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A question elegen/tg/ents...

Is that little blip on his helmet (in between the horns) supposed to be the firing point of his tormentor helm?

Do they have tormentor helms at all?

>> No.12296556

No tormentor helmets.

>> No.12296561

How can they have a dark eldar codex without the penis helmet ;(

>> No.12296564

The horns make them look too Chaos-y IMO.

>> No.12296567

The removal of gunhat is the only thing about the new DE that disappoints me.

>> No.12296569


Well they are named after horny devils?

lol, horny, get it? I'm such a killer...

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>They're just conversions, guys

>> No.12296614


What are conversions?

Are you trying to placate the whinging fags by reminding them that those horns could quickly be snipped away?

>> No.12296619

>Dire Avenger torsos, Uruk-hai swords, etc.

>> No.12296636

not so simple, you'd proably need a dremel to get the helmet smooth again

mind, whatever I don't like about the incubi is made up for by the warriors. Excellent kit

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I remember that.


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Well couldnt you just get rid of the incubi head and replace it with a warrior one?

Problem solved... and now you have some fancy horny helms if you're ever feeling up to doing some chaos converting

>> No.12296668


hope they're separate, but it's not like I haven't done harder head swaps in my life

>> No.12296788

ITT: whiny faggots who can't get over the fact that they DARED DO CHANGE THE UNIT'S LOOK ZOMG!

It's not like it was a tradition or anything, they had one codex and one sculpt only, it's natural they wanted to change it after so much time passed.

>> No.12296911

I am sad to see the tormentor helmets go, but I for one welcome our new dark eldar overlords.

As to the "chaos eldar" look: what? does chaos have the monopoly on horns or some bullshit? Do you know what incubi actually are? The new look makes perfect sense.

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Motherfucking scorpion-tail-sting-gun-helmets up in this bitch.

>> No.12296942

Old Incubus mask designs were so boss.

Why not use the new bodies and weapons with the old style masks?

>> No.12296959

That looks retarded

>> No.12296964

Hay guise, how does my hairdryer look on the helmet, does it make my waist look stupidly thin?

>> No.12296965


I never liked those silly cobra head lasers.. nor the old Scorpion mandiblasters

But I DO like the current FACE DAKKA blasters.. I kinda wish the Incubi could have gotten something like that (but then again, it'd ruin the sleek look of their helms so I guess they just have to go)

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That thread was fucking hilarious.

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It's more the combination of curving, ribbed horns + spikes&blades (spikes moreso, but the new Incubi have plenty of those) + eeeeeeeeeviiiiiiiiiiilllllllll

>> No.12297109


I dunno about the points about spikes and such... but regarding the fact that the horns are ribbed I wholeheartedly agree with you... they shuld have just had smooth, sleek horns rather than the animalistic things they ended up with

Regarding spikes... they're BAD GUYS. And bad guys have a tendency to attract spikes (and they arent nearly as bad as most chaos models... they dont have the full on 'spiky bits' thing going)

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I'll think you will find that it is his helmet clit

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