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Night time? Probably no mod? Must be /tg/ porn thread time!

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Not sure.

I wouldn't try by making a whole new thread. I would pay attention if there was porn in other threads first if I was you.

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Oh, good, shit I don't want on /tg/.


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It's 4 o'clock in the afternoon where I'm sitting

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gotta love them commies

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Well then you should live in America, like a real person.

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Oh boy, Porn Thread!

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Or canada, Canada works too.

This the onlyTG-related thing I have, and it's not even porn. I have failed the emprah.

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I approve of this blow against the idiocracy.

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eh, fat tat techpriest is good enough for me.

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giving "face fucked" a new twist

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See, that's the point when eyes start getting gouged out.

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Tits are pornish enough for the purpose of this thread. Your contrinution is appreciated.

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What did you just link to?

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why isnt his crotch hair on fire?

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>It's Porn, I aints gots to explains shit

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Someone posted some goar there.

I guess some other mod is in this thread, deleting the goarporn and leaving the other stuff? Awesome I suppose, though I don't really mind gore.

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She seems to be having a good time at least.

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If i had my usb with me i could max out this thread so bad

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The demon is just sitting there like a lump.

"Man, sex is so lame. I wish some adventurers would show up and try to kill me or something.."

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Yeah. I'm not a huge of rape. I derive the most pleasure from the woman's enjoyment. Which is why I like ahegao, and also why I like futa. (I know what a cock's pleasure feels like. I can't really relate to vaginal stimulation.)

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Everyone posting in this thread should be banned.

Yes, everyone.

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the likelihood that I have /tg/ related porn is SLIM AS FUCK, but I'll try

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I find rape arousing not because of any quality of rape itself, but because it is taboo. Weird shit gives me a boner just because it's weird. That's why I have a mindflayer fetish and am into vore.

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keep telling yourself that future rapist

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Moar of dis.

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yeah, I find that highly unlikely

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/tg/ is up to depravity tonight

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Get out.

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Yay my favorite time of night!

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And that's why most japanese hentai doesn't appeal to me.
Too bad there's not much other good hardcore porn.

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Wow more of this.

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It's completely true. A lot of the things that turn me on actually disgust me if I spend a bit of time thinking about them, or am not "In the mood". It's weird.

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Naked chicks in power armor counts, right?

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"Wow! Let's shit up the board!!! Yay!"

And you fags wonder why we want you gone

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I, however, have to say that any mod which doesn't mind porn but deletes gore is not a mere God, but the King of Gods.

Just the way god intended

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OP here

Good enough for me!

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I DO like the idea of "Gentle Rape" - or mentally and physically dominating someone to the point that they enjoy it.
When people ask me why I'm taking psychology, I have to try not to become aroused. Although, I do enjoy learning about thought fallacies.

Also, noko+sage in the e-mail field to not bump.

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Okay faggot stop posting pictures from rule34 go post some other shit you dickwipe.>>12307767

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> Night time? Probably no mod? Must be /tg/ porn thread time!
Why? Why do we have to have a porn dump every night?

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Most of my stuff is from 1d4chan. I don't have much else and am posting it to keep the thread bumped.

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Because we like sharing.

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TG porn.

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Irony. A crackdown on porn means more porn than ever before. Like booze during prohibition.

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So trade emails, make a google group, make an IRC room, something.

Every fucking night. Shitting up the board. Something is WRONG with you.

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There is a sad lack of non-loli tiny-women porn.

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failtroll is fail. you have failed for weeks. begone with your bitchface.

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I just masturbated.

I didn't need a /tg/ thread to do it.

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>When people ask me why I'm taking psychology, I have to try not to become aroused

you have problems anon
seek help or kill yourself, whichever

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Really? This is the first (successful) one I've seen since the mod took the vacant throne of bone and pain. From where he sits watching, cradling his scepter of black iron, topped with a polished sphere of bismuth. Heavy upon his frowning brow sits a crown. Six spiraling twists emerge from it's top, and it's dark weight cuts deeply into his forehead's wrinkled skin. Just sitting in that seat of power seems to age him. Even as you watch, his skin becomes paler, his hair less lustrous. It is apparent that his strength shall soon be sapped, and he will become a hollow husk of a man, to decay and blow away as grave dust in the breeze of time. Soon to be forgotten.

Here, have a drow pissing on you.

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>you have problems anon
Everyone has problems.

>seek help or kill yourself, whichever
I don't seeing a psychologist would help any. Talking with normalfags I know, about this, is out of the question. And as for why I won't kill myself: >>>/jp/6224997

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What the fuck are you talking about

I just saw your post as I scrolled down the front page, and it was so erroneous that I simply had to respond

The porn threads after the mod goes to sleep are totally successful, since the mod can't delete thigns when he's asleep

Also, these threads don't affect the mod in the slightest, since he's asleep when you post them

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Thread needs more chitin, damn it. Delicious, beautiful chitin.

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Ok, nice.

Who had this captcha in the contest yesterday? Jerk-mod deleted it as I was about to hand out the prize.

Also the second thread, too. I mean, what a douche, he could've waited those 2 minutes.

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Maybe I've just been going to bed too early to see any pornthreads?

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Why does this give me a boner anyhow? What is wrong with me?

What's wrong with all of YOU?

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Have you guys written to moot to complain about the mod?

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>I don't seeing a psychologist would help any. Talking with normalfags I know, about this, is out of the question. And as for why I won't kill myself: >>>/jp/6224997
>I'd rather wait for a device that would allow me to indulge in my perverse fantasies than man up and face my demons and overcome them

how brave of you..

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What the hell, I leave for seven months and I come back to a /tg/ with a mod and anons against porn!

What has the internet come to!?

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Holy balls, that's... extremely well drawn. Do we have a sauce on that?

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>Fidel Castro has admitted that Communism has failed in Cuba? And Cuba is adopting capitalist reforms?

>The Europeans are lecturing us about the need to reduce government spending?

>France is chiding us for being too soft on Iran?

>Sweden refused to bail out its leading car manufacturer Saab, whereas the U.S. bailed out General Motors?

>Russia wants to return to the gold standard to help solve the world financial crisis?

>The Department of Justice, headed by an African-American attorney general in the administration of the first African-American president, orders its lawyers not to cooperate with a U.S. Civil Rights Commission investigation of voting rights violations?

>Congressional Democrats who voted against “universal health care” are trumpeting that fact in their re-election campaigns, whereas those who voted for it are nervously changing the subject?

>The NAACP praises Klansmen, while attacking African-American grassroots activists for standing up for their rights?

Dogs and cats living together!

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Now you're just putting words in my mouth. I never said I believed in demons.

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Saucenao is your friend.


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I know right? It's disgusting.

Fight da powah, post dem titties.

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Duke Nukem Forever is re-announced.
Megaman Legends 3 is announced.
If I've heard my shit correctly, Dark Eldar are getting updated....

Yup. Apocalypse time.

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Yeah. It's on gelbooru. Use iqdb.

I'm almost out of non-truecrypted porn... It's time to dig into my funny folder.

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I'm still looking for that contest winner.

I said I'd hand out 1 copy of tf2 or 1 copy of magic duel of the planeswalker, and I'd like to keep my promise.

>> No.12308325

>I'm still looking for that contest winner.

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More like this. Sexy guns.

I'm... I'm so confused.

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The page I took that from has links to all the news stories. Want it for proof?

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We had a /tg/s most unreadable/funny captcha contest yesterday morning.

It was a really slow morning, the front page was 100% 40k, and I felt the need for something different.

So we had this contest and just as I announced the winner - bam. 404.

Prize money was tf2 or the magic game (because some people who participated already had tf2).

We had a lot of good entries.

Mod can bite my shiny metal ass.

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Oh. I had one of those I saved a while back.

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>> No.12308423

Not for me!

Then again, the things I like have consent and enjoyment for both parties as a central part of it.

Hell yeah, D/s.

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This is the best captcha I've ever gotten.
Couldn't repost it here because of duplicate file entry.

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It was a fun thread.

But we all know /tg/ is NOFUNZONE now...

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>no fun
>/tg/ - Traditional Games
If you don't think Traditional Games are fun, you're welcome to leave /tg/ and let us talk about Traditional Games in peace.

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No. Fuck off.

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lol, oh wait, found a cache.

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Who's the artist for these? They were mentioned on /tg/ once or twice.

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rolled 17 = 17


>Implying 100% threads on the front page about 40k is enough traditional games for everyone.

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>I don't like traditional games, but I come to the board about traditional games anyway, to dump porn
>Now I'll call YOU a troll
Do you have no shame?

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If we had any, we'd stop dating your mom.


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I like Traditional Games. I'm currently trying to start one. I also like porn. That's why I like /tg/. Two things I like, together in the same place.

Deal with it.

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As long as it's /tg/, whatever.

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Whoa, I just realized that in the picture in the mod's sticky, there's mice crawling all over the cat.
Now that picture is funny.

>> No.12308634

one more

>> No.12308656

>pairminv COMPLETE
Well said, captcha.

>> No.12308685

Damn you, now I want to play dawn of war 2.

Anyone up for coop? Chaos Rising if possible - I want to try out both micro-management intense character as the same time - thule and jonah.

Eh, so I guess the force commander gets stuck with you?

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Is anyone even enjoying this thread, or should I divert the entirety of my attention to a philosophical discussion?

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>> No.12308710

I'm enjoying it~

>> No.12308712

I am enjoy.

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I can't describe the awesomeness of that picture.

It's awesome on several levels.

Does this count as contributing?

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>> No.12308755


Yes or no?

>> No.12308763

It counts as contributing more than not contributing.

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>> No.12308769

I see I have awoken at the right time.

>> No.12308770

Do robo-girls count?

>> No.12308788


Oh hi blackheart.

Have some centaur.


Who the heck is ificus, captcha? Does he like pr0n?

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>> No.12308803

I'm horribly torn about centaurs.

I mean... cute girl, kind, big boobs... horse vagina...
Cute boy, brave, strong, horse cock... HORSE cock...

Don't know if want, permanent edition.

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>> No.12308816

Closest I have?

>> No.12308824

That's assuming the horse part is horse sized, most centaurs I've seen have been scaled down a bit.

>> No.12308835

i only have soft stuff i guess? ;_;

>> No.12308847

As long as it has boobs, it counts, right?

>> No.12308851

Oooooh, wait!

Forgot about THIS one!

>> No.12308853

I do love me some robot!

>Tech-Priest! Fashion for me an attractive female servitor to sooth my passions and lay to rest these urges!
>I'm pretty sure that constitutes tech heres-
>SILENCE, FOOL! Lest I be forced to use YOUR gaping rectum as a release for my seed!
> I don't have a rectu-

>> No.12308856

Have some /x/enophile?

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>> No.12308870

>> No.12308877

> I don't have a rectum
My response would've probably been "I'll fashion you one."

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>> No.12308896

Thank you bleach.

>> No.12308924

BAM, found one!


>> No.12308925

I feel like I gotta say this.

I loved the old porn threads to death, but these threads aren't they.

/tg/'s porn threads were never good because of the porn itself, which was usually derivative reposts. There was usually a sort of humor and good spirit to them, and a significant number of them were made much funnier by being on-topic or by being taken completely seriously (case in point: How Many Live Spiders Can Fit In A Drow's Vagina). It was never about fapping for me, I went to laugh, and /tg/ usually delivered. It was fun, for the most part. It sorta started not being fun anymore towards the end, I have a suspicion that the rest of you fuckers started telling the rest of 4chan's boards about /tg/, so for about a month before the coming of the sticky things were going downhill as porn threads increased in number but diminished in soul, I dunno, maybe culling all the porn threads was more of a mercy kill than anything else.

This whole "let's start porn-dumping just because the mod's gone, no humor, no theme, nothing really interesting or special going on" just isn't the same for me, and I suspect a lot of the rest of you feel the same way. It's just as heartless as a pornless /tg/. It feels as hollow as /d/, the fun just isn't there anymore, only the porn itself remains, and that was never what made the threads good or worth having in the first place.

I dunno, maybe things will turn around, maybe these threads will start being fun again instead of this sort of cynical tit parade. I kinda doubt it, though.

>> No.12308930

Dem robot chicks.

>> No.12308945


FOUND IT! Here, this is for you.

>> No.12308948

I agree 150% with this post.

That said, I just ignore stuff I don't like, so w/e

>> No.12308957

I will have nightmares for all eternity...

>> No.12308959

>What do you do?
Get suddenly very afraid of Eldrad.

>> No.12308964

Make a thread like that, then. Nothing's stopping you. We're just proving that /tg/ is still /tg/.

>> No.12308973

Except according to him, what you're doing isn't /tg/ at all. It's just porn spam.

>> No.12308974

You didn't really read that post, did you?

>> No.12308981

Heh. Thanks.

>> No.12308985

Hey, Blackheart, haven't seen you in quite a bit.

>> No.12308995

Yes I did. I'm just saying that we are attempting to hold onto what /tg/ once was. If we are failing in his eyes, he should do what it was he thought made /tg/ porn threads great. If he does better than us, we'll go join him. Or I will, at least.

>> No.12308996


Let's have a long an in-depth discussion about what porn has to contain to qualify as /tg/.

As opposed to how many spiders fit into a drow, I defenatly prefer this, thank you.

>> No.12309010

My god, his butt has an afterimage!

>> No.12309015

so to you /tg/ was porn? That's pretty pathetic.

>> No.12309018

Anything more ever happen with our local xeno-lovin' Rogue Trader writefag?

>> No.12309019

I just think the world would be a better place with more techpriestess porn...

>> No.12309020

>/tg/ is still /tg/
/tg/ - Traditional Games?

>> No.12309025


/tg/ used to have discussions like how a horse would feel having sex with it. Have seen any of that recently?

Anyway, stop insulting over the internet. You'll make everyone cry!

>> No.12309030

/tg/-whatever fa/tg/uys thought was cool at the time, plus a bunch of traditional games, and some awesome porn mixed with discussion on the topic of the porn in question.

>> No.12309042


>"Excuse me tech-support, my computer is supposed to come with at least 2 windows."

>> No.12309045

Well, let's put it this way.
You could say "Oh, there are oozes in D&D! Therefore slimegirl porn is /tg/!"
You could say "Oh, there are gorgons in D&D! Therefore medusa porn is /tg/!"
You could say "Oh, there are elves in D&D! Therefore elf porn is /tg/!"

Let me take this to the logical extreme.

Oh, there are girls in D&D! Therefore porn with girls in it is /tg/!
Oh, there is violence in D&D! Therefore porn with guro in it is /tg/!


Are you honestly telling me that /tg/ is a dumping ground for any porn that a person considers to be /tg/?

>> No.12309047

For me, porn on /tg/ usually meant crazy speculation and hilarious non-canon storytelling related to the pictures. Not just quiet fapping and picture spam.

>> No.12309054

Nope. Don't miss it.

These threads are always full of nostalgia goggles. Most /tg/ porn threads have always been shitty porn threads that were more or less comparable to what you could find on the appropriate porn board. Not to mention the proliferation of WAT DO threads that followed in their wake.

>> No.12309056

You can still have those conversatins in /d/ and /b/, you know.

In fact, /d/ is actually designed for that very purpose.



>> No.12309066

>Oh, there are girls in D&D!

ah yes "girls" we have dismissed that claim.

>> No.12309069


should I post my softcore nissa and macha pic that I requested once?

>> No.12309074

Anyone else notice how late-night /tg/ is consistently shit nowadays, because OP and a handful of other faggots determinedly try to wreck it the moment the mod takes a break? Porn thread, HERP EDITION WAR TROLL thread, "baww im sad" thread...

>> No.12309084

Cool thumbnail, bro.

>> No.12309091

Do it man. Do it hard.

>> No.12309102

I see nothing wrong here.

>> No.12309108


Well, thanks to the new mod, that is gone. So all the fa/tg/uys gather into one spot once mod is asleep and try to relive the old times, I guess?

Let's compare it to books beeing banned. Earlier, you could bring your books everywhere, and mix it into discussions etc. Ban books, and all the book-lovers will gather in one place once the lights are out. It'll never be the same as if they'd be allowed.

Ok, sloppy explanation, but I blame me watching nostalgia critic in the background.

Anyway, having limited time on which to post these things, of course it is going to be crammed in as much as possible - so 24 hours of posting get crammed into what, 5 hours? And you are honestly suprised about the quality loss?

>> No.12309116


>> No.12309119


I think the really fun and memorable porn threads didn't start out as such and weren't intentional on anyone's part, they just sort of happened and everything ran together.

From what I remember the thread from pic related started out as a halfling thread. It just took off in a completely different direction from there, things came together and the fact that it happened made me smile.

You can't accidentally a thread on purpose. Its got to happen, or not, on its own, and the fact that people were using so many low-effort posts trying to make it happen intentionally or just porn dumping ("wat do" threads and so forth) might be part of what turned that guy off. I don't think your suggestion is entirely valid.

>> No.12309128

>nothing wrong here
>unrelated and awful threads
Come on, man. /tg/ is better than this.

>Anyway, having limited time on which to post these things, of course it is going to be crammed in as much as possible - so 24 hours of posting get crammed into what, 5 hours?

What the fuck?

What is WRONG with you?

Why are you so fucking obsessed with this? You have to cram all the shit you're not allowed to post any more into five hours, every night, or every other night? WHY? What is the big fucking deal? Just jack off in private, goddamn!

>> No.12309129

To be honest I preferred it when mods "unofficially" tolerated some porn threads, deleted the crappy ones. At least the WUT DO threads could occasionally be salvaged into something interesting.

These new rules just bring out the ZOMG NOT /TG/ whingers in every thread. /tg/ has always made lots of OC. It just so happens that a significant portion of that OC is NSFW.

/tg/ is the RPing neckbeard's outlet for things that would probably get him disowned by his group.

>> No.12309134


here you go.

It's very softcore.

..... actually /e/ might be a better describtor.

>> No.12309139


It's more like going to a book club. Other people are more than happy to discuss the latest best sellers then you barge in.


Yeah, you'd be kicked out. They'd laugh in your face if you preached about booking banning there too.

There are seperate stores for standard books and literary smut for a reason.

>> No.12309146



why would /tg/ be anything like a book club?

>> No.12309150

>nudity thread turns into discussion thread
I've always said it. No need to repeat myself again.

>> No.12309152

>It's more like going to a book club. Other people are more than happy to discuss the latest best sellers then you barge in.


What you thoughtless, selfish assholes are doing is bringing your Hustlers to our book club.

>> No.12309157

A more liberal dose of banhammer is needed badly. When he wakes up, and gets on here, there should be more of a reaction than "Oh you, I guess you got me." and a simple deletion. Otherwise we're stuck as the ware/tg/ transforming at night into a /d/b/

>> No.12309163

Because we enjoy discussing material that we enjoy reading with each other?

>> No.12309166

Unfortunately, it's trivial for most people to dodge IP bans. Ban IP ranges, maybe.

>> No.12309172

Only because of complainers forcibly turning this into a discussion thread.

>> No.12309179

I suppose, but the format is totally fucking different.

We don't assign books to read and discuss in a given session.

>> No.12309183

>What you thoughtless, selfish assholes are doing

It's not like you don't have the entire rest of the board to peruse. Thoughtless and selfish for making a porn thread? Really?

>> No.12309194

>> No.12309199


well, I took part in the captcha competition yesterday (well, I had a conversation a bout the new tf2 update with you in it). Sinceno one else has stepped forward, could I get the mtg gifted?

Fuck, I feel like an asshole for asking.

>> No.12309208

If anyone is thoughtless and selfish it's you and those like you! ONE god damn thread and you shit your pants?

>> No.12309213

>There are seperate stores for standard books and literary smut for a reason.

Sometimes. Often there is some 18+ section or other in the back, or whatever.

>> No.12309218

It's not like you don't have numerous boards dedicated to various types of porn. You have the rest of those boards to peruse.

>> No.12309222

I didn't say it was identical to one, it was a basic comparison.

You're still posting unrelated material - only half of the porn in this thread is remotely based on actual /tg/ material.

Just *because* it's elf porn, doesn't mean it should be anywhere near /tg/.

If it was made *for* /tg/ *by* /tg/ then maybe.

>> No.12309224

Banning whole IP ranges sucks if you happen to be grouped with a /b/tard with your internet plan, simple deletion and at most a few day bans are all that should be done. Personally i don't mind these threads that much and i didn't mind them in the past they rarely filled the whole front page and i can always just scroll past what i don't like.

>> No.12309232

On 4chan, that's called...

/b/, /d/, /e/, h/, /s/, /u/, /y/.

>> No.12309240


You got it, bro. What was your entry anyway?
Just leave me the steam friends stuff or an emal so I can send it. I feel like an a-hole for not beeing able to give it out, you know?


Yeah, because sex and mating still is a taboo topic in most areas of the world and we got indoctrinated with a lot of poop regarding that, for example how vital it is to loose your virginity in your teen years or feel like a looser and the like.

Also, I haven't seen any stains on any pictures here so far. You are trying to add a dimension of awkwardness that isn't there by a physically repellant image, and that just doesn't work all that well.

>> No.12309242

This actually came out of a drawthread/discussion of dwarves and (in particular) dwarven women. Make all the anvil jokes you want, this is incredibly hot. Why not elves? I have to be careful not to break them, but her? No, not with her. I can really let loose.

For your consideration.

>> No.12309247

It's like people only started caring once the mods pointed it out.

>> No.12309255


>> No.12309257

There's a vast difference between "discussion of sexual imagery" and "masturbation over images that find attractive".

>> No.12309262

Wait a minute i thought /d/ & /h/ were kind of strict on that "No Western" rule, where else are the drawfags meant to put their fantasy porn scribbles? (along with non-porn scribbles)

>> No.12309263

>It's not like you don't have the entire rest of the board to peruse. Thoughtless and selfish for making a porn thread? Really?
It's at the top of page 1. Constantly. in b4 hide it, I use Chrome, and even if I could, the thread hidden slot would be there. But, no, you're selfish because you don't give a fuck about the quality of /tg/, or some basic fucking standards, or anything other than "oh man I feel like posting this, BETTER DO IT".

look, I like Sexy, Beautiful Women. But when I want to share pictures of Sexy, Beautiful Women, I do it in /s/. If I really need to let /tg/ know, I link the /s/ thread on /tg/.and that's that.
I also like western porn comics. But I don't post them here. It doesn't matter that /d/ and /h/ don't allow them--that doesn't mean they go in /tg/.

And on top of THAT, half of you are just trying to "get back at the mod". Because you're ignorant, thoughtless, selfish assholes who for SOME GODDAMN REASON come to /tg/ even though you're not interested in what /tg/ is actually ABOUT.

>> No.12309279

Every night, Anon.

Every fucking night.


>> No.12309282

I was wondering when my stuff would show up...

>> No.12309284


just make sure to use spoilers

>> No.12309288

Anything can go in /b/. That's where I post mine. Had a great Grown-Up Powerpuff Girls thread recently. Sorry you missed it, bro.

>> No.12309290

I think someone is taking a /tg/ porn thread too seriously now. If you feel it's shitting up all of /tg/ and making it unbearable for you to come here, well, sorry you get asspained so easily.

>> No.12309292

Oh lol.

So, you're telling me that you'd rather break /tg/'s rules than break /d/ and /h/'s rules.

You should've said that in the first place there, bub.

Posting porn here, western or otherwise = against the rules.
Posting western porn there = against the rules.

In short, western porn = not 4chan.

>> No.12309297


>> No.12309298


>> No.12309305


it's good stuff

>> No.12309306


Pick one. And then get the fuck out of my porn thread.

Oh, and why would you use Chrome it does nothing good and is just shitty to mediocre overall.

>> No.12309309

>And on top of THAT, half of you are just trying to "get back at the mod". Because you're ignorant, thoughtless, selfish assholes who for SOME GODDAMN REASON come to /tg/ even though you're not interested in what /tg/ is actually ABOUT.

Your tears are delicious.

>> No.12309315

Being here for 2 years and having seen many threads such as this. Why only recently to people give a shit? This board has been terrible lately anyway.

>> No.12309317

>Because you're ignorant, thoughtless, selfish assholes who for SOME GODDAMN REASON come to /tg/ even though you're not interested in what /tg/ is actually ABOUT.

You guys don't have to like Traditional Games, but if you don't, why do you keep on posting in a board about Traditional Games?

>> No.12309319


Holy fuck, that face... me liek...

I knew a girl who looked like her once. Fuuuu.

>> No.12309321

Now now, no need to start a browser war.

>> No.12309325

>Pick one.

I wouldn't have to if people like you weren't determined to ruin it.

>> No.12309326

>The board is getting terrible compared to the past.

You are now taking your first steps towards oldfaggotry. Congratulations.

>> No.12309327

Only fight the power if you have a logical reason to.


>> No.12309332


Yeah! We all know firefox is the be-

Ok, does anyone have the "X regarded by Y" chart? That would really help now!

>> No.12309339


>all the people you dislike in one thread


>> No.12309340


/tg/ is alot more interesting then /d/ and you don't have to navigate around /d/ickgirl drama.

>> No.12309341

This is the only other one I have. Might see if there's more to this set though.

>> No.12309345

>Being here for 2 years and having seen many threads such as this. Why only recently to people give a shit?
People always gave a shit. We just never had hope before.

>This board has been terrible lately anyway.
This board has been better than it's been in a long time.

Remember the months of ELF SLAVE WAT DO/Asian fat elf face/japanese bird/ etc etc endless reposting?

These days we have minimal edition war threads started, minimal unrelated threads, no Flare, the endlessrepostsguy has moved on to something that at least has to *pass* as a real thread, etc.

Well. Except when the mod's asleep and people who want /tg/ to be /b/ show up.

>> No.12309346

Board was absolutely awful for a while. The mod came, and it cleaned up. I would like to keep it that way.

Currently the board is worse than it was about a year and a half ago, but it's on the upswing, in no small part due to the purging of wat do threads, shitty porn dumps, and other worthless noncontent.

>> No.12309348

And no.

See, most of us used to post/enjoy porn on /tg/ when it was relevant, or even just slightly offtopic. Like half-nekkid elves in a "fantasy armor" thread. Why? Because it's the internet and the only way to reasonably discuss/enjoy these things in public without being a complete pervert.

Yes, the "just /tg/ porn" threads didn't exist before the mod. But that's because you could reasonably expect to see the porn crop up in its natural environment. Now, you can't because posting anything even slightly risque risks a ban and a complete thread deletion. So now we're posting full threads of some the old favorites to remember how things used to be.

Honestly, its about as relevant as the "space combat" thread or the "good fantasy fiction" threads. The only difference is that YOU are sensitive about seeing porn. Well guess what, it's fucking nightime. You don't have a valid excuse "i.e. boss will fire me" to object. Just hide the thread and move the fuck on.

>> No.12309349

I thought /co/ were even more against porn than /d/ is anything that isn't futa...maybe i'm not browsing at the right hours.
So all the "adult" writefaggotry should also not be posted here? What goes next the threads were we discuss plastic army men balance? (Greys are bloody overpowered) Or the humanity fuck yeah threads that always seem to make some fairly intresting stories?

>> No.12309351

I like the book club metaphor.

The thing is, /tg/ was never the nice clean ladies' bookclub where intelligent and philosophical books are discussed on their merits; there are plenty of other well-maintained bookclubs out there, where you can talk about your interpretation of Schopenhauer while classical music plays in the background.

/tg/ was the bookclub that started out in the bad part of town and got filled with all the degenerate perverts that it's location is infamous for. /tg/ then proceeded to earn every word of ill repute said against it and then some. /tg/ was known to every single other bookclub as that bookclub where filthy vagabonds would stagger in, drop their pants, draw crude mustaches on the faces on the covers of the books with their own bodily fluids, and then stagger out to freebase some more bleach, while none of the active members even noticed because they were so busy reading smut with some classic novel's cover jacket not-quite-covering the book's spine. That's why the classy folk from all those other bookclubs derided it as "that 4chan hellhole" where "nobody knows a single fucking thing about [books] past the [cover blurbs]."

This was the book club where erotica was passed around and works of literary merit were a secondary concern at best. That's what it was known for, that's what the rest of the bookclubs said, that's what the sort of people who like classy bookclubs recognized, and that's why it eventually had to be condemned as a public health and safety hazard and some actual legit bookclub had to be put up in it's place.

Now if only we could kick the vagrants out hard enough to actually convince them that it's not their bookclub anymore.

>> No.12309352

/d/ is a lot more interesting than /tg/ and you don't have to navigate around the traditional games drama.

>> No.12309357

If I wanted generic tame SFW serious RPG discussion I'd go to a forum.

Instead I go to 4chan (the very asshole of the internet) and hang out with people as equally batshit insane as they are brilliant.

>> No.12309358

>stick to one thread
Said that last time, assholes. And then promptly failed to.

Besides, the same shitposters inevitably go on to make other shitposts.

If we could get rid of you guys and Tomathy Jones, /tg/ would be truly magnificent.

>> No.12309366



the thread change happened at autosage....

>> No.12309370


Heil mein Führer, I'm right behind you.


>> No.12309371

Whaddayaknow, this guy has plenty more.

Also, bugger these whiny whinebags.

>> No.12309376

>if there isn't porn and shitty trolling it's JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER RPG FORUM!!!!
But it isn't.


/tg/ was never about the porn. /tg/ has always been a blue board. Porn has always been something the minority filled up monstergirl, rollandfap, etc threads while other people actually talked about Traditional Games and occasionally got shit done.

>> No.12309377


>> No.12309382

/tg/ was made for the discussion of armies of plastic men, so no, that's not going to go. HFY? Yeah, that might go because it's a controversial topic that exists as trollbait and that isn't explicitly related.

Get over it, fucker. There are better websites for free adult fiction and better websites for HFY.

>> No.12309391

Okay, maybe not a whole lot more. But what he has is quality.

>> No.12309393

>What goes next the threads were we discuss plastic army men balance?
No, because those are threads about Traditional Games.

You know, the thing /tg/ stands for.

See, this is the problem. There's a small minority that came here only or mostly for the porn, not for the Traditional Games.

They need to get the fuck out. It's a board about Traditional Games.

>> No.12309395

Batshit insane =/= "lol pornthread"

>> No.12309406

This. There is virtually zero overlap between quality poster and these threads.

Don't see Wasteland Warrior in these, do ya?

>> No.12309407

>Sites for decently written sci-fi in which humans get the shit beat out of them and keep coming back, also tender human/alien lovings
And i thought the only HFY story apart from the stuff on /tg/ was that heaven & hell series on some forum, link?

>> No.12309410


batshit insane =/= pg 0

It involves beeing older then 18 sometimes, you know?

>> No.12309411


No, I didn't actuallt post any captcha's for the competition, I just explained the Mann Co. Shop and wished you luck against the haters. That's why I felt like an asshole for asking, because I didn't actually enter.

>> No.12309420

I like how you think everyone in this thread is only here for this thread or for the porn or to piss off the mods. We couldn't POSSIBLY be here because we enjoy the occasional /tg/ related porn thread.

>> No.12309426

Discussion of RPGs that frequently involve drugs, sex and violence, plus a commentary and critique of them filled with profane language =/= PG 0.


Discussion of RPGs that frequently involve drugs, sex and violence, plus a commentary and critique of them filled with profane language =/= "lol pornthread".



>> No.12309431

>while other people actually talked about Traditional Games

really? You telling me the endless "lol this unbeatable combo in Magic beats THAT unbeatable combo" or "man, my DM/that guy is a real asshole" or "3eaboos v 4rries" threads are better than Macha threads? Really?

>> No.12309432

Most of you aren't and have said so themselves.

>> No.12309437

>Night time? Probably no mod? Must be /tg/ porn thread time!

Pick one.

>> No.12309438

Artist sauces?

>> No.12309440

>> No.12309444

Yes they are, otherwise Macha threads wouldn't have stopped a year ago.

>> No.12309453


I'm not your buddy, pal.

Also, your line =/= everyones line.

>> No.12309456

There are good threads about traditional games.
There are also shit threads about traditional games. (The most blatant shit ones get deleted now, like 4E = MOREPIG LOLITROLU, say.)
The existence of shitty /tg/-related threads doesn't excuse porndumps.

>> No.12309461


triples demon, I'm pretty sure that Macha as a sex joke comes up at least once a month recently.

>> No.12309463

If you build it, they will come.

>> No.12309467

One post a month, yes.

>> No.12309476


wait, I should know this artist. Who is it?

>> No.12309486


>> No.12309488

"Macha's a virgin and can't fix it, lol" was funny for a while. A long while, even.

Then it got really, really old.

>> No.12309490


more of a one thread.

and I am massively underestimating.

>> No.12309500

Well, excuse me, I haven't seen these.

>> No.12309503

yeah, and it got replaced by Kultist chan and deamonette threads. Which in turn got replaced by OTHER porn threads, which got replaced by OTHER porn threads. The key point is that porn threads have always been a key part of /tg/.

>> No.12309504

Too much talking, not enough /tg/ related porn.

>> No.12309505

Bunch of slack-jawed faggots around here. Don't pretend you're sticking it to the man or something for posting porn. Also, everyone quit bitching already, goddamn.

Posting porn in a porn thread.

>> No.12309511

Say /tg/, know any good websites that have some fantasy related erotic stories?

>> No.12309512

Not a key part, no.

They're about as vital to /tg/ as acne is to the human body.

>> No.12309519

Please note the difference between the Macha threads and this thread.

>> No.12309520

Ah kemby, wish she would come by and do another drawthread.

>> No.12309524

Seem to have forgotten my image,

>> No.12309529


I haven't really looked at it for a long time, but I used to visit this site regularly.


>> No.12309530

>> No.12309533

Hey, /tg/.

What's with you and rape? Is it a subconscious belief that that's the only way you could have sex, or anger at women, or what?

>> No.12309537

Seconding this, all the erotic or non-erotic fantasy or sci-fi stories i find online pale in comparison to the stuff here and in the archives.

>> No.12309543

Ah yes, and now the silly insults.

>> No.12309544

A combination of a lot of things, those two included, I would believe.

>> No.12309548

>> No.12309551

>> No.12309560

>> No.12309564

Insults? I'm wondering. So much of the porn I see posted here is very, very rape-y.

>> No.12309568

We're posting on 4Chan, and a large subsection of 4Chan's population finds things funny solely because they are offensive.

For example: Niggers.

>> No.12309580

It's a very common sexual fantasy among women, not sure about men though.

Image limit reached! We have porned ourselves out, elegan/tg/entlemen.

>> No.12309586

Because ultimate form of domination over someone second to murder is rape. Men are genetically prone to domination. Most of fa/tg/uys are men.

>> No.12309644


I used to have a screencap of a shota thread with WW demanding moar. It was in demotivator format, with the words "/tg/ - moar shota" under it.
I also used to have the photograph of WW's penis that he decided to share with all of us for some fucking reason or another.

Who're the other good namefags or tripfags you might care about? I remember LogicNinja carrying on two separate conversations about wizards while posting bondage here. I remember Dr. Baron von Evilsatan answering a thread asking "You need to impregnate this fairy with a human male, how do you do it?" with an utterly, utterly terrifying and completely clinical explanation that involved surgically attaching the fairy to a normal, living human woman's uterus. Who are the other good ones that I'm missing?

>> No.12309725


If you want my 2 cents, I think it's about not having the pressure of satisfying a woman, but rather total dominance about your partner.

So yeah, it's only supposed to be fun for the guy, therefore the guy can not fail due to bad tech / penis size / whatever. It lifts a lot of pressure off the participant and replaces it with the confidence of having control over the situation.

As a lot of men out there have problems with that kind of pressure and/or lack confidence, rape seems the most enjoyable way of living out their sexual fantasies to them. I believe we have quite a lot people with self-esteem-issues here on /tg/, which would support this theory.

The loss of control-feeling and self-esteem often is a direct result of the first breakup, where most people realize that there is no such thing as "control" over your partner, and no insurance whatsoever. You need to put your heart at stake and more often then not, you get hurt for it.

Rape doesn't demand this. Rape only demands that you take what you want without any responsibilities are risks of emotional harm to yourself.

>> No.12309850

I like how WW comes in like five minutes later and posts two pictures of his genitals in a row.

>> No.12309864

Yeah, there's that.

There's also just the inherent pleasure in the power struggle itself. Winning is always fun. It creates adrenaline and makes you personally feel better when you beat others. Rape is basically like winning sex. I mean, consensual sex is fun and all, but you don't get the pure power trip of saying "yeah, you mah bitch now". The same urge that drives NFL wide recievers to dance in the endzone is what drives the interest in rape pornography.

And then there are the men who wish to be the little girl. I'm one of those.

>> No.12309880

What's with you and thri-kreens? I mean a simple fetish is one thing, but now you're even tripfagging to show it?
I hate to say it, but you're a furry, but, you know, with mantises.

>> No.12309971

Actually, too drunk to clear out the name field. Happens sometimes. Also the word you're looking for is "chitinfag."

Thank you for shaming me back into anonymity, though.

>> No.12310102

I didn't mean to insult you, I just thought it was pretty funny.
They really do need more mantis porn out there, though.

>> No.12310343


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