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Some of you DMs think you have it tough?

I'm a moderator for a Freeform RP place. Basic rule enforcement shit and the rest of the mods are bros. However the Admins (two of them, a couple) approve all stuff valid. Their pretty good about it...but then they approved a race for one of their friends. A mutual friend. And now the race is canon is our continuity.

You are not prepared.
The Aerodel People and Race a study by Cainth La'Cross De'Amour

Since the first Suns shed their light upon our world there have been many creatures that have walked it's landscapes, swam within it's seas, and soared untamed through the endless skies, yet none have ever been so elusive then the Aerodel people, a civilization marking it's first steps back to the worlds creation and the War of the Elements their role within the world has been nothing more then mere rumor, speculation and dependent upon word of mouth from travelers and sailors. Where some speak of them as savage monsters, others claim they are protective guardians and angels. This has led me to wonder the truth of it all and after six long years of traveling every inch of Dracia's surface I was granted the blessing of seeing one of these people in person, as well as be welcomed into their Clan home, the most protected and important center of their kind. This stands to be my study, and my way of honoring what stands to be the most elusive race of the Chosen five.

(also freeform RP horror stories general while I post this shit)

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Physical Attributes

From the moment I was happened upon by a Hunting party of their Clan I was taken back by their grace, formation, and how adaptation has shaped them into creatures of grace, majesty and something none other within Dracia can mimic, each of their own is unique yet at the same time they share common traits marking each as a distinctive "Aerodel" At first glance these creatures seem like the dragons of the west crossed with the elves of the east, but to call them either would surely be an insult, to help best describe what I mean I have written together a list of traits of their species. All from observing the many members of the clan home and also by speaking with a Priest named Kai'Than.

The more time I have spent with them the more I have come to see that not much separates them from humans in appearance save for those who embrace outside influences, but what unique traits I have witnessed I now list here.

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>dragon elves

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(Here's where shit starts going south. Also I apologize for my shitty grammar. Rage and not as good grasp of english as I would like)

To the Aerodel gender is blurred for the race by far seems to exist of only males, as explained to my by Kai'Than this has come to pass because long ago, the Vampires of the southern lands began to kill only the females of the race in an attempt to drive the Aerodel into complete extinction, to save themselves from this fate the high priest called upon the earthen one for aid. Kenrin answered their prayers and blessed half of the remaining survivors the ability to bare young, the vampires unable to tell who to kill and who to keep alive eventually drew back from their constant raids but since that time they have adapted into these 'Roles' and with females no longer necessary they eventually vanished from the population save for very rare instances when one is born.

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Changeling: Identified by Smooth horns and often shorter stature (5'4-6'0) these Aerodel are the child-bearers and bring on the mating season when they enter their heat shortly before the Winter hibernation (Mating Season: October 12th-December 21st) since the Aerodel mate for life the choosing of a changeling is a prospect that every Aerodel takes to the highest caution before marking, or soul-bonding with their chosen partner. These Aerodel are also the only ones capable of healing by calling upon the veins of life that run through the plants around them, fiercely protected by their bonded to attempt in anyway to flirt, or sway a changeling may get you a few new battle scars, but to court one will surely get you killed. Due to the need to continue the race Changelings make up most of the Artisan's of the Clan and remain within the safety of the Clan Home for most of their lives unless traveling with a life-mate, there have however been a few instances of changelings holding militant ranks.

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Wooh, a diety of some kind blessed half their pop. do bare children because otherwise race dies out due to no women? not sure what think.

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Persuer: The 'True Males" of the clan these are often the larger of the species (7'0-8'0)and most noticeably identified by the thick ridged horns that adorn their skulls, their role within the clan often falls into the militant ranks, or those of the clans Hunters. Honed warriors and skilled trackers to cross one is to meet a swift end. Their unique abilities lie in the ability to mark their mates via a blackened venom that is injected into the skin, often forming a unique pattern signature to that Aerodel alone, not to mention when life mated the feeling of their mate being in pain, danger, or panic can send them into a Violent rage that will not end until the threat or cause is destroyed or deterred.

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Gay Pragnant Dragon Elves.

Oh good.

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And then the vampires realised that they could simply just fuck up the whole race instead of being picky on whom to kill and whom to let alive. This was the end of the aerofag race.

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From my understanding Aerodel are viewed as Immortals for as long as their is life within the earth they can exist, but they are far from indestructible, in fact they are more fragile then they seem to appear but their weaknesses are not for me to tell for it is a secret I have been charged with keeping by the priest himself. (If you wish to know their greatest weaknesses for your Aerodel character, PM me -*Race creator name here*) Due to these instances many Aerodel do not live to see their sixth age (6,000 years) the only exceptions being the three elders of the Clan who have been around since the first days of their existence as a species. Young Aerodel (300 years and under) are jokingly called younglings until they pass a coming of age task in which they are given their title as either a changeling or Persuer, the task however is tailored to each individual in order to fully test their unique strengths and weaknesses in physical, Mental, and spiritual Traits and Abilities.

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The male-fems are STILL identifiable. Just kill those anyway, no changes required.

They'd be easier to kill since they're sub bottoms anyway.

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>the vampires unable to tell who to kill and who to keep alive
>want to make the race extinct anyway

If they were so easy to kill.. why not just kill the males too then?

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Every Aerodel is born with a pair of wings, fully feathered from where they form from the back to the tips of the appendages, though their size depends fully on that creatures growth and development their colors seem to fall between the shades of black, to an ashen Grey save for the "Dormancy" which turns all Aerodel into a full colorless shade of white across their entire body. I have been told that on occasion Aerodel have been born with wings that mimic local avians, from owls, to hawks, falcons, and on rare occasion more colorful varieties.


Only in rare instances have Aerodel been born without horns, though the formation is unique, much like a fingerprint no two Aerodel share the same exact horn formation, these are also a prized indicator of the 'Role' of the individual, marking them as either a changeling or a persuer by the absence of formed ridges. In death the horns of a fallen one are removed from the skull of the deceased and given to the life-mate before cremation unless of course the widowed opts for them to be left alone otherwise. Though I have not been able to understand the meaning of this tradition it does seem to help them cope with the loss.

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In b4 that ends up just making the entire race of aerofags 8 feet tall due to natural selection bullshit about the short ones being killed.

>thou tainste

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Is anyone beside the guy who came up with the dragon elves playing them?

Please say no.

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This seems like the kind of character I would annoy nearly to death by way of introducing a character that has A) Been to Earth, B) Stolen a fair number of things from there, and C) Read enough books to identify all of the various storytelling tropes that the player hamfistedly threw together to create his character.

And then I would back it up by showing the character TVTropes.org on a laptop computer that somehow gets a wireless connection in medieval fantasy Europe, then linking all of the aforementioned trope pages, at which point I can walk away with a laugh because the player will never escape in time to yell at me for my underhanded tactics.

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For your sake, I'll say no.
(Him, his boyfriend, a friend, and the Admins themselves)

Hair/Eye color

This often ranges from Black, which is the most predominant and common to lighter shades of grey to white, though on the rare occasion an Aerodel is born with an unique shade, these often being of a blue or blond coloration, the only known Aerodel to have something other then this seems to be the current prince who possesses a lightened violet. Eye color on the other hand seems to consist of any color the gods see fit to bless the individual with states Kai quite jokingly. One thing is for solid truth, their hair is never cut unless to trim it so it's not walked on or stepped on. The only exceptions are the militant ranks and the hunters who's hair is kept no shorter then the waist with the exception of the bangs which can be styled to the individuals choosing. Occasionally dyes will also be used to color the tips of the hair, oftentimes to signify what clan they hail from, achievements, rank, or sometimes just for personal preference.

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So, male only dragon elves?

I suppose you do get more traps but at the same time there will be no loli elf or delicious female elf.

Though the only thing I take from this is a strong fanfictionwritefag sense to make a story involving this travesty and a canon mpreg story (since mpreg is the only option for them....)

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so much rage.....

If its a freeform RPG couldn't you just have the vampires decide to wipe them all out of existence?

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Guy with special something who is ALSO born into power in some way.

Oh god.

Random fucktard has purple wings for no reason at all? Acceptable

Someone with normal wings is prince? Acceptable.

Prince has purple speshal wings? Fucktarded

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Feathery-winged gay male pregnant dragon-elves who grow out their hair down to their feet.

Oh lawdy.

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So something like this, but all male?

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All are born with a tail, this often being similar to a lions.


Long and pointed they seem to mimic the elves of the west, though the length of the ear seems to vary between 2-5 inches.


From the moment I had first arrived into the home of their people and into the lives of those I have come to know as friends I have fallen in love with the ways of the Aerodel, their culture and the fire of determination that flickers brightly within their hearts has both become an inspiration and a beacon of hope within the chaos of the outside world. Devoid of outside influences and completely isolated within their clans it has come to amaze me how despite the distance that separates one clan from the next that their customs, faith, and laws are shared equally among the four and though while they may not see eye to eye they are not above setting aside their differences to carry out their birthright as protectors and keepers of Dracia's flow of life. During my time with Kai I have come to learn that the four clans, though their people share a common existence and religion couldn't be more different then the other.

(skipping boring shit about clans and history to get right to rage inducing stuff)

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You're a good man anon, softening that up for me. Made the actual answer less painful.

>Captcha; fractord off

Man, these things are even ticking Captcha off.

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This race is fucking awesome.

I'm running a satirical "evil" d&d campaign and you can bet these guys will be in it. The current bbeg is Violet Victoria "snowflake" faulkner. A half this-and-that-and-also-these-and-those popular-cheeerleader-warrior-mage a special gestale-prc.

Also she can never die. Also the party never tires of pounding her into the ground every fight because she's a fucktard.

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During my stay I have observed much as far as the ways of the aerodel people and with such a rich and respectful culture it would take more pages then I have on me to list all of what I've seen but perhaps this small collection of notes will help those who wish to better interact with them, and learn as I have of the wonderful things they know and can teach.

Aerodel Common Sense and Expected Habits

+ Aerodel who are not Soulbound, or marked are considered single and available, in the case of a changeling this means that even if that Aerodel currently has a lover a persuer can still court and mark them as their own. This often is the cause of many fights among persuers and much conflict among clanmates as a mate by their society is one who is marked, and life mates, are those who have had their soul stones bound.
+ Formalities are often never used, instead it seems even those of the Sangri consider themselves equal to their clanmates, however when important matters are to be discussed or business to be taken care of Formalities are used, often telling that person of rank that the situation or matter is serious.
+ Do not Steal the kill of a hunter, you will not only loose any respect they had in you to begin with but you may also find yourself running as fast as you can either from his hunting companion, or his arrows.
+ Do not Tell a High Guard that he ended up with a post along the clan home wall because he was probably caught sleeping with the prince, this will have you thrown over said wall, and if you don't have wings, well it was nice knowing you.
+ Never tell a master craftsman what you think his items are worth, they are prideful and will politely correct you before throwing you out of their workshop.

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+ When Greeting an Aerodel for the first time it is polite to bow with one hand held over your heart, it is a sign of great respect and gratitude, when applied to those of the Sangri this gesture is performed at every greeting or when you address them as well as to kneel whist doing so.
+ Never ask an Aerodel to see the shiny stone if you see one on their person, you will most likely be hunted down and slain for attempted murder (They have soul stones, and are quite protective of them)
+ Never approach young children unless given permission by their parents to do so, Persuers are quite protective and are not above ripping your face off if they catch you near their offspring.
+ Never EVER under ANY circumstance call a changeling a woman or refer to them as Femmine, they will kill you in the most painful ways possible.
+ Don't touch another mans sword, this also goes for his steed.
+ Don't drink firewater when offered unless you like ending up on the floor, flopping around having a seizure, and Hallucinating all that the same time.
+ Festivals are held frequently, enjoy them, just don't eat to much. There will be no priests sober enough to help you.
+ During mating season stay inside and lock the doors, Aerodel can be quite violent during this time.

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Let me guess. The items cost a bazillion goldz and are plus a bazillion points of relevant mechanical modifier

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Feathery-winged gay male pregnant dragon-elves who grow out their hair down to their feet who have violent sex and are super-proud pedos.

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also they drink more epic drinks than you do and that shit will make someone as pathetic as you hallucinate, but they drink that shit like all the time becuase they're so awesome.

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Ah, I remember when I freeformed. It basically was always various flavors of marysue wars. Especially the early ones I joined. I was guilty myself, though I was usually provoked into it to defend my character from the initial marysue, I did create several characters I am not proud of. A few of the cooler, more sane ones got recycled into various things.

>> No.12346921

Only one vampire character around. And she's more Anita Blake than Bram Stoker if you catch my drift.

Well that's all I got that's not boring culture and clan shit. Will post that if needed. Not much is rage worthy I warn thee and am eager to hear other stories of rages or suggestion on how to troll these...these things.

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Actually, I marysue as an exercise in excellent literary characters.

My most mary sue character was de-mary'd and is my favourite. The corrupted, fallen, druid of rot. An accurate reflection of the fears that plague adult men.

of course, I make mary sues on purpose to see which parts offend me and others to aid my further plots.

See which mary-sues my party spares and saves, and which they leave to die (and why)

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So...I'm curious. How in the world does male pregnancy work? Like, how do the mechanics work? Do they shit kids or...or what?

>> No.12346936

God help you if you call them feminine for being the childbearing member of the race. Thats worth torture and death.

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I bet they lay eggs. And these eggs are the most beautiful jewels with complicated gold in a pattern that represents their soul in some profound way in addition to being eggs holding the little terrors.

if this is not how it works, suggesting would result in an instant errata to my most mary-sue suggestion.

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I have to wonder op, where is this site? A part of me won't believe this until I see proof, even though I know you're being truthful.

>> No.12346974

This looks related.


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I would post the comic, but I can't do that right now.

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I'm thinking Kronar, son of man style would be more suiting

>aloven clearly
indeed captcha

>> No.12347011

Wow. This reminds me of the sort of shit that started cropping up with the introduction of Rhydin in the AOL chat rooms, after the White Wolf players started hanging in private chats.

>> No.12347012

PRECISELY. If they killed 50% of them pretty easily, what's stopping them from killing the rest? Granted there will probably be a few holdouts whom have fled or hid, but you could decimate their breeding pool so hard, they'll never recover. If I were in this stupid freeform RPG thats what I'd TOTALLY do.

>> No.12347049

>Aerodel starts playing the culture card
>Guy that keeps his head shaved shows up, refers to the Aerodel as a woman due to the fact that he's got long hair
>Aerodel gets pissed, starts to initiate violence
>Guy plays the culture card right back, saying only the women of his lands have long hair
>Aerodel claims that his race's customs are correct because they're older
>Guy laughs, says that if they were that great, no race would have women

>> No.12347060


Hey, fuck you.

Rhydin was never this consistently terrible.

>> No.12347071

Three words man, All Creatures Tavern.

The Red Dragon Inn is still around through a webpage, and is actually somewhat decent, actually.

As for the OP, well sucks man. But if it's a free form RP place and the admins approved it you gotta play it.

>> No.12347075

God, I just remembered my first RP character, ugh. My Ex got me to join her on some RP forum, with a wolf theme. In retrospect, it was a bit furfaggy, but furfaggotry was still in it's infancy, at least as how we know it now. Basically I was a wolf whom could turn into a human (No hybrid form, actually.), whom had a pet fairy whom was psychokinetic, and could MERGE with me, and become an ARCHON starcraft style. God it was terrible. WTF was I thinking?

>> No.12347078

Proof for >>12346968 seems to be there also

>mfw furaffinity account on that site

>> No.12347087

I get the massive vibe that the writer is gay due to OMG I HATE WOMEN.

>> No.12347098


Almost anyone who went to a freeform RP site for the first time was 16 or younger, so it isn't your fault. I had some overly stupid mary sues back in the day, which I now get a huge laugh out of when I re-read them.

>> No.12347105


Further proof that this exists, probable location of the actual RP site.


>> No.12347112

Hey, while we are on the subject...
I've been wanting to get back into writing some RP up again.

Some people toss me out some good FFRP websites/irc channels?

>> No.12347113

Yeah, I was about 13, 14, or 15.

>> No.12347114

The answer to the gay dragelves is easy. PM him, say you want to play a fag, I mean dragon elf thing. Find out their weakness, make one for a while, then get him killed off by another character you make who's purpose is hunting fags I mean "aerodels". The RP reason? He believes if he feeds on their hearts/bathes in their blood/whatever he will become immortal.

>> No.12347180

Or just make a sociable classy yet not-gay vampire go about and flaunt his vampireness.

Something I have yet to master.

>> No.12347187

Yeah, that looks like the place.
My god the site is poorly moderated, ADS EVERYWHAR

>> No.12347196



Doing that would merely affirm them as a valid part of the world. A poorly conceived part but still a part.

Your best weapon is ignoring them.

>> No.12347205

Difficult to find and if you can get enough people to make it a continuity its a damned miracle.

>> No.12347215


Nah, chances are the 'great weakness' is that they get an annoying itch when presented with heterosexuality, or something.

Or if you have anal sex with them they become your slaves. AND DO YOU REALLY WANT TO CREATE A CHARACTER WHO DOES NOTHING BUT HAVE HOMO ANAL SEX?

If you answered yes, may as well roll up an Aerodel my friend.

>> No.12347239

the "great weakness" is probably the shitty soulstone thingy.

>+ Never ask an Aerodel to see the shiny stone if you see one on their person, you will most likely be hunted down and slain for attempted murder (They have soul stones, and are quite protective of them)

Obviously, you must convince everyone that aerodel are secretly liches that have sewn together carcasses of other creatures into a disgusting and mismatched cloak.

>> No.12347263

Cannot be unseen.
sage for post that should not be

>> No.12347374

Someone needs to make Oscar the Aerodel.

Fucking do it.

>> No.12347482

Jesus. Vampires, man. Pursue genocide by only wiping out females and leaving males alive? That's needlessly complex and rather dumb. Abandoning the final solution because females are indistinguishable, even though, as stated, they're significantly smaller than the males of the species, have horns distinct from the males, and fill societal roles of females? I'd like to say this is the most inept bunch of protag- I mean, antagonists I've heard of, but...

... well...

... the Aerodel, a race of skilled hunters, and trackers, possessed of powerful warriors, were driven nearly to extinction by them.

Speaks for itself, really...

>> No.12347749

They were probably sparkly vampires, too.

>> No.12347754

Nah. They would of gotten along well with their mary sue brethren.

>> No.12347778

No, see. The entire war was to decide the biggest sue.

>> No.12347800

Who ever wins...is it truly 'winning' ?

>> No.12347802

OP needs to manage to create a new war somehow

Or suddnely: party goes to vampireland

Vampire remember old enemy

>> No.12347817

>OP needs to make a race of eastern dragon western elf all female race
>they find other crappy race
>they merge
>turns out OPs crappy race has a terrible secret :everyone who sleeps with them gets infected with an ALIUM type parasite

>> No.12347834

Worth it.

>> No.12348553

But alium kills parasites.
Are you implying they will merge and become immune to vampires?

>> No.12348698

I have a pretty irritating example of SUE.

Playing in a Kingdom Hearts themed roleplay (Yes, I know, I knew what I was getting into from the get go). Everyone I knew who had joined had made your basic OH GOD WAT HAPPEN type characters, fresh from Heartless infestation. I decide to play a Nobody, pretty much a Vexen clone who had spent a leeeetle too much time staring into the Abyss.

It, of course, stared back, and by the time I introduce him to everyone he'd gone completely mad, held together by nothing by a thin coating of SCIENCE and bitchyness. All is well and good in RP land, and everyone is having fun.

Then, we get a character applicant. Everything seems okay to begin with, so she (I can only assume, /tg/) is accepted and begins playing with us. I had to leave (last few weeks of a Uni course, shit got busy) for a few days to focus on other things, informing Admins and Allies alike that my character had retreated to the dead remains of a heartless overrun world to do SCIENCE.

And then I come back ...

>> No.12348723

So I come back, stoked that the final week of my course is done and I had a lot of free time in which to play with my friends. I log on, first day out, plotting what to do with MAD SCIENCE.

As soon as I log on I am bombarded with tells from some of my friends, begging me to do something in game. Admins have disappeared, and SUE - y'know, we'll call her AYSH, because she was such a special snowflake there is no way her name was actually Ash.

So I post a few lines of how he's back from OUTER SPACE to fuck shit up.

And this ... thing ... has the gall to go "OMG my husbind is back I give him hugs and make him not evil". I paused for a few seconds. Then checked what had been written in reply. Then waited a few seconds, praying it wasn't me that had been the ... target.

Oh boy.

>> No.12348752

So, is this what a freeform RP shotgun wedding looks like?

>> No.12348757

itt: why freeform online RPGs are an orgy of faggotry

>> No.12348769

In my absence, this AYSH had apparently dominated every single world ever with her HOLY POWRS, made all Heartless her slaves and made them NOT EVIL LULZ, MARRIED MY CHARACTER, who had routinely been shown to have an intense disgust of humans and a hatered of any emotion. He wanted to kill everything he could see, for the love of god!

But oh no, he got married and was SO IN LOVE with this AYSH that he was made not evil! I was thoroughly disgusted, demanding to know what was going on in an out of character context. I got silence. Silence for half an hour.

So I thought to myself, I could salvage this, right? Murder the thing in game and come out on top? Oh, no. Because did AYSH forget to mention suddenly seens Queen of Pure Hearts, has twin Key Blades, complete mastery of Light, Darkness and Nothingness, has a really hot body and charms everyone who sees her into love at first sight? And she doesn't even kill my character or respond any differently, no matter how much in that session I tried to murder her. Everything was replied with "LoL so funny u woldnt do dat to ur waif wuld u".

I logged off, having the intense urge to vomit. I lost a very fun character and a great place to play in one three day perior.

What is this I don't even.

>> No.12348786

You joined a fucking Kingdom Hearts roleplay.
You deserved all you got.

>> No.12348787

she's the Queen of Pure Hearts* man I cannot type tonight.

>> No.12348793

This is the perfect follow-up to

When there are no rules and anyone can join in then all it takes is one person to fuck everything up.

>> No.12348800

Guess your name is Calvin and the girl's true name is Susie.

>> No.12348803

Except at the time I joined the Admins were pretty chill people who culled any of this shit. And yes, I expected a lot (SO MUCH) Mary Sue behaviour, but this was just too much for me.

It was fun right up until AYSH joined.

>> No.12348810

>In my absence, this AYSH had apparently dominated every single world ever with her HOLY POWRS, made all Heartless her slaves and made them NOT EVIL LULZ, MARRIED MY CHARACTER

Wait....Exalted plays KH freeform games?

>> No.12348815

So why didn't the admins cull it off?

Also, from the sounds of things
>Everything was replied with "LoL so funny u woldnt do dat to ur waif wuld u"
you got trolled hard.

>> No.12348836

I have no idea, and honestly? By this point I have no desire to know, either. It's done, and gone, and it doesn;t really matter any more.

As for the trolling thing, maybe. But she was a poor roleplayer to begin with, and it seemed like natural progression.

>> No.12348856

You said you are a Uni student and couldn't play home for a while with the little girl?
She would have grown tired anyway sooner or later and you could have gone back to play your "intense disgust of humans and a hatered of any emotion" Kingdom Hearths char, which on a side-note is as lame as lame can be.
I am disappointed in you son.

>> No.12348869

>one random snippit of character build
Nice. And I probably could have, but the entire thing had been tainted. And with no option to BURN AND PURGE, I decided to ditch it and find something better to do with my time.

Like dig holes or something.

>> No.12348892

Proposition /Tg/- Once every other month or so, we get together for a week ro so and choose a free form rp to go to, and play up practical characters- possibly but not necessarily of the same group.

IE: we roll up into this one as some large mercenary company coming in from far lands- etc:. and in about a week of this, we are free to quit, but usually it doesn't even take a week to turn things like this upside down.

>> No.12348898

I second my disappoint.

>> No.12348938

I joined an IG game with a GM on a 40k forum.
A few players in the base were marked as Genestealers.

It was fantastic, as the board had an established culture with definite characters long before the RP.
We had deadlines, good writing and clear motivations.

I was friends with the GM and I just went crazy, killing a lictor with a meltagun, collapsing the ceiling in the process, developing Mystic Eyes of Death Perception after remembering it from a porno-slate somehow, to cut myself from the rubble.

In the end, I was infested with pubic lice, a genestealer hybrid, a psychic null, had MEoDP and killed PC allies, both stealer and human. I slew the Patriach, who was a moderator of the forum and ended the game.

>> No.12348952


>> No.12349066

I even used LCD Sound System's 'Losing my edge' to start a fight:

'Yeah, I'm losing my edge.
I'm losing my edge.
The kids are coming up from behind.
I'm losing my edge.
I'm losing my edge to the kids from Cadia and from Mordia.
But I was there.

I was there in M.68, when Private Leeroy Jenkins lead a Conscript charge, and I survived.
I'm losing my edge.
I'm losing my edge to the kids whose footsteps I hear when they get on the flack board decks.
I'm losing my edge to the artillery seekers who can tell me every victory of every good regiment from M.62 to M.78.
I'm losing my edge.

I'm losing my edge.
I'm losing my edge.
I can hear the footsteps every night on the decks.
But I was there.
I was there on Armaggedon, playing tracer fire over Orks in a trench outside Prime Hive.
I was working on the placement with much patience.
I was there when Jarran Kell started up his first platoon.
I told him, "Don't do it that way. You'll never make a kill."
I was there.
I was the first guy shooting plasma guns at Khorne Bezerkers .
I played it at the Eye of Terror.
The Commissars thought I was crazy.
We all know.
I was there.
I was there.
I've never been wrong.
I was there.

>> No.12349084

I hear you have a date-slate of every good battle fought from M33 to M41, Macharius, Creed, Melchior, Mono, Slaydo, Dericius...

I hear you're getting a flamer and an chimera and are throwing your heavy bolter out the window because you want to do something real. You want to make an Imperial victory.

I hear that you and your squad have traded in your Lasguns and requisitioned CCWs.
I hear that you and your squad have traded in your CCWs and requisitioned Lasguns.

I hear everybody that you know is higher ranked than everybody that I know.

But have you seen my medals? Order of Oretga, Iron Cross, Medallion Crimson, Warrior Merit Medal ,Cross for Distinction in War ,Medal of Valor, Courage and Distinguished Service, Order of the Golden Kite, Monster Kill Medal, Multi-kill, Honour of Sexual Harrassment of a Superior Officer, Macharian Cross, Anti-narcotics Campaign Medal of Merit , Air Efficiency Award, the Order of Quaid-i-Azam, the Bar-Kay, the Human League Award, the Normal, Easy and Hard Mode Medals, Mystery of the Druids, Tectonic Officer, Commissioned War Poet, 3rd Class with Merit, with Merit, with Merit, with Merit.'

>> No.12351278

>google aerodels and freewebs
>oh god is this maester seymour?

>> No.12351534

I unfortunately know who OP is talking about. And the stupid shenanigans that the players of this race pulls. Aparently there is one memebr of this race whose entire look. name and titles (Like Maester) is based off of Seymour Guado. When confronted about this, they claim that they were inspired and were paying homage. Riight.

>> No.12351549

That's exactly the one I'm talking about!

>> No.12352327

Stuff like this just makes me so disheartened to ever roleplay freeform

>> No.12352356

You mean where it stops going South and starts going Abyssal.

>> No.12352398

>they are more fragile then they seem to appear but their weaknesses are not for me to tell for it is a secret I have been charged with keeping by the priest himself. (If you wish to know their greatest weaknesses for your Aerodel character, PM me -*Race creator name here*)

you know what must be done.

>> No.12352584

I see no mention of immunity to fire. Standard solutions to such problems are still valid. Prepare the magma cannon.

>> No.12353008

Probably deflect fire with their super elemental majyks

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