict since I first read their codex. And even though our current codex is a little bland, I can still make it work for me.

Don't get suckered into the Flavour Of The Month, you'll regret it, and so will your wallet.


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I had horrible luck with Tau. They also did not play how I thought they would have. I wanted something more akin to IG. A bunch of dudes just lined up firing a bunch of guns.

Tau end up being more mobile, and I didn't really like the idea of using Kroot, and later the Vespids and stuff.

I still lost quite a bit when I switched to SM, but I was having more fun. I found a chapter who's lore and look I really liked.

I had never been interested in the Dark Eldar before. Didn't know much about them tbh. But their new models look sweet, and so I've been brushing up on their lore and finding it really appealing.

I don't really care about winning or losing in the game. I just really appreciate the hobby aspect and the IP.

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>>But...the new Dark Eldar...why do they interest me so much? What heresy is this!?!? What do I do?!?!

You now realize that Space Marines are incredebly boring and generic because 7 out of 10 players play them using the same setups.

Give in, nobody is forcing you to play an army that you are bored with. Try out the new army and pay a lot of money to GW for purchasing them and spend countless hours of painting them.

Then you realize that you will still loose to the countless nub Space Marine players who still use the same set ups because tehy are easy, cheap and yet more effective.

Then you realize the whole hobby is completely pointless and sell your painted armies at a cheap price on Ebay.

The prophecy has been listened to and told for generations!

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I should add also that I recommend you buy the codex before buying any models, read it thoroughly, and come up with like 500, 1,000, and 1,500 point armies to build. This avoids a few problems:

-Liking some models in the range but not most of them. This has happened to me, actually with Tau, where I loved the Fire Warriors and started an army but then realized that I found the suits (except Stealths) and vehicles rather ugly, and that you can't make an army out of Fire Warrior model variants like you can with Marines. I wasn't really happy with the army as a whole and sold it.

-Buying shit you later decide that you don't want in an army. You may not like how some units work, and if you at least know their rules beforehand, even though you can't actually try them out, you can avoid the worst. You should tailor your army lists to your playstyle, in other words, as much as possible.

-Realizing you find the army's background stupid. Not poorly-written, because of course you have your own imagination and can even write your own fluff, but fundamentally lame. This has never happened with an army I've had but I know it would make games hard for me to enjoy, even when they weren't narrative-based at all. It's hard to root for your troops when they're all a bunch of clowns in the fluff (no offense to Harlequins.)

Anyway, it's tempting to rush out and spend a bunch on minis, but I think spending some quality time with the codex first is worth it.

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Can't wait for that new codex. I don't care about new models or new units. I want too see the old rules return and for Khorneserkers too once again dominate in CC.

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Nah, I always get the codex first, and then we play some proxy battles with the new rules before I decide to purchase any minis.

Although I will be buying a few just for the sake of building and painting them. Just because I want some of them (Incubi and Archon mostly). Just for the hobby aspect.

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Well it sounds like you should give it a go then. I like them too and actually play Craftworld Eldar, but have just avoided them until now because of their ugly-ass models, so I may try them out as well. My only issue with them is that they're sometimes written as one-dimensional, moustache-twirling, eeeeevill villains, but I think the stuff about the fall of the Eldar, Commoragh and the webway is interesting. That story from Asdrubael Vect's perspective is actually pretty good, if you can find it. It's called "A Torturer's Tale" or "The Torturer's Tale", IIRC.

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