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Scarabs? In my vagina?

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It's more likely than you think!

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I miss Tau Quest.

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The hell is that?
Aside from the fact that it loooks.. happy.

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You'd be happy, too, if you were a goddess.

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The thought of assembling that model gives me nightmares...

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It's the new Necron stuff from forge world. Apparently they are being rebooted as a cute version of the tyrannids.

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Tomb Stalker

Necron equivalent of a Titan

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It's not Titan sized.

It's smaller than a land raider.

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I like that Xeno is basically the 40k version of Sylvanas, the Banshee Queen. Good job, /tg/.

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i never said it was Titan sized.

at games day when it was revealed, they said its profile will be that of a Titan to give the Necs a super heavy and a better playability in spearhead and apocalypse.

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They have it's profile up on the forge world site. Its...a monsterus creature. A kinda ok one. Those guns? They are standard issue gauss flayers. The ones warriors have.

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Except that it's profile is nothing like that at all for the rules they've given it.

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To date, no Xeno smut. I still want some good Xeno and Sandwich smuttery.

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are they full rules? or trial rules?

>> No.12335599

How so?

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Here you guys go

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Slightly off topic, but have FW got any rules for the new Warhammer Forge Chaos Dwarves yet?

>> No.12335681


I dunno lol.

Sorry man.

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> implying there's still a vagina down there somewhere

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No Tyranid-necron?

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Xeno's reproductive analog is on her back, actually. She has a little factory womb thing that manufactures scarabs.

So, yes; there are scarabs in her vagina.

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DAT PICTURE!!!!!! I d'aaaaaaaaw ed.
I fucking d'aaaaaaw ed on necrons, fuck now I have the urge to see Xeno and Lolicron engaging in passionate lesbian intercourse.

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Drawfags you have a task.

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War Construct needs to be better explained. The "And the like..." could be argued by cheaters to be just about anything.


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Well FW isn't allowerd in tourneys, and if a guy argues with you about that, when it's clear that within the spirit of the rule it means any weapon that wounds on a fixed roll ignoring toughness, then you probably shouldn't play with him.

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No! Xeno is too sweet and pure to be sullied by your overt sexualuzation.

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What is lolicron's relationship with the C'tan like?

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>Scarabs? In my vagina?
pretty fukken likely. i bet she can make her own, like a tomb spyder.

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You're not very good at rules lawyering.

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Have the words mary sue been said in this thread yet?

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Who's a Mary Sue?

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Lolicron most certainly has one, as has been shown.

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why is tau necron?

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It is a really long story
Jezum crow I should have something just typed up and saved in advance the number of times I recite it.
Do you want to know

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Yeah, please!

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I am intrigued now, so... yes?

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Tauquest on suptg. Think System Shock 2, only with a Tau protagonist.

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Okay Tau quest (Alternately known as Taucron Quest and Xeno Quest) was a quest thread about an amnesiac female earth caste tau awaking on a seemingly abandoned explorer ship. She is attacked by what appears to be the zombiefied former crewmen of the ship, until she eventually comes into contact with the presence of an ancient Necron Tomb Lord, who explains that the Tau had picked up Necron technology that had killed all other lifeforms aboard and was slowly converting the ship into Necrodermis. The Tomb Lord, however, had ensured our protagonist (who had assumed the name Xeno) survived- modifying her with necron technology- so that she could help reclaim the control of her position as tomb lord and overthrow her usurping lieutenant, The dusk of Uncountable suns by finding several powerful archeofacts. Along the way, she battled the reawkaning necrons and gained a sidekick- drone, a tau drone converted into a scarab, while her body was slowly replaced with Necron technology. Eventually she became a hybrid- neither Tau nor Necron.
The first parts of the quest were up during a period of time when Suptg was down, so they weren't archived, but the rest can be found here-
I'd suggest you start reading with the recap of unindexed threads here:
It was really really really good.

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It was more like System shock two meets ghost in the shell meets dead spaces meets mass effect with tungen toppen terran laugan sensibilies and a real gainax ending.

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>>a real gainax ending.
read: a SHIT ending

>> No.12342382

an ending that may or may not be resolved if Shas'o Tauquest ever makes a proper sequal

>> No.12342397

So in short a "SHIT ending"

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Awesome art is awesome.

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I wish there was more from this drawfag. He draws sexy tau really well.

Just not sexy enough.

>hissing even

Indeed, Captcha. The sound I make when I breathe in rapidly whilst biting my lower lip.

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>>No! Xeno is too sweet and pure to be sullied by your overt sexualuzation.
She already had lesbian realtionship with that techpriestess.

>> No.12342527

the scientists art was awesome
truly tauquest was blessed with a prodigious number of drawfriends

>> No.12342535

And weaver- her necron Drider Waifu

>> No.12342565

You could try bugging Liar until he draws Xeno smut.

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>It was really really really good.
It was fun, but the diceroller HATED poor Xeno. She failed at everything, except a couple instances at the very last second (saving Weaver and Drone Two, especially). So much failure.

Some awesome drawfags got into it too.

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No one can draw realistic Tau anymore.

>there's no difference between male and female tau you bunch of fucking pedophile weeaboo basementdwellers!

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/tg/ dice are broken as fuck- that shows up in pretty much every quest

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Derp, didn't see that one posted earlier, in color even.

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Screw that, cute Tau are the best Tau!

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>there's no difference between male and female tau you bunch of fucking pedophile weeaboo basementdwellers!

Yeah I never got why GW did that bit.

GW's marketing department is surely familiar with the idea that big blue alien tits do sell quite well, right?

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I wasn't around for Tau Quest.

That makes me a sad panda.

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Ahh, Tau Quest. I wasn't around for Tau Quest.

That makes me a sad panda.

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Superior blue alien chick

>> No.12342762

Weird. Browser went all screwy for a minute there.

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Well, Shas'o tells me that he's quite proud of you and your own Tau related trolling.
He says it's like watching the kids grow up.

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I like big blue tits. But how do they compare with green or red alien tits?

>> No.12343014

Green alien tits: Any number of sexualized Tyranid female anthropomorphications. Not sure if want.
Red alien tits: Khornette. Fuck yeah!

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These tits are best tits.

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Not sure whether what an appropriate response to that would be. 'Thanks?' 'I am shamed?' 'Awesome?'

Eh, whatever. I'm just gonna go writefag some more. Still wish I was there for Tau Quest.

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Me too brah

>> No.12343149

tauquest... Made by the legendary shas'o tau or whatever the fuck his name was
all his quest threads are amazing
good time good times....

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it was a shame we never got to upgrade our original drone sidekick to tombspider though
we figured it was best turning our beloved xeno into a mobile factory/aircraft/drone carrier

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Pretty sure we did at the end, didn't we? Drone-spyder busted through the floor and chomped on Dusk?

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/tg/, I am proud.

By the way, I'll be in the usual place for a little bit in case anybody wants to catch up.

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I really want to get started on reading this thing. Are you absolutely SURE nobody has a record of the early threads? If not, can anyone tell me what happens up to where the archives start?

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Naw, that was a conglomeration made of other drones we had created.

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It's basically exactly like System Shock 2, but with a naked Tau girl instead of a cyborg marine.

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There's a recap in the beginning of one of the archived threads. Not sure which.

>> No.12343425

There's a recap at the beginning of every thread.

>> No.12343439

Links to the recap, along with links to the other threads, can be found here
and just because you're lazy bastards: the recap is, again, found at this link

>> No.12343462

Currently searching easymodo for threads not archived on sup/tg/. Stand by.

Here is Tau Quest XI and XI-2, not archived:


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Thanks a lot, Brosidons! Verily you are Lords and ladies of /tg/'s broceans!

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This is a problem?

>> No.12343542

and you should be proud dear shas'o
it is worthy of good lengthy writefaggotry

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Thread numbers for unarchived threads:

XI-2 8387712
XI 8385822
X 8372711
9 1/3 8368375
IX 8366648
VII 8350516
VI unknown
V 8336774
IV 8332711
III 8324943
II 8314629
I 2 8308378
I 1 8307146

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You are awesome.

That is all.

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Who's awesome?

>> No.12344370

Your awesome

>> No.12344454

*you're awesome.


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My awesome?

>> No.12345426

We're all awesome!

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I truly think that The Scientists artwork, along with etc.'s pushed this quest from just being a cool quest to a kickass one.

>> No.12345870

rolled 76 = 76

So does she have a vagina in there or what?

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Quick somebody post the Tau Quest version of HARMONY HARMONY OH LOVE!!!

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as awesome as that is, it's still not quite what i was hoping for... back in 2007... now i feel internetold...

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yay Taucron

>> No.12348537

Cool, Tau Quest thread is still up.

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I don't like xeno.
She is flat like an ironing table.

>> No.12349645

I always figured Xeno started out short and busty 'cause she's earth caste. Of course, she seems pretty waifish now.

>> No.12349688

She may have been- but I think it's only the firewarrior females that have the big breasts.

>> No.12349697

Nu-uh. The flat chest ones are water and air caste.

>> No.12349712

She's tall and slim now, since she's not really a tau anymore.

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>> No.12349732

I think she's kept the same general shape, despite her transformation.
Xeno was always delicious flat chest

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Balls, wrong image.

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Hm. Robosexuals seem to be out in force today. Much clanging about.

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Got to love robots, man. They need love too.

>> No.12349796

resistance is futile.

>> No.12349807

Sup /tg/, sure is heresy in here.

>> No.12349817


Bitches dont know shit about the heresy!

>> No.12349823

yes! delicious heresy!

>> No.12349832

Ooh, that's a new one for me!

>> No.12349835

Heretical hugs!

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"You think im d-d-delicious?"

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>> No.12349866

Death metal rooster doesn't agree with you.

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>> No.12349876

Tonight... Her...

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this, again. we need xeno/lolicron hot robo-lesbian action.

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Indeed again, but im happy with this. >>12347530


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Square butts?!

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>> No.12349995

>> No.12350014

And im off to play some vidya, have fun you kids.

>> No.12350021

I love this model, aside from looking pretty badass and inspiring much hope for future 'cron releases it is oh so exploitable.

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>> No.12350054

>> No.12350077

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>mfw I misread the datasheet as 'The Tomb Stalker is a huge mass of shitting pseudo-metal...'

>> No.12350178

You BETTER be back to finish this

>> No.12350182

>> No.12350192

Anyone know the drawfag who did this one?

>> No.12350216

Is there going to be a Tau Quest 2?

>> No.12350223

I dunno- The Shas says his muse is on vacation

>> No.12350277


delicious taucron hips.

>> No.12350338

Xeno vs. Lolicron: The Showdown!

>> No.12350362

I do approve!

>> No.12350373

have moar!

>> No.12350374

This rather begs the question; what happens when two tomb lords meet?
Do they duke it out?
Nod in passing and move on?

>> No.12350395

Probably something like what happens when two large bull mammals meet. They size each other up, and if one is obviously weaker than the other it bows down. If they're more or less evenly matched, they duke it out.

Or maybe they have a staring contest. I don't know.

>> No.12350460

Are 'crons even mammals?
Well, rather, even before they were tuned into cyborg death machines?

>> No.12350519


yep. Look at these.

>> No.12350593

I could hit you with >implications
but frankly that's retarded and so I shall just point out that I was questioning the canon, not fanon.

>> No.12350614


>> No.12350698

>implying that I was serious.
>implying that implying would hurt my feelings.
>implying that implying that implying that implying...

>> No.12350706

*thumbs up*

>> No.12350863


dude, they don't have to be large bull mammels, they just have to act like them.

and large bull mammels have control over other mammels of the same species, like tomb lords have control over necrons, and both want more of what they got.

>> No.12350985

according to some recent fluff, most of the cron lords happen to be megalomaniac and completely nuts, so I guess that unless they got specific orders from the C'tan they both serve, well.. hot robo-lesbian hatesex, otherwise, regular lesbian robo-sex.

>> No.12351017

Lolicron and Xeno engage in CLANG CLANG CLANG with Techpriestess videotapes.

>> No.12351107

I'm the drawfag who drew >>12349715

Would you mind me having a take on this?

>> No.12351123


Do you honestly expect anyone to say no?

>> No.12351163

Well, I often get quite negative feedback. Anyway, check out Rule34 in the following days.

>> No.12351314

Where's that?
(also- drawfaggotry is always welcome!)

>> No.12351344

I'm sure google will enlighten you

>> No.12351348


>> No.12351374

No directory, though- just a search engine.
Will the drawfagg in question please post a link to his work when finished?

>> No.12351396

sure, if I can find a thread dealing with such stuff. I guess creating a whole thread just to dump my shit won't be appreciated.

>> No.12351452

Xeno threads are always appreciated!

>> No.12351465

awright, then, coming back within a week or two with some robo-porn.

>> No.12351488


Robo porn you say?

>> No.12351490

am I seeing delicious metal crotch?

>> No.12351533


>> No.12351558


Magic word?

>> No.12351580

Couldn't find those rules anywhere on the site. Where are they from?

Also, do rules for Gargantuan Creatures and the War Construct rule and the like apply to Distort weapons (wraithcannon, D-cannon or whatever that eldar heavy support artillery gun is called)?

>> No.12351599

MOre of your pic please?

>> No.12351613


One more till you get your grammer right. I have my grammer nazi cap on.

>> No.12351626

go rule34
search "necron"
find pic
find author

>> No.12351633

Not to mention spelling....

>> No.12351635

fcuk u trpfagot

>> No.12351656

I see you have your "superior asshole" butt plug in as well.

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>no vagina


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>> No.12351682

>> No.12351690


>> No.12351702

>> No.12351725


>> No.12351732

>faggos gonna fagg

>> No.12351735

I'll always wonder how tauquest would have turned out if we hadn't decided to follow the Ladys orders.

>> No.12351739

Would you kids mind for a bit of these two?

>> No.12351756

>> No.12351778

meh... not straight out robo-porn, plus with offsprings of the "fantasticheyheyhey" thing, but why not.

>> No.12351821

Why the hell is this thread still here?

>> No.12351834


"Grammer nazi"?
It's a shame there isn't a spelling nazi around.

>> No.12351835


Okay, but my internet is being a pile of wank at the moment.

Just going to turn off my computer and be back in a bit.

>> No.12351836

thanks to this

>> No.12351892

>>12351633. That will be all.

>> No.12351911

>> No.12352102


>> No.12352206

>> No.12352297


>> No.12352373

Fuck year, Xeno thread!

>> No.12353178

xeno time?

>> No.12353233

Xeno time.

>> No.12354112

Because you touch yourself at night.

>> No.12354300

really should do some Xeno arts.

polite sage

>> No.12354346

someday a drawfriend has gotta get going on that epic showdown between lolicron and xeno.

>> No.12354412

>epic showdown

They braid each other's hair and gossip about boys.

>> No.12354428


>> No.12354472

and then they go to the mall

>> No.12354585

Then Matt Ward takes over the story and they all get beaten up by Ultramarines

>> No.12354862

But! In a shocking turn of events, it's a girl Ultramarine.

>> No.12354892


or Graham McNeill takes over and the Ultramarines commit acts of high treason 'because it made sense at the time' then cry about it later, then take the night train to a chaos world.

>> No.12354896

>wake up
>check 4chan
>check /tg/ 10 hours later
>this thread is still here
>my face

>> No.12354916


Sounds like rail roading to me!

>> No.12355309

>> No.12355429

Would girl Ultramarine, Xeno and Lolicon then all cuddle?

>> No.12355439

Yes, absolutely.

>> No.12355476

I think we just reached a new level of super class heresy


>> No.12355493

Do one Howling liar!
Plz? We can always use more xeno pics

>> No.12355496

I've seen this art style before somewhere, but I can't put my finger on it.

>> No.12355536

An artist on deviantart, can't remember the name.

She did a few big 40k girls

Here's one of the smaller ones

>> No.12355586

I kind of like it... always been a bit of a chubby chaser, though.

>> No.12355635

Well here's the next size up

>> No.12355833

Artist's name is briji-chan

Here's another picture with the sister in back

She's the biggest, so I think that means she's the boss.

Didn't /tg/ once make up a chapter of fat sisters some forgotten day?

>> No.12356127

Slumber party!

>> No.12356160


>> No.12356228

Is MilF Nid invited?

>> No.12356266

Milfnid would be the chaperon.

>> No.12356310

Would she bring them pizza and ice cream?

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