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hey /tg/ as you might remember I'm rebuilding my Slaanesh CSM army, so I was thinking about what I could do with 3 land raiders I have sitting around the room, I have 2 ideas for this tank the
first being to hook two small speakers to the side of the raider to give it a real noise marine feel I have the speakers already and I can make a port to hook my iphone into the thing.
the second idea is to take the skaven screaming bell (new plastic one) and create a tower for it on the back of this land raider, the bell is on it's way but I will have to order pieces from scenery to create the tower.

which do you think would look better? which would be cooler to see in a tourney?

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I think the bell will be more impressive. A Land Raider that plays music is cool...for a little while. After a while it may well get irritating or annoying depending on an opponents taste in music. A well-converted model, however, is always a lovely thing to see on the tabletop, and rarely does it stop being interesting to look at.

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hey 'leaper, so if I go with that how tall should I make the thing? as far as I know the Basilica Administratum allows for a fairly tall tower if you build it straight up....I'm thinking taking 2 of these boxes, make an outer rim along the land raiders top, then plasticard as a roof, with the taller tower in the middle and slightly to the back. what cha think?

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I'd be wary of making it too tall, primarily for transport issues. Maybe try and build it so it can be removed for carting it around between games?

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I'm not sure how I could make it removeable and able to stay in one place while gaming with it.

but that being said it will probably be the hight of 3 landraiders stacked on top of each other, with an outerwall, then the tower. what should I do with the lascannons? I want to make them look different but I'm not sure how.

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Magnets, magnets magnets!

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Before you go further with this project. Do you know how difficult it is to play a Slaaneshi themed chaos space marine army? With so little staying power you can practicly loose all your scoring units in one round of shooting.

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never got under 3rd place with may last army. the only difference is that this time I'm replacing my khorne berzerkers with a unit of Noise marines tooled for assault and holding points (also I'll be adding 2-3 rhinos as a mobile shooting bunker for the other two units.

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simple in theory but I think it would be rather hard to get a magnet on the bottom of any of the tower pieces.

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