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New fantasy Image thread!

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I wonder if the last thread's OP is still around.

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I'm not 100% what's going on here.

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Fangirl post some shit that hasn't been recycled on here

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"Hello Ladies!"

"Fuck Off Creep!"

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I've only got what I've got, I'm afraid.

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Then its up to me

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traditional fantasy isn't my thing

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rolled 67 = 67

Deathleaper, would like to ask you something, and I'd rather not derail a thread about it.

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What sort of thing? I'd rather just answer things here than start messing about with emails and whatnot. Not like I'm going to stop posting pictures regardless of what gets stuck in the Comment field.

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Of course, it depends exactly what you want to ask. Doesn't mean I'm going to answer.

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>picture of a woman riding some huge reptilian beast

Sounds about right.

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rolled 15 = 15

Ah, hell.
Ok, then, make it a yes or no answer.
Has any pictures of yourself ever popped up on /tg/?

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Drawfaggotry, yes. I don't think she'd ever post an actual photo of herself.

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No, they've not. People I know IRL also browse /tg/ and given some of the thing I talk about here I'd rather they don't connect these posts to my face. I've given rough descriptions of what I look like when asked, though.

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Oh, and I MSpainted a picture I found on 4chan to look vaguely right.

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I guess it's a given, then, that nobody who saw your capillary tower posts here.

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Heh, quite. Anyway. More art.

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if you look on the left in the Background, theres a guy with a Bloody sword.

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hahaha lucky.
Good times, good times.
Also, do you ever go to bed? I have about a 4-hour time difference with you since I know you're Irish (or something like that) and I assume you go to bed at around 4am on weekdays and are also up and on here at about 8am as well

Also, helping the thread, not very fantastical but meh.

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Scottish. I normally go to bed at some point between 4am and 6am depending on what's happening and my mood. Earlier if I've got work in the morning.

/tg/ is more interesting than sleep.

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Jack of Blades mask? Best Halloween costume ever, especially if you practice his voice (not the cookie monster one).

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an island away; which one has St. Patrick's day again?
Also, yes, sometimes /tg/ is more interesting than sleep

>posting post-apocalyptic stuff cuz my fantasy folder is empty

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St. Patrick? That's Ireland, I think.

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Ireland? Ok. Fuck Ireland and everyone in it then.

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Not a fan of the Irish, then?

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Mostly St. Patrick himself. Too long of a story to tell.

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Got to love the guy who drove all the snake of a cliff.

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Fair enough, then.

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Or am i thinking of the pied piper story...

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out of curiosity

are you friends with CommissarMega, DLF?

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I don't know any other name/tripfags on /tg/ beyond on /tg/ itself, if that makes sense. I'm not on IRC and I don't give out my AIM/MSN address.

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Frank Frazetta trumps everything hitherto posted in this thread.

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Hmm. I've never been a huge fan of his stuff, personally. From a technical standpoint it's excellent and I've got nothing against the subject matter, it just never really inspired anything in me.

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Frank Frazetta, skills but the imagination of a block of wood.

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Eugh. If anyone's still following the thread, here's a last one from me. My fingers are starting to cramp.

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DLF, I really hope you'll never ever leave /tg/, I like your willingness to image-dumping.

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>My fingers are starting to cramp.

Mmm... nah. Too easy.

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Thanks for the image dump tripfriend :3

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In complete and total agreement.

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>-4 STR

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