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Okay, there have been several Improbable/Impossible Weapon threads in the last few days.

...I want to start another, with the caveat that it be for Improbable/Impossible Weapons YOU CAN'T HELP BUT LOVE ANYWAY.

Pic Related.

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That...that...is a thing of terrible beauty.

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The box that kills.

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Here's another.

Ask for a silly weapons thread in /k/ sometime.

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Those hyped up, worthless, pieces of shit are the third dumbest weapons I'll ever see...
But they've seen me through saving Princesses, and fighting countless swarms of heartless, nobodies, disney villains, and over-trumped SE baddies.

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what are the top two?

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Isn't a keyblade basically a glorified axe?

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yeah it's an axe
sometimes it's a sword too

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you know that triple barrel is just amazingly stupid.
Still, 3 shots? who can argue?

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I would like to see your face when you realize that shotguns can have grenades, buckshot, and many other types of ammo in this beauty.

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dragon's breath rounds
because you want a shotgun AND a flamethrower

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Illegal here, yet, strangely enough, legal back home.

>oviales f.12.Sending

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Dragonsbreath is BABIES!

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I'm a professional archer, and I regularly use boxing-glove arrows to kill deer.

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thought the purpose of long guns was fast death, preventing maiming or unnecessary suffering

why would you need grenade-shotgun?

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I now present you with the Heathen Hammer.

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The boxing-glove Arrow is far from improbable, it's actually oh exploitable Idea...

A weapon of mass stun and saved the universe multiple time according to the JLA comics.

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Some guys like big things, it's just the latent homosexuality finding other paths of release.

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See >>12333979

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To shoot yiffmonkeys in a barrel

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Because it is fucking awesome. Honestly, why would you ask?

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The French did it but couldn't figure how to actually use it well, it managed to be efficient in a few case actually but wasn't a war winner because used like a real artillery...

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you asked

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The problems with a boxing glove arrow are legion. It'd be too heavy to fly, completely unaerodynamic and even if it did manage to reach the target, it wouldn't feel anything like a punch, more like someone chucked a pillow at you.

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It should be noted that a lot of the variant ammo isn't common and...well, isn't that good.
Frag shells and high explosive shells are something they've been toying with as a concept for a while, but it's all mostly experimental (for now).
Dragon's breath looks cool and all, but really isn't all that practical. It doesn't reach very far and doesn't last very long. (Though, don't eject a shell before it's done burning out, or you'll have a VERY BAD DAY.) It's kind of hard to find and expensive as shit for it's novelty.
And then taser rounds lol.

It's basically just...shotguns can pretty much do everything. So people are just like...hey, let's make some even crazier shit for shotguns to also do.
It's a bit silly.

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I prefer flechette shells for my shotgun.

>accomplish secutino

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FUMP! *clink*

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A wide variety of specialist round types are made for compatibility with 12-gauge shotguns, because pump-action 12-gauge shotguns are ubiquitous and are very easy to load and utilise nonstandard rounds with due to the FILO internal magazine and pump-action capacity to cycle and chamber cells without relying on a gas-blowback or recoil-powered mechanism that the specialist shell in question may not actually be able to power properly.

This gives shotguns considerable tactical flexibility in a field, as a single shotgun can be quickly and easily used as a door breacher, a flame thrower, a grenade launcher, a beanbag launcher, probably a flare launcher, or loaded with less-lethal rubber rounds, all without the need to carry a lot of heavy extra equipment you would normally need to fulfil all these roles.

Also you're retarded.

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Warp crazed Snotlings up your Ass baby !

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Kinda surprised no one's posted this yet.

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best gun is best gun

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That's wrong in so many ways, I don't know where to start.

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Have fun.

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Yes but that's because you are a tau.

Mind you Shas'O R'alai's shotgun is very cool.

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See, this is why shotguns are awesome...
You're using a pump shotgun...Mossy 500, Remi 870 whatever, doesn't matter. You're just ruining people's days with buckshot. But oh no! There's a dude out like 50 yards or something. Switch to your pistol? Fuck no!
Clear the chamber, grab a slug and then ruin HIS fucking day with a 12 gauge solid lead slug in the chest!
Fuck yeah. Shotguns.

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a thread about putting guns into everything and doing random shit with guns.
needs less /k/.

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The Homing Pigeons could have worked, and would have been an efficient Analog homing missile...But the Army thought it was so incredible concept they dismissed it.

Project Pigeon (later Project Orcon, for "organic control") was American behaviorist B. F. Skinner's attempt to develop a pigeon-guided missile.

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>Safe-Cracking Arrow

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I had another game with him, this time Tau vs. Tau.

The game pretty much turned into moving O'rly around while he ate things, followed by his loyal ganksquad. It was rather funny.

>ennencet References

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so why would you need to shoot him if he's 50 yards away?

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Why so disheveled, anyways?

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Because he's there, man!

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I don't know. He's being an asshole I guess.
Don't think into it too much.

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Hey. Now that we have weapons thread I might ask you this.

I was thinking of giving my character a GAU-19.
Just how deadly it is?

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Tau Suits are the only thing I envy about that army. That and the versitility of his gun. He has a bullet for every occasion. Damn you and your cool suits.

...wish forgeworld loved the sisters that much.

Still, good to hear. The one tau player I know is a right prat and pretty bad at it too. My games with him turn into 'How many Tau can my cannoness kill?'

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Pretty damn.

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It fires .50 rounds at 1,000 or 2,000 rounds per minute. How deadly do you think it is?

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It's not for hunting.

That has been known to not fire, delay fire(and almost killed someone) and explode. It has been discontinued.

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Pretty goddamn deadly. And heavy, and they eat through ammunition like an elephant through a bowl of popcorn, and the recoil would knock you on your back in half a second, and they require a power source in order to spin up.

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Wiki'd it, not sure if true, but...
>The average recoil force when firing is 500 lbs.

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>Recoil and shit
It for Cyberpunk 2020 and my character is modified ennough to actually use that gun. No need to worry about that.
Okay. Let's put it this way. What could stop it?

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Look at this bad motherfucker.
It's an M60 machine gun.
But...wait a second. Just one fucking second.
What's that on the bottom?
Why the fuck don't we do this!? I mean, you're basically a walking anti-personnel nightmare.
It really depresses me that the only time I've ever seen this thing was in that really bad Punisher movie with Dolph Lundgren.

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Oh, well in that case you'd be cool with it. It certainly looks awesome.

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Divine intervention.

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The GAU-19 is not a man-portable weapon unless you are strong enough to carry 63 kilograms of metal, plus ammunition, plus a power source for the weapon, and then handle five hundred pounds of recoil force while keeping it pointing in approximately the right direction.

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Unit weight: 139lb
Average Recoil Force: 500lb
Average Round Weight: (depends, but we'll say) 0.22lb

At the lowest firing speed, a minute of sustained fire will cost you 220lbs of ammunition.

Make sure you think all of this through.

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That's what the new power suit is for.

It can hold I think 500 pounds comfortably.

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Far as I know, there's still nothing remotely close to field testing.

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Well I decided to buy this thing because it would fire more round than my weapon of choice at the moment.
But it's not as powerful.
I'm speaking of a goddamn 20mm Autocannon.
And what made me think of changing my gun in the first place?
A full 'borg survived after ten 20mm rounds point blank.
Let's see if he can stand after 100 .50BMGs.

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Of course, this means that you can eat through a solid ton of bullets in ten minutes, which is its own kind of awesome.

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I imagine ten minutes sustained fire would cause it to overheat, Gatling gun or not.

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>survived after ten 20mm rounds point blank

Get a rocket launcher and some penetrator rounds. Not a gatling gun.

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I said it could help hold 500 pounds, I didn't say it could manage recoil.

Hell if I know, I would prefer the use of smaller rounds and be feasible. I think .22 would be a good start and work up to figure what works best.

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It fires a 2mm round, so you'd need to coat the bullets in cyanide to even have a chance of hurting your opponent, but damn it's hilariously awesome.

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Uh, okay. Seriously? Depends exactly what rounds you've loaded it with. At the rate of fire it spits them out, AP loads could pose a serious threat to modern battle tanks, especially in the treads or potential weak points like the back of the armour. Ordinary .50BMG will basically go through any form of personal body armour existant today that you care to name. You could easily demolish a building with a few seconds' firepower.

You stop it with several inches of steel (penetration of AP rounds for a dead-on hit with steel plate is a little under an inch, but the repeated application of rounds to a relatively small area will smash that shit up unless it's much thicker).

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If you can afford and carry 2,000 pounds of .50 BMG I don't think a coolant system is out of your league.

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Dillon Minigun uses 7.62 and can fire them up to 6000 rounds a minute. I think 100 rounds a second would do well

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So, what, the party follows you around with the ammo delivery van or something?

>Captcha: only brolisms

You know what, Captcha, sometimes you are a bro.

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Can't believe none of you posted this yet.

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I envision that first social encounter to be an awkward one.

>> No.12334330

That would work. It would also make for some interesting dialogue.

"So you deliver ammo, huh?"

"Yep. Hot and fresh, right to your door."

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How legal is this cuz i wants one

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Well, SOMEONE's got to protect the ammo delivery truck. A bigfuck gun strapped to the roof.

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