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So I herd that in the new Codex fluff Fabius Bile was trained by the Haemonculi in Commoragh

Considering that bile was always decidedly NOT all that interested in chaos at all (beyond using it for his experiments) I'd say this fits in quite well dont you?

I wonder what his dorm was called?....

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Oh that's really interesting...

God the new Dark Eldar look excellent, can't wait to see the new Talos

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>I wonder what his dorm was called?....


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at least he could chat to Jaghatai Khan

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I guess that explains why the new Urien Rakarth looks like someone took Fabius and turned him into an elf.

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I could see this creating some interesting chemistry once the CSM get upgraded and HOPEFULLY get a Bile that people with a shred of sanity will actually want.

pitched battle between CSM and DE, with Bile facing off against Urien

"Now I am the master"

"Only a master flesh Bile!'

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Apparently all those jars on their back contain all their internal organs...

They removed them from their bodies for some reason...

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And yet Bile was partly responsible for helping the Emperor's Children become the Slaanesh-loving freaks they are today. Oh the ironing.

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> Dark Eldar had a hand in creating Slaanesh

>Fabius Bile had a hand in creating Slaanesh loving marines

kinda makes sense

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>Others I saw, humans amongst them, who took to this depraved life with natural empathy. They bowed down to the Eldar and treated them as lords, in return for favours. It is claimed that the most promising are taken as apprentices by the Haemonculi. Most end up as twisted creatures in permanent agony, but others survive and learn, to be let free again into the outside world to spread their corrupt ways.

So how did he end up there anyway? Was he taken as a prisoner or actually invited?

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Guy on BoLS mentioned that, in part, it was because Urien was interested in his work

See? While teh dogs of teh false emperor languish in their ignorance... the minions of chaos extend their cooperation to the other races to better build a 'brighter' future

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Only shot I have of the new Urien

Anyone got the full one?

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Oh no wait... turns out I have it

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All the new DE images are from the GW site.

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Argh dammit stupid Captcha

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Follow me, my Children, and the glory of victory shall be yours. We shall cleanse ourselves in the crimson waters of our enemy. We shall bring the ecstasy of quick release to those who stand before us. We shall give bloody praise to the Lord of Pleasure and sing his name as we dance across the fallen. Follow me, my Children, and you shall taste the undreamt joys that lie beyond the bounds of mortal sense.

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That would be so easy to make it look like he was shooting up.

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Source on Bile saying this?

He's not even really 'sided' with the Emperor's children anyway... he's more a freelancer

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He was a Lieutenant in the Emperor's Children before going rogue.

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I like the fact that, in general, Urien hasnt changed All that much beyond the addition of his extra arms

He still wears the same sort of chest armour on his skinny body, still has the flowing robes around his waist, still has the skinmask looking Irenicus wannabe thing around his head, and still wields the same sort of knife

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I know that, but I'm talking Now

Bile doesnt care at all for all the pleasure worshipping tomfoolery of his 'brothers', he's more interested in biological perfection. Which is still arguably Slaaneshi, but he's probably too proud to realise this

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Well 10,000 years of being little more than a mercenary scientist is plenty of time to lose your loyalties. I'm assuming that quote is from an 'early days' Bile, more so than a 'modern' Bile.

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Bitch be flyin on worms and has accessorized with a lovely servoharness made of people... and you think its still close?!

Though he is a dam sight closer than the others, or at least their artwork, I miss my praying mantis master of blades already.

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have we seen new drazhar yet?

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Codex has artwork, artwork does not have fuckwin mantis man action.

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Nope, he may not even get a new model at all

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Brazhak fired his slugga into the face of one of the pointy-ears, laughing coarsely at the carnage he and his Boyz were wreaking. Grabbitz and his big gunz had taken down the flying kart, leaving the enemy boss stranded in the middle of the battlefield. Brazhak’s mob had smashed their way through the enemy line and were ready to fall upon their hapless foe. The Ork Nob clenched his power claw and grinned evilly as he shouldered his way through the mob towards the pointy-eared leader who was standing dumbstruck amidst the turmoil. Yelling incoherently, he brought his fist back for the killing blow.

Suddenly, a blade came out of nowhere, slicing through his arm just above the elbow. Brazhak looked round and saw a tall pointy-ear, decked out in armour. Before he could bring his slugga up for a shot, the enemy attacked again, his lethal blades cutting across the Nob’s midsection and chest, spilling blood everywhere. Feeling even his considerable strength leeching from him, Brazhak fell to his knees. Looking up into the mask of the warrior, his defiant glare was met by two pitiless, glowing orbs. Then the blades slashed back and forth one final time and Brazhak knew no more.

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WTF is that thing in the background?

I want it, badly

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Wait is he a captive of the DE? how could any race whatsoever manage to restrain a motherfucking primarch?

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Jaghati is probably dead bro

And I doubt it was the DE that killed him... there are paths in the webway that not even they dare to tread

Worst case scenario (or best, depending on your point of view) is that Jaghati has become a Daemon Prince riding a titanic, dreadnaught sized bike that he will ride screaming out of the Eye of Terror

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His employer, Incubi are merc bodyguards (they might have changed that though)

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I wish some day that there will be a Primarch model non chaos, I can only imagine the raping of such a unit.

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yeah, Incubi used to be mercs from a neutral faction within Commoragh that hired themselves out as bodyguards because, unlike all of his underlings, an Archon could rely on them not to stab him in the back

Now they're just elite mercenaries (which means more of them in your army!)

And instead we get the Archon's court, which from the rumours sounds absoloutely awesome (You can literally take your bitch with you into battle, even Vect's fucking ex-lover... what could fucking top that?)

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Does he at least still have the dual blades?

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There's always this.

I always loved this model they once did of Jaghati riding out on top of a rhino out of the gates of Terra

looked awesome

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one of them is a parasite that resembles a bunch of floating brains that has possessed someone.

It shoots pure anguish at people, it shoots it from its eyes.

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Yes, but they arent mantis like in any way, they're actualy just Demikalaves (the incubi leaders special weapon)

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Relax, I'm sure Drahzar will still be available through order

Not all the DE stuff of course, but I'd imagine some of the old characters will remain available

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Untill the new one gets close enough, then the same thing that happened to all the Lelith models will happen, grinded down in to nothingness.

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Yeah, but I mean with stats, be it forgeworld or officials.

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I vaguely remember some Primarch rules in some WD from a while ago. I'll go through my collection and see if I can find anything. Don't get your hopes though.

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*hopes up

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The old Lelith model is all right to use as an cheap-o version of Archite for us economically challenged, it is not that bad of a model.

WTF Captcha? "Youth's Urinall", really?

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Too late, I'm already hoping...

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The Australian G'dub warehouse ground down a fuckton of their old DE stuff, including all their Lelith models.

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Of course I was talking models I'd already own or would get for few bucks most.I wouldn't pay GW prices for an antiqued model.

Complete obliteration is a fitting fate for the abominable Gay Party Hat Eldar line.

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True, those models did deserve it.

Those nutjobs grind everything though, blister is missing a part?


Box is a little dented?


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Sorry man, I looked through my collection (goes to WD98) but I couldn't find anything.

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Hey, some of us actually like the old DE.

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... Call a doctor, or an possibly optomitrist.

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Book art was fine, models though weren't as good in my opinion. Raider, Ravager, Talos, Incubi and a few special characters were good enough, but I really hated conehead warriors and draq queen wyches.

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Stop trying to make like what I dont.


That model always makes me laugh.

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well draq queen wyches did kind of work I thought.
Traps are devient and Dark Eldar are nothing if not experimental.
Saying that you shouldn't be able to tell a good trap.... hummm I thought something looked a little off on some of the new wyches.

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Not trying to make anyone like anything - just saying that there are a fair amount of people who do like at least some of the old range.

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Good concept doesn't make good models by itself. Old wyches were just painful to watch. With their bladed pistols they looked like crabs walking sideways in the beach. I'm all in for pervelves but I still them to be good dynamic sculpts.

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Thats fine if you like them, but dont say they're good or well made, because they really, really arent, at all.

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>tells others not to make him like things
>presents own opinions as fact

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Okay, it seems that Asdrubael Vect has a S10 AP3 Assault 1 Blast Weapon. Instead of rolling against your target's Toughness, you roll against their leadership. Any unsaved wound caused heals Vect; he cannot pass his starting number of wounds.

Om nom nom. A pity you can't eat souls through METAL BOXES.

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So he has really str 0-3 over enemy's toughness life leech blaster. Not really a killer.

>> No.12348168


It wounds tacs and grey hunters on 2+ and goes through their armor.

It's basically a life drain plasma cannon against rank and file troops.

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The real thing with Vect is "seize the initiative on 4+"

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If rumors at Warseer are correct, DE aren't going to be anything spectacular. Something like 115 points for minimum sized warrior squad with blaster (now 18" range) and barebones raider (with standard issue dark lance) is way overpriced.

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Just because GW are phasing out Dark Lance spam doesn't mean that they would be amazing. There's a whole new range of models out there that GW are pushing, I'm sure they'll be pretty awesome in the new codex. You'd be a fool to think otherwise.

>> No.12348616


Yea, the thing is, you're thinking in terms of the previous codex. Where the only tactic that worked was forcing as many Dark Lances and Blasters into the list as possible. That list is pretty much guaranteed to be impossible to recreate as effectively with the new book, but there will be other effective lists to replace it.

>> No.12348626

Oh, come on. Did you really think the 3rd ed Lancespam list would remain useful in the new codex? Dark Lances and Blasters should not be the be-all and end-all of Dark Eldar army lists, and I'm very sure the book will remain competitive with other options opened up.

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IG veterans with meltas in a chimera cost over 150 points.

I don't see what's so bad about 10 warriors in a Raider with blaster for just over 100...

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Pasting some info

Lelith is WS9 BS7 S3 T3 W3 I8 A4 Ld 10 sv6+
4++ inv dodge save against shooting and a 3++ inv in CC. Her hair(!) counts as a shardnet and impaler (reduce ememy attacks by 1) and her knives are power weapons.

>> No.12348641

Ha. Only wounds on a 5+ then.

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Some Urien fluff: his presence is a great honour for the kabals/cults that accompany him on raids. He has died many times, but he regenerates. It is now to the point where he likes to try interesting ways of dying. But for some reason, each time he regenerates, he keeps bits of his old body - that's why he has like 5 spines and 7+ arms. He is one crazy bastard. The haemonculi built a big fancy tower out of living tissue and it is like an academy. They have even trained Fabius Bile there (Urien was interested in his experiments). He can make the small constructs troops, and he can give grotesques S6 instead of their usual S5 for 5 points each. He regenerates one wound a turn but cannot exceed the max.

>> No.12348657

She does get a hell of a lot of attacks, mind. One extra for every point her WS is higher than that of whoever she's attacking. Means you're normally looking at around 2-3 kills a turn, which on a 175 point model that's pretty hard to kill (most things will need a 5+ to hit her and a 3+ inv in CC is hardly shabby) isn't terrible. She'll make a nice addition to a squad of Wyches, but won't win the game alone.

>> No.12348668

IG veterans with meltaguns in a chimera are actually good.

>> No.12348673

Grotesques: WS4 S5 T5 W3 A3 and Feel no Pain.

>> No.12348674

Problem is that they are still faithful to old DE paradigm and lack any kind of staying power (well haemonculi lists might have some toughness at the expense of damage dealing ability). So the only way to win is to load up as much firepower as possible and vaporize the enemy in few turns. Wyches are made of paper, even if they have grenades to poke transports actually getting them anywhere is going to be a major PITA.

Hopefully the dakka we lost in troop slot has been added to FA and elites, which would also make the codex scale better to 2k and 2,5k point ranges. But if raider and warriors that have nothing special to pay for are costing that much, why would units with all the abilities be any more reasonably priced?

>> No.12348683

And warriors on a raider aren't?

The raider is faster, open topped, the squad have better stats, and all for less points...

>> No.12348684

Nullzone + some rapid firing bolters/
Hell, even lasguns will easily kill her.
She'll charge,. wipe out those she has charged and then die.
Still I like her and would probably use her.

>> No.12348685

10 attacks on the charge against WS4. Hits 7, kills 2,5 marines.
Assuming a 10man taq squad. they hit her back with 8 attacks, hits 2, takes no damage back.

But yeah It will take her the whole game to solokill a full taq squad. (take my numbers with some salt, I just did them very fast in my head)

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5 warriors and a blaster. 9 point per warrior, 60 for the ride and 5 to 15 points for the special weapon. At least they are bs 4 so it is not all crap.

>> No.12348699


Well, the guy running her alone probably thought she's Mephiston and thus deserved to lose.

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>He has died many times, but he regenerates. It is now to the point where he likes to try interesting ways of dying. Thus it is that Urien stalks the galaxy as an arrogant and sadistic slaughterer who can never truly be killed.

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Alternatively, concentrate on killing vehicles with Raiders, Ravagers, Scourges, Razorwings and Voidravens, or any of the other dedicated anti-tank units in the army. And leave Warriors to what they'll do best - harrying exposed Infantry from afar, softening them up for your assault units, then claiming objectives in the last few turns of the game.

Dark Eldar aren't going to play like Space Marines. Trying to make a squad be able to do everything by throwing some random anti-tank weapons into it won't work well. Specialise your squads.

>> No.12348733

Also, Scourges now have actual wings grafted by the haemonculi. They act as messengers and such and live on rooftops, apparently this is also a well paid job and they are filthy rich. Can buy Heat Lances (S6 AP1 Lance Melta), Dark Lances, Splinter Cannons etc.

>> No.12348742

An army not made of cookie cutter, good at everything units?


>> No.12348746

6+ and 4++, 3++? wtf so she gets 4++ against everything short of going thru cover and the like?

>> No.12348766

Vect, 240 points, Dais is 200 points more and still has heavy armor, it's a transport Vect and his retinue can assault out of. If you have Vect, Seize the Initiative succeeds on 4+.

>> No.12348774

She has a 6+ armour save, a 4+ invulnerable save against shooting attacks, and a 3+ invulnerable save against close combat attacks.

The armour save is really just a technicality as I can't think of anything which ignores Invulnerable saves and isn't also at least AP5 or ignores armour as well.

>> No.12348785

It matters for things like no retreat, aura attacks that aren't shooting like DoM or difficult terrain tests.

>> No.12348801


She gets 4+ invulnerable against those.

>> No.12348808

Facing 12+ chimeras, 3 vendettas and supporting hydras/russes is going to be horrible. Multilaz0rz everywhere, nothing is exposed and the enemy has more models. Scourges are actually useful now but they seem to be first and foremost a kamikaze unit like Zoanthropes. Ravagers and Fliers are overkill against almost everything, lance rule is wasted against transports and everything seems to boil down to who gets the first turn of broadside shooting.

Missilewolves would be even worse as disintegrators are now lower strength.

>> No.12348842

>Facing 12+ chimeras, 3 vendettas and supporting hydras/russes is going to be horrible.

It's horrible for any army to come up against, though, Dark Eldar or otherwise.

>> No.12348843

>12+ chimeras

Who the fuck runs an army with 12 chimeras?

>> No.12348847


Something doent have to be good to be liked, the old dark eldar do suck, their sculpts are crap, this is saying nothing of their design, you can like that all you want, but you only have to look at one of those wytches faces to know that they are no where near good sculpts.

Feel free to like them anyway though.

>> No.12348860

Scourges are now useful.

Example, a deepstriking suicide unit with 5 Scourges and 2 BS4 Heat Lances is 100 points.

>> No.12348873


>> No.12348877

They're still a suicide squad though.

If they can't jump in the assault phase they're going to be left with their ass hanging out once the enemy gets his next turn.

>> No.12348893


A suicide squad with 2 BS4 meltas is easily worth 100 points. No one expects them to survive.

That configuration is cheaper than Zoanthropes (same cost as 1 zoa+pod) and won't be bothered by hoods.

>> No.12348895

I believe that they don't have jetpacks. But they do have a lottery invu save of 6 or 5 for all the good that will do

>> No.12348897


No, the models suck that bad, they were created to look like the artwork of that time, they do a verry bad job of it, everything about them is just bad modeling wise.

>> No.12348906

Their meltas aren't normal melats.

They're 'heat lances' S6 AP1, Melta, Lance.

I'd rather a normal melta to be honest...

>> No.12348909

Jump Packs, Relentless, 4+ armour and a 6+ invulnerable save from what I've heard. They come with Shard Carbines as default.

>> No.12348922


18'' range makes them good enough.

>> No.12348931


I dont recall there being any invul save on them, but I know there wasnt relentless (unless its listed under jump infantry) most of their guns however, are assault.

>> No.12348937

You can use them with DLs as poor man's devastators for 30 or so more points.

>> No.12348944

Really? I'd heard that they had Relentless and could move and shoot with their Dark Lances.

Ah well, makes no odds. Heat Lances or Blasters look like the best options for them.

>> No.12348980


in b4 the new Necron codex has the Ultramarines' Master of the Forge training with Necrons, which is why the Ultramarines Master of the Forge is the best Techmarine in the galaxy, even better than the entire chapter of the Iron Hands put together and every single magos on every forge world including mars.

>> No.12349001

No no no!
You got it all wrong. Ultramarines don't have to train with outsiders, Necrons and Meks come to their doorsteps to beg to be allowed to view the mechanical genius of the savior of the universe and spirtual liege to all.

>> No.12349009

...The adeptus Mechanicus already steal most of their knowledge from the Void Dragon C'tan on Mars.

Which incidentally is where Techmarines are sent to train in the machine cult...

>> No.12349127

How does everything 40k related in /tg/ always end with spessmehreen and their spiritual liege march in.

>> No.12349296

Because that seems to happen with everything 40k related everywhere, these days anyway.

>> No.12349394

/tg/ is tsundere for Mat Ward.

>> No.12349538

Why does everything 40K related in /tg/ always end with some douche saying "spessmehreen".

>> No.12349544


Because Matt Ward.

>> No.12349549

Because of Boreale.

Which according to Captcha, is an "entswat production"

>> No.12349847


because Matt Ward is retconning everything from "C'tan Did It" to "Ultramarines Did It"

>> No.12351020

It's 147 points for a small squad of Kabalite Trueborn with 2 Dark Lances and a Raider with 1 Dark Lance.

That's 3 Lances for less than an IG chimelta squad, and the vehicle can be upgraded to move an extra 2D6 and get a 5+ invulnerable save.

9 lances cost 450 points or so.

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