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Ok /tg/, I am running a low fantasy, frazzeta-ish game set in some sort of late stone age/early metal age. Two of the PCs fell in love with each other but they are from different races (she's an elf, he's a human. Elves are more druidic and humans are more horde-like).

So, since she was the princess of her tribe she was sentenced to death for giving herself to a human and in order to save her the human PC has to prove himself worthy by slaying an animal BBEG that both elves and humans fear/worship to different degrees. So give me ideas /tg/?

at least I know I want its lair to be >full< of bones from humans and elves alike, so many all of the ground and the entrace are covered by them.

Pic sorta related

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Mmmm give us a little more detail on each race? what sorta culture they have?

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Well, humans are nomadic, but at the same time they are more advanced that elves in some things, like they already started to forge a few things from soft metals and already wear fur/hide boots and armor of sort.

Elves know some agriculture and live in forest villages, but they know nothing of metalworking. Also, they are a lot more "mystic" in comparison. Also (at least the princess and the female elf warriors that have appeared as it is mostly an "amazon" race) never wear armor or shoes.

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Giant fucking spider. I'd suggest some unholy tarantula-esque thing. That way you get giant fangs (dripping with venom) and the urticating hairs (which can either be a cloud of fiberglass shards or dagger-sized, tossable quills).

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>adventure based around two PCs falling in love

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Cave bear!

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This is what happens to the BBEG's victims when it doesn't finish eating them completely

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And if the PC performs well, give him an artifact reward. One of the fags of the spider as a dagger or spear tip

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I want to play in this kind of game, I love that type of fantasy.
Something fierce and noble, to inspire that kind of fear and reverence. I think a giant monstrous bear or boar.

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Hive Tyrant

>icas noverst

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so what do the dudes do

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>at least I know I want its lair to be >full< of bones from humans and elves alike, so many all of the ground and the entrace are covered by them.

>So give me ideas /tg/?

A human/elf bone golem.

They will not even see it coming.

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There are pretty few dudes, at least in this tribe, and they have mostly religious duties.

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Actually come to think of it, any spider could work if you make it large enough. Except maybe trapdoor spiders since they're something of a one-shot gimmick and not so great outside their burrow. Let's see, you have:

-Tarantulas. See above.
-Wolf/wandering spiders: fast, agile and good senses.
-Spitting/bola spiders: ranged attack? hahaha oh fuck
-Jumping Spiders: something the size of a rhino or a horse leaping around like a ninja? Oh fuck again.
-Orb weavers: kind of iffy. A fight on a web could be interesting.

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>barefoot tribal elf princess

brb, fappan

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So humans = mongols and elves = northern european pagans?

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Kinda sorta yeah.


I thought of an old, gigantic bear too, but the spider idea sounds pretty tempting. Also makes it more squeamish.

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>animal BBEG that both elves and humans fear/worship to different degrees

Make him work for his happy ending.

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Do it man! you can even replicate that mouse guard scene with the owl, just make the spider somewhat sentient.

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A gigantic man eating sloth.

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Spiders can be quick squick-inducing. I love them but they still freak me out from the wrong angle. If you need picture aids, I'd suggest looking at the Poecilotheriinae genus.

Pic semirelated; it's a Green Bottle Blue tarantula.

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Use a dinosaur OP and say it is the last of it kind

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There is a gargantuan pit at the base of the largest trees in the deepest forest. Here lie the bones of thousands of animals, so deep that the loam is layered upon the bones, mounds of rotted leaves and earth over tons of bones. Here crawls The Dweller Beneath the Roots, a colossal centipede which hunts the forest every few months, consuming small kills where it finds them, dragging the larger kills - dire animals, giants, and other great beasts back to be consumed at leisure.

Except it isn't a centipede. It's actually a Rehmoraz.

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Giant cave spider!

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>stone age setting
>animal BBEG

Terror bird. You want this, too.

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A giant black panther that is covered is spots that look like giant eyes. It is said it can see anything in the jungle and thus is never truly the prey always the predator.

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Carrion Crawler

Make it a trip in time

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This OP

it sounds freaky

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I like the idea of a giant spider sucking people's souls out. Then when the spider matriarch is slain, her new broodlings crawl out of her corpse and try to eat everything. The souls of the former humans/elves have been tainted and twisted inside the spider's body, and they are reborn as instinctive, hungering monsters. With every squished spiderling another otherworldly wail of sorrow echoes through the cavern.

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The Mothertoad

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This. /tg/ has spoken OP. It must be a spider. You can add the idea of >>12344632
and add an eye pattern to its abdomen

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I don't know, the giant centipede sounds pretty fucking terrifying. And it is less done than Spiders... at least from what I've seen.

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Spiderlings. One of their early forms is called "eggs with legs." Have a dim humanoid form visible in the eggsack, writhing in pain.

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A giant cybernetic/robot bear. It should be stamped with a label reading "North Central Positronics".

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This thread is awesome

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>beil mutchmke

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I'd say go with 'spider'ish, but not full spider.

Make it some unholy combination of spider, crab and scorpion.

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Better yet, the spider is male and it needs human/elf females for its offspring to born. Pic related

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What is this from?

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Why would you ever want to know, that shit is creepy

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The abyss.

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High School beset by strange and malicious supernatural creatures?
Where's Boogiepop when you need her?

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you know its bad if Japanese people think it's fucked up.

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Don't remember the title, but is about this Harry Potter-esque guy that hunts monsters and demons

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Link for this? I wanna check this out.

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Yeah it has lots of fucked up shit

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Make it a gnomish illusionist. Oughtta be fun :D

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If you are going with tribal thing, have a sort of fey type spider spirit, something Drider like.. The cave is full of His/her dire spider minions.

Pic Related. This was a spider demon from my first homebrew I drew. She would capture men and mate with them before eating them. She was the mother of the worlds giant spiders.

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Searching "The Abyss" brings up nothing

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Thank you guys! I'm gonna use the spider and let the PC keep some of the poison for later use.

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It has some pretty decent body horror, but it gets sorta rushed and the ending is weak.

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What's the name of the comic? Im at the scanlation site but i dont know where to start.

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bump for name

>helvest letter

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A big evil tree.

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Thanks, I know I'm not sleeping tonight.

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And then halfway through the fight, a time-mage in a clockwork fortress shows up and tries to drain the life out of tree and heroes alike.

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Source of comic?

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It is a great mystery.

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Surinam toad I think

It's a fucking awesome animal

How many animals do you know that carry their young that way, and when they hatch OH GOD THEY'RE CRAWLING UNDER MY SKIN GET ME A KNIFE OH GOD I HAVE TO CUT THEM OUT

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captcha: silence, matheric

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Majin, I believe, by Oh Great

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Kill the tribal nobility, problem solved.

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name of scanlation site ?

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